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Q1SP: DM4 Jam
DM4 jam is now available. A single player Quake map pack inspired by the original dm4 map "The Bad Place" by American McGee. 23 maps new maps! Some of these maps are from first time Quake mappers. A start map is included. Some of the maps support Coop and Deathmatch as well. Check the readme for more details.

You can download the pack from here.

Here is the jam “poster”.

draqu & promeus

Here’s the original func_msgboard thread for some history on the jam.
Oh hells yes 
shots look nice. 
Yes They Do 
The maps look great! I'm really looking forward to checking it out later. I'm kicking myself for not being able to finish mine though! 
Lets get the ball rolling, started playing these, here are some demos, all on skill 2.
Pretty fun so far, great work guys!

Love how this map looks, and it was alot of fun to explore, very open ended.

Very fun and original gameplay, and again a really nicely interconnected layout that uses the space really well, visuals are very slick as well.

Very faithful to dm4, the layout was kind of confusing, but still pretty fun to navigate. Dat secret. :D

Cool first quake map! A few quite fun situations, and a rug.

Another very DM4 faithful map, fun overall, even if the final fight was kind of annoying if you reach it with too little life, maybe there was a trick to it I didn't figure out. 
2 More Before Sleep 
Cool start, nice flow overall, like seeing the stronger weapons, but felt like it could've been a bit harder on skill 2.

That wasn't what I was expecting hehe, very fun slaughter map! 
Congrats To All! 
Screenshots look awesome, looking forward to playing! 
is there enybody who can help me to instal and run this lvls ? maybe somebody form poland ?! 
1. make a folder under Quake called dm4jam
2. unzip all files to that folder
3. make a shortcut to your Quake engine of choice - see here:

4. then add this command line to the shortcut

-game dm4jam

or use Simple Quake Launcher (easy!) 
DM4 Jam 
Started with Prengle's map due to this comment:"Very faithful to dm4" - loving this! Thanks to all the contributors. Quake is back in my life since 2017 and I couldn't be happier. 
Love your nick. I was an "Apes" fiend growing up. You are going to love this Jam. 
Demos For Everyone! 
Demo Pack, Mostly Blind.

I really enjoyed this jam trough and through! Big round of applause for everyone who participated! 
DM4 Jam 
Thanks dumptruck. I've wanted to thank you all since last summer for the re-emeregence of Quake in my life. I missed it very much but life goes by and other things enter. With the recent "newsworthy" maps and AD, Quake somehow came back to me and I couldn't be happier. Please keep up the new maps and releases like DM4Jam (map packs). I know there are more folks like me out there who don't say much, but are enjoying the hell out of all these releases! 
Minor Spoilers Follow 
start map: very nice. automatically went to Skacky´s level, extremely cool as always, the CAVE AT THE BEGINNING! never seen anything like that in quake ever. later in the level I´ve noticed similarities with your entry for retrojam3, Skacky (not bad thing at all). technical: which maps exactly require starting using the -game dm4jam command, as I somewhat prefer more vanilla-ish ID setting pls? can not wait to play the rest indeed 
There is no replacement content other than the conback and the menu graphic. 
New Menu Graphics, 
good job! 
Breezeep, Nait, Mukor 
3 huge maps, lotsa wandering around, the lighting! the details! excellent. liked Giftmacher´s (lighting, details) and Ionous´ (circular rooms) too, thanks a lot to all for making this pack 
artistical - some big rooms, liked the vertical one with open roof (above silver key if I remember correctly), interesting (a bit of a lo detail tho)
bloodshot - felt a bit lo detail in places, enjoyable nevertheless
danzadan - ok
digs - tru to dm4
draqu & promeus - suprisingly good!
ionous - nice circular rooms
mariteaux - enjoyed the lava swim
newhouse - start map; found two suspicious shootable buttons on the upper floor, hints for other two somebody pls?
otp - won´t load unfortunatelly
prengle - ok, a lot of crossed bars
rj - that lava/glass rooftop!
shades - looked like a doom level remake, was dark
wedge_one - ok
ww - won´t load unfortunatelly 
What engine? 
I've uploaded a playthrough of scar3drow's Bad House. It's not a blind playthrough because on my first run one fiend jump into the lava and i couldn't kill him. So i had to start over :P

I also uploaded a blind playthrough of artistical's Final Place:

If you go at 09:40 on the video, you'll notice a missing texture pattern. I think this only happens in FTE, because after this i loaded the map in quasespasm and the blood texture was there :P

I also noticed that FTE doesn't show the teleport textures on the start map :/

somebody knows why FTE is struggling with these specific liquid textures? 
Otp, Ww 
liked both maps a lot, nice contrast grey/blu vs orange lava, great lighting...
ww - a lot of nice solid blocks, dark
otp - my fav part was the final square with trees n building 
No demos, because I suck. But wrote mini-reviews of each one after playing. Skill 1 used (again, because I suck).

Liked the curved design and how it eeks so much gameplay out of essentially one room. Good detailing. Combat a little on the cramped side for my tastes but it was well balanced, challenging but fair. Nice overall.

This was interesting. The brushwork was messy in places but artfully messy, like it was deliberately going for the abstract look, as in other places it was neat. Although I think inconsistency is its main problem, it struggles to really hook onto one architectural style. I liked the blue rocks, thunder and lightning... nice atmosphere overall. Fairly easy but fun.

