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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!

Feature list:

Download v. 0.40, 395mb (OLD VERSION)

An Earlier Rambling 
Getting closer to a pre1.0 release.

Uncompleted Tasks:
• Readme (at 30%)
• Archive map
• At least one of these unfinished maps that make use of the mod:
-▪"" (Egyptian Coagula map)
-▪"Subterranean Mine" (Large tech base/factory)
-▪"" (Egyptian pyramid insides)

Future plans:
• Uber map (no peeking! no hints! Keep rearranging too much anyways)
• Uber episode:
-▪Still mostly in planning stages
-▪Considering making a collaborative community project...not sure how well I can "corral" peoples' efforts toward my overall vision and pacing from map to map. Prerequisite is to finish the plan and compile into a master project guide with theme notes for each map along the journey path, encounter ramp up pacing and new enemy schedule, and weapon release timings. 
I Would 
Like to add the Drake mod but alas I can't find the source qc nor decompile it.

Same for all the lovely features in Quoth 2.2. 
Uber Episode 
I've made an overview map of the planned path from level to level. I have a cool story written, but would need someone to model a mix between a death knight and a wrath...a hooded Overlord boss knight that's about as tall as a golem and much gloomier.

The story is this:

Overlord has gone from world to world conquering it and absorbing its power, never satisfied with enough power until all worlds are his. He scouts out earth in 1400 or so only to be fought by knights who he finds pleasantly powerful. Overlord casts a portal to leave and the knights rush him, steal his portal making rune wothout him noticing. He leaves through his portal, unable to return.

Throughout the years various peoples have used the rune, visiting the The Doomed Dimension only to either never return or return with fearsome tales of monsters beyond.

Present day, scientists have the rune and use it to create a slipgate machine which lets one go through and return. Knowing of the tales of what lies beyond and knowing that there is great evil, you enter the portal on a scouting mission to discover who these creatures are and what they intended by visiting earth so long ago.

Upon finding out this information within the Doomed Dimension from the writings of those visited long ago, you discover that there is no return. The Overlord discovered travellers using the return portal and sealed it to prevent them from knowing when or if he ever made a new sliprune. The Overlord must be vanquished and the rune of black magic used to unseal the return portal. To survive, you must fight and save earth in the process.

Along the way, you find messages and stashes of supplies hidden by previous travellers which explains why there is so many weapons and ammo about and also explains some of the in-world objects which may seem out of place. 
Clever Scientists 
The slipgate developed has monitors and equipment that help revive the portal at the same world and the correct time since last opened. All worlds have hotpoints where either an entry wormhole can generate a portal, or an exit wormhole portal. Stonehenge is an entry point to our world. 
Earlier People 
Had to use proper spells to use the sliprune with any effectiveness. 
Lost Chapter is the precursor to Quoth and has some of the monsters. source code

There are awesome mega enforcers/enforcer commanders in lunsp1 -- the source code is provided in the mod source code

The source code for Travail is available, uses the lunsp1 Enforcers and has many new enemies
source code.

Travail has the same spiders as Marcher fortress (FilePlanet mod "" spiders).

Since custents has things like eels, will be nice to see those put to use. 
Performance Issues? 
Will a huge QC mod like this have any?

I know practically nothing about QC. 
The following release has many high quality reskins:

The map also features weapons in wall racks, although if this just the standard model with special angles to rotate it is not something I ever checked out.

It has the QuakeC source available, but I don't know what features required custom QuakeC aside from a special boss enforcer that used a super-nail gun. 
Also if you are looking for skin options, as I recall Kona's Nilihore had a number of reskinned enemies.

/Would have added this to prev post 
This all sounds great. With the expanded sound capabilities of the mods you're including this story could really come to life.

Radio calls from scientists helping you along.
Recorded messages (as in Doom3 et al.)
The Overlord taunting the player.

Lots of audio stuff we miss because of id1 limitations.

The question I have is about limits... could you actually have a map with every monster? (not that you would of course) but just how far can you take this? 
Map With Every Monster 
And EVERYTHING else. This is precisely the goal of the archive map. So far no issues. 
Tick All The Right Boxes On Every Mapper's Wanted List 
An incomplete checklist: KeepFeatureChecklist

Please note that I have not completely combed through custents and extras_r4 yet to add them to this checklist. I think there may be a few things not added yet from other sources such as the dragons from SOE. Please note that most everything on this list is completely coded for though not as thoroughly tested as I would perhaps like. 
Current Showstopper Issue 
In an effort to get all bugfixes from the latest release of AD, I manually re-added all my additions to the 1.60 source.

I'm still in the process of porting over my weapons code (weapons.qc, defs.qc, defscustom.qc) in all the right places. I've painstakingly organized the self.items and self.items2 bitflag holders to be used in a proper manner such that extra weapons and items are added without issue and can carry across to the next level. But it does not merge cleanly with the AD base so it can get tedious putting all the right IT_... references back in by hand. 
I'd be willing to commit to at least an evening a week to test when the time comes. Sounds like you have a bit of work to do. But mapping, play-testing whatever you need. I'm not a coder sadly. 
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)

And 2.1 isn't? 
It Decompiled 
Who The? 
Did whoever update the title not look at all the sheets? I have enemies, weapons, traps, brush entities, and point entities all in the checklist on different tabs. 
Drake Source And Devkit 
From 2011

And by the way, if you are using AD as the base for it, does it mean that it will need special engines like AD does to run? 
I don't think AD specifically requires special engines, it just has a lot of limit-breaking maps and particle effects that need specific support.

I haven't tried the very latest release so perhaps that has changed, but anyway... 
It Decompiled

You know that's rather rude though?

I don't wanna throw the words "stealing" or "illegal" but that would definitely be taking something not publicly accessible by blunt force. 
Thanks Cocerello!

AD engines have been due to the massive map sizes, and then the QSS version for the enhanced particle effects. While the enhanced particle effects are neat, I actually prefer the pixelly version. Keep keeps both, unless I broke it on accident. :)

@dumptruck, sure. Once I get the weapons code ironed back out, I plan to upload a version 0.2 along with my (rather old now) original Keep mod. 
I don't wanna throw the words "stealing" or "illegal" but that would definitely be taking something not publicly accessible by blunt force.

an id statement

The code is all licensed under the terms of the GPL (gnu public license).
You should read the entire license, but the gist of it is that you can do
anything you want with the code, including sell your new version. The catch
is that if you distribute new binary versions, you are required to make the
entire source code available for free to everyone. 
Dual Licence 
Remember that the QC is actually dual licensed because it was release without conditions prior to the GPL release of the engine. 
I Always Thought This Strange 
Why is it that a coding guru, a legend in gaming history, the one actually responsible for Quoth even being possible... releases EVERYTHING about the game, and yet, the Quoth QC is hidden and locked away in obscurity?

