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Sm184 Mayan Jam Release
Four cool Mayan themed maps from Artistical, Breezeep, JCR and Shambler aka trollgke

Have fun!
Just Gonna Drop Some Screenshots 
Since the OP doesn't have any:

All of these maps feel very Koohoo. The jcr one starts with a weapon one does not normally get that early. Interesting spikey area.

The "Shambler" map I thought felt the most Koohoo with the emphasis on part underwater (a second map had an area like too) and the compactness and mazeyness. 
It's Not A Map By Me Of Course. 
It's By Negke. 
The maps are nice, but please stop hijacking speedmapping for these things. If you can't make a map in a couple of hours single session or get carried away, call it something else and release it accordingly.

Breezeep's map looks great, and I like the shapes. Water area a bit uncompromising though if one doesn't find the invisible air pocket. Fun combat overall.

JCR's map is good and I didn't have a much problems with the traps fortunately. The music does fit, but in a SM context the inclusion is wtf-worthy of course. LG makes it a bit easy, but the quad room is satisfying.

Artistical's map is fine if not very grindy up until the large outside area where I didn't know what to do and how to trigger the fight. I'm not too sad about it, though, since I wasn't really in the mood for a 400 monster arena fight...

Shambler map lolol. 
My bad, I noticed the shootable buttons only afterwards. 
What a beautiful map breezeep! Pleasure to see and play. Reminded me in places of skacky's DM4 Jam entry. Very cool. 
1) Cool map, "boss fight" notwithstanding,

2) Obviously this speedmap pack was a bit contentious with the two weeks timespan. But are you also referring to some other past packs?

SM182 was a week long, which worked well and was in line with multiple other week long speedmap packs.

SM181 was weird, also hosted by nait who never does any research.

SM180 took two days, SM179 and SM178 one each. 
I agree this pack should've just been called Mayan Jam or something to that effect. 
Yeah, things were a bit conflicted, sorry I didn't have the balls to start a real jam; and failed to rally the troops in the dying hours. A lot of people looked they were making some cool stuff. Hopeful we can return to the theme in the future with proper force. 
I really like the theme and I think the thematic textures available are excellent-props to whoever made them. I'll get everyone some demos and thoughts tonight! 
Oh, I'm in for a Mayan Jam 2. After all the research that went into actual Mexica architecture, I feel like I left a lot of ideas in the inkwell.

I'm sure that if it feels Koohoo is because at least half of the textures used in this jam are Koohoo's. Wouldn't know about geometry though.

Hope you enjoy my map. Tremendously horizontal, but that's what I get for trying to emulate Chichen Itza. Next time, I'll be more abstract :) 
Made some demos for you all! I really enjoyed these and would certainly go for a jam2. 
Haha, nice demos jcr. Man, you really broke the level :) One trigger didn't work, and it would have helped avoiding the backtrack. Things to look out for in levels to come! Thanks a lot, was a blast :) 
Fun aesthetic for these maps, would enjoy seeing some more! I played through on skill 2, didn't record demos since I tried recording a video, but my microphone's too garbage for me to upload that either. So, notes instead:

JCR: the platforming was fun, if a little punishing at times. I think the punishment for failing to platform could be falling into a pit with some fiends or such, instead of insta death to spikes. Also, I'm not sure if I broke the map, but I got stuck at the end where it seemed that I needed to have the elevator up for the exit door to be open, but once I rode the elevator down there was no way to return. I had to noclip around to figure out how it worked.

Artistical: The architecture and the sharp-angled sunlight was nice, although the sightlines toward the end felt a bit too much. I have been to Mayan ruins at Tikal, and it's all a bit more dense than the exterior spaces here. Also, I got stuck bad in the "return to the blood" section. Having that one drop down spot that isn't marked clearly had me running up and down the previous blood corridor looking for some hidden switch. I also couldn't figure out how to trigger the final fight. There were also a few sections that required me to kill all of the zombies, and I barely had enough grenades to be able to proceed.

Shambler: Solid gameplay, and some good use of varied backtracking! The lighting felt a bit dark though, and there was one dark corner that I only discovered was the crit path by ruling out other options.

Breezeep: I really dug this map, good secrets, good and subtle usage of the textures to help each area feel distinct. I struggled a bit in the water section, swam a couple laps around before I found the way out. I think if I hadn't been worried about all of the zombies throwing at me and had been able to explore at a more leisurely pace, that wouldn't have been a problem. I also liked the elevator with the broken track, a good surprise! 
One True Purple 
Yes, though I don't have a specific pack in mind. More a general tendency that some of the maps are bigger/more ambitious than they should have been as speedmaps. The reason why the "jam" concept was brought up, although that got redefined pretty quickly too.