Wasn't a huge fan of this in honesty. Most of the monster setups/ambushes pretty ineffective and I found myself doing lots of backing up / picking off from distance rather than getting stuck into the action. I think this was the case with every vore and shambler in the map, they never really felt threatening due to their positioning and it ended up being a game of duck-and-shoot. I'm a pretty cautious player but I like maps that coax me into playing less cautiously or catching me by surprise and this one never did.

Great deal better than my first map... Some good use of angles, general room design on track. Biggest disappointment was that it started with two ogres and everything that followed was easy base enemy! Build things up.

Stunning opening shot! Great architecture, mostly great visuals in all barring a few misaligned textures. Creative use of nonlinear gameplay, was nice to navigate around. Started hard (was dodging a fiend with just an axe at one point) but the endgame was a bit disappointing. Fantastic for four days' work in all.

Little bit dark. I ended up having to restart at one point because I couldn't work out how to cross the slime at first (still not sure of the logic behind those plats) so ended up jumping through the slime to the left until getting the biosuit, which meant I couldn't survive later on when it came to grabbing the silver key. Completed second time round, although if there was a SSG anywhere I missed it, which meant combat wasn't as satisfying as it could have been.

Artistical (A Profaned Place)
Some great detailing on this, loved the chains, broken floors. General epic scale and multi-level aspect was cool! Messages were a nice touch but they disappeared too quickly. End battle seemed like it should have been epic but it was too easy to just run backwards and spray with the SNG from distance.

Artistical (A Final Place)
Yes! Proper DM4 feel to this one :D the details bring it up to date without affecting the vibe. Works really well despite the tight scale. Great action-packed combat, fun end battle that went on just about long enough to worry me!

Awesome! Looks beautiful, love the trim and rune features. Seals with the spawn explosion are cool :) and the little hellknight caves... and the ammo shelves. Just full of great details, fun to play too. Ending was surprisingly tricky despite the quad, although I wondered into the exit by mistake on the third attempt before killing everything.

Brilliant!! About the only remotely negative thing I can say about this is that it felt less DM4ish than the others, but that really isn't an issue when the brushwork is this sexy and the gameplay so well orchestrated. The focus on zombies was something different, I loved it. Great to run about in even when I couldn't find the way forward. Top marks :)

I liked how it alternated between DM4 and regular metal, they go together well without it feeling inconsistent. The blue/green chequered floor texture was maybe a bit out of place but it looked nice I guess. The DM4 parts were very faithful with the tight scale & frequent teleports. Cool ending (both lava swim and final battle).

Part II 
This looked cool, some very nice details. Just a shame there wasn't more of it. And even with the size I couldn't help feeling a bit more gameplay could have been squeezed out, was all over too quickly. Under-lift message made me chuckle :)

This was OK. Visually it was one of the blander ones, although I struggle to pinpoint exactly why; the room shapes are all interesting and there are a fair few light fixtures and different textures breaking things up. It was all good quality but just didn't *pop*... maybe there was too little contrast overall, I'm not sure. Play was ok, although a bit easy with the quad secret. The start was probably the hardest bit.

Draqu & Promeus
Looks brilliant; very slick detailing, nice rockwork and great use of lavafalls. However I had problems with progression, because I am a massive idiot I could not work out how to get past the 'Aren't you forgetting something?' message, and after traipsing around for 10 minutes figured I'd have to grenade-jump to get to the LG. End fight was fun.. but judging by the intermission screen there was a whole section I missed :-(

Favourite thing about this was the layout, almost maze-like but with enough logic to figure out where you needed to head / head back to. Nicely balanced gameplay, and fun. Although I ended up psyching myself up too much for the end battle, that room gave me the feeling of "oh shit, something BIG is about to happen" like Chthon busting through the floor or something... but just got two knights, a vore and a shambler on Skill 1. Brushwork good, simple like DM4 only neater, and with some nice details like cages and bars.

Holy shitballs this map is amazing!! How the hell did you make this in 9 days!??? Fuck man. Sorry I'm a bit lost for words. Instant classic!!

I really want to be happy about this map, because the idea is cool (and well executed) it looks awesome, it has a great layout, the initial lift drop is spectacular and everything just feels very high quality. However... if there was a SSG anywhere, I didn't find it, so found the whole combat experience frustrating. Not sure if this was intentional. Shame as it likely would have been one of my favourites otherwise.

Pretty much 'dm4rmx' if ever there was one. Was unsure about some of the wall texture choices. Teleports looked good though, and whole thing plays very nicely.

LOVED this, totally my kind of map, kind of thing I'd want to make had it not been for timelimits (honestly I have no idea how some of you build stuff so quickly). Stunning architecture, wonderful interconnecting layout and great use of vertical gameplay; tough but always plenty of health you can backtrack for. Really satisfying. Could have easily been a standalone release and a damned good one at that! Like Giftmacher's the only bad thing I can say is that it isn't that DM4ish, but I don't care, it's wonderful.

Again not massively DM4ish but at this point I'm grateful for a bit of variety. Great little map with cool details (esp the broken stones) and a nice layout. End area with the trees & lavafalls was fantastic. Gameplay spot on, can't really fault anything. Maybe the ending was a bit weird.. but different I guess.