What possibly is the reasoning behind this? In a community where sharing flourishes with such abundance! 
What Possibly Is The Reasoning Behind This? 
to prevent too much the quoth related mods is the only reason i assume

actually, as far as i know almost the entire quoth code has been released in one form or another 
dont forget to include that saerge_guy from the kinn_bastion mod

"[...] Quoth QC is hidden and locked away in obscurity?"

Tbh when you start coding in QC, many Quoth features comes to you naturally. Sometimes there is only one proper way to implement some features and you have a eureka moment: "Wow! Now I know why this feature was made in Quoth that way not the other!" :)

Of course enemies are a different story, but I respect fact that creator doesn't want to publish his code aka hard work ;) 
Drama Magnet 
When you start making a megamod like Qmaster is, it quickly turns into a drama magnet. A lot of similar projects for other games tend to be made up of a bunch of stolen mods stuck together with tape and fun and shoved out the door without any of the original creator's consent.

Qmaster is in a bit of a different situation where they have permission from some people, are working off content by people who are no longer around to give permission or, as it seems with the Quoth stuff, are working explicitly without permission.

Of course the other layer of complexity here is that Qmaster is actually, y'know, working to make this happen. A lot of those megamods for other games tended to be made by people who did no work themselves to make the mods work better together or fix bugs.

Honestly I'm hoping that this megamod can come out without too much drama, as it sounds like it would be fun to map for, but I'd be very surprised if that happens... 
This mod may be a good idea for something like this: 
Please include the nehahra baron as well as Nehahra himself 
Arcane Dimensions has most of the interesting Quoth monsters already in it.

Rainbow of enforcer colors.
Rocket shooting soldier, it seems.
Hipnotic's scorpion.
But it doesn't have the cyborg ogre 
At the end of the day, those that created Quoth created the Eddie monster (if I am correct on the name).

By what right does one appropriate work from another without their permission?

The right thing to do is ask, knowing the answer might be "no".

I once wanted to incorporate a work of Tyrann's and contacted him. He said yes.

I once contacted the author of Abyss of Pandemonium and tried to get to open source the mod when aguirRe was helping bug-fix the mod. The author of AOP said no.

Some battles you win. Some battles you lose. Such is life.

But if you act with honor, no matter the score you always come out on top. 
So how did Travail get those giant robots then? 
Travail is open source. 
if AOP is closed source, how did travail get the robots from AOP in the first place? 
aguirRe worked on Travail. aguirRe worked on remastering AOP with the author of Abyss of Pandemonium around that time.

That doesn't seem a coincidence to me.

But that would be a question for the authors of Travail. 
I recently watched a RRP playthrough and noticed it has some pretty badass leaping dual chainsaw ogres (including a great death anim). Would be fun toying with them. 
Eel Soup Anyone? 
As long as this mod has the Electric Eels featured in Mission Pack 2, it will be the greatest mod ever. I haven't seen these little guys anywhere...

Also the scorpions in AD are not from Scourge of Armagon. Those were large nail shooting Centroids, also seen in Tronyn's At Desert Dusk. The AD scorpions are seen in Hexen I believe.

Think of the maps you could make with Eel puns: Welcome to Heel!, The Eelder World, and it goes on like this... 
Don't claim to be a master of monsterology ...

But the original At Desert Dusk was a hipnotic mod requiring that mission pack.

Since almost no one had the mission packs, Tronyn re-released the map years later as a standalone with, presumably, just the parts required. 
Can Of Eels Opened 
I did ask for the Quoth 2.2 source a while ago but got no response. I'm fine with Preach keeping his cool new Quoth 2.3 stuff in his Quoth 2.2.2 patch full patched version with the patch. Going to an earlier version of Quoth was a bit brash. I consider it too good and too important not to leave out. BUT, if Preach or Kell want me to, I can leave out the non-AD inducted Quoth crew and weapons and items. :(

This door opens eelswhere Redfieeld.

Ogre cyborg? Dual chainsaw ogre!! Awesome miniboss idea for the Fringe desert road journey level in the episode.

Is there a mod that handles going back to the same level again in a good way. I'm sure there's no way to pack a bunch of corpses into the parms...perhaps merely adding in-story details like gremlins who are knowm to eat corpses combined with an info_start2? 
Is this mod going to keep expanding and collect all of the good monsters? 
Unless I Tire Of Updating It 
Yes that's the plan to Keep on Keeping all the great Quake features I can. The goal is always about giving the mapper full creative freedom.

Just finished fixing the weapons code. All weapons have their own pickups now too, including lava nailguns and multi rocket and grenade. I need to finish making the skins for the multi grenade and multi rocket weapon g_ models for the pickups.

I would upload version 0.2 now but the cabin I'm staying at (on vacation in the Rockies this week) has crap all wifi and no cell service.

Anyways, a mod with no maps is no fun. This week will give me time to tidy up my old Keep episode. It's in knave style so hopefully no one is sick of that yet since the latest jam was knave. I hope to release Keep 0.2 along with my Keep episode which is where the name Keep comes from, older though it is. 
Zero Weapon Mode 
Just made it possible using the weapon_take function of worldspawn to give the player no weapon at the start by setting the value to 999 or higher to take away everything. Great for those cinematic experience maps or to really sell a start where the player is in a prison cell. 
Incidentally, 999 Might Not Be The Best Value....99999999999maybe 
Zero Weapon Mode 
Cool! I've been wanting to explore that idea since AD's shotty removal. 
A GPL Voilaton In The Making 
It's HPL 
Qmaster Made Stallman Cry 
Ctrl-F "Floyd" ... 0 Results. 
I thought you said this would have all the monsters. 
Who's Floyd? 
Please have an arena mode where two monsters can fight each others 
Monsters Fighting Like Chickens ? 
Would be cool to do some bets, like chickens combats. 
Did A Little Digging For Floyd (???) 
Found that Rubicon Rumble Pack is the latest version of Rubicon, not Rubicon 2 and has new enemies. Who knew? Looks like I'll finally have to play that. Never really cared much for that texture set.

I'll try my best to Keep releases sequentially versioned unlike some other mods. (Incidentally, version 0.1 is included in Terracity though isn't advertised. I don't even remember how many features I had at that point. That's why I keep referring to version 0.2 release, coming soon this week.) 
Rogue Weapons 
Not sure how interested people are in this part, the Rogue weapons are redundant mostly, but I've made seperate pickup items for each using dwere's weapons as a base and re-skinning them.

Still need to add legacy support with a worldspawn flag to enable rogue-style automatic multi/lava/plasma weapons just from picking up ammo.

On a related note, flak ogre and centroid have both normal and lavanail variants. Need to add a toggle spawnflag for the flak ogre to either have default 5 spray pattern or randomized burst.

