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Quake Christmas Calendar Jam
sock talked me into this!

I considered doing some Xmas event for years, but it never happened for the usual reasons. Something like a Christmas calendar where there's a new little singleplayer map behind each door. Based on this and the fact that a big update for Arcane Dimensions is scheduled for Xmas, we came up with the idea for this mapping event:

24 x 1024^3 maps for AD

Essentially a mapping challenge. The maps should use AD and fit within a 1024*1024*1024 box, similar to what we did in SM127.

The restriction is tricky, and it should be interesting to see how people tackle it and make the most of the limited space. Think inside the box. Part of the reason for this is to keep the maps managable in terms of size and playtime. Small 5-10 minutes levels instead of huge limit-breaking megamaps that may not make the deadline. We need 24 in total!

The key is to re-use the space. Something along the lines of "climb up, drop down and the existing area changes, stuff spawns, stuff moves etc." This is where AD comes into play, as it offers a wide range of options and possibilities. Check out the test maps, use them as templates, experiment. This may be good practice and fun.

The deadline is 30-Nov-2017 18:00 (Func time).

Send to the email address in my profile. Needless to say, the maps need to be fully compiled and tested, have skill settings and run on AD 1.6. Must use standard BSP format and not exceed protocol 666 limits (aim for protocol 15 if possible).

If you have technical questions, sock can be messaged through the usual channels, preferably the Terrafusion discord. Or drop them here to be forwarded.
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Winter Of The Ice Queen. 
According to a documentary on the film Frozen, the ice modeled by the computers accounted for reflection and refraction and took several days to render. Well, Quake cannot do either, and transparency can only be applied to an extent. I made different coloured ice to mimic refraction, and redid all the lighting to give this map a coloured sunset look.

Gallery here:

I've still got some work to do on it, but its almost done. The concept image that inspired the map is this one:

Best I could do without realistic ice physics. Also, got some faux func_illusionary sprites working thanks to ericw and Qmaster for explaining it. Looking forward to playing all these maps! 
That's pretty damn awesome Redfield, nice job and I laughed at the princess inclusion. I haven't watched this movie yet but looks pretty whimsical. 
Cool Indeed 
Look at you!!! This looks pretty astounding.

Disney lawyers descend in 3...2...1.... 
Any More Screenshots Or WIP Maps? 
Change Of Plans 
I realize I suck at running a map jam; should have pimped the thing more and kept the thread active... sorry about that.

Even though several people are working on maps for this event, which is great, the goal of 24 maps seems unrealistic at this point, not least considering my own lack of solid progress so far. Therefore, let's just make this a regular jam with all maps in a single zip to be released at Christmas!

The deadline is hereby extended to the 22nd of December.

Bit of a roll call: who's in exactly? So far I know of:

ItEndsWithTens ?
Qmaster ?
Shambler ???
Zwiffle ?

I started one, too. But not gonna lie, it's going to be tricky, fingers crossed. 
Shambler made me take another screenshot, so here :

My map is almost done, just polishing stuff up, and tweaking gameplay a bit. 
Nothing From Me 
Eating All The Advent Chocolate In One Day... 
December 22!?! And here I was cramming like a college student to have it done by the end of the week.

I guess this could give me time to add more Snowgies to the map:

The Frozen thing is really getting out of hand.

The screenshots look awesome everyone, even the editor shots. Look forward to playing! 
Not Sure 
This 1024 limit is cramping my style but maybe that's a good thing. 
Still In It 
I was all excited that despite a month of distractions, I was on schedule to get this thing done by the deadline. An extra few weeks is nonetheless more than welcome. Thank you!

I'm usually one to avoid tainting the fun of seeing the map for the first time, but I managed to find a location and angle that don't give anything away:


It's just a touch of atmosphere, nothing groundbreaking, but with all these other shots I couldn't help myself.

More time to refine all my ideas and hopefully get some other eyes on this before release is a godsend! Looking forward to the final result, and honestly kind of glad I won't have to spend December trying to crank out one Youtube video per day as the calendar was published. :D 
I am still in. Put it off working on it far too long, and was actually worried about how much I was going to need to crunch on it this week while juggling Thanksgiving stuff, so thanks for deadline expansion.

TBH, think a single pack is a better idea than releasing stuff everyday... that felt like a doomed to failure concept anyway even if there had been 24 maps done for original deadline. 
Still In It As Well. 
Recently streamed myself making progress on my map. If I keep at it like this, I'll have it done in no time, hopefully. 
Still In But 
... I think we can get to 24 now. I am very far behind but getting there. With the extension no problem. 
I started to make a map this jam yesterday, so there's a chance that a can finish it. 
I'm Still In* 
I'm Also In This Thing. 
I only made the basic layout with prototype textures. But with deadline pushed away, it gives me time to test around in AD before implementing things in my map. 
Prioritising Music At The Moment... don't count me in. Looks like a great holiday load-out though. 2017, what a year! 
I'm Out 
I wasted a bunch of time when I had it, and lately I'm more busy, and the free time for creative work I have I'm putting into writing. Considering I've been in a rut writing-wise for years I don't want that to go to waste. I won't be abandoning mapping, but things may take a while. I look forward to the completed jam/AD update though! Still gotta get around to taking QUMP and other recent releases for a spin.... 
I'm Out Too 
I thought i should say it too, even though i haven't been counted in that list, for some strange reason.

I have been even more busy that i anticipated, and not even finished and not close to it the map i said earlier this thread that i was planning to release this year before this jam, so there won't be any releases from me at least till January and probably late February. 
Might Have To Drop Out 
My map might be finished by the deadline but I didn't do a very good job of sticking to the limits - it needs BSP2 to compile now. Could still submit it but if it's not included in the jam I'll just release it separately. 
My map has hit BSP2 as well, not sure that's an issue? BSP2 kind of felt like a given for AD stuff no? (Sorry negke! :D) 
Bsp2 In 1024^3???? 
Rocks I Guess. :( 
And ... 
it is 1024^3 PLAYABLE AREA, so they can do anything. 
Some New Shots

The map looks really different depending on the engine - I haven't really checked DP but QS and MarkV display the lighting quite differently. These are some MarkV shots.

Hopefully I can finish it in time... 
MarkV has a cheat protection thing that combines the .lit file and .bsp lightmap values.
I thought I was compensating for it in my light tool to defeat the feature, but it sounds like there's a bug, I'll have a look.. 
Re: MarkV And QS Different 
Damn... thanks for catching that Pritchard.

MarkV has a cheat protection thing that combines the .lit file and .bsp lightmap values.
I thought I was compensating for it in my light tool

Turns out I was doing this wrong. I fixed this in light.exe, it will make MarkV render the same as QS. Should have an update out soon. 
MarkV also displays Skyboxes quite differently. This is clearly the best thread to discuss it in, of course. MarkV Quakespasm 
Holy Screens Batman! 
This map is looking mighty fine. Did you use sprites for all those trees? That's an insane amount of illusionaries. Or are they part of the skybox? I can't believe people are hitting bsp2 in 1024^3 (head explodes...) 
They're using fence textures and illusionaries. They're not perfect - the texture doesn't really have a trunk so I made a really ugly one from a brush, for instance.

There are a lot of them though, many many times more than in that screenshot. I'm pretty proud of it. 
Just Some Adulation 
Just wanted to drop in to say that the screenshots posted here look awesome. Congratulations to the authors! 
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