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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
Speaking of anything -- did you know that Willie Aames is Bibleman? 
Yes I did know that. My mates and I saw a few Bibleman tapes at Walmart once, but I couldn't bring ourselves to pay even 5 bucks they were price at for them. Maybe for a laugh one day... 
Im very glad to see the revival of QMAP as we know it. And happy icons ! <sheep>
Thank you metlslime 
hey, no icons 
It looks just like QMap. >P 
is fat 
is fat 
is fat 
refreshing the page after posting causes duplicate posts 
in Opera at least. 
this is cool, w00t.

Good work metlslime.

should i Post something meaningful?

see if links work ok ....

<a href = "">my website</a><br><br> 
I Screwed It Up 
oh its got those funny tags right? :/ 
Color Change? 
Tony Pie 
had a little lamb. 
test, this is nice 
Dunno If Is Just Me But... 
The main forum index doesn't tell you how many posts their are. 
A preview function may prove useful :) 
Registered Users... 
Since registered users have a personal information page which displays their email, website, etc., perhaps you could add an 'add map function' where they could add links to maps they've made :) 
Merry Xmas All 
and a happy new year 
Qmap is back!

Maybe you'd noticed already? 
Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiii Waaaaaaaaaaaaiiii 
A link back to the forum page at the bottom would be nice after reading through all these silly posts. 
I Agree. 
I'd like links back to the main forums placed at the top, bottom, halfway and 3/4 points of the page. 1/4 down would also be nice. thank you. 
Looks Almost Like Home! 
Even Though... 
a small touch of jungle theme had been exitingly fresh! ;) 
There so has to be a link to go back to the main forum page down here by the reply box, because it's a minor hell every time I have to scroll up to the top to go back...

See the home key.

Press it. 
I'm Glad To See That I'm Not The Only One Who Doesn't Like A Good UI 
Oh, Fancy... 
I like.

But IE:mac croaks sometimes...

nice job metl. 
Oh, Metl. 
why can't titles be empty, it's really stupid to have a title for your yes or no posts. 
Good Job Nonentity 
some ppl prolly never use the home key.

cmon guys, you NEVER use it for typing? did you take it off from the keyboard.

well then, put it on a separate little interface like the ctrl alt del when you used to run win98!!

ps this is VERY close to old qmap. i feel all warm now 
1 Million Ruble Question 
(no offence to russians but the italian lira is now extinct...)

how many still use the are ppl comfy with switching totally or will it be a bit of both?

i'll give you my attorney's number if you win the prize because i dont have 1m rubles. i spent it on the mars bar i'm eating atm 
Custom Tex 
How do you use them in GTKRadiant? Where do I put them and how do I load them in GTKR/ 
Wrath Uses A Mac? 
I never woulda guessed. 
good'ol homey qmapness

Regarding Titles 
In the old QMap, if you left the title blank (that is, you cheated and used a space instead of a character) and then used QMap's search function, if that post contained information relating to your search, it was impossible to view that information.

That is to say, QMap tried to make a link, but since it used a space instead of a character, you couldn't click on it. Until now I hadn't thought of checking the source code for the URL, but it's still stupid to have poor functionality just to appease those who are too lazy to type in a title. 
maybe I don't want my post serachable. 
With your typing/spelling, who'd want their post "serachable"? 
Chickfight! Chickfight! 
You go girls! 
Space, Blank, Emptiness, Loneliness (do Emotions Count?) 
rpg has a point
scampie gets a sarcasm point (what colour dyou wannit scampie?)

chick-fight ended. next on qmap deathmatch mac users tell pc users who the daddy is

round 976: "who originally stole the idea from xerox"

ARE there or WHERE there any chicks in qmaps bunch of lions? 
Who Got Lost 
are fingers and other lads posting with different names, secretly or just aint got time? 
It woiks! 
"wrath Uses A Mac?" 
"I never woulda guessed."

well, yes, I do. I got a chance to lease a computer through work, and opted for an ibook. I have a PC system at home as well as at work, but 2.2 kg together with apples solutions for laptops sounded really nice.

oh, wait - were you being caustic just there? 
That Was Me 
#47 was me.

what the flying fuck happened? 
if I use safari for osx, I can't even log in.

carry on. 
so what happens when you try to log on in safari? Do you get an error message when submitting your username and password? If not, does the "register | log in" change to "account | log out" on the next page? 
no, it never changes, it's like safari just doesn't understand that it's supposed to be logged in.

safari is still in beta though, so hopefully it's a bug that'll be ironed out.

I'm using ie for mac now, cause safari is having problems not only with func but also with also, I can't access the exchange interface for my work-mail.

other than that, it's great. :) 
on this board, being logged in or not is just a matter of a cookie being present (and containing valid info.) So maybe safari is having trouble either sending or recieving cookies. 
Who's Online? 
I though it was good when it told you who was logged in, is that going to be included? 
yeah, I'll be fucked if I know...

nevermind, if it still goes tits up after beta, I'll look into it. 
Another Good Feature Was.. 
1 Other Thing 
would be to bring back the map editors columns 
I doubt i will add site/map/review trackers, or columns. They don't seem critical to the community in the same way basic thread/post functionality is.

If you want a column to spew nonsense (as many did,) write it on your website. If you have something worthwhile to say that people will comment on, start a discussion thread.

Map releases can be announced via news threads. If you want people to see all of your maps, put them on your website. And as for reviews, even on the old qmap review sites typically posted a handful of reviews at a time and announced it with a news thread.

Oh, and you mention a people tracker -- that's what the "people" link is on the menu at the top of the page. 
I'd kill for a link bar like the one at the top, right here, between the last post and the Post a reply doodad. 
Good Point 
I have to agree with czg. It's a bit annoying having to scroll back to the top of the page to get to the nav bar. 
Far Out! 
i didn't even know about this. this thing rocks! 
I need to use the toilet. 
i think Scampies news submission CERTAINLY qualifies as news! 
these last two posts are examples of news submissions that were rejected. Whenever a news submission is rejected, they become normal posts in the GA thread. Anyone have a problem with this? 
Test News Submission 
Another Test 
reject me! i am un-newsworthy! 
One More Time 
i released a map beta which nobody cares about becuase it's a box room with 4 quads. 
No, That Didn't Work Right. Let's Try Again 
I put up a website which has no reviews, just a crappy html thing with a 300k logo. 
that worked. 
It Did Indeed 
Excuse me people, is this the department of floral decor? 
the link for 'last 25' doesn't work. it links to key part of that being the "start=-24" part which is incorrect and seems to refer to post# -24 and not post# (totalposts - 24) like I believe you're trying to accomplish. 
it seems that Opera can't log in correctly, but I can still post as myself. 
would it be possible for the news items to say how many new posts there are in them? 
Scampie: Okay, that explains why you keep posting anonymously :)

As for the "last 25" link, it works for me. Very strange.

necros: Yes, i could do that. 
okay, i guess it was only broken when you're logged out. Works now. 
Change Of Email Address 
Due to excessinve spam I've changed my email address (the old one was just becoming unuseable).

So this is the new and current email address to use:

No one loves me and I never get any email anyway so I guess no one cares. But if you ever do need to mail me (to shout abuse, or tell me I'm a loser) that's where to send it. 
No Need... 
When we want to abuse you, we do it here. :) 
omg there is a cube icon.. /me hugs metlslime 
that's just a placeholder until i can come up with one that sucks less. :) 
so how does news posting work here? I just submitted some news but it doenst come up, does it get stored somewhere for approval or cant everyone make news? 
new submissions have a 'pending' status where they wait to be approved or rejected by a moderator. There's more info on the "site" page, but maybe i should repeat that info on the submit news page. 
I Dunno If This Was Mentioned... 
are there plans for some kind of random title if there isn't one present in the box? 
yeah I figured it was something similar to the way Peej 'n' Frib used to work but thought I'd ask anyway (I didnt read the site page). Sorry, I was just used to posting news at qmap I guess :) 
Meeja Hor! 
sheesh. sure a lot of tips and stuff you're giving metl. site is improving considerably. 
New PC? 
So after like, five years, I finally decide to get something better than the little steamengine that I currently use...
Anyway, I have come to something along the lines of this: (Hope the lines aren't too long, and anyway it'll all be screwed up because I forgot how to use the q tag)

AMD Athlon XP2600+ 2.083 GHz 333 MHz bus Socket A (Thoroughbred)
Asus A7V8X/LAN/GD Hovedkort Socket A DDR VIAKT400, ATA/133, ATX, USB2.0, 8X AGP
TwinMOS PC3200 DDR-DIMM 512MB CL2.5 Memory 184-P (for DDR-PC400MHz)
Asus V9280 GeForce4 Ti4200-8X 128MB DDR AGP, (V9280/TD) DVI, Tv-Out
Western Digital Caviar 120GB IDE 7200RPM Special Edition 8MB cache WD1200JB
Suntek Miditower TH-656 Silver Case w/300W P4 / AMD
Creative Soundblaster Audigy Player Soundcard PCI with Firewire
Pioneer DVD-player IDE 16x/40x Slot-in (DVD-106S)
LG 19" CRT F900P TCO-99 Flatron screen USB
GlacialTech CPU-fan Socket A/370/FCPGA Igloo Silent Breeze to 1,4GHz/ XP2700+
Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse SE Wireless mouse USB/PS2
Keytronic keyboard KT2001 Ergoforce USB
Logitech Z-540 (Speaker), 4.1, 4 Satelites and Subwoofer

Comments? Anything I should change? Recommendations?
Budget isn't too much of an issue thankfully, since I've been saving up for a long time now... 
Comp Specs 
czg, perhaps consider ATI Radeon 8500, they're faster than the ti4200's but do have some compatibility problems with older games (ie maybe quake). Worth looking itno though. 
You Could 
Buy an ATI Radeon 9500 (�113 from Novatech with delivery), then there is a software mod you can download which unlocks the chip and you can take it so it is just as good or better than the 9700. Fullscreen AA with max graphics on any/most games.

Isnt the latest surrond 5.1?

Anyway the rest looks fine.

p.s. The Radeon totally beats the GF4ti 4600 128mb 
YOu have got to get the 9500 non pro, the 128mb one that is based on the 9700 pcb

This software mod activates the extra four pipelines on your card, turning it into a Radeon 9700 
good quality bits there. i trust you have made pcs with separate bits before. there is always some niggle round the corner (either with the hardware, like the case is slightly wrong, or initial conflicts). are cordless mouses good enough these days. how much do they weigh with new batteries?

do you need new screen, keyb and all?
well, all i can recommend is to have a really good HD (which you have). if you do music, turtle beach and other companies do the biz. if you don't, all the common makes are good for games... 
On the other board you asked if I was able to do the engine mod I was talking about, where the engine auto-loads mapname.cfg to set values such as gravity and fog.

The answer is, I can do it in QC code, but not in the engine. However, I have posted to asking about it. I'll let you know what they say (maybe it's already been done, or they'll add it to telejano or darkplaces).

Also, I'm going to ask what the best way to do it in qc is (it's a simple task, the question is timing), and I'll post it here for those interested. 
Engines That Already Have It Done: 
Cheapalert says:
It's only done on mhQuake and Telejano i believe...

Telejano is a good bet then. 
Half Life Question! 
is half-life based on the quake 1 engine or quake 2's, or a mix of Quake1/quake 2?

I always thought it was clearly based on Quake 2's engine, but others seem to think otherwise....can anyone offer a definitive answer? 
i think it started with the Quake 1 engine then switched to the Quake 2 engine later in development, then they modified it 
Yeah doesnt seem to me any of the original quake 1 engine is in the final half-life product, it just doesnt look or feel like quake 1, it must be quake 2. 
It's a very heavily modified Quake1 engine. 
Hl Engine 
I think I read somewhere that it is some monster consisting of q1 and q2 engine plus valve's own evil additions/modifictions of course. 
as i said

and confirmed by the <a> blues news guide</a> 
Func_msgboard Uses Real Links? 
Stupid Messageboard 
I first heard Q2 engine but now everyone says Q1. I can guess that's a measure of the game's success -- think about coming out with a hyped game AFTER Q2 using the Q1 engine -- they can now admit the truth. Plus, it probably does include Quakeworld type enhancments and has 3D support out of the box, is that really different than Q2? I'd guess it is more Q1, since it performs fairly poorly while Q2 is smoother than Q1, but that is hard to judge since maps and polys also differ. Anyway... 
Wireless mice can be a little bit less reliable than their corded bretheren, also batteries are a bitch. Do you really want to use the mouse anywhere the cord won't reach? I never do.

Also, dos games won't recognize the audigy, the sb emulation doesn't work for me. If you're big into the old dos games, then you should look for a different card. Otherwise, it works and sounds great. 
Hope You Use These In Any New Maps. They Rock!

for those who get fed up with browsing thru' pq just to get any NON-q3 news. 
Pax Imperia Is Coming... 
Years have passed. The remaining Strogg army hordes have retired from fighting, but have not given up their bloodthirsty lust for revenge. They have gathered in their heavily fortified headquarters, lying in wait like wound animals for you to return to finish them off. They know you're coming. You always do. But this time, they are ready for you. They are ready to die to the last soldier to see that this time, you die too.

You have more powerful weapons for this battle than you ever have had in the past. You are primed! You are trained! You are rested! You are ready to battle the last of the Strogg to finally restore definitive universal peace (Pax Imperia) to the world."

Screenshots and more info 
Sorry Guys... 
but neither of these really qualify as news. Quake retexturing is a generally ongoing thing where a handful of new textures show up regularly -- in this case most of the textures on that page have been posted previously on other pages. And a promo for a map where all you do is provide screenshots, half of which i've seen (i think i even saved a few on my hard drive last year) isn't news either.

Both links are worth checkin out, though. 
HL has blatant use of the Q1 clipping bugs. It rather annoyed me in that way. 
It works! Or did I actually post this already? 
Whaddya Feed A Blue Boar? 
There's an outfit down here in Wellgniton that's looking for people to work in the games industry. I've already expressed my interest, but they want samples - on CD, if possible.

Now, none of my crap runs without Quake, so what do I take along to the meeting?

Currently I'm thinking of just making a little Powerpoint slideshow, and maybe adding the zips as well, assuming I can get hold of a burner. Any other suggestions? 
I'd say bring a CD with your Powerpoint slideshow plus your best maps. I should think that if they don't have a copy of Quake then they could get their hands one fairly easily.

And GL, Fatty! 
the obvious suggestion would be to contact them before the meeting and ask them to install/give them Quake to install on their machine.

Unless i have misunderstood something. 
The other thing you could do is use some sort of utility to grab a video file of walking through a level, it's fairly common for animators to render animations of walk cycles and stuff in CD portfolios, but I've not seen many level designers with walkthru vids, although it can easily give a better impression of a level than static screens without really requiring your prospective employer to have any particular software installed.

You might also want to think about a printed portfolio with screenshots, plans, sketches and stuff that you can take along to interviews. This is handy because it gives you something to talk about beyond the usual 'so, what can you offer the company' bollocks. You can say 'Hey this map is smart, because of this, this and this, and I planned it like this, but I changed this because... blah blah... these are the ironic crates... blah... and I made all my own textures out of scans of used kleenex! And this archway is shaped exactly like hello.jpg! I rock!' Er, well not exactly like that but you get the idea. This technique is especially useful for those who are morbidly obese, have a single nostril or whose eyebrows meet in the middle because it allows the interviewers to not look at the applicant without feeling self-conscious.

Whatever you do, concentrate on what you feel is your best work rather than bringing everything - portfolios that concentrate on a few gems have more of an impact than those laden with less exciting work. Of course, this assumes that you have work that is less exciting, and indeed enough to pick and choose from. And I can't remember if you have, because I suck! LOL!!!1

The last interview I had I seem to remember spending most of it discussing what Dreamcast games I'd been playing and what I thought of them! And the portfolio meant no-one had to steal awkward glances at my webbed, six-fingered left hand!!!

(Sorry, I've been reading too much Digitiser lately) 
Hmm ... 
a printed portfolio is a nice idea. right now i have but that's not very helpful in the interview ... well actually, they probably have web-ready computers in their conference rooms, but better not to count on it.

Another thing you could put on a CD-ROM is a complete quake install and the engine of your choice (fitzquake, of course.) With a fast CD drive, you could basically play it off the CD. You could even have some demos of yourself running through the levels ready to run. 
The video idea may be a bit far-fetched... my compy is, as everybody knows, heniously out of date. However - I wonder if it would be easiest to just lift the quake dir "as is". While not kosher, it'd be quicker than having to go through the install process. Can this be done, though?

I'll stick with WinQuake, however. Reliability. And I haven't managed to run FitzQuake at all (well duh.)

The feetchewed selections are:

Should about do it, ne?

Incidentally, my parents have given me permission to buy a CD burner. Goodness... I could spend all day happily burning... all sorts of things... Zips... programs... MP3s... witches... 
what about czg02?

Surely you could use that as an example of collabation etc? I'm sure companies are keen on mappers who can map with other people's stuff too. 
Hl Nightwatch 
metl. your portfolio blew me! of course many of the chaps here have abundance of games experience so fatty, i hope you can make something like that. basically, nobody cares if you put the quake dir in your cd and run it from there. i dont think there are gonna be any "slowness" probs or legal problems just for an interview. go ahead and do it!!

from experience with my interviews (in automotive industry: not the same but you still bring along designs, renderings, bits and bobs you made in workshop...) i always take as much as i can and then see what the guys want. if they like doing aptitude tests that's fine. if they want to see your innovation show them your shower-cum-coffemachine-cum-bed etc...

oh. why do you still have a crappy pc!!!! get a job at the petrol station or whatever. and YES, grab a video even if it's with your dads 20 yr old vid cam. adjust the contrast though!!! and the crt refresh will make those lovely frame 
Credit To Mark Shan 
dunno if you all checked ALL the screenies. they are ab fab! wish he had time to make a couple more q1dm maps...

bel lavoro mark. in gamba! 
Really Impressive! 
refers to post #119

And here one is trying to make nice Q1 sceneries...need a beer or five..

oh well, any ways, portfolio looks great metlslime! 
i'm not suggesting that you install quake at the company's office during the inteview -- i'm suggesting that you put the installed game onto the CD and play it from there. Loading might be slower, but the game will run just as fast.

As far as how "kosher" it is ... it's totally legal! You own a license to play the game, and if you're at some company's office playing it then that means you're not at home playing it at the same time. As for mailing the CD to people, or giving them the CD at the end of the interview, that's not such a good idea, though maybe you can get away with it. 
Playable CD 
Is possible, I've done it. Be sure to have everything right, maybe even shortcuts setup to work at the CDR root level (including engine options). Note, for others wanting this for more fun purposes, there will be no savegame or options saving, although the latter at least produces no error messages.

BTW, the Winquake windowed mode pixel doubling uses the following sequence to turn off ( ;) ):
vid_stretch_by_2 0
vid_forcemode 2 
i've been using the same 'install' of quake since two years ago. and i've had to change hds twice, and survive a mobo crash once. i just copy the entire quake dir into a zip, then toss it off onto a cd. this game doesn't have any reg keys or anything to worry about, so 'installing' isn't even necessary (you could just copy the files right off the cd).

not sure if this is what you meant. 
OK, so I get carte blanche to buy a CD burner, and I screw the thing in and plug it all up...


Take out the old CD-ROM, rewire, try again: BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

Lessee... got enough memory, reasonably fast processor, wires are plugged in the right way, sufficient hard drive space free. Why does this fargnaxing thing keep crashing!?

Gods. Why am I even bothering? 
Might Sound Stupid But... 
do you have the sucker set up for master/slave properly? mine cddrive is always a slave, but sometimes i get a drive which is set as master, and it fucks up the comp when i start it up without checking... it's worth a look...

beyond that... what os are you running, when is the bsod happening, etc... 
No, It's OK, It's B----y SCSI1HLP.VXD 
It was causing some sort of b0rkage, so I removed it, now everything's jake.

Should've looked at Ahead's webby first, eh?

It's just that this is a big step for me, and a shitload of money.

Now I have a free CD-ROM drive, which I may try to insert into the Compaq, if I can figure out how...

Heh. Yesterday, the shelf above the Compaq fell on top of it. Mercifully, my essay survived, and if you'll ex-squeeze me, I have to shift some files... 
2 cd drives is always cool for multi cd. play something and have the music. oh, wait. on a slow comp put the music cd in your hi-fi system. sorry... didnt mean to hurt your feelings....

in my celeron 500 in italy 2 cd and cdr drives conflicted (even when changing slave/master bla bla). it just used to crash once in 3 times. the cdr is a LG, so i't better than the original drive at READING cds so i just used the other in another pc (no, i dont have 6 pc. just my dad has an old one. 
new discussion topics posts have to be given the go ahead by the admin. how organized. it's a useful tool anyway...

i await in wait, that should read patiently 
Fatty, what is it you're trying to get, since I could do videos of your maps and upload them for you if you want.

If it's just CD burning I'm less help :) 
what are you talking about? 
A New GFX Card 
Im looking to buy a graphics card for my PC, at the moment I have a GF4mx 64mb card, which is pretty crappy.

I'm looking to spend roughly �140, what would you recommend, GeForce ti 4200 128mb or a Radeon alternative?

Which is best for games? 
radeon has some problems with older games but it is faster. So if you're mostly into newer stuff, go the radeon. 
maybe clicking on the thread name show all new posts rather than all of them. I think the old qmap did this? 
Well, That's That. 
The company's actually still in startup mode. Currently, they're thinking of doing simple web-based games, in order to establish themselves, before moving along to more ambitious stuff.

"What's this? An investment banker, an ad-man and an ex-US Ranger? Can't you read? No posing fer jokes this side on even dates!"

Looks like I now have to mull it over, recover from their hospitality, and let them know if I'm still game. The bastards got their hooks into me, so...

(No, seriously, it does, doesn't it? "There was this banker, an ad-man and an ex-Ranger..." 
Ask me in a week or 3, just installed Radeon 9000 pro ~$140 in the old can but ended up with problems in both hig res. Quake and OpenGl gaming. I guess its fixable but its a an aditional pain in my already sore as right now.. 
I've already decided now, I'm gunna get the Geforce4 ti 4200 128mb with goldensample. It's by Gainward and it's only �139.99 
GameSpy Missing? 
Is anyone else having problems connecting to any GameSpy site? (fileplanet, planetquake, planethalflife, etc...) 
Missing Gamespy Network 
Been having trouble with Q3W for several hours. Just tried PQ out of curiosity and got the same thing.

Several unrelated sites seem to be out too e.g. BBC News, so it may be some sort of massive DNS cock up. 
Check This Out. Console #4!??

Believe it or not, someone is going for it....Check this one out as it is rather interesting....compared to the rest of the console systems.. 
The most hilarious thing being claimed about the Phantom is that they're saying it's going to launch with 32,000 titles available. Now, even assuming that figure's all PC games, which I doubt, I suspect that roughly half of those are old DOS games that won't remotely run on a modern PC without extensive fucking about with boot floppies and shit like that. If the figure isn't all PC games, what are they on? Even if they can make it work, it will be interesting to see how many publishers will actually make a deal to go on the service. Unless this company can very quickly establish a credible image, I'm guessing not many will be interested.

I was initially extremely skeptical about the whole thing - the website is half finished, the only 'photo' of the hardware is blatantly a render, and it's called 'The Phantom' for God's sake! I'm still not entirely convinced and half expect it will turn out to be some sort of absurd sting advertising campaign for one of the other consoles, or just someone out to make a point... So far we've seen nothing that a few guys with a couple of hundred dollars couldn't achieve.

PS The internet seems to be better now. 
Hmmm Phantom 
sounds like a supped up Phillips CD-i, and that did so well in the American market. Imagine, a console that you can "pay per play" and "subscribe to games" instantly.

