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New Q1SP Map: "Nastrond"
It turned that I've just finished my QSP that I was building for over than one year.


Shocked And Disgusted. 
I have to say, after playing this map, with all it's evil symbols and upsidedown crosses and pentagons, I am now fully convinced that communists like Vondur are pure demonic evil. We need to bond together to stop this red threat from turning our children into a bunch of mindless satan worshippers! 
Wow What A Map 
This is better than koohoo if possible, the designs are more varied and lighting is exceptional.

Gameplay is great, I was running out of ammo in a few places, turned a corner and bam there was an ammo box. And vondur has to be congratulated for making a map with Spawns that doesnt suck copius amount of ass. 
Havent Played The Map Yet, But... 
just downloaded it from the website.

very nicely-designed website, wish mine looked that good! I like that whole minimalist thing/theme and the pale colors etc...

cool surprise on the map, review posted soon. 
Vondur! I was going to release my map today just like I was going to release my previous qsp on the day you released koohoo. Maybe this is a good omen. Now I'm going to play your map & mine can wait until the weekend :) 
Great Map Vondur 
As nitin said, the lighting is lovely & warm and the monster & ammo placement are just perfect. The pace over the level builds very nicely with well spaced climaxes and traps. I like the way the architecture is subordinated to the gameplay but still looks good & spectacular in places. 
haha indeed, it's some dark and satanic curse it seems :)
thanks for the comments, glad you liked the map.
now go and release your one! :)

ps. seems like it's getting stormy in qsp front, which is very nice. i got bored of that useless speedmap shit already :) 
Teh R4wk. 

Well maybe not but still very good gameplay in this, some original and exciting combat situations but nicely balanced and fair to the player (as long as they quicksave near lava heh). Kinda sparse monsters but very well used, every Ogre "counts". But, the end was too easy, nice surprise but very easy to escape, I finished with lots of nails. Rest of the map was cool. Fun secrets too! I got 7/9 which I was really happy with - Quad secret near first YA was the coolest.

Architecture was quite cool too, varied - you can see some of that ol' 99/00 rooms! Room Of A Thousand Staircases was my favourite bit.

But it was really nice to see a Q1 map with interesting gameplay, don't see much of that these days. 
Thanks for the comments guys.

Smab: actually, that Quad secret was czg's idea ;) I was out of inspiration that day, and typed in irc something like: 'sigh, what would be good secret?' and then, teh czg has spoken! 
Gameplay was pretty good overall. As people have mentioned, ammo and health was balanced pretty well so you never had very much; just the way I like it.

I was a bit disappointed by the visuals, though. The architecture seemed a little bland, and the lighting seemed too flat and had too much ambient light. I guess I'm just too jaded and expect too much.

I noticed a couple bugs, too. An ogre was facing the wall (silly ogre!) and "sound" is not a field (BAD testers! Bad!). 
a pity there are such bastardic little bugs :| 
vondur smells funny, but he makes teh nice map! 
Shutup Heh 
seriously though, i really like it! quiet, subdued lighting, tense gameplay, surprises! not to mention great brushwork and cool looking stuff!

there was one room with the spikes on the floor... they should have been func_illus cause i kept getting stuck on them...

and awesome ending! that was great! :D 
tack this on:

i played on medium and was very satisfied! excellent gameplay! there was one long stretch without any health, but it turned up just at the right moment! same goes for ammo. i think having the sng slightly hidden isn't really nice -- i almost missed it. if you were to miss it, i imagine the rest of the map would be pretty difficult, as i relied on the sng quite a bit, although sparse nails near the end made me rely more on the ssg than i normally do, plus i even used grenades a lot! good job on making me use weapons like that! i like not having enough ammo for all the weapons so you sometimes have to make do with what you have (as opposed to having a choice between nails or shells). 
I must play this immediately. 
oopsie, I got deaded... I want to play on, but I have to get back to work! : (

Looks like a fun map though, V - I think I'll save it for later tonight and play it in co-op, I'll report back about my experiences in this mode later. :D 
It's A Map. 
And a very good map at that.

Loved the architecture and textures. Nice and moody. High points : endless stairs above lava (re: Necros's comment above. I did miss the SNG and yes it was hard without it :-)) and broken walkway above lava. Very well implemented. Low points : none really, except that (as mentioned above) the end room was maybe a little too easy.

Great look, great gameplay. Thank-you for making this map. It's the Quake equivalent of fellatio. 
if only one could experience the fellatio equivalent of quake. 
One Could... 
if only someone would help me construct my latex shambler (im aware the teeth are sharp, but thats part of the fun) 
haha morfans :) thanks! 
Ah, perfect... i've played this map while drinking an iced coffe, double pleasure =).
Very good map in all aspects.
I'm going now to investigate it more slowly, i only got 4 out of 9 secrets, this can't be, i'm losing my faculties :).

Good work man! 
Add Me To The Fan List 
Great gameplay and atmosphere, due to texture choices in the same vein as "Contract Revoked" and that's a good vein ...

Fun secrets (7 out of 9 found) and yes, I missed the SNG too and had to make it to the end with my shells, NG and grenade launcher.

Very nice challenge on Medium with the end somewhat surprisingly easy (due to cover from the vores).

Only niggle would be the spike shooter room (I really hate those) which at least I had to pass three times.

Overall a killer map, strongly recommended.

Glassman is next, right ?

