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Quake Halloween Mapping Contest
I'm proposing something partway between a speedmapping session and a fullblown mapping contest (Coagula etc).

The rules: Make a map using the theme "haunted house." You have the month of October and should submit the map on Halloween. The map should support single player; cooperative and deathmatch are optional. There are no restrictions on size, texture set, or number of brushes.

I propose instead of the usual judging panel, everyone simply sends me a link to where their map can be downloaded, and I will post all of the links on Halloween. Who "won" will be a matter of popular opinion.
This Was A New Submission... 
but i thought it would do better as a discussion thread. 
/me envisions maps with a similar theme to sm49_starbuck

It's a crate!
A crate!
A crate! 
Most Terrifying Thing In The World. 
Ah, a crate.
But what's inside the crate?


doilies! Back! Back, damn you, back! 
What Is Inside The Crate 
Not Much Headroom 
I'd have to hunch forward while I do my business. Unless that toilet is the size that it looks like. :) 
Oh So Scary 
I won't be mapping. But I think the Speedmap theme for Sept. 25th (Saturday before Halloween) should be horror.

btw, you should call it an 'event' not a 'contest' if there is no winner/prizes. Not a big issue, but saves you the hassle if news gets out around that there is a 'contest' going on. 
that obviously should say October 25th. Guess I'm stuck in the past. 
I Like This Idea... 
...because I like making houses in Quake. Perhaps a nice diversion from my current work. Hmmm... 
Contest Aspect 
Doesn't have to mean a prize. It could mean that maps are graded and scored and thus compared to one another.

Mansion plus crypt. Zombies. Wrought iron fences and dead trees. You are a 'ghost-buster' sent in to clear the village menace before the kiddies go trick-or-treating. Wouldn't it be nice if someone volunteered a pak file for all to use with custom models (trees, jack-o-lanterns, skulls, etc.) and sounds. I'm too unskilled to use anything other then regular Quake stuff. 
One Other Thing... 
Sorry for 3 posts when one would do. For unsophisticated sorts like me who don't have a web page - could I send my map to someone who could then provide the link? That is if the maps aren't collected and put into a single group ala 100 brush. 
I could provide downloads for the maps on PlanetQuake.

Also, what would be better: releases seperately, or in a pack?

I do like the idea of a pack of custom models & stuff too :) 
pack. seems silly to have them all seperate.

might be good to seperate maps from models/sounds/etc tho, if it comes to that. 
i don't know if i'll participate. i won't say i will because i'm pretty bad when it comes to respecting deadlines...

i'll say it has me interested, and that i may start a map in the future on this theme, but i can't promise that that map will ever see the light of day. 
Who "won" will be a matter of popular opinion.

...and double yay! 
i think a pack release would be better. 
You Can Use Voidents

It has an "eye_candy" entity where you can create an entity with any model (even custom ones you make) in your map. You can also give them values to make them spin (for fans, etc), glow, or play frames. It has custom sounds too. Each mapper can grab whatever sounds and models he wants and include them with his map, and not rely on the models included in any pak (though they can use those too).

And I'd be happy to code other entites you may need, and personally explain the entites if they're confusing.

I know y'all dislike including qc code, but this might be very helpful. 
Well, For Contests, 
qc's not too bad. we used custom code on the coagula contest so that i could get my funky func_trains working and stuff.

just don't turn the mapping contest into one big mod. 
Adding too much stuff doesn't help anything. Just a few handy entities should suffice. 
Who May Be In? 
I've just spent two evenings working on a pretty cool house. It's all one texture for the moment but it has spooky architecture. I'm trying to keep a reign on myself to hit the 25th since I don't have my PC on weekends. I plan on SP only and very basic gameplay - again to fit the time I have before the deadline. It will likely feel like a map that is bigger then a 100Brush entry (I hope anyway) but smaller then an E1M1 level.

Anyone else mapping for this? 
Quietly Raises Hand To... 
...another E. A. Poe inspired level using IK2K.wad and some extras. This time Doctor Tar & Professor Feather... yep, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

1100 brushes in the can, and some brutal gameplay ideas, along with what will hopefully be "scary" set pieces. If I can close up this major "hub" tonight then it should be ready for the 25th.

Wish me luck. 
Good luck.

Where do you live and what exactly do you teach anyways? 
Thanx Pushplay... 

Critical Thinking
History & Philosophy of Science...

Although I think I'll ditch the second next year to spend more time on the thesis. I've only got till Aug06 to finish it 8^0 
where at?

I remember you saying that you were visiting Melbourne uni one time, still there? 
So do you cover things like Popper and Deutsch, or is it more focused on inventions/inventors? 
nitin: good memory! but I was just visiting MU (must go back soon to get another architecture fix).

pushplay: Popper, Khun, Lakatos (and Feyerabend for the really keen). In the context of "studies in generation" from the Hippocratic Writers through to Darwin. 
People are always more studied after they're dead. 
Couple of years ago I would say: "YAY" and participate it.

Couple of months ago I would say: "YAY", participate it and don't releasy anything.

Nowadays I'm not going even to participate it because I suck, kthx =)

Anyway, like I said before, there's no scariness in Q1 and there's no scary monster in that evil demonical game :(

Besides, modelling that famous halloween pumpkin would be a bitch ;PP 
It doesn't mean I whine or prestidigate bad or wish you to goawaey or something, kthxbyedie =)

Ask Vondur to join, his pumpkin would be totally squareish I suppose ;) 
Halloween Pumpkin Challenge For Brush Wizards 
model that freaking pumpkin !

