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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
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Need More Cages! 
Ah, Christianity And Torture... 
The sweet smell of blood and feces at the morning mass... 
Those Are Beautiful 
I didn't check if it was posted somewhere around here, and it's not about architecture, but I hope you can forgive me.

Kinda disappointed in gugs. 
I See That And Raise You 
This person has spent the last few years drawing every half-mentioned creature in the entire anthology:

btw where's our Cthulhu icon? 
If You Get Rid Of The Quake Damage And Make Them A Little Less Ugly 
A Unified Approach To Grown Structures 
Don't Yell At Me 
I'm sure it's been posted several times here already, [url=]but it's just so awesome.[/url] Sock's personal reference gallery. 
I have yet to figure out which markup language this site uses... 
also raw urls are converted to links automatically. 
How Do You Pronounce URL Anyway? 
<a href= "yer earl" >text</a> 
You Are El? 
Wow, Nice! 
I wonder how this would look for [Kona]... 
I've tried to make brick pillars similar to that in quake, alas, it doesn't look good. 
Trust me, it really doesn't look good even in that reference image, such a weird shapes. 
Looks Like Candy 
man, those are drag queen shoes through and through. 
People Can Walk With Those?! 
Lots Of Concrete In These Pics 
Art-deco Film-noir 
<[lib_project_short_ssim][]=Hugh+Ferriss+Architectural+Drawings>Hugh Ferriss Architectural Drawings</a> 
That link did not end up actually clickable. I think this is close enough.

Hugh Ferriss Collection 
Cool looking house, but it looks out of place in that photo. 
Someone gave me a wetransfer link at work and the background image on the download page just happened to be this:

That led me to find this artist: 
That's some neat stuff, I really like the layout of this person's work! 
Very Cool 
Interesting... not sure about his backgrounds, though. In the pic you linked, I love the stairs that lead nowhere, near the bottom left. 
Id Software Presentation From ZBrush Summit 2016 
Georges Bank Radar Station 
fuckin' sweet! 
Screwing Around With Google Images 
I clicked a thing, then found related searches and wound up with this epicness: 
Here's the portfolio of a guy who replied to the original ad from the latest post in the Jobs thread:
He makes beautiful stuff and some of it feels very quakey. 
Talk About Inspiration 
I just deleted 75% of the map I am working on and because of it I now have more motivation and confidence to create exactly what I have in my head.

I believe Necros said that iteration is a necessary evil in map design and sometimes that problem is the very thing you do not want to remove. You scratch in every place but the actual source.

I had a huge central landmark that I was initially happy about. Since I spent so much time on it, I was stubborn on modifying it and tried to build my map based around said landmark. It resulted in numerous uninspired rooms connected to said structure.

Inspiration can come from a blank slate, a more refined outlook on your projected visions for a design. Sometimes you have to scratch that itch directly at the source and then some! 
I know the feeling. As a composer, I have more unfinished bits and pieces than actual listenable tracks. Don't throw that landmark away, though: it's very possible that at a later date you'll find the inspiration that presently eludes you. I have some stuff based on very old ideas that I couldn't resign myself to throw in the bin. 
Sometimes it is better to remove everything and visualize parts that worked together well, instead of trying keep that "own baby" alive too long, it also helps if you're already "dead inside" then sacrifices like those will not matter at all. In many cases the end result might not be the most awesome looking, though it really helps if you're about 50% of design and 50% visuals, those will lead to some compromises to be made during the mapping.

Sometimes it is good to let the visuals speaks, those are often what makes the map memorable. Then in the other hand design can keep it fun/interesting longer than just the brushwork itself. Challenge is something really hard to pull off right, especially since that difficulty level has been changed a lot from 1996 to these days, by that I mean it is not just the map's design or your own vision what to follow alone. Quake's enemy AI doesn't like complex shapes, and loves simple straight hallways.. that way something boring looking might turn into something that just "feels good", it is more important that the map feels good "mostly" than just looks good. 
it is more important that the map feels good "mostly" than just looks good.

That's a good way to put it NewHouse. I don't think my previous iteration "felt" good so thus we begin anew. 
Of course it is good to try out new things. I personally loved your first release, it felt like a little venture. Sure it was a bit small map, but had so many memorable elements in it. All I'm waiting is something in a bigger scale really, since you already have that your own personal touch there and there. 
MS Paint Blade Runner 
Gingerbread House 
Gingerbread House 
Those are colors you don't see in Quake very often. Maybe someone should make a texture set like that. 
Wow, that's an amazing reference pic for medieval maps! What's the name of this abandoned village if I want to look for more? 
That medieval town looks nice. Are you sure there isn't textures like those? 
well that's handy. I just started a medieval map. 
What's the name of this abandoned village if I want to look for more

I believe that would be MovieTowne, in the county of Hollywoodshire. The buildings are known for their particularly well-preserved styrofoam walls. 
Hah! So it really is a movie set, just not in Hollywood.

I need to watch that movie again. 
Pure shapes, nice. Sort of mini-brutalist. :-) 
All those intersecting sand brushes are causing that beach's BSP calculations to really do some work. 
I believe that would be MovieTowne
Upon closer inspection, it does have that slightly too-good-to-be-true look of a movie set. Still an awesome reference, though. 
"Upon closer inspection, it does have that slightly too-good-to-be-true look of a movie set."

That photo is near the end of the page linked in #3615, which is how I found the video linked in #3617.

It was apparently part of a movie set used for "Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters" at Babelsberg Studio in Berlin. You can see more of it in that video. 
Thousands Of Books Get Reshelved.... 
That reminds me of the Golum(sp) city of Dues Ex: Man kind Divided 
Deus Ex...worth the double post. 
Welcome To Hong Kong 
City Of 1001 Churches 
Nice! The cathedral's interior looks like it was designed by CZG... 
Somebody Was Talking About Mapjams And Temples? 
Inside NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain Combat Center 
This One Omg! 
Cheyenne Mountain 
Really impressive construction. 
Yeah, this NORAD stuff is very inspirational for a secret slipgate facility. Thanks mfx! 
Grevin Hall Of Mirrors 
Earthships Gallery 
Iteration,The Second Coming 
Again I faced a massive overhaul on my map. Last time I took away 3/4 of the brushes...this time just an entire room has been altered from top to bottom.

It is a bit uncomfortable to knock down walls and base structural brushes but just like last time I am 5 times more satisfied with the result!

