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I read a lot of toppics about the possibillity of making a chasm quake convertion. As with the discusion about beez it often ends up whith a lot of whisfull thinking.
Here my intention to do make a chasm.quake devkit.

So far I've got the models in Quake running, but only on "notarget" function. If you have any ideas here is a devkit with the results.
There is still a lot to be done before all subroutines are cleaned up. For some I have a solution, but there are a lot of double poses in them.

To be done:
- stripping the frames for double action.
- adding the attack pain and death qc.
- eventually change the weapons and attack.
- adjusting the sound files.
- making maps for it with the chasm.wad
- extracting the cieling/floor parts.

Here's the first part of The Sewer map I'm making to try out the first three monsters Stratos - Faust and Spider.



I know it is a rather big chunk of work.
I just do it for fun and have no commercial intrest.
Just my urge to see that bastards run in Quake.
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He Is In Ai_cafe With A Milkshake 
I'm still searching in weapons.qc attack. Aiming the player versus spread attack are quit different parms.

Let's invite a helicopter to leave, like the start demo of Malice.
I think the Quasm name is already used.
I made some new additions to the attack scenes by moving code from the monsters to the weapons.qc.

Faust and Gross made a progress. LCapt with its double shot ruins to colapsing. It gives my screen too much debris and squeeks all sides.

Sacrof falls in a half death pose, noreason why. Its larger version with the same code runs fine.
They also won't react to a target function.

And no, I can't create a parallel attack,..yet.
What about the Faust's rocket? does it explode now? 
Chasm sounds are not as clear as Quake. They are delayed and roll after eachother. Also the sv_starts oud keeps warning.

DeathGuy looks better now I changed its death pose. L CAPTAIN ruins the screens with its attack. It causes so much debris the screen collapse. 
No, change the alien captain back to how it was, in Chasm, sometimes it could even fire six shots from each arm. All you need to do is change the lasers from orange to green.

so the mong is infighting with the Stratos again. Nice. 
Al captain works fine now, five double shots in a row. Six times is a bit much for a five frame attacks. Enough to get killed in one range.
Phantom remains, but I think I have a solution for it. 
How does an Alien captain vs Shambler fight go now? If they are pretty evenly matched, then it would be good.

The skeleton is missing the headbutt/bite attack. It is the same attack as that the goblin has. He also moves a bit too fast and his model sinks a bit into the floor. 
It is the attack time that counts in this case. They might have the same health, but by the time a Shambler launches an attack it already has five laser blasts from ElCaptain.
Skeleton is just fixed in its pose range. I haven't sealed it off. It's poses are a little shatters, reason why it's deathpose is scrambled. 
Shambler Wins! 
- Returned MongCheckattack.
- LCaptain double fire range.
- Fantom with spread attack.
- Deleted chmbat and lizzard.

It seems like the mong will react to a kick by a stratos, but not a ranged attack. Could you check this? maybe you can solve this infight bug once and for all.

Nice to see the Faust's rocket explode now. It should be the same strength as a ogre's grenade.

Also remember that the sphinx's fireballs should also explode, just like the faust.

Why did you delete the lizard and the chasm bat? The Lizard is a fully functional monster, and the chasm bat's model should be used for the Phantom's fireball. 
the big Phamtom's attacks seems to work good, but the damage per fireball is too low. It should be 25 per fireball for a total of 75 dmg if all three hit.

Gross does not infight with goblin, check their code and bounding box 
Something is wrong with the Goblin's code, now even when I am close to it, it shoots me with its crossbow instead of headbutt and punching me. 
I deleted chmbat and lizard because they don't exist in the original game.
I can give phantom a spread attack, but I use the hellknight code. If I use a missile attack it looses it's spread attack. A bit kinky to give a missile a spread attack.
I think the code of goblin is hussled, I'll check it out. 
I think there is a misunderstanding for the Phantom's attack. I am not saying changing the code or making a missile attack. I am wondering where this model came from:

and I am saying this model should be replaced with the Chasm bat.

