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AD_Q1SP "The Lima Project" By Comrade Beep
Take a break from Doom : Eternal and play my new map for Arcane Dimensions : The Lima Project AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! Good luck Hard / Nightmare players!

UPDATE: Screenshots found:
He's hiding some screenshots over here: 
Pretty Good, But... 
the conbsole says the map is missing 44 textures! WTF?

Also, the exit door has a weird texture mapping on its edges. Could see the gold key mapped in a wrong way.

The map needs more monsters in nightmare mode. 
This map looks great, but crash after save :( 
#3 Cosmaty 
Are you using "quakespasm-spike-admod", if so don't. I don't know what the issues are but yeah, it crashes. 
Will Fix For Quakespasm Spiked 
Need to simplify my texture wad paths and recompile. I'll have a fix available tomorrow. I'll clean up the missing textures then too. None of them are visible in-game. 
Yet Another Perfect Map From You! 
Got into a trap while jumping off from pipe.
–°ould get out via noclip.
#4 damage_inc: No, I don't. I use just regular Quakespasm 0.93 on Linux.

# Comrade Beep: Thanks, I appreciate it, because I did several attempts on hard skill and this is too much for me (I can't bit it without save game). It's pity, because the gameplay is very good. I know that "long wad paths" makes this save game crash, but it's common. I would like to fix it by myself, if I could. 
Archive Has Been Updated 
Missing textures fixed
Clipping issues fixed
Shorter wad path should fix the save bug
Fixed inside door texture on big door

Link is the same. Please let me know if you run across anything else. 
#8 Comrade Beep 
Now, everything works great, beautiful map, thank you again :) 
Cosmaty, I'm using Quakespasm Spiked (QSS) 0.93.2 on Linux. I didn't have any problems running the map.

I enjoyed the map combat and visuals. I finished the map in around 12 minutes 75/75 kills and 1/6 secrets. 
#10 aftershok: Read the all thread, please. If you downloaded this map after March, 25, you have fixed version, so there is no problem. If you were played original version on QSS, maybe spike get rid with this issue. 
Save Bug In QSS Wasn't 100% Reproducible 
It's relation to the very long wad paths means that it overuns memory space. For some people, nothing happens. For others, you get a crash on save. It's a weird one. 
#12 Comrade Beep: Memory space, you mean RAM? 
Another Great Map! 
Very nice. One of those maps where the encounters just keeping popping up and pushing you along... feels like a roller coaster! 
Thanks For Another Great Map! 
A couple remarks on my playthrough (spoiler alert):

(1) In the final battle, I had the vore begin in-fighting with the robot gunners, but it led to an awkward silence. The fighting stalled because each creature, on its path to the other, was firing into a wall or not at all.

(2) I can't for the life of me figure out the secret in the elevator room (medkit and ammo, I think). I know it's there because noclip, but how to open the door?

Thanks again for the awesome map 
^^^ (2) Hint (possible Spoiler): 
When some 'buttons' have to be shot, some others have to be pushed... usually nearby ;) 
Oh I'm confused, my comment above was for beep1m1. Time to try this one! 
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