Do not be afraid to scratch that itch! 
As long as we're satisfied playing it, you can scratch your itch all you like! 
Bridges With Buildings On Them 
Bath Weir 
I almost signed up to help build a similar type of house with a team of volunteers one summer a couple years ago. 
Cliff Building Drawing 
Whoever steps in there must have a death wish! 
Lemony Snickety Rickety 
Oh Boy! 
I Love Fog... 
I was walking to work today, from service station. Different route than I usually go (by car) and I stumbled across this piece of concrete, covered with fog: 
Modernist Tallinn Architecture 
Abandoned Prison 
Deus Ex GDD 
Buildings On Bridges 
Now I see where they got the idea for Kaldwin's Bridge.

Might also be a great idea for a Quake map. 
Repairing The Graf Zeppelin, Over The Atlantic, 1934 
Knave 3.0 
The Fly 4.6 
Brutalist Lovecraftian Landscapes 
So, I was perusing some brutalist architecture and it somehow struck me as something that could fit quake 1 quite well, maybe applied to the idea of the ruins of the monolithic alien city in At The Mountains of Madness...

Artists interpretations of this city :

and now the relevant barren cold brutalism :

I can well envision being chased by fiends through such a landscape.

The simplicity of the brushwork could be a good base for a quick jam ? 
Interior Design And Environment Art: Mastering Space, Mastering Place 
Holy Shit! 
Pic #3 looks awesome! #1 looks like one of these 1970's video effects where one half of the image is mirrored on the other half, except someone really built this. 
wanna live there :

These are pretty cool, even though they are just sandcastles.
Brutalist Marcher Fortress ? 
The Link, Duh : 
Sand Castles 
Those are giving me great ideas for a R'lyeh map I intend to make in the future. 
If It Hasn't Already Been Posted ... 
Cold Night 
Eerily Quake-like Architecture - Djoglo Bungalow 
Japanese Model Site

Japanese Model Site with lots of interesting, detailed monster models and more 
I Guess I Should Link Some Examples 
Awesome Stuff!! 
Just Amazing, I Want To Fight Against Those Enemies* 
Example #1 feels more Doom than Quake IMHO but #2 would make a great replacement for our botched zombie. And Astaroth is just awesome! I would love to see him as a boss. Wait... Dutch over at QuakeOne is trying to raise a project of monster pack, he needs to see this! BTW, if there's any modeler/animator interested in his project, it happens here: 
World's Largest Vacuum Chamber

Mostly just feather/bowling ball dropping, but the beginning seconds are cool. 
You guys wanna start a collective architecture folder in pinterest? 
Holy shit, that door! One has to wonder what the hell do they need a 5-storey-tall door for... 
well, if you have a 5-story tall chamber, you probably want to put really big things in it. Otherwise build a smaller chamber. 
No it's not a prison:

It's a wierd concrete building on the University I went to:

Horrible layout too, to get to the other half of the 2nd floor from one half, you either go down to the 1st floor, leave and re-enter on the other side then go up to the 2nd floor, or you go up to the 3rd floor, across, and back down to the 2nd. 
Horrible layout too, to get to the other half of the 2nd floor from one half, you either go down to the 1st floor, leave and re-enter on the other side then go up to the 2nd floor, or you go up to the 3rd floor, across, and back down to the 2nd.
In other words, a perfectly normal Quake map... ;) Rejoice! You can LARP Quake in your uni, not many people can say that. 
Btw, Hells Entrance Anyone?!? 
Nice Brutalism Architecture

Other side (from railways) looks like a wall of megacity or something like that: 
Michael Vincent Manalo 
Nice Ruined Archway

and album of Austria from the same guy 
This Reminds Me Of Socks Start Maps Somehow 
The Page Title Says It All 
Winter Transformations 
before and after the Ceph 
I opened a new account in pinterest, add me and ill automaticly let you have priviledges to add items to the architecture folder. 
Gingerbread House 
An American McGee Christmas! 
Small mall album I started, will probably add more to it. These are from the Century III mall in Pennsylvania? I think. 
La Biblioteca De Les Ag�es 
Reactor Hall Of Unit 2, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 
Popped up on recommended videos on youtube:

the circular floor in the big room is really cool. 
Reactor Hall Of Unit 2, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 
Popped up on recommended videos on youtube:

the circular floor in the big room is really cool. 
Just In Time For Egypt Jam 
So that's what czg and sock are up to 
Inspiration For A "small" Level 
You should have drained the canal water, and when the police come to arrest you, spank them with a two-height mixed frontspawn, and a cheeky delayed backspawn. 
Sounds Sexual 
For some reson it never occurred to me to use Street View outside the US. Neato. 
Reminds Me Of Tunnel Hill 
Some Egypt 
Cliffside Pool 
Mars. Victoria Crater. 
Rover "Opportunity" for scale. 
Strikingly beautiful picture. Is that frost at the bottom of the crater? I'd love to see the same pic without the yellow boxes. 
The Bottom Frost 
is pan-spermic ooze, inherent in all matter. in the end. we call it bacteria, sometimes. 
Anyone Here Have Some Cool Pics 
of the Lechuguila cave featured in BBCs "Blue planet"?

I want to go there in the near future, but im afraid my claustrophobia puts an end to my plan.. 
Above Was Me 
Reddit Delivers

These three cages, that were used to hold the dismembered remains of opposing religious leaders in the region in 1536, still hang on St. Lambert�s Cathedral in M�nster, Germany.

The best part is this:

The army of M�nster was defeated in 1535 by the prince-bishop Franz von Waldeck, and John of Leiden was captured. He was found in the cellar of a house, from where he was taken to a dungeon in D�lmen, then brought back to M�nster. On January 22, 1536, along with Bernhard Krechting and Bernhard Knipperdolling, he was tortured and then executed. Each of the three was attached to a pole by an iron spiked collar and his body ripped with red-hot tongs for the space of an hour. After Knipperdolling saw the process of torturing John of Leiden, he attempted to kill himself with the collar, using it to choke himself. After that the executioner tied him to the stake to make it impossible for him to kill himself. After the burning, their tongues were pulled out with tongs before each was killed with a burning dagger thrust through the heart. The bodies were placed in three iron baskets and hung from the steeple of St. Lambert's Church and the remains left to rot. About fifty years later the bones were removed, but the baskets remain.

