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Oh Aye 
that's what I meant about basic elements of scifi design - the colony in Aliens ( '85-'86 ) has a section like that used for outside establishing shots of the operations center. Of course, in Aliens it's all bluish gray.
It's just the number of similarities to Coriolis; it was the first thing that struck me. ( and the other thing that struck was...well, the other Thing that struck me :P )
cf. screenie - 
Doom3 Screens 
Not bad. Hope they fix the Lost Souls to more closely resemble that Revenant-thing's head. 
Decent Screenshot 
good but not great, compared with HL2. And i can see the CS influence there, despite the standard scifi elements etc. Whoever was responsible for that area/theme was quite likely inspired by coriolis storm, it is popular enough that someone at id has seen it, im sure. 
Just To Stir The Pot A Little More... 
Mmm, Pot... 
Truth is, Doom 3 - and probably Quake IV - is just a bunch of very old ideas with the detail cranked up 'til the handle falls off. 
I like that comic.

>Oh, and apparently hl2's been delayed:


From the article
>We are currently targeting a holiday release

Maybe this means I'll get a Christmas present this year. I mean, Santa *must* have a limit on his supply of coal, he's gotta run out sometime. 
I Quite Honestly Don't See It, To Me It's Like This 
"OMG, did you see the new Mitsubishi Magna, well they have totally ripped off the model T Ford, ............ Yeah, they both have Wheels !! OMG"
that screenie reminded me of one of the beginning levels of unreal 2. 
What A Hideous Thought.............. 
I was hoping that nothing would ever remind me of Unreal II, oh well, a couple of days complete rest, and some strong medication should cure that. :) 
Oh, Great 
HL2 released just in time for christmas. What a surprise... The sad part is of course that lots of other good games will now stay in the dark. That is, if Valve manages to release the game in time (like that'll ever happen). 
Am I the only one who feels that Doom 3 has some of the worst monster design in recent games? (And by "recent games" I mean all FPS since Daikatana.) 
Worst And Worst, Miss Bloom 
I guess you refer then to the recent shots of the revenant and trites. Yeah. They look meh.
The zombies are humans, which is fair enough. Then there's those baby insects, which I think are quite cool, and definately unusual. Then pinky and hellknight, which ,quite frankly, I think are fucktasticly marvellous.
So you are a big, fat doodiehead, Mr.Rectum. 
Cranked Up 'til The Handle Falls Off 
Heh, I like that. I also like the saluting cat. I think he has a name, but I forget what it is.
Skeletor with guns for shoulders is pretty lame, but the rest of the baddies look good to me. Id seems to be holding back on screens from hell, and I expect that that is where the coolest of the monsters are going to be. 
I <br><br>ed out of habit. 
Calling RPG 
I didn't get the mail. You could also try for me. 
Actually (dot Dot Dot) 
I thought of Coriolis Storm when I saw that d3 shot too. If I was Lun, I'd try and make this work for me so I'd get a position at id -- or at least some of that fat, sweet Activision cash. 
dear id,
I made a level with your tools for one of your games, and I think that you have ripped off my design. Please send $50,000 in used cash, smaller bills only, to me. Or I will have to take legal action.


(Adding Ken Starr to speed-dial, looking up 'subpoena' on webster. etc. etc.) 
at wrath. 
about similarities Abyss put it well.

as for monster - they all look damn PLASTIC
ID better work on gloss/speculiar texturemaps

and if you like to drool over screens, check stalker
definately the most impressive technology and stunningly realistic looks 
Nice Ftp With A Bunch Of Game Trailers 
Calling Glassman 
K. Lemme try that other address. 
about similarities Abyss put it well.

No he didn't. 
That is your opinion.

And you know what Mr. Eastwood said about opinions. 
"Mine is the only correct one?" 
I'd agree with the ripping off of Coriolis Storm if a) It looked something like Coriolis Storm (more than a passing resemblance) and b) Coriolis Storm wasn't so derivative of 'standard other planet base' design.

Everyone knows what a futuristic base would look like, that's why they all look the same. 
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