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Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.
Well back from time off, and here is the Coagula Contest 2 pack for you. Go to the link below for the full reviews, final results and download from Fileplanet.
the speedmap archive is has moved to

Paul's copy will most likely go down soon, and Me and Starbuck will eventually get it set up with a new layout and quite possibly update it! 
RPG: Any chance of trying Usher DM with some live bodies from #tf now. I'd love some feedback on 2v2...

...and anyone got a sub 60 second hard run on it yet? 
Usher Run 
We just received a 32 second (easy skill) run on SDA ;-) 
More Coagula Contest 2 Runs From SDA 
ne10_009 (easy run)
ne10_009 (nightmare run)
jes_025 (easy run)
dis2_032 (easy run) 
More Coagula Contest 2 Runs From SDA 
ne10_009 (easy run)
ne10_009 (nightmare run)
jes_025 (easy run)
dis2_032 (easy run) 
Doh (double Post) 
My browser went bananas for a few seconds... 
looking forward to checking those runs out 
SDA Updated 
Sure. Just come on #terrafusion and get my attention. We can probably get up another 2 or more peeps to have a game. 
Tyrann's map is amazing 
They All Are... 
...and uwf's rankings and ratings are clearly bollox.

I was most impressed though, just really good mapping right in the spirit of the contest.

I do get bored with the gameplay though, there should be a ban on Scrags in Coag maps - more spawn and fiends instead =). 
Gotta give credit to underworldfan, cause underworld is good, you know.

You did somewhat good job if you managed to get 6 maps in such conditions, when not many showed interest and dedication. Even if it was postponed like 24 times, there is good outcome, despite all the troubles.
I was affraid it would flop just like the infamous "back to nature" thing. But it didnt, thanks to your organization skills and patience.

And if someone doesnt like the ratings, he can always write his own, right ? 
Cool! Now, what about a run with some meanies in there ;) 
New Demos 
We have a new batch of demos to post soon:

ch3_024 (easy run)
dis2_027 (easy run) - cool trick alert!
jes_023 (easy run)
tyrc_324 (easy 100%)
ne10_444 (nightmare 100%)

(100% meaning all kills and secrets just in case you didn't kow)

Distrans: We'll be seeing some runs with meanies soon (I hope)... 
You are a snotty little twat and I wish I could summon up the effort to waste replying to your drivel.

But yes, well done uwf for organising this and sticking with it. 
SDA Updated 
I did another update with all the new demos on the new maps: 
jesus fucking christ that chain3 run is awesome 
Every Time 
i watch a speedrun demo, it amazes me.
I have this theory about it, i might write an article soon =) 
"i might write an article soon"

Please do! :) 
Yaaay for the gang at SDA! Ping... there goes another 5 seconds :)

RPG: Firewalls a most of my iaccess points mean #terrafusion is out... I dropped in Saturday but only because I got some time on my sisters machina... sorry.

Shambler: Without advice and opinion from the likes of yourself, and in the final analysis Aard and [Kona], along the way... I wouldn't have been able to pull off the well met texture combo job I did on Usher. If you've got opinions on the level, I'd like to hear them. 
Err well do you have ICQ or AIM? If you do you could message me sometime when you wanted to play, or we could just arrange to meet online at a certain time. 
Who Wants A Record On Sda?! 
I always want to play :) ...have some good coop ideas on some of the coagula maps

uin 65358517
Just played all the maps except necros's.

Let me just say that Tyrann's is, IMHO, a work of art. I wish I could frame it and put it on my wall.

Also note that discoag2 was fun and cool looking, and used challenging monster situations as a nice break from hoard combat.

The other maps are also cool and enjoyable (Who made the Jesus map? That has some cool textures and interesting architecture in spots). I don't really dig the textures that Chainer used, but that's personal. Pushplay's has an interesting and cool style, but the gameplay got a little boring to me near the end.

Thanks to all for the effort! 
SDA Update... 
There's a few more demos on the Coagula maps up at 
Sda/stubgaard/amazing Speedrunning Dudes =) 
I should be on Reality TV. Why? So I could switch it off.

nice one. =)

Good to see Distrans email at SDA too :)

I also concur with the belief that speedrunners "know" maps, (not to mention the Q1 engine) probably as well as anyone in the world.

I must write that article on speedrunning. :P 
"I should be on Reality TV. Why? So I could switch it off."