"Best part" hahaha. 
The Whole Post Is Gruesome 
On 1 March 1757 Damiens the regicide was condemned "to make the amende honorable before the main door of the Church of Paris", where he was to be "taken and conveyed in a cart, wearing nothing but a shirt, holding a torch of burning wax weighing two pounds"; then, "in the said cart, to the Place de Gr�ve, where, on a scaffold that will be erected there, the flesh will be torn from his breasts, arms, thighs and claves with red-hot pincers, his right hand, holding the knife with which he committed the said parricide, burnt with sulphur, and, on those places where the flesh will be torn away, poured molten lead, boiling oil, burning resin, wax and sulphur melted together and then his body drawn and quartered by four horses and his limbs and body consumed by fire, reduced to ashes and his ashes thrown to the winds" (Pi�ces originales..., 372-4).
"Finally, he was quartered," recounts the Gazette d'Amsterdam of 1 April 1757. "This last operation was very long, because the horses used were not accustomed to drawing; consequently, instead of four, six were needed; and when that did not suffice, they were forced, in order to cut off the wretch's thighs, to sever the sinews and hack at the joints...
"It is said that, though he was always a great swearer, no blashemy escaped his lips; but the excessive pain made him utter horrible cries, and he often repeated: 'My God, have pity on me! Jesus, help me!' The spectators were all edified by the solicitude of the parish priest of St Paul's who despite his great age did not spare himself in offering consolation to the patient."
Bouton, an officer of the watch, left us his account: "The sulphur was lit, but the flame was so poor that only the top skin of the hand was burnt, and that only slightly. Then the executioner, his sleeves rolled up, took the steel pincers, which had been especially made for the occasion, and which were about a foot and a half long, and pulled first at the calf of the right leg, then at the thigh, and from there at the two fleshy parts of the right arm; then at the breasts. Though a strong, sturdy fellow, this executioner found it so difficult to tear away the pieces of flesh that he set about the same spot two or three times, twisting the pincers as he did so, and what he took away formed at each part a wound about the size of a six-pound crown piece.
"After these tearings with the pincers, Damiens, who cried out profusely, though without swearing, raised his head and looked at himself; the same executioner dipped an iron spoon in the pot containing the boiling potion, which he poured liberally over each wound. Then the ropes that were to be harnessed to the horses were attached with cords to the patient's body; the horses were then harnessed and placed alongside the arms and legs, one at each limb.
"Monsieur Le Breton, the clerk of the court, went up to the patient several times and asked him if he had anything to say. He said he had not; at each torment, he cried out, as the damned in hell are supposed to cry out, 'Pardon, my God! Pardon, my Lord.' Despite all this pain, he raised his head from time to time and looked at himself boldly. The cords had been tied so tightly by the men who pulled the ends that they caused him indescribable pain. Monsieur le [sic] Breton went up to him again and asked him if he had anything to say; he said no. Several confessors went up to him and spoke to him at length; he willingly kissed the crucifix that was held out to him; he opened his lips and repeated: 'Pardon, Lord.'
"The horses tugged hard, each pulling straight on a limb, each horse held by an executioner. After a quarter of an hour, the same ceremony was repeated and finally, after several attempts, the direction of the horses had to be changed, thus: those at the arms were made to pull towards the head, those at the thighs towards the arms, which broke the arms at the joints. This was repeated several times without success. He raised his head and looked at himself. Two more horses had to be added to those harnessed to the thighs, which made six horses in all. Without success. 
Part 2 
"Finally, the executioner, Samson, said to Monsieur Le Breton that there was no way or hope of succeeding, and told him to ask their Lordships if they wished him to have the prisoner cut into pieces. Monsieur Le Breton, who had come down from the town, ordered that renewed efforts be made, and this was done; but the horses gave up and one of those harnessed to the thighs fell to the ground. The confessors returned and spoke to him again. He said to them (I heard him): 'Kiss me, gentlemen.' The parish priest of St Paul's did not dare to, so Monsieur de Marsilly slipped under the rope holding the left arm and kissed him on the forehead. The executioners gathered round and Damiens told them not to swear, to carry out their task and that he did not think ill of them; he begged them to pray to God for him, and asked the parish priest of St Paul's to pray for him at the first mass.
"After two or three attempts, the executioner Samson and he who had used the pincers each drew out a knife from his pocket and cut the body at the thighs instead of severing the legs at the joints; the four horses gave a tug and carried off the two thighs after them, namely, that of the right side first, the other following; then the same was done to the arms, the shoulders, the arm-pits and the four limbs; the flesh had to be cut almost to the bone, the horses pulling hard carried off the right arm first and the other afterwards.
"When the four limbs had been pulled away, the confessors came to speak to him; but his executioner told them that he was dead, though the truth was that I saw the man move, his lower jaw moving from side to side as if he were talking. One of the executioners even said shortly afterwards that when they had lifted the trunk to throw it on the stake, he was still alive. The four limbs were untied from the ropes and thrown on the stake set up in the enclosure in line with the scaffold, then the trunk and the rest were covered with logs and faggots, and fire was put to the straw mixed with this wood.
"...In accordance with the decree, the whole was reduced to ashes. The last piece to be found in the embers was still burning at half-past ten in the evening. The pieces of flesh and the trunk had taken about four hours to burn. The officers of whom I was one, as also was my son, and a detachment of archers remained in the square until nearly eleven o'clock.
"There were those who made something of the fact that a dog had lain the day before on the grass where the fire had been, had been chased away several times, and had always returned. But it is not difficult to understand that an animal found this place warmer than elsewhere" (quoted in Zevaes, 201-14). 
I've Already Seen This 
(the reply in #3560 was mine), but I didn't know the story. These Catholics knew how to have fun! Islamic terrorists are amateurs by comparison. 
Religion Is A Poison 
Then again, religion brought this to the world, as well as many other splendors. 
Feeling Blue? 
Not sure if it's already been linked in this thread but there's lotsa crazy stuff in here: 
Sandcastles Again 
Resource For Animators And Artists

It's a pay site, but you can access preview sequences in lower resolution for free. The sequences show people doing things--athletics, martial arts etc.--which animators and artists often want to represent in their work. 
Does It Show CZG Getting Spit-roasted?? 
If not, it would be useless for my planned custom content, and I'm not interested. 
I spent days searching for a way to make *.bvh files compatible with Blender or Max without result.
It would be such a perfekt way to animate entities into qmle if they could be imported as bvh, and make the references attached.

