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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
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Quacky, As In Donald Duck? 
Arches, Arches Everywhere! 
A Better View 
of the house shown in the 3rd link in my previous post:
Xavier Corbero's house 
Buncha Doors 
3rd One Has A Strong LoTR Vibe 
Insane Temple In India ! 
I just "discovered" this totally insane temple in India ! Read the "vault B" and "temple assets" sections on this wikipedia page :

This temple contains several secret chambers (or "vaults") that hide an extremelly LARGE treasure of gold and jewels, Frank Herbert's Dune style ! The treasure accumulated since several thousands of years.

The India governement openend several of the vaults in 2011 and 2014 for inventory. The known treasure that was discovered at that time has a value estimated at several dozens of BILLIONS of US$ ! (conservative estimation).

The vault B, which is by far the largest one, has never been opened yet, for religious and superstition reasons (fear of a major catastrophy and destruction !). There are large deaons and snakes carved on the only ver large door (fuck this is real Quake we are talking here !).

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing the vault B door. See this one :

or this picture here :

This is totally awesome and freaking ! Quake style stuff in India ! 
Loket Castle, Czech Republic 
Just Cuz 
What Book Is That? 
Ahhh. That's The Quake Level Design Handbook by Matt Tagliaferri. I've had it since it came out in '97. Came with a CD with QED and all of the tutorial maps were in QED's proprietary format. I tried to install the editor not too long ago and failed I'll have to try this file from Quaddicted. The wads they used for the levels were god-awful but overall it was a great reference when I started out. The editor was pretty good at the time.

The book on Amazon

There's probably a digital version out there somewhere. 
Heatherwick's Zeitz MOCAA 
Lost Paris Housing Estates Now Documented 
Days Of Future Past 
Nice find, Zwiffle. It's always interesting to see what "futuristic" looked like for designers of the past.

About the Zeit-something, interiors look very cool but the exterior shot makes me wanna barf. 
Some Info About That Tower 
Orava Castle, is situated on a high rock above the Orava river in Slovakia. The castle was built in the Kingdom of Hungary in the thirteenth century.
Orava Castle was owned by many aristocrats, county heads and noblemen, protecting important road to Poland and serving as an administrative and military centre for the region

Here's the full castle from a distance 
Zhinvali Dam And Reservoir 
Just outside of Tbilisi, Georgia, the European country you'll find the Zhinvali Dam and Reservoir. It was completed in 1986, several years before the fall of the Soviet Union.
At the dam head there is a huge and rather strange monument to celebrate the event which consists of an enormous slab of concrete with figures embossed on it and enormous steel spikes. 
#4002 Nice!

#4004 Wow! Very quakey. There's a lot of strikingly odd monuments from the soviet era but I didn't know this one. 
Noclipping Around Westminster Abbey 
Inside The Home Of A Saudi Architect 
Looks Like A Dream I Had Once 
It's a little uncanny. 
Jean-pierre Ugarte 
The art of jean-pierre ugarte 
cool find 
.... that most of the images people post here are of giant imposing structures. All fine and good. I love this.

But when I make some giant imposing structures in a map my scale is all "wrong" and my map needs to be "smaller, tighter."

Brutalism is very difficult to do well dumptruck. Brutalist architects often face similar criticism. It usually goes wrong when a designer only thinks about their product in terms of overall scale (i.e. they just make shit big), because good Brutalism is more "complex maths" than just "big numbers". 
You don't make "some giant imposing structures", your whole maps are giant. 
I'm not attempting Brutalism in my maps. Would love to some day. OTP fair enough. 
Vast spaces and imposing structures are awesome but aren't much fun to play in. Most games seem to solve this by making such spaces/structures occupy the backdrop and/or keep parts out of reach of the player (like the cliffs from half-life, for an extreme example). The worlds of dark souls and bloodbourne seem impossibly vast and full of towering buildings, but remove anything that isn't a space the player can occupy and you're left with a much smaller area tailored for gameplay.

Scale is probably the single hardest thing to get right for me and is why I greybox everything and don't even think about art until the space is correct. In my test map, cartographer's nightmare I tried to make spaces feel large while limiting the play space. For instance, the largest space isn't even playable and is first seen by the player while he is in one of the tightest spaces. Other examples include being able to see multiple stories while being confined to a tight footpath, and an 'infinite' ceiling forever out of the player's reach. Despite these tricks, one of the criticisms I still remember is that the spaces were too claustrophobic and the player felt like he was always about to "hit his head". Go figure!

tldr: scale is one of the most important factors in gameplay and therefore one of the most difficult to get right. 
You have to start small until you get gameplay right, then make things bigger. From small to big, that is what works for me. 
We Should Move This Convo General Abuse. but thx. 
First Mass 
Red Haze

Not so Quakey, but damn if that's not a cool picture 
The alley reminds me of a location in DX:HR. 
Bruce Pennington 
great stuff but one of those links is for a different artist named Johfra Bosschart.

