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SM193: Quakeguy Goes To White Castle!
A slightly more successful pack than the last one, with 15! whoppers from the following mappers:

- Bal
- Danzadan
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- ionous
- ish
- kamp
- Marandal
- Naitelveni
- Newhouse
- onetruepurple
- Pinchy
- Shambler
- Ukko


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Non-thumbnail Screens: 
Known Bugs: 
- for some inexplicable reason, Shambler's map exits to a map that doesn't exist 
The Inexplicable Reason You Refusing To Tell Me Which Map Was Yours... 
[13:11] Shambler: otp
[13:11] Shambler: you doing a sm193 map?
[13:11] onetruepurple: what did I do now
[13:11] onetruepurple: yup
[13:12] Shambler: actually today, for a change, you seem to be completely innocent
[13:12] Shambler: the name?
[13:12] Shambler: bsp name that is
[13:12] onetruepurple: sm193_cock.bsp
[13:12] onetruepurple: this is shaping up to be another "number of entries up the ass" pack
[13:12] Shambler: is it really cock?
[13:13] onetruepurple: no it's cotp
[13:12] Shambler: Actually Today, For A Change, You Seem To Be Complet 
That lasted long... 
Played Some Maps...

here are demos for Bal, Danz, Fairweather and Ing's are incomplete. Played on skill2, QS0.93. So far really liked Bal's and Fairweather's maps, Danz a bit short, but love visuals. I will finish Ing's map, but without demo. It's extremely demo-unfriendly. One mistake and you're out. One common thing so far - all the nice geometry gets in the way, although I am clumsy for sure :D 
Recently started playing quake again (after many years.) Fantastic to see a thriving community, thanks to all the mappers for such high quality entertainment <3 
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