Short And Sweet Imgur Post 
About abandoned places 
So how this guy is doing it in blender isn't what your trying to do? 
For Mfx 
And More... 
First pic is not real, it's a photoshop of the Bourges Cathedral in France. One might wonder who built a bridge in the middle of a church nave like that. 
I am very impressed with that guy's art, his whole website is impressive. 
Amazing Abandoned City Architecture Paintings 
"Postcards from a post-human city: Stefan Hoenerloh's abandoned spaces" (quote from twitter) 
Some Bomb 

Some examples of what happens when you use deep learning AI techniques to design physical objects. 
We Live In Interesting Times 
I Posted This On General Abuse But No One Seemed To Notice
It's a nice Quake review and on top of that I got inspired for mapnames.
Pls watch!

I personally think that custom single player map names are pure poetry.
I wonder if anyone thinks the same. 
A Partial Index Of Published Architectural Rendering 
Episode 4 IRL 
What I Used To Do 
When I was mapping, I used to take pictures of churches because I always thought the general architecture had a place in Quake. There's something about arches:

And yes, I dropped the highlights, lifted the shadows, and added some grunge to make it look Quakey. 
I Photographed Brickwalls To Make New Brick Textures 
Would anyone help me make a texture wad, if I shared them? 
how many? 
5-10 At The Most, I Didn't Count. 
On top of that I never made any textures. 
Lets move to "Mapping Help". Give me like 2 examples of what you have and I'll see what we can do. 
Charmingly Quake 
Mall Ninja Quake? 
Damn that is one long video, have to watch the rest tomorrow. 
Will this video tell me how the world really works and who's to blame for all its problems? 
Of course not, which stupido would expect such? 
Flying High 
too long

also, a bunch of shit in that site:

ugh... 18 minutes in. a bunch of bulshit 
These guys always looked like something out of the Necronomicon to me. 
Hey it's that sad "serpent" monster from Qtest 
Cozy Asian Village Street 
The CIA Is Celebrating Its Cartography Division�s 75th Anniversary By 
The CIA Should Celebrate Its Cartography Divisions 80th Anniversary By 
overthrowing third world nations and redrawing their borders in the shape of the letters CIA. 
"Drove 6 hours in traffic and ran 2 miles with my camera gear just to have 30 minutes of sunset at the Gateway to Heaven" That he mentions two miles of walk pretty much proves it's an American. :-)

And it's too bad he didn't even try to have a composition :/ 
Probably 50kg Of Gear? 
or whatever freedom units it's measured in. 
Nice Photos, Some Ugly Hdr Colors Too 
Clockwork Crustacean 
thats a smile. Agreed? 
Erm I Meant #3776 
Yeah HDR Can Be Really Ugly If Done Wrong. 
Dang I bet his Chakra levels are through the ROOF! 
China Has Began Using Flamethrowing Drones 
to remove debris from power lines.
What a headline. 
Nifty. Looks like it's from this artist: 
wow, those neo-egyptian pyramids are cool !

Remind me the Sadlark serie ;) 

It'd be really awkward if you accidentally started walking up the small stairs bit instead of the proper stairs, and then kind of tried to save face by looking like you meant to do it, so you go back down again by sort of sliding down the slope in a deliberate "cool slide lol" way instead of reversing down the steps. 
I'm sure the planners and contractors has some interesting discussions during its construction... 
I'm sure the planners and contractors has some interesting discussions during its construction...

before or after it is done ? 
MORE Brutalism 
on second thought, maybe they didn't have any. 
Its Massive 
If Id Software ever make a proper Quake 1 sequel/remake, I hope they model the ogre in this style
ogor want chocalot milk 
Nothing wrong with the original design, as long it is not one of those generic designs used almost in every modern fantasy mmorpg. We need more lovecraftian designs for Quake. 
Real Life Is Still Best 
Burg/castle (for Sock?) 
Piranesi's dungeons and other fantasy ruins have always been a favorite of mine:

Remind you of Honey? 
Spring Damped Steel Tires 
I need of rubber, or in lack of it some engineers came up with this idea:

1st is car tires, 2nd one is for a bike. as is obvious. 
Jeez, Edit 
"in need" of course. 
Piranesi's dungeons look cool! 
Cool Luger In That Bike 
Industrial Machines + Music 
Rabbit Hole Leads To 700-year-old Knights Templar Cave 
Aaaand Its Gone 
Abu Dabhi Grand Cental Mosque 
SpaceX Dragon 2 Interior 
Architecture Old Vs New 
In The Uk 
If a building is a "listed building" then it has to be maintained as much as possible. You can build around or in the structure but you can't alter it. 
In Germany As Well @3816 
There is a term for that kind of protection called 'Denkmalschutz'. 
Listed Buildings UK 
No, that is not quite right. If a building is 'listed' it is not under any kind of preservation order. It simply means that you have to apply for permission to undertake certain works, and that permission may or may not be given.

Listed buildings can be demolished (with approval), which is why unscrupulous owners actually stop maintaining them in the hopes that they fall into such disrepair that demolishion becomes the only viable option.

You will find many ruins in the UK that are listed but they will continue to deteriorate and will eventually collapse simply because the cost of renovating them outweighs the value of the property. There will be no onus to rebuild if it collapses naturally.

You will also find many examples of buildings remaining empty for years only to suddenly suffer instananeous combustion, and miraculously a block of flats appears almost overnight in its place! 
The More You Know! 
Shuttle Launch Booster Closeup Explanation 
Isaac Arthurs Channel

These vids provide some great insight into general cosmology and theories like Dyson Spheres/Swarms, faster than light travel and general Fermi Paradox problems.
Megastructures, a possible space elevator, transhumanism, Kardashev-scale civs, colonizing planets, the Drake equation, the Alcubierre drive and wormholes.
Even the Simulation Hypothesis by Nick Bostrom gets a good treatment.

Mindblowing stuff, subsribe now!

Isaac has a weird pronunciation because of a birthdefect(? i think), he cannot pronunciate the "R" as normal people can.

All vids have subs though, it is more easy to follow him this way. 
Anime II 
Allepo Sandstorm 
What Happens If Human Beings Can�t Handle The Power Of Their Weapons? 
"As I said, human beings are 70+ years into an on-going experiment to see if they can adapt or evolve to handle their weapon's technology. So far, so good. But let's remember that we are a long way from the edge of this tightrope. These might not even be the most powerful weapons we are creative enough to invent. And the systems we have in place still have human beings involved, which is one of those variables that makes it tough to think that we can go another 100, 30 or so years, and have the human story end with the words '...and we lived happily, ever after.'" Dan Carlin 
^ the cask of amontillado 
I made something quite similar to that in my current jam map pyro... 
Quake Style Skull Window In The Real World 
I just found this site. Click on the first picture on the upper left. This is Quake1 in real life ! 
More Like Doom If You Ask Me 
Cassini's Last Mission 
Skyscraper Competition 2017. 
Hindenburg Construction 
Map Name For Someone: 
A Magnificent Structure Of Unspecified Purpose 
That's Pretty Cool 
By Coincidence... 
...I have just been looking at this thinking "inside a large cave with lava flowing instead of water and hordes of zombies chucking gibs at the player as he tries to ascend the cliffs" 
Should Have Said 
It's in Disney (or was it Universal?) Orlando 
After traipsing around umpteen parks and going on every ride I could fit on, and doing it all at least twice each day on 14 day tickets, and taking at least a million photographs, what was where becomes a bit confusing.

