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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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something is wrong with the pig's bounding box, Mong and goblin does not infight with pig. 
The lionman's rock throw looks really bad, it looks like a rock is coming out of his club, which makes no sense.

Don't give range attacks to melee monsters. There's no animation for them and they look really bad. Instead, just give the lionman more health. 
the Chasm Bat is alright? 
The Chasm bat is from the Phantom's fireball? 
I have no idea, can be if you say so. Just decided to make the one frame model to monster enemy.
Lots of the models have only one sided vertexes. 
Did you go to Chasm level 12 to fight the Phantom yet?

When you are finished fixing the pig's bounding box, can you do a test map where a fiend fights a pig? 
madfox, some tip from me. In Noesis put -mdlskinscl in "Advanced option". This should fix skins higher then 200 pixels. For bounding boxes use qME. Go to View->Model Proerties->Bounds. I tab All frames copy Lower Limit and Upper limit vectors to setsize() in QuakeC 
Right.., thanks for the advice. Thing is I spent out some time finding a way to get the UV skinfile compatible to quake.
First versions all crashed the 300x'' border in other engines then quakespasm. 
@_SixShoota: Maybe I have another version of noesis, I couldn't find the readme. That option is a secret to me.

@_yeh1: here's your pig and fiend fight. I saw the goblin and mong fight piggy, the chasm monsters just have a long melee attack that doesn't change fast.

Congrats, the double shot is working. I think you should give double missiles to the stratos, as the ringed projectile is not worth the hassle.

The walking animation for the Gross and the deadguy is still not complete, they seem to kind of slide.

I don't understand why you keep giving the Lionman a ranged attack. His running animation is very good is the original chasm (same with gross), but you can't see it here, because he always tries to slam his club in the distance. Just give the Lionman rottweiler code without jumping. The range attack is pointless, and also not accurate. 
After you fixed the Gross' walking animation, can you do a Gross vs Ogre fight? 
Also an Alien Captain vs Shambler? 
Joker's melee and ranged damage is still too low, 25 for ranged and 20 for melee.

Improve the mong's ranged attack damage to 25, and give him the same attack as a Quake Grunt.

Gross has no dead pose yet, but I am sure you already knew that.

How you are doing with the chasm skeleton? 
Gross seem to kind of slide
The attack scenes are all in standing position, so there is no runattack.
I see no way to interupt its constant melee attack into a run pose.
As the Quake engine demands a walk scene it is a bit of a hussle to give the models the right speed with only run frames at hand.
giving the Lionman a ranged attack
All right.

Gross has two death poses, only the pose fails on one stand frame.
Don't know where the miscount comes from.

I made an easy skill to test your Quake monsters against the Chasm.

Regarding the Gross, I think the problem is that whenever the Gross throws a rock or uses its club, it moves/slides forward. Compare this with the Ogre, it stands still when it uses its chainsaw or throws a grenade. Maybe this can help you fix the sliding issue?

You planning to trim the edge of the Joker's sawblade?

An alien captain almost killed a shambler, so that is good. Where did you get the double shot code, for SOA or AD? 
Oddly enough your alien warrior does not suffer from same problem as Gross. It runs toward me, stops, and fires a laser. The Gross keeps moving forward when he throws a rock. So definitely compare the attack scenes between your alien warrior and Gross. 
I see where the problem lies. Gross attack pose was included with ai_charge(10) while ai_face() had been the place there.
It moves better now.

Clipping the joker's blade is asking for skin problems. Or I had to merge a j_disk with a very small skin file, but it aint woth the result.
Stratos rings would look better if the sprite would evolve.

The double shot code is looking clearly to the Start_Wizzard_Fast code.

I adde the second chasm weapon and it looks good.
Sad the static model keeps falling through the ground. 
will looking at this guy's model help you with the Joker's blade hand?

You mean your alien captain double shot code is from the Scrag? 
Deadguy suffers from same problem as Gross, It moves when firing a projectile attack.

And I think your mincer does too much damage now, one bite took 70 health. Tone it down to the same level as a pig.

I feel that both the alien warrior and alien captain moves forward when melee attacking, can you check the ai_charge(10)for these two monsters? 
I coded all attacks with ai_charge(10);}; so that's where the odd movements come from.

The Joker's hand is right, his disk is square. I may be glad I could add two new verts to make it look good without ruining the skin file.