I hadn't heard of either artist before. 
Ah You're Right 
I failed to recognize that in my flurry of copy/pastes, but I guess you all get bonus inspiration 
Shadow Of The Torturer 
Those are the book covers for The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe. It is an interesting story. 
I just started reading it :) 
Quake Episode Bosses 2-4: What Should They Be? 
I'm planning on replacing those horrible episode finale Shalrath battles with unique boss character battles.

I'd imagine the inspiration should also pull from Lovecraft mythos.

What do you all think should be the three bosses leading up to Shub Niggurath? 
Why not Cthulhu himself? He's a badass if done correctly. 
Maybe we can find some low poly Cthulhu concepts that would fit into the Quake aesthetic? 
Hmm. The problem w/ Lovecraftian stuff in a video game is that "unknowable horror" doesn't fit nicely into "shoot it til it dies".

Chthon was not a great endboss in that light (if any). Shub was kind of good tho. At least the method of defeating her was sufficiently weird.

I'm going to ramble a bit here about the gameplay rather than specific names of Lovecraftian creatures...

Quake is a straightforward action game so you can't go too crazy with boss mechanics. But bullet-sponge bosses in Quake maps/mods have almost always been a bad way to end things. Maybe a fight that requires clever use of the level architecture, or manipulation of other monsters? Or maybe it requires some action that would seem to be suicidal at first glance (e.g. lava diving), until you get hints otherwise as the fight progresses.

For continuity, Shub could be present in some fashion in each fight, just as a sinister presence or actually intervening, but retreat/escape after each of your victories (until the end). Perhaps remix Shub into all the existing end-episode fights; in e1m8 just an observer overhead, but then getting more and more active in each following bossfight. 
See Here's The Thing About Quake. 
It keeps mentioning Shub-Niggurath in the messages but the entity at the end is very clearly The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath , not the real deal herself. 
Also consider this bit from The Moon-Lens:

The gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath is the name given to the favored, once-human worshipers of Shub-Niggurath. When the deity deems a worshiper to be most worthy, a special ceremony is held in which the Black Goat of the Woods swallows the initiate and then regurgitates the cultist as a transformed satyr-like being. A changed worshiper is also endowed with immortal life.

That's basically what happened in end.bsp, did it not. 
Tentacles Only? 
Maybe Chillo could create something that is impossibly huge and only suggested via gameplay. Imagine a huge octagon shaped area with giant tentacles reaching in through the windows attacking the player. Cause enough damage to a tentacle - it gibs or retracts. Cause enough damage and the creature "surrenders" and retreats to fight another day.

You'd only have to create and animate one tentacle and then through code give it enough variations and randomness to make them feel unlinked and party of a larger creature.

You could also use one of these tentacles in other maps in simpler ways.

There are a lot of great boss battles in the more recent Legend of Zelda games that would be fun to translate into the Quake universe. 
Boss Ideas 
I like the idea of making the boss only defeatable with some clever puzzle embedded in the environment. I agree that the "shoot it until it dies" mechanic was never used in any actual boss battle in Quake. I also like dumptruck's idea of segmenting a giant monster into separate entities, in order to create the feel of something larger than the game could actually handle as a single entity.

Aside Cthulhu, what are some other creatures we could use that would suffice as a formidable boss? 
I Advise Against Cthulu: 
Fuck YouTubers. WTF do they know? Seriously. As soon as I heard the pitched up voice YA LOST ME.

As I referred to in another post you don't have to beat a boss in a battle... remember the ending of Zerstörer? Anyway.

But I did watch the tube and understand the point the pre-pubescent was trying to make... so if not Cthulhu... then his much more fierce and much smaller scaled step-brother Todd. 
Man you seem to have gotten a lot angrier lately. :-) You okay? 
would be best saved for E4.

Maybe just look up lovecraftian gods for some inspiration 
@Johnny Law 
Sorry... mapping withdrawals get me cranky. 
I could help woth the coding for whatever monstrosity you come up with.