It was in fact Morfans and not me who said that, but thanks anyway ;-) 
we received a 4 second improvent to jozsefs chain easy run...let's just say it's mad. check sda for updates in the next few days and it ought to be up. 
Even More Coagula Demos.... 
Grab the new demos at! 
I can't imagine how my map could be any more hostile to speedrunners. 
...speaking of symbolism, I just got the Tyrann's phallic gesture(s) in the start map. 
...not intentional - I'll have to have a look when I get home tonight. I wonder what my subconscious has thrown in there... 
...I finally got around to finishing all of the maps, mostly on Normal skill. I must say, Necros's map has the worse gameplay I've seen in a Quake map for a very long time. Certainly this millenia, possibly since I opened TSQLR. Compulsory damaging jumps, hidden gaps you can fall down, Deathknights in tight, unavoidable spaces, Shamblers in linear, barely avoidable spaces, wind chutes that alternate between damaging you and being utterly tedious getting off them, pointless horde combat, ammo and health only after you need it, and most of the combat being avoidable which given how much it sucks is probably a good thing. Truly back to the bad old days of some of '97's horrors. Tyrann's gameplay is a bit sucky for similar reasons, the others weren't bad at all. 
go and make proper map already!
stop whining damnit! 
Just ignore the twat and let him whine all he wants, he's just making an ass out of himself with his constant whining. 
I can hardly believe I'm writing this but...

...Shambler's as entitled to his opinion as anyone. Personally, I would call his above comments "heavy handed criticism". For whining look for any post by that other bloke (name escapes me for the moment...)

REMEMBER: People without social skills communicating their views badly is a necessary consequence of free speech.

Just my opinion. ;-) 
...Stubby's got his knickers in a twist.

Did my comments on Nastrond and GMSP3 look like whining to you Stubby?? Well?? Are you developing an sudden and blinding phobia of negative comments?? Feel free to explain yourself... 
have you never seen criticism before? Maps often have shortfalls, and if they aren't pointed out, the mapper can't learn from his mistakes. This applies to comments that are subjective as well, they are still useful, even if what is being said is just an opinion (although in this case i happen to agree). If you didn't notice the gameplay was flawed, maybe that's because you took the blatent shortcut at the start of the map and finished it in 10 seconds?

And if you didn't notice, Shambler has a little experience in critiquing levels, so his 'whining' probably has a basis 
I was going to write something meaningful, but I can't be bothered to argue with you guys on something as silly as this. Shambler's posts (in general, not only in this thread), seems like whining to me, end of fucking story.

/me goes into ignore mode 
um... yeah. for the record, i know there are glaring faults in the gameplay.
it was never even beta tested, but i really wanted to give the map in to contribute.
i wouldn't say it's got the worst gameplay in the world, however. :) 
who the fuck let the idiot speedrunners onto our board?

seriously, quit telling mapping community personalities that they're 'whining' you fucking faggots. grow some balls, or fuck off already. 
ignore the assholes

friendly map players are more wellcome on this dying forum than the trolls with fuck-off attitude 
Shamber Is Right 
Gameplay and balance was rushed on that map because I tried to finish before the end of QExpo. Of course I could have done more tweaking afterwards with all the delays, but I couldn't be arsed compiling that bitch again. 
For What It's Worth... 
...I think the design of all the maps varies between "good" (i.e. genuinely good) and "excellent" which is very impressive for a contest indeed. That 6 people produced 6 high quality maps, sticking too but offering very different interpretation of, the theme, is great. I'm not particularly wowed by the gameplay on any of them but I do think Coagula gameplay is inherently more limited and tiresome than in an unrestricted map. I also think UWF's ranking is total rubbish, but the general map quality makes it quite ignorable. 

I do think Coagula gameplay is inherently more limited and tiresome than in an unrestricted map.

Maybe, but it's a lovely sounding word, don't you think? Coagula coagula coagula coagula coagula coagula. 
silly speedrunners! GET ON THE HOT DOG!! 
I'm with the trolls with fuck-off attitude on this one. Criticism is a good thing, and certainly more productive that just saying that everything is great, since it allows the mapper to improve with the next map. 
Well I Think The Point Here Is, 
it's just as bad to say everything sucks and have a horridly negative attitude as it is to be too nice and say everything is good.

I think that either extreme is foolish. Advice isn't meaningful unless it's given seriously, starting from a neutral point of view and judging objectively from there. If it's biased on either end, either because the person is too nice a pushover, or just an arrogant bastard, then the results take a lot of interpretation, which can go wrong easily.

If the comments are being made flippantly, then it's a whole new ball game... 
But no-one was just saying everything sucked and leaving it at that (wrath may have done, but that's the kind of thing he does :) 
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