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RPG's New Q1SP: And All That Could Have Been
I've released a new Q1SP map titled And All That Could Have Been. No, it does not take its name from the NIN album--I had decided to use this name for a map before I even consciously knew about that album's title.

Also, the map has been released under the GNU GPL, so the source is available from my webpage.



Looks Perdy, RPG! 
I'll definately try it out. 
It's A Good Map 
So, play it. 
Despite this map being the worst map ever made, it has a few good points;
-A slanted crate.
-No penises.

All in all the map is a rather splendid mix of 'horrid' and 'bland', occasionally touching upon 'annoying'.

I wish I could punch RPG in the mangina through the intarwebs.

Horrible Beyond Hatefulness 
This is the worst imaginable living hell recreated in a map form, playing it is the most hideous experience I have ever suffered in my life (which I consequently may have to end soon), it is less a map and more of a shameless and infitely cruel torture device, the torment inflicted by the horror of playing it goes beyond even loathing, it eradicates all postive thoughts out of one's sullied mind and leaves a gaping chasm of cruelty and suffering. Words may exist to describe how much I loathe it but they probably have to be invented ex nihilo. 
it rocks basically. It's got great detailing throughout, nice lighting, some hardcore secrets and slightly easy gameplay, but it makes me wet myself with joy! 
Cheers to czg and Shambler for their honesty.

Starbuck, on the other hand, is on my fecal roster of persons who cannot properly critique a map. 
you rock!
rock i say!
played on skill 1, got on secret and 92 kills. a bit easy for me, so i should probably have tried hard.

the last battle wasn't very hard at all, since all the monsters were stuck on the stair case which hugs the wall, and couldn't get me...

i don't really get why some dudes are saying this is the worst map ever... joke? *shrug* it's pretty good, and has nice curves and details such as fancy lift tubes and stuff.

enough ammo, but i was wondering if you'd put in any weapons before i got the nailgun -- there's like a 1 - 2 minute part at the start with just a shotgun.

the slanted crate room looked cool, so did the last arena, and the small outdoor bit near the beginning.

all in all, a really good map! 
I Hate It. 
and I haven't even played it yet... 
ill give you a proper critique once ive actually downloaded the map! 
As will I 
Eh, It's Ok 
i just hate the fact that speedys name is plastered all over it 
I hate joo too 
Well I guess I can say it's been worth the wait -- I enjoyed the deep dark goodness of the map, and was impressed with the number of different themes you worked into the architecture. I especially dug the variety of lifts, they all had that heavy cast-iron feel to em that properly suits the sound effects ;) I dunno tho, but it seemed sorta short to me (not that I'm complaining -- after the entire town of Enforcer, Illinois and their pet shambler took their shots at me at the end, I was kinda happy to leave). 
So Badass... 
you can skip the entire silver key area (which is one of the best areas, so you'd miss out really) with a simple little pair of slope jumps...(no grenades)

...sorry I didn't catch that in beta testing...

...then you get to run past the shambler.. because THERE NO BARS TO STOP YOU!!

We know. 
Very Nice 
it's like a small version of spogsp1 for q1. Excellent work looks wise, speedy's tex set looks like a cross between ikbase and idbase. but they're too clean for the look this map is going for IMHO.

Gameplay wise, it really is too easy but I had fun regardless. 
Thanks All 
Thanks to all for their comments. Keep them coming.

blackpope: Yes, I'm aware. :) You apparently didn't catch the OGJ --> slope jump to the GL, nor the GL jump to the exit, either. I should be honest and say that I planned a few of those, but some of them came about on their own.

nitin: Some people have said it's too hard, and some say it's too easy. I liken it a bit to when half the people said that RPGSP1 was too hard, and half said it was perfect. *shrug* At least no one has complained about ammo yet.

/me watches as Shambler gets smart and rants about not having enough ammo 
I liked the design of the end arena too, excellent brushwork. BTW, you like having end arenas dont you? 
Err Well 
I'm not so sure that I have a particular infatuation with end arenas, but they provide simple and convenient methods for a finale. If I had allotted more time and done more planning then I probably would have made something that seemed less like an arena and fit in better with the rest of the map (I.E. the room would have had a theme). 
The Little Map That Could 
Ok, RPG. Here's my comments:

First, structure.
I liked the overall look. It wasn't squarish or blocky; instead everything was rounded off with triangular or hexagontal shapes. It gave me a much better impression of what a base would look like. It's not a fancy research facility with square hallways and pretty doors meant for scientists, but a structure built for structural integrity and pure functionality, with a little artistic license. :)
The texture set was pretty standard base and was used very well. I'm not one to nit-pick on misaligned textures - I didn't even notice any. Everything from the texturing of the walls and other solids, to the design on the buttons & plats and curious shape and placement of doors (I'm thinking of the indented cicular area that seemed suspicious, like it may open, but I wasn't sure) was quite well-done in my opinion.
In a nutshell: This map's architecture was neat and I liked it. So sue me.

