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Q1SP: Keeper Of The Hell Gate - My First Map!
Hello everyone, I released my first map ever about a week ago and didn't really knew posting here in func_msgboard about the map was a thing, so yeah, this is the post!

It's a medium-sized runic map where I tried to follow vanilla style for the most part (although the map uses progs_dump, it's more for utility reasons).

Anyway, I hope you have fun and I'm already absorbing the feedback from this great community to improve on my next endeavors! Thanks!

Quaddicted page:

very nice ideas in this map - the central area with the "guardian", and going around it to collect various triggers, feels very gratifying. had a lot of fun playing it :) 
Good First Map 
playthrough on skill 3 
Good stuff. A fun spin on original-id-style runic.

The varied little traps and puzzles along the way did a great job of giving a feeling that you were in a hostile place, while still keeping things playable. The opening elevator ride signposts how things are going to be -- if you were expecting a "normal" Quake combat/exploration experience the first reaction is "WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT" and the second reaction is "Ohhh I see how it is". I love that!

Make more maps my dude. 
Oh yeah and custom music is always a pleasure. 
Sorry I missed this map when it was released. I know Twitchy posted it to the Quake Mapping Discord but I think I was slammed at work that week.

Just happened upon it today here and noticed you used progs_dump! Really fun runic map with nice atmosphere and some tense combat. I died quite a bit but enjoyed it a lot. I echo Joel's comment about the music. That was a nice bonus!

The central elevator set piece was very cool. Nice work. I hope you make more maps! 
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