Like Breezeep's this felt like more of a standalone map worked on for months. Just baffles me how so much can be put together in so little time, I thought I was fast and my p.o.s. map was a fraction of the size with about half the detail & polish. But anyway... the map is epic. Fantastic rockwork, great mix of styles, spectacular room design and AA+++ detail game. Aside from the slightly annoying travails underwater without a biosuit at the start, and a bit of a done-it-all-before finale, it was great fun too.

Last but definitely not least... the start map! Great work, loved that it took bits of each map for the entrances (not sure if this is a common thing with func_jams as this is the first one I've played) - very nicely done and really added to the pack experience.

My top 10
1. Bloodshot
2. Breezeep
3. Giftmacher
4. Skacky
5. Mukor
6. onetruepurple
7. Artistical (A Final Place)
8. Prengle
9. Mariteaux
10. Nait

(If I were to play wedge_one's again and a SSG magically appeared, it would probably slot in at #5.)

Well done all! 
Bal, Breezeep 
Thanks for the demos :) yeah that end ambush is a bit evil, sorry. I think Breezeep nailed the 'trick' second time round though. I should have made the exit barrier visible on hindsight so the player doesn't try and exit prematurely.

Both of you were painfully close to the first secret. Breezeep even wrote "could have put a secret here" whilst facing the opposite direction! 
Some More... 
A few more, half way done, great jam so far!

Cool layout, lots of fun encounters, and looks quite original, great work!

Solid map, wasn't a fan of some of the jumping traps, but had fun overall.

Cool map, liked how organic the layout felt, and played quite nicely.

Draqu & Promeus
Some really nice detailing, and many nice situations. was always pretty tough but felt right for Hard (whereas many other maps so far have felt a bit easy for Hard). 
Skill 3 | Unlock Nightmare Difficulty 
Two more playthroughs =D

Deimos Revisited by Shades:

Badly Placated by WW: 
Prog Error With OTP, Skaky And WW Maps? 
I'm currently unable to play these maps for some reason. They doesn't load while I placed the maps in the ID folder, where I prefer to place my standalone maps. Is there a mod required for these maps? 
Okay, It's Solved 
I'm always loading the AD mod by default, and it happens that OTP, Skaky and WW's maps are not compatible with it.

Guys, you should make your maps compatible with AD, which in my opinion is THE standard for Quake now. But what do I know!? 
Or maybe you could follow the guidelines set up in the readme?

AD disables a lot of the hacks people like to use in id1 maps. So, stop playing id1 maps in AD and you wont have a problem.


You probably broke a map hack in my map too but since its aesthetic and not related to progression, you didnt notice.

Play the maps in the environment they were designed in and youd have no issues. 
Barnak Ur A Testicle. 
Shambler, You Don't Have One. 
well you're not wrong Barnak.

He has two provided hes never had one removed. 
Well, can he count them? I'm not sure he can. 
Guys, you should make your maps compatible with AD, which in my opinion is THE standard for Quake now. But what do I know!?

Jesus fucking christ. Sorry, despite how many magazine articles (showing off all those lovely models ripped from Hexen 2) AD gets, it doesn't deserve to have a complete monopoly on Quake. 
Is the sequel Quake never had.

But it is still wrong to try to play releases in the wrong mod. 
I must say, copying conversational text from the discord server and posting it here off topic is a bit... pussy. Carry on though. 
The user base for AD is smaller. I wanted as many players as possible to enjoy this jam. 
Disregard #40 
The stupid is strong with me today it seems. 
Id1 Map Hacks Are Fucking Awesome 
And if you don't use them in favor of Arcane Lazymensions you are a weenie.

Seriously though, fun maps all around, working on demos currently now that I have some free time and now I'm gonna be on the look out for whatever tricky stuff the authors included. 
Two more blind playthroughs =D

Demon Fort by Queenjazz

This map is beautiful. My only complain here is the place of the gold key. There should be a more evident pedestal for it, because the key blended itself with the green wall behind it and i didn't even notice when i picked it up (go to 04:54 on my video and you'll know what i'm talking about) =D. So i continued the search for the key for several minutes until i notice it on my HUD =D

The Drop by Mariteaux.

In this one i had to edit out my several tries to find the two buttons on the lava pit. I died so many times because i coundn't saw anything with the red lava effect plus the red pentagram effect (this is a FTE-engine fault, i also can't see anything when i swim in slime with a biosuit in others maps) :P 
RE: Barnak 
yeah, was unable to play WW´s and OTP´s initially as I tried to load them using some mod (bastion, as it is my fav). can not wait for the DLC extention pack, this was definetly worth the wait 
It's great to know there's a simple way to make an id1 map crash other mods, maybe now all of you will fucking learn to NOT PLAY **ANY** VANILLA RELEASES IN MODS!! 
Bogus Angles 
Some of the maps have erroneous "angles" fields with commas on certain entities, e.g. "0,90,0". QS warns about possible problems in vanilla engines.

What causes this - is (or was) it a known bug in TB? 
Great jam, many good maps. Some of them with more modern Quake architecture, some of them with nice nostalgic 90's vibes. 
DM4 Map Jam Part 1 On The Quake Grave 
Here's Part 1 of the DM4 Map Jam Stream on The Quake Grave:

The maps played through are Ionous, Skakcy, both of Artistical's maps, Bloodshot and Mariteaux.