Second is gameplay. Not being very good at single player (rationing health and ammo and not respawning the way you do in deathmatch isn't as easy as just killing, dying, and coming back alive with a vengence in deathmatch), and not being very good at deathmatch (I do fine against bots and most humans, but I always seem to meet a player who wipes the floor with me and spends weeks chewing me out for my obvious inferiority and worthlessness), I'm probably not one to say if the map was too hard or too easy. I found myself dying a lot, but that's not much coming from someone who has yet to beat Quake's full single player without cheats (note that I did not use any cheats). Thank heaven for quicksave. :)
I did like the enemy positions. The walls were placed well, so that the ogres always seemed to bounce a grenade perfectly into me as if guided, and the combination of grunts & enforcers with ogres in this environment was killer. I found it difficult to rely on monster in-fighting compared to previous maps I've played. The occasional demon was easy, but I found myself running like a coward when shamblers appeared. Thank heaven for walls. :)

I didn't find a single secret. I had the hint at one by some pipes I thought looked climbable, and I got all the items I could see throughout the map; but beyond that, not even a clue. This isn't surprising though. I spent most of my time fighting for my worthless life.

I did not find many areas to be too dark, and those that were too dark to see were not inhibitive to gameplay (they weren't places I had to fight in or navigate through). Well-done on that.

I finished the map in 20 minutes, minus the time spent dead and restarting from the last save, which was anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes ago. :)

I don't like the shotgun personally, but I found it useful enough. I don't like struggling to ration ammo in the nailgun for fear of being left with only the shotgun, but some people like this challenge so it's not my place to say anything. I am glad I never ran out of shells and had to resort to the axe - that would have been annoying.

This map was overall an enjoyable experience. I understand I will be flamed mercilously for having anything good to say about it (I wrote this when shambler and others were exclusively ragging on it), but I stand by my opinion. ;) 
It's brilliant. Dito for Shambler's mini-review. 
Thanks for that bit (err well it was more than a "bit" really). Nice to hear some detailed comments. I hope you realize that czg and Shambler weren't the slightest bit serious.

Underworldfan: I dunno if you'll put this in your review queue atomatically, but if not, would you be so kind as to review this map for your site? 
/me watches as Shambler gets smart and rants about not having enough ammo

I didn't have any problem with ammo. But ammo is of little use when I am firmly DEAD.

Nitin what skill were you playing on??

Actually, it's irrelevant. On Hard, this is harder than 90% of other good Quake maps on Hard. Fact. If someone finds it too easy on Hard, then they will find 90% of good Quake maps VERY too easy on Hard. 
BTW I am not making any judgement on the map's quality by reference to it's difficulty in that statement. That's a whole different issue (for which you should refer to my first post). 
No Body Cares What I Think 
About the gameplay. I think the reason that it's either seen as too easy or too hard is that the map is made up of a few key battles and a whole bunch of easy BS. When you're at the end of the circular tunnel and you come across the two ogres, you have to exit the tunnel because you won't be able to dodge grenades in there. That's one of the key battles. Another one is the first shambler. He's right out in the open, and either you know how to deal with that and he's easy or you don't and he's hard. The second shambler is in a reasonably open area and is the same deal. Also the first teleporting fiend is a problem. The first time you release him your back turned to him because you're facing the button. He pops in too close to expect the player to react to the sound cue fast enough.

The arcitecture in general is quite good.

In the final area I found myself running up and down the stairs killing sequences of appearing baddies. That got pretty repetitive and I didn't feel like I was getting any where. I think it might have been more satisfying if the arcitecture of the room changed with each kill. It would create the impression of something meaningful happening and that there was real progression. The walls dropping to release more baddies is actually rather subtle and I didn't even notice it until I had cleaned the room out because I was too busy doing said cleaning. 
You're welcome.

I honestly didn't know if shamb and czg were joking. Through hard experience I've learned to take people on the internet at face value until I know better. ;p 
maybe this will entertain you a little :

Super map. To me, normal lacked action, but hard was just the ticket.
Great detailing and lighting.
On the downside some lifts were not convinient - you`ll see in the demo. 
I played on normal like I usually do, so maybe like speedy said, it wasnt that bad on normal but was quite tough on hard.