This is not meant as a criticsm of ww or anyone in particular. Just to stay true to expectations when it comes to map descriptions. Not sure if "turtlemaps" don't gel well nowadays? 
Let's Define Them Then 
Why not draft up some "official" definitions and have a vote on and adopt them? One the definitions are completed guidelines are posted.

Speepmapping means from 1-48 hours.
Jam means anything over 48 hours
Turtle maps are anything over X days/weeks. 
Because That's Not Really Right Is It. 
There have been 5 day jams and (many) 7 day speedmaps, just as there have been 6 week jams and 100 minute speedmaps.

I'm leaning towards "speedmaps" being a description of overall quality rather than actual speed. Sort of like a divide between fast food and a normal meal. Small maps without a lot of focus and effort spent.

EXAMPLE: negke's entry to this very session vs. his egypt map. 
i'm still learning the difference between speedmaps amd jams, but i thought that speedmaps were just loose maps and jams were like mission-packs, with a start.bsp acting like a hub linking all the maps... i guess i was wrong :P 
Both are for giving mappers deadlines to spur them on to actually finishing something.

Jams are for players who enjoy a particular theme and want to play more of it.

Speedmaps are for players who want to grab a quick bite before heading out. 
The Alternative to not bitch about the syntax and enjoy the content. I'm fine either way. 
More of those maps please!
Amazing what people can do in just 1 week. Liking the Mayan theme a lot. Are there more maps of that type? 
Played this instead of lighting off fireworks and sleeping in late. Here's some skill 2 demos.

Artistical: Shame the rising blood pool didn't quite work out as expected. Slaughter arena area was easier than expected, and had a couple surprisingly fun bits like grabbing a Pent and being free to grenade jump with quad damage off the enemies all over the place. As Mclogenog mentioned the 'return to blood' part was iffy. Missed the secret, may have missed kills but may just be the Rotfish bug.

Breezeep: Green! Thought I went backwards at the start and did things in the wrong order, and literally fell backwards into the only secret I found. Underwater area is claustrophobic as hell with all the zombies and no Biosuit and constantly hoping to find an air bubble and not finding one until the other side. Side note: thank you for including water alpha in the map's worldspawn, way too often do maps feel like they're supposed to have transparent water surfaces but the author just assumes the player always has it set as <1 anyway.

JCR: Really nailed the Mayan theme and the distinctly un-Quakey music helped. Lots more Zombies to gib with a gloriously overpowered weapon/powerup combo, getting the LG so early and with so many cells looks like an offering from above but doesn't feel out of place. Not sure what the usage for the second quad is supposed to be. Platforming is annoying as hell going downwards but much easier going up.

Negke: what. Also I may or may not have broken this map in various spots due to climbing up the walls instead of going through the halls like I was supposed to. And one of the silver key doors didn't work. 
Koo Koo Kachoo... 
Breezeep's map is my favorite in this pack. Great atmospheric map. Doesn't feel "jam" at all. 
Two blind playthroughs:

Negke's map:

Really good and atmospheric, but too dark in some places :/

JCR's map:

Amazing architecture and cool "classic tomb raider" feeling. When i opened the zombies' open area i thought that i somehow missed the grenade launcher, so i spent a pretty good time backtracking searching for it and thinking in restart the map XD but when i found it later and went back to kill the rest of the zombies. My only complain is the lack of vores in this map. It would be awesome if at least two or three of them were in that huge open area, on top of some pillar shooting purple balls at the player =D There's so much cover in that area that would be perfect to avoid some vores' balls =D 
Nice Stuff. 38:45 onwards, just did negke and jcr, both good in their own way, JCR a bit crude but some fun set-ups and funny combat, negke nice refined style although I found the textures a little bit wearing. Got artistical and breezeep to do later. 
I'm still surprised that Breezeep managed to make that map in the allotted time. It has some really excellent brushwork and great vertical game play.

The bottom line about Artistical's map was that it was really fun, from the multiple ogre assault on the stairs to the final showdown. It was cool that he included a piece of Mayan culture as part of the main progression and apparently there was some legitimate Mayan architecture in there. The final fight was unique in that I have not yet played a map with something similar, but it did remind me of Serious Sam with the Mayan theme, the huge arena, and an enormous horde of monsters.

jcr's map is his best work yet. I enjoyed Mire Prison but he has improved considerably since then. I liked the atmosphere of the map with the fitting music and the large, open areas with the spikes below. The little bit of platforming at the beginning was good. The lightning gun massacre section was also a lot of fun. Even with the lightning gun, I never really felt too overpowered. There were still some tricky encounters like the knight and scrag assault on the narrow bridge.