Nice job everyone so far! Looking forward to streaming more this week. 
Jam Marathon Incoming 
Starts in about thirty-five minutes. 
Two more blind playthroughs =D

Your Happy Place by Prengle:

Another Bad Place by Giftmacher: 
DM4 Jam Not At Quaddicted 
Thanks to Spirit for adding this to the DB! Mods feel free to update the OP with this mirror. 
^^^ Typo 
Essentially this: :D

Impressive output, cool maps, good job everyone - especially the new people!

Although I'm now sick of blue and lava, the maps are somewhat varied all things considered which is a nice outcome given the base theme. Some of them very classic in style, others modern with fucking Bal trims and introducing new elements. I also liked some of the layouts.

Gameplay is was a mixed bag for me, some maps quite fun, some not so much. Cramped + lava got tiresome quickly, though it's hardly your fault in a large pack like this. I derped quite a bit in places, got lost, and noclipped out of the lava a couple of times... Probably terrible to watch, but here you go anyway.

New guys: check out the "developer 1" command, it's useful for finding certain entity-related issues that otherwise may go unnoticed (there are many of such present in the maps). 
You Know...I Don't Think I Ever Teleported Away From A Vore Star 
Thanks ww. 
That Moment In An Ionous Map... 
Where you find a secret only to have it's satisfaction pulled like a rug from under you: "second secret"...Argh! I missed the first!! 
Two more blind playthroughs =D

The bad monster's place by Digs:

An Unpleasant Alcazar by Danzadan: 
Playthroughs: last 4 videos. Be warned as well as low resolution, low bitrate, dropped frames and incompetent stream starts, there is also a lot of whining, bitching, moaning, derping, falling in lava, rage quitting, slagging off DM4 theme, and slagging of bal spikes and bal trim. I don't apologise for the latter two though. 

"A Profaned Place"
First time I played this through I broke the map, because I could I guess... I replayed it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The combat was nice, as was the scriping, I like the raising bridges.

I felt like there was an inconsistency of detail in this map, things like the cracked floor in some rooms were very detailed, as were the chains scattered about the place. I did however feel like the structure of the rooms themselves could have been more loved, many of the rooms felt like giant boxes, which I understand may be the feel you were going for, however detail can be added without sacrificing the bold look.

"A Final Place"

Very stark differences in this map than the previous one. Gameplay was tight and challenging, brushwork was neat and you paid homage to the theme really well... I do wish you had've varied up the textures a little, in particular move away from that riveted texture a little. Great job on both maps :)


Nice choice in starting areas, good use of lighting and geometry. Loved the "arms" that came out and retracted the doors for the "sewers". In fact all of your dynamic geometry in this map was excellent. Well set up encounters and gameplay. If I had any criticism at all it would be your choice of water texture, but that is a small thing in an otherwise gem of a map. Well done :)


I don't know what I can say about this other than fantastic job. As somebody who really likes breaking maps, I gotta say thanks for not clipping off all those ledges... Fun was had. I played through a second time properly and the map was just as fun. The most impressive thing to me is how you avoided having boring geometry despite it being repetitive. That is a real feat in my book. The theme was somewhat of a departure from dm4, but it works as a re-imagining of the theme. This was probably one of my favourite maps from the pack. Thanks :)


Big and grimey and imposing. A really neat map, with surprisingly few monsters for such a big map. Not a massive level of detail, however the map didn't feel any worse for it. I can't think of too many maps that had such simple geometry with such a strong aesthetic, great job.


You did an amazing job of making base enemies fit with this theme. It is something I wouldn't have considered myself and despite this, your map probably adhered to the theme most. I really liked that you kept much of the original layout of the map. The textures blended really well together, the geo was pleasant and the combat was good.

DraQu & Promeus:

I'm amazed that you guys had time to make this map to this level of polish. The rockwork alone must have taken ages. I don't have anything to complain about with this map really. It played nice, it looks nice. Has a really cute secret. Perhaps this map didn't fit the theme as well as others, but regardless, was really good. Well done.

Thats enough for now, more later guys :) 
which map was it featuring tall black tower with open dome in the end pls? 
maybe breezeep or bloodshot 
Two more playthroughs =D

Lost Expedition by wedge_one:

This is not my first playthrough. On my first run i couldn't find all the enemies, so i played it again and found the rest of them hiding on a secret area =D

Fear and Trembling by Ionous:

Again, not my first playthrough. The first time i was out of ammo and couldn't kill the last shambler, so i played it again, saving ammo and searching for secrets (found a supershotgun and a rocket-launcher) =D 
You're an animal! Great fun to watch. 
you come to a tall black spikey tower in the chasm, later you go in and fight in semi-open dome (not 100% sure the map is from dm4jam pack, just played it lately, which maybe renders this post a little bit of a OT), not breezeep, not bloodshot 
Thanks, but my work is easy. I just play the game and put the video on youtube. Anybody can do that.
Your videos, however, are really unique and much more useful to the community =D 
Post Part One. 
Some time has already passed since the release, but I haven't gotten down to writing my own feedback!

