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Q2SP: Outpost N
After de 'bacle of my last map, I made instead this time a map that is supposed to be playable on a machine from 1998. It has comparable r_speeds to base1, and in many cases lower than some of the later levels. However, it's got a lot of Strogg, so gameplay experience from 1998 will not be good enough. You will be needing a few more to make the most out of it. ;w;

Twitter-link to screenshots and download-URL:

Direct download:
Shots Look 
real nice 
RTX On! 
Not My Thing 
I like the original look!
But congrats on the streamlined release :) 
This level has some nice non-linearity and interconnectivity. I even got lost for short stretches of time, which really does not happen often.

A tricky situation was when I activated all 3 switches and *THAT DOOR* opened somewhere. Since there were also all those one-way security doors I was confused and started to run in circles. It would have been helpful if it said more precisely "sewer door opened". And even better if the sewer door looked distinctly different compared to the trapezoid base doors (maybe more sewer style).

Combat was fun and medics were put to good use. The supertanks could be defeated a bit too easy because you can use the level architecture to your advantage.

Visually a very solid 1998 Strogg base. Wouldn't mind some more elaborate architecture.

Really enjoyed that one. 
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