/me initiates starting sequence on ye old steam modem ... 
thanks for the comments again! :)

fek, everyone says that the end was easy! :) what should i add there 4 vores? 105 spawns? WHAT? :) 
105 Vores! 
4 Vores 
could actually be cool. i don't see vores used often for end battles, almost always shamblers, or fiends+shamblers, or lots of fiends

fighting four vores with no cover would be amazing! probably would need a little more space to move though, than what is there already though. 
you could have sealed have the last room so you couldnt run out to avoid the vore balls. And yeah, 4 vores would have been cool. 
Play It On Hard 
And chuck them grenades! W000T! Diggin the map, V-duder -- it's like Heretic on steroids, but with way better lighting. 
Nastrond @ SDA 
The map has been added to the mighty SDA archives. Expect some demos on it soon-ish. 
Best For Years 
Title says it all: layout, textures, gameplay. Just like the old days only better. Well done and congratulations. It took me ages to complete (I'm still a keyboard player) and somewhere I lost 2 monsters. But superb all round. 
Excellent stuff, a pleasure to play. Some excellent gameplay situations/battles. And it looked very nice of course. I liked how you had to look a bit harder to find somethings things.
There were a couple of torches that seemed to be misplaced, they were quite a distance away from the wall, and seemed to be not in the intended possition (off center), apart from that, the odd Ogre that was to far away to do you any harm,(his attacks falling just short, and dropping down in to the lava below) so you could just sit there and pick him off without any fear, before proceeding. Nothing major though.
Thanks for the experience. 
misyu's comment in glasmman's thread got me thinking. Now this is not directed at the quality of your mapping, but your 'blocky' style (to term it loosely) is very unique and evident in all your maps. Have you ever tried or thinking of doing a map with a different visual approach? I think it could turn out very interesting. 
I wonder if we would have ever seen the "Mona Lisa", if a similar thing had been suggested to Leonardo Da Vinci..................

Just a thought 
but that's assuming that whatever else he would have put out wouldnt have been as great. 
yeah, i was thinking about that. i wanted to make something different all the time ;) 
Nastrond At SDA... 
...why?? The speedrunning potential is total suck. Run (long and boring) to GL, run back (long and boring) to GJ to gold key, run (less long but still boring) to exit and GJ.

Why the hell did RPG and I have to hassle you to add Could which has obviously good potential, and yet you add Nastrond straight away which has obviously bad potential?? With all due respect sometimes you lot seem like, well, idiots. 
Several reasons including, but not limited to...

* You didn't have to hassle us. You chose to. You could have just suggested it once. And even that would have been unnecessary as we had every intention of adding it. I told you as much on the messageboard. Paraphrased ICQ conversation...
"Shall we add could?"
"I'm too busy now."
"I was going to add some maps next week, lets do it then."

* Nastrond is fun to do demos on. Maybe not so much to watch, but fun to do.

* Paraphrased ICQ conversation from yesterday...
"Shall we add Nastrond?"
"I can add it to the tables right now."
"I'm writing an update at the moment. I'll mention it."

* SDA moves in mysterious ways, it's wonders to perform.

* Before we add ANY map I always sacrifice a ram to Bel and read the auguries. When I performed the rite for could.bsp there was a dark streak across it's liver, and I think we all know what that means.... Hardly auspicious! :-) The gods were clearly signalling that we should delay. I dropped the intestines and they landed in 12 loops, thus we delayed adding it for 12 days.

* We thought you were being ironic. When you demanded that we add it immediately we assumed that you were using your legendary humour to indicate to us that in fact you'd rather we DIDN'T add it. Boy did we feel silly when we realised.

* We were waiting for you to send us a demo so that we could post it at the same time as we added the map.

* My wife tells me that dinner's ready. Shame, I was just getting in to this. I "could" (LOL! Now _that's_ funny!) have carried on all night.

If you require further clarification I will be happy to oblige. Also, note how I wrote this whole reply without insulting anyone or finding the need to call them a spiteful, childish name. ;-) 
shambler sucks. 
"and yet you add Nastrond straight away which has obviously bad potential?? With all due respect sometimes you lot seem like, well, idiots."

Bad potential? Obviously YOU'RE the idiot!! 
Okay Then.... 
....prove me wrong fat boy. If there is a new exciting route I didn't see I will be genuinely entertained to see it.

P.S. Morfans is that multiple choice?? Any prizes for the correct guess?? 
I Am Bored. 
sda > shambler.


plus morfans and stubby are funniier than you too. 
Map Reviewage 
possibly in the style of a 19th or early 20th century carnival:

Russian mappers and their many admirers are asked to kindly direct their attention to a review of the aforementioned map, "Nastrond". 
BTW For The Ending 
4 vores and 2 fiends.

and some nails. :) 
ok, i'll cram the horde of the monsters for you into the next map if it'll exist. don't cry then ;) 
Dont Worry. 
i wont cry.
i'll be smiling as i take them down. :) 
"the next map"
We will all hold you to that!!

"if it'll exist."
And we will all disregard that, as the ramblings of a man under pressure from the throng. 
Uh Oh 
"under pressure from his thong"? 
First batch of Nastrond speedrun demos are up at SDA.

I'd put a link here but I don't know how to put links into posts. :-) 
I found out how to do hyperlinks and posted a link while I was off having a dump. That was clever of me.

Just curious. Who did it? 
And yes, i'm pleased :)
Now, go make faster runs! :) 
Was Me 
Your welcome :) 
Pretty In Pink. 
Whoever did that Easy run should have their bollocks chopped off. Don't people have any shame any more?? The end trick was neat though.

N 100% was quite entertaining - I knew there had to be some bloody "tiny little texture difference tucked away in dark corner" secret somewhere.

Well, I can see running on this map is going to be a real fertile garden of radical improvements, route choices, and trick optimisation....*cough*. Go do more Could runs. 
Cheers d00d. 
Chequered Floor... 
Vondur - I love you and I want to have your little gothic ruskie babies. 
This Is A Title 
Vondur, your map inspired me a lot. Great work! Hope I'll finish my own q1sp :) 
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