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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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about the textures...

The doom community already converted chasm textures to use in doom maps:

If you know how to extract doom textures, then you can try and see if the floor/ceiling/sky textures are there. 
Well There You Go 
Seems like a competent collection. The floors are there, no duplicates as far as I can see. And even the thin textures are correctly sized.

Meanwhile I have also discovered that Noesis can open .3O models and export them straight to .mdl, animation and all.

Even more than that, Noesis can even open entire Chasm maps and export them to common formats while including the props. Then you can just convert to .map and compile. The whole thing's automated, all that's left are the interactive parts (and matching some texture names). 
There's a lamp, hanging in the office, slowly turning.
Only way to do that is to develope a lamp and animate it, as quake has no function for it.
Most props like fences I made myself.They are already converted.

And yes, I converted all models first, before I knew Noesis could open .30 models.

What I don't understand is how you convert a map.10 file in Noesis to a map with props. If you can show me how I would like to know. 
To convert a map with props you first need to unpack CSM.BIN with Noesis (it renames certain things in a specific way). Then, on export, you put "-chasmloadmodels" in "Advanced options". This command, and some others, are documented under "Advanced commands" button to the left.

Unfortunately, I was a bit over-optimistic. Not all export formats are viable. OBJ has geometry missing, and FBX has generic material names. So the only options left seem to be Collada or glTF. Collada has slightly more reasonable material names.
Depends on your software. Blender (Assimp as well) fail to automatically hook up the textures in a Collada file. And I had to download a newer glTF importer for Blender for it not to fail on import.

map1 via gltf
map1 via collada
addon map1 via gltf 
Quit surprised how you managed to open that BIN file. It looks as if there is a possibility anyway. Would have saved me a lot of work constructing the map.
Blender is not one of my practical habits to use modelimport, but thanks for the hint. 
Too Much Charge Attack 
While searching the bin file I found the floor textures. I can update the wad file now.

I was so disordered by the charg attack of Mong & startaos I didn't know where to look. I had gave them a ldmg statement, but this works much too soon used in a launch attack.
Contraire is that I can'r give them a launch attack strength.

Here is the last update. I replaced all skinn file wuth the UVswapper, but still there's something that cause fitzquake to bounce off.

goes my heart again. 
The the original chasm, the skeleton's pain pose is not used, I don't think.

Maybe used the Joker and Skeleton models already converted to doom format to fix the skeleton knee and Joker hand blade problem? 
Here is a saved game for Dos chasm that shows the joker, as well as all weapons. 
Fait Divers 
What's the purpose of "heart" in Chasm? There are a lot of props I can't set foot off. Not that I would convert them all, but things like the "blood" texture ould be made animated. As the switches, which I see no reason to make them static.

Joker and Skeleton are the Zdoom models. Lcaptain has the same kind of raisor, but it's smaller.
I don't see it as a major problem. I added a random pose to skeleton, as if its ditching a death player.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to make NewHero the internet player.

And.., I started with the wad, then converted the monsters, changed some weapons which, I must admit, are a bit more complicated then I thought.
I have to take care or I kill the hub and add dust sprites. 
The Heart 
Madfox, can you explain how the charge damage works? 
@_chedap: That explains enough for fidling a way to get around that worm. It looks as if it is a secret place down under it.

@_yeh1: to keep it simple, take the ranger who shoots a scanhit. There is no physical object, ie no w_spike.mdl, that hits the player. Still it receives a charge load that instantly does damage.

The enforcer also shoots a laser, but this is precoded in a Launch_attack, which excecutes on the frame count number it is in the macro.

The difference is that a ranger shoots and the player always gets hit if not out of range, while a laser shot of the Enforcer can be dodged as a (physical) w_spike.

- Adjusted the floor & ceiling textures, and switch animations.
- Made an exit door by using the Iris_door construction.
- Bouncing box Sphinx, and falling Stratos rearranged.

So No monster should have charged damage, but you gave charge damage to Mong and Stratos? 
You must see charge_attack like the thing that creates the chainsaw swap pain.
While the Ogre wheels it's saw the charge attack acts like an extra boost.