Also, I'm still debating how to handle the lightning gun "upgrade" to the AD plasma gun. Still considering havibg the chainlightning gun but 4 weapons on number 8 would be maybe too much. 
Depending on the number of weapons that are in the mod now, it might be better to just get users to add more numbers to their keyboard :p

Seriously though, how difficult is it to bind specific weapons to custom keys in your mod? Quake doesn't use many keys, so you could easily bind a few guns to letter keys or something like that if you're an end user not interested in pressing 8 three times over... 
Dont Frighten The Kid With Real Design Goals 
I Already Thought Of That 
Each weapon has it's own special impulse command already that you can bind yourself. I'm wanting to make it as user friendly as possible. 
Would It Be Possible 
to cycle through all the weapon variants using mwheel? IIRC none of the MPs/mods do that and we have to manually press the corresponding key. Not good in the heat of the battle. 
From my experience, most FPS pro players manually switch between weapons using their dedicated keys because it's faster than the mousewheel. 
Well I'm not a pro player and it's faster for me to use mwheel than having to look at the keyboard for the appropriate key. 
I Used MW As Well 
and a next weapon button and the keyboard shortcuts. With this mod you are going to run out of keys though. One solutions: HL1 style toggles so you tap 2 twice for super shotgun tap 5 twice for grenade launcher and then RL. 
Weapon Selections 
Mouse wheel supported (and cycle up down buttons, same functions)

So Far:
1: Axe, upgrades to Shadow Axe
2: Shotgun
3: Double barrel shotgun, upgrades to triple barrel Widowmaker (might add quad shotty too)
4: Nailgun | Lava Nailgun
5: Perforator | Lava Super Nailgun
6: Grenade Launcher | Multi-Grenade Launcher | Proximity Gun
7: Rocket Launcher | Multi-Rocket Launcher
8: Thunderbolt, upgrades to Plasma Gun | Plasma Lightning Gun
9: Laser Cannon | Crossbow (defaults to poison bolts if you have poison ammo)
0: Mjolnir

@dumptruck: the weapon toggles are similar already to HL1 except without the hud and without requiring confirmation click. 
Where is nehahra's autoshotgun? 
Mouse wheel supported
Awesome, thanks! 
Sorry For Double-posting, 
but in the monsters department, would you consider adding the hydra from Seven's SMC? I know it's originally a Hexen monster, not a Quake one, but I love fighting these pesky fuckers and they bring a much welcome variety in underwater combat. There are other monsters in the SMC but I don't think they're even remotely as necessary as the hydra. 
one thing that i like is how the SNL shoots in the drake mod. instead of shooting two nails it shoots nails two times faster

also, i remember a teleporting scrag, don't wich mod... 
I Didn't Know Saturday Night Live 
was featured in Drake...

Scrags (as well as fiends, maybe some other monsters) do have a teleporting option in the SMC. 
Another monster worth collecting is the cyberdemon found in the event horizon map. 
Keep Em Coming! 
I had considered doubling the nail output of the perforator. I'll add it as a worldspawn option.

Please note that if you don't see your feature request in the release this week, you can expect it in a future update.

Almost done fixing some gamebreaking bugs in my old episode, then release! Readme will be incomplete but still interesting. Archive map will come later. I want people to be able to start unleashing full mapping freedom as soon as I can. 
this mod also has a couple of good custom weapons and monsters: 
Remaqe Quake II - Electric Boogaloo 
Ouch, Not Even Enough Dignity To Post Under A Name For That One 
Ultra & Mega Enforcers 
From lunsp1 have now been added. 
Just Got Done With A Test Play 
Play thru of my old mod done...a few small stuck monsters to fix, a couple arrows ad lights to add to help wayfinding and it's done! :) 
Getting excited to check this out. Good luck fixing all the stickies. 
Ahhh, That Took Too Long 
Just put the beta release up on the news thread. Hopefully a mod will see it soon and you all can....

Go map!

After having fun in my 5-map episode that is.

I only have a JACK compatible fgd in this version. I'll have to brush up on .ent format since I never use it, sorry other editor users. What other formats are there? 
Do you mean .def? 
I think I left my config in the zip. 
I noclipped around the keep episode for a bit, but it seems that most of the monsters are ad ones? Where are the new monsters? 
Keep Episode 
Is an older episode I made a couple years ago, tidied it up some last week and released it along with the beta uber mod.

Sorry about the gremlin bug...I'll release an updated version in the next day or so that fixes that, if you kill them before they start eating amy bodies you should be ok. Let me know if you run into any others. 
So is there a map where I can see the other monsters in action? 
Asset Library 
But it's not complete yet. When it is you will be able to explore the entirety of the mod. 
Following From The Pets Thread... 
So your progs is fully intercompatible with these mods? Wow! Must have been a nightmare to make everything work as intended.

If you completely merged the full mods together, I assume you included the Quoth flashlight, correct? 
Yes... But 
The whole point of this uber mod is so you aren't constrained by the mod. Do whatever your mapper heart thinks of.

BUT: Some features are not yet implemented or fully implemented. For instance gremlins who I thought were working even though they could only steal half your weapons (working on a fix) Or Quoth flashlight since you mentioned it.

Entity names: certain entities point to newly or alternately named entities with fixes to allow for same behaviour such as classname checks or spawnflags (e.g. monster_ogre_multi but still has spawnflag to support Rogue behavior on plain monster_ogre). That said, I don't recommend popping any ole Quoth map into Keep and expecting the same experience. You'd need to at least make sure it didn't use Quoth 2.2 or later and disable AD projectile shotguns. I do highly encourage you to free yourself and start using Keep in your current map projects. Come on you know you want voreling pets and forcefields and syncronized func_robots (train replacements that wait for eachother!). ;) 
Not really sure what the goal of the mod is except "have all the stuff".

I'd personally prefer to see something that does it's own thing. By all means use assets from other mods but have gameplay differences.
AD borrowed some ideas from Quoth here and there but then added its own unique stuff too. Like vorelings were weaker but also could be spawned in from vores.
Gaunts were changed from hit-scan to projectile etc 
I dunno... I kind of like the fact that I can mix and match Rogue items and Hipnotic monsters for example. Or just add one Gaunt here and there in a level.

I won't speak for Qmaster but I think that was the intent here. (?) Not to out-do a specific mod but to give mappers the ENTIRE palette or major mods to "chinese-menu" our own creations. At least that's why I am interested in it.

AND you'll never really be sure what's lurking around each corner. 
What Dumptruck Said 
dumptruck_ds, do you still want to help test things? 
My Quake plate is pretty full (working on my TB2 tuts) but yes what can I help with? I fired the mod up over the weekend but want to restart it. You can use the email in my profile to reach out away from func if you prefer. 
We can finally have that nehahra vs gug battle. The two shamblers vs gug in warp was epic 
What are the lava nailguns from? 
The lava nail weapons are from DoE (Rogue mission pack). 
Have only been halfway through Hipnotic. I really need to finish the mission packs... 
Rogue Weapons 
Have been overhauled somewhat compared to original Rogue Mission Pack 2.

Original behavior: pick up new ammo type, automatically have ability to switch to the new weapon if the player already has nailgun, grenade launcher, etc.

