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AD_Q1SP: "The Containment Centre" By Markie Music
This is a remake of the first level of an indie FPS I'm currently working on called Viscerafest. This is also my first completed release, as I just started mapping this month (Jan 2020).

I thought it would be fun and a good exercise to re-imagine the level in Arcane Dimensions. It's a short but challenging level. The secrets should be easy but are really worth it! If you enjoy this I may do more levels, even a whole E1 remake.

Thank you to my playtesters:
Ryack, Chris Holden, and Voidforce

Comparison Shots:

Is It A Bug? 
Thanks for letting us play your map!

I encountered something which may or may not be a bug. I use quakespasm-spiked and in the beginning area of the map, to the right of the player spawn place is a room with a rocket launcher in it, but I was unable to get into that room, although apparently nothing is blocking the access into the room. I wonder if this is the designed behavior (invisible force field or glass door?) or a bug. 
Re: Is It A Bug? 
There is a forcefield there, but it's not invisible. It uses the animated yellow force field texture. I play this in QSS as well and haven't had this issue, nor has any tester, so I'm a bit confused.

Can see it here: 
Looking Good! 
Hey, your map looks great and plays well. With the respawning health/ammo at the end, I was able to stock up in between waves. Found all the secrets too; however, not the RL until after everyone was dead. Look forward to the next level! 
One Little Thing I Forgot 
...are your dogs tougher? They seem to take twice the damage than regular pooches in AD! I am not complaining, I was just curious. 
Re: One Little Thing I Forgot 
Thanks for playing! And yes, the dogs are a bit tougher at 100 hp. I did this for the sake of recreation, as Viscerafest has a tougher melee rushdown enemy and using fiends would've been too much. 
Invisible Forcefield 
Thanks for your explanation.

After reading your words, I realized that it was the modified palette file which I had put there inside AD folder for higher contrast and brightness that is to blame. Once this file is removed, everything works as expected.

Thank you. 
This was a neat little map, and your first release I think? Visual quality is already really good, and it was fun to play through. Looking forward to more!
My playthrough: 
Vidya Of My Playthrough 
Excuse my rambling about Viscerafest for the first 3 minutes. 
Very good map, fun has been had. 
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