Mincer has some while it bites. But a little back holding by doing so is recommended.
When a monster has a bite attack of 15* ldmg you can give the two surrounding frames a ai_ charge (8){}; they will count in when a player gets too close.
The attack will give a volume of 31* ldmg.

I deleted most charge attacks for the lower entities. 
While changing the animated button textures of quake to chasm I came upon the question how to make them turn on & off? Is there a flag for it or is it just the even or uneven frames that count?
Now the buttons keep animating while they are turned off. 
How about chart of the monster's health and how much "real" damage they do (charge damage included)? 
Chart Of The Charge 
Indicating charge damage is a bit weird.
First of all, every melee attack has a charge(10) startpoint.
It can be adjusted with ldmg().
It can also be triggered by a phrase at the end of a frame ai_charge(count). So three attack scenes can have a charge with different count and moment.
Then there is the side_melee attack that also has it counts, see ai.qc.
Then there are the Launch attacks that are made up with a ldmg() statement.
So it is not always easy to say what the end count will be related to time in charge and distance.

Here is the chart of the charge:
every melee attack has 10* ldmg. So if (+ 0*) it's already (+ 10*)

chmbat - melee attack 15* (+ 5*) health 80
deadguy - melee attack 25* (+ 10*) missile_attack 20* health 180
fatguy - melee attack 25* (+ 0*) missile_attack 25* health 200
faust - melee attack 25* (+ 0*) missile_attack 25* health 180

goblin - melee_attack 20* (+ 2*) missile attack 25* health 200
gross - melee_attack 25* (+ 20*) missile attack 35* health 240
joker - melee_attack 20* (+ 0*) missile attack 25* health 200
lcapt - melee_attack 35* (+ 22*) missile attack ? * health 600
(missile attack lcapt will probably be the enforcer's laser ldmg)

lionguy - melee_attack 25* (+ 10*) health 350
ltrop - melee_attack 25* (+ 28*) missile_attack 35* health 500
mincer - melee_attack 35* (+ 9*) health 300
grunt - melee_attack 25* (+ 0*) missile attack scanhit health 180

orc - melee_attack 20* (+ 0*) missile_attack 30* health 300
piggy - melee_attack 25* (+ 10*) health 240
sarcof - melee_attack 25* (+ 0*) missile attack 35* health 500
bigSarc - melee_attack 55* (+ 0*) missile attack 75* health 3000

sphinx - melee attack 35* (+ 0*) missile_attack 25* health 500
BigSphi - melee attack 50* (+ 0*) missile_attack 50* health 3000
fantom - melee attack 35* (+ 0*) missile_attack 40* health 600
Bigfant - melee attack 45* (+ 0*) missile_attack hitscan health 3000

scorpio - melee_attack 15* (+ 5*) health 120
stratos - melee_attack 20* (+ 0*) missile hitscan health 120
viking - melee_attack 25* (+ 20*) health 350
t_tower - melee_attack 20* (+ 0*) health 250

skelet - melee_attack 25* (+ 0*) missile_attack hitscan health 330
The big phantoms attack said hitscan, you were not able to fix this? 
Still the wizard code.
As soon as I add a ldmg to a launch_attack it works on instant.
It looks a bit strange to receive damage before getting hit. 
I think that is the biggest problem with the mod right now, other than that the monster attacks mostly good. Maybe look at the source code of the dragon from mission pack 2? Or Drake source code, it has a dragon too. 
Does the source code of the dragon has three fireballs?
I think I could pass that error at the end.
Now I'm constructing an end scene for Worm. 
Madfox, the Dragon could fire two fireballs, so maybe the code can help you to reach three. I think it is a better base than the scrag. The map name is r2m8 
Also, the Stratos's missile attack should not be hitscan either. So its almost exactly like the Dragon's fireball attack. 
Some Ldmg Clearance 
I've been tracing the charge_attack to see what is going on in that pain limit score.

There are several statements that relay on it, starting in the fight.qc.
So whenever an attack takes place these args come to order, independ of the monster.qc.

void() ai_melee =
{ldmg = (random() + random() + random()) * 3;}

So every attack starts with ldmg = (* 3).
Further on

void() ai_melee_side =
{ldmg = (random() + random() + random()) * 3;}

So it is one or the both.

