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Who Is The Hottest, P0rkworthiest, Mapper??
Votes please ladies and yeah ah um whatever.

Pictures please. No use just guessing.

I reckon Peej* is in with a chance. Maybe Bal** too with teh goatee of do0m.

* okay so I guess we're including ex-mappers.

** as in really, really ex-mappers.
I'd Say Blackpope
Kawaaaiiiiii !!!!!!!!1!!!11
Lacey Macey 
Note his tiny little hands; good for better mouse control. 
I refuse to show a picture of myself until you post one of yourself.

Is that actually blackpope? I kinda guessed that he was a guy? 
Same Here 
the pic of shambler first! 
pic of shambler first :) 
Pic. Now. 
Pi. N. 
I guess this thread backfired. 
That is a guy, bbrrrr. Looks like Marilyn Manson after rehab. 
Yeah Right 
...I'm not a mapper. Ergo, my picture is entirely irrelevant. Nice try, Shambler quad-rails through the lot of you :P 
are you p0rkworthy? 
Well.. Might As Well Set The Ball Rolling :-p 
Blackpope Is Still Porkier 
My Old Arch Enemy, Warren Marshall

He is a level designer and other sordid tasker at Epic Games. Damn that piercing Byronic gaze! Damn those gorgeous locks! 
Damn that brooding, Jim Morrison like chin! Damn those crystaline clear eyes that belong in better quality anime! 

What a swell party that was... 
1993 -- the year that made the flannel shirt industry a fortune. 
Gib... better believe it, baby!

Anyway, this ain't a thread to get anyone (not just me) to post pictures when they don't really want to, I respect if people don't. Of course, you're not a contender then, but no worries. It's more if there's a public pic already available...

On that subject, I nominate Vondur in the "frightening but stylish" category. 
/me Nominates Fatty For Most Awesome Hat 
at present Sandy Peterson has my vote for hottest mapper, and even if he doesn't win, he'll always have my heart 
I've yet to collect decent pics of many mappers, but I do have several (topless) shots

but i vote for NANOSPAWN 
And Some Bal Footage 
in case someone needs something to help base their votes on

I vote Bal, he's exactly the goateed pale guy im dying for!!

My second vote would be for Lunaran.

And thanks Pope ;) 
Uh, Bal's Pic 
The Bal Vote: 
Spanish arse! 

Sorry Frib you're as sound as a gamer comes, but Peej gets the vote for mansex action... 
Scruffy Scotsman 
Power Of The Fresh Fruits Compells You! 
Drinking Makes Me Beautiful 
You look as bent as they come!

Anyway, I think we have a new contender with Kell....mean and moody! 
Lovin' these pics :D

Err ok well 
doh!! daz si teh cute! 
Here's a bit of friendly advice: Never go to Spain. 
The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains. 
That looks like Sheryl Manson on your Website front page. I'm curiously arroused. 
Im trying to steer attention AWAY from me... do I need to post more topless pics of other mappers ?!?! 
M3h S3xii B00t3h! 
M3h I5 T3h 1jj17! 
da fuk happened with the beard man? :) 
Hey, Not Bad... 
A special prize for the "cheeriest looking mapper" award =). 
I Lose! I Lose!

But I lose by default, because everybody knows that the day I get porked is the day that Hell freezes over and Satan is forced to leave, ascending to Earth, and wreaking havoc upon mortal man, thus ending this age, and beginning a new age of death and destruction.