Please. It will be lucky if an actual hard box of this thing is madee, let alone released. It's just like the countless other consoles that have buzzed, then fizzled. Don't count on this happening, ever. 
Gib: Thats Rip-off Price 
Should cost ~same figure but in euros. Otherwise gf4200 is good value. Rad 9500-128 or 9500 pro also provides good speed/features for your money 
Gib: Thats Rip-off Price 
Should cost ~same figure but in euros. Otherwise gf4200 is good value. Rad 9500-128 or 9500 pro also provides good speed/features for your money 
John Fitzgibbons Portfolio 
Do you consider such layout to be better than the usual structured page, where your work is subdivided into sections (ie quake maps, doom maps, textures, models etc..)
Also you dont provide d/l links for half of your complete projects, and not much informations about your older (but good) maps, like first rubicon.

'Less is more' seems to be the rule here. But with general CV I`v been tought that its good to put all past jobs, education and skills on it...
Any opinions ? 
At the very bottom of the page, I list four released levels without download links, becuase they are old and don't show off my current abilities. All other work is either unreleased, or there is a link to where you can find it (direct download for single levels, website for Oblivion and Cube.) If some company wants to see my unreleased stuff, i can provide it, but i'm not going to put a download link to work in progress on a public website.

As for the layout, It's chronological, and since i've jumped back and fourth across 5 different games, and have done mapping, modelling, skinning, textures, etc. throughout my career, categorizing seems like a bad idea. I don't think there's so much stuff that it is impossible to browse, anyway.

As for the CV itself, it is already two pages long, which is about the limit i think. I intentionally didn't mention unrelated work becuase i wanted to go into detail about the related work. 
Phantom Flan Flinger <--- UK-only Joke For The Oldies There! 
...and it's called 'The Phantom' for God's sake!
Although it did look too good to be true, that line decided it for me!
Is broadband really embedded enough to make a broadband console likely; it certainly isn't in the UK yet.
Also, the quotes pay per play and games on demand nearly made me choke, I think I can see what's proposed there and it isn't pretty..
The words nose and pay through the... come to mind! 
Yay - It's Fantastic To Have Qmap Up And Running Again! 
Random CrateWorld .map Generator 
so any1 to test my map ? 
I dont know if you really care but I've got some bots that can *shock horror* grab the RL in lun3dm2 and also dont have a sexual attraction to the teles too. 
Sure, mail it over! 
Those new bot code or a different bot definition file thingy? 
just some tweaked bots (noe new code) I got off someone, they play a *lot* better than standard bots and get itmes on maps that I've never seen bots get before. And like I said above, they dont just keep on toing and froing from teles too (ala bal3dm2 and lun3dm2). 
Same ones from the CPM forums? 
ok: you all know about my mystical quake map called bwdm1 that i almost finished, back in the day. i'm back and i want to finish it. if anyone, absolutely anyone, has a file starting with the letters 'bwdm', please email me at and tell me where i can get a hold of it. my computer got owned once and the .map/.rmf i was using got corrupted - if anyone can help me fix the corruption i would also be in great debt. thanks 
.rmf Files 
is it possible to edit .rmf files for quake 1 without worldcraft? im using worldcraft 1.6b (registered version of 1.6a) and i want to edit an .rmf file, but i get error messages when loading it. this has to do with the resurrection of bwdm1 so i hope i can get some help. 
.rmf Files 
is it possible to edit .rmf files for quake 1 without worldcraft? im using worldcraft 1.6b (registered version of 1.6a) and i want to edit an .rmf file, but i get error messages when loading it. this has to do with the resurrection of bwdm1 so i hope i can get some help. 
.rmf Files 
is it possible to edit .rmf files for quake 1 without worldcraft? im using worldcraft 1.6b (registered version of 1.6a) and i want to edit an .rmf file, but i get error messages when loading it. this has to do with the resurrection of bwdm1 so i hope i can get some help. 
i refreshed but the data must have still been in the browser's cache for the page, that might require some fixing 
I think that quark can read .rmf from different versions of worldcraft, and then export them back, so I'd recommend trying that. Can't say I like the level editor that comes with it though.... 
Wanted to let you all know I'm working on a Q1DM after a loonnnnng period of not mapping. So you can rally behind me or cut me down with blantant abuse, just thought I'd let you know.

I'm using a really random, but blendable assortment of textures.

Also, crazy mad props to metl for this outstanding replacement to QMap! 
I Live 
good site metl

my Q2 custom-server *STILL* serves..

yep, although they're slightly modifed than the ones posted there. Those ones seemed to default to the gauntlet and use no other weapon. 
*haggle Gaggle* 
"So you can rally behind me or cut me down with blantant abuse, just thought I'd let you know."

Your map makes me sick, I hate your guts and your mother is a whore. 
Haggling And Gaggling Anew. 
"So you can rally behind me or cut me down with blantant abuse, just thought I'd let you know."

That's great man, we need more people like you, standing up for the old game we all know and love.

Keep up the work, looking forward to the release already. 
Like that? :) 
a crate, but no barrel!
Can you do the icons in your post still? <grin> 
blah :( 
Can you mail them to;

chris dot gilbert -at- rebellion dot co dot uk

please nitin 
Anybody know where he's at?

Have to say I miss his sharp tongued remarks. 
Fern #terrafusion 

check your mail. 
This is unlikely, but was anyone in Catecrasher in Sheffield on Saturday (Jan 25th) wearing a T-shirt with "somebody set up us the bomb" written on the back, and "all your base are belong to us" on the front? 
why? you have a bullet to deliver? 
You mean this one?

I think it was Cats, and he was after all your base. 
All Your Smurf Is Belong To Smurf 
Could you be so sweet as to email the bots to me as well?

dietz -at- spawnpoint dot org


BTW, why is everone using that method for email addys? 
To Avoid Harvesters 
There are spider programs out there that can extract email addresses from web pages. The relative inconvenience of having to manually type in an email address is considered worth not getting spam, especially spam from yourself like I have. 
Bascule Thought A Title Wasn't Needed 
...T-shirt with "somebody set up us the bomb" written on the back, and "all your base are belong to us" on the front...

Can anyone explain these phrases to me? 
RPG, yeah, that's the one he was wearing.

I was just wondering if someone from the quake community lived in the sheffield area. I was gonna ask him about it, but then I lost him and never saw him again.
DaZ was with me at the time, and he peejed hard over the t-shirt. 
"All your base" is hardly a quake-only phenomenon, so it's rather unlikely that the dude you saw was from "the quake scene", let alone reading being a reader of this board. 
This Is True 
but it may indicate that this guy was a geek, which is pretty cool 
dont ask who wants to test your map.

just send it to chris-catto at libero dot it

(cheers fatcon for letting us know about the trick. i guess i get enough spam as it is just with sites asking for my address. i always try to give my defunct one if i think its not important...)

ps, anyone wanna rimind me where i can get some quake 1 related clothes? i actually made meself a q2 tshirt in 98 with a screenshot and all but i wore it out playing basketball and all. sob!! 
another q3 looker :

Should be an sp map after some rescaling IMHO. Very nice detailing although for sheer originality, Cardigan's bet map Ecstatica was better. 
Bascule, Thou Art Granted A Vision! 
The complete actual text from the Toaplan game "Zero Wing", as taken from the Toaplan site itself, is as follows!

Captain: What happen?
Mechanic: Someone set up us the bomb
Operator: We get signal
Captain: What!
Operator: Main screen turn on.

Captain: It's you!!
Cats: How are you gentlemen!!
Cats: All your base are belong to us
Cats: You are on the way to destruction

Captain: What you say?
Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time
Cats: Ha ha ha ....
Operator: Captain!!

Captain: Take off every 'ZIG'!!
Captain: Move 'ZIG'.
Captain: For great justice.

(As taken from the Unicorn Jelly forum.) 
All Your Base (helping To Fatty) 
Thanks Fatty... 
That's fantastic! I've just spent an hour at work looking through some of the sites and links and, of course, the video.
It has really made my day :)
This whole thing must have passed me by the first time around, so thanks again for the lead. 
Not enough bullets in this world... 
Talking Of Bullets 
has anyone downloaded a certain clip with a guy pretending to be arnie pizza delivery (on the phone)? he talks about punching pizza through the guy's brain and pizza with bullets and so on. it's hilarious believe me. cant remember the exact name of the clip. i got it on some backup cd somewhere... 
what is happening with the q3 support only? what would it have better than the q3 engine? ok extra tweaks but arent the team taking a risk? hope anyone can fill me in with some info. their site doesnt seem to give away much. any rumors around? 
All Pizzas Come With Pepperoni, And With 9mm Bullets On Them 
thats a legendary clip, thought about using it as my answer phone message but then realised it was ridiculously long.

Check the Tenebrae developers message board for info on the new version, btw, theres quite a bit of stuff there. 
Oh And... 
Cheesy pic:

Yeah its a cliche i know. And not funny. But i was bored, dammit! 
i like 
Would it be posoble to email me those bots you were talking about up there ^^^ , or direct me to a download link please.

jih64 at yahoo dot com dot au

Thank you. 
Enclave tools = now

I will personally remove your vital organs through your penile duct unless you see to it that the Enclave editing tools are released to the public. 
Trouble Serving 
Hey recently I've been wanting to play some QW using Zquake, but I'm getting an error after I start the server when I want to load the map to play.

Host error:PR_Loadprogs -- couldn't load qwprogs.dat

Help is appreciated. Thanks guys. 
First of all. No man, woman or killer-cyborg are bad-ass enough to take me on. If I ever catch you making empty threats to my persona again, I'll face-rape you with a fire extinguisher.

That said, I'll raise the issue, I promise.

One of the possible reasons why it'll never happen is that the editor and engine is un-documented to the point of it being silly. 
wrath is my hero :) 
It's not like Build was documented -- well, it was, but it's not like it actually helped anyone. And QE4 didn't have any documentation either.

So basically that's just a cheap excuse worthy only of some stoopid programmer. Cheap excuses are not acceptable. 
"So basically that's just a cheap excuse worthy only of some stoopid programmer. Cheap excuses are not acceptable."

I'll be sure to pass your input along to the parties involved in the decission.
Also, your foot is bleeding, stop shooting it. 
the demo looks awesome btw 
New Q1SP 
available at FilePlanet:

The map is made by Rinie Brouwers and the link is taken from TenFour:

It's certainly no masterpiece, its major drawback is IMHO a very confusing layout, probably due to being mainly a DM map populated by monsters. Still a rather nice first effort with an old-skool feeling. 
I Second That 
ill definately be getting Enclave on the basis of that demo. The engine, the models, the textures, the architecture, the layouts, the interface, the sounds, everything was spot on!

It has a real solid feel, which I find to be a rare quality. The section at the end of the demo even made me want to make a void map :) 
Can I request a forgotten password option please, since I can't log in at work and am dreading losing my cookie at home :/

(Yes I forgot it) 
Jeht Screenies 
At the relentless poking and prodding of some people at Inside3d, I've finally put some screenshots of Jeht on my moddb page. They show off the mod pretty well, though nothing substitutes actually playing. I figured it couldn't hurt to post about it here too. :) 
The only way that could work is to send the forgotten password to the email listed in the account. And your email appears to be fake.

Okay, how about this: send me your cookie in the mail when you get home. That will verify your identity and i will reply with your password. 
Grindspire Part 2: 
Also, ever heard of the SITE HELP THREAD? 
Yes but I was in a rush and forgot :/ 
Who On Earth... 
are all you guys? :P

fetch me a hot air balloon, 3 chimps, some duct tape and simering noodle water.

Lets have ourselves a party! 
posting drunk again? 
Struck me the other day:

Why is mapping for Q1 so difficult beyond 1750 brushes?

Well, it's not like the old days where "room-corridor-room" design was the order of the day and intelligent horizontal placement of areas meant easy visual editing on any axis. The SP levels in progress that I've viewed recently have layouts that are so interconnected even vis grouping is problematic as a building assistance strategy. I'm not surprised that more SP levels aren't released, I usually have to spend half an hour "re-acquainting" myself with the architectural relationships involved in my current levels before I can put pointer to brush. If I'm not guaranteed at least three hours of uninterupted mapping at a stretch, I generally don't bother. 
MOH Problem 
Ok I've recently tried to re-install the game and cant do it. I get a severe error saying something about the reigstration number not being correct and halting the installation before anything is allowed (including typing the cd key in). It's only happened since I installed and then uninstalled the rather disappointing Spearhead expansion so I'm guessing it's linked.

A quick search around the web and MOH forums seems to indicate a conflict between rundll32.exe and Spearhead/MOH installs or MOH not uninstalling properly and needing registry editing to be completely removed. I've tried the solutions to both of those (including manually editing the registry and closing down anything requiring rundll32.exe) but to no avail.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or heard of it? 
Galactix Minimod 
Galactix is a lateral arcade-type overhead space shooter. Think of Raiden. You fly around picking up powerups and destroying enemies for points, in hopes of making the high score.

Visit the [url=]Galactix page[/url] on and check out the screenshots & description.

I plan to add more attack patterns and spiff up some graphics and such. For example, I'll be using a ship model from one of CheapAlert's mods for the player's ship. After I add some stuff and tweak, I'll add more screenshots.

Unfortunately, the screenshots don't show how fun the mod is. But that means, fortunately, the mod plays a lot better than it looks.

The mod is scheduled for release durring QExpo in June, 2003. See you there. 
That url for galactix is

Gotta get used to that... 
an overhead shooter mod for quake 1?

excellent! first one i know of... if you need another beta-tester i would be happy to help. 
E-mail Me 
static _ void @ hotmail . com 
Refer #215 
i know what ya mean...

on one map. it takes me half a minute just to find the place where i left off the day before! 
What about clayer? 
What Are The Living Q1sp Review Sites Nowadays? 
TeamShambler - Dead (for a while too)
Ethereal Hell - ?
Religion Quake - Was never living to begin with... what's the status on this guy?
Ten Four - Alive
Retro Quake - Dead
UWF's Site - Alive

are those right? am i missing any? 
Rorshach's New Textures 
not at the moment, but they are very nice looking ones. i am thinking about using them for something after i finish up some other stuff. 
clayer is not a quake mod, it's programmed from scratch. 
oh yes clayer, forgot that one.

necros, it would seem me and ten four are the sites doing active Q1 reviews at the moment.

I hope retroquake makes a comeback, i thought it was a good site. 
can you make large clear font instead of quake`s ? and some variety in backdrops 
Yea, what you're looking at is an ugly demo of the mod. There's no skybox yet but I'm open to any that would look good. Large clear font? I'm not any good at replacing the graphics in quakes wads, but if anyone has a pre-made font I'd be completely open to it. It would fit the theme better to have some tech type font or something.

BTW, here is the Starwars Dogfighting mod that was just put up. Its development is halted and it's got some crippling bugs but the screenshots are beautiful. . FrikaC and team should be proud. 
Extract the GFX/CONCHARS.LMP file from OUM. That's a relatively techy and clean typeface. 
Hey, Uh... 
where's Xenon's site? 
Has anyone played Unreal 2 yet? Gamespy only gave it a 76. 
I finished it a couple of hours ago. decent levels. some infuriating design decisions. a few bugs. probably manegement fuckups - my guess is they had a project lead who couldn't stop the feature-creep, hence the lack of polish.

The drakk levels were the worst. mostly due to bad texture-choices. 
is it as pretty as it looks in the screens (especially those gorgeous skins)? and how's the gameplay, all the reviews dont seem to like it too much but they dont hate it either? 
I'm a bit jaded. I personally get more excited about the aesthetics rather than the execution itself. ICO is a good example - it's not the prettiest game technically speaking, but the visual design comes together to make every single frame absolutely fucking beautiful.

The gameplay is your basic run of the mill stuff, with some defend-the-perimiter type missions thrown in to break up.

This is a solid buy for $20-$25, not so solid at full-price. 
I found the gameplay far too linear. The defense bits aren't particularly amazing, but they do at least give a little variety.

The boss combats suck (as ever).

The graphics are gorgeous although there are some bugs in places. Some amazing scenes (the very first scene, when you walk out of the general's command room and you're standing on top of a tower overlooking an entire island :)

I do think some amazing things could be done by the mapping community if they tried. 
guys, looks like I should wait till I upgrade then :)

wrath, what's ICO? 
The boss combats suck (as ever).

Indeed, why do developers persist and insist on these boring boss combats, all they can ever be is dodge, shoot (repeat until bored fuckless), i dont think i have ever enjoyed a boss combat, honestly. 
Kick Ass Computer VS Monitors 
That is exacltly the type of computer I wanna buy for this coming april. And I'll get that remote control for the DVD player. Now good question here; I bought the monitor PF795 Viewsonic Professional Series 2-3 years ago, it is a flatscreen monitor 19inches CRT and dot pich = .25 center, then .27 for corners. I went to a friend that had recently bought also a kickass computer and his monitor is a Samsung with .20 for dot pitch. Now I'm worry to have blur all what I will see with my new computer in april IF I keep my PF795? What should I do? 
the cyberdemon rocked. 
and chton too

as for the unreal2, i'm playing thorugh it now.
well indeed, visuals are the best there. they crammed bazillions of polys there, and every poly does its work. and it seems developers were too busy adding polys and forgot about proper gameplay. too much intermissions that break your immersion into the gameplay. the missions are short. indeed, some designs look uber pretty, but true atmosphere is only in certain places/maps, not in the entire game. (remember u1, it was fully atmospheric game)
and what i disliked the most is jump puzzle room with broken lazers. this is the most stupid place i encountered so far: arseloads of polys (ie lower framerate), and you have to jump with high precision over lazers and melted metal. this just plain sucks. it's clear that developers wanted to increase playing time via such silly attempts.
anyway, have to finish it yet, maybe there will be more good things in the game i hope... 
do you mind posting more when you're finished with u2 please? 
it is one of the best games I've ever played - it was developed by sony and released on the ps2.

It's perfection on a disc, really.



also, non-skipable cut-scenes makes wrath reach for the big red button. 
My Thoughts On Unreal 2 
* Great graphics
* Some good weapons

* Shockingly slow loading times ( made worse by the frequent need for quicksaving/loading )
* Crap enemies ( plus most take at least 3 close range blasts with a shotgun = not fun )
* Vomit inducing attempts at humour.
* Cutscenes that are so dull your brain will shut down, thus you will usually have no idea what you are supposed to be doing.
* Falling into the same stupid traps as every PC fps ever, such as not giving you enough health/ammo to take on extremely tough enemies.

I'm probably about 2 thirds of the way through and I really cant be bothered to go back to it.
But did I mention the nice graphics? It will probably form an OK base for user levels/mods. I'd recommend someone makes the enemies weaker to hopefully make things more fun. 
was the cyberdemon the boss at the end of Doom? (or Doom 2)?.

I never made it to the end of Doom or Doom 2 i stopped near the end, about 5 levels off i guess, so i dont think i ever faced a "cyberdemon" and if i do i dont remember it. Dont ask me why i stopped before the finish, i just got bored i guess, although i do love Doom, of course. 
I've Finished, Nitin 
well, i still keep me words with me.
and fully agreed with damaul.
gfx part is 10/10, but gameplay/story is silly. and indeed, cheap jokes are enraging. there were some fun moments in the game, but i can use one left hand to count them all. after finishing the game i have load of sweet screenshot in my head. but not a single remembrance about funny gameplay moments. there, of course, are very nice ideas, i was impressed (won't tell you, don't wanna spoil much) watching how developers made it. but as i said, they (developers) were too busy making visuals looking top. it looks like their primary task was to make shiny new geforces of casuals to work off their money 100%. i'm sure the game will not fly 120fps even on powerful computer. but it'll work as a good test for hardware testers :)
and of course, using such vast possibilities of the engine, it's OUR job to make proper levels for this game :) there is excellent editor, top textures and possibility to modify the gameplay. so, i'm really hope there will be talented designers who'll make proper maps/mods out of this engine.

now, only doom3 left, my last fort of hope :) 
Boss combat is not a bad thing on its own, but it needs to be setup well. For some reason in most 3d shooters boss combat is either boring frustrating or both.
I`m finding classic console games bosses much more fun 
Unreal 2 
so basically it seems like its:

graphics over gameplay.

is this what the state of current gaming is now?
and if so, what hope does the future hold? 
Like, Unreal 
"what hope does the future hold?"

Putting back in the gameplay, maybe? Probably need to start with making it easy to put in the slick stuff.

As to boss battles, Good finale if they're not too long. Maybe something smarter instead of something you dump ammo into. Max was pretty cool in Nehahra, could have been over in half the time and still got the point though (but hey, after 20 levels or something...). Actually, the standard big tough fast Unreal enemy would make good bosses. 
Current State Of Gaming 
The current state of gaming is thus:

If you want to play fun games: get a console ( or 3 ), if you want to play online games or tech demos with a poor excuse for a game tacked onto the end: get a PC. 
now tell me what you REALLY think of pc gaming. 
Old Games 
play zelda instead 
And I Just Would Like To Point Out 
That the Vietcong multiplayer demo is absolutely incredible, and the game really has some possibilities. Like my friend so nicely said, "It's like air soft, I like go 'OMG! lolol n00bz' when playing!" Oh, and I already introduced his ass to my boot.

But in any case, the game can be really atmospheric, and it's mostly because of a few simple tricks, like hearing the heart beating really fast when shot, not actually hearing the shot that kills you, tinning when a grenade goes off right next to you, the need to use iron sights to really hit anything, and the lack of any HUD. And on top of all that, the level is quite nice, finally with enough foliage for some good jungle warfare. 
Fat Controller: 
Sorry for taking such a long time to reply. Where can I get OUM?

DaMaul: I like consoles, but the one problem resides in the making and obtaining of quality mods. Haven't seen any Armored Core 3 mods on Playstation II yet. :) 
The Thing ... 
Picked up and started playing The Thing, but very little info on the web about this game. From what I can tell UK based development. Anyone know more about the game or the development? 
The Future Of Convergence 
Aw Crap... 
end of the second episode of doom? In doom2 they were used as a normal monster on some levels. 
Wrath, Vondur 
cheers for your info.

Metlslime, is it possible to have no subject please? 
I Hate Mapping 
so goodbye maps n' this forum i suck at it anyway, ciao 
from good to bad:

amazing geometry everywhere
often very good atmosphere
some varied level designs
decent textures
better weapons than unreal 1
terrain part of the engine very simplistic and ugly
many irritating/not fun to fight AI
sub-standard gameplay (it's really boring)
a most amazingly retarded storyline for 2003 (cringe) 
U2 Levels 
given the quality of the level designers there, I was hoping for some quality level design. It seems most people tend to acknowledge the levels and the skins/models as the best part of the game.


one question, from the 2-3 terrain based screenshots I've seen, it looks pretty good though admittedly in-game can be a lot different. Could you please outline what you thought was wrong with it? 
Galactix Gets Revamp, News On Mapping 
Galactix has gotten some pretty new screenshots that show off its nearly final form. Go to to look at the screenshots and mod profile.

Regarding mapping (as many people have been asking about it lately), since there is little that will be changed between maps (mostly fog and skybox values, and player move speed), most of the variation will consist of cfg files. Instead of releasing a new bsp for most of the new maps, simply modify the existing one with a cfg that the player execs in addition to loading the map. The architecture never changes - it's a box with some boundaries. Only the skybox and other variables would ever change, and a cfg is much smaller and simpler to build.

For example, if you have the skybox "planet", you could make planet.cfg and include it with your skybox. The cfg would set fog to none, would set the skybox to planet, and would lower the player's speed slightly (it's a hard level). You could also modify how much points are recieved, etc.