All I can say is give the Harry Potter 3D ride a miss if you have just had lunch - I for one will never play Quidditch again! 
House Tower 
Sorry That Was Me Btw 
I was gonna post a double noice in response to #3851 but I felt I really had to log out and use the name field to get the triple noice to really do it justice. 
A Hogwarts Rebuild In Quake Would Be Epic 
It has been done Minecraft, but the main problem would be the floor plan. Aestetics could be ripped from the films. I bet that most of the necessary textures e.g. wood and bricks and stuff like that already exist. 
Using His Work As Reference 
Villefranche-de-Conflent, Pyr�n�es-Orientales Department In Southern F 
Vertical Gardens 
... an abandoned underground parking lot as a Quake map. Apart from that idea being a lame setting in a corridor shooter, I think nobody has ever made Quake map with such theme. Anyone know of concrete-, asphalt-, cement-textures for Quake? I found some stockfootage as an example. 
I think nobody has ever made Quake map with such theme

I wonder why :P

In all seriousness, it doesn't get more boring than a cement room with a few pillars. You could take this concept and make a little more interesting and fun: scale up the pillars like the mines of moria or add tiered platforms strung together with bridges like the ewok village.

I think something like that would be more deserving of your time and energy (and the player's, for that matter). Just my 2 cents. 
If You Want Abandoned Parking Lot 
Go play HL2 EP2. 
Kingpin textures would work. You could make it slightly more interesting with liberal use of breakables. I would probably only include it as a section of a map rather than the whole thing.

Also cars are hard to make in quake so that'd be fun. 
@ #3861 
I already figured that rebuilding a parking lot isn't so interesting so adding a surreal touch would be necessary. Maybe some satanic imagery to mark the territory of Quake. Maybe the parking lot is only the aestetic, combined with surreal architechture. 
Just GIS For Brutalist Architecture 
if you want ideas for a Lovecraftian parking lot. 
Restaurant ? And A Tower 
#3867 Hearst Castle Shots 
I've been there a few times and it's so beautiful. These shots are a bit saturated. I don't recall it feeling that blue. But one of the things about this pool is that it is so forbidden. Since this is a museum I would imagine very few people have been able to take a dip. Sort of tragic no one can enjoy it. 
What Shots? 
The ones in post #3867 
TiTAN - Overdrive 2 (RGB 50fps) - SEGA Mega Drive - Revision 2017 
Re: Concrete/parking Lot 
Ragequit Corporation. Very nice. 
Conspiracy Galore 
Nightmare Fuel 
Origami Insect Wings 
#3879 Wing-folding Diagram 
Physical Model -> Digital Model -> Sprite

probably the most labor intensive way to do it, but very awesome nonetheless. 
That is hella neat! 
(is This Interesting To Anyone Or Should I Rather Skip?) 
5 Ghost Towns 
No these are really cool. 
The Complex Geometry Of Islamic Design 
Otp Ur A Cuck For Posting Islamic Propaganda's 
Oops, forgot to log out! 
From Reddit 
Ziggurat Cabin Thing 
Nice Scrag Artwork 
Sorry if already posted. I did search. 
In Depth Fly-by Of Jupiter 
Been Waiting To Post This For Hours 
Looks Like Darth Vader's Getaway Cabin 
Squarely (pun intended) in the reference part of the thread 
Wadim Kashin 
Dark Souls? 
That sandy one really stands out once you notice the tinie red caped dude.

Also the cave is a really awesome idea for a Quake map. 
Two Pics From An Imgur Post 
Prometheus Acting As A Shepherd Moon On Saturn's F Ring 
Digging The Graveyard Of Oil’s Past 
Squids. Lovely. 
My man berries just tightened at the sight of that 3rd pic. Brrrrrrrrrr. 
2nd Shot = Scampie Evolved! 
Another One, A Sea Spider, Yuck!! 
Steampunk Flying Machine 
Heh! SpaceStation... 
Not sure how these relate to inspiration for Quake but they're pretty cool pics. I love the Space Invader. 
A Winner 
Yeah, Purely From An Inspiration Thread Pov... 
Make A Monster 
From /r/evilbuildings 
2 Posts Shown Because They Were Spam 
Thats Cool 
The World’s Oldest Art Studio (Clickbait)

Anyway, some nice quake brown texture samples in the article. 
More Than Meets The Eye 
More Than Meets The Eye II

Same Studio as above if i get that right. 
Super Nice! 
Loving those mfx! 
from /r/evilbuildings 
Gérard Trignac 
Just stumbled upon this french artist's website. First time I heard about the guy! He's got plenty of inspirational etchings on display in several galleries. I find his work highly reminiscent of belgian comic book artist François Schuiten, and I wouldn't be surprised if one had inspired the other. 
Cool reminds me of the start map for "something wicked this way comes" 
Any recommendations for techbase maps to play?
Looking for some inspiring detailing and/or layouts

I played the quoth redesign of E1 and the start map and first map were amazing techbase examples. I loves the pipes running through the floor, under grilles. 
apsp1, apsp2 (a.k.a. Plumbers), AD's Crucial Error & Terror Fuma, dis_sp6, Guncotton, ikspq5, Invein, lunsp1, map jam 7, oms3, ritualsp, scampsp1, slave, xplore... 
Thanks Mugwump!
Will have a look through these. I already had a look at apsp1 but didn't realize he did a second map :) 
He Did More Than Two... 
You know you can filter maps by author on Quaddicted, right? You can safely DL all of Than's 7 maps there, there's not a single bad one (not all are base, though). Plumbers is one of the very best base maps I've ever played. As the name implies, expect to get wet. A lot.