And we wouldn't want that, now would we? 
I'm seeing some self-esteem issues in your post 
Nope.'s all true, ask Scampie. 
Nope.'s all true, ask Scampie. 
We need to get you laid. I've seen much worse in terms of mugs than what you have got and if I can get laid anyone can (not that I'm ugly, I'm just an a-hole (I use to be a nice guy until I discovered beer)), and damn it, it is your birthright.
What would you say is the one aspect of your being (and, again, it ain't your face) that is holding you back from the score? 
When You've No Milk Or Sugar.. 
no matter how curious you are, do not add lime juice to your coffee:

Oh wait, I'm not a mapper. -Goes and makes textures- 
Yup, Phait... 
...whiny bitches don't count :P. 
Oh, Dear 
I would vote Friction, but he has a picture in IRC-galleria, so I won't. 
Don't recall being a whiny bitch, elaborate. 
I've been told the problem is that I'm "not smooth"...but it could also be that I'm not an asshole...chicks love assholes. But this is neither the place nor the time to talk about such things. If my friends can't get me laid, I doubt some random stranger in a "who's the hottest mapper?" thread on the Internet can. 
but it could also be that I'm not an asshole...

Are you SURE about that??

If my friends can't get me laid, I doubt some random stranger in a "who's the hottest mapper?" thread on the Internet can.

Oh I dunno, I reckon one of us could get you thoroughly laid....just perhaps not in the way you imagined. 
You are probably right that I don't know you well enough for this sort of advice; so I'll keep it brief (I heard those sighs of relief people). If you are not smooth go to the other extreme. Give audacity a try. 
Im really wasted at some party that I don't really remember... someone got my picture phone and took a photo of me :p 
Dietz... look like a rapist, is the camera man ok? 
Slightly more recent (& better) one of me... last night at Gatecrasher as it happens. (white tshirt)

Asaki: No worries, I got the same problem... am cool with it. Being single requires so much less effort :-p 
that's a freakishly long middle finger. 
I suspect the artifial nail makes it seem longer than it really is. 
I don't have audacity either. 
Okay, A Little More Advice 
A kind word and a bag of weed will get you further into a woman's pants than a kind word alone. 

btw I've been in Xen's pants and I'm never going back 
Does he have that Jim Morrison on the Cover of American Prayer look in person? 
Hey Umm.. 
hit 'enter'
is anyone tallying these 'votes' are has this thread completely derailed?

jago was pretty sexy in his leather pants, topless in that shower 
...Errr, no, no consensus is forming yet - AFAIK, I'm the only person actually voting people as "hot or not". Some of the UK people aren't bad, in that typically monged house/trance fanatic way (hmmmm). 
btw I've been in Xen's pants and I'm never going back

I could've sworn that chick was kinda hairy...

& I'll have you know I stayed straight the whole night shambler :-p 
You'll never guess what...I have no bags of weed, either. 
Dang, about the weed.
I was thinking though, being an a-hole is not all ways the chick magnet it is cracked up to be.

I dated a lovely lass for three years, and you'll never guess how I managed to break that up. On my birthday, she got me a fanny pack she had ordered from the L.L. Bean catalog, and me being the idiot I am, I picked it up with two fingers as if it was made of kryptonite, grimaced, and said, 'may be this wont look so gay if I wear it over my shoulder.'

It was a downward spiral from there and my hand and I got reaquainted real quick like after that. So being an A-hole attracts the ladies but it doesn't necessarily help you keep them. 
My votes goes for Bal. Mussy hair + goatee = mmmm! 
Although Kell is right h0t, too. I think Bal wins by a hair (and he has more hair, too!). ^_^ 
Theres No... 
pics of kell! 
No Pics Of Kell 
Well then he gets my vote. Pouring through pics of male mappers to pick out a beauty queen isn't my idea of fun. 
1,000 votes for Kell! 
No Pics Of Kell?? 
Then what is #31 then?? 
Re: Then What Is #31 Then?? 
It is a terrible abomination made to kill people over The Internet

R U 2 Pale, Shambler??? 
just a map of melodies... 
I Think... peed your pants 
Because I brushed my shoes, before sizing Agony. 
i dont know what it means, buts its funny.

yeah, back off, "lackpope". :) 
Because I Would Not Stop For Death 
I met MadFox while dancing under the pale moon
with no carrot. 
What Are You Waiting For... 
But I dance in the right toppic 
Thanks MadFox 
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path

And if the mappers you love start mapping for different games, I�ll see you on the dark side of the moon 
Because You Would Not Stop For Death 
belongs to the toppic:
What happens if we die 
QMD Obviously 
Here's Me 
its a blurry pic, but here's me with some friends posing in new orleans on a foggy day (im the duder in the blue coat): 
Your webspace certainly lieks teh cock. 
I'm voting QMD. 
Since it's working now...

