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MDL Import / Export For Blender 2.8+
Hey folks. I'm just passing by to announce that I'm (unofficially) picking up the work from QuakeForge for the MDL Import/Export add-on for Blender.
I'm currently adapting the code to work with blender 2.8 or greater (I hope) from now and also start adding some new features.

On that note, I'll need testers or people willing to use it so I can maintain it with a pretty smile. :-)
For now, the importer seems to be working OK, the exporter is next and that's when I'll need most of the test work. But feel free to start importing models into the latest version of Blender!

+Added support for Quake Hexen II palettes and palette picker
+Added shadeless material to the render view
+Added import re-scaling option
~Fixed Import API for Blender 2.8
~Minor fixes
-Removed export support for now

To download and test, install the add-on the zip at

For now, send PMs for bug reports and whatnot. I'll soon add guidelines to contributing and bug reporting.

Happy modelling!
I already did majority of work to port this plugin: Blender 2.8x MDL plugin

I did few "design" changes, I rewrote how skins and skingroups are handled. Now you use Shader Editor for that. Previous solution where you had to select stuff in UV Editor etc. was super dumb.

Final piece that is not implemented is "animation groups". I mean... it kinda is... but better idea is to utilize Nonlinear Animation blocks to group frames.

This way we'll have every aspect of MDL loaded into blender, so you don't need this script thing...

speaking of which...

...I temporarily disabled script generation (text file representation of a model structure). I plan to do it with proper JSON, for people who really need it.

So... this is what we have now.
A lot of people use this plugin with no problems.

You can port it back to QuakeForge.
Credit will be appreciated ;)

Cool, Good Job! 
I'll probably maintain my fork still, but I'll probably get some queues from this, thanks!
Btw I'm not really doing anything for QuakeForge, just forking their initial code. I have my own roadmap for this, which might be more Hexen II focused. 
Does this generate the bunch of QC code necessary to map frames? :D 
Not Really 
But thats a good idea. When exporting is done I might add that in eventually. 
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