In the wizard code are two args that control the double fire code. Changing the vec parameter and movedirectory with the destination angle gives the result. 
One other thing, I see that both the lionman and the pig melee attack outside of range. I don't understand why you are having this issue. Your mincer code is already perfect. Just give the mincer code to the pig/lionman/viking, and it will all be good. 
Also, move the Gross' rock projectile a little to the right, right now it looks like the projectile is coming from his head instead of his hand. 
Yes, origins are not balanced yet.
It looks as if the deadguy and other monsters use muzzle_flash in their melee attacks.
Also I start to understand why the Chasm monsters stay further off distance to the player. Chasm dimensions are ten times larger to Quake.

Is the HeroNew the Internet player of Chasm? 
Regarding Muzzle flashes, the only really noticeable one is the yellow thing when the alien captain fires. Please remove the yellow thing.

You remember that weird code you did that give the lionman a ground slam attack? I still think you should give it to the deadguy. Maybe make a copy of the deadguy and try it?

Yes, Heronew is the Chasmguy 
what damage values do you currently use for the mong's gun and his melee attack? what value is the mincer's melee attack? 
- Skill settings are in the readme.
- Added Sarcof, a death pose and changed the doubled pain functions.
- First try on chasm weapons (OMG).
- Try the hard skill for your convienent.

reduce Mong melee attack to 20, also make his shotgun 20 damage.

Faust missile should be 40, same as a Ogre grenade.

Increase Orc Melee to 25

Increase fatguy missle attack to 25.

Make Viking same height as death knight 
Sarcof is a boss, He should have around 3000 health, and be the same size as armagon.

Are you able to edit the color on your Chasm skins? like make a red Sarcof?

When you convert the Chasm Skeleton, His fireball is going to be hard to create. I suggest using this: 
Give your Lionman rottweiler (without jumping) code. fix the lionman's ai_charge(10) problem.

Give both the lionman and the pig more health, close to mincer 
Also, some of your low level monsters have too much health. The Chasm bat and scorpion should have around 50 health. The Mong should be at around 80, same as a enforcer, the Stratos should be around 100. The Faust should be around 160. You have to remember that 200 is already Ogre level, and the Ogre is a middle class monster 
But Why? 
I feel that the Health for the Alien Warrior and Mincer should be reversed. Alien warrior should be 300 Health, and the Mincer at 400, possibly even 450 Health as it cannot jump like the fiend, would need a bit more health to cover the distance. 
300 Health is good for the Alien Warrior because the Death Knight's Health is 250, but his attack is more dangerous then the alien Warrior. So overall, the Alien warrior is a Death Knight level threat which I feel is perfect for him. 
Not Orange? 
Lionguy has only a melee attack.
Raising shotgun ldmg is a hack.
That AlienCaptain gets too strong with three double missile attacks.
I lowered the ldmg to 15. 
I see no difference in the Lionman behavior, still trying to attack me with his club at range. However, your viking code is completely fine, so give the viking code to the Lionman. They should act exactly the same.

The Alien Warrior is now too tough, there is no need to give him 500 health. tone it down to 300.

The missiles is just test code for the stratos, right? Please change it back to lasers for the Alien Warrior and Alien Captain.

The stratos is still too much health. This guy is a scrag level enemy, so 120 health tops. 15 per missile for a total of 30 damage.

If Sarcof is really going to be a boss then his missiles and melee need to do more damage (close to 100, kill the player in 2 hits), or the Boss version need to fire multiple missiles.

But I like your mini Sarcof as a Shambler class enemy with 500 health, can you re include it? For the mini version, keep the damage at 25. Like in Duke3d, there is the battlelord and the mini battlelord. 
Also, I just saw a gross take on an Ogre with both near full health, and the battle was almost 50/50. It was beautiful lol. So the Gross is perfectly balanced. Just move the rock to his hand. 
Do a viking vs Death Knight in your next beta 
Not sure about Lionguy, you don't like the range attack with its club?
ALien warrior and AlienCaptain are no low range monsters. In chasm they have a missile attack, aren't they? 
No, the alien warrior and captain have green lasers in Chasm, so give them the laser back.

Like I said, the lionman and the viking should act exactly the same.