Oh, and you're welcome... ;) 
His apsp2 is awesome (Plumbers Don't Wear Ties). I actually played it in standard Quake at first before I got stuck and realized I needed Quoth. I recommend playing through with both. Quoth so you can finish it. Standard ID1 first so you can get the feel of isolation and the sheer atmosphere. I actually liked it better in standard ID1, one of my favorite Quake experiences of all time...and it was by mistake! 
Casa Brutale 
Click to see

Oh, and that's an awesome name BTW. 
Re: Casa Bruatle 
pretty damn cool... 
Fuck Yeah! 
Found the floor plan online, I’m thinking about trying to make it in Quake... 
Marble Quarries In Italy 
To Add To Those Quarries - Awesome Video 
More Marble Quarry 
Re: Marble Articles 
Thank you both so much for these links. From the age of 7-19 I lived in my mom's dream house. For many years she dreamt of having a white Carrara marble floor and when I was very young she and my dad were able to build their dream home with this magnificent entryway floored in Carrara. The marble was so beautiful and tough. When I was 18 my mother passed away and we ended up selling the house and moving away. Seeing where that magnificent stone came from is so special and somewhat emotional for me. Dreams do come true but they will always fade away. 
The Typical 
Abandoned Factory

awesome model by andrew gilmour for the game SLAIN! (or possibly SLAIN! 2, not sure :P) 
That Would 
make a cool quake model! 
i really dig the quake/dark souls vibe. 
1962 … TWA Terminal- Eero Saarinen... 
because of how they're stacked each apartment complex has ground floor lift access 
Can I Get Some Inspiration To Do The Sound Placement 
I know I need to place some good-ass ambient sound effects in my map but it's a chore. I wish that sounds could be generated from the surface (just like light already is) in the texture editor so that you can get a drop-down menu right in there to select the sound you want emitted from the source, its attenuation and volume, repeated or not and be done with it, but right now this doesn't exist.

It's a chore, please inspire me. 
It's good to have a visual cue that motivates the sound. So a crack in a wall would be a good excuse to put howling wind at that spot. Same with blinking computer textures, put some ambient computer sounds there. Small, dark hallways can have some kind of unique rumble or hum as if they are near a sound source. 
Thangks Mang 
It's what I am currently doing but oh well, I got to churn it out.

Anyhow, which was the first Quake-map to use jumppads? I'm not talking first for either games, but just the first. I know Quake has the tech to make jumppads which was already used in the wind tunnel map E3M5, but it wasn't exactly the concept of jumppads as portray'd in Quake 3. 
I'm not talking first for either games, but just the first.

Which Game Had A Jumppad First? 
Quake 1 only had wind tunnels.

Quake 3 Arena had proper jump pads.

BUT... Rise of the Triad I believe was the first FPS to have jump pads. 
Oh My... 
You're right. That's the game. 
Habitat 67
A housing complex built in Montreal, Canada for Expo 67, the 1967 world fair.
More photos and info here
Hanging Gardens 
An artist's rendition of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Jean-François Rauzier's 
hyperphotos are fascinating, surreal photo montages to lose oneself in. 
Ancient Spaceship Trapped Under Ice 
here. Obviously a fake (duh!) but I found the pic pretty cool and very well made. 
The Peculiar Brickwork Of 
Carlos Mijares, mexican architect. 
3d-printed House 
Shamelessly stolen from 5th's retweet btw 
Brutalist Stairwell 
For Skacky And For Skacky Only 
The japanese Deepthroat poster is awesome! 
Thought This Felt A Little Bit Quakey 
Their knight is pretty cool too. 
Nice Hand Puppet 
Puente Nuevo 
I remember seeing that bridge in relation to a discussion about Honey. 
A Real Site That Is Really Quacky ! 
Would be great to make this a map for Quake ! 
Quacky, As In Donald Duck? 
Arches, Arches Everywhere! 
A Better View 
of the house shown in the 3rd link in my previous post:
Xavier Corbero's house 
Buncha Doors 
3rd One Has A Strong LoTR Vibe 
Insane Temple In India ! 
I just "discovered" this totally insane temple in India ! Read the "vault B" and "temple assets" sections on this wikipedia page :

This temple contains several secret chambers (or "vaults") that hide an extremelly LARGE treasure of gold and jewels, Frank Herbert's Dune style ! The treasure accumulated since several thousands of years.

The India governement openend several of the vaults in 2011 and 2014 for inventory. The known treasure that was discovered at that time has a value estimated at several dozens of BILLIONS of US$ ! (conservative estimation).

The vault B, which is by far the largest one, has never been opened yet, for religious and superstition reasons (fear of a major catastrophy and destruction !). There are large deaons and snakes carved on the only ver large door (fuck this is real Quake we are talking here !).

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing the vault B door. See this one :

or this picture here :

This is totally awesome and freaking ! Quake style stuff in India ! 
Loket Castle, Czech Republic 
Just Cuz 
What Book Is That? 
Ahhh. That's The Quake Level Design Handbook by Matt Tagliaferri. I've had it since it came out in '97. Came with a CD with QED and all of the tutorial maps were in QED's proprietary format. I tried to install the editor not too long ago and failed I'll have to try this file from Quaddicted. The wads they used for the levels were god-awful but overall it was a great reference when I started out. The editor was pretty good at the time.

The book on Amazon

There's probably a digital version out there somewhere. 
Heatherwick's Zeitz MOCAA 
Lost Paris Housing Estates Now Documented 
Days Of Future Past 
Nice find, Zwiffle. It's always interesting to see what "futuristic" looked like for designers of the past.

About the Zeit-something, interiors look very cool but the exterior shot makes me wanna barf. 
Some Info About That Tower 
Orava Castle, is situated on a high rock above the Orava river in Slovakia. The castle was built in the Kingdom of Hungary in the thirteenth century.
Orava Castle was owned by many aristocrats, county heads and noblemen, protecting important road to Poland and serving as an administrative and military centre for the region

Here's the full castle from a distance 
Zhinvali Dam And Reservoir 
Just outside of Tbilisi, Georgia, the European country you'll find the Zhinvali Dam and Reservoir. It was completed in 1986, several years before the fall of the Soviet Union.
At the dam head there is a huge and rather strange monument to celebrate the event which consists of an enormous slab of concrete with figures embossed on it and enormous steel spikes. 
#4002 Nice!

#4004 Wow! Very quakey. There's a lot of strikingly odd monuments from the soviet era but I didn't know this one. 
Noclipping Around Westminster Abbey 
Inside The Home Of A Saudi Architect 
Looks Like A Dream I Had Once 
It's a little uncanny. 
Jean-pierre Ugarte 
The art of jean-pierre ugarte 
cool find 
.... that most of the images people post here are of giant imposing structures. All fine and good. I love this.