For those of you who do wish to mess with more than that (for example, changing the distance of the background garbage that floats by or doing something creative), a new bsp would be in order and would likely work fine with any cfg modifiers that are released as well. Default variables of the map would be loaded if no cfg is present. 
you could use engine with skybox rotation (mh quake has it) for cool effect 
OUM's over here:

Look under "downloads."
It's on FilePlanet, I'm afraid. 
Nitin (unreal2 Terrain) 
- terrain texturing is a bit simplistic but ok
- terrains are always very small (if I remember correctly tim said it is brute force rendered in one chunk, which could explain it)
- they are very barren vegetation wise, esp from a distance they look extremely bland
- looks very monochromatic
- the shape is often smooth and not realistic/interesting. the technical term for this is "molten icecream modelling" ;)

I guess I am spoiled by our in-house landscape engine (see screenies on, but most other games do good as well. Compared to their amazing indoors/architecture, the terrain in unreal2 is clearly a generation behind. 
Thanks Aard 
interesting points, the only ones I can pick out from the screenshots are the smoothness and barreness. Textures and size are only something that can obviously looked at in-game. Interstingly, I thought the terrain in q3:TA and games based off that engine looked a bit too smooth too. I think Ritual in Fakk2 were the only ones who managed to make some non-smooth terrain but that had its own share of problems too. 
oh crap aardappel those screenies look great. 
Quake1 & XP 
i know this has been asked alot nowadays, but here it is again: how the fuck can i get Q1 to run under XP? must i masturbate with broom to get make it work? 
Speedy: Thanks, I'll see about that. Maybe CheapHack (the engine I'm driving at currently) can do that too.

Fatty: Thanks, I'm d/ling it now.

Quack: Have you tried the newer engines? I'm sure the dos quake won't work but the new engines (cheaphack, mhquake, darkplaces) should do ok. Hopefully. And leave the broom alone, it never did anything to you. :)

BTW, over at the inside3d forums I've been entertaining the idea of finishing Galactix mostly as is, and then distributing its full source to several people so they can make their own Galactix derivatives. We'd all release our versions at QExpo (some may even end up being stand-alone!). Someone brought up an idea I've been putting aside but now looks feasible if I do it as a different mod (having the ground move under you with turrets and tanks etc on it, as well as air enemies; like Raiden. there'd even be bosses at the end of each level, and some actual mapping oportunities).

What does everyone think of that? 
Mapping for an overhead shooter sounds interesting. Especially if the player may need to dodge some of the architecture (protruding antennea that break off when you hit them but they still cause damage to your vehicle; maybe cliffs, etc too). 
dosquake won't work on any NT, but winquake and glquake will. 
At this point, Galactix is going to split into several different mods as it is distributed to and worked on by multiple people. Everyone will release their version durring QExpo (if all goes well). The one I intend to do will involve a (probably) randomly generated terrein moving below the player, with various architecture and enemy forces strewn about, their movement and placement guided by various algorithms (curving roads, place enemies on roads and flat plains, placement of taller architecture etc).
In this sense, the taller architecture that must be dodged would sort of take the place of asteroids in the existing Galactix (something solid to dodge that randomly presents itself).

There is also the idea of just having a lateral map the player moves through. Every location of everything would be staticly defined, by the mapper, and actions would generally be scripted. However, this would add some definition and structure to the action and would beter allow the placement of bosses and powerups, etc. It would take up a lot of area though and could be tricky to implement.

I'm also considering working on Metal Slug Quake, which would operation the same idea: either have randomly generated areas the player moves through, or have a pre-built 2D world the player moves through. It wouldn't have to be lateral like Galactix though, which would help a lot.

If you're interested in trying out Galactix or mapping for it (which is about as un-complex as a box-map can get), e-mail me at static _ void @ hotmail . com . 
I'm interested, but I'm really way too busy right now. Things should ease up around the middle of May, though. 
Quake Demo -> Avi 
Does anybody know how to record video from quake without any special hardware ? Nongrindspire said he has a prog, but I havent heard from him for a week. If you know how to do it, mail or post here please. 
Makes more sence to me to have a team working on a single mod, to output finished, full of features, polished and tested game, rather than five guys, each making his own version with minor variations, half of which probably wont reach even beta status. 
Hehe, True 
Yea, I don't know what to do really. In all the mods I've ever worked on for myself, I have been a 1-man army. It's hard to depend on people to deliver when you're pretty sure they won't. :)

The nice thing about Galactix (and much of the quake1 programming world) is, most of the models and pictures and stuff can be found or adapted from something else, leaving mostly only programming (which can be done by a single or maybe 2-3 people at most) and maybe some mapping. I am Galactix's 1-man team, and I produced that alone in my free time, in a relatively short time period. The 'minor' variations I'm talking about would have a fairly large effect.

And besides, I would never consider having people map for a mod until it's nearing completion. Things could change durring development (rendering the map obsolete) or the whole mod could bomb out, leaving everyone hang'n. That's not very nice.
As fickle as modding is, especially in the older games where support is limited, it's nice to be able to go at it alone.

But it would be really nice to assemble a dedicated mod team. 
Galactix is completely done. All that's been done to it lately is a few enhancements (skybox on the map, couple bugfixes, new models to replace ugly ones). That's an advantage.

What we're doing is, we're taking the completed Galactix and giving it out to people, allowing them to use it as a code base for their own mods. That's how Galactix got started. I took frikac's Snowed mod and screwed it up so bad it'll never be fixed, and thus Galactix was born. ;p
From here people will make their own games with it. 
If you wrote a good and solid design treatment first, and then took the time and effort to design every aspect of your mod, breaking stuff during the development should be almost impossible. 
QExpo Support 
The Inside3D forums people and others are planning for QExpo, but we do need help. Our php coder, Horn, and CocoT, one of the people responsible for news and planning etc, have both announced that they'll have to back out due to real live obligations.

This leaves a gaping hole relating to site design. If anyone here wishes to contribute or help, or knows someone who can, please visit at the Inside3d Forums.
The Events forum is mainly where QExpo is discussed.

A domain has already been purchaced, by FrikaC and Horn I believe. isn't too shabby, now is it? We do, however, need hosting.

Also, now's the time to start figuring out what you want to do for QExpo if you wish to participate. The event is planned for late June, and as soon as we get our act together exact dates will be defined (about 10 days is the lengh we've agreed upon).

If you want help for the map or mod you're developing, it would be a good idea to frequently hop between forums and look around and ask. Things like rubble, earthquakes, force fields, endless cliffs, laser gates, radars, etc are easy for a qc coder to implement, and asking them may save you some time of scrapping code together yourself. Much of it may already be written, so it couldn't hurt to ask. 
wrath didst say:
>If you wrote a good and solid design treatment first, and then took the time and effort to design every aspect of your mod, breaking stuff during the development should be almost impossible.

Because so many mods turn out either unfeasible or simply impossible, I usually start coding before I define it too much or expect promises from a team. Also, it's my wierd coding style to get the backbone of the mod completed before I go into detail. I want to make sure everything is working first, before I shoot off with all this elegant planning. This rarely gets me into trouble, and often saves the mod. Quite often if I have a mod all planned out, and then I hit a debilitating and tenacious snag, it's usually quite depressing and what I have seems very insignificant to how far I have to go.

I guess you could say I keep a little saftey buffer of ignorance in front of me in case I hit something. I can work through it single-mindedly and then continue on.

Once the mod's physics etc are working, I can then branch out and start the magic. Here and only here does the detailed planning begin. Had I not realized this was my personal style of programming soon enough, Galactix and Battle Mech and even Jeht would have never made it off the ground.

I'm an odd one, yes.

The reason Super Smash Quake has had such a sluggish start is because I took off and planned the whole thing. Then things weren't working and I couldn't even get my unit to move and I was too frusterated to continue. So I trashed it. I had a whole amazing, elegant player control system and I just abandoned it.
It was only recently that I picked it up off the cold hard ground, brushed it off, figured out its little problems, and suddenly I have an enforcer running around and jumping on a 2-dimentional level Super Smash Bros style. So, it really *did* work, except for a little bug or two. My next mountain to tackle is getting the player to be able to jump through from below and then land on the semi-solid platforms (those ones you can land on or pass thorugh from below in SSB are essential). It's working except my way of testing if the player is stuck turned out b0rked because the quake engine hates me. I may have to do an engine mod (which I've never done before), or completely change how the mapping entities are structured.

Taking it one step at a time. In a mini mod of this calibur, physics come first, then I'll get one character working with all his moves. After that, I can make all the other characters.

Also, remember that when using a game engine you didn't make yourself, and pushing its limits, bending its will in ways it wasn't supposed to be bent, you'll always hit snags. There's always a gotcha, and you have to be ready to adapt to it (which could easily break all your old plans). 
Ah Well. 
to each his own. 
autoscreenshot (0/1, default 1):
added in as an easy way to make avis/mpegs from your quake demos. When this var is set to 1, both "playdemo" and "timedemo" will take a screenshot of every frame they render, and save them to files named "ani00000.tga" and subsequent numbers. These can then easily be stitched together with any animation software (if you don't have any, I can highly recommend "FastMovieProcessor"). Needless to say, this is very slow. Playdemo will save frames to the exact equivalent of 10fps (recommended, good for most animations), and timedemo uses the original demo fps (usually excessive!). Warning: even at 640 and 10fps, this generates 10 meg data per second of demo.

from panquake. rtfm!!! 
Ah Cool 
I just had old panquake that lacked this feature.
TA Ray 
kay. thanks guys! me will of those engines. :D

and yes, the broom is safe. hehe. a girl cant do it with a broom, its no fun! >:) 
Quack: I'm sure it's quite relieved.

BTW, 10 megs per second... I wish I could make some movies of Galactix and Battle Mech and Jeht, and upload to fileplanet for gratuitous advertising, but I'd run out of space REAL fast. :) Thanks for the info tho. 
Happy Valentines Day Ya Bums 
Not being able to decide if it's better if people around me are happily enjoying their lives, or just as miserable and lonely as I am, I've decided to settle with just wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day. You'd all better enjoy it, but not too much or I'll come after you. 
Wazat, I find just ignoring it works fine. 
Valentines Day, Track 16 
my boyfriend left me a few weeks ago and im all alone. but i was very heart broken, so i though that, by keeping my mind in other things would help me forget about the problems, i decided to start mapping! and i dont feel sad anymore! whoa!! hehe.

so...valentines day? well, i never cared about valentines day. i dont think i actually cared about holidays.

...i wrote the complete opposite of what i was going to say. :D

never mind. 
Hey Metlslime! 
I just noticed something...

You don't have current users listed at the bottom of every page! (Hi Vigil!!!)

You do have it on the 'Site' section of the board. Just thought it would be cool if you could work it out so that its at the bottom of every page. Cheers. 
A Nice Cartoon For This Time Of Year

Holidays for February
1 St. Chronos
2 St. Roger Corman
3 St. Pokemon
4 St. Zeus
5 St. Benedict Arnold
6 St. Tlaloc
7 St. Alfred E. Newman
8 St. Teletubbie
9 St. Lewinsky
10 St. Marilyn Monroe
11 Overindulgence Festival
12 High Confiscation of Property
13 St. Snuffleupagus
14 Aztec Day/St. Seka
15 St. Grigori Rasputin
16 Cremation Wednesday/Hash Wednesday (approximate)
17 St. Isaac Asimov
18 St. Frank Miller
19 St. Senor Wenches
20 St. I.G. Farben
21 St. Boris Karloff
22 St. Hunter S. Thompson
23 St. Monty Python
24 St. Huey Newton
25 St. Burke/St. Hare
26 St. Emo Phillips
27 St. Carl Sagan
28 St. Ken Kesey 
That is a strange, strange cartoon. 
i figured leaving those statistics out of most pages would speed things up. The "who's online" thing might be nice to have on every page, though. We'll see. 
Quake Movie

Aghast map 'trailer'(560 kb lowres divx)

Was playing with video producer (the prog as old as quake) and refilmed vondur`s aghast demo.
Turned out rather nice imho for such low size file (and its the first time I tried video editing). I`v made all the screenshots at 320x240, so it looks messy and rather dark.

I think it can be used for quick online map preview instead of static screenshot. For portfolio it is worth making higher resolution and longer video. 
Ok So I Lied... Pherrous Game Maps Is Back Up 
This time it's a much simpler, quicker design and I'll be offering more than Q1 maps in time. There's also one Q1 DM map there - um.. yay? 
hehe, looks very nice :) 
that's pretty cool. Maybe i should do something like that for a demo reel. 
Still waiting for ph8sp1. 
About Something.... 

well. didnt know where to post this, so i guesss i'll just bother you guys here.

im making this q1map thats like an egyptian tomb/underground level. dark, tight rooms, caves, fucked up arquitecture, blah blah blah.

anyway. for a change, it would be nice to actually make it more of exploration type of map than a action based one. not just walking around and stuff, but tons of traps...kinda like indiana jones or something. there will be monsters, 'cause its gonna be way boring without them. :)

what i wanna do, is something like Thief's Down on the Bonehard mission (from the first game).

anyway, what you guys think? gonna put up some screenshots in pipeline sometime soon. :) im gonna make the map HUGE!!


hrm.. 500 brush limit in shareware worldcraft...

the potential for me to create something even decent seems slim o.O 
That Is Not The Fuil Version. 
Er Yes It Is.. 
Dont mind me 
No, its not the "Fuil Version"

But it is the Full Version, I promise you.

Hi Pdictter 
your map sounds interesting, i like HUGE maps :)

See it through to completion and i will give it a review at my site. 
cheers man, thanks! 
Quake 1 In-game Frontend? 
Is there a Quake 1 In-game frontend? I'd love to be able to be in game, then launch a menu that reads the maps directory, and from there you choose what map you'd like to play. That way it'd wouldn't be a bitch having to remember what's in the maps dir... 
that would seem like a simple thing to write, but (as far as i know) i dont think one exists... 
anyone know of any good programs to fix corrupt registries? 
Well RPG is awaiting my first SP map so you'll be getting that *provided* I don't become too perfectionist and quit. I decided to go with an old map I had once tried - the plot summed up is you were on a discovery job and the ground beneath you fell and you come across an underground temple. So I need to flesh out the story and get to work on it - I drew out the map on paper and it's not real big but I think this should be a good first effort; I intend it to be non-linear as well, to some extent. 
"Blind Audacity" -- PH8SP1 
The news of the week was sickingly abundant. Corpses of animals littered across a half-mile radius of the country were often discovered; hell, literally stumbled onto. There was just pieces of the animals left, and one was left to only guess just which animal it is. Or used to be. No predatory animals had been reported to of escaped from any zoo or the like. The gruesome discoveries were definitely abnormal. What the hell was it that was doing this? That question became quite widely asked when ten human victims were discovered at a nearby recreational camp. The communities job had grown more vigilent, and authorities swarmed in to do what they could do. Whatever it was they could do, and they weren't quite sure yet.

For you, this all became personal. Two of the victims were your friends. Just last week you had spoken to one of them... she was so full of life. You couldn't even fathom the natural fate of age to steal her life from her. You were in discord, anger and disbelief. Your anger boiled over and it became quite evident. You'd seldomly spoke to anyone, much less your own lover and kids. It was starting to affect them. The tragedies toll on you was too much to bear, and you became obsessed with putting this murderer to death. You had no idea where to start. Eventually, you decided to settle in the camp area where the victims had once spent only one day. People couldn't believe your audacity. Some speculated the affect of the loss had warped your mind, even if your intentions were whole.

On your fourth day of the outing, your routine walk of the area in search of answers had taken a turn. You'd fallen through the ground during sunset, and landed hard. The fall knocked you out for quite some time, and you had awoken by daylight. The area before you was dimly lit by the day's sun invading the hole that was your entrance. You were alone.

Just you, your shotgun and your axe.

If only... 
Anyone Know/have This DM Map? 
I don't remember the title, but I remember it had this trap where you went onto a walkway/floor and a button was pressed and that floor would open and drop you into some kinda well killing trap.

Now, that's probably vague, but this may help: it was on a PC Gamer disc years ago that I no longer have.

Any idea? (lol) 
If It's... 
the one where the Quad is inside a long cage suspended over a slime trough, and the cage is dunked by a shootable button up one end of that area...then I could probably track it down otherwise <tongue> 
Re: Quake 1 In-game Frontend? 
fitzquake has a "maps" command that lists all custom maps. It also has a "mods" command that lists all mods. I hope to have these features in the menu at some point, but for now it's still a big improvement. 
i'd strongly recommend a smallish map. maybe not small in diameter/outer boundaries but at least tight enough not to get lost. maybe consider splitting it into several maps? that way you dont have the problem of leaving it incomplete. just a suggestion...
on the other hand if you have lots of time to map, you may well want to do something quite incredible and innovative. good luck anyway! 
GRRR *deletes Ph8sp1 
it sucks, i suck 
Daftpunk...big Map...xanadu 
i dont have much done, kinda like 5% or something. i dont know how big its gonna be, or if its gonna come out small or how long its gonna take.

what i have in mind is to make the player go anywhere, a non-linear map, doesnt matter where you go, you'll still be able to find the exit without getting confused (pretty sure the player will get confused).

i dont mind if the player finishes the map without seeing the whole level, thats when the exploration thing comes.

i also though of making this a whole new thing, like adding new weapons, monsters and stuff...but i have no idea of how to do those. hehe.

to get the map finished. i think its gonna take me like two months or two. im very slow when it comes to quake mapping. :( 
Any Ideas? 
i am thinking about maybe adding some more features/sections to my map review site.


Some thoughts i had included a Quake 1 Timeline/History or A Breakdown of the Quake 1 monsters.

Has anyone got any other ideas about possible website content they would like to see? 
Still Cant Get The Links Right Here. 
Anyone who needs a breakdown of the Q1 monsters has serious problems. 
I'd like to see some Quake history divided into time periods. I think that could be very interesting. You'd need people who have been around since the beginning, and it would require quite a bit of time and research, though.

For example, there might be the "Ancient Period," the "Renaissance," the "Revolution," and the "Penis Fascination Period." 
And yes, I has half joking and half serious. The Penis Fascination Period would be more of a subset of the Golden Era -- perhaps 1999 through 2000. Although the Penis Fascination Period is still continuing today and we're well passed the Golden Era. :/ 
... sarcastic bastards :p

I guess i will just stick to map reviews then.

BTW, I dont want to know anymore about your penis fascination period, RPG. 
I Wasn't Being Sarcastic 
At least not entirely. 
there sort of already are eras, for instance oldskool versus nowadays mapping... 
But they could be subdivided even further. For me, there was yet another distinct period between then and now when Q1 mappers were truely thriving and producing high-quality maps at a very prolific rate. 
Battle Mech News 
The Quake1 mod Battle Mech has gotten some nice screenshots posted at moddb.
They're rather plain compared to gameplay because the test map has not been lit. They do give a decent impression though.

Here are a couple samples:

The mod is very easy to map for, and has interesting gameplay. It's scheduled for release in June, during QExpo. I can be contacted at
static _ void @ hotmail . com
if you're interested (remove the spaces from the addy if you're not a spam bot *wink*). 
Battle Mech News 
The Quake1 mod Battle Mech has gotten some nice screenshots posted at moddb.
They're rather plain compared to gameplay because the test map has not been lit. They do give a decent impression though.

Here are a couple samples:

The mod is very easy to map for, and has interesting gameplay. It's scheduled for release in June, during QExpo. I can be contacted at
static _ void @ hotmail . com
if you're interested (remove the spaces from the addy if you're not a spam bot *wink*). 
Battle Mech News 
Looks better in the maps I made. 
Porrasturvat Clone For UT2K3

Nice :)

(Porrasturvat was that game where you pushed the guy down the stairs, if you've forgotten) 
New Zealand...

my ex girlfriend was from there...

but I'm not going to whine on this forum.

*scuttles along* 
Pherrous Redesigned *yawn* 
Battle Mech Gets Some Good Maps 
Thanks to PushPlay, I now have some screenshots I can be proud of:

The architecture is relatively in a above-view game (most of what you'll see is the uper surface), but on bmech03 PushPlay did an excellent job of making a map that both plays and flows extremely well.

Thanks PushPlay!

Also, I've started working on making the bot's aim direction be based on mouselook, so it's independent of the direction you're traveling. This will improve the controls greatly, and should fix the bug of not turning fast enough or not at all on some computers.

I only took shots of the first map, but there are others that can be taken too. I'm looking forward to any further additions by pushplay and anyone else who wishes to map for Battle Mech.
static _ void @ hotmail . com 
Should be
The architecture is relatively *simple* in a above-view game

And it was the third map I took shots of. :)

How do I mess up so often? :) 
That was my mix of ikblue and pox3 which I think turned out pretty well. I might do another with that combo. 
Quality HL SP 
Dont know how old this is, but Ten Four ( has put up a review of a very Alien-esque map made for HL called Someplace Else. Teh visuals are very non-HL and the atmosphere is quite good. Gameplay uses standard HL alien enemies so it isnt spectacular but it's better than most HL alien only maps.

Review ( 
Ultimate Deathmatch Looking For Mapper, Q1 (news) 
Hi. I'm looking for mappers to make custom maps for UD. The dynamics of the game are very different. Check out for info on this quake1 mod. To download it goto,
257 downloads last version.

People with serious interest contact me...

PH8DM2 "Canned Frag Soup" Released.. 
thanks for the links folks although sometimes i think you are in a rush and dont post any suitable title when you're in a rush! :-P

goin back to uvfan, yep i agree a breaking down of monsters is for retards BUT (don't go away UWfan, i'm only kidding...come back here)i would love it if you put info on various styles and eras. very much think its useful. indeedy. the penis attraction is a bit like those 2-3 yr periods in art like the "Blaue Reiter" (have i got this right? i've forgotten names of austrian and german art) 
No Comment. 
i am not saying anything. 
It took you seven words to not say it. 
Pushplay....i Love You 
correct.... you have proved you are clever.

Now go away, or you wont keep getting such good map reviews from me! 
I Suck 
fucking sonofabitch goddammit i hate mapping i can't do SHIT my 30138193114891741th attempt at a single player map and i start out and it sucks major ass why do i even TRY 
i envy all of you 
Quake 1 Maps Of Quake 2 Maps 
know where i can get any converted Q2 for Q1 maps, DM or single player? (pref) 
Quake 1 Maps Of Quake 2 Maps 
know where i can get any converted Q2 for Q1 maps, DM or single player? (pref) 
Re: #344 try because you want to, but it's bloody hard work.

As a Quake noob about 3 years ago I tried to start mapping and I failed miserably :(

I started doing the double-helix staircase from Chambord Chateau as my map centrepiece, which eventually worked after about four attempts from scratch and about 30 hours work including learning the editor, but that was all I ever achieved; I just found the rest, trying to learn *everything* including brushes, placement, lighting, construction, clipping, occlusion just TOO time-consuming and TOO frustrating.

I had more success modifying some of my favourite DM maps for CTFBot, but that was just entity work, which was fun.

So, I just hang around here, now, admiring the works of others and enjoying the ambience... 
Enjoying The Ambience? 


no, really, why are you here? 
Wazat's Monster Breakdown 
No descriptions yet but I'm sure you can guess how they'll go:

Grunt (lowlius gruntus)

Rottweiler (canus bitesus)

Enforcer (laserus fireus)

Knight (likus gruntus withus swordus)

DeathKnight (knitus deathus)

Rottfish (annoyingus lowframeus)

Ogre (bombus uglius)

Shrag (uglius aerus)

Shalrath (uglius rectalis-in-facus)

Tarbaby (hydrus bouncus)

Shambler (bigus badus assus maximus)

Chthon (lavus invincibus) 
i know the editor real well, its just.. well i think i'm decent, but not up to what i think i can put out.. i just have to conceptualize further my ideas 
sorry my non-sense of humour upset you. i still think your idea is cool.. 
It Didnt Upset Me 
you assume to much, my young jedi. (or something). 
PH8DM1 Preview 
yeah yeah starting over higher standards blah blah..

cant derive much yet, but i think you can see it's kinda curvy there'll be like 3 levels to the map, i actually drew this muthafucka out on paper so its coming along nicely - just don't let me rush it! 
you better do not post such screens here. if you really wanna map, just sit tight and learn how-to, and after you get something really interesting, tell us about it. stop annoying with useless and tiny screenshots :)

or at least use screenshots thread....
rememeber, noone interested in your boxy pre-alpha screenshots. ppl needs at least playable betas or something... 
What can I say, I'm new :P It's coming along quite nicely however, I think it should turn out to be a good map. 
good if so, but try holding your development screens for yourself :) we need final (or beta) product :) 
What Do You Do...... 
when you spend HOURS on a map only to be totally disatisfied with it? I was really confident about it's start.. I had it sketched out and was following to plan. Then I realized the map lacked something, I don't know what. I was trying to add a 2nd level to the map but didn't know exactly in what I was going to, and now all that work is gone. What damn justification is there to wasted time like this? 
if you don't think it's worth the risk of failure, maybe this isn't the hobby for you. 
don't worry about it, you're not saving the world, it's a quake map. relax, and keep mapping, scrap it if you don't like it - but keep mapping. 
yes, what slime and wrath said. it's just a hobby, no need to make inquisition out of it. find other, more satisfying hobby for yourself, if mapping is a torture for you. with troubles you have, there never will be a good map in the end, remember that. 
More For Phait 
What damn justification is there to wasted time like this?

