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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!
Feature list:
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Beyond belief has a killable red chathon

Although I think as a iconic quake mod, nehahara has priority, esp the autoshotgun 
and those monstrous black spiders from Travail would work really well with the small green ones from AD 
spamming asshole

fuck you and Quake 2 too

but thanks for the invite 
...the Travail spiders were reskinned and re-programmed Willy 
Thank you for making this! I remember dreaming of a mod that could combine the enemies and weapons from hipnotic and rogue back in the '90s. This does that and so much more. 
Finished Adding Drake Dragons 
The dragons from SOE/Drake have now been added. The only one I'm a little unsure of is the Nightshade...there was something to do with souls that I commented out for the time being.

Please Note: that unless someone takes the time to add decap frames to all other monsters, decapitation will not be ported over.

Drake monsters have something called a purse...not sure if I should include that yet since it's seems wierd to have coins and gems falling off all the enemies. I'm sure it can be added back at some point if someone wants it as a worldspawn option to have enemies drop coins or have an override per enemy.

Now then, who wants the magic wand? 
Drake/SOE Baron Added 
Another boss added...more like 5 bosses since the baron has a lot of variants. 
I really do struggle to understand why you would want to do this. I mean, to each their own and stuff...

This is a mammoth and pretty much thankless task. Good luck.

So far this has been met with mixed emotions. Some will find it useful I hope. I'm having fun with it regardless.

add my vote of confidence. I'm biased since there's a good chance that I'll directly find what you're doing useful in the near future, but even if that wasn't the case I think that what you're doing is helpful to mappers and modders in general. I've been taken aback by the speed and scope of what you've done.

P.S. the Drake purse feature, was hardly used! If ever! It was RPG-inspired. 
This is worth it if only to spawn two boss monsters and watch them fight lol 
Latest Version Update: 
Keep version 0.30: 200mb

I would avoid copying over top of and instead make this a fresh directory. I reorganized some of the qc files' names for clarity. I still need to reorganize ai_explosion.qc since I mercilessly stuffed Drake effects in there as needed.

Fixed a bug where attack frames were incorrect on Mega Enforcers and Ultra Enforcers by changing progs.src order
Fixed a bug in startspawn2 system that always reset it to 0.
Fixed the antigravity belt not working at all.
Added Archer from Drake.
Added Nemesant from Drake.
Added logic_auto from Source Engine.
Added env_global from Source Engine.
Added global state system for triggering events based on events in other maps.
Fixed a bug in globalstate system where states overwrote each other.
Added Ryu Dragons from Drake/SOE: red fire, green acid, blue lightning, white ice, gold fire
Added Wyrm Dragon King boss from Drake/SOE: same skins as Ryu
Added Nightshade Dragon from Drake/SOE
Added Supergrunt/Sarge guy from Kinn Bastion

Keep an out for any bugs that snuck through the Drake merger. 
Added Baron As Well 
Added Supergrunt/Sarge Guy From Kinn Bastion 
yay, finally.

Don't forget to add the player killing credit 
oh, and thank you for this mod 
But does sarge fires nails or the blue things? 
Sarge Shoots The Blue Plasma Balls 
Any chance to make him fire nails? Plasma from Chaingun doesn't make sense 
Also, the Baron you're talking about, is it the nehahra Baron? or the Bane itself? 
Plasma from Chaingun doesn't make sense

Nails do? 
Really long bullets? 
I Get It. 
I was being facetious because not much makes a whole lot of sense in Quake. ;) 
I know, I was joking too 
I know, I was joking too. 
Drake FGD 
Does anyone have a drake fgd? Checked the Google and quaddicted but don't see one. 
It's not 100% complete but there's one included in here: 
Great, Thank You! 
I have a version of that with models for TB/JACK: 
Global State System 
I haven't looked at it, but I'm curious. Isn't it generally a pain to transfer data between maps in Quake? Something about buffers.

Are these limits overcome by the mod? 
It's Very Simple 
Uses one float so can store 24 bit states. They can be turned on currently...oh guess I should make it where you can turn them back off. Hmm.

I plan to use it for a 3 map setup where the player has to visit another nap to get a special key, journey back through the first map and finally open a gate at the exit to the 3rd map.

With the state system I can see whether to target to disable the 1st set of monsters and whether to enable the 2nd set and enable the key trigger at the end. Just setting up logic_auto's set to go off if certain state bits are on. 
Any Chance To Make Him Fire Nails? Plasma From Chaingun Doesn't Make S 
nah, the plasma thing is ok, theres already too much the nail shooting monsters 
Nails From Chaingun 
Uh, how about zerstorer chaingun from chaingun? 
How about keep it as plasma because

1) it's a >20 poly "weapon" that doesn't look anything like a chaingun

2) plasma looks much cooler and is instantly visible to the player whereas nails and the zerstorer needles are not 
Ah Good Point 
Projectile is always better anyway. 
Wait, we're talking about the Q2 enforcer, right? How does his arm not look like a chaingun? 
How does his arm not look like a chaingun?

How does it not look like anything else than a generic lump of metal with holes? 
Added More Stuff For Next Version 
Willy the spider
Sentinel, by popular request (85% reverse engineered; needs spike shooting version and proper strafing) 
Multiple Holes 
Multiple holes tends to imply some kind of multi-barreled weapon, and that tends to imply a gatling or chain gun.

Personally I think plasma would be better though. 
Can we get an updated monster list then? 
For the sarge, I still think there should be a version faithful to Q2 
Wait Sergeant Is A Guy From Q2? 
Maybe I should delete it now...hmmm no plasma makes him just barely Quakey enough 
May Be You Can Merge Qore Aka Brutal Quake Into You're Mod ! 
I Found The New Exploboxes Very Useful For Puzzles... 
The travail spider has a fiend like Jump? 
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