Keep behavior: only able to use new weapons if you've picked up the new weapon (same as any normal weapon). New weapon models created using dwere's pack as a base. I've yet to add a check for the map name in order to support the old style on original rogue maps if you have them. I also want to add a worldspawn check in case mappers want to use the old style behavior in their maps.

Rogue weapons:
Lava Nailgun
Lava Super Nailgun (or Lava Perforator if you prefer)
Multi-Grenade Launcher (good for fireworks!)
Multi-Rocket Launcher
Plasma Gun (ball of lightning that ground-out shoots lightning at nearby enemies, not to be confused with the Plasma Gun from AD (machine gun plasma with splash damage) or the Plasma Gun from Quoth (blue similar to AD but different appearance). 
Fuck Me Sideways! 
I had a lengthy follow-up to my last post but it vanished into the ether when my stupid phone decided to revert back to the previous page while I was typing... Now I have to rewrite it.

Plasma Gun from Quoth
a.k.a the dildo gun! xD 
Qmaster, you should also take a look at OUM, that pack also has some worthy custom content 
Couple Of Bugs 
Loaded up one of my Quoth maps in Keep tonight and ran in to a couple of bugs. 'scuse me if they've already been mentioned, I can't be bothered reading through this entire thread!

1) When climbing a ladder that emerges from water the "floating" effect of the water remained after disembarking the ladder, so I just kept going up. It was very similar to hitting jump when you have "fly" enabled.

2) the "skin" of rubble in my func_breakable was wrong. It spawned chunks of rock instead of techy bits and pieces.

I'm assuming some level of backwards compatibility is the goal here, but feel free to ignore me if that's not the case! 
Thanks Text_Fish 
I think I know what happened with the ladder, I have it set gravity back to the previous gravity before the player entered the ladder but guess that was an oops. For some reason that didn't fix the antigravity belt though.

Which skin are you using for the func_breakable? Yes backwards compatibility is important! 
Drake Mod Merge In Progress 
Thanks again for Cocerello pointing me to the source.

Holy crap Drake is a doosey! Lots of good stuff here. But man oh man is this going to take some time. And here I thought AD was the only mod with a massively overhauled complex and beautiful system. Trying to merge it in cleanly since I want to keep most of what he's done. It's quite brilliant qc in some places actually. 
Also, check the boss of this thing: 
Cool, I'll Keep Hunting Bugs As I Go Then. 
The func_breakable skin I'm using is "=.=.=.=.Knave rust". 
In Happier News 
You seem to have fixed an issue I was having with a stuttering lift, so good job there! 
3 More 
func_postlight nolonger emits light.
info_multispawn doesn't work, although I notice it's not in your feature checklist. Is it planned, axed or replaced by something similar?
monster_sentinel seems to be missing too, now that I look more closely.

And one quick question: Which is the weaker out of Bob and Jim, and do you plan to do any sort of Keep reskin to differentiate them? 
Also, check this Walkers from this: 
I should have realised at the time that the func_postlight problem must be something to do with the compiler or level editor rather than the mod. Do please ignore. 
Some More: 
Trigger_changelevel is very unresponsive. I've jumped around inside the trigger for around 6 or 7 seconds waiting for it to trigger at times. The trigger in question is under water, dunno if that's salient.

item_powerup_belt doesn't do anything. 
Thanks I'll have to check those bugs out. What engine are you using?

Sentinel and info_multispawn are Quoth 2.2 features and I don't have any of those (yet I hope, asked Preach a long while back but never got a response). 
Trigger_changelevel is very unresponsive
Just a guess but it sounds like there might be an "angle" set on the trigger, this can be the cause of annoying bugs where triggers only activate when the player is facing the right direction. 
Ah okay, that makes sense. All the Quoths just sort of merge in to one in my head.

I'm using QuakeSpasm.

Thanks, you were right there is an angle set because I just c&p'd the brush from a func_door! I'll try changing that later.

It seems Quoth 2.2 may have fixed that issue, as it doesn't occur when I run the same map in Quoth rather than Keep. 
Sentinels were very distinctly part of Quoth 2.0, along with breakables, Edies, and all the new base content. 
Sorry for the confusion. It's Quoth 1 that I was able to decompile. After that newer versions of Quoth protect their progs.dat, same with something_wicked (latest drake), ne_ruins (oh man I want that swinging gate!), and a few other newer releases.

Doesn't mean I might not try to reverse engineer them in Jim or Freddie style like AD did for Bob and Eddie (Yes I have those and redirected any monster_bob's into monster_jims, same with eddies to freddies).

info_multispawn is built on func_multispawn so I could make that supported. You'll have to let me know when I do if I left out any particular quirks that were added in later versions that I didn't include based on descriptions of it on Preach's (rather wonderful I'll add) Tome. 
Have you considered, like, mailing necros, instead of making a beeline to the asshole manuever aka decompiling progs?

Stuff like this is making it very hard for me and others to fully support this project. 
I Asked Him Already 
And Preach. Necros gave me a vague response of you'll-figure-it-out. Preach never answered me. Quoth one is Kell's anyways, don't know how to get a hold of him.

Thanks for the benefit of the doubt otp. 
Stuff like this is making it very hard for me and others to fully support this project.

A few years ago I would have agreed with you OTP, but it seems like so long since Quoth had a major update that I think it's less of an issue. It's not abandonware per-say, but it certainly seems like the developers don't have much riding on it anymore. Of course Kell, Necros and Preach may wholeheartedly disagree with me, but until they come out and fight their corner I don't see much reason for QMaster to cease and desist as long as he gives full credit wherever necessary. 
Preach is actively supporting Quoth, by the way of maintaining the documentation and the launcher, and has hinted about future fixes in the jam 9 thread. Kell, whose previous release hinted on a future release, and who's been willing to discuss Quoth 3 on func in the past, has released a new map for jam 9.

This doesn't spell out "Quoth is dead, it's fine to decompile it" to me. 
You build on the work of others, learning and developing new ideas by combining old ones. Scientists cite. Artists create. Mods are a bit more blurred between the two but I am attempting to make sure credit is given to all the many authors in as thorough a way possible before 1.0 release.

The goal of this uber mod is to provide mappers the tools they need to build the best maps they can without being limited to a specific set of features in only one mod. To exclude Quoth [Kell, et al] would be like writing a paper on games and never citing the works of Nintendo. Quoth is one of the best mods ever made for Quake and builds on several mods before it but with a wonderful Lovecraftian flavor. I would do a disservice in having an uber mod at all that excluded Quoth. That much is already obvious from several people asking why certain Quoth features are missing.