In the monster.qc itself attack_ldmg is stated as

void() lcapt_bite =
{ ai_charge(25);
ldmg = (random() + random() + random()) * 35;}

This second addon_ldmg in this case makes ai_charge 3 + 25 + 35 =
(* 63).
Later on in the attack_frames it is possible to add a comment like

void() lcap_atka7 =[ $atka7, lcap_atka8 ] {ai_charge(14);};

what declares there are 14 * ldmg on account extra.
The limited ldmg the Captain brings in atka7 is (* 77).

This all goes well to know that, if the attack takes place, it results within this outcome.
What happens is that, when I want to make a statement with a missile or laser attack, I can't clearly comment what the charge attacks are.
The wizard is not really using a hitscan, nor stratos or sacrof.
It is the ldmg a laser can offer, and that part of the code is unclear to me. 
madfox, I noticed that the chasm scorpions skin is messed up, and the scorpions also do their melee attack out of range. These problems were not there before. 
Uv Scaling Factor 
The disordered skin was due to the uv scaling of the models.

- Addon of the floor/ceiling textures, animated switch tex (how to toggle
it on and off).
- Added a grey piggy, slightly stronger.
- Wacked with the Phantom code, strange its projectiles sound at start of launch and not at destiny. Kinky monster.
- Fiddled a bit with lightning and fog.
- Adjusted the grenade launcher, but it blows up the game with missing h_scor.mdl, which is untrue, because the file is right there. Will be the launch attack error.
- Made an end exit with the Iris Door from AzrKnight. 
What about the scorpion's melee attack? it seems to be that old lionman problem.

Did you disable infighting for the chasm monsters? seems that the mong and stratos no longer infight.

You shouldn't touch the grenade launcher. That is one of quake's unique weapons with no counterpart in chasm. Just add the chasm weapons. I have enabled the weapons cheat in that joker saved game that I gave you, so you can check how the weapons work. 
madfox, you added a grey pig, does this mean you can make the small Sphinx, Scarof, and Phamtom a different color?

I would suggest separating out the weapons and the monsters. Get all of the monsters working correctly first, then do a release. And then work on the weapons.

Regarding weapons, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the Volcano gun does not act like the nail gun. It is hitscan. so it is more like a rapid fire shotgun.

The super nail gun, the grenade launcher, and the thunderbolt are unique to quake. Don't change these three. 
A La Mod 
does this mean you can make the small Sphinx, Scarof, and Phamtom a different color?

The grey pig skin came with the chasm models.
It's easy to change the skin colour as long as the original one is present. Taking the same macro.qc with some addons make it stand apart its twin.

What happened with the scorpio skin was a mixed up uv filter.
It seems to be a regular error compared compatibillity with other engines.
But it won't help a bad skin like Joker to get better.

I didn't disable anything what infight concerns.
I just changed the details in the map, and worked out the Vikingman crash h_scor.mdl bit.

Weapons, right. Not sure if I understand right.
You want no quake weapons in the mod, or
you don't want no chasm weapons in quake?

By the way, thanks for the notable advice and testing all along. 
Regarding infighting, the mong at the beginning ignores the stratos totally even when he is hit by the stratos. So there is something wrong with Mong infighting.

You should port chasm weapons into quake, but don't remove supernailgun, grenade launcher, and thunderbolt, so there should be 12 weapons total when you are done.

The model you use for grenade launcher is actually the chasm rocket launcher. Chasm does not have a grenade launcher. 
Also, there is no point in having a grey pig that is slightly stronger than a regular pig. Might as well make him a midboss. Make grey pig same size as shambler, 1500 Health, 60 melee damage per hit. 
Also something wrong with the Gross' lavaball, it now looks like it is coming from his hand, but it does look like the lavaball hits me at all. The correct thing should be the lavaball coming from the gross's hand, but flying towards the player's center. 
something wrong with Goblin bounding box, other monsters don't infight with it. 
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