But when I make some giant imposing structures in a map my scale is all "wrong" and my map needs to be "smaller, tighter."

Brutalism is very difficult to do well dumptruck. Brutalist architects often face similar criticism. It usually goes wrong when a designer only thinks about their product in terms of overall scale (i.e. they just make shit big), because good Brutalism is more "complex maths" than just "big numbers". 
You don't make "some giant imposing structures", your whole maps are giant. 
I'm not attempting Brutalism in my maps. Would love to some day. OTP fair enough. 
Vast spaces and imposing structures are awesome but aren't much fun to play in. Most games seem to solve this by making such spaces/structures occupy the backdrop and/or keep parts out of reach of the player (like the cliffs from half-life, for an extreme example). The worlds of dark souls and bloodbourne seem impossibly vast and full of towering buildings, but remove anything that isn't a space the player can occupy and you're left with a much smaller area tailored for gameplay.

Scale is probably the single hardest thing to get right for me and is why I greybox everything and don't even think about art until the space is correct. In my test map, cartographer's nightmare I tried to make spaces feel large while limiting the play space. For instance, the largest space isn't even playable and is first seen by the player while he is in one of the tightest spaces. Other examples include being able to see multiple stories while being confined to a tight footpath, and an 'infinite' ceiling forever out of the player's reach. Despite these tricks, one of the criticisms I still remember is that the spaces were too claustrophobic and the player felt like he was always about to "hit his head". Go figure!

tldr: scale is one of the most important factors in gameplay and therefore one of the most difficult to get right. 
You have to start small until you get gameplay right, then make things bigger. From small to big, that is what works for me. 
We Should Move This Convo General Abuse. but thx. 
First Mass 
Red Haze

Not so Quakey, but damn if that's not a cool picture 
The alley reminds me of a location in DX:HR. 
Bruce Pennington 
great stuff but one of those links is for a different artist named Johfra Bosschart.

I hadn't heard of either artist before. 
Ah You're Right 
I failed to recognize that in my flurry of copy/pastes, but I guess you all get bonus inspiration 
Shadow Of The Torturer 
Those are the book covers for The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe. It is an interesting story. 
I just started reading it :) 
Quake Episode Bosses 2-4: What Should They Be? 
I'm planning on replacing those horrible episode finale Shalrath battles with unique boss character battles.

I'd imagine the inspiration should also pull from Lovecraft mythos.

What do you all think should be the three bosses leading up to Shub Niggurath? 
Why not Cthulhu himself? He's a badass if done correctly. 
Maybe we can find some low poly Cthulhu concepts that would fit into the Quake aesthetic? 
Hmm. The problem w/ Lovecraftian stuff in a video game is that "unknowable horror" doesn't fit nicely into "shoot it til it dies".

Chthon was not a great endboss in that light (if any). Shub was kind of good tho. At least the method of defeating her was sufficiently weird.

I'm going to ramble a bit here about the gameplay rather than specific names of Lovecraftian creatures...

Quake is a straightforward action game so you can't go too crazy with boss mechanics. But bullet-sponge bosses in Quake maps/mods have almost always been a bad way to end things. Maybe a fight that requires clever use of the level architecture, or manipulation of other monsters? Or maybe it requires some action that would seem to be suicidal at first glance (e.g. lava diving), until you get hints otherwise as the fight progresses.

For continuity, Shub could be present in some fashion in each fight, just as a sinister presence or actually intervening, but retreat/escape after each of your victories (until the end). Perhaps remix Shub into all the existing end-episode fights; in e1m8 just an observer overhead, but then getting more and more active in each following bossfight. 
See Here's The Thing About Quake. 
It keeps mentioning Shub-Niggurath in the messages but the entity at the end is very clearly The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath , not the real deal herself. 
Also consider this bit from The Moon-Lens:

The gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath is the name given to the favored, once-human worshipers of Shub-Niggurath. When the deity deems a worshiper to be most worthy, a special ceremony is held in which the Black Goat of the Woods swallows the initiate and then regurgitates the cultist as a transformed satyr-like being. A changed worshiper is also endowed with immortal life.

That's basically what happened in end.bsp, did it not. 
Tentacles Only? 
Maybe Chillo could create something that is impossibly huge and only suggested via gameplay. Imagine a huge octagon shaped area with giant tentacles reaching in through the windows attacking the player. Cause enough damage to a tentacle - it gibs or retracts. Cause enough damage and the creature "surrenders" and retreats to fight another day.

You'd only have to create and animate one tentacle and then through code give it enough variations and randomness to make them feel unlinked and party of a larger creature.

You could also use one of these tentacles in other maps in simpler ways.

There are a lot of great boss battles in the more recent Legend of Zelda games that would be fun to translate into the Quake universe. 
Boss Ideas 
I like the idea of making the boss only defeatable with some clever puzzle embedded in the environment. I agree that the "shoot it until it dies" mechanic was never used in any actual boss battle in Quake. I also like dumptruck's idea of segmenting a giant monster into separate entities, in order to create the feel of something larger than the game could actually handle as a single entity.

Aside Cthulhu, what are some other creatures we could use that would suffice as a formidable boss? 
I Advise Against Cthulu: 
Fuck YouTubers. WTF do they know? Seriously. As soon as I heard the pitched up voice YA LOST ME.

As I referred to in another post you don't have to beat a boss in a battle... remember the ending of Zerstörer? Anyway.

But I did watch the tube and understand the point the pre-pubescent was trying to make... so if not Cthulhu... then his much more fierce and much smaller scaled step-brother Todd. 
Man you seem to have gotten a lot angrier lately. :-) You okay? 
would be best saved for E4.

Maybe just look up lovecraftian gods for some inspiration 
@Johnny Law 
Sorry... mapping withdrawals get me cranky. 
I could help woth the coding for whatever monstrosity you come up with.

@dumptruck_ds: Your tentacle idea is rather intriguing. Combined with breakables it could be rather interesting to have the player running through a place getting tentacle smashed. 
Akantor, Lyngbakr, Shoggoth and Dagon are others I could look in to as well. 
Thanks! I will probably take you up on that. 
The Thing (1982) has some Lovecraftian stuff. Maybe you could try a monster like this:

Since it's a boss it can stay put like this beasty. 
Dark Young 
Dark Young 
Shambler Daddy? 
Kawaiik's Quake Art 
Giga Shamnler and Giga Fiend 
Designing Monsters Is Fun, 
Lovecraft's monsters don't actually translate that well to Quake, because his stories aren't about badass soldiers killing things with rockets. Quake may have channelled some of the essence of Lovecraft in its visuals and naming conventions, but that's really where the similarity ends so I think it's a mistake to look for specific mythos creatures to turn in to bosses. Instead do what ID did, and design something new that fits an action game.