Improvement. Getting more familiar with the tools. Learning what works and what doesn't.

The start room in RPGSP1 went through at least 3 completely different designs before I found one that was moderately acceptable. And this does not include the dozen less significant revisions I made to each design trying to get it to work.

Also, I'm working on a map now which has 2 rooms that are not good enough. I've reworked each room at least 3 times each, and they're still not right.

Mapping is not something you can do overnight. It took me 9 months to complete RPGSP1, and the final room was still rushed (and it shows). Take your time. When something doesn't work out, change it, or delete that part and start it again. It will come to you. 
Digital Cameras 
Okay, I'm vaguely considering purchasing a digital camera. I wouldn't use it very often, so I'm not interested in having a geekishly large amount of features, but I'd also like something of good quality and at a good price.

Any suggestions? 
Alternative Download Sites? 
does anyone know an alternative download site i could use for map downloads at my site, apart from fileplanet?

It must be free, obviously. 
<RPG> Hey nice! Google search for "s4wk" brings up my old web page on Tripod!
<RPG><RPG> haha
<RPG> Searching for "r4wk" brings up a picture of Vanessa Upton and a pic of me! :D
<RPG> 0wn!
<RPG> 0wn 0wn 0wn!
<Friction> bizarre

Now is that indescribably cool or what? :D 
Note Also: 
You will need to turn Google's SafeSearch OFF to get those results. 
every other post is auto-generated by the metlslime-forumbot ai.
it's all a plot to kill you, we have your adress, you know too much, et cetera. 
If you kill me then at least I know you're not ignoring me. 
Quake Concept Drawings.. 
I wanna see em.. so, anyone know where they at? Can't find em 
Quake Concept Drawings.. 
I wanna see em.. so, anyone know where they at? Can't find em 
an alternative to scrapping a map, is to leave it alone for a span of time and come back to it later. i started nesp09 about ... shit... like a year ago or something. i just came back to it a couple of months ago, and construction is going fast again. if you feel yourself slowing down or getting bored, take a step back and get some fresh air-- work on something else maybe -- but don't simply delete your unfinished maps. you never know when you'll find something you really liked in an old piece of junk. 
Also make maps that are easy to walk and maybe even align textures ! 
try, nice resource. it helped me to select my camera.... 
Couple Textures I Did.. 
I don't know that I'm using them but..

I can do better, but this was kinda my first shot.. the tiles aren't as tile-ish as I want and aren't perfect squares um the bottom half of the wall needs to be done better.. the blood's alright.. what do you think? 
PH8TX1 In-game Screen 
PH8TX1/2 In-game Screenshot 
the dir is open

i should fix these 
PH8TX1/2 In-game Screenshot 
the dir is open

i should fix these 
See that thing called the screenshot thread? Right then. 
Ok Ok 
Give us double-post protection NOW =) 
phait, man. the screenshot thread is empty. go fill it with the screenshots ;-)

answering rpg's question: i'm thinking of buying one of these

canon powershot a40 (�210, 1.9Mp, 1600x1200 8/10 in digital photography magazine)


sony cybershot dsc-p71 (�280, 3.2Mp, 2048x1536, 8/10 review)

i just happen to have the mag on my desk now... 
does anyone have experience with Maya? I'm using it at the uni and trying to make a car (like i did with 3dsmax with polys) with nurbs. does anyone know some good tutorials on cars (or else)? I'm doing Birail 2 and 3 so i'm finding quite a steep learning curve because i'm not used to the modifying parameters in Maya yet.

I know there's a lot of tutorials around but i always like to dload some that have been recommended to me so i dont spend ages sorting through poor tutorials., where can i use that fur effect on a car...hmmmm.... 
on the dices in the window. 
Vondur, Daftpunk 
Cheers you two. Daftpunk, I think those a bit out of my price range though. Hopefully I can find something reasonably nice for less money. 
Third Picture From The Left: 
My Camera:

got it for my Bday last week...

haven't used it much tho 
I envy you. 
It's the Sony DSC-P7, not P9, my bad, sorry... 
In Case Anyone Cares 
He He 
cool metl.
i got some pics of a car with live grass on it somewhere 
My little brother uses Maya. Quite proficiently, apparently. He never uses the net 'tho. He says it's a wonderful program. 
The Net IS A Wonderful Program 
as people in the business refers to it; the web, yo! 
Quake Art.. 
is there a site that is full of quake screenshot art, like with captions and such? 
An Idea 
i been thinkin of making some doom 3 inspired textures and taking an original doom 1 level and adding some extras to it and using these textures.. 
i just played HIPDM1 in Single player, pretty good! (See the Coagula Contest 2 thread for details).

Anyway, does anyone know of any others DM maps (ID/hip/rogue or otherwise) that can be played in true Single Player [not DMSP] like this? 
Most of Vondur's DM maps have SP combats... 
Not The Most But One 
and it's ZED2
but it's rather difficult to find how to open SP secret there ;) 
I can't find the secret place in ZED2, even when I use noclip! And this prevents me from playing this map in DMSP also! I hate you! 
Try [Kona]'s Chanthood:

And Gilt's Symbiotic Pipe Dream:
Gilt's site is here, but it seems to be down ATM: 
Unless I'm completely mistaken, Gilt released a Q1DM map called "Cube" or something similar. The map was made using only rectanglular brushes. Can someone please point me where to find it? :( 
Rpg J00 Suck 
silly noclipper! 
lob many grenades into the aaaaargh...gurgle 
The Raven's Waltz By Gilt

Right angles are beautiful too 
There's a pair of deep slots in a wall somewhere. Arm up and keep shooting down it until you hear teleports. 
Pencil Shaded Quake?? 
hey guys.. anyone remember quite a while ago seeing a port of Quake that all the textures appeared pencil shaded?? It looked like all the polys where drawn by hand.

I was looking for it couldnt find it.. someone must have a URL. :) 
Pencil Shaded Quake?? 
hey guys.. anyone remember quite a while ago seeing a port of Quake that all the textures appeared pencil shaded?? It looked like all the polys where drawn by hand.

I was looking for it couldnt find it.. someone must have a URL. :) 
maybe you're thinking of NPRQuake. I'm going to bed, but a simple google search should suffice. 
I Can't Find... 
any Quake 1 maps of Quake 2 SP or DM maps.. surely it's been done!

Yes I have Q2 I would convert if I had a better computer... 
Responses To All! 
distrans/Fatty: Cheers, guys. I had already berated Vondur on IRC into giving me some tips on how to find it. Maps that have a little something extra are cool. :)

speedy: j00 r4wk!

phait: I'm fairly certain that there was Q1 version of Q2DM1 The Edge. Regardless, the only way I know how to find it is to check MPQ, which has been removed from the internet. 
Frag Pipe Conversion: 
The Edge Conversion: 
Fuck The Title, And Fuck The Empty One Too. 
(metl, now we can officially regard this board as inaugurated)

I've just started to play this game and think it is amazing. Have any of you tried it? what do you think? 
Thansk Metslime.. 
already got edge though, unless this is a diff tex' one (hopefully) 
who here agrees with me that:

using Quake's default textures in their maps is more skillful? because custom textures usually do most of the work of making a map's appearance, atmosphere, mood etc that much better.. even though Quake's texture's are bland compared to todays, they are their own - but using them to their best potential over finding the limits of them while putting out a good quality map is talent.. agree? hopefully i wasn't too vague 
or, not "over" 
i do think there is a challenge to making something fresh with familiar old textures. 
First Post!!!!!!1111 
Well it is for me. Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hi and stuff. And thanks to Metl for coming to QMaps rescue. I'm still on my travels, just thought I should let everyone know that Frib is much taller in real life. 
nice to hear from ya, peej!
force frib to map while you're there damnit! :) 
Taller than what? 
someone else who is shorter. 
yeah, i'm playing Morrowind right now too. this game just refuses to end! it's amazing how long it is... not to mention, there are so many 'plugins' to get. also, the Construction Set thing is so easy to use! mapping for it is a little gay though, since you can only use premade chunks, meaning any new chunks must be made in a 3d modelling program beforehand...

yeah, anyway, it's a cool game! 
Haha Peej 
Glad to hear you're getting on alright! :) If you check back here again, enjoy the rest of your travels. Actually, enjoy the rest of them anyway. 
Does anyone have a copy of XeNoN's (also known as xen) Trick or Treat (xntrick)? 
Scampie was kind enough to pass it to me. (I mean xntrick, not AIDS.) 
Here is the link you're searching for:
is pretty amazing, played it for ages. it gives so much freedom, and exploring the world is so much fun. if you like RPGs though, you have to play gothic II... it is just as amazing as morrowind (but in a different way), and with better story, npc interaction, and diversity. 
I�ve been in love with this one too, althought it encourages to much being a thief (the evil side is too strong :). I think I'll install it again... 
Whoever Submitted News Of PH8DM1 To Planetquake... 
I sincerely thank you, but I really didn't deserve it. Because of the fact that PQ is a big, well known site it's humbling yet honoring that I got that mention - maybe you all are like "uh dude.. why are you making a deal out of this?" -- I'm new to this community. I haven't developed a reputation - and frankly, my skills ain't all that.

But anyways, thank you - whoever. 
this is one of the sites pq news people visit periodically for news stories. So i think they just saw the story on our news page. 
HTML Question 
does anyone know an easy way to sort data automatically within HTML. Its for my hall of fame/map rankings page.

What i want is just to be able to put in the new totals and it automatically resorts the maps.

thanx uwf 
You'd Probably Want PHP 
i suppose i could possibly learn php. i have deliberatly and studiously avoiding it so far.

any other thoughts/suggestions from anyone? 
Dynamic N Shit 
Well similar to php but not quite the same is asp. Besides that you could use javascript and put all the processing client side, or use a javaservelt and put all the processing server side.

If you know sql then go php, if you know java go servlet, otherwise go php. It's less powerful but really good for basic sorting. 
Thanx Pushplay 
BTW, more reviewage (Q1SP-brainstorm architecture, Cube-Monster Machine) now available at my site. 
I'm An Asshole 
Let's Interrupt The Gloom Of Quake For A Second... 
and check out this piece I spent 2 hours on originally at 800x600 :P

all Photoshop, wee...

I need to work on some more textures 
I checked my referrals and news of my map is on and and ... ok - I'm just ECSTACTIC - I didn't think any of my stuff would be worthy of mention anywhere else... wow... I dunno what to say lol *sniffle* I want to get a comments system up on my site, I'll look into that...

Oh by the way.. why are sites that don't have my site linked, in my referral stats? 
so would a p3-733 with 384mb ram and a GF2 handle this game well at high-meium settings? 
YAY Check This Out... 
I coded my own PHP form script - major accomplishemnt for a non-dev for me: link to comment 
Accoding To The Readme; 
Windows� XP, ME, 2000, or 98 (95 and NT� not supported); 600 MHz Intel Pentium� III or AMD Athlon Processor; 192 MB RAM; 4x CD-ROM; 2.2 GB Hard Drive Space; 16 MB Direct3D Compatible 3D Accelerator Card with Transform & Lighting Capability (GeForce 1 or Equal); DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card; Keyboard; Mouse

Intel Pentium� 4 1.5 GHz or Athlon 1 GHz; 256 MB RAM; 16x CD-ROM; 32 MB Direct3D Compatible 3D Accelerator Card with Transform & Lighting Capability (GeForce 3 or Equal) with DirectX 8.1 Compatible Driver; Environmental Audio Capable Sound Card 
thanks wrath, so how will it really run on something just above the min requirements <smile> 
what would you like to see?

so far it's coming along rather nicely, i may post screens later. it's mostly a green theme to it so far but this could change. i'm really confident in this map seeing how well it's progressing and looking. 
How will it run?

Like Christopher Reeves post accident. Covered in crude oil. On Jupiter. At absolute zero. 
ok, I guess I'll pass on it then. 
Yes, you're an asshole. 
It's just a lite joshing from someone with too much free time on his hands, don't take it as anything else.

Using grenade launcher and ammo as proper nouns did strike me as odd though 
You dont sound like your english is perfect either, some of your corrections (didnt read thru whole text) are not needed or just wrong.
If you really wanted to help uwfan with the review, you could just email him.
Be nice ! 
Nice Use Of Kell's Textures 
Some of them might be style issues, but if you think I'm wrong then go nuts and tell me where. 
yeah, that map looks nice. I don't agree with all of the detailing and stuff, but the overall effect is very impressive. 
Quakeworld Custom Map Night? 
I am thinking about trying to set up one night a week where people can get together and play FFA or 4v4 (with random teams) on custom maps at a specified time. Each week I would select a collection of maps from a specific mapper and people could play on my server as long as they wanted. I need to have some input if the mappers/readers of this site would want to take part in this. My server is located in the eastern USA and can handle 8 people. If an odd number of people show up, or more than 8 show up, I will always be the first to sit out.

Here would be an example of what would happen if it were "Fribbles" night:

We start out playing a 10 minute game on EFDM1, then 10 minutes on EFDM2, and onward till we finish with EFDM13 or until no one wants to play anymore. If people still wanted to play we could play pkeg or fribweb1.

If you are interested in playing, please message me on irc with times that are good for you and suggestions.


do you mind elaborating please? I would like to hear your viewpoint on what you with do differently on detailing etc? 
I'm interested as long as it'll take place sometime when I can participate. 
I agree, they look very nice. Good use of textures, and the architecture is very good looking from the screenshots. 
Gf4 4200 Ti 128mb 
tis much nicer than a gf4mx.

1280x1024 32bit, 6x AA and 8x Anistriopic filtering in unreal2 smooth 
from what i hear though the 128mb ti4200's are just marginally better/faster than the ti4200 64mb's, to the point where you get more for less buying a 64mb one (which i just did). 
but the 128mb should be more future proof, hopefully :)

it cost �130 
DMSP Map Suggestions? 
I Am Looking for maps that people have played in DMSP that work good with the mod (in gameplay terms). cool textures etc are an added bonus. 
If it isnt the weekend i can participate, i dont have a decent connection on weekends. 
Not that I want to overpimp, but I recommend DMSP in the readme for kdmd - In The Dark Decayed. I enjoyed it; partly because of the cold, nocturnal medieval atmosphere, partly because the layout makes for some interesting combat but mostly because - almost uniquely - it contains no rocket launcher. You're forced to use your weapons wisely and develop strategies for defeating the Bad Dudes, which is exactly what Aard talks about in the DMSP readme.
So there :P 
Oh, Aye..and The Map Server This Title Really Neccessary? 

Sounds cool. I'd need a day's warning to get hold of the maps for that night ( hey, some of us ain't got a lot of drive-space or net-access :/ ) but I'd be up for that.
Of course, I'll die like a gnat in a fire but that's not the point... 
went over to your page and downloaded most of your DM maps, gonna give them a try. "Void Runner" might be interesting in DMSP, i will see... ;) 
I Was Just Looking 
at the list of registered "people" here(that would be "us"), and i noticed an astonishing and outrageous fact!

Scampie has not yet made a single post!

Where are you Scampie? ;) 
QW Custom Map Night 
It sounds like Saturday would be a good day to have it, as people are requesting the weekend. Now all I need is for people to suggest times. I am in irc a lot, so just tell me a time. I have a webpage where I can list the maps and put host them for download. Hopefully next Saturday (or Sunday) we can start. 
I Wish... 
i could DM but unfortunately apparently AOL has some firewall that inteferes with Quake World yeah you'll flame me but i don't pay for AOL so..... put that in yer pipe n' smoke it

but we're sposed to go to a local, cheaper ISP soon, hrm.. 
I Have Aol. 
i can dm on qw... are you sure it's not some local setting? 
Violence In Video Games 
like? i was going to DM months ago with a web design friend and I fired up QW, kept saying it was connecting over and over but didn't get anywhere, he attributed it to AOL. 

It's been coming along rather nicely, but it's a bit larger than I originally intended. Theres a moderately open area, I am thinking of walling it... I'm on my way to working to the outside of the map...

I'm thinking of scrapping and starting over but smaller. Unless *maybe* someone wants my work and wants to do something with it, but gimme credit? 
for the base that is 
john, I'd play, but I need to get a net connection at home first (hopefully fairly soon).

Slight problem with timezones though... 
That's not nice :( 
So... You have a job? Hopefully it's as an international porn star. Or even better, a level designer! 
didn't get anywhere, he attributed it to AOL.

that's your problem.

not being able to connect to a game can be any number of problems that i won't even bother going into now. 
Gimme A Server To Connect To.... 
I'm gonna mess around w/ this tonight 
Lun knows I love him. 
QW Problem Is.. 
Ok I've got QW 2.3 and Gamespy..

I launch a game and it says:

connecting to [address], server version is 2.40

then it pauses a second, and the message appears over and over and over... 
More Specifically... 
it repeats:

connecting to [address], server version is 2.40
[address]: Challenge
[address]: Print 
I'm on NetZero now, not AOL and I have the same problem.... 
Pherrous Redesign... 
I think you guys are gonna love it.. it's bloody, and it um.. stares at you.. MWAHAHAHAHA this is my best work yet, I've never done anything quite this realistic before. 
I have lost my quake cd someone and have recently format, am I allowed to download a copy of quake and if so where can I get it? 
I like cubes! 
I put up a DMSP2 page at my site...

someone can easily beat my times, i know. 
My Map 
I've made a single player map called 'The Hellbridge'. It isn't so good as yours but it's my first real Q1 map.

Would you look at it and tell some words about it to me.

you can download it from 
Downloading your map now, if its good enough, there will be a review at my site soonish. 
Well, someones been playing the id maps for inspiration ;) Definately showing your influences and that's no bad thing.
The texture theme is a cool combination of blues and browns, metal and stone. The architectural features are a little plain in places, but some of the roofwork and metal bars are nicely done; definately nothing stands out as ugly to my tastes.
The gameplay is great fun - I mostly enjoyed this map. The monster placement is intelligent and you have some good use of ogres in their. i think my favorite bit was with the two hollow squares that drop to reveal ogres and switches inside: a good combination of effects.
There are a LOT of switches though. Although I didn't find it particularly difficult to work out where to go, I sometimes wondered what each switch was doing - a little more visual and thematic connection needed there.
Some of your doors were kind of plain, with nothing to indicate they were actually doors; you don't need to conceal a door if it's part of the mandatory level progression.
My least favorite aspect of the map, and the only really objectionable one, was the lava and hazards. The first 'hellbridge', with the spikeshooters on either side, gives absolutely no warning you are about to be shoved sideways to your death...that's a bit much, and is the kind of thing that can ruin an otherwise good map. The series of crushers preceding the Gold Key were also excessively harsh. And the winding metal beam to said item was really a bit much; reducing the lava to slime or water and placing some rotfish, something to make it damaging but not lethal, would have been preferable.
I found three of the secrets fairly easily, but that's not a criticism.
Oh, and the trigger_push leading to the Silver Key traps you at the top of the wind tunnel. Needs fixed.

However, you got a lot more right than wrong - the fact that I've just had several entertaining minutes is the sign of a good map. For your nest one I recommend establishing strong consistency to you theme and refining it with more detail, trim, decoration and so on. Ease up on the traps a little andyou'll be turning out some very good SP maps.

If You're Bored... 
there's an interview with me :P and with the owner of PC-Chick that I did at 
yeah, what kell said...
avoid deathtraps they're frustrating.
overall, nice oldskool map, keep on mapping :) 
Re: Netzero 
I don't think Netzero will let you game. In fact I think it may have removed online capability for regular Quake on my machine as a result of trying. Oddly, the tricks for using Dreamcast on Netzero does allow gaming. Obviously, that has no ad bar or anything. I don't know anything about the pay Netzero except that it's supposedly the "Ultimate Internet." Not.

AOL can be used but I did see some cases it refused to connect anything but its own browser (normally, let it connect, minimize AOL, pretend it's normal service). Usually a reboot would fix this.

Currently switched to Intergate, getting more speed, some sub 200 ms pings, much cheaper. Not broadband but still impressive. Now I just need my computer to work again.

As to deathtraps, yeah, but there is something irreplacable about seeing 20 ton bloody steel spikes slicing away and stuff like that. 
Just downlaoded the latest tread and upon trying to use textures in a quake map it gave me the error message: Seek unable on this

I assumed the textures were gfx.wad??

How can I make textures work in tread 3d for quake? 
About Tread... 
Ok Gib, it is a pretty decent editor, at least the version I use is 1.12 (all personal opinion of course). I can't say that I care all that much for the Tread3D 2.4 version that is currently available for download. That said, I am willing to make what I have available to the Qmap "gang of louts". It is/was registered in my name back in the day when they charged for it. Yep, I paid $35 to get my paws on it and have been pretty happy with it for over 4 years. I do use a couple versions of Radiant, Quark and World Craft now and then too.

BUT, try this first...

-Look in your Tread3D root dir. for ExtPak2.exe
-Run it with a double-click
-Point it's browser to your Quake dir. and allow it to run.
-Thats it! There will now be a c:\Quake\id1\quake.wad in your Options/Game Quake/textures viewer.

You will be ready to go from there and you can do the same process to load custom .wads.

Just a few bits about Tread;

-It loves to crash after the viewing of large quantities of textures in the Texture browser. I recommend that you save just before and right after selecting a texture.
-The CZG is scetchy at best and horrible in general, for the most part. I suggest that you NEVER CARVE with Tread (or any other Quake/Quake2 editor).
-Once a map grows to a large size, the Render view is very, very slow. I build without the use of the Render window exept when tweaking textures.

You may want to try an iteration of Radiant, I personally can't stand any of them but they are more stable and flexible. Once you get used to Tread and its quirks, I doubt anything else will do. (I imagine all editors have that effect eh?) 
PH8DM2-Scrapped - Want It? 
Again, does anyone want to use this as a base? Just give me credit, and let us all know how it turns out if you use it.

Have fun! 
Just finished Moonlight Assault.


Fucking huge! How long did that take to compile, what are your machine specs?

I like how it lead me on to think that after one batch of a good challenge of monsters, I thought I was through only to find - I wasn't. I think the map was too big though - fairly empty. But it was a good challenge, and great map. 
ATTN: Underworldfan 
yes, I am alive... but I don't visit this board.. becuase for whatever reason I can't login my account(s). :(

everyone else knows I'm still quite active in #terrafusion. 
ATTN: Underworldfan 
yes, I am alive... but I don't visit this board.. becuase for whatever reason I can't login my account(s). :(

everyone else knows I'm still quite active in #terrafusion. 
D-D-D-Double post!

fuckin' awesome or what dudes? :D 
Rpg: Yes 
i have a job at TKO in santa cruz. I put all my stuff in storage, but i'm currently homeless. So, all my home projects like func and rubicon2 and fitzquake are on hold until i can set up my computer. 
2 More Q1SP Reviews: 
at my site

Rune Run 
your site is all black and in turn it makes every page I go to appear black unless I restart the browser - but your site remains black... 
Rater good map. I liked the layout, gameplay (except that nasty push into lava) and some imaginative designes.
What you lacking is the consistency and proper texture usage. The map is a mishmash of styles and textures. IE same blue wall textures (the dm4 one) used allover walls, floors, bridges, supports, railings..
Look at how things done in e3 quake maps, or better some custom maps with strong style.