@dumptruck_ds: Your tentacle idea is rather intriguing. Combined with breakables it could be rather interesting to have the player running through a place getting tentacle smashed. 
Akantor, Lyngbakr, Shoggoth and Dagon are others I could look in to as well. 
Thanks! I will probably take you up on that. 
The Thing (1982) has some Lovecraftian stuff. Maybe you could try a monster like this:

Since it's a boss it can stay put like this beasty. 
Dark Young 
Dark Young 
Shambler Daddy? 
Kawaiik's Quake Art 
Giga Shamnler and Giga Fiend 
Designing Monsters Is Fun, 
Lovecraft's monsters don't actually translate that well to Quake, because his stories aren't about badass soldiers killing things with rockets. Quake may have channelled some of the essence of Lovecraft in its visuals and naming conventions, but that's really where the similarity ends so I think it's a mistake to look for specific mythos creatures to turn in to bosses. Instead do what ID did, and design something new that fits an action game.

I took the liberty of sketching out a couple of concepts this morning:



Apologies for poor image quality, I'm not near my scanner.

URTHKLAH can move through walls like a ghost and when she's really angry she'll charge with all of her front mouths. Her back mouth fires a volley of zombie gibs. Think projectile vomit. If a gib volley completely misses the player a zombie gets spawned wherever they hit.

MECHOGRE has a slow turning circle so it's wise to get behind him to avoid his charge and rocket attacks, but as soon as you do so he'll launch a volley of grenades to keep you busy dodging whilst he turns. And yes, he does have a giant toothy vagina. It's purely for decoration though, so don't get any ideas. 
Michael Whelan - Portals 
I think a two-headed ogre would be cool. 
I think it's funny how you say Lovecraftian monsters don't fit and then your sketches have hallmark Lovecraftian features: tentacle or tentacle-like appendages, extra mouths, mouths in wierd places, and features borrowed from animals such as triangular teeth mouth like a loggerhead turtle (on the back of your urthklah) and tortoise shell (such as on the front of your mechogre). 
Quake may have channelled some of the essence of Lovecraft in its visuals - Text_Fish [] on 2017/11/03 15:15:10 
Shape-shifting Building In Shanghai 
Re: Attica 
Damn, those comments are toxic and narrow-sighted. Picture's cool though!đź‘Ť 
The New Demo Of Atlas (Boston Dynamics) 
More Michael Whelan 
ah, that was a cover for one of the Foundation books. 
Exploring Stepwells In Inda 
Impaled By Their Own Teeth 
Interesting creatures. Bookmarked! 
Warm Spot For Books 
Nightmare Seer - GW2 
Nightmare Seer - GW2 
Under A Sea Of Clouds 
^ Asian Landscape 
Not over?!? 
Westminster Tube Station, Get Yo Industrial Piping On 
Fuck Me. 
Someone map that yo! 
any good custom maps that use the runic theme? I wanna better understand how to use runic textures and shapes together 
Don' Forget 
SOCK's Metal Monstrosity 
Fifth's 768 
Ireland is just so consistently beautiful ... 
Clathrus Archeri

Clathrus archeri (synonyms Lysurus archeri, Anthurus archeri, Pseudocolus archeri), commonly known as octopus stinkhorn, or devil's fingers, is a fungus indigenous to Australia and New Zealand, and an introduced species in Europe, North America and Asia. The young fungus erupts from a suberumpent egg by forming into four to seven elongated slender arms initially erect and attached at the top. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba. In maturity it smells like putrid flesh. 
The stuff of nightmares!! or Alien movies... 
I don't like it :( 
Japan At Night 
reminds me of Masashi Wakui 
Weta Workshop - Blade Runner 2049 Miniatures 
#4094 Amazing! 
thank you 
Illustrate All The World’s Mythical Beasts 
For Lunaran 
Warning Signs 
Warning Decals 
Those first few would make good extra skins for the decal model here

I added a few unconventional ones already, but there are some good ideas there. 
Pshaw...go All Out With Signs! bam:

It's a good source for textures. 
Louis Kahn 
Riverfront Mill In Minneapolis, MN 
Russian ALFA Class Interceptor Submarine 
Hirstarts Modular Goth Architecture 
Lava Jam Anyone? 
These are the most impressive aerial videos of lava I've ever seen:

Little slow at the beginning but once it's done talking, there is about 5 min of incredibleness. 
Indian Monuments 
TANK Shortfilm 
They should do a green re-release a la Fury Road's Chrome and Steel release. 
Cable Cars! 
What an unfortunate name, but a cool artist judging from my first quick look. 
...a Collection Of End-of-world Scenarios 
Dunno If This Was Already Posted.. 
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