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AD SP: Retribution Revisited
My second Arcane Dimensions map is a remix of q3dm7: Temple of Retribution.

The story takes place in the years leading up to events of Quake 3. You are part of a team of rangers employed to identify suitable locations for the great tournament. After some searching, you come across a perfect arena, but unfortunately it's inhabited by a band of Quake's knights and their minions - you must clear them out if you want a chance of earning your commission!

Get it here:

Some screenshots:

Requires Arcane Dimensions 1.7:
Great visuals and very rewarding secrets! I finished the map quickly but missing about a hundred kills, so I looked for secrets more thoroughly and enjoyed all of them. It was worth the hunt, and I like how some hidden areas were hinted at. 
Yeah, ditto!

It's always nice to see a classic remixed and this is an exceptionally well-built example of the Q3->Q1 direction of that.

One bit of constructive criticism: I think the map does rely too much on the pattern of, "you touched something so now a bunch of mobs will spawn in surrounding you". 
Yea Joel that's a good point - I didn't really think about it too much until you just mentioned it. Will keep it in mind for the next one 
Arena Combat Done Well 
First I tried this on HARD difficulty. That might've been a mistake, probably because I'm not used to arena combat at that level. But after adjusting and playing this on NORMAL, I'm happy to say it was a thrill. The pacing felt right and I managed to find all the secrets. I'm looking forward to more maps! Keep up the amazing work :) 
100% Nightmare Run Over Here 
Very nice. Lots of curvy goodness and I really enjoyed the secrets as well (the 3 I found that is). Thanks! 
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