negke's was the only true speedmap here I guess and it was good for what it was. Personally I'm glad that there was an extension because it meant that the maps ended up being really polished. 
Here is my playthrough of Breezeep's map =D

Pure awesomeness! The amount of detail in this map is absurd! I loved it! But the searching for zombies in the underwater part is just cruel! XD

And now... about the Artistical's map... i already played once, but i couldn't kill all the enemies (i finished the level missing 8 monsters), and i hate to leave breathing things behind XD

I searched the map for the secret and found a button in that little temple near to the fishes, but it seems i need another button to trigger the secret and i can't find it :P

I also nocliped around the map and i found 8 scrags waiting for a teleport... :/

Where is the other button? Anyone knows? It will trigger the last scrags? I need to know! 
I think that the button is glitched. I never found a second one either but I was able to hit it twice in order to unlock the secret. I tested in 3 different source ports in order to verify that it wasn't a bug in the port that I had initially used. I just hit the button on the side of the temple, waited a few seconds, then hit it again when it popped back out and it counted twice.

Also what settings are you using in your video? The map looked much more vibrant than when I played. I'm guessing that you upped the contrast? 
Last Two. 
Artistical and Breezeepical. Art's was quite neat but I couldn;';t get the final arena to work. Breezeep's blatantly wasn't a speedmap but it was very nice and stylish.

Another top semi-speed pack ;) 
Oh, yeah... you're right. Thanks =D

But it only reveals a red armor, the 8 scrags doesn't show up... i don't know how to make them appear :/

About the settings... i searched the values in my config and it is: contrast "1.3" and gamma "0.85"

I hope this helps 
Please give us more of this. :)
Reading about time, what is the 'regular' time for speedmapping? 
The Time Doesn't Matter. 
Originally it used to be just 100 minutes, then a couple hours, then a few days over a weekend, then a week, then maybe 24 hours (this happened twice, and both only last year), then a week again.

In my opinion, speedmapping means "make a speedmap" i.e. a distinctly short and not-top-quality map, and not "make a map in X amount of time". 
Here is my playthrough of "I, Xolotl" by Artistical.

Sorry for taking so long to post this, but i played this map so many times trying to find how to trigger the last 8 scrags (no success)... but, at least, i found the second button to reveal the secret red armor =D (you can see it at 15:00)

Thank you, Artistical, for this awesome map =D 
then maybe 24 hours (this happened twice, and both only last year)

not "make a map in X amount of time".

perhaps these two thoughts combined is why those "events" were referred to as "24 hr jams" and not speedmapping jams?

There Is No Speedmapping Jams 
to begin with, but speedmapping packs or sessions, and jams on the other.

I don´t understand what it is the problem in calling jams jams, and why there is this recent need to call them speedmaps like if jams could only happen when a dozen people join, we had no problem even though speedmaps have been more than 100 minutes for years and everyone knew what each was so there is no point in all of this.

This is becoming more and more confusing with time, both for mappers and players, as one doesn't know anymore what it is going on when someone says speedmapping and what to expect, with ghost speedmap packs out there and with this one which is called both speedmap and jam: just decide between one of the two.

Well, all of this weirdness aside, i will see if i can find time to play then, this jam/turtle maps and negke's speedmap looks interesting, so congrats to the mappers. 
There Is No Speedmapping Jams 
to begin with, but speedmapping packs or sessions, and jams on the other.

I don´t understand what it is the problem in calling jams jams, and why there is this recent need to call them speedmaps like if jams could only happen when a dozen people join, we had no problem even though speedmaps have been more than 100 minutes for years and everyone knew what each was so there is no point in all of this.

This is becoming more and more confusing with time, both for mappers and players, as one doesn't know anymore what it is going on when someone says speedmapping and what to expect, with ghost speedmap packs out there and with this one which is called both speedmap and jam: just decide between one of the two.

Well, all of this weirdness aside, i will see if i can find time to play then, this jam/turtle maps and negke's speedmap looks interesting, so congrats to the mappers. 

It's raining maps FFS.

The limit should be 3-4 hours max with pressure to finish the map whether you think it's great or not. Giving people 1 week or even 2/3 days and a theme is asking too much restraint from the mapper.

I say call another speedmap and let us fix this mess once and for all. 
I'll Allow It. 
...I've been involved in three speed mapping events. One, SM57 was strict because of the nature of the theme (third season of quake), and future SM ventures rested on it being timely. SM82 was also done with a strict initial timeline (can't remember how long) but the difference here was the gluing together of the various sections...that took ages, but was expertly finalised. My last speed map was started within hours of the deadline and wasn't available until after the pack was published. Thankfully, SM161_distrans got to be listed alongside the other great 50 brush offerings.

Speedmapping is a many-headed beast.