[Kell, Preach. 2014. Quoth 2.2.Full,
OTP is not the final arbiter of what is right and good in the Quake community. If you've made an attempt with the original authors (as it sounds like you have) then I see no issue with decompiling something that should have been open-source in the first place according to the traditions of the Quake community. Now if there is a readme somewhere that states otherwise I'd say honor it. To me it's odd the source is not available freely already. For as much as Preach likes to help others with tutorials it's pretty baffling. 
really wish quoth had the enforcers gun, that was more unique than rapid fire rocket launcher that is basically the plasma gun.

sounded cool, ripped things up, and bounced around, more unique than the plasma 
Which Enforcer's Gun? 
I think its the SOA one 
You mean the laser cannon! Best gun ever technically since it has the highest damage per second of any weapon. Already included here. 
Yeah why isnt it included in base quoth tho, the scorpion monster is 
To Be In 0.22 
Fixed antigravity belt not working.
Fixed ladder gravity bug (reverted faulty patch).
Added archer from Drake.
Added Nemesant from Drake (updated version of Zerstorer enemy). 
So where can i download this, I want to make maps with lasers

hell ill even mod up my new map to work around this mod if you want a map to release with it. 
Global states and ability to revisit levels and trigger events based on which state was set in another level. Uses ebv_global and logic_auto similar to Half-Life 2. 
Hub map A has two exits with one exit to a map C blocked. Player exits to map B. In map B, player performs event that triggers an env_global whose .flags is set to a particular bit (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.) which then gets turned on in the global variable globalstate. Player leaves map B to go back to map A, logic_auto with a statetarget# set targets and unlocks the exit...or targets an entity_state_enable to enable a trigger, or sets up different enemies to spawn, etc.

statetarget1 corresponds to value of 1, startetarget2 to 2, statetarget3 to 4, etc.

I may end up adding the statetargets to SUB_UseTargets so any entity can target something if a globalstate is set. 
"So where can i download this... "

let the age of enforcer gun begin... 
so how does this work with trenchbroom. i told it to load the fgd file but nothing happens 
I Have An Idea 
How about reloading,if possible?
Also you add telefragged mode with
telefregged-no-weapons and telefragged-axe-only.
and also devices which continue the story like the laptops in Poke646:Vendetta(HL MOD) or anything else.

God,we might need an UBER Engine for this.Maybe even DP's csqc stuff.

Also in the other thread you said you were using studiomdl? Isn't that half-life's model compiler? 
I Have An Idea 
How about reloading,if possible?
Also you add telefragged mode with
telefregged-no-weapons and telefragged-axe-only.
and also devices which continue the story like the laptops in Poke646:Vendetta(HL MOD) or anything else.

God,we might need an UBER Engine for this.Maybe even DP's csqc stuff.

Also in the other thread you said you were using studiomdl? Isn't that half-life's model compiler? 

Yeah. Whilst you're at it, every download should come with a free box of flesh eating worms to put under your eyelids. 
No, No Reloading 
Slipstorage suit to store infinite items plus bullet hosing and every weapon becomes a bottomless clip tool of destruction.

Story devices: Use misc_book, refer to ad_paradise for examples of reading non-books.

CSQC: Uh ya so....only if there isn't a better way of handling gfx.wad extensions than using something like -quoth, -hipnotic, -rogue, etc. We can worry about developing a simple method of assigning gfx.wad textures to weapon slots in qc later. 
I Like The Idea Of This Thing... In Theory. 
I'm sure some people will use it. Good luck with getting everything working together bug-free... that's going to be a pain in the ass.

Balancing the thing is going to be a harder pain in the ass still... Unless you're going to leave it unbalanced and leave it to the mapper to balance things.

I really do struggle to understand why you would want to do this. I mean, to each their own and stuff...

This is a mammoth and pretty much thankless task. Good luck. 
are you going to implement the sarge from kinn bastion map to your mod? 
sarge from Bastion can work, but needs a more quakey skin, and shoot nails instead of the blue things 
Well ... 
if you plan on gathering all the famous enemies around i would add Willy the Spider and the snakeman as they are iconic for early Quake maps even though i don't consider them much good.

Also, i think it would be good to add more bosses, which lack a lot in Quake maps, so i recommend this anaconda and the lava worm here I've checked and they say nothing against about using or copying the content on them so you are safe.

Also, if Vondur don't mind you could add his killable green chton from Koohoo, just to have a killable one at hand. 
Willy The What?? 
I remember snakeman vaguely. I found the monster pack you are referring to here under
(Put here for my ref later)

Seems to have a lot of..."interesting" monsters. Hmm, maybe I don't want ALL monsters... 
I Supposed So 
it was a just in case situation as you are putting what it looks all the main mods, why not some others that while bad are well known.
The bosses are a different thing, apart from what you have put in already i think they are some of the best bosses i have seen till now in Quake and we need more bosses: while the anaconda has the issue of half its model can't be hit it is an awesome looking one and good to fight against and some mappers will find the way to overcome its downsides, and the lava worm is an actually good and well done boss and could do wonders with the lavamen from DoE acting as its minions. If you want to try it, it is in the last level of the Virtus episode (get some ammo, noclip to it and enjoy).

Willy the spider is a normal looking spider, with the width and length of an ogre, a good model, it uses the sound from the shalraths and a single hell_knight's projectile. A bit nonthreatening but it is common for maps in 1997 and 1998, some people maybe will use it for laughs and it won't harm the pack being there. You can see it here, for example

The snakemen is used well here, for example, if you are curious

Never knew about that pack, i know about those two enemies from the many maps they are in, but it is something to take into account for mapping. 
Added To The List. 
Beyond belief has a killable red chathon

Although I think as a iconic quake mod, nehahara has priority, esp the autoshotgun 
and those monstrous black spiders from Travail would work really well with the small green ones from AD 
spamming asshole

fuck you and Quake 2 too

but thanks for the invite 
...the Travail spiders were reskinned and re-programmed Willy 
Thank you for making this! I remember dreaming of a mod that could combine the enemies and weapons from hipnotic and rogue back in the '90s. This does that and so much more. 
Finished Adding Drake Dragons 
The dragons from SOE/Drake have now been added. The only one I'm a little unsure of is the Nightshade...there was something to do with souls that I commented out for the time being.

Please Note: that unless someone takes the time to add decap frames to all other monsters, decapitation will not be ported over.

Drake monsters have something called a purse...not sure if I should include that yet since it's seems wierd to have coins and gems falling off all the enemies. I'm sure it can be added back at some point if someone wants it as a worldspawn option to have enemies drop coins or have an override per enemy.

Now then, who wants the magic wand? 
Drake/SOE Baron Added 
Another boss added...more like 5 bosses since the baron has a lot of variants. 
I really do struggle to understand why you would want to do this. I mean, to each their own and stuff...

This is a mammoth and pretty much thankless task. Good luck.

So far this has been met with mixed emotions. Some will find it useful I hope. I'm having fun with it regardless.

add my vote of confidence. I'm biased since there's a good chance that I'll directly find what you're doing useful in the near future, but even if that wasn't the case I think that what you're doing is helpful to mappers and modders in general. I've been taken aback by the speed and scope of what you've done.