I was going to rewrite my notes on each map that I've played (not counting the ones I've beta tested) into a paragraph on two, but then I realised I'd be writing until the morning, so a simple transcription will have to do ;-)

Artistical I:
- pretty dark
- nice damaged brushwork and ceilings, but the walls need more love
- I got the SK before seeing a SK door?
- "take a swim" seems like instant death for me
- final horde spawns too early, I could just snipe the lot with the SNG from very far away

Artistical II:
- instant improvement over map 1!
- the scale and the layout reminded me of e3m3
- good gameplay but bullshit Shamblers
- "wait" -1" on doors broke my progression
- final horde pretty funny :)

- very good detailing!
- good colored lighting, except for the sunlight
- actual route choice! so good
- I wrote a bullet point saying just "pit" but I have no idea what I meant
- the water area gave me proper telefragged.bsp vibes
- the finale was tough

dm4 theme of digs:
- blue sky texture? id.wad is to blame, I suppose
- I liked the more mechanical tilt in the theme (base enemies, crates, cog textures in the walls)
- nice remix overall, with the new areas very faithful to the dm4 ethos
- full respect for the Tarbaby tunnel
- 0 secrets found :(

DraQu feat. Timbaland - PromiscEUs Girl:
- VERY impressive for a first time Q1SP, detailing and colors are A+
- quite tough, the GA might have come a bit late?
- nice layout, was fun to see how it all fits together in the end
- no way back from the ending - but why? could've added a teleport
- I found the ending actually the easiest, since I just circlestrafed until only a couple enemies were left
- possibly the best "obligatory debut map in a jam" so far???

- never really got a chance to give you proper notes, so here goes:
- walks a fine line between enjoyably hard and unplayably hard ;-)
- pitch black corners + fulldark Zombie models = excuse me wtf?
- ran pretty slow for some reason
- small & nice enough to keep trying to beat it... but not for long
- as was the case with 1024, the map laughed at my pitiful secret finding skills again

- nice palate cleanser after ionous: easier, lighter, simpler construction
- interesting layout, feels like dm4 broken into bits and then put together in different ways
- good combat flow
- nice and oldschool
- only 1/7 secrets found :( 
Post Part Two. 
- weird upscaled textures
- multiple Death Knights vs. barely any ammo
- tight passageways
- interesting ideas but lazy/rushed execution?
- slightly disappointing, you've done better maps in much less time :(

- lava glow bit too strong for my tastes
- closest to the dm4 "spacial theme" without being cramped
- expected an underlift secret at that one lift with the shootable button
- good extra touch with the [†] lights
- again, SK spotted before SK door
- I also wrote "tip: angles on trigs" but don't remember why, even after replaying

rj (you got some of this in our mails):
- the "obligatory return in a jam"!
- I've never actually played the TFL maps
- lots of symmetry in room designs
- big in scale, RMQ?
- almost missed the GL in the shadows
- stingy on health
- I liked playing stealthy with the Fiends at the 3 buttons area
- I was already getting slight E4 vibes at the area with many small lifts... then I looked up :)

- holy moly
- rudely bright
- got that "speedmap from when the numbers were in two digits" feel
- ironically I had the most fun in this map, probably

- another Doom E2M1 remix in a jam, I must be missing something about the original map since I find it very weak
- dark af, the high saturation on the colored lights partly to blame
- OK gameplay but the layout didn't tickle me

- ok map!
- base monsters and base sounds on buttons/lifts? (not sure why I wrote it down, it's not a complaint)
- again, strong lava glow, but it goes with the map name I suppose

- wtf opening, good brushwork on that slipgate though
- very nice conceit with the whole cave thing
- SG vs DKs = :(, far too few nails!
- good use of teles!

- another interesting conceit
- wtf, a working thunder sound in id1?
- cool "dimensional" Shambler, pretty DOOM PWAD-esque
- I got lost a total of 3 times, playtesting 20+ maps before release truly left its mark

And that's pretty much it! No demos, sorry - I played all of these as part of testing the pack before release and as such I didn't know if there would be changes to the maps or not, so I opted out of recording anything.

I certainly did not expect this jam would have many entries, let alone 22(!), in one fell swoop we've caught up to 2017 in terms of how many maps were released through the year. Maybe there's hope for another year of 100+ Q1SPs??

My own top 5 goes as follows:
1. skacky
2. DraQu
3. Breezeep
4. Bloodshot
5. digs

Very good work, everyone! 
And Part Three. 
If I'm allowed to be a little conceited, I'm going to waffle about my own map for a bit, since I'm still rather excited about how well it turned out in the end, against all odds ;-)

Back when AD came out in 2015, I had started a different remake of DM4, with a similar theme to Firetop Mountain. It didn't get very far, but I decided to reuse some ideas and textures in this one. In fact, most of the map used the gray brick from rogue/Firetop before Kell advised me to change it, at which point I went through several other brick textures before settling on one from Q3A (recolored by me).

The RL + MH area from DM4 was, once again, the first one I'd built. I originally had the player start at the MH (it's such a fitting place for a player start isn't it), but then I realised I wasn't getting enough gameplay from that room, so after a brief stint of obsessing over E3M7, I built a small chamber with a "secret map" teleporter and put it behind a secret door on the other side of the lava river.