Nice to see a mapper from ??????. ?? ?????? ?????? ??????? ? ?? ?.??????????
�� ��� �� ����� ? 
Link Of The Day 
������ ����� �� ������ ������� �� ������. �� ������ ������ ������? � �� �.���������� 
Glad you had fun. 8)

Moonlite was made on a PII300 w/320MB RAM (started out with 128MB, but had to upgrade!). I don't really remember the compile time too well, but I think it was something like 15 mins bsp, 4 hours light and 7 hours vis. 
Link Of The Day 
Link Of The Day 
My God... 
i need a new machine.

150 MHz CYRIX of all CPU's... 48MB RAM..

however my friend Murph in the UK offers to compile my maps on his PC... 
Quake Wallpaper 
Here you go.. I'm not normally big on photo manips, but oh well.

If you can spot the muscle man, I'll give you a cookie!

Sorry it's only 800x600... 
/me wonders if Maric's misspelling of CSG was intentional or not... 
Cheers Maric 
Ummmmm... No, but what a brain-fart induced typo eh?

My appologies good sir. For all I know there is nothing scetchy about you whatsoever, then again... ;-) 
Where did you get the name "CSG?" Is it a reference to the BSP process?

Dietz: heh. 
Christian Something Gravert.

Your HELLbridge map is nice, especially gameplay-wise. My only complaints would be the aforementioned slightly annoying lava trap, the wind tunnel bug and the fact that I had some trouble finding the whereabouts of the gold key.

If you have more maps like this in your drawer, I'd like to see them ... 
CSG = Constructive Solid Geometry

Not a Quake thing, but a Half-Life and Quake 3 thing. I thingk. :P 
"That tactic owned hard that wall." 
That link was handy, but you didn't have to post it 3 times. :)


H-Hour: lol 
Thanx Everybody 
Thanks everyone who said something about my map.

But this is my first SP map, but soon I'll publish another one.

to Speedy:
� �� �������-��-����.
� ����� �� ������� �� ������ ����� ��� � �������? 
Nice Pulsar 
I'm impressed Pulsar that you could build such a large level in only three weeks.
Liked it but has the same complains as others.
the lava trap that came out of nowhere, the wind tunnel and some confusion as to where to go when I had pressed the two buttons in the start room. Found the gold key though!
Let us get some more maps from you! 
quake does csg. unreal does csg. Pretty much any game that has brushes has csg. 
The original GTA has been released by <strike>DMA</strike> Rockstar games as a free download. This actually happened about a week ago, but their server was farked / slashdotted / wanged / makeupawordhere.

It's a classic, go get it. 
I remember there was this one site that offered GTA 1 and other games for free - some kinda deal with the developers/publishers.

GTA 1 was a blast, never played GTA 2 or 3. Yet. 
Eternal Dismemberment Complex is a great map aesthetically but it seemed sparse on ammo and weapons. I was using Reaper bot 0.8 beta, got creamed o_O

Fucking awesome map though. 
try using a bot that doesn't cheat! 
yeah use omibots. Skorpion's done heaps of routes for them too at his page : 
rocks with frogbots tho
insanely fast and fun gameplay
one of the best maps!!!

/me hugs Tyrann once more :) 
Custom Map FFA 
Tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm Eastern Standard time, we will be playing some FFA or Teamplay on my server. We will be playing all of Aardappels maps for about 10 minutes each on my server. Stop by #terrafusion for details a few minutes before 3pm EST. 
And Yes 
The game is quakeworld... 
And If You Don't Show Up 
you don't get any cookies for a week! 
7 New Mods Posted At Moddb: 
Vagrant Story Quake

Quake Tactics


CTF Plugin


Return Fire Quake

Shub Fusion Weapons Demo

Some of these mods are still in the works (like Return Fire Quake), while others are as done as they're going to get (like Quake-e-mon, though I'm considering doing a remake of that for QExpo...under a different name... ;p ). 
Quake-e-mon looks cool. I haven't tried it, though. If you remake it for QExpo, let me know. I'd be interested in making some arenas for you (maybe distintive arenas for each Quake monster?). 
Bal Should Release Bal3dm5 Already! 
Lol Scampie 
You are teh funny man!

I could start a similar SP petition for Kona to release some of his maps.

I will email him soon about them, i think ;) 
Maybe you could rather have some good maps, instead of just sticking to one particular author ? 
Let's Start A Petition... 
to remove over-content flash ads and popup-flash-sound/music ads on Gamespy.

I don't care that you can still close them anyway - it's annoying, frustrating, and interrupting the content us visitors are looking for.

At least, that's what I think. 
It was kinda fun, if slow (not performance wise but gameplay wise) but that's part of it. I think it'd be cool to have spectator voices like "Enforcer wins" etc... also having people create their own arenas.

Nice effort :) 
Operatin Urth Majik 
I havent completed it yet, but it's awesome - very professional design to it, I'm impressed. Love the Half-Life health/ammo/armor replenishment homages too 
Online Petitions 
is so stupid I can't even think of anything sarcastic to say about it. 
"Makes me glad Lun3DM4 is in the capable hands of RPG."

Oh, And Wrath: 
I bought Enclave today. I won't have time to play it for a few days, but I'm really excited about it. It looks very cool.

Any news on the tools? If you/they are not planning to release them, I have some fine, white powder that I'm going to send to the Starbreeze offices. And it's not cocaine. 
WOO! I Wrote A PHP Poll.. 
vote / view source

major accomplishment for me 
FFA Day 
Today we played all of Aardappels maps ranging from the sleak and stylish e1m2ish to the maniacal slopy. We had between 4 and 7 people playing at a time.

Next week will will feature the maps from Bal. We will play all the Baldm's and a few of his lost maps. If I have a chance to hack into his hard drive, we may even play some maps bal never released :)

Finally to speedy: I would just like to have a day to get together to play all the maps from a selected author. If people just got together to play the best maps of all time, it would just be like playing on a standard FFA server. 
Some reason there's a bug there - it wasn't there locally.. fixing - disregard till later. 
your childish threats have but an amusing effect on me. 
Ok Now We're Working... 
Bleh, if you're bored enough to actually vote on the hairdo I should get - my poll is working now *whew*

You didn't answer my question. 
okay, for real this time.

everyone has work up the ass right now, so I can't tell you anything new. I'll be sure to keep you folks updated if there are any changes.

Also, you're a softwitted sheep-fucker. 
I wouldn't want anyone to think I was hardwitted. But more importantly, being a sheep-fucker is probably better than being a Maj-fucker. (Poor Maj.)

Thanks for the update. I hope you lot can get the tools out. (And I don't mean the penises.) 
Madlibs Script... 
I should do a Quake madlibs, definitely: 
I Just Passed 
with 50, so I'm still a sitting duck. 
Yay, 85 
Chance of survival: great. Apparently i've 'got your wits about me.' 
Ha, Proved Them Wrong 
'got my wits about me' 
starbuck, you're kurt russell then, you can fight them but die in the end then :) 
arb arb arb! 
Haha Nitin 
score = 75 "you've got the basic skills, but alien invasion is anything but basic"

Q. What do you do if someone says to you "I'm much better now, I want to come back inside"

A. Set them on fire!

Interesting story. I used such words as "CardO", "wankery", "penis", "dildo", and "man-love" and it had a remarkable resemblance to my everyday life! 
Well the story was really on-the-spot.

I hope to do something Quake related with what I've done with PHP so far.. any ideeas? 
One day, Cthon decided to go for a walk. As they grabbed their voreball, they tripped over a lightning and broke their ravenous paw. Cthon cried out in pain, and soon Shub-Niggurath came to their help. Unfortunately, Shub-Niggurath had a severe case of ineffable bileitis, and it soon spread to Cthon.

Not realize the devastating effects that ineffable bile had on human beings, Cthon and Shub-Niggurath decided to check into a hospital. Upon arrival they discovered that many hospital employees were very slimey. Cthon and Shub-Niggurath were shocked and retched in sheer black! As we all know, history repeats itself and Cthon and Shub-Niggurath injured themselves by running flat into a spire. Things had now gotten quite bloody, and everyone in the hospital disemboweled.

The moral of this story is absolutely leathery and has no point whatsoever. Therefore the author of this story, ever Lovecraftian, really had no idea what to write for the sole entertainment purposes of Cthon and their completely fictional misadventure, so this is all really a indelible piece of Celephais!

I didn't mean with that story persay, but oh well :P 
even PQ seem to think that daz and dranz are the same person. 
I always thought they were; just split into two bodies for maximum efficiency. 
Make Your South Park Self

I'm gonna do something like this but with Quake, hehe - 'cept I don't know / own Flash... maybe do something through PHP somehow. 
Already Done This One... 
You did all of Contract Revoked, correct? 
Yeah, sure 
Sweet, Um 
do you have AIM or Yahoo Messenger or ICQ? If not I'll just e-mail the questions, but conversational interviews are so much better.. 
I don't have any of those.
Could we do it across IRC?
Sorry, I'm new to all this :P 
IRC uhm... sure, but I've only used that once and so I'll have to d/l and figure it out - what room / whatever? 
IRC uhm... sure, but I've only used that once and so I'll have to d/l and figure it out - what room / whatever? 
Well, if we logon to Gamesnet, we can create a channel specifically for oursleves. I know how to do that much :) 
Sounds Good.. 
can I do this through mIRC? (new to this) 
Sounds Good.. 
can I do this through mIRC? (new to this) 
yeah, that's what I installed for #terrafusion 
I'm In Gamesnet 
Make yer channel :) 
I'm In Gamesnet 
Make yer channel :) 

( do I need to post this twice? :P ) 
Couldn't you just have finished the interview here?
Since you were already at such a flying start I mean.... 
Stuff you, CZG :D 
This is the General Abuse, after all. 
<Kell> Heh, Right On 
"The film business is a shallow money trench. A long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs." -- Hunter S. Thompson 
"The process of trying tomake a film in Hollywood is like trying to cook a side of beef by having a succession of people come into the room and breathe on it" - Douglas Adams in The Salmon Of Doubt 
South Park Self

if enough people post them here, i might make a page at my site. 
I Look Kinda Like This

More than any of the others anyways. 
Now Isn't This Much Better? 
Gave Pherrous a facelift while retaining the original design (mostly) 
Look Look! 
czg is on Func right now! There are 5 registered users online right now: czg, Phait, PuLSaR, R.P.G. and Vondur.

I've always wondered what it feels like to get high on funk. 
Post #601 ! 
I`v left some question unanswered...

Distrans: do whatever you want, its your work afterall. I`m still working on that map, just not very often ...

Pulsar: the only other russian mapper that comes here (rarely) is parboil. I know some others, but the dont hang on international forums like this or q3w. 
Ta Speeds, but if your still working on it I'd rather not spoil the effect when you finally release it.

Cheers, hombre. 
Remind Me Again 
why I map for a living.


oh, look, five consonants in a row! 
Big Q1sp Maps... 
i probably didn't, but i'm wondering if i missed a huge q1sp map... maybe an older one, from before '99...

anything fitting that description? 
OK so I've upgraded all but my video card, new harddrive and new installs for everything. Proper drivers for my crap TNT2 until I upgrade it to radeon 9800 (hehe), and proper drivers for all of my new hardware. PLus the latest glide. What is it that I'm missing that causes GlQuake, MhQuake etc to not run and also, perhaps connected, WC 3.3 (which uses 3d acceleration) is running slower than it did on my old system, which was far slower.

any suggestions?

thanks, tronyn 
the radeon's known to have problems with older games, perhpas try one of the new custom engines like mhquake, fitzquake or GQ and just turn all extra features off. 
Glide is 3dfx only, you don't need it for your TnT.

Probably all you need to do to get GLQuake working is remove the opengl32.dll file from your quake dir. Nitin's comment above obviously doesn't apply yet (until you actually get a radeon), but I currently use a radeon with no problems - no need to use a modified engine unless you want to for other reasons.

I believe WC uses directx for acceleration (at least v1.6 used to). Maybe you haven't installed that yet? 
Um Yeah 
I obviously didnt read that properly in regards to the radeon and also in regards to you already trying mhquake etc. SOrry about that. 
Custom Map FFA 
Today at 3pm EST (which is about 8 hours from now) we will be playing all of bals quakeworld maps on my server. Stop by #terrafusion before 3 so I can give out the server information. We plan on playing reinc5, baldm1-8, and the two lost maps: balcc and balscy. 
Re : Custom Map FFA 
Is it possible, like next week, to do it on a Sunday instead? That way I could join in. I'm usually busy at that time on a Saturday. 
Balcc And Balscy 
Where can I download these? 
just got to the bottom of the page. sheesh. somethin like 150 posts. the punishment for not logging in for a week eh? (or more perhaps). 
Balathon = Success! 
I had a grand time playing all of Bal's maps on zzjohnzz'z server today. It was fun time on fun maps. 
QW Custom Map Marathon 
Next week we will play on Sunday instead of Saturday. It seems more people will be able to play on Sunday. We will play Blackpope's maps. If BP can't find a place to host his 8 maps, I will find space and post download links later this week. 
where can I download Bals two lost maps? balcc and the other one. 
You can download Bal's two "lost" maps here:

Balcc and Balscy. 
A Mini-review Of A Movie Short 
"The Final Flight of the Osiris" is a spooge magnet. Except for the final chase scene (although it isn't exactly a chase scene) which was way to short. Most of if was shown in the trailers at The Animatrix website, which just adds to the frustration.

And I know this is going to sound stupid, but the movie was a bit too sexual. There were too many gratuitous crotch-shots. If they were a bit less obvious and more subdued, I think it would have been better. 
I need to place more emphasise on the fact that the movie is very cool looking, and the kung-fu and slow-motion stuff is very awesome. 
I tried the other link and it didn't work but it's ok now, ta. 
Enclave Demo 
Better late than never :)

Enclave r0x0rs my b0x0rs! :)

The level design is awesome and the physics and cinematics are very cool. Gameplay is fun and sticking nine arrows into a soldiers head with 1 shot is very satisfying :)

I'm gonna pick up a copy of this when its out. I herd that the compant aren't sure wether to release the editor, IDIOTS! RELEASE IT NOW!!! :) It would be such a waste of a great game and great engine. Natch... 
I lost my qped! can someone send me a new one?
just upload somewhere for download or email to
Necros (Post 604) 
there were lots of big q1sp maps! you are going to have to be more specific... 

I have added a new page at my site just for some fun, which is a "South Park Gallery" page. 
Dumbass Question 
Although I have been playing Quake for many years, I never really got to the bottom of all the graphics drivers issues.

So now I'm stuck.

I just copied my old Quake folder over to my new PC (Pentium 4, GeForce4 4600) and I can't get any Quake executable to run. I get the message:

Missing Glide2x.dll

As far as I know, this should only be required for Voodoo cards, which I had in my previous compo, so what do I do now? 
Departure Time 
I'm going to Australia on Friday, back on the 6th or so.

Terrorists/police permitting.

(Seriously! There's been threats that something'll go down in Wellington this Friday...) 
Re - Dumbass Quaestion 
Delete or rename the file "opengl32.dll" in your Quake folder, and all will be fine 
"Dumbass Question"
Dumbass spelling :) 
your input has been forwarded to the people responsible. 
S. Pk. 
uwf: cool! ( although I appear to be called 'koth' instead of 'kell' nm ) 
Re: #627 
Yeah, that fixed it good.

I have plenty of hair, it's just that I cut it to like 1cm. 
lol.....oops! sorry about koth..will fix it. 
sorry man...i couldnt think of anything else to write, i am sure you have great hair. :o 
Pushplay doesn't need more hair - he just needs a smaller head 
Re: Big Q1sp Maps 
there were lots of big q1sp maps! you are going to have to be more specific...

well, really, any map that is huge (like insomnia huge, on a per level basis) and that has decent to awsome brushwork... any titles i should check out? i was leafing through some of the reviews on Shambler's site, but it's difficult to find what i'm looking for... plus, there are a lot... 
Nercors: Well... 
there are the obvious big famous maps like:

Bestial Devestation
Scorpion Garrison
Memento Mori

also there is:
some of the maps in OUM
some of the maps in Soul of Evil
some of the nehahra maps in episode 2: eg "your last cup of sorrow", "sacred trinity" 
You probably wouldn't know this, but I have been told that I have a rather large head. It's one of the reasons I keep my hair short. Yet my dentist has told me that I have a somewhat small mouth. Weird.

(Snipet from my autobiography: Slightly Out Of Place Facts About Me.) 
It draws near...and by the time I next get net access (Friday AEST) it will have passed :P

/me goes to find Rev 13:18 
It Draws Near Indeed... 
"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." 
i was thinking of maps made earlier than that. but thanks anyhow. :) 
Can anyone provide me with a brightened wad of Quake2 textures? I'm running into troubles converting + brightening them myself. 
All of these i'm pretty sure you can locate on file-planet. If i got the zip file names wrong, it's close.

The Epoch Turning -
Rust in Peace - grc4beta
The Tale of Abbot's Rune -
Morbidity 2 - i completely forget 
Day Of Defeat! 
Custom Map FFA On Sunday 
This week we will play Blackpope's maps pope1 through pope7. We will start around 3pm EST, so stop by #terrafusion if you want to play. 
yes. doch vive. yes. 
yes. doch vive. yes. 
yes. doch vive. yes. 
note to metlslime: more spamming by lame alt-nics. 
yes. doch vive. yes. 
damn those planetquake fockers they deleted my site 
i think i know doch. i might just know who wrote those messages. hehehe. 
you do realize your ip address is attached to every post? thptttt 
do you live in santa cruz? 
yes indeedy. i was talking to yogi, and turns out, so does he. 
why the hell cant i get on gamespy irc servers??? it says "address is banned" when i try to join any channels. meh? 
Didn't all aol users get banned or something? 
yeah you show em'. 
uh, what? 
/me slouches toward Bethlehem 
Perhaps you are thinking of the mexx9 series? It was a 5 level pack iirc, with old school but very massive architecture. it 0wn3d. 
Tower Of Twilight was fairly large inside, but it's the facade I remember. Took ridiculously oversized architecture to new heights - if you'll pardon the pun. 
Wtf PQ 
The`v just recently deleted bunch of pages not even warning the authors 
I Must Speak Out... 
I think what PQ is doing is crap, but:

I believe in the hosting rules it says that your site needs to be moderately updated. The majority of the sites at PQ that I come across, sadly, are very, very outdated.

Can't really blame PQ - though I know it sucks. I guess the best thing would be to just buy/get hosting elsewhere.

But then again, you don't get the recognition as much. 
Hehe, They Missed Mine 
subject: brave new world.
time/date: 22:02_26october(friday)_2001



that was my last news post. :) 
[hosted-all] Email, 12 March 03 
quote: "In the last couple months, we've been going through the Genre, Console and Planet sites taking stock of the diverse sites on our Network. As part of that process, we have been removing abandoned sites or removing users that no longer participate on certain sites."

So they did warn people. Just not very loudly. 
Doch Stuff 
sorry bout those doch guid stuff. was testing some stuff with my brother that lead nowhere. 
Is Lurker on this board anywhere? I've tried e-mailing him, but his box is full and I can't get one through. 
>So they did warn people. Just not very loudly.

Reminds me of the Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

`...You hadn't exactly gone out of your way to call attention to them had you? I mean like actually telling anyone or anything.'

`But the plans were on display...'

`On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.'

`That's the display department.'

`With a torch.'

`Ah, well the lights had probably gone.'

`So had the stairs.'

`But look you found the notice didn't you?'

`Yes,' said Arthur, `yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of The Leopard".' 
Lots Of Hitchhiker's Guide Quotes Here And Everywhere... 
Ever Thought Of Going Into Advertising? 
Do you have any idea how much damage this bulldozer would suffer if I were to just let it roll straight over you? 
We could spend all day quoting douglas adams. :D 
Please Do 
I'm feeling bored... 
Ok :) 
"`This must be Thursday,' said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer, `I never could get the hang of Thursdays.'"

"`The best way to get a drink out of a Vogon is to stick your finger down his throat...'"

"`You'd better be prepared for the jump into hyperspace. It's unpleasently like being drunk.'
`What's so unpleasent about being drunk?'
`You ask a glass of water.'"

"`I think you ought to know that I'm feeling very depressed.'"
"`Life, don't talk to me about life.'"
"`Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take you down to the bridge. Call that "job satisfaction"? 'Cos I don't.'"
"`I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.'"

"`If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.'"

Everything important in life turned out to already have been covered in those books. Kinda funny, after all that work of trying to figure out what to do with my life, it was all right here. ;) 
The first million years were the worst. And the second million years - those were the worst too. The third million years I didn't like at all. And after that, things went into a bit of a decline. 
You're a load of useless bloody loonies! 
Stick It Up Yer Nose! 
...which is exactly the kind of thing we need to know. I mean, do people want fire than can be fitted nasaly? 
The Encyclopedia Galactica 
... defines a robot as a mechanical apparatus designed to do the work of a man. The marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation defines a robot as "Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun to Be With."

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes," with a footnote to the effect that the editors would welcome applications from anyone interested in taking over the post of robotics correspondent.

Curiously enough, an edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a thousand years in the future defined the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came." 
Mmmm Panoramic Screenshots 
These were done simply with the F12 key, some right-arrow-key taps and gentle mouse movements

I wish I could have all the shots in the same perspective though... I think I'm going to do shots like these for my maps. 
PQ also seems to have missed my old site, the last update of which was on 13th September 2001 (and said that the site was no more :) 
Is That Cube Of Cheese ? 
will any1 help me with final map compile ? I`m stuck on 300mhz at the moment ;/ 
I Could.. 
2ghz, 512 ddr 
Trouble with PQ deleting stuff is that there was a lot of decent information out there. Just 'coz something is no longer updated doesn't mean the information isn't just as valid as it was the day it was written. 
10-10-2000 - Auh3dm1 Realesed 
PQ Si T3h W3ird 
Hmm, my account on PQ only serves as a redirector since about a year already, I don't even display their banners or shit. I was expecting my account to be deleted for quite some time now but they didn't even killed it this time... *scratch head* 
Custom QW FFA Sunday 
We just finished playing blackpopes maps and I think everyone had a good time. Next week we will play Auhsan's maps and then Biff's maps. The map order will be: auhsan1, auhsan2, auhsan3, auhdm1, auhdm2, then impdm1, impdm2, impdm3, filthy, imp1dm5, and imp1dm6.

The carnage starts Sunday 3pm EST. 
Are you going to use Imp1DM6 or Imp1DM6 second edition? 
/me works on his next map like mad to get have his played too 
Describing Levels To Non-Geeks 
So, when you tell someone that you're a mapper, how do you describe it to them? Do you use any similes or metaphors? If so, what are they? 
Use The Standard Imp1dm6 
Just use the normal one. 
i say that i design "the 3D environments in which the game takes place." 
Building A New Pc... 
What would you recommend based upon reliability/performance?
What would you suggest to avoid?


CPU's, hard-drives, mice/keyboard, graphics cards, motherboards, RAM, CD-ROM and CD-RW drives, monitors?

Yes yes, I'm searching pricewatch. 
It's like architecture plus interior decorating, but with more dead bodies. 
and more crates 
Here's The Current PC-parts List 
Please give me your thoughts on this list based upon what you know of the reliability, etc (not your personal opinion):

I need to go sleep for work now zZzzz

avoiding as you get your parts late and with possibility of damage. DABS on the other hand are very good.

Whatever you do, don't skimp on your motherboard, get a decent one. 
I'm A Coder 
When people ask what coding's like, I tell them I weild absolute control over an entire game universe. Every faucet of its so-called "reality" is in my merciful hands.

This, notably, is not true, as I do run up against limitations, and I'm not as good as I'd like to be. But it does sound reeeal goood at a job interview (i.e. "Wow! You're hired!"). ;)

If only I were all-powerful in reality.