I took the liberty of sketching out a couple of concepts this morning:



Apologies for poor image quality, I'm not near my scanner.

URTHKLAH can move through walls like a ghost and when she's really angry she'll charge with all of her front mouths. Her back mouth fires a volley of zombie gibs. Think projectile vomit. If a gib volley completely misses the player a zombie gets spawned wherever they hit.

MECHOGRE has a slow turning circle so it's wise to get behind him to avoid his charge and rocket attacks, but as soon as you do so he'll launch a volley of grenades to keep you busy dodging whilst he turns. And yes, he does have a giant toothy vagina. It's purely for decoration though, so don't get any ideas. 
Michael Whelan - Portals 
I think a two-headed ogre would be cool. 
I think it's funny how you say Lovecraftian monsters don't fit and then your sketches have hallmark Lovecraftian features: tentacle or tentacle-like appendages, extra mouths, mouths in wierd places, and features borrowed from animals such as triangular teeth mouth like a loggerhead turtle (on the back of your urthklah) and tortoise shell (such as on the front of your mechogre). 
Quake may have channelled some of the essence of Lovecraft in its visuals - Text_Fish [] on 2017/11/03 15:15:10 
Shape-shifting Building In Shanghai 
Re: Attica 
Damn, those comments are toxic and narrow-sighted. Picture's cool though!👍 
The New Demo Of Atlas (Boston Dynamics) 
More Michael Whelan 
ah, that was a cover for one of the Foundation books. 
Exploring Stepwells In Inda 
Impaled By Their Own Teeth 
Interesting creatures. Bookmarked! 
Warm Spot For Books 
Nightmare Seer - GW2 
Nightmare Seer - GW2 
Under A Sea Of Clouds 
^ Asian Landscape 
Not over?!? 
Westminster Tube Station, Get Yo Industrial Piping On 
Fuck Me. 
Someone map that yo! 
any good custom maps that use the runic theme? I wanna better understand how to use runic textures and shapes together 
Don' Forget 
SOCK's Metal Monstrosity 
Fifth's 768 
Ireland is just so consistently beautiful ... 
Clathrus Archeri

Clathrus archeri (synonyms Lysurus archeri, Anthurus archeri, Pseudocolus archeri), commonly known as octopus stinkhorn, or devil's fingers, is a fungus indigenous to Australia and New Zealand, and an introduced species in Europe, North America and Asia. The young fungus erupts from a suberumpent egg by forming into four to seven elongated slender arms initially erect and attached at the top. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba. In maturity it smells like putrid flesh. 
The stuff of nightmares!! or Alien movies... 
I don't like it :( 
Japan At Night 
reminds me of Masashi Wakui 
Weta Workshop - Blade Runner 2049 Miniatures 
#4094 Amazing! 
thank you 
Illustrate All The World’s Mythical Beasts 
For Lunaran 
Warning Signs 
Warning Decals 
Those first few would make good extra skins for the decal model here

I added a few unconventional ones already, but there are some good ideas there. 
Pshaw...go All Out With Signs! bam:

It's a good source for textures. 
Louis Kahn 
Riverfront Mill In Minneapolis, MN 
Russian ALFA Class Interceptor Submarine 
Hirstarts Modular Goth Architecture 
Lava Jam Anyone? 
These are the most impressive aerial videos of lava I've ever seen:

Little slow at the beginning but once it's done talking, there is about 5 min of incredibleness. 
Indian Monuments 
TANK Shortfilm 
They should do a green re-release a la Fury Road's Chrome and Steel release. 
Cable Cars! 
What an unfortunate name, but a cool artist judging from my first quick look. 
...a Collection Of End-of-world Scenarios 
Dunno If This Was Already Posted.. 
Viking Wood Stuff 
Looks like that image sequence has been cut off just before the ones showing "Matt" chopping up some hogtied prostitute. 
Burn The Witch! 
Most Beautiful Libraries 
Perfect timing, I've been looking for some good library reference images. @ Artstation O_0 
Odd One

I don't understand much of the math behind this one, but the shapes are really interesting, organic somehow. 
Handpainted Animated Pixel Art Landscapes 
From an old calendar / planner called Seize the Day that had these beautiful scenes that changed every month, and had variations for each day... sometimes it'd be sunny, sometime it'd be raining or snowing.

Someone's converted these to HTML5

Very cool to see that if you click the options button, you can see that all the animation is being achieved by changes to the image palette. 
Thats Just Awesome 
Mark Ferrari, you don't have to say more.

Here you have his lecture from GDC: 
that video could not be more relevant. I can't believe how he made the time of day changes work. This guy is a genius. 
Gilbert Gorski 
Great stuff, both the pixel art the the Gilbert artwork. That is some really beautiful pixel art. I'm also really into Gilbert's artwork - the Little Boxes one is an instant favorite. 
The Aesthetics Of Science Fiction Spaceship Design 
The Funny Thing 
that's a master thesis in math and computer science 
Posted This On Discord, 
duplicating it here in case not every funcer is over there: 
Reminds Me Of... 
Wow, That's A Nice Castle! 
Picture is ace too, looks like it's floating in the clouds. 
Hohenzollern Is Pretty Awesome. 
3D Scans Of Weird Fishes 
with a 3d-viewer. 
Some Utility WADs 
I packed a few of the textures I made into a couple of WADs: one WAD designed to address some issues with the default light textures, and one to expand a little on the default base textures. 
No offense but not a fan of the site you use for hosting those files. The wads are great though!!

I uploaded them to Quaketastic 
Thanks, I updated the post with the Quaketastic mirror. 
Thanks for the latest link, there are some cool designs in there, but I don't get the first one. What kind of site is this supposed to be? (note that I've only visited it from my phone, not from a computer, it may explain my lack of understanding if stuff is missing from my mobile experience) 
Thanks for the latest link, there are some cool designs in there, but I don't get the first one. What kind of site is this supposed to be? (note that I've only visited it from my phone, not from a computer, it may explain my lack of understanding if stuff is missing from my mobile experience) 
Little Big City Is Just A Thing To Play Around With 
GL renderer of maps onto a sphere.
Pan the map a Bit to See the effect. 
Mega Times 2 
Folded Paper Aircraft 
Some Talk About #4165

Highly interresting for some. 
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