"Ask Vondur to join, his pumpkin would be totally squareish I suppose ;)"

.III EkauQ Rof LedoM NikpmuP 
Hmmm I found some pumpkin mdls for quake 3
anyone know how to convert them to Q1 ? 
!em Gniypoc PotS 
I'd participate, esp. since my birthday's on Halloween.. and this idea is quite festive, but I suck as well. 

(Beleive me, I typed the above backwards, but it didn't work some how ;)........) 
Converting Quake3 To Quake1 
They know how at Inside3d, ask there:

They were talking about it just recently.

It involves something like opening it in Quark, saving it as a Quake2 model, then saving it as a quake1 model, then importing/cleaning up the skin. But there's also some other tricks to it... 
The Trick Being: 
getting permission to do it rather than just stealing everything you happen to find on the net. I mean really, what's the differance between converting someone's model without their permission and converting someone's map without their permission?

but beyond that, what's so difficult about a pumpkin in bsp form? I'll do it for the Oct. 25th speedmap session. 
i made a fucking hotdog in 30 minutes and your telling me you need to swipe a pumpkin from somewhere else? fucking a! just get on the hotdog! 
Ame's Room 
I found some old prefabs of a PC. Converted them for my convertion.
Otherwise I would like to join your Halloween.
Ever heard of "Ame's Room"?
It is that funny room, with two chairs.
When someone walks along them, they become from
dwarf to giant!

That's just what's happened to my monsters, and baby-shambler won't forgive me... 
thanks for that totally helpful, insightful, and fact filled post Madfox. 
If you mean it, thanks.
If you don't, where shall I put that all-oversized sarcasm? 
Really The Wrong Place To Post 
Who's Still In? 
I've been continuing with a small Quake infested house map. I'm going to try and have something for the 25th. I'd like to know if anyone else has been working on a map for this. My map will basically be a monster mash - not sophisticated at all but it features a really pretty Victorian style house with 4 floors of mayhem. It's far better then my Spring Cleaning map (100B2)which really wasn't anything to brag about. 
Is this 'haunted house' idea something of a lingering memory from Al-Azif? Cos I was thinking about it just the other day... 
Still In =) 
I almost ditched Tarr & Fether on the weekend but after diving back into it this morning, I'm re-inspired. It's gonna be small, but incorporates one of the ideas from the "mapping ideas" thread that should extend it somewhat.

With respect to difficulty levels and the size of this thing. I'm contemplating keeping the monster count stable and differing each level by manipulating health and powerups (not ammo). What do people think? 
thats an interesting idea, and could be fun if you pull it off succesfully. just make sure hard really is hard. :) 
got it the first time UWF 
Yeah actually it was, only the idea I had for that was more of a haunted mansion than a house - gigantic gloom-keep style compound rather than a rickety wooden house. Also, my plan was to make the mansion empty, and mostly storyline/cutscene stuff there... 
Tronyn - How To Enter Map 
Do I email my map to you when done? Can I send it anytime on the 25th? Will the date slip (Scraggy ducks to avoid hurled crates)? I'm hurrying to enter something that is complete. Not necessarily refined overall - but a good quick romp that is a bit beefier then a 100B map. If the deadline slips, I'll use the time to refine my map and not expand it but otherwise it is my plan to hand in what I did.

Tronyn - I like your description above. My house is wood and brick. Not quite a mansion but not a cottage either. 
Yeah you can just zip it up and email me it. Sounds good a bit beefier than a 100b map.

On the date potentially slipping, how much time are you thinking about? 
Actually I'm a bit confused... isn't All Hallows' Eve (Samhain for the Wiccan inclined =) 31st Oct? 
I'm thinking the 28th (sent out late in my timezone - GMT-5:00). If the pack was released on the 30th, people would have it just ahead of the 31st. I can send source files (map, Worldcraft, bsp and wad) if you wish to modify anything. My map exits to start.bsp but I can change that on request. 
The 28th is fine. You can just send the bsp then, and I'll release it the next day, then people can play the maps (2 total, right?) on Halloween. Sounds good!

and, I think having it exit to start.bsp is fine, or whatever your favourite Q1 regular map is. 
If you haven't changed your email address, Tronyn, I can use the one in my address book.

The extra time will allow me to neaten things up. 
Ok Cool 
still :) 
...ain't gonna make it. So, maybe just the one :( I find it ludicrous to have 2403 brushes in the can but be only 2/3 of the way through. *shrug* That's just "modern" Quake mapping I suppose.

Still, not a complete loss as the large basement/prison + laboratory will re-skin nicely and fill a problemmatic section of the Knave schemed level I'm working on. I'll float a few pics at Pipeline before I start re-skinning. 
I'm Still In 
Could it be that an entire thread ends in a map made by just me? Don't know if I'm prepared for that kind of attention. I'm pleased with what I have so far and although it's only a mid-size map, I think it's better then one of those tiny bags of stale plain chips.

Secretly I'm hoping some other silent mappers will toss in a map or two but short of the internet going down, you can expect a little treat from Scraggy. 
A Victorian Secret 
The map is done and off to Tronyn. It has skill levels and should be a fun little romp with more surprises then Cracker Jacks but less harmful to your dental health.

...And there's no razor blades stuffed inside either. I have a full bowl of these little bsp's just waiting for whomever rings the bell. 
Don't Believe Him... 
...there are razor blades hidden all over the place. 
Submitted a news thread for your map's release. I also updated my site (it's now available for download). I said there that I wouldn't play it tonight, but hey I couldn't sleep so I figured why not. I loved it. More comments when the news thread arises and my brain functions more.. uhm... better..
And that's the URL to Tronyn's site for those of you that are still searching ;): 
Kiss The Scraggy 
I know I should wait for the news thread but I'm going out now so no comments, but here's a demo of my first try at the map.

Nightmare skill (it's halloween!) 
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