Reminds me of another Hitchhiker's Guide quote:
"In summary, anyone capable of obtaining absolute power is the least suited to have it. In summary to the summary, people are a problem".
(or more or less like that) 
Every faucet? 
...but the kitchen sink 
Yeah I Had Fun Yesterday Zzjzz 
Can't wait for biff's and Aushan's maps =) Thanks for hosting! 
Are you sure the powersupply in the case is going to take care of you? I don't know how that "AMD recommended up to 1.2 GHz CPU" compares to the 2.4ghz pentium, but it might not be enough. 
A 2ghz athlon is supposedly a 2ghz compare to a pentium 4 although it actually runs at roughly 1600ghz. 
Says who? AMD? 
That's what AMD reckon.

Having never had a p4 before I wouldn't know.

Mine is a 2ghz Athlon XP which equals AMD Palomino @ 1.63GHz. 
Is it just me, or is it really really cool to get fake virus warnings in your e-mail from people you don't even know? 
got the same shit 2 days ago, just delete it and forget 
I Already 
But now you're reminding me of it... 
The Best Spam Ever 
is the "Tired of SPAM in Your Inbox?!"

yes, frankly, I am - and I'm coming after you and your family, organ harvesting my way to fame.


My favorite are the "Lose 20 pounds in 20 days!". I'm 6 feet tall, 125 pounds, and hypoglycemic. If I lost 20 pounds over any period of time, I'd die.

But the "Tired of SPAM in Your Inbox?!" takes the cake. I've never gotten one though. 
I'm built like that too. If you can call it built. Parts of my body stick together, presumably mostly out of old habit.

If I would fall for every spam like that, and the infamous "add 3 inches to your penis" I'd be a two yard dick with feet.

Alas, I'd do all my $300 000 a year work from home (EASY!) - so it really wouldn't matter. 
I remember the funniest spam I ever got. I wish I'd saved it so I could see all of it again, but the line that had me on the floor was:

If you think we're trying to sell you money, you'd be wrong!!!

Stupid shit. 
As I'm sure many of you are aware by now, I am the owner of #terrafusion.

And although it is an honor, (kthx Pauk) I have decided that I would like to relinquish ownership to whoever sends the first e-mail to scampie at spawnpoint dot org. 
Bl1tz you suck. 
just so everyone knows, this is me, scampie []. the post above me was Blitz. (see above post #708 posted by Blitz [])

Blitz, you annoying me is not a good idea. you're probabally already going to be banned from gamesnet for that stunt you pulled earlier. Why don't you just give up now and spend your time mapping. 
just so everyone knows, this is me, scampie []. the post above me was Blitz. (see above post #708 posted by Blitz [])

Blitz, you annoying me is not a good idea. you're probabally already going to be banned from gamesnet for that stunt you pulled earlier. Why don't you just give up now and spend your time mapping. 
And Also! 
w00ps, double post :o

this is getting confusing! ;D 
this is entertaining 
Ha Ha Ha 
*** Lun is now known as Lun|Mapping

Dietzman13: mapping??
Lunaran2: ssh
Dietzman13: mapping what?
Lunaran2: ... maps ...
Dietzman13: bahhh
Dietzman13: what map?!
Lunaran2: don't tell anyone but it's actually lun3dm7
Dietzman13: oi
Dietzman13: what happened to 4-6?
Lunaran2: they're done
Dietzman13: show me :D
Lunaran2: no
Dietzman13: blast
Dietzman13: show me a screenshot at least!
Lunaran2: My NDA won't let me ;-)
Dietzman13: wtf
Dietzman13: how/why is it dm7 then??
Dietzman13: lun3dm7 i mean
Lunaran2: I guess it would technicaly be lun4dm3 ...
Dietzman13: oooo
Dietzman13: woooot
Lunaran2: do you know what day it is?
Dietzman13: i hope q4 isn't TOO much of a system hog
Dietzman13: its tuesday
Dietzman13: oowetowet
Dietzman13: FEKING SUCM!
Lunaran2: you fucking schmuck :D
Dietzman13: BASTARD
Dietzman13: FEKING SCUM!!!!!!
Dietzman13: WQ%#@%%# 
Oh Hi Luna 
got you linked :D 
All Your Base Are Belong To Billy Joel! 
some maps:
A few of them look cool... 
Czg... my hero. I love him very much!

Looking forward to the next official, completed czg map. 
I wish you had screenshots of all your maps :| 
Keep Looking 
Youuuuuuu Bastah 
I found them but only by viewing the source then corresponding on the page itself.

It's clever, but I think it'd frustrate visitors more than amuse them. 
You Rock! 
cant wait to try those maps out...

shame i got so much work right now, but looking forward to checking your stuff out 
I just downloaded some of the maps, including all the completed maps on the main page.

/me like! 
Fat Controller's Durad Article 
Anyone got a link for it, cos he hasn't linked it his site and I would love to read it again.

And, where IS Fatty these days? 
As GomJabber Pointed Out On IRC 
Has Anyone Gotten This E-mail? 
From: "Charles Weitzer" <>
Subject: Quake Level Design Opportunities

I have several opportunities to work on AAA game titles. All positions
fulltime/onsite, located throughout the USA

Development Director
Technical Director
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Graphics Programmer
Lead script programmer for MMO
Senior Tools Programmer
Senior/Lead Tools Programmer
Enemy Behavioral Programmer
Network Programmer
Engine/Assembler/Renderer Programmer
Lead script programmer for MMO

Senior Audio Programmer

Executive Producer

Senior Game Designer
Lead Game Designer
Level Designers 1st Person Shooters

Special Effects Supervisor
Art Director
Technical Art Director
Senior Lead Artist
Senior Animator
Character Modeler/Rigger

If you or anyone you know of has an interest please forward a resume


Charles Weitzer
Subject Matter Experts, Inc.
goes straight to .... 
And The Headers.. 
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 15:04:56 -0800
Message-ID: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook IMO, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2910.0)
Importance: Normal
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1106
X-ELNK-Trace: a34e76b4af03a235776432462e451d7b2728ff8d3d716ca3d4ce67ac93a08324e9ad5b6e4b59726d350badd9bab72f9c350badd9bab72f9c350badd9bab72f9c
Content-Length: 821

shoulda put this all in one post, but didnt occur to me *shrug* 
Oops, Also: 
X-Apparently-To: via; 02 Apr 2003 15:05:48 -0800 (PST)
Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; 02 Apr 2003 15:05:47 -0800 (PST)
Received: from ([] helo=oemcomputer) by with asmtp (Exim 3.33 #1) id 190rIh-0006F7-00 for; Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:05:47 -0800 
I got that 3 times and I cant map for crap. 
What I Dont Get 
Is the e-mail address it was sent to, isn't really public. I've used that address to correspond with a couple from this board tho.. 
Interview With.... Me @ Pherrous 
Fuck This Title Stuff 
OMG, you seem to be damn bored Phait...

Dunno about that Mail Phait. Looks a bit weird to me, especially since I haven't found anything about that company or that Weitzer guy on the net. Kell and Scampie got the same mail too it seems and all of us deleted it.

Feel free to call that guy tho ;)... 
New truck:

Biff Debris.. calling Biff Debris..
email me at in regards to Jones Crusher bugs & missing brushes for a possible recompile for my new Q2 server rehosting effort 
I got that e-mail too. I did a search on the company name and came up with The webpage sucks ass but it looks like some kind of half assed training institute. 
Would be nice if you'd actually specify a bg color for your interview page - everyone doesn't have the default white background colour. 
I'm In Australia 
on holiday.

Oh, btw, there's a Cube-based game called Death Illustrated out. It's mainly notable for being done in black and white, and can be downloaded through

Actually, I thought I'd connected that Q1RAD tut up to the rest of the site ages ago. Farg. 
Re: Weitzer 
This guy started one thread for each of those positions in Q3W's help wanted forum. The mod deleted them on the basis it was forbidden by the forum rules (only modifications for id games can recruit). I felt quite sorry for him... I'm sure when Paul Jaquays was the mod of that forum he let real job adverts go there, if they were serious about recruiting from the community.

It's difficult to tell the genuine companies from the people full of shit until they've actually shipped a title. I tend to think he's genuine, but too lazy to personalise emails at all :) He's definitely making some serious efforts at recruiting.

My funniest to date was some dipshit with a company based in the Bahamas that kept bugging me on ICQ to make levels in radiant for his alleged XBox beat-em-up even after I'd told him several times that it would (a) breach the exclusivity clause in my contract with my employer (b) be illegal to use radiant for this purpose without a license from id. It was all very suspicious. 
it's probably a head-hunter company trolling the internet and hoping that someone sticks. I wouldn't touch it with a stick myself. 
I also got that e-mail. I forwarded it to FrikaC to ask him if he thought it was legit, but I wouldn't be surprised if frik has one of his own.

If only you could burn spam for warmth without having to print it out first... ;) 
I tried that Death Illustrated download but it's broken. :( 
Heh, Odd 
the e-mail, and that white bgcolor issue. I'll fix that. Thanks. 
Are there any screenies of Death Illustrated? I'd be interested in looking before downloading. 
I Got That Email As Well 
Wonder where he got my addy from?
He probably got it from one of these two places: 
Are there any screenies of Death Illustrated? I'd be interested in looking before downloading.

Detailed overview of DI, posted over 2 months ago (heh):

My site does everything cube!
/end of pimp 
heh. Thanks, underworldfan. 
I have a bunch of private search engines here that I'm trying to use to find books and articles on architecture. Specificly, I'm trying to find stuff about general concepts in design, structureand organization; instead of stuff like architectural styles such as victorian. I'm not hitting on much so far, and I was hoping that people might be able to suggest some keywords or even authors that I should try. 
Death Illustrated 
The webhost for DI is being a dick. I'll look into getting the download placed somewhere. Maybe my own site. Give it a day or so. 
Assuming You Haven't Got It Already 
The one that everyone seems to mention is "Architecture: Form, Space, and Order" by Francis Ching. 
I just stuffed the words "philosophy" and "architecture" into Google and got some interesting results; you might try using those as keywords.

Example: Book Review

Proportions: Science, Philosophy, Architecture
Richard Padovan � 1999

The main argument which appears to dominate this book is the idea that "The world is a harmonious mathematical creation and that in order to participate in that harmony the things we make must obey the same mathematical laws".[/q]

Unfortunately, a lot of the results are personal and academic pages; so be prepared for some Adventures In Tasteless Html :P 
fek off wi' yer quotation tags :/ 
If "philosophy" produces to much 'pie in the sky' you could instead use "theory" or "mathematical harmony" ( I tried just "harmony" and got a ton of ads for some server package :/ )

This is an online book, and it's quite extensive:

Okay, end spam 
You are mah friend. Thanks, that's very helpful. If anyone else has some ideas... 
Hey Speedy... (Q2 Stuff) 
I completely forgot to send you the link to that littel Q2-Dm I made using your Speedbaze set. So, you can grab it here if you are interested in taking a look at "Blood-Red Sky"...
Screen caps...

And while I am at it...

This one is 99% Ogro textures, but I did use some of your Lights. It is called "And What Rough Beast" Oh, and it does make extensive use of "Kat's" Rock textures.
Screen caps...

Lastly, I used your Speedy Tech set in a shameless re-make of Deck-16 for Q2 (All original brush-work btw). I do not in usual practice do "covers" of other's maps but I have had a couple mates that bugged me incessently to make this one over for Q2. Ergo...
The tech set was just the ticket...
Screen caps...

Thanks for all your hard work on these sets, your textures/art are so nice to work with.

These are all Q2-Dm maps BTW 
Those're Some Handsome Q2 Levels Ya Got There... 
Looks like I'll be re-installing Q2 then. 
Subject Matter Hiring 
I found this in my PlanetQuake inbox:

<quote>I have several opportunities to work on AAA game titles. All positions are
fulltime/onsite, located throughout the USA

Development Director
Technical Director
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Graphics Programmer
Lead script programmer for MMO
Senior Tools Programmer
Senior/Lead Tools Programmer
Enemy Behavioral Programmer
Network Programmer
Engine/Assembler/Renderer Programmer
Lead script programmer for MMO

Senior Audio Programmer

Executive Producer

Senior Game Designer
Lead Game Designer
Level Designers 1st Person Shooters

Special Effects Supervisor
Art Director
Technical Art Director
Senior Lead Artist
Senior Animator
Character Modeler/Rigger


Charles Weitzer
Subject Matter Experts, Inc.

Looks like they're building a whole new company there! 
Subject Matter 
is a headhunter agency i think...

anyway i'm sure that anyone that's ever released a level has gotten that email, plus it's way to long to look good on the news page :) 
And Even Those That Havent 
have received it :) 
maric72 looks very nice there, especially the lighting.

And seriously, those maric76 shots just call for that to be turned into an SP map, very RTCW-ish looking. CLassy stuff! 
i got that e-mail too. no kidding, and i havent even released a level! hehe. 
Glowing Review Of Enclave In PC Gamer 
Thought I'd mention that PC Gamer said that Enclave was a better game than Unreal 2 and the screens look awesome.

I beleive that wrath(?) worked on Enclave, so congratulations to you. =) 
Very Very Nice Maric! 
/me adds another vote for MaricSP
btw those rocks are terragen or 'handmade' ? 
Be That As It May, 
but, "being a better game than Unreal 2" isn't excactly high praise, IMHO 
Speaking Of Unreal 2................................ 
Thanks And Rocks... 
...well, I make the basic terrian with Nem's Terrain generator.
It seems to be a bit more comprehensive than Terragen, I love the "lock" feature which allows each vertice to be locked into place once you get it where you want.
I'd still say though, that about 80% of the work is pretty much brush by brush (or small group) manipulation. After a few hit or miss attempts it gets pretty easy to get what you want/need.

I am playing around now with an entire map done entirely in rock/terrain brushwork. This one is requiring some tedious manipulations but may be worth it in the end. Here is a pic of one small corner with a simple -minlighta compile...

I am hoping that the complex terrian will be detailed enough without becoming too tiresome. It is literally four seperate .map exports, all from using Nem's. Q2 is choking a bit and giving me the occasional Vismap_expansion Overflow but there is always the Func_wall "cop-out" if needs be. 
"Architecture: Form, Space, and Order" by Francis Ching, like nb mentioned, is an excellant book. Lots about size and proportion and all that good stuff. Lots of good illustrations to show the point.

Another book I have, which is not specifically about architecture, is called "Geometery of Design" by Kim Elam. It deals mostly with the golden ratio and it's application in art and design. First part of the book is introduction to the golden ratio, the second disects various posters, buildings, and even a VW Beetle and discusses how the golden ratio is used to give the designs good proportion.

Don't have any other books on the subject, but while I'm at this, I'll throw out the general recommendation of "Shapes, Space, and Symmetry" by Alan Holden which I recently got. Awesome book illustrated by of photos of the 1,000+ polygons this gentleman has made with nothing more than light cardboard, a ruler, a draftsman 30-60-90 triangle, and some glue. Very cool. 
CZG Scraps 
I understand you wanted to get rid of all those once and for all and forget about it ?
Does it mean you wont finish any of those map and gave up on quake mapping alltogether ?

Sad if its the case... Maybe we can change your mind somehow ? 
Graphics Cards Options For Present/future/old Games 
Should I go with a GeForce or a Radeon? Will I be able to play OpenGL games (i.e. Quake) on either? Probably a stupid question - but obviously I'm not too in the know, so I'm asking ;)

Definately with Geforce, don't know much about Radeon, but I would imagine so. Which one is the best? dunno, you'll get good and bad from both sides, have a read of some reviews. As for the future, future proofing, I don't think there is any such thing. Just buy the best/fastest available when you do buy, thats what I do, you can't do more than that. 
Great one there ! And perfectly usable in mapping too 
I don't know how big Legends budget was for u2, but my guesstimate would be around for or five times ours. Also, they had access to a marketing machine the size of a small country.

Also, for the record, I was involved in the final 5 or so months of enclave. Meaning I didn't contribute all that much.

Most of the weapon special effects are mine though :P 
Video Cards 
Phait: work out exactly what you need/want from a video card, and how much you're prepared to pay. Read some reviews and find out which one best suits you.

These are the words of someone who bought a gf4 and now wishes he had bought a Radeon. :D 
Me Too 
Just got a gf4ti 4200, wish I'd gone Radeon now. 
Gib&Frib (that Rhymes!) 
why do you wish you had got a radeon instead? 
I wasn't meaning anything against Enclave, I know excactly nothing about it. Just stating that a game, any game, being said to be better than Unreal 2, imo, isn't what I'd call high praise.

"I don't know how big Legends budget was for u2, but my guesstimate would be around for or five times ours. Also, they had access to a marketing machine the size of a small country."

Well, at least the marketing machine done their job ;) 
I dunno, in the eye of the casual gamer - such comparisons are very powerful. The unreal franchise is an established one, and when Joe Average reads in PC Gamer than a beginner studio does a better job at delivering than an unreal game, that's pretty good praise. 
Comes in a windows installer:
and zip file flavor:

The website is finally back up. 
Aghem -- Joe Average 
I like to think that I'm "Joe Slightly Above Average"

Anyway the point was that here was this hugely hyped game (U2) and it was just so-so. Enclave comes out of nowhere, with no promotion and impresses the reviewer enough that he says that it is more fun, has better replay value, etc. etc.

Even if it wasn't praised, it's still cool that someone we know worked on it =) 
Yes I Understand What You Are Saying, 
and I think you understand what I am saying. To "ME" saying that a game is better than Unreal 2, is only saying it is better than average, at best.
Again, and I must stress this point, I am not saying anything about Enclave, like I said, I know nothing about it.

"has better replay value"
Hey, lets hope so, A single use syringe has more "replay value" than Unreal 2 ;) 
"it's Still Cool That Someone We Know Worked On It " 

If I had half the talent of some of the people who frequent this board, I would be a happy old man. 
Talents Has Nothing To Do With It! 
It's all about having a passion for exhaust pipes. 

(Also, fuck replay value.) 
Software Quake Engine 
what was that custom software quake engine?

does it work on everyone's system who can only run software quake?

and does it have a higher edict limit? (more than 600) 
I believe that you're thinking about TOChriS. I have no idea whether it bumps edicts or not, but it should run on systems that can use WinQuake.

It seems as though PQ killed the TOChriS website when they did their spring cleaning. If you need it I can e-mail. 
i'd appreciate that, RPG.

i really hope it's got a higher edict limit though... 
Is this for a map you're making? If it has lots of switching lights, I have a util that can reduce the edicts these consume to the minimum possible. Also, if TOChriS doesn't work out, I can compile a copy of WinQuake for you with the edict limit raised. 
/me smacks Lun with non-senseless posts

Or is there such a thing? 
The Abstract Mapping Competition 
Alice In Q1 
Some nice alice style levels could be done in Quake 1 using the Tomaz engine, maybe some swinging pendulums :) 
Alice In Q1 
i dream of alice in q1.

and yes i know about that "stamppot" map.

a whole full size map or episode like that.
it would be incredible. 
You got/have played eternal darkness, right? �r det v�rt ~300kr? 
Where can I download? 
Is in the first 100 brush mapping contest. DL here: (approx. 4mb) 
I Remember.. 
The one with the funny angled doors. I use to have it, ta. 
Re: Tochris / Edicts 
thanks, RPG
i emailed ya, Tyrann. 
yeah, 300. sure. If you like the genre.
Otherwise, Metroid Prime - I can't recommend that enough. 
Beta Webpage - Blood, Sweat, And More Blood 
Well, after wrestling with many of the most evil of HTML's pitfalls, I've finally managed to crap out a beta, which can be seen here. It's taken all the webpage coding knowhow I have in me (IMHO, not much), and a good 5 or so hours of troubleshooting (I discovered browsers don't like my tables. At all. And includes don't work running it off the harddrive...).

Hopefully I can get some graphics for the right and left to replace that coughing quake guy, and maybe a center logo for the site name.

I'm also considering renaming the site. To what, I don't know.

Any comments? 
The side links don't work, because they're not done yet. 
er.....seen where? 
Two Reviews Of Old Maps At My Site: 
as per necros request:

Quakeworld FFA's 
I need to know a time for the next FFA. This last one took place at Sunday at 3pm and only one player showed. After waiting 30 minutes I just decided to cancel the games that day.

Please, if you want to play, tell me a time that you can play. I didn't want to have to resort to this so early, but next weekend is VONDUR WEEKEND. No one would dare miss Vondur weekend would they? 
thanks, UWF!

and i think you take better screenshots than I do! ;) 
I Got Me A New Site! 
My webbie at has been given a serious facelift, due mainly to the talents of GomJabbar and Vondur. Also, got a couple of screenies from the latest beta of my upcoming q3dm =) 
whats the difference between marics76 and m76a ?
(btw .pcx skybox has wrong palette) 
nice design, but you spelled func_msgboard wrong :P 
Since I just changed some small thing to Biff's page I edited the link and changed it to Func_Msgboard. Are you ok with that? ;) 
Ok Speedy 
Any map of mine that has an abreviated name as in m76a is a map specifically made with the Awakening mod "weapons loadout" in mind. We pretty much play that mod all of the time, it has no hook and replaces a few of the standard fare weapons with a few that are a bit more interesting. I tend to add the "Awakening" into the worldspawn title as well. I highly recommend trying the mod, it is fun in both Sp and Dm. The new weapons create a whole new playing eperience in Sp mode. I know that having two version of such LARGE .bps's is a bit of overkill but...

This way the Lith/Vanilla players are happy and us "other mod" players are happy =)
I just hate the hook outside of the Chaos mod and the occsaional Insta-gib CTF scuttle. 
That All Terrain Map I Mentioned - 
It has been play tested and is pretty much final. I know that for many the items/weapons/whatever loadout will seem a tad odd, it is simply based on how we play 'em in the Backshooter's servers. I pretty much always tend to favor the Railgun and this one is no exception.

I hit what I beleive is the very limits of the basic Q2 engine here. I found that if I add just one more brush, even a simple triangle the bloody thing will not compile. Thus, it is not quite what I wanted in the end but what I had to settle for.
if you want a design/gfx, I'm up for doin' em. Free. I did a design for Tronyn... 
so frustrating not getting time to read all posts tonite. gotta go sleep. workin all week long thru hols.

just wanting to complement vondur on his new q3 "conversion" of his own map.
also speedy for the same. 
Site Is Teh NEW. 
Very Nice, Biff! 
clean, organised, brown... :) 
nice looking map there, busy looking but brushwork looks good. I take it you havent done the lighting yet? And it does look a bit flat from those shots.

and very nice clean site too. 
Thanks, Guys 
You can thank Vondur for that layout, and GomJabbar for the code. Head back and check out the art page, btw -- got some goodies up there =)

As far as the q3 map is concerned, nitin -- those pics were taken after a test compile. The map is lit, and will look better after a full compile. Tnanks for the comments =) 
Inspiring Design 
in this new UT ctf map : here

general consensus seems to be that it doesnt play well or run well, but it does look amazing. 
<a href=""></a> 
Inspiring Design 
in this new UT ctf map : here

general consensus seems to be that it doesnt play well or run well, but it does look amazing. 
Ok I Cant Link 
just go to and check out the news item about CTF-skorbut.

and I didnt double post, I just refreshed the page once. 
Last Try 
I cant believe you`v never made a map
havent you even tried to make something ?? 
That UT CTF Map, Skorbut 
Yes, the general consensus is correct, it neither runs nor plays well at all. In fact it take about 4-5 minutes for the thing to load. I actually thought that it lock-up my PC... nope, when left alone for long enough it finally loads and launches.

It has pretty ok atmosphere but I have seen what I consider to be quite a lot more interesting atmosphere in UT2003 already. 
the screenies looked cool to me. 
Looks Good? 
I like the theme. Was that one of the level themes that shipped with UT2? 
Definite sp00ge material there. 
that looks awesome!!! if only i had q2 installed. good job mang 
Ut2 Level 
thats one completely new set of models, with not much (if any) bsp 
Stupid Message Board 
not letting me post... 
Stupid Message Board 
not letting me post... 
Half The Time When I Try To Post, I Get This: 
The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.