As the map grew, I decided to put the player start closer to the big lava pit, so I moved the teleport chamber, and the secret door became an actual secret, that despite being very obviously a secret, gives people a lot of trouble to open :^)

Not everybody liked my use of the Doom 3 rune textures but I'm still happy with it, I think it gives the map stronger ties to DM4. I even made a D3-ified variant of the dm4 angular rune, but I didn't use it too much since I used it for secret purposes, which maybe was too oblique as far as visual languages go...

A lot of you might remember a pretty old screenshot of a wizard themed map from Kinn. I used it as a reference picture when I was building the MH area, as is rather self-evident by just looking at it:

The outdoor patio with the lava castle setpiece is probably the bit that turned out the best - I didn't get to see how it looked with proper sunlight until I was done closing it off around 3:30 AM, I was actually taken aback a bit with how good it actually looked with sunlight2 and a skybox. The AD trees contribute to the final visual a lot as well, thanks to khreathor converting the mdl to obj and then to map. He told me I owe him a blowjob and to be fair I haven't fully ruled it out.

I'll also to admit to cheating - the castle exterior is my jam 6 scrap ;-)

All in all, I think this is the best map I've done yet, and also probably the first one I made where a clarified style is beginning to show. I like platforming bits, vertical progression and good combat flow; I think I pulled off all three quite well. I'm also quite flattered with the reception this map is getting - I'm quite proud with how I went from having the worst map back in jam 1, through "good, but not going to be anyone's favorite" in retro6 and jam 9, to one of the most liked in this jam :-)

I must thank dumptruck for giving me (and the others) the motivation to go map! Way to make a community milestone happen. 
You have every right to be proud of this map. It hinted at dm4 (verticality, lava, runes) but stepped away from it to really solid results. Great texture usage and encounters. My favorite moments were the central lift area with the easy but nerve wracking jumps and the geo in all the lava areas.

I think the set pieces and encounters were the strongest element overall but all the pistons were firing on this one. Textures, design flow all worked really well. One of my favs of the pack. 
Part 2 

So I tested the beta for you and totally forgot I had done so until about a third of the way through my playthrough. It felt really similar but different at the same time. It was quite an unsettling feeling to be honest XD.

I was a little saddened that the eerie feel of the outdoors section was cut from the map, I can see why, it was pretty confronting, but it did break up the "sameness" of the map up a bit. I also thought that the ceiling lift secret was really good. I hope you salvage that idea and can use it in a future map. Again, I can see why you scrapped it, as the implementation was a little awkward in this map.

In the end the improved gold key section was good, as was the tiered fight against the vores. You managed to make a really nice nod to the original map, despite the addition of so much curvature. Excellent job man, well done :)


God damn man, so much curved architecture, you must hate yourself or something =P

Really impressively brushed up map, nice and compact, nice texture choices and adherence to the theme. Lava pit arena fight was one of the more memorable fights from the pack. Not much else to say except thanks, great map :)


The few things I would improve to change this from a good map to a very good map are:

Less coloured lighting. You went a little overboard here, with coloured lighting usually less is more.

Fix the pentagram lava swim. A simple way to do this would be to lock off one of the first path, funnel the player into the second path, give them another pentagram at the button, then unblock the first path. Alternatively, give the player a warning message that they need to find two under lava button quickly.

Consider changing those wind tunnels for a more "id-esque" style.

Change that floor texture XD
I mentioned this on stream, it doesn't work great IMO. I just don't think that it fits in with the theme particularly well.

Now those were the negatives, lets look at the positives.

The geo in this map fits the theme quite well. Nice claustrophobic hallways and rooms, good tiered layout. Pretty much spot on there. Your choice of textures was good, and even your placement of the coloured lighting was good (even though they needed to be toned down). Gameplay was a strong point too.

Was a good map, look forward to your next release.


One of the more unique maps among the jam. In a very Muk0r style. I liked the breaking runes mechanic. The "scripting" was nice but not too in your face. I thought that the explosions at the gates after you shot the runes was a nice touch.

Theme wise it was a fairly large departure from the source material. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the map. One of my favourites of the pack.


We're starting to expect these massive monolithic maps from you now man. Visually very impressive. Gameplay was also very good. I think I unlocked something in the wrong sequence on my first gameplay and softlocked myself. OR I just missed the key... (that kind of thing happens to me a lot).

One thing I like is when maps give me the ability to rampjump to try and skip stuff. This map was nice in that regard, even if it wasn't intended. Texture wise you stuck to the theme quite well, geometry wise, it was really good, but a departure from the theme. Having said that, it was a good departure, very brutalist lost lovecraftian city. Cool shit.

Things I would have done differently:

There was one portion where you lined up rune textures to convey direction / give light along a hallway. I feel like a bespoke texture would have worked better here.

Also, the wall texture could have been varied a little.

Really these are just small things in an otherwise excellent map. Great job.


You kinda threw the theme out the window, but regardless was fun to play and looked really pretty.

Gameplay was excellent (who doesn't love a good quad run). Good geometry, broken blocks in the lava were a nice touch (albeit difficult to traverse occasionally), and nice set pieces (building exteriors, trees, etc).

I wasn't too fond of your lava texture at first, but in hindsight it works for your map. I'm still not too keen on your rune texture choice, a small edit would make it so much better IMO (that is removing the black from behind the rune and changing it to something similar to the rock/brickwork around it).