RPG, I thought the end arena fit in reasonably well with the theme. 
...interesting, pretty similar to how I was playing except you actually made it. I was generally more cautious, you got lucky with some infighting and particularly at the end. It does show that the secrets are very important indeed in this map (I did myself quite a disservice cheating to find them in an early beta). 
u lost yer skillz
i played teh map w/o secrets and it was smooth 
Nice Map RPG 
I enjoyed it, very solid looking & nice curvy brushwork. I thought hard skill was okay upto the final arena & then it got tough although on a second run through there were tactics you could use that made it easier. Perhaps it lacked a little in the originality department both texture & gameplay-wise.

Overall very good :) 
Another reason not to finish my crappy MisSP1 ;P 
You MUST finish MisSP1 or I won't release anymore maps! Ever!

p.s. scampie, this threat obviously isn't directed at you. 
Played On Hard 
I just finished the map on hard with the benefit of one secret (this secret would be the first found if you knew where all where.) I found this to be a really well constructed and nicely laid out map. The lighting added to the mood and the ambient sounds added to the sombre mood. The details such as terminals, crate lifts, piping, trim etc. was cool.

After reading some comments, I feared that it may be too hard for me. But, I took a chance and played through on skill 2 (without trying 0 or 1 first)and I didn't start dying until things got busy in the final room. It took several tries but I finished and I found this to be quite a fun map gameplay wise. The multi-layered slaughter fest climax has been used by other SPQ1 mappers and this map was in the same vane.

After getting all kills - I went back (had to noclip up the hole to the last room - sorry ;)) to look for the other 3 secrets. I found them all without cheating. Very nice map for secret hunters.

Overall this is a very well made and fun base map. The best way to survive is to keep moving, use cover and fight hard. Keep the high ground if you can. If you die - just try again. Thanks RPG! 
Machine Speed 
Don't know if this is a relevant point or not, but if your're playing Q1 on a super pimped machine, could gameplay become almost impossably hard? I played Could on a 1.2GHz P4 with an older 64Mb Radeon and it was nice. If I play Unreal 1 Botmatch, I'm licked up and humiliated.

...Just a thought. 
What Do You Mean? 
Gameplay becoming impossibly hard because of a Fast machine? 
The GL I stumbled into, the YA was pretty obvious, the starting one took a bit of looking around, but I had to resort to a secret detector (!) to find the MH.

but if your're playing Q1 on a super pimped machine, could gameplay become almost impossably hard?
No. All AI happens at 10fps, and doesn't take advantage of more time to think (not that it has much to think about). 
Thanks for that mini-review!

Thanks to everyone else for their comments as well. 
is posted.

nice stuff RPG, but i expected that from you :)
very close to giving this 18/20 :P 
is posted.

nice stuff RPG, but i expected that from you :)
very close to giving this 18/20 :P 
Drat. I was hoping for that 18/20.

Thanks for the review. I'll link your site on my page under the "maps reviewed at" section.

One small error: The full title is "And All That Could Have Been". You left off the "And". 
Atheistically very pleasing...

Fr3n would not like this map... 
I've searched everywhere on the map and I still can't find a hidden giant cock and balls.

Other than that I really enjoyed it. Nice work. :-) 
Not Disappointed 
I was ... and no secrets I found either ...

Most enjoyable on Medium skill, good work RPG! 
...You all need to go vote for this map on Underworldfan's top Q1SP maps! 
Lol RPG 
shameless self promotion, you? 
50! mine!

Summa summarum, [asslicking]it's good to see good maps from good mappers :)[/asslicking] 
J00 Teh Rw4k 
Nice map RPG, awesome attention to detail & architecture, and creating a good layout around in too... stuff like that takes dedication to do well, respect :-)

Gameplay was kinda easy on normal skill I thought, never went below 80 health - mind you i was playing cautious.

Keep this standard up and you'll be rising to becoming one of my fave map authors, eager to see more stuff soon :-) 
How long did this take to compile?

I've been playing older maps again and this is one of them.

I think I'm going to start over on my episode. 
My Map Is Old :( 
I have no idea how long it took to compile. I compiled it on a 1.1ghz Athlon, and I'm guessing it took about 30 minutes--1 for QBSP, 25 for VIS, and 4 for TyrLite. That's how long most of my maps seem to take. 
It took like an 1:40 (hour and 40 min) for one of my maps to compile (2 Ghz Celeron, 512 RAM) and it doesn't compare in scale (or anything) to this! You seem to know how to build efficiently yet very nicely. 
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