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SM193: Quakeguy Goes To White Castle!
A slightly more successful pack than the last one, with 15! whoppers from the following mappers:

- Bal
- Danzadan
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- ionous
- ish
- kamp
- Marandal
- Naitelveni
- Newhouse
- onetruepurple
- Pinchy
- Shambler
- Ukko


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Bals Map Was Great 
it reminds me of Heides tower of flame from Dark Souls 2. Very atmospheric! 
Some really interesting maps in this pack. 
ukko, man. An eyeball-feast and super grenade fun rolled into one. Like someone else said, not for everyone, but big thumbs up from me. 
Lots of beautiful maps in this pack. I'm adding my playthroughs to this playlist as I get to them. Great stuff everyone! 
Damn You Bal! 
What a nice pack, but Bal, dude, you got it going...
Cant believe this a speedmap pack.
All entrise super polish, red and white.
Finally Got Around To This! 
Can't believe this was several months ago!

Streamed my playthrough of the first part (Bal through Ionous's map in alphabetical order).

Loved the env art of Bal's map.
Cheated my way through a couple spots in Ing's map. 
Part 2 
Played the next set of maps, but still have a few more to go. Here's the video with my yammering

The first hour was going through Ish's nightmare ice dungeons. Felt like something out of some cruel RPG dungeon design, or "Quake for people who've been playing Quake for 20+ years" (which I haven't). In some ways this is really cool, and I feel accomplished for completing it. But in other ways I wish it was more clear.

Then went through JCR's, Kamp's, Marandal's, and Naitelveni's maps. Really enjoyed the references to Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple in JCRs and the E1M1 reskin in Nait's. The gameplay in JCR's map was also really nice, with plenty of resources, as a change of pace from Ish's tense grind. 
Part 3 
Phew! Finally wrapped up this speedmap pack this time with Newhouse, OTP, Pinchy, Shambler, and Ukko.

Some gorgeous environments throughout this set of maps, and some interesting encounter design to think about (and struggle through).

I think this ended up being like 5-6 hours of gameplay in total, which is bananas! Good job everybody :) 
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