This was one of the stand-out maps for me. Great job. 
Two more blind playthroughs =D

Funnel of Contempt by mukor:

A Pact Beheld by onetruepurple: 
Nightmare Playlist 
These maps are giving me flashbacks to 1996 and its a great feeling:

A great tribute to dm4 and the Ep3 by skacky, loved every bit of this map
The ending were a bit tricky thou, this is my favorite map of the pack so far 
And Another Demo

a good dm4 rmx, not best work from digs, this one's looking like a speed/turtle map 
Two more playthroughs =D

Total Fucking Lies by RJ:

A Profaned Place by Artistical: 
More Demos! 
Here are some more, still missing a few, hope to get aroudn to them this weekend.

DM4 turned into an sp map, simple stuff but works well, had fun playing through it.

Another very DM4 faithful map, some cool elements, kinda curious what happens if you mess up the pentagram part? Final fight was fun.

Had to cheat quite a bit on this map cause I didn't want to restart when falling in the lava... :D Had some cool moments, but also some confusing ones, and some easy monster abuse.

Artistical 2
Fun map, liked the tight layout, brushwork was a bit uneven.

Tiny map! Not much to say more, works with the theme anyways.

Kinda felt like a doom map, seemed fun but I didn't find any ssg so some of the fighting was a bit awkward. 
Another Demo 
Super Maps ♥ ! 
I'm currently making a "mostly" blind run of all those maps in the pack. Right now, a few maps are quite challenging, some are absolutely STUNNING !

There's a pace of 3 videos a week (monday, tuesday, wednesday) uploaded at 5PM (GMT+1), so make sure to check them regularily.

Once again, all those videos are in french, but I'm having a blast at the moment !

Link to the playlist : 
How About That 
A jam theme of my least favorite dm map. I may loathe dm4, but I certainly enjoyed each map in this pack! Terrific work to everyone.

First run demos, hard skill:

Also my apologies to ionous. I did play your map from beginning to end but for whatever reason the demo didn't record properly. 
Thanks for the demo! I didn't make the trees though, they're from AD, made by Lunaran, and converted from .mdl to .map by Khreathor. 
Three more playthroughs =D

Molten Flesh on a Sunday Night by Breezeep:

Man, this map is beautiful!! And the realtime shadows looks so cool with FTE! I love it! =D

The Worst Place by DraQu & promEUs:

This is my second run in the map. the first time i couldn't get out of the water because i was playing with FTE. So i restarted the map with Quakespasm and i got out of the water without any problem... Somebody knows why this happens?

As Each End Looms and Subsides by Naitelveni:

also not my first run. i played it again because this map has a lot of Vores and i wanted to test the new model from Chillo =D (but i deleted the horns) 
Thanks Orl 
But... My Fizquake don't play this demo.

HOST_ERROR: server returned version 999, not 15, 666 or 668.

Where I can download new version of FitzQuake? 

It's essentially Fitzquake, with increased limits, compatibility and support for modern map features. All the old Fitzquake settings remain (run with -fitz for extra faithfulness) 
It's worked. Thanks 
Dm4_dlc Continuation* 
(repost) dm4_dlc continuation*
Everyone interested of mapping for it, just pm me or
email( mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com ) early on.

Deadline started Monday 26th 0:00 Func Time and
Ends Monday 9th April 0:00 Func Time.

Hopefully all maps are well tested at that point too, and
having more than just 1 skill mode* 
Skin Of The Teeth 
Day late and nearly a dollar short given the continuation is apparently happening now, finally finished the current maps. In lieu of copying over a massive wall of text and/or ending up on quake_txt again, here is a zip file. Within are blind skill 2 demos and short comments (in-demo and in txt) for every map except Skacky's, because your map made me shit blood, but more importantly has a massive demo compared to the others so you get your very own zip here.

Lots of maps, lots of Places, some of them Bad Places, but none of them bad places. Lots of interesting button texture choices, too, like yellow buttons that turn blinking red instead of vice-versa, or tiny :thinking: Ranger faces that I can only assume were some off-site inside joke/forced meme given it isn't included in dm4jam.wad. I am bad at finding secrets as it is. These tiny grey wall speckles make me sad and frustrated. That is all. 
#terrafusion Discord joke. The link is around here somewhere. 
One more blind playthrough =D

The Dirge of Despair by Bloodshot

Ok, i'm no mapper, so i'm no expert about this kind of thing... but how can a map have rotating brushes (like the giant cogs at 15:25) playing with the old vanilla quake progs.dat? I thought that rotating brushes only worked with Scourge of Armagon mission pack (or some customized progs, of course) :P 
Thank you =D 
It's a info_notnull/modelindex/origin/avelocity hack. As seen below.

"classname" "info_notnull"
"origin" "2602 -392 632"
"angle" "-0"
"movetype" "8"
"avelocity" "0 0 50"
"model" "*1"
"modelindex" "158"
"_tb_layer" "3"

Was very cool in map. 
Thanks for the demo, but I'm pretty disappointed that you figured out 2 and 2 on your own but didn't add them to make a 4 to unlock the secret behind the mural.