The Gross' fireball should not explode, He throws rocks in Chasm, so the lavaball should be retextured as a white rock.

The Lizard is fully functional, it should be added back in. Who cares if it is not in the orginal game.

Regarding the small sacrof's corpse floating in the air. could it be because the game still thinks that the corpse is suppose to be big, like the large sacrof?

The large sacrof fires a rocket. I think you should give the small Scarof a grenade.

Can you give the Stratos double rockets? I want to see if it looks good. The manual said that the double ringed attack is supposed to be rockets anyway. 
One more thing, the mong never punch now, always uses his rifle even when I am close to him, so check his code. 
That model is the banshee I gave Phantom, although it had to be chmbat. I did so because banshee is better vissible than chmbat.

The melee attacks disapeared when I use monsters in weapons.qc.
Now they're back on check_attacks.

Who cares if it is not in the orginal game.
Maybe that is where the misunderstanding starts.

I think you aim at the both phantom's corpses in the air?
And no, they both are seperated by the
setsize (self, VEC_HULL2_MIN, VEC_HULL2_MAX); for the biggy and setsize (self, '-24 -28 -24', '24 28 56'); for the small one.

I can do the things you want to, but first let's see how far we have come yet.

well, since Chasm only has the big Phantom, I best course of action would be to give the chasm bat to the big Phamtom, while giving the banshee to the small phantom. This will also differentiate the two monsters.

Where did you get the corpses for the Scarof, Sphinx, and Phantom? In Chasm, when these bosses are defeated, they explode into gibs, leaving no corpses.

You don't like the the Lizard? That was the first model you converted, right? Just though its a shame to leave him out. 
In 2.38, the Faust's rockets no longer explode.

But since you got the explode rockets working, maybe create a missile turret? Quake base maps always lacked automated defenses. 
viking is short compared to Lion man, I think they should be the same size. 
It depends on the supriority of the both. As Banshee is more vissible I could give it to the small fantom.
Chmbat could be freshened up with a fullbright skin as this way it is hardly to see.

The corpses? I went to the local abatoir and, no the end of the death scenes I covered up by using the pain frame as a copy and slowly turned them untill the fell horizontal. Some scrubbing with bodyparts.

The lizard, yes. Let's say it was the only model I couldn't find in the Chasm file, although they used it in the viewer, so I tried it out in my own way. The result is a bit freaky, and compared to the other chasm monsters falls out of line, I think.

Faust's rockets no longer explode
Not sure what you mean, I can hear them clear.

Again, I hate turrits! It feels like a stupid fool banging that creepy fridge.
Viking was a bit bigger, only small problem.., then he looks over you.
Madfox, I made two videos showing the faust rocket bug

first is version 2.36

Next is version 2.38

You can clearly see the rockets exploding in 2.36, but they no longer explode in 2.38

Hope it helps you fix this bug. 
Some technical stuff:

Starting with version 2.37, the map becomes really dark, like this:

I had to use r_fullbright 1

and I thought you fixed the skins already?

with regular quakespasm, I get: 
Slip Of The Qc 
Thank you for your consideration.

It is indeed a dark level, I turned off the skylight to adjust the static lights.

As for Faust's behavior, in version 2.36, the weapons are embedded in weapons.qc so that explains why the missiles do explode. In version 2.38 I put the same feats in faust.qc with the result that there is now no explosion. I don't know exactly what this is yet, just that version 2.36 is not stable.

Somehow the previous texture formats ended up there. I have been too preoccupied with Phantom's attack that it has escaped me.

I will look at it. 
OK, just remember that the Scarof's rocket and Stratos rocket must also explode.

The sphinx's fireball does not explode, I remembered wrong, but you might want to find a better fireball for him, a rock does not look good.

Also, I think the Skeleton's sword projectile does not look good, should be some of skull projectile, the original is impossible to create in quake anyway. 
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