You look like Bill Gates from a distance. 
my theory is that everyone who wears glasses looks likes bill gates from a distance. 
Hey Look, It's Bill Gates! 
Ah But Pushplay 
thats not from a distance. 
actually that guy does look like bill gates, if you took away his armour and sword, and replaced it with something more approprate;

say a suit and a mouse [and a copy of windows XP]. 
Gate Pays The Bill 
Are those glasses rustproof? 
God Damn... 
Should never have mentioned it now :( 
Obviously Not 
Luny Tunes 
...when I start mapping for the right moon,
I'll love the skill setting in my path... 
I Found A Pic Of Myself 
Febuary 2003, New Orleans
I am the one in the blue coat: 
yeah im an idiot dont bother pointing it out 
...and you're still not getting my vote. 
Shambler First... 
A Happy Toppic Start,
A close encountering point of identify mappers
by their mortal appearance...
& a magnetron to bronz your pale eternity for
handing us over a big surmise of your shapeless func_illusion.

and a happy New Thunderbold Year, of course . 
Might As Well Get This Over With... 
crappy pic but it's all i could find. I'm on the far right: 
It May Just Be A Result Of Lateral Translation, 
'A close encountering point of identify mappers
by their mortal appearance...
& a magnetron to bronz your pale eternity for
handing us over a big surmise of your shapeless func_illusion.'

but that is just absolutely beautiful, Madfox 
So is now about the time to collect all these pictures together and submit them to to get a final verdict?? 
My hot'n'tasty mug will be submitted shortly, me thinks. 
Here It Is 
Agent Smith is my buddee! (I'm on the left.)

(Eh? There's no "pie" icon.) 
Mine's up there already. 9.3 :-p 
Ok Fine. 
Which one is you? 
Hot Or Not 
he he he, I knew there was a catch.

A good, healthy looking facial protrusion there, Scampie. 
An uncanny likeness.

* Shambler starts the "buy RPG a better shirt and burn the old one fund" - donations welcome via Paypal.

Scampie - lol, some people look exactly how you'd expect and how they sound. Not bad though. 
Shambler First 
others sound exactly how you would
expect a toppic starts...

Now we can't even compare. 
Me. All Me. 
Without question. I am a stud. 
For some reason I seem to remember you were pretty cute cheshire!! 
Hair Is Longer And Phostoshop Skilz Are Gmspgmsgm[sg 
I can't open inertia's pics. Which sucks cause I wanted to see New Orleans. 
My server at my house is really sweet and doesn't really work. So I put them up herre:

new orleans, I am the one in blue

dirty mirror at my house :]

H-Hour: New Orleans was beautiful, I very heartedly recommend that you take your woman there sometime, either now if you have one or later when you get one :] 
I'm Also Foolish 
Dare I? 
This is camera pr0n! 
3 In A Row 
(I'm the one on the left) 
Sure you don't wanna be the one on the right? 
Your right, or my right? 
makes my penis tingle 
Bal is 53X1357 hands down.
Then probably Daz.
Then Vondur.
Jago also looks reasonable.
The rest of you need surgery. 
Looks Like... of the depressed NPCs out of HL2! 
me looking all creepy-like: 
Kinn Is Sexu 
that is all 
Since Pope Like It, Heres The Old Pic 
I'd Hit It! 
You Guys Are Being Incredibly Gay 
that is not you 
Keine Scheisse, Schimanski. 
But in an alternative BIZARRO WORLD it could be. 
My real pic is here already. Delicious fruits anyone? 
Wow, Vondur 
You could have been cast in 13th Warrior with that look. 
In The Second Pic 
Vondur is holding the camera with his left hand. In his right hand he is holding either:
a. a guitar
b. a sword
c. a severed head 
It's all three.