I invite you to replay the map without breaking the progression, that way you'll experience a whole new entire area and get some answers to your questions. 
Yep! It was pretty cool! It's awesome that a rotating brush can be done without a custom progs.dat =D 
Invitation accepted, here you go. Took several playthroughs to realize the runes followed a pattern, and kept taking the pentagram as a red herring and assuming there was a secret in the lava someplace instead. 
RE: Spud 
why does not work 
Because it's free, lets me keep track of all the files I have uploaded in one place, and isn't slow as balls like Quaketastic is, nor do I want to fill someone else's small hosting site with gigs of my own demos only a handful of people would have any reason to download anyway.

Also it works fine for me and apparently most other people, whatever doesn't work is on your end. 
Finally, my last two playthroughs \o/

Absolutego by Skacky:

Heat by TheMusic: 
We have been chatting to make dm4 dlc flexible (like it should be?) and see how much time each of us is needing. I would suggest to continue what you started, or start now or never and do not worry about the deadline anymore, deadline was there to wake up ppl so we could release bigger dlc pack together* And of course 2.0 updates are welcome, I received them 5 so far: artistical, giftmacher, mariteaux, prengle and scar3crow. (hopefully I didn't miss any?)

dlcs atm:
neggers - needs couple days to finish his
adib - needs much more time because rl work situation.

Rest let me know if you're willing to continue/start.
found me from discord terrafusion channel or
email mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com 
done lots of rock climbing around in great Mukor's, still only 2/6 secrets found 
How do you get laval to display correctly in FTE? (I think that's your engine of choice right?) 
All the maps that i played with so far with FTE, the lava was ok, but I don't know why some of the DM4JAM maps overwrites the water/lava/teleport values.

My solution: check if r_wateralpha is set to 1 AFTER you load the map.

When i was playing "The Dirge of Despair" (dm4jam_bloodshot.bsp) i had to bind a key (right-mouse-button) to "r_wateralpha 1" because everytime i died and quickloaded the map, the lava was invisible again, so i just press the right-mouse-button to bring the lava back.

"Absolutego" (dm4jam_skacky.bsp) also has problem with the water texture in FTE. r_wateralpha is automatically sets to zero when you enter the map, since the map has water all over the place, i choose to play it with quakespasm.

The start map has a problem too. The lava is ok, but the teleport texture is invisible. You can solve this with r_telealpha 1 or 0.5 or something like that (i only discover this solution in my last video) you can see here that the teleport textures are ok with this command

The other maps are ok, i think... 
Thanks. I'm gonna pass this info along to a Reddit user who had the issue and wanted to figure it out. Great info! 
Oh, I forgot to say that sometimes, in some of the DM4JAM maps, the teleport/slime/water texture is displayed like a black/pink checkerboard.

The solution i found is just go to the lighting options menu and press "apply lighting" again. You don't have to change anything in this case, just "apply" and the texture is back.

Again, i don't know what causes this bug, and why it shows only in some maps of DM4JAM. like "Total Fucking Lies" (dm4jam_rj.bsp) and "Another Bad Place" (dm4jam_giftmacher.bsp) :P 
YouTube gameplay video for DM4Jam - Lost Expedition, by Wedge_One. Also featuring the DM4Jam start map.

I've never managed to find the last button in the start map, so I haven't even tried in this video. Also, I've played on easy skill, just to relieve some stress, but the final battle was way too easy. Health placement was fine, but I've ended up with way too much firepower for too few monsters. 
By the way, it's an amazing map. The organic contours of the rock walls around the lava really enhances the impression of the lava being liquid, by visually complementing the classic turbulent distortion of liquid textures. The rest of the architecture was also really good, and the mix of animated textures with animated lightstyles gave a great atmosphere. 
Parts 2 And 3 On The Quake Grave 
Sorry, I forgot to post Part 2 apparently, so here is Part 3 also to make up for that:

Part 2:
Part 2 features the maps from Breezeep, Danzadan, Scar3crow, Digs and Draqu/Promeus.

Part 3:
Part 3 features the maps from Giftmacher, Mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple, Prengle and Queenjazz. 
Part 4 On The Quake Grave 
Part 4:

Well I finally finished the pack and I can easily say this was awesome! There wasn't a bad map to be found here and with all of the new authors contributing here, it's great to know that the community talent pool is just growing. Thanks everyone for such a great pack! 
Thanks for the kind words ArrrCee!

I made a few bits and bobs in the 00s (mostly speedmaps) but this is the first map I've put out in nearly 10 years. And I can't take all the credit for it either as it was essentially a remake, with multiple rooms recreated from Anders Persson's 'tfl' series (which is probably why you found the first main area so familiar, as well as the general oldskool feel). They were some of the first custom Q1SPs I played; I still love their scale and simple-but-effective 3D setpieces. This partly explains the map title too :D

I do love these commentary videos, had a great time watching this as well as ionous & Shambler's Twitch recordings. Entertaining as well as offering valuable insight. 
What's up with the DLC/2.0 update? 
Coming Next Month 
My Review Of DM4 Jam 
Great job on the jam and its DLC, everyone! :) I finally finished playing them and wrote my reviews on Quaddicted: 
Thanks For The Dissertation, Esrael 
Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll admit the early arena was too difficult, but I was running out of time. Production went right up to the deadline, and I had to cut a fair bit (noclip with fullbright on to get a scope of some of it). 
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