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Modern Retro Shooters / Quake Spiritual Successors
Wonder If A Specific Retro-shooter Thread Is Warranted?
#10166 posted by Shambler [] on 2017/08/27 11:32:00

It is! Separate thread because there's a lot of these sort of games, the ethos of them is particularly relevant to this board, and it's inhabitants seem to have some good varying opinions on the matter.

Quake as the eptiome as 90s action FPS:

Very direct control and physics
Simple streamlined gameplay
Brutal visceral and gory
Weird fantasy / gothic / industrial theme
Grungy, coherent graphics
Cool map designs / architecture (for the time)
Varied but consistent bestiary
(many of the above adhered to and greatly enhanced by subsequent custom content)

We all like these aspects, we all like these aspects in other games, we all want to see more of those games, possibly combined with modern graphical styles (Quake Chumpions MAPS might be an example of how far this could go) and maybe very limited modern additions (crouching? an inventory? coherent story? - but nothing that gets in the way of solid action). We perhaps want the next Quake / 90s action FPS spiritual successor...

Modern Retro Shooters:

...and lo, there's a neverending stream of modern retro games many of which are unabashedly marketting themselves as 90s action FPS spiritual successors and particularly highlighting speed, direct control, simple action, limitless violence. Do they have what it takes to hit that mark though??


Amid Evil




Ion Maiden





Devil Daggers





Without wanting to opine too much, there seems to be a general trend of possibly not hitting the mark despite some attempts to do so, with a huge variety in how much potential those attempts show, as well as how close these games are to realising the overall harmonious game quality of a typical best 90s action FPS. I.e. Some games seem to do some aspects right, but don't seem to get all the aspects in balance and appealing together.

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Prod Me In The Doom 
Looks a bit too far along to be able to do much to give it a unique art style. I agree it looks like a weird "mash up" of elements from Classic Doom, Doom 3 and Doom 4.

It's a bit like those Beatles tribute pub bands that wear the Sgt. Pepper uniforms, yet play nothing from after 1966.

It only cost you two quid to get in, and after a few sherbets you'll have a bit of a dance to "I Want To Hold Your Hand", but a quick glance round at the clientele - some visibly drunk middle-aged women on an "office do", and a smattering of students who quite honestly don't care where are as long as they can get a drink past midnight, deep down you know there's possibly other places you should be on a Saturday night. 
Mike and Jason have each worked in the game industry for over 10 years and contributed to many projects including [...] Doom 2016, [...] and more.

Well, they're just following the style they're most familiar with.

Art direction isn't as easy as it seems, sometimes it's better to play safe. 
Prodeus Is Looking Good 
Haters gonna hate. 
Did anybody here get a chance to try out Wrath at PAX East? 
Produs Its Better 
Produs Its Better 
The Post So Nice It Had To Be Posted Twice 
Prodeus Broke $100K

Such great news. The editor is amazing. 
Play Blood Letter ! 
Blood Letter 
...would be cool as a rhythm shooter. As it is now - would get repetitious pretty quickly. 
Ludum Dare games are meant to be boring anyway. It's nearly impossible to make a non-repetitive game in 2 days. 
makes sense - I forgot it was for a jam 
Ooh, the inventory is a pie menu, sweet! Need. Wrath. Now. 
Memoirs of Magic looks fun. 
Even Skipping Through That Video.... the worst thing to happen to my eyes for several days. 
I Said "Fun", Not Pretty. 
The Latest Shit On A Fucking Stick. 
For Fuck's Sake! 
That's gotta be the ugliest-looking piece of shit yet, surely?

Not even gonna use the Daikatana smiley, that would be an insult to Daikatana. 
Also Shums 
y u no discord? 
How is it possible to make such an aesthetically bankrupt game? 
God Knows 
Maybe if you have autism, and your autism also has autism.

Not My Thing 
...but there has to be something that justifies the garish colors. Like you are sucked into a GameBoy game or more likely the protagonist is hallucinating the game world. 
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