As a musician, jamming implies working with other people. But. this sense is lost in Quake mapping. The "Jam" is more about an individual mapper exploring the architectural, thematic, textual and dimensional limitations of a given resource set. The 'jam' is longer, of course, as the parameters are usually multiplied way beyond that of a speedmap.

00rt, was an attempt at a pure fusion of jam and speed...but we don't speak of... 
Mandatory "Travail Jam when?" 
Far Too Broad Anon... 
...perhaps "Beyond the gate!" Mappers try to envision what was beyond the Redback's door in neg!ke's secret mini-episode. 
Nice job finding that second button. I checked in the water on my first play through and I didn't notice it. 
There are some cool maps in this lot. It is also nice to see some new textures in this moldy green style. Long live Koohoo. 
QUAKE: SM184 ⚡ Mayan Jam (2018) Nightmare Playlist 
Not Trying To Nitpick, But... 
SM182 was a week long, which worked well and was in line with multiple other week long speedmap packs.
Weren't these week-long events used to be called turtlemaps? My understanding was that speedmaps specifically refer to maps made in a matter of hours. 
They Were. 
Not anymore. The vast majority of speedmaps on Quaddicted were made over a weekend or a week.

There were only two 24h speedmaps ever - one of them is named 24h jam because Nait didn't know about speedmaps when he started it. 
On the last 20 speedmap packs most maps were done in less than a day, but we were given more time for those of us that we aren´t as free as we were 20 years ago, that we can only map one hour a day or so. Previous to that they were even less, usually around 2-3 hours, since around 2004, and before that 1 hour-100 mins.

But it is true that there has been some oddballs in some packs that were more like turtlemaps than speedmaps because they used all the time given without knowing the purpose of such much time, starting with sm175, and maybe (given how detailed and good it is) Drew's map on sm169. On the other hand there has been some turtlemaps or chainmaps for speedmap packs like sm32 or sm100, so it isn´t monolitic. 
Review + Demos 
Skill 2 demos

First off, I got one general gripe: none of these maps have flickering flames. Not. One. I mean come on! I know this is (supposed to be) a speedmap pack but it's not like it takes forever to set one attribute...
Now on to the meat of the matter:

Artistical: A very blocky map, but as a speedmap I guess it's acceptable. More problematic bullet points:
1) This is extremely symmetrical! While symmetry has its value in real-life architecture, in a game it is usually boring. It's OK to take inspiration from real places but remember to make the result interesting to both see and play.
2) Map with the strengths of the game in mind. This looks like a Doom map, not a Quake map. Quake's specificity compared to Doom was its room-above-room capacity but this map takes zero advantage of it. It's flat, flat, and flat again...
3) Know your monsters' strengths & weaknesses and place them accordingly. Putting a shambler at one end of a very long hallway is pointless and serves only as a bullet sponge.
4) The "return to the blood" script is bugged: it triggers only if you fall through the floor, not if you go back down the stairs.
5) The button that opens the secret is very confusing: the "one more to go" centerprint usually warns the player that there's another button to find (or monster to kill). A more appropriate message would've been nice, as I found out only by accident that I needed to press the same button twice.
6) Considering my very poor kill ratio (less than 20%, must be a first for me!), I guess that this huge serioussamesque courtyard at the end is supposed to get crowded at some point, but all these monsters never spawned...
7) Is grenade-jumping while juiced up on quad+pent really the normal way to get the GK? Because I couldn't find any other way and this kind of trick is a big no-no in my book.
Kills: 88/497, secrets: 1/1.
Note: 2/5

Breezeep_: Undoubtedly the star of the show this time around. This would already be a fantastic map if it was a regular level, but as a speedmap it's properly amazing! How many people are Breezeep_?! How did you manage to cram so much work into a speedmap event all by yourself? Not much to criticize apart from a couple misaligned textures. Also, in the big elevator room after the SK door, the shambler can't hit you if you stay on top of the small lift.
Kills: 90/90, secrets: 3/3.
Note: 4/5

jcr: I loved this! Nicely built, though the outside SK area looks noticeably rougher than the rest - I'm guessing you lacked time to polish it. The emphasis on platforming, traps and otherwise dangerous environment gives it a nice Indiana Jones feel, pleasantly complemented by the very unquakey but oh-so-spot-on music. I hope you have more maps like this in the works!
Kills: 72/72, secrets: 2/3 (got the last one on a second playthrough).
Note: 4/5

Negbler, or Shamke: Small, fast-paced and quite tough, the only map in this pack that can truly be called a speedmap. Here we have the usual negke quality working its magic. Not much else to say except that, though I do enjoy darkness in Quake, here it is slightly too dark overall to navigate without a fleshlight flashlight.
Kills: 35/35, secrets: 0/0.
Note: 4/5 
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