P.S. the Drake purse feature, was hardly used! If ever! It was RPG-inspired. 
This is worth it if only to spawn two boss monsters and watch them fight lol 
Latest Version Update: 
Keep version 0.30: 200mb

I would avoid copying over top of and instead make this a fresh directory. I reorganized some of the qc files' names for clarity. I still need to reorganize ai_explosion.qc since I mercilessly stuffed Drake effects in there as needed.

Fixed a bug where attack frames were incorrect on Mega Enforcers and Ultra Enforcers by changing progs.src order
Fixed a bug in startspawn2 system that always reset it to 0.
Fixed the antigravity belt not working at all.
Added Archer from Drake.
Added Nemesant from Drake.
Added logic_auto from Source Engine.
Added env_global from Source Engine.
Added global state system for triggering events based on events in other maps.
Fixed a bug in globalstate system where states overwrote each other.
Added Ryu Dragons from Drake/SOE: red fire, green acid, blue lightning, white ice, gold fire
Added Wyrm Dragon King boss from Drake/SOE: same skins as Ryu
Added Nightshade Dragon from Drake/SOE
Added Supergrunt/Sarge guy from Kinn Bastion

Keep an out for any bugs that snuck through the Drake merger. 
Added Baron As Well 
Added Supergrunt/Sarge Guy From Kinn Bastion 
yay, finally.

Don't forget to add the player killing credit 
oh, and thank you for this mod 
But does sarge fires nails or the blue things? 
Sarge Shoots The Blue Plasma Balls 
Any chance to make him fire nails? Plasma from Chaingun doesn't make sense 
Also, the Baron you're talking about, is it the nehahra Baron? or the Bane itself? 
Plasma from Chaingun doesn't make sense

Nails do? 
Really long bullets? 
I Get It. 
I was being facetious because not much makes a whole lot of sense in Quake. ;) 
I know, I was joking too 
I know, I was joking too. 
Drake FGD 
Does anyone have a drake fgd? Checked the Google and quaddicted but don't see one. 
It's not 100% complete but there's one included in here: 
Great, Thank You! 
I have a version of that with models for TB/JACK: 
Global State System 
I haven't looked at it, but I'm curious. Isn't it generally a pain to transfer data between maps in Quake? Something about buffers.

Are these limits overcome by the mod? 
It's Very Simple 
Uses one float so can store 24 bit states. They can be turned on currently...oh guess I should make it where you can turn them back off. Hmm.

I plan to use it for a 3 map setup where the player has to visit another nap to get a special key, journey back through the first map and finally open a gate at the exit to the 3rd map.

With the state system I can see whether to target to disable the 1st set of monsters and whether to enable the 2nd set and enable the key trigger at the end. Just setting up logic_auto's set to go off if certain state bits are on. 
Any Chance To Make Him Fire Nails? Plasma From Chaingun Doesn't Make S 
nah, the plasma thing is ok, theres already too much the nail shooting monsters 
Nails From Chaingun 
Uh, how about zerstorer chaingun from chaingun? 
How about keep it as plasma because

1) it's a >20 poly "weapon" that doesn't look anything like a chaingun

2) plasma looks much cooler and is instantly visible to the player whereas nails and the zerstorer needles are not 
Ah Good Point 
Projectile is always better anyway. 
Wait, we're talking about the Q2 enforcer, right? How does his arm not look like a chaingun? 
How does his arm not look like a chaingun?

How does it not look like anything else than a generic lump of metal with holes? 
Added More Stuff For Next Version 
Willy the spider
Sentinel, by popular request (85% reverse engineered; needs spike shooting version and proper strafing) 
Multiple Holes 
Multiple holes tends to imply some kind of multi-barreled weapon, and that tends to imply a gatling or chain gun.

Personally I think plasma would be better though. 
Can we get an updated monster list then? 
For the sarge, I still think there should be a version faithful to Q2 
Wait Sergeant Is A Guy From Q2? 
Maybe I should delete it now...hmmm no plasma makes him just barely Quakey enough 
May Be You Can Merge Qore Aka Brutal Quake Into You're Mod ! 
I Found The New Exploboxes Very Useful For Puzzles... 
The travail spider has a fiend like Jump? 
That Says 
in the website

Travail exploboxes seem like a groundbreaking addition. Please include them. 
Nehahra Src 
maybe you could add some features from Nehahra,

the src doesn't look like your vanilla qc, tho 
Drat The Fuzz 
Was wondering how long it would take before someone mentioned Nehahaha. Maybe I'm one of very few people who didn't like Nehahra.

Travail will be added...most of it already is such as the mega and ultra enforcers. Mixibg func_pushbox and misc_exploboxes shouldn't be too hard either. I wonder if I should do the same for func_breakable. 
Maybe I'm one of very few people who didn't like Nehahra.

Not alone. I couldn't get past the cut scenes and voice acting. I respect what they accomplished, but not my cup of tea. I wonder if there's a non-cutscene build? 
Maybe I'm One Of Very Few People Who Didn't Like Nehahra. 
that's why i started converting nehahra maps to make them compatible with AD, but AD lacks of some nehahra's features like trigger_custom, misc_boom etc, to name a few

@dumptruck_ds , to interrupt the cutscenes, just press "1" on your keyboard 
Nehahra had some stunning bits of environment design, but it was pretty much style over substance. 
I think I played it back in the days when I didn't bother with the readme. doh! Question is do people like Nehahra because of the gameplay or the story? 
i don't like the gameplay, all of those strafing monsters are driving me nuts
and i still believe that mapping work hadn't been bestest comparing the other works of the very same authors 
There Were Highlights, Though 
neh1m4 by damaul
neh1m5 by czg
neh2m2 by czg
neh2m5,6 by bal 
The monsters and weapons are still good tho, esp Nehahra himself 
Polyp: will check it out, thanks.
NehADra: sounds cool. Maybe I will at least add some basic neh entities that improve logic, add effects, etc., if that helps you out. The mapper is always right, after all, hence this mod. 
I Actually Really Liked The Nehahra Story 
The gameplay, not so much however. The mapping also seemed inconsistent although obviously there were some epic parts. I actually intend one day to go back and watch The Seal of Nehahra and then play Nehahra (disabling the damn strafing monsters of course).

Now I've seen everything. 
Fixed a bug where selecting the axe when player has no weapons would make the axe model appear.
Fixed a bug where picking up upgrade weapons wouldn't let you switch to it unless you already had the previous weapon.
Fixed a bug that crashed when cycling weapons when the player doesn't have any.
Fixed a bug where monster_polyp used movetype walk instead of fly.
Fixed a bug where monster_polyp was trying to set frame on its gibs to different values.
Added worldspawn choice to use original axe or AD axe (default).
Added willy the spider
Added Floyd
Added Sentinel 
Not So Much An Issue But 
the ammo hud icon doesn't match the selected weapon 
Added willy the spider

kewl, willy the spider's the most underrated(and underused) custom monster ever 
How About Adding Metlslime's Werewolf? 
That happened, right? 
Where? Where? 
What Wolf? Huh? 
I Tried Searching For It... 
But no results. So, I must have made it up.

