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Forgotten Fortress (jpqm3) - SP Map
Hi, here's my new Q1 single player map - "Forgotten Fortress" (jpqm3.bsp).

Note: requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits).

- selectable difficulty, 120 enemies on normal, full weapon set, playtime around 20-30 min
- vanilla Q1 textures & entities, 'medieval' (E2) setting - castle/swamp
- re-using an earlier jpdm3.bsp multiplayer map as one of the sections



jpqm3-01 jpqm3-02 jpqm3-03 jpqm3-04
Very Enjoyble! 
This reminded me of "The Grim Outpost" (another E2 themed map). Real good use of an interestingly connected floor plan. Unfortunately, I did not record a demo, but I didn't run into any issues. It looks good and plays great! 
Pretty Fun Level! 
You've got some great output, it'd be really sweet to see you invest time into an entire cogent episode of levels :) 
A bit jagged but still superb map, thank you!

1st demo: 
Another real fun throwback-ish map. I could probably repeat my previous jpal-map praise for this one. :-)

The ammo quirkiness in these maps is getting quirkier though, at least on skill 2. FWIW: I triggered a lot of infighting and picked my shots carefully, but I was completely weapon-dry at the end even WITH using the final Quad secret. 
Thanks For Another Great Map! 
This is another awesome map. Finished with 8/9 secrets, all kills on normal. Greenwood compared this map to the Forgotten Outpost, so I played that map too, and yeah, yours is more linear but still good. I especially like how you quickly introduce new weapons and secretly hide your secrets.

Here are a few nitpicks, if you'd like some feedback:

1) This might be a personal thing, but I don't like unnecessary narration. Like, if a door won't open, I don't need to be told "This door won't open." It's obvious. Similarly,if enemies appear, I don't think it's necessary to say, "Where do these enemies keep spawning from?" I prefer to discover all this for myself, and I like text that contributes something new to the scenario, like your message at the beginning and end related to the name of the fortress.

2) The little bridge at the end is difficult to walk under in places, the roof keeps hitting my big ole head.

Can't wait for your next map, and thanks for all the fun. 
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