He's hardcore like that. 
Vondur = mythological Russian god
Jago = lead singer for 80s goth/new wave band
Kinn = the football hooligan who hangs in the back while his buddies are being pummeled with lead pipes 
What About You, Blitz? 
totally isn't the singer, hes more like the bassist or the keyboard guy. 
Recent Pic.... 5th down.

Holding guns in company pics, God Bless the US

The gun is cool, cos it's a replica and it's The Samaritan. It's the cap that makes you look like a redneck :P 
And Another One 
Ok please for gods sake no more pics, k? :) 
i don't have children at the moment, but when i do, i'm not allowing them anywhere near you Jago ;) 
Oh, You Think Jago Is Scary Looking 

he he he 
Aw Crap 
All of you are ugly, except Vondur and me, especially when I'm posing next to a small stream in Japan: 
called me ugly :(

not even my pirate fag shirt can arouse bal these days. that's it, we're not getting married anymore. 
he has seen the purity of the Japanese first hand, living out a Mashima-esque fantasy of hairless chested sex slaves, while we are part of a degraded gene pool that just gets uglier by the generation. It would be far easier on us to accept that the Bal's of this world are beyond our reach. 
Bal Is Pasty 
Bleak like the winters of gorgoroth and the frost demons who erupt into your blackened sould with satanic evil. 
Get a haircut you hippy. 
You Know What This Community Needs? 
female mappers. 
It's nice seeing you up there. How you likin' WI? 
I Nominate... 
Give Me... 
Just buy it... 
you are the most kinetic autocratic requesionable mindpouring retreatable improvable postrenewable graduatable treat reliable toppicsucker I ever saw respawned!

you might see that as a compliment.
if not, send in your picture! 
that was the most non-insulting flame ever!

Madfox you are a mappable, texturable candycorning dib-dab 
Don't Forget Winkable 
began to feel so guilty, I almost hung myself for the identifying truth behind the compliment. 
What About Me... 
Ben Affleck. 
Get those fucking cumsocks off your desk already. 
Is the only possible winner, he looks like a Colin Farrell clone. What was the URL to the pic of CZG holding the CD with dm_overflow? 
Fear The Barney Lover 
Double ACK! 
1. Prod is one of the few people who looks quite different to what I imagined. Dunno what exactly I imagined it but it was more....amphibian, at least.

2. Phait I'd give a good seeing too, although maybe it's the moody picture that makes him look hot. Although he'd definitely have to be muzzled...

3. CZG, old pic, well he actually reminds me a lot of Barney himself, maybe that kinda lost puppy look?? 
i'd say lost kitten :D 
sham in search for the new wanking material?
u old perv 
Dadaa Dadaa Dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
... are you a Jesus clone ??? 
CZG Is Sexu 
I vote func_terrafusion the most handsomest mapping community evar! :D~~ 
For My Part 
.. I don't know who is the Hottest, P0rkworthiest, Mapper , but on this picture, I'm for sure the more drunk of all ;P 
I See What You Are Doing, Kinn 
CZG Is Sexu

When CZG was swooning for you last Summer you ignored him, but when he finds a new interest in Barney Calhoun, you miss the attention and now you want to get some of it back.

Happens every time. 
Am I that transparent?

I've been there before; getting seconded by an animated character is never fun. Damn that Laura Croft! 
Damn that Laura Croft!