Sorry, 'Slime. 
Checklist Updated (see Top Post), FYI 
Updated FGD: JACK_Keep.fgd

Is there an fgd to def converter? 
Qmaster, I just read your nehahra review on quaddicted lol

Will you be adding the nehahra monsters and weapons still for the historical significance or is it totally out of the question? 
Ya I'll Probably Add Them 
I've already started adding some of the effects from it. Just because I think snakeman and others are....lame...the mapper is still always right. 
This is so exciting. Just looking at the list is mind-numbing. I wonder if could simply add fgd support to Radiant? 
Keep Version 0.40: 
Download: [359MB!]
As usual, please make a new folder instead of overwrite (getting close to where this won't be necessary, should probably split the qc source and fgd out into its own devkit). This is getting a bit large now. The progs.dat file is 2459kb. Original progs.dat was only 635kb. Interesting trivia for comparison, the ID team had an internal limit of 1400kb for map .bsp files that they tried to stick to. FGD is in the zip now too.

The Asset Library is also starting to get some areas made more proper. It will be basically like a museum. Still very work-in-progress along with the Readme tome.

Fixed a bug where selecting the axe when player has no weapons would make the axe model appear.
Fixed a bug where picking up upgrade weapons wouldn't let you switch to it unless you already had the previous weapon.
Fixed a bug that crashed when cycling weapons when the player doesn't have any.
Fixed a bug where monster_polyp used movetype walk instead of fly.
Fixed a bug where monster_polyp was trying to set frame on its gibs to different values.
Fixed a bug where snakeman sight sound kept playing (changed CHAN to BODY)
Fixed a bug where virtus would keep raising up 24 units after resurfacing
Added worldspawn choice to use original axe or AD axe (default).
Added Willy the spider
Added Floyd
Added Sentinel
Added misc_gibft
Added misc_smokemaker
Added misc_glitter
Added misc_sparks
Added misc_boom
Added info_particles
Added mapobject_custom (just uses misc_model)
Added a few features of mapobject_custom to misc_model for both such as avelocity
Added env_sprite for custom effects and allows specifying frame anim ranges in .spr's
Added extras_r4 particle emitters
Added extras_r4 particle triggers (e.g. effectors)
Added Hell Hound from Drake
Added Anaconda boss from Anaconda mod. (Note can set spawnflag 2 to prevent intermission)
Added Snakeman.
Added Virtus lava worm. (Note can set spawnflag 2 to prevent intermission)

Ok, did I get everyone's requests? :) 
fucking stud... damn I am gonna be up to my ass in Quake this weekend. 
Qmaster, I've put a link to Dr. Shadowborg's mod in this thread. Check it out, it has some good monsters and weapons 
You also forgot the cyberdemon from event horizon 
also the walker from gmsp1 
Particle Field Is Broken 
it doesnt show the particles, just invisible wall

hipnotic particle field

keep particle field

notice this ammo icon is borked too 
Ammo Icons 
Will remain borked for the time being. I'll need to delve into the engine code to figure out why running with -rogue crashes the game even though I specifically picked the bit values for ammo and weapons to match rogue bits.

Part field: ok will check it. Might have something to do with the AD particle system. 
Wassup with this mod? 
Wassup with this mod? 
I Still Poke Around Fron Time To Time 
And add features when people request them, but for the most part I'm focussing on another project.

The goal is to provide the most complete set of features to mappers. As it is in beta, I can't 100% guarantee that it is bug free. Please feel free to use it and if you encounter any problems when testing your maps, let me know and I can fix it soon as I can. 
I Will Return Later This Year To Make This More Complete 
Great news. I was hoping to do a video on it in the near term as I do love what it offers. Just wanted to make sure it's still supported. No pressure but relieved to hear it is! 
It Will Be Getting Plenty More Testing From Me This Summer 
such an awesome and long-overdue project 
Got around to adding the wand. 
Notes About Keep 
1.Most of the monsters share the Death Knights death message,or just show the player name.
2.When I tested, game keep -rogue worked perfectly.No ammo icons borked,but the Nipah virus outbreak in my native Kerala(especially in Kannur and Kozhikode districts where most of my family are in.Fuck!) Is making me so worried I can't remember stuff.I may need to test again. 
Notes 2 
3.I test with QuakeSpasm-Spiked 0.93.0
4.Qmaster,kindly upgrade to AD 1.7 P1, it's more convenient since death messages are in each monster file now.And other stuff.
5.I'm gonna read your code and write an axeman by myself,but based on your Keep code.Is it ok? Or should I credit you? 
1. I haven't tidied up the death message code yet. Thanks for the reminder.
2. Should be mostly ok on -rogue for ammo icons, but of course without implementing a csqc of some sort it will be an incomplete hud. I plan to keep messing with that, but it isn't a main focus since it doesn't really detract from gameplay much.
3. I use that one and Mark V. Occassionally I'll test in DP or FTE.
4. AD 1.71 is on my todo list.
5. That's fine but the axeman originally came from SOE. ;) 
Probably A Stupid Question But... 
Where is the download for this? I looked at the OP but only found the link to the spreadsheet thingy. :) 
Teh Latest Version 
is 4.0 
I don't have update privileges to edit the top post. Could someone please add that in? 
I know bout the Axeman,what else do you think a guy does with too much free time and too many replays of mods?
2 GB of my game stuff is Quake and Half Life source code.Including mods. 
Thank You :) 
Only 2GB? And A Ton Of Free Time? 
I dunno, maybe make a mod where you mix all the mods together, something crazy like that.

Thanks mh, also thanks for listing the file size. I like to warn people before they devote that much data or time esp. if you have horrible internet. 
2 GB is just my backup of half life and our dear Quaek.Made it as a defense against dad's deletion drive.He think it's useless,but I know better.
My HL folder is 36 GB and Quake 1 is just 6.

I'm making a mod now and for testing and improving my QC I made some enemies.
I finished a rocket grunt and grenade grunt.
Gonna add a defender soon.Then a weapon.

I'm piggybacking off RRP here. 
Sorreh For Triple Post 
What about Ol'Riot Controller? 
A Great Resource 
Just wanted to say that your work on this mod has made it a valuable resource. Although in point of fact I did not use the mod for the current project I'm working on, it was very interesting to look at the source files and see how things work. It looks like a lot of stuff has changed to make everything function together.

I ended up finding what I needed in the Rogue progs which was much simpler to work with for a damn fool like me.

One day I wish someone would make a map featuring the Baron again... 
Ya someday I hope my readme ends up being an encyclopedia of sorts for Quake entities and a lot of the best mods.