Please try the following:

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

To check your connection settings, click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click Settings. The settings should match those provided by your local area network (LAN) administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).
If your Network Administrator has enabled it, Microsoft Windows can examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings.
If you would like Windows to try and discover them,
click Detect Network Settings
Some sites require 128-bit connection security. Click the Help menu and then click About Internet Explorer to determine what strength security you have installed.
If you are trying to reach a secure site, make sure your Security settings can support it. Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and check settings for SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0.
Click the Back button to try another link.

Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer 
My Site 
My new site is at 
I get the same thing. 
every now and then though.

also, metlslime, that UT2 level was done entirelly in max from scratch, the whole thing had no bsp at all. 
Nitin = Shambler :) 
jeez cant post 
whenever I type more than 1 line it refuses to post ! 
Is it possible to run shrakitha unreal sp in UT ?
it says package fifth not found..
some other sp maps run fine 
Going Post Frenzy 
I need 2-3 testers for quake sp map

Required: play the map, record the demo, write feebdack and send to me. And dont postpone it for month please. 
Are you using the OldSchool Mod? I believe you can with that. 
Ill have a look 
Qmap Custom Ffa Day 
Sorry I missed today. We can do it tomorrow if people want. We will play Vondurs maps at 3pm EST on Sunday. The map order will be:

uzul, aghast, dokkur, dokkur2, dokkur3, dokkur4, dokkur5, ferrum, zed, hook, zed2, and lilith.

Again sorry for missing today. Thx 
yeah use the oldskool mod ( for playing any unreal sp maps in UT.

Also, fifth is a music file, it should come in the zip file but if it doesnt, I can mail it over. 
I cant install umod files without the patch and I cant install the patch cause I dont have cd ..
Is there a way around it ? 
C:GamesUnreal TournamentSystemSetup.exe install "%1" 
cant I post properly? 
UT Patch 
Post Bitch!! 
UT Patch NO CD Required 
UT Patch NO CD Required 
436 NoDelta patch 
/me Wishes Forum Was Fixed 
having trouble posting too 
I Am The S4wk! 
/me is back in blighty. 
Hey Peej! 
blighty is a town or something, right? Blimey! 
cor blimey, guvna - lawks, ets a roight pey souper, innit? 
Blightey == England 
And Welcome Back Peej... 
/me kisses Peej, gently 
Posting Problem 
u cant use apostrophe in your post, if you do the board refuses to post 
consider yourself hugged 
speedy, you are a fucking hero!!!!! 
when my webhost upgraded their servers they must have changed certain PHP settings which affect how apostrophes are handled when inserting strings into a database.

Thanks for noticing that, speed -- i am way too busy to have discovered that on my own. I will try to get the issue resolved, but in the meantime, everybody just leave apostrophes out of their posts -- Strunk and White would approve. 
Now that I can post, the NoDelta UT patch I linked to above will allow you to patch the game to version 436 without having to insert the CD during the patch installation.
(Just incase it may have been thought that I ment No CD required to play or whatever) 
Welcome Back Peej... 
Hi Eviryone! 
Sorry that I havent talked yet, I had to read the whole stuff first. (Man am I exhausted.) 
Hi Eviryone! 
Sorry that I havent talked yet, I had to read the whole stuff first. (Man am I exhausted.) 
Hey Maric 
(punctuation removed in an attempt to get post to work)

Ive been playing more Quake2 deathmatch lately and Ive found all of your maps that Ive played so far very interesting. You seem to try to keep away from traditional Q2 futuristic base themes and that is just more interesting to me.

Since youre an interesting obviously skilled and competent and probably still alive Q2 dm mapper I was wondering if I could get some help from you.

I want to convert a couple of deathmatch maps to Quake2. One is a map called Pit Mine that I did in 1997 for q2 gave up on then remade for a project called Nexiuz. I want to put it back into Quake2. Im also interested in doing a version of Dm-Ariza which Im sure you could help with since you ported Dm-Deck16.

Email me or reply here and well discuss this further.

Thank You 
...and yes, Id be more than happy to help in any possible.

I am still mapping for Q2 pretty much exclusively. In fact we have quite a thriving community of new Q2 mappers coming along at Backshooters now.

Just let me know what it is you need and Ill do what I can. 
If it`s for Q1 or any other supported game, you might be able to use Quark to convert it. 
I have a nice new site design courtesy of Phait :) 
Nice page Gib, good work Phait ;). I kinda like the design, simple yet not boring.

Now hurry up and fill it with content! 
That author list could be updated. For example, GrindSpire (now known as nonentity) has moved to his own domain and Gufs site is now dead.

Also, Im not included in the author list. D; 
Author List... 
Yes, me neither in there.

You si teh s4wk! ;) 
Looks Like... 
he just took a "mappers list" from some website last updated in 1999! Retinal? Jvox? 
actually yea, I did get an old author list.

In the proccess of updating it, any names/links would help. 
RPG, Gom 
You have been added now 
no ?

:( im totally insulted 
while we`r at it, add me too 
Oi! Gib!

You know it makes sense. 
Ta RPG :) 
Map Authors 
I`ve updated my list, is there anyone I have missed? 
Fuck You Scampie. 
Post a url, I wanna see it.

I hear Phait is real good. I wanted to reply to his offer to do a site for me, but that was just before I was told that my posts wern`t going through because of apostrophies... :( 
Wazat is my site. is his site.

He is very good :) 
Just got coranto and a comments sytem working kinda smoothly 
very nice! 
You people make me writhe in utter.. glee and humbleness. Thank you.

Anyways, Wazat... yea, just drop me a line through

but keep in mind Im not charging anything (to us mappers) :D

Arent I grand?
Impressive 3d Demos 
impressive 3d demos (just hit the page to find out details)

for more

Ofcourse if you are aware of demoscene you`v seen those lready 
Coop Games Please. 
Can someone list me some good coop games please. I`ll need people to think about this as I`d quite like a good choice of games that fit the following maybe...

> Not too difficult
> Not purely shooting - something tactical, strategic, rpg-ish and/or with puzzle elements would be nice.
> Fairly new and with great graphics if possible.
> Something sci-fi, fantasy, or surreal rather than gritty realistic action.

For example, Serious Sam would be entirely unsuitable. A co-op version of something like a good 3D rpg would be much better.

Any ideas? 
i heard raven shield is rather nice
or vietcong
personally i didn`t like vietcong much, but maybe it`s fun in coop mode 
Dungeon Siege 
I picked it up for �14 and it`s great Coop.

Vietcong is a bit big for Coop and you need loadsa people really.

Also battlefield is an amazing coop game.

Raven Shield is good too 
Re: Impressive 3d Demos 
Thats some amazing stuff!

When I clicked Download and it only came to 64k i thought there had been an error, though!

It`s ridiculous to think that they managed to fit a 3d engine, 66 textures, about 20 3d scenes, a synthesiser and 15 minutes of music into the size normally reserved for a button texture :) 
YAY! Thanks Speedy!

I already knew that farb-rausch website but the other one is new to me. Some really impressive stuff there, I wish I could code that :(... 
Coop Games... 
Operation Flashpoint si teh fun! 
masturbating together with your friends. 
Starcraft ;)

Q1 Team Fortress.

HL/CounterStrike (if you`re into that kinda thing... ;P ).

(btw, had to re-type this post. This &#(^%(&@`n apostrophe buisiness is driv`n me nuts!) 
Coop Games 
you dont like consoles, right shambler?

well anyway, halo coop is awesome. loved it.

ive been playing ghost recon and i like it best coop - its a realistic game though. teamwork is what its all about.

i didnt like dungeon siege coop because you dont get a party. you only have a single guy, but others seemed to like that. maybe if that single guy could be cooler... 
Dungeon Siege 
Is the best fun I`d had in ages and for �14 you can`t go wrong.

I`ve play Halo and didn`t go much on that at all. Although Sega GT was an amazing game it`s just like Gran Turismo but with alot better graphics.

/me thinks consoles are t3h s4wk 
Thats one of the failings of Dungeon Siege, as H-Hour pointed out, in multiplayer youre restricted to a single character (per player) only.

As I tried to mention in a post in Shamblers last 8 months of gaming thread, before said post was eaten by the apostophe bug... the gameplay is a bit too simplistic if you only have a single character, as you cant control their actions much (they fight automatically), so the gameplay is more about managing your party (the characters you collect as you play) than micro-management of a single character.

So multiplayer might get quite boring, especially with only 2 people. Its hard to say without trying it properly I suppose.

I still recommend you pick up a copy of Dungeon Siege, Shambler... its a lovely game and I think youd appreciate it. The gameplay certainly isnt bad, just a bit simplistic. 
NWN is good coop if you like to read. It's not coop but I'm going to recommend any 4player tetris version anyways. 
No Cheese 
some problems I hate fixing
map delayed
Coop Games Thanks So Far And/but... 
An interesting schism in what people are suggesting (perhaps the schism between those who read the whole post and those who didn`t :P)...

Raven Shield, Vietcong, Battlefield 1942, Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon - NO! I asked for NOT gritty realistic action.

Starcraft, Q1 TF, HL/Counterstrike - NO! I asked for fairly new with great graphics.

Nor, for that matter, did I ask for teamplay - just coop.

Dungeon Siege, NWN - Yes! This is more like it. I didn`t know if coop is possible in those sorts of games. How focused are these two games on hack`n`slash button mashing action compared to exploration, story, characters etc etc?? Also would it be possible in a coop game for one player for focus on action and the other to focus on other aspects of progression??

Any more suggestions (not just RPGs) now this post might have clarified things?? 
Its Coming 
HL2 screens :

Build your shelters now, the world is going to end soon. 
Undulation Contact Details? 
Does anyone have contact details for tawilson from Undulation ( The email is bouncing :[ 
last I knew, he went pro so he hasnt touched that site in a while I think. 
Whoa Nitin 
hl2 is looking amazing...and september release date! 
First off, I am sorry to anyone who I have ever pissed off, especially Fern if you still come around or read this. Lately, I have been thinking, and nothing positive comes from my talking to anyone in the mapping community, most likely due to my own negativity.

I have not mapped in a long time nor do I have the desire to do so. I think also, that when I post here or talk to people in #terrafusion, I am looking for something and expecting something that I should not from total strangers, and once again I apologize for that.

So, consider yourselves lucky to be (seemingly) gaining a positive member of the mapping masses (Shambler) and losing a negative one.

Thanks guys. 
Dungeon Siege Again 
Precisely, Fribbles. When I played Enclave, the first thought I had was, what if they employed this simple mechanism of attack/defend into the multiplayer version of Dungeon Siege? It would have made the game much more engaging.

Also shambler, something you should know about Dungeon Siege coop: Its not the single player campaign coop. Its just that the multiplayer world is also a campaign. So you can play the one-character multiplayer campaign with other people, but you cant have two guys controlling a party, moving through the campaign story.

Also, for those that enjoyed Dungeon Siege coop, Ive been following the progress of the Shadows of Winter mod which looks to be a huge, professional overhaul of the system, with completely new monsters, an in-depth story and lots of other changes (most notably getting rid of the hack and slash gameplay). Since Dungeon Siege was pretty useless to me after I finished the SP campaign, Im hoping this mod will breath some new life into the game for me. For those interested, heres the URL: 
HL2 Vs DOOM 3 ;) 
if HL2 has a september release date, its quite possible it could be going almost head to head with DOOM 3 [which i have a strong feeling will be released around October/November].

Which could be fun. 
Oh Yes 
Indeedy :D 
sorry to lose you man,
but have a good life! :) 
what mag did the shots come from? i might have a look in PCG here in UK. been in italy for the hols so missed the previews and stuff.

a good piece of news (at least for me). i accepted a 12 month placement offer with british aerospace systems. 
Cya Blitz 
Have a good one! 
GMC Updated 
Just the one review IMP1SP1 by biff.

Just been down the pub and watched the Utd v Madrid game, amazing game but Utd lost and I`m rather drunk after winning �25 outta the arcasde machine :) 
Hey Blitz 
what are you gonna do (job/family/travelling/new hobby)? 
An Iraqi, on what America will bring to Iraq:

Democracy, whiskey, and sexy!

Finally! Someone who realizes what America really stands for! 
LOL @ R.P.G 
NWN was pretty much built for the multiplayer experience. If you don't like hack and slash much you can set the difficulty to low so that you can blow through the battles and concentrate on the role play. You can also avoid a lot of battles by just running away.

I'm not sure how close together a party has to stick. It may be possible for someone to go hurt some baddies while another hangs around it town, but I make no guarantees. 
/me waves goodbye

...never found you negative *shrug* 
"So, consider yourselves lucky to be (seemingly) gaining a positive member of the mapping masses (Shambler) and losing a negative one."

LOL Blitz I think QMap could do with more of that sort of humour!

P.S. The closest I`ve come to mapping is de-ticking the UnrealEd install box while installing UT... 


A D3 vs HL2 would be very fierce indeed... 
H-Hour thanks for that info. But is the multi-player coop in DS against other players or against the computer??

Pushplay thanks. 
Copied From The Other Thread You`re Probably All Bored Of By Now... 
For the first time ever I have temporary access to a connection better than my usual "two cups and a piece of string". So in theory I could play some of you lot online.

Games I`ve got available: UT2, Battlefield 1942, Iron Storm, IGI2, Splinter Cell, WC3, C&C Generals, AOM....(okay and CS but there is no way in hell...)

Games I know how to play: UT2.

Games I could probably learn: The other FPSs.

Games I would need to be walked through: The rest.

Times I can play: 10pm - 12am UK time.

I`m very rusty so ideally I could play something against a similar incompetent, or better, teamplay with a few similar incompetents =).

So....errr....ummm..../looks shy... 
Give Cube a go. 
Sun Is Out 
go play outside :-P
more excercise anyway 
It is primarily geared to be against the computer, but you can fight players as well. 
And Etc. 
Pushplay - I did a while ago.

Daftpunk - yes but it`s cold here.

H-Hour - thank you, I will look into it more. This holds promised =). 
pure ownage that map! nice one lun. 
Qw Ffa 
tomorrow we finish up excessus maps and then play cybears maps. Stop by terrafusion at 3pm EST on Saturday. 
You've said that you're not going to restart TSQLR (and for all the right reasons) but I'm wondering if you'd be interested in beta testing Q1SP maps? Or even other game modes and games, for that matter. 
Or Mods 
If nothing else, download & try a few people`s mods and spiel about them in notepad. If you like what the results are, post `em.

You`re basically a god in the quake community, so you can get away with saying most anything... ;) 
You`re basically a god in the quake community

Absolutely!... wrong! You'd be surprised how many people hate Shambler's guts. Of course, there are plenty of people who think he's infallible, too. Interestingly enough, though, there aren't really any people in between. 
Oh Nice. 
This part shouldn't have been part of the quote:

Absolutely!... wrong! You'd be surprised how many people hate Shambler's guts. Of course, there are plenty of people who think he's infallible, too. Interestingly enough, though, there aren't really any people in between. 
I am curious as to how someone can hate his guts.
He is intelligent, well spoken, and a very driven person.
He also couples that with wits and a lot of common sense.

Also, I want to have his babies.

Or her, I�m not quite sure, it�s never been revealed, AFAIK. 
Or her, I�m not quite sure, it�s never been revealed, AFAIK.

He's made several references to his testicles swaying gently in the breeze, so I suppose he's either a male or a hermaphrodite.

I'll let you decide. 
you almost sidestepped the issue. why is it again that some people "hate" shambs? I don�t buy it.

And, are we sure the testicles in question does actually belong to shambler? Might be they are "trophies"? 
I'm In Between! 
I don't know squat about him. 
I'm In Between. 
His review site was a valuable focal point for the community. As far as shambler as a person, i've had very little interaction with him so i'm fairly neutral. 
yeah, I�m not trying to imply I actually KNOW the man. I have read enough of his blah to form an opinion. But that is an opinion formed on someones blah - so it doesn�t mean jack.

But I like Shambler - the person behind I have no idea about.
Cybear, for example, I have met in real life - and thus I know a wee bit what he�s like. 
I was trying to avoid turning the GA thread into a personal attack/defense thread, and since I don't share their views, I can't accurately speak for them. But since you insist, I'll give you some wild speculation.

Some people probably dislike Shambler because they felt he deleted their supposedly legitimate threads on the old QMap, and started some questionable ones of his own. Others probably hate him because they feel he treated them illy on #terrafusion. There are probably others who think he presses his opinion on others too forcefully and is not willing to acknowledge others' opinions, no matter how valid. Some probably feel he is too hostile towards newbies who are susceptible to misinterpret his remarks.

I thought of at least another but it escapes me at the moment.

Like I hinted at, I am only speculating here. I cannot accurately speak for those whose opinions I do not share.

(erm was trying to find the quote of Shambler's swaying testicles but couldn't find the right one blah.) 
I guess "some people" are in dire need of a soldering-iron eye-socket-fuck then.

Shambler - you should be mightily proud, all those people pissed off, and still you�re so young. So many possibilities ahead.

We could all play the Enemy territory Test. people can dl it, and we"re all go. if somebody sets it all up, Ill show up. 
and started some questionable ones of his own

I resent that! They were all good threads!

I can`t argue with the myriad of other virtues you pointed out... 
DAG, Metlslime! 
I watched L.A. Confidential last night and today when I checked your webby for news, I see this!

Remember kiddos, you heard it here first; off the record, on the Q.T., and strictly hush-hush. 
CyBeAr Day At John's 
Forgot to reply to this. Ummm what was the question again?? Oh yeah...

Maybe....possibly.Sometimes nice to do, but I have so many new games to think of I may not re-install Quake.

I dunno... 
...can you lose the daikatana symbol please!! 
any news on when will be resurrected? 
There are 5 registered users online right now

"Lo" to you five peeps. 
you hate celephais already? :-P

heh, i dont wanna be goin through 2 separate forums with the same people. although it can be a bit of fun.. yea, like when i have 5 windows open and post in the wrong one.

there, daikatana for you sham. well, at least the textures in the game where good...and the music, a little 
no, it was just that I figured metl was doing this as an interim until peej got back and could sort qmap out again. 
Maric (Re: Quake2 Help) 
what is your email address?
mine is
Ok Then... 
Ifno is on the way this very moment. I am looking forward to working/helping out in any way. I have been on a foced three week mapping/online-gaming vaction. Need to do that now and then to keep priorities in order... am back in the editor again now =) 
Title Goes Here 
I like Shambler because he`s opinionated, intelligent, and know`s his shit. He`s very elitist and sticks to the rules closely, which rubs many people the wrong way, esspecially when they`re being idiots and he tells them they are.

As for his "questionable" threads... I don`t seem to remember any. Any Shambler thread had a good topic that pretained to mapping or gaming in general, and was generally thought provoking. As for his deletion of threads... him and I only deleted the off topic; "public masturbation"; "hi how do i map 4 teh max pain!!!email me here" bullshit... why? because that`s the way the site was set up. But past is past, community attitudes have changed.

Personally, I hope when Qmap gets back on it`s feet, we`ll be able to move posts to where they belong, and close off-topic/flamewar/nondiscussion threads, instead of deleting, and have a proper FAQ/rules section that can evole with the community. oh, and I also hope to be able to use proper ` again... :D 
Whoa :o 
i`m pink! proper shrimp colors :D

(logged in IE) 
I dunno, flamewars have their charm too. Once in a while anyway.

A flame a day keeps the ass-hats away. 
Hello! And welcome to a dead topic! Would you care to comment on other dead topics, such as whether George Bush's election was legitimate or not?


You're defending someone who doesn't need defending. Let it rest. 
Unreal SP Reviews Dilemma - Advice Please. 
When Nali City was at PlanetUnreal, I wrote approx 100 Unreal and UT SP reviews for them. NC has moved to, rennovated the site, and removed support for Unreal and therefore all my reviews. I`ve emailed QAPete about this and he has little intention of adding Unreal support to the site. Thus I`m left with 100 now-unused reviews.

I want to do something with these - at least the ones of good maps anyway. Firstly because I think older games should have good information and support available for them (although I understand NC`s decision it`s not something I agree with). Secondly because I put a lot of effort into doing those reviews and don`t like to see it wasted just because Unreal is `old` now. But I`m not sure what to do, and I would really appreciate some advice/ideas/feedback. I`ve had a few thoughts:

Post them at
Pros: Reviews are completely in my control then, no pressure nor need to update them with recent maps.
Cons: Not sure what Telefragged would think, very hard for Unreal players to find and use them as a resource.

Make an Unreal SP review site for PU or BU
Pros: Makes the reviews most useful to Unreal players, probably easier to deal with GSN or BU.
Cons: Much more pressure to update site, unsure if just an archive would be acceptable.

See if Hellscrag @ would want them as an archive.
Pros: Makes the reviews very useful to Unreal players, probably quite acceptable as an archive.
Cons: If Hellscrag was really interested in my contributions he`d have asked for them ages ago when I was still reviewing.

Ask Hellscrag. Worst case scenario is he says no: no big loss. 
could be wrong, but dont think the site was open when you were still reviewing unreal. 
My Site 
I wouldn`t mind posting them at my site if you can`t find anywhere to store them. I could just add them to the review page 
You could ask Metl nicely to put them here as an extention to the board. We`d then have a message board, news, and reviews.

Or you could tie him up and poke him until he says yes. Or fix the apostrophe bug. :)

Course, having reviews here would monopolize the business to you, leaving some other people with review sites in the cold. 
Im looking into getting a new machine for playing games. I dont know anything about hardware, but with the help of my brother I was able to pick out some stuff. Hes not a gamer, though, so I wanted to run some things by you guys. Im not looking for a newest and greatest machine, but I want something that will be able to run new games today pretty well and will be able to handle games for a couple years now. Im going for cheap, so can you guys tell me if this stuff will be good enough?

-Pentium� 4 Processor at 2.66GHz w/533MHz front side bus/ 512K L2 Cache
-512MB Dual Channel 333MHz DDR SDRAM
-128MB DDR ATI RADEON� 9800 Graphics Card with TV-Out and DVI

The Radeon is going to cost me $100 more than a 64MB DDR NVIDIA� GeForce4 MX� Graphics Card with TV-Out. It seemed like it was worth it, as the 64MB GF4 looked like it might not handle games in the future very well.

So, does this setup look like it will handle games for a few years? Thanks for your advice. 
it was a while since i kept ajour on the latest hardware, but rest assured that if you want a machine that will handle next generation technology, you might want to buy the bleeding edge stuff. 
I Cant Afford Bleeding Edge Stuff 
so does that mean im just out of luck? I dont need the best performance in the world, but i cant afford to have to buy a new computer every year just to play the games that are popular. 
I hear CS is pretty popular... 
ok, so popular was a bad word choice. 
You should be right for now, don't know about "a few years" though. But if you are willing to turn options down/off, you should be right. There are alot of people playing etc now, with systems far worse than that, and they seem to be surviving :) 
in few years any tech will be outdated.

bleeding edge is not worth the money it costs, cause software is always behind the hardware (that is for average user, not dev/enterprise).

just think what computer you need now and might need in about half a year (by that time new video/cpu models will come and current hi-end will become budget stuff thus you`ll be able to upgrade if needed)
In theory spending 200$ on upgrade each year lets u stay more up to the current standards than spending 500$ every 2 years. If you know what you are buying.

And final words : dont buy gf4 mx, it sucks. 
Unreal SP Reviews Cont... 
Thx so far...

Nitin - any suggestions what to do with them as resident Unreal guru?

Gib - thanks for the offer but that wouldn`t make them very accessible to Unreal players.

Wazat - interesting idea but no - I wouldn`t want to impose on Metl and besides an archive of old material is not really worth it here. 
for your input on the hardware, guys. it was very helpful. 
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<Dranz|away> woah!
<Dranz|away> there`s some freaky shit going on

Discuss the possibility that something crazy (like an alien invasion, or some kind of localised apocalypse) caused this.