Yeah, but her sister Lara on the other hand...oh, never mind :/ 
Yeah. Lara Has An Ass 
you can bounce a quarter off of and you'd get 2 dimes and a nickel back in change. I know what you are sayin'! 
I guess every guy would like to "eat" a pussy like Larra has... 
Laura, Lara, Larra 
It's all goooooood ;P~~~~~ 
.. sorry, I type twice the "r"... BTW, she has good tits as well... 
Uhm, People... 
May I remind you that she is a VIDEO GAME character? �__�

And JPL, you look so french it's scary! 
It's perhaps because I'm french Mister Bal... ;) 
Well, Yeah... 
But even I don't look THAT french. =) 
I'm not sure to understand clearly what you mean... due to my poor english, errr... could you explain a little bit more please ?? 
Je voulais juste dire que meme si j'avais pas su que tu etais fran�ais, je l'aurais devin� en voyant ta photo. =)
Sorry for the frogspeak... �__� 
Nice "frogspeak" Bal, but how did you find I'm french, just taking a look at the photo ?? I'm very interested to know how you find it ... 
It is obvious from that photo, you couldn't be anything other than french :P 
We know you're French by your English. 
Do you say that because I'm drunk in a pub ?? Just think I' not like this all the time... he he he.. But with this kind of reduced point of view can we consider that all Brits are Hooligans ?? Can we consider all US people have obesity problems ?? Can we consider all muslims are terrorists ?? etc.. etc.. ??
Please don't have such meany point of view..
BTW, Bal's french is very good, hhmmm is he french as well .. doh !! 
I prefer this explanations than Shambler's one... 
Je suis fran�ais. =)
What I meant is, your face is very french-like, don't that as an insult ok. ;) 
Don't TAKE that as an insult I mean... -___-
Even preview can't save my poor posting skills. 
Don't worry... I'm not hurt ;)
I just would like to know how you find it, that'all...
BTW, where are you located in France ?? I'm near Cannes, and you ? 
Je suis un sale parisien. =)
Bleh, I wish I could live near Cannes... lucky. =\ 
I'm not cannois even if I live in Cannes, I'm Lorrain (I'm born in Metz..)...

BTW... "Allez l'OM !!!" ( Joke ) 
But with this kind of reduced point of view can we consider that all Brits are Hooligans ?? Can we consider all US people have obesity problems ?? Can we consider all muslims are terrorists ?? etc.. etc.. ??

No, but we can now safely say, judging from empirical studies, that half the french population have rage-control issues. 
pffff, rage-control issue, are you joking ?? I'm really interesting about your empirical studies references... errrr...was it done by FoxNews TV ?? If it's the case, it suck... and please don't believe this... 
Madfox Is French 
and we all know he's got anger issues. 
Isn't MadFox dutch? 
Could Be 
I just said that cuz the French suck balls anyway (historically speaking, from an American view.)

... you suck... and not only balls... asses as well... moron you are... pfff

french/dutch... what's the difference? I mean really?

I just said that cuz the French suck balls anyway (historically speaking, from an American view.)

Yes, damn them for helping the Colonies oust the Crown!

Fuck's the matter with you? 
Colin Farrel? 
Speaking Dutch? 
Definately LSD. 
Madfox's Secret Indentity... 
Syd Barrett!? 
Double Dutch 
LSD is latin.
Barret is brittish. 
rofl wrathl! 
You Know 
Yes, damn them for helping the Colonies oust the Crown!

I did not see what all the controversy over Harry wearing the Afrika Corp get-up was all about. I thought it was a long delayed apology from the crown because of the betrayal by the British Secret Service of Rommel and the other officers in the coup attempt against Hitler. 'bout damn time. 
This is not a debate of nations thread, it's a picture of mappers thread.

And Headthump, that had nothing to even do with what wrath said. He was talking about the American Revolution. 
Hey, Now 
I was defending the crown there. Some have indicated they want to get us back, and I was making an overture. Sheesh. 
He was talking about the American Revolution.

if you prefer to keep the conversation flowing in the topic at hand, we could talk about the madness of King George, that is usually a popular topic here. 
American Revolution... 
.. or not, Worl War 2 or not, errr.. nobody answered to Shambler's question: "Who Is The Hottest, P0rkworthiest, Mapper" on this forum ??