I've been taking a break from this for now to finish another large project but do want to get back at this. I need to finish adding the wand from Drake and finish making each mod it's own folder so that any content I make or modify will be in a keep specific folder and that anything borrowed from a mod can be clear so that credit goes where credit is due. 
What's your other project? 
Citadel - The System Shock Fan Remake 
I've heard about this one. I had no idea it was you. Cool! 
Update To Be In V0.50... 
Spent most of today working on this again in between getting firewood.

•Reorganized all model files into their respective sub folder for each mod. Did this mostly due to some naming conflicts but also as a way to show where things come from/give credit indirectly.
•Fixed wand bugs
•Fixed bug with Mjolnir frames
•Increased Mjolnir range to match Axe
•Fixed weapon cycling forward and reverse skipping some weapons and going in different orders.
•Added some Drake powerups: Boots of Levitation (flying when you press jump), Twin Shot (halves nail usage, gives full nails (Keep bonus, also affects lava nails!)), Shotgun optimizer (increases rate of fire, gives full shells), Berserker Helm (1.25x melee damage, heals player on melee hit)

Never seen these powerups in the wild myself but hey they are there.

Almost finished subsuming Drake mod. It's huge! 
Dude, Sweet 
I have not mapped in more than a month and I am basically going into withdrawal lol, but it is very exciting to see that this mod is continually updated and I am super looking forward to delving into it as I return to work on my "when it's done" episode. I'm thankful you added the Drake powerups, I think new gameplay possibilities can be explored by tossing the player the Boots of Levitation or Grappling Hook for example, and as for the Berserker Helm I didn't even know about it but it sounds awesome! I always liked the Necromancer's Gauntlets in Heretic. 
Great News 
this is going to be fun to play and map for. 
Grapple added. Not 100% sure I have it right. If you switch weapons after making it up to your hook point you can stay there and chill out, blast unsuspecting baddies. I don't know if that's normal by but combine that with the crossbow's lack of agro and happy hunting. 
Added chain lightning gun. Forgot how ridiculously overpowered it is. Not sure if it dethrones the laser cannon though.

Any other fan favorites? I think I have the sprocket on my list. 
From Painkeep don't recall if that's included. 
Nehahra autoshotgun 
all the guns from perquake 
Added the Drake Laser Blaster which replaces the singlebarrel shotgun. Made a new item model based off the enforcer gun dropped from enforcers in AD. Changed the sound and projectile to match the enforcer's laser so it feels like you are enforcing it now. Tweaked damage to more or less match the shotgun
Pros: Higher damage per second, ricochets, one focused projectile rather than spread pellets
Cons: Consumes ammo at a rate 8% higher than the shotgun due to higher rate of fire, slower projectile velocity, individual laser does slightly less damage than one full shotgun blast to the face 
Oh and it uses shells. Kinda wierd but I suppose it makes sense (maybe??) since cells are so rare. 
Added in remaining AD 1.7 features, including the mapvar system. Had to consolidate the parms with some trickery bits magic but managed to fit all the special storage of data in the 16 parms.
Adding deathstrings to all enemies, e.g. " was blown away by a Wind Baron\n", or " was electrified by an Eel\n".
Version 0.50 to be released soon... tidying up the fgd and making sure most things refer to the correct models for display in-editor. Been busy testing a lot so several bugs have been squashed. Still, after reorganizing the .mdl folder I'm leary I've missed adding in the new folder path in some precache calls. 
Oh and I also added worldspawn values for giving the player a set amount of bolts, poison bolts, lava nails, multi-rockets, and plasma in addition to all the normal ammo...not that it will get used much but that's up to you mappers, not me. 
Version 0.50

There are a few known bugs with some corpses not gibbing by the shadowaxe but the are minimal compared to the ones I fixed. Please test and let me know if there are problems: 
Progress For The Eventual V0.60... 
Fixed centroid strafing bug when dodging nails causing it to get stuck jittering back and forth
Fixed bug with earthquake, point entity, ya poorly named...
Renamed earthquake (from rogue) to info_earthquake
Fixed bug where dead monsters would jump on trigger_monsterjump's
Fixed bug with monster_wraith that prevented setting minion_maxcount on scorpion spawning wraiths
Added spawnflag for monster_wraith to have it ONLY use the spike attack when not using minions
Fixed bug where func_togglewall sometimes failed to work at all due to wierd origin setting, changed to setmodel to "" and back.
Added ability to use lava nails on monster_scourge
Fixed bug where monster_ogre_flak that used lava nails dropped regular nails in backpack
Fixed bug where lava nailgun or supernailgun would not switch to unless you had nailgun as well

Still haven't figured out the func_particlefield thing. I need to trace down the func_oncount/func_counter entities from hipnotic...might be something screwy with those not firing but even still if I fire the particle field manually with a trigger it only spawns particles along a 16x16x256 unit size beam instead of the brush.

I haven't forgotten about PerQuake or the air fist. 
I think this is a fantastic idea, so mappers can combine elements from here and there to make a wider variety of maps without being limited to the one mod pack, just as you said in your mission statement!

Awesome. :)

Definitely keen to try my hand at another map some time, using this mod.

When would you recommend jumping in to do that?

Is v.40 a reasonable version to use for a map?

Or better to wait for v1.0?

Any overall idea of timelines for reaching 1.0?

All the best! 
Chainsaw from Zerstorer (also present in Drake) is missing: it was done on purpose or it will be added in a future version? 
You should also look through the madfox maps, there are some good monsters there. 
If I can suggest some monsters:

- Blud (AoP first boss)
- Juggernaught (AoP and Travail)
- Legond (AoP final boss)
- Sha'vile (Shambler variant similar to Doom Archvile, present in Soe/Drake)
- Uberscrag (Travail boss)
- Vomitus (Scrapped Q1 monsters, present in Nehahra and in Drake with a different color) 
Qmaster, when you merged the monsters from different mods together, did you have to do anything to get the infighting working properly? Like define targets Madfox and I are trying to resolve an issue with the Chasm mod where the enforcer does not retaliate against certain chasm monsters. The thread is here:

Can you offer any advice for this issue? Thanks 
Can A Mod Update The OP 
With the link from #256 please? It's causing some confusion out in the wild.

It's this one: 
updated the OP.

I'm confused because the original version was 4.0 and the new version is 0.5 -- seems like the numbers should go up not down. 
I think "4.0" was a typo. That file says it is version 0.4. 
okay updated to fix the typo 
I have a lot of work and polish to do still. I've been busy finishing Citadel first, but this will see a lot of work very soon. Especially since .....well, I can't say yet. Tis secret. 
Hey Qmaster, when you resume working on Keep Mod, can you import in Madfox's chasm monsters. See if the mong with infight normally with your other monsters. Maybe you can discover the source of that infight bug 
I think it is better to wait untill I finished the dev_kit chasm_qc. Xaeg has made a .fgd file already, while it is still full of untweaked ends. 
Well, I think you will finish before citadel anyway 
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