Did you use the "go" cheat code to see the different monsters? 
Because Chasm is a fine game and deserves an afer life after the Editor got lost without a of 59695 in stead of 95695. (If that would be the cause. 
Like you said, this is a chasm devkit, so it should contain all monsters accurate to Chasm. So give your viking code to the Lionman, finish the Lionman first, then you can make a copy of him and give him new attacks

One of the idea I have the making a copy of the stratos and making him shoot double grenades, since quake always lacked a "bomber" enemy. That's why I asked you if you can edit the color and make new skins. 
The Lionguy code is the same as the Viking, although the lather has three attack poses and Lionguy only two.
Don't see what the's the hussle here.

I have no "go" cheat at hand.
Changing texture is quiete another job, the Joker looks awfull.

I have two monsters Skeleton and Joker, that have a regenerate code. A bit tacky to get them on the zombie trail.

Added NewHero and raptor sounds, further changes in health and skill:
Hey Madfox, I made two videos showing what the problem with the Lionman is:

You can clearly see the difference between the two. Hope it helps you fix it. 
It seems that the continue attack on distance keeps showing up. After some research I discovered that although lion and viking have the same (rottweiler) code, they differ in melee_attack.
Viking has three and Lion guy has two.
So I made a gesture by making a new lionguy_atkb and now the attack on distance is gone.

Why it is I don't have any idea, only that it seems to work this way. 
Nice Congrats on the fix.

Even thought you give the alien captain and alien warrior their lasers back, they skill use rocket sounds.

The sounds for the Alien warrior and alien captain are also not correct, it should be Alisee1.ogg and alisee2.ogg.

Lower the alien captain's laser to 10 damage, right now he shoots six lasers. 10x6 =60, which is good, 15x6 is too much damage.

Lower the alien warriors health to 300, he feels to tough.

Check the bounding box of Heronew, monsters don't infight with him.

after testing fiend vs pig, and viking vs death knight, change the pig's health to 300, and the viking Health to 450, otherwise they died too easily to fiends and death knights.

Can you also include the updated health and damage chart next time? 
sorry, viking health to 350, that will give it more of a chance against death knight 
Alienwarior has a health of 300.
Little tweaking for that Skeleton.
It only dies at first attack and has no missile attack.

Hey Madfox, the Lionman is not fixed.

I See 
In the ChasmQuake level it keeps that behaviour, although in a single map this is not the case. Have no idea about it.
Can be the models and qc are becoming a bit unstable. 
The video is on private setting, I cannot see it.

what about giving Fiend code to lionman with jumping removed? The fiend had left and right slash, just like the lionman 
I made the video public, it's low extention. 
Hey Madfox, the chasm skeleton never had regeneration.

I made a video:

The model looks good, except for here: 
As I wrote before, most of the chasm models have only one side vertices. For some I could find a way around it, like adding new triangles that would shape up with the same skin file.

Others won't work, like adding a flamemouth to the entities by destroying the excisting skin file. So I juggled the excisting ones in the model and reordered the alpha channel one.

Skeleton is really poor with vertices, especially the boots. I tried doubling the triangles but end up with scrambled skin file.

Should find a way to get around the 64x941 skin size problem.

My attention was drawn in another specific casuality. In the mod Killer_Quake QC I came across some arguments.
float THROW_ARM = 1;
float THROW_LEG = 2;
float THROW_TORSO = 4;
float BODYPARTS_ARM = 1;
float BODYPARTS_LEG = 2;

Could it be possible with this code to make the entities make shootable bodyparts? 
Well skeletons are suppose to the animated by magic anyway, so just get the movement and missile attack working.

Did you try fiend code on the lionman? what about knight code? 
As long as the code like #228 works I don't see a reason to change Lionguy.

Retextured the boots and hand of Skeleton, it works just like the Zombie. Only bad is it regenerates once
So you are saying that the Lionguy problem is because of the map, not because of the code?

That fight looks pretty good, use the skull projectile I linked to earlier.

I think your stratos is too small, next to the Scrag it looks really small, make it because.

The Joker doesn't have regeneration either, it falls down and gets back up, But I think that is a long pain pose and not regeneration. 
regarding limb removal, I think you should try that after all the Chasm monsters are converted and work good. The main thing about that is that the attacks change when the limbs are removed. Even Panzerchasm has problems with that. 
I'm not sure what causes this side effect.
Joker don't has a regenerate code yet, because I wonder what causes this one time self.inpain effect.
After the first time it won't respond again and won't hardly go into run or pain functions.
Just keeps attacking in one row.
It can be the frame count is or too long, or not in balance. 
so if you placed the lionman into another map, like fourfeather, would his code work correctly? 
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