BTW, we are still waiting for some photos.. I just would like to remember everybody we are something like 300 registered on Func_, and we only saw let's say 15 photos... Even if these 300 registers are not "active" today, we should expect here at least again almost 20 photos... So let's go...

This was the point of view of a "frog-eater" with rage-control issues... ;) 
Gee Guys 
Thanks for derailing my #1 source for gay porn! 
Czg, I Am Confused 
Since when was a topic on the forums at derailed? 
Considering The Func_demographic 
every thread is a god damn gay sex-thread. 
Hey, When Is Scampie 
going to show a pic of those abs he brags about? That ought satiate your gay porn fix for a while. 
going to show a pic of those abs he brags about? That ought satiate your gay porn fix for a while.

when he removes the layer of pudding ontop of them 
I never claimed to have abs. Zwiffle was the one to start that claim. 
Uh, Yeah . . . 
<Electro> !users
<scampie> !lusers
<Asaki> !abusers
<scampie> i use my abs every day
<scampie> they're rock hard
<Zwiffle> i use scampie's abs too
<scampie> as a washboard?
<pope> my abs are soft like pudding
<pope> :(
<pope> I sit down 90% of my days
<Asaki> I've got a six-pack.
<Zwiffle> man i can't think of anything about how to use scampie's abs
<pope> school/bus/home = lots of sit time
<Asaki> Yeah, that's right, I've got a six-pack...and it's protected by a nice layer of fat.
<pope> you can have uber abs and still have lots of fat
<scampie> go work out you slacks
<Zwiffle> that's what i use scampie's abs for
<pope> but my abs are ... Zwiffle you scare me
<scampie> yeah serious

design and programming 
I Must Of 
been thinking about Asaki

/me shoots nipple lazers at Scampie. 
From What I've Seen 
I think the Stroggs in Quake IV have nipple lasers. Maybe this is where Scampie's influence came in ^_~ 
Fucking Christ 
I have nothing to do with no damn Quake 4.

and Headthump, I've been misquoted. 
not passing any judgement here. I'm just sayin' CZG needs his porn, and I'm too ugly to be the source.

The quote was found on Sleepwalker's site. Took about 20 seconds with Google. 
I think the Stroggs in Quake IV have nipple lasers.

They actually fire clouds of angry ticks. 
Fat Controller 
Nice green pipe ;P ! But is the use of the pipe in your left ear ??? 
I meant But what is the use of he pipe in your left ear ?? 
Fatty...'s all about the sartorial elegance! 
i love this better

there's more passion :D 
Hail Bob! 
When They Become Fluorescent... 
go to the pipeline. 
Gentle Giants 
nice one popa! 
Holy Diocese, Batman 
Cleaned up to ascend the Throne of Peter. Wow. 
So Vondur Was 
showing me some pictures of his blackmetal past... I did a little digging and went further into his past and found this. 
I wouldn't shag it though.

Now, CZG, get those pictures of Kinn sorted :P 
Kinn & Daz Are Chavs 
Weird Things Here... 
What did they do in Doom3 toilets with some gay papers ?? Are they gay ?? 
We're All Gay Down Here! 
I have to do my "comig out" right now so ... ;) 
I have to do my "coming out" right now... fucking typo error.... grrrr... 
Classy, czg, classy. 
...going Insane 
I had a crazy party last night. We made lots of photos showing how crazy we are. Here are some of them (with my drunk face of course): 
Too Much... 
...aaarrgghh my eyes! 
nice one, pulsar :D 
I Am Hawtest <- my friend made this, I am bestesty roboty(as the polskies would say)! :D 
Met him today... expected him to be much taller. 
Is He P0rkworthy, Though?? 
Actually, best not answer that... 
I Met Scampie 
I wasn't expecting him to be hunched over, multi-legged, and pink. 
I find both of you extremely attractive.

er...wait...that's not right... 
er...wait...that's not right...