...yes, I know. 
shambler was probably about to come on. 
i`m too bored to discuss...

about sham`s reviews, just bombard all the Unreal sites you know and see who wants them. you dont have to expect THEM to ask you (they are probably busy with all sorts of stuff). if you make a site you can maybe collect old reviews (also from other good reviewers and make a collection/archive).

pretty vague solution but i`m rushing to revise for a big test 2moro so...

h-hour: consider making/learning to make your own pc. it pays back. you can bolt on bits when you want. and spend time cursing when they dont work but if you like tinkering it`s nice to maybe sell off your 9-month old vid card to a friend and buy a new one and so on. just so you don`t have to worry now about technology in 2 yrs.

metl: your site had made me now more aware of the importance of apostrophes. i`m becoming really fast at spotting them :-)
my old grammar teacher would be proud... 
The Crux Of The Biscuit Is The (backwards) Apostrophe 
Hey! GeForce 4 MX is a kick ass card, there`s just more kick ass cards. If you don`t believe me, I have an old TNT I could sentence you to, practically software rendering that.

What`s this with Doom 3 and DirectX 9? Required? Certainly none of the other minimum specs are anything unusual. 
Gf4mx Sucks! 
Don`t buy it, you`ll regret it. I made that mistake...

Various games have display problems, and run much more poorly than they should considering the quality of the computer. And the drivers are b0rked so Warcraft III would reset every 5-20 minutes or so, back when I cared about WCIII.

Hopefully I`ll be able to afford a computer worthy of DoomIII`s touch...
Hopefully DoomIII will be worthy of my time. :) 
Im currently a GForce owner... and am just craving the opportunity to spill my beans into a radeon... probably at 9700 tho` as my wallet concerns are of course the ever present issue...

Im also a sound geek, and would spurge on a juicy audigy card. 
I'm waiting until my current speakers give out so I can justify buying a set of these: 
Gf4mx Is Teh Sux 
Don`t get one, loadsa probs get a cheap Ti 4200 maybe, its nice enough for me. 
in case anyone cares

they sport a nifty FULLY destructible 3d engine...and supports overhangs and tunnel structures... tho it may not be as detailed as alot of newer engines, I think if they continue to work with this technology alot of interesting things could be done.

Also delving into the topic of not mapping for newer FPS games. It really does boil down to the tools available. sure new engines reguire alot of more work to be put into maps to create something equal to or better than the games release, but if versatile and stable tools were available doing so would be a hell of alot easier... but what do I know 
UT2 Waaaaaah Moan Grumble. 
I`ve had a chance to play UT now - just DM botmatch but I`ve given it a good go. I`m not very impressed. As a game in it`s own right it would be really good BUT as a direct sequel to an already great game I find it lacking. Basically the same game with better graphics (albeit not always used where they will be noticable in MP), the same weapons, some extra tricks (that are too complex to bother with while fighting), silly pills and the replacement of one of the coolest MP gamemodes with bloody football. I`m not sure WHY I would play this instead of UT??

And the maps...I`ve only walked through the DD, BR, and CTF maps - THEY at least seem consistently good and often make much better use of the new engine. CTF-Lavagiant2 seemed particularly stunning. But for DM....there seems to be an obvious bi-polar theme. Either they are boring indoor arena maps or sprawling outdoor theme maps, with very little inbetween. Overall not as good - and not nearly as many - as the original UT. Plus the new engine only works well in a few...although those few are quite inspiring.

DM-Antalus - very nice, this is what they should be doing with the engine - where it looks great, plays well, and the terrain features actually make a gameplay impact. One of the best IMHO.

DM-Asbestos - yawn boring. Okay theme but entirely forgettable.

DM-Curse3 - Ugh, cramped and confusing. Okay theme though, if patchy design aesthetics.

DM-Compressed - good, solid gameplay via the obvious but very effective design. Again more theme would have been good.

DM-Flux2 - hmmm almost there. Reasonable theme and interestingly play but needs more interaction between in and out.

DM-Gael - A rocket arena map. Wow. Next. Quick. It`s boring me already.

DM-Inferno - dramatic and exciting design, not so convinced about the gameplay but still a very worthy map for it`s distinct style.

DM-Insidious - Another arena. Nice atmosphere in this even if it only reaches it`s full potential at those vats. Once again forgettably symmetrical gameplay.

DM-Leviathan - Yet another least the theme`s a bit better. Not at all memorable though.

DM-Oceanic - okay for this sort of map, decent design, could have done with a stronger theme.

DM-Phobos2 - good and well detailed but lacks the purity and directness of Phobos due to the complex bloated nature.

DM-Plunge - not a patch on Morbias. Garish lighting, too many jump pads, too sprawling and bloated. Okay but again lacks the essence of it`s predecessor.

DM-Serpentine - hahaha what the fuck? A box map with a maze in the bottom? What is this Q1 DM newbie map time or something. Maybe it`s supposed to be a concept map or something but surely loathsome to any self-respecting player.

DM-TotoraForest - ahhhh yes. Utterly brilliant in every way except the underuse of the upper levels in botmatch. The map of UT DM as far as I`m concerned.

DM-TrainingDay - more boring and not as well themed as the UT intro maps. 
...why not delve into it in the actual topic? 
[quote]I`m not sure WHY I would play this instead of UT??[/quote]

You said it all right there...

I agree almost completely with your comments/observations for every map. Antalus is the best of the lot, TokaraForest is something to behold but the size ruins the fun for me. Most of the weapons feel all but useless over such huge spans.

Id sum up the DM maps of UT2003k as follows, just because you can do something... does not always mean that you should. Firstly,I am thinking about the scale of the maps. Secondly, the over-use of detail makes them all look very cluttered and over designed. 
Soft OGL 
any one know of software openGL implementation ?
like mesa GL, but compiled win32 dll

url please 
I would send them to hellscrag but a lot of the maps you reviewed have already been reviewed there. But I`m sure they could serve as an added opinion or something. Not sure if that`s quite what you want though. 
Microsoft and SGI both do an opengl dll. 
I agree totally.

I also think they made the flak cannon far less interesting. The overdone flak trail just ruins it... 
The newer worms games have taken a persona or image that just seems goofy and uninteresting to me. Tacky.

And one thing I`ve noticed about 2d games making the transition to 3d is that it almost always fails. The physics and looks and controls are just so worthless. It`s like they don`t quite know what to do with this new-fangled "thiiiiird dimention".

Mario 64 did it right. It went downhill from there. 
Metroid Prime... 
did a good job of capturing some of the elements of the metroid series: exploration, platform jumping, lots of secrets, and moody, alien environments. It wasn't 100% good in all those respects (i think the atmosphere/feeling fell short in some of the zones.) 
Its Always Been 
goofy... (worms series) its just earlier versions of the series were in simple pixel animated wormies...

wazat: have you played any of the "toony" worms titles? I thought it looked downright stupid at first... but after playing, Team 17 knows their shit...

imho its only real downfall was the awkward online play setup, similar to a scenario... I would much enjoy a method to directly connect to another players IP and just go from there... hmmm mebbe I should pester them about it for the 3d version

Can I Pimp Nice Mp3 Player
doesnt eat resources like winamp3
MAD mp3 decoder (some say its the most quality one, with 24 bit soundcard support)
check the page for other info and player itself (300kb only !) 
Other Games... 
Some more I tried recently (pretty much starting a game, going "yuk" then quitting):

Warcraft3 - cartoony, ugly, outdated looking and lacking in atmosphere.

AOM - nicer graphics and effects but too bright, too cartoony, with no attempt at immersion. The map editor looked incredibly easy tho.

IGI2 - looked okay but boring real life stuff and no thanks.

Battlefield1942 - uninspiring real life stuff with horrible movement again no thanks.


Oh has anyone played or tried Project Nomads or Zanzarah?? 
Okay thanks for that, I will wait until I have the reviews to hand and also post on the PU and BU forums to see what people think there. 
You tried enclave yet? Im sure its right up your alley. 
According To PQ, 
there is a new Q1SP map (matsp2) from Mati available at . Underworldfan, have you checked this ? 
Geforce4MX Is Poo 
Stolen from tomshardware:

At this point it`s time for the obligatory warning about the GeForce4 MX version, which, aside from the name and the misleading "4", has nothing in common with the Ti boards. From a technical viewpoint, these cards are still built on pre-GeForce3 technology, and it shows in their performance. They lack both pixel and vertex shaders. All in all, it`s fair to say that the GeForce4 MX is nothing more than a modernized GeForce 2 chip with a new memory interface, hardware support for anti aliasing, and a second RAMDAC. 
aguiRe, thanx. didnt see that yet, will have a look soon. :) 
2d To 3d 
Id say nintendo managed to take all their important series (zelda, mario, metroid) into 3d successfully. 
Anyone Else Want To Beat Up On GF 4 MX ? 
It`s the budget line board in the 4 series. Duh. Still, it seems like total fanboy geek sillyness to say it "sucks." It`s totally naive in terms of what people have done professional work on in the past, for one thing. It`s a very powerful piece of hardware. Whether it`s the best thing for you to spend your money on, expecially if you`re "serious" or talking about "a few years down the road" is another thing entirely.

I haven`t any problems but I will admit Industri showed its limits. Of course, if I want the wierd shadow thing I can just play Drakan on PS2. 
the point is:

WHY did they take them into 3d?

To improve gameplay?

or to have nice a graphics engine at the expense of gaemplay...? 
1. to improve gameplay.
2. it would be commercial suicide not to.
3. just to piss you off. 
QW Custom Map FFA Day 
Tomorrow we will finish up cybears maps with crapdm01 02 02, then we will play cheshires maps chesdm1 2 3 4. Stop by #terrafusion at 3pm EST if you want to play. 
On The Subject... 
I know its very tough to get anyone to express opinions and or speak their mind around here, thus...

I am thinking that $1500 US for a faster new PC just to play a few mediocre games is a waste of my wifes hard earned $$$. I will end up playing Q2 mostly with it anyhow. Also knowing that in 6 months it will be little more that a fancy paperwieght...

I am going to spend my B-day $$$ on a console, I have a PS1 and N64 and am not focused on any particular one of the new systems. I like a wide range of game types. I loved Spyro, Tenchu, Goldeneye, Zelda:OOT, Banjo-Kazooie, Need For Speed... so then, which system has the goods now?

Anyone, anyone? 
3. is the most likely. 
They made them into 3d to show off their new hardware and as a natural evolution of games. The point is that they unlike many others made sure they still had good gameplay beneath the surface. 
We Are Now A Three-computer Household! Well, Almost. 
The new box'll supercede the Compaq, once we get a sound card, a modem and a hard drive for it.

(Stats: Pentium 200MHzMMX, 96MB memory, CD writer; no hard disk though.)

Later, I'd like a 3D card to play Q2, FitzQuake, Nehahra, Cube... stuff like that. Would something like a Riva TNT be adequate? 
Oh Yes, Have You Met My Blog? 
was there ever a side scrolling mod for quake1? 
a TNT would be fine for fitzquake, q2, and neh, but cube gets sort of choppy on some levels for me (16mb TNT at home.) 
there was one a few years ago called target quake.

also, RenegadeC from #qc has an aborted castelvania mod he started last year. 
I just upped my mem from 48MB to 96 MB too..
this means:

faster-ish compile times (not that i even have time/motivation to map anymore), quake 1, 2 (need to reinstall), hexen 2 (need to reinstall) at higher resolutions smoother

wooo now if only i could get this usb 2.0 card to recognize my scanner.. 
I Shouldnt Post 
also, RenegadeC from #qc has an aborted Metroid mod he started ~2 years ago.

fatty: 1st check if there is an AGP slot, then u might get 2nd-hand tnt2 for ~10euro

maric: I guess u should just check what console has the games u like ... And why u`d want a brand new pc (1500$ is all-u-need box + 19"crt btw) if u can just upgrade ur current puter 
TNT is really limited to 640x480. I had fun with mine but TNT2 or lower Geforce better. 200 CPU is really limited also, Cube really needs a bit more. PCI video OK at that level (and considerably beyond, really) though if it doesn`t have AGP. 
I had a TNT on my PII 300 with 128mb, and I was running Quake at 1024x768. I was overclocking the PII to 333, also. I was very happy with my TNT.

Just for comparison. 
QW Custom Map Ffa Day 
Is moved to Sunday this week. Not enough people wanted to play on Saturday. Stop by #terrafusion 3pm EST if you want to play. 
My Computer Plans 
Stage 1:
* Get hard disk, screen, ISA sound card, ISA modem. Partition hard disk into 10GB chunks and transfer Compaq data.
(There's only two PCI slots in this thing, and one of 'em is occupied by a network card. The other three seem to be ISA slots, but I know where I might be able to get an ISA sound card, preferrably with Line Out and Line In ports. As fer the modem... If it's not possible to get an ISA one, oh well! I'll just agitate for broadband. :)

Stage 2:
Install video card (e.g. Riva TNT64.)

Stage 3:
Compare Ethernet vs. WiFi networking of both PCs.
(The reason I'm considering this is so that if the olds wanna go surfin' they won't interrupt me, they can just open up Mozilla in the front room and go. Actually, they have terrible trouble with logging on and off, so that's another reason to go broadband...

Also, the PCs are about 60'/20m apart, with several walls between them. But we may move again in a few years, so stringing Ethernet cable might be a waste of time; however, WiFi stations aren't cheap.) 
Look into getting a cable snake. They're not terribly expensive and they make running cable through the house not so bad. 
Locusts are falling from the sky!

Geese are speaking in tongues!

The sea has turned to blood!


P.S. Daz: stay out of my alley you. And yes I`ll try Enclave, looks damn cool, once I have a better system... 
Map Reviewage! 
/me wants ramshackle back. 
WinQuake Alternative 
Does anyone know of an improved variant of WinQuake (i.e. software rendering, no OpenGL), that specifically supports higher resolutions than 800x600 ?

I use WinQuake for those maps that for various reasons cannot be loaded into FitzQuake. 
What were you playing on that you found it so bright? I thought it was a little dark myself. I prefer to play on glquake with brightness set to the max on the standard palette. That's what I'm lighting my map by.

I also thought the layout of matsp2 was more interesting than you did. 
Tochrisquake supports higher resolutions, I believe. I think that it's dissappeared off the web, though. It also has a few bugs (for example, items that are rotated are not displayed correctly). If you want it, I can e-mail it. 
that new q1 map+review is worth a news item !

nice map except the lighting ( very bland ) 
Hey Fatty 
we have a bunch of computers just lying around here that are about as good or better than the one youve just got... where are you? maybe we could work something out 
Looks Like Hell Froze Over Too 
I appear to have acquired work at a college organising their classroom texts... 
for biff 
Lemme Try This Again... 
for biff 
Lemme Try This Again... 
Lemme Try This Again... 
Thanks, I have tried ToChris Quake and QIP Quake and both seem to have the same limitation as WinQuake, i.e. max 800x600 windowed resolution (sorry, I forgot to mention that detail). They all support up to 1280x1024 in fullscreen but I want it in a window.

Any other suggestions ? 
That should be easy to do. I'll take a look when I get home (Wednesday).

FWIW, if anyone wants a really plain software quake engine that is being worked on, you can try this:

I don't know how much time I can spend on it, but it's there if people are interested... 
Am I 
the only one to dislike the tex set in mati`s map? it`s fine otherwise. maric will flame me but the one thing i dont like about quake2 is some of the rather uninspiring textures... 
Downloading right now ... Please let me know if you improve the windowed resolutions. 
those are Oblivion textures, actually. 
meltsmlie got teh INSLUTTED!!!1 
>was there ever a side scrolling mod for quake1?

Yes, try this:

It`s an alpha, but it will be finished for QExpo.

Shambler, try Soldat. It`s 2d, but it`s got the good, wholesome fast-paced quake deathmatch feel to it. 
I meant the real game Soldat, not my quake remake (though it is interesting too). 
i've always wanted to map for a sidescroller...

i'll give it a shot, thanks. 
just looked inside mati` maps bsp .. minlight 130... uh oh
no wonder it looks almost fullbright

dear mati, hope you hear me : dont use high minlight values pleas (higher than 30 I`d say). The bland lighting totaly lacking shadows killed what otherwise could`v been cool map. 
NOLF2 Tools Out 
dunno if anyone cares, but NOLF2 tools are finally out, check: 
Oblivion Textures 
Well I liked them, and I was working on a DM map with them before I lost mapping interest again. 
Since We're On Lighting 
What kind of settings should I be using to test the lighting on my map? Right now I'm using GLQuake with brightness all the way up and the original pallette. A lot of maps look really dark that way though. What's the gold standard? 
I use -gamma 1 to start the game and use the idgamma patch on frib`s page. 
You Should Be Using Software Quake 
...because it`s the One True Renderer. 
r_drawflat 1! 
you may need the gamma patch that nitin mentioned. What graphics card do you have? 
Get A Job You Lousy Beatnik 
Novalogic`s job page has been updated, mentioning that the company behind the Delta Force games is looking to hire level designers for future projects.

(blatantly ripped from thuh shack)

Quake Light Settings 
"What`s the gold standard?"

room_light 0 
Thanks Nitin And UWF 
I have a geforce2mx.

I was aware of idgamma, but there's a lot of paramteres to play with in there. Are the settings Frib recommends good? 
they are the best ones for my GF2 ti200. 
u many try engines with built-in gamma control, like fitzquake, MHquake, darkplaces and some others

to test the lightlevel of your map, load some original quake maps with proper lighting (like e3m3) and adjust your gamma settings to it

I dont recomend u test the light in software only, cause it works significantly different from GL and I recon most people play GL 
I was looking for this a while back but couldn't find it and I couldn't remember who wrote it. Anyway, I found it today (too late) and just wanted to say again that I thought it was nice. Next time I update my web site I'm planning to link to your site because I think this and XeNoN's articles on detailing levels are very useful for beginners. 
E3M3 looks pretty good with the new settings. But now TyrLight is giving me a bad surface extent when I have any one of a set of six or so brushes in the map. I rebuilt each brush and repositioned them a little and I'm still getting the error. It's frustrated the hell out of me. 
Thanks. Glad it could be of some use. 
Repetative Electronic Music (tm) 
Just done a new mix (dark NRG) and uploaded it to my site, cool tunes, mixing dodgy at times... 
That means qbsp is leaving a face in the bsp that is larger that 256 pixels in one dimension. If you're using treeqbsp, try playing with the "-subdivide" option and see if that helps. 
Im using dubsp -subdivide 256 and yet I get a bad surface extents runtime error in WINQUAKE (but only in winquake) when I load the map.

Would you have any ideas as to why, and how to avoid it?

Ive had a bit of a look around on the web, but it seems that that error is a bit vague and can have a few different causes, and nobody has a definitive list of all of them... 
this board is a bit fragile, not only does it not like apostophes, it wouldnt let me make a backslash smiley either! 
I think you'll find it does :-\ 
/me feels debased by my own smugness - I might have well as said please flame me ;) 
post your problem in the "mapping help" thread as well, to make sure everyone sees it. 
Mr Fribbles 
The engine error message "Bad surface extents" is commonly caused by having a non-solid (i.e. liquid/sky) texture in the map that is also missing from the wad (i.e. you get the compiler warning "Missing texture ...").

This is probably due to the fact that such a missing texture (that might be on a very large undivided brush face) will create problems for the engine when it silently replaces the missing texture with some other pattern (e.g. the character map) and this pattern is considered a solid texture.

The solid textured faces may not have any size (something about surface caches in the engine). This issue might be related to the one mentioned above.

Also in TreeQBSP/DuBSP, you can enable the option "-splitspecial" that will treat liquid/sky as normal solid brushes, i.e. subdivide them into smaller pieces. 
As Aguire Said: 
make sure your liquids and skies are in the wad. 
I think I forgot to mention this one, but DeathMongor had a id metal/rune themed SP map. cheggit here: 
thx, already played it :)
nice use of the textures/insanely high density of monsters 
I changed from subdiv 270 to 256 and now it suddenly works. Tyrann, did you ever know that you're my hero? I'll put up some screenshots of what I have so far in an hour or so.

That dm1m2 map is pretty ok. There are some tough battles in there. I had to finish with an axe. 
The map is not exceptional, and is pretty hit and miss. However, Kell had asked me for a list of good id metal/run themed maps, so I rattled off some random maps. I wasn't sure if I included that one, but it turns out that I did. 
R.P.G. is teh man with teh metal 
I think 256 is the absolute maximum, so it's probably safer to set it just below that. TreeQBSP defaults to 240. 
Probably the missing sky/water/whatever texture is your problem, but if not, try setting subdivide a bit lower also. 
I Got The Impression... 
that it had to be LESS than 256. So 255.9999... would be the max, but 240 is the default becuase it's 16 aligned. I can't remember the source of this impression, though. 
Second That 
I had thought that subdiv 240 is rather dumb and results in uneffective splits and increased r_speeds, but compiling with subdivide 256 eventually started to crash quake with that
"badfaced error" (it was only in GL quake afair) 
Not sure how well this code will post, but from model.c:

if (!(tex->flags & TEX_SPECIAL) && s->extents[i] > 256)
Sys_Error("Bad surface extents");

So, you can make them equal to 256, but due to precision limitations it's easy to spill just over that limit if you're aiming too close. 
Here's The Weird Part 
I based my bat file off of someone else's, which was where my -subdiv 270 came from. Probably someone from here. At the time I didn't know what most of the compile options did and I'm still not entirely sure about some of them. I wonder if 270 was working for him? 
Best Blonde Joke Evar. 
Yeah Wrath 
It's great cause you can fool all sorts of people, but it's really just a different take on the same old thing. 
Nice. It goes pretty deep, but I finally found it cycling back on itself. 
And it's a lot more amusing to show it to someone else.

"That's about the fifth time I--Oh. I see."

well if 240 sucks and 256 crashes, what am I supposed to use? :D

I`ll try taking it lower than 256, but if the r_speeds blow out I might just change it back, since I was only getting the BAD SURFACE EXTENTS error in WinQuake, I might just ignore it... nobody uses WinQuake, right? (surely not!) It`s a deathmatch map though, so I`ll have to check if it crashes software qwcl.exe

p.s thanks for the tips but all my textures appear to be present in the wads, so that isn`t the problem (nor is it a brush with 2 or more animated textures on it).

Thanks for the help guys. 
240 Is Default 
so you might as well just use it.

as for winquake/qwcl compatability, i believe the renderer for all the software engines is basically the same. 
Qw Ffa Day 
The qw ffa day will be on Sunday 3pm EST. We will play cheshires maps starting with chesdm1 and ending with chesdm4. 
That Reminds Me: 
i recently got this email from:
[i thought some of you might be interested, plus the sites themselves are pretty cool - UWF].

Im admin on and wanna see if you wanna help us out there with writing news about new maps or anything related to Quake1.
The site was originaly only in swedish 5-6 years ago but now the past 2 years its english and dedicated for the Quakers around the world!
We are around 10 ppl in the staff and growing by week.

We are on daily bases on our IRC channel ( #RQ ) on were we often meet and talk about news etc.
Recently we released a movie with and it have been a smashhit all around the world, from brazil -> sweden -> australia.

Im also head admin on, the portal for all quakeworld players and working in lots of other projects!
Hopefully you can help us out in one way or another.

You Know, 
if I'd bloody looked in that fucking drawer seven hours ago, I'd have found that Win95 install CD and saved myself hours of grief.

(Got the parts, formatted the HD, went mad trying to copy across an existing install.) 
If I was installing win95, it would not be _hours_ of grief I would worry about. 
Wanna Bet? 
Gah! Bloody Win95 won't install at all!

For some reason, it keeps claiming that there's a "compressed disk" on my nice, clean, newly formatted (and now reformatted) hard disk. If I ignore that, the setup crashes with "can't copy files" or some similar rot.

I've tried