That is the most reasonable thing anyone has said in this thread thus far. 
A Couple Of Pics Taken Today 
both are forbidden to view 
that's Gods way of helping us. 
zomg some kind of sexy synth player? :D 
New Bumpersticker. 
"I'd rather be watching tubgirl!" 
I Demand 
high resolution of

highest you got 
This is the most ambiguous photo I've ever seen... ;P 
Email sent. 
Oh God 
why did i ask for this.... mwahahaha 
My Favourite 
still ...BAL ! yeah 
Well, I've Got A Map Released, So Why Not? 
So Ionous, do you like hard house? 
Me, Vondur and Ionous - the unholy trinity of metal mappage. All your house are fucking belong to us >:( 
yes yes yes!

Casus Luciferi 
I think the closest thing i've heard to "Hard House" would be DJ Irene. She was decent, just not something i'd listen to on a regular basis.

When i get around to it i'll post my CD collection the site. I think it gives yours a run for its money, Vondur :) ( At least in terms of satanic black metal ).

Oh yeah, and if anyone was wondering, that was an Octinimos shirt. 
by Octinimos i meant Octinomos. 
What about Ben's Fold Five??? You can't forget about Ben's Fold Five!!!!

Where in MA are you? (if you feel comfortable saying) (not serial killer) 
Well, If You Insist On Not Being A Serial Killer.... 

No one really seems to know where that is whenever i say that though, so i'll also say it has the distinction of bordering Salisbury. 
I know where it is, and I'm coming to kill you.

Just kidding.

Brockton here. (not gang member) 
I'm coming to kill both of you anyway. Me and CZG. Double team. Boo ya. 
Ben Folds? 
This is me when I hear Ben Folds,

ZZZzzZZZZzzzZZZZZ(cough)ZZZZzzZZZ(snore)ZZzzZZZz(yawn)('oh, man, great nap!') 
Just What I Need... 
A serial killer gang member, a sociopathic Zwif, and a Viking who thinks he can swim the Atlantic.

Never been to Brockton, although my father lives in South Boston, so i occasionally make the trek up ( despite my loathing of city traffic ).

I have to dodge gang members when i drive to school in Lowell. It used to be fun, the novelty wore off.

When i hear Ben....wait, that never happens. 
Just For The Record 
Zwiffle is a terrible child, and noone should ever talk with him.

Kinn is a sexy little brit with narrow, beady eyes and I want his body really much.

The rest of you are fugly, kthx. 
But But But But But But 
I Think It Should Have Been Post In Drunk Thread: 
I have to dodge gang members when i drive to school in Lowell.

I lived in Lowell for a couple of years before moving to WI. I was unimpressed with the East Coast in general, and it's my least favorite part of the country (having grown up in the midwest/south (OK, FL), and lived in the west (CO), and on the West Coast (CA)).

A buddy once remarked that if they were going to give Massachusetts an enema, they'd stick the hose in Lowell. 
Gang Members In MA 
That's as odd as gang members in WI. Nort' side! 
What About Gang Members In North Carolina? 
Crazy stuff. 
You Have Laotian Kids 
wondering around, spray painting everything in your neighborhood, too, RPG? 
Although i'm very happy with the Northeast in general, your buddy's comment rings very true. 
But there are plenty of rednecks; although they tend to stick to themselves.

The only thing I know about gangs in North Carolina is that Durham has quite a reputation. However, it's not just about gangs, but crime in general.

And this is all quite off topic so I'll shut up. 
...another bass player. RPG, Asaki, me... anyone else? 
...Ionous, Asaki and me... RPG is just some pretty boi model wannabe. 
Speaking Of Music 
Practice track for the band i play in, I.S.o.S.

( Black Metal ) 
Did you get a chance to fire your mixer/producer before he comitted suicide ?

Not my cup of tea, although I do like music on the heavy side, I am more old school (as well as old) I prefer stuff like Black Sabbath, I also don't mind Black Sabbath, I sometimes listen to Black Sabbath, but mainly I just listen to Black Sabbath. 
But there are plenty of rednecks; although they tend to stick to themselves.

Mud and bugs tend to stick to them also. 
The recording quality is very low, we used a 4-track and mixed everything on one of our computers. 
2 New Pics 
WindSurf Action Pics 
I'd Do Your Friends, JPL 
At Least 
Jago has some bloody clothes on this time~! 
Jago Stole My Leather Jacket! 
I've Seen You Before 
Didn't you use to sell bongs and pipes at my local head shop? 
That Pic Sucks Tho 
More Of A Ed Norton, 
American History X vibe in that picture 
I have too much of a horse face to even be anywhere near Edward. 
Every windsurfers are my friends ;) 

Damn you beat me to it...

Actually, you look quite hot in that picture, even despite being an oddball on here. 
It IS conical? 
Viet Hat... 
At least it will ease vietnamian hat use ;P 
looks like he escaped from a mental institution or some reform school. grow your hair back , I'm serious 
I Decided 
to immortalize our beloved asaki 
I want to grow it back but it won't happen without a little help of Rogaine. :( 
New Pic 
no more pics, u are destroying the image of all func_ users being human and vaigly normal in appearance...

PS shambler rename to photobler and upload some shots k

/me seconds that 
Jago Is T3h Sexy 
I can say that because he's bi, and it's not gay because it's the internet.

But seriously, you got this new-age psuedo-Vincent Price look goin on. Spooky. :D 
How The Hell Did This Topic Get To 325 Posts. 
Worst topic evar.

Jago, you might not be gay but you look incredibly gay, in fact the gayest looking mapper by a long way. 
looks like the disturbed kid on Desperate Housewives.

uhm, I was it for the MILF tits, I swear! 
Was = Watch 
ah, fuck me 
Hello <- don't wank off to this, it's illegal for 4 more days, but SOON you will all have release. 
Poor Bastard 
you got a face ugly enough to make me lose faith in God AND Darwin. 
Ah Right. 
Yes, I vote haircut. 
i�m not a mapper iet...just noob but i�m hot... 
Don't Be A Cowboy Vondur 
lol von looking like a bum 
Ok Czg 
VON! The resplendently coiffured woodsman of the snowy domain!! 
Errr... Are you really living in Russia ? Cowboy + snow + wood = Canada for me ... doh !! 
yes russia, the hat brought from australia 
Vondur Is Teh Awesome 
If you go down in the woods today, be sure of a big surprise. That's where you will find the mutilated corpses of all the teddy bears as Vondur massacred them when they were picnicing one day. 
Nothing Wrong With The Cowboy Hat... 
If Fields of the Nephilim pulled it off, why not Vondur? 
The One Name They All Fear 
...not to be too pedantic, but that is a manly Stockman's Hat not an effete Cowboy Hat.

Phait: moustache must go! 
You don't like my caterpillar? 
you just broke my heart, after the first pics you posted I thought you were teh dark aewsome dude, but on the latest you completely destroyed that image looking so happy :(

On topic I think Bal and Jago ftw. 
you just broke my heart, after the first pics you posted I thought you were teh dark aewsome dude, but on the latest you completely destroyed that image looking so happy :(

On topic I think Bal and Jago ftw. 
Cue Wah Peddle...! 
New Pic 
NIN + All Black + Ipod? 
u r so edgy 
Yeah - Vondur, I think you kind of look like a hairier version of screech. But, you know, scarier, and perhaps itchier. 
I'd Like A Vondur Update. 
Late Entry For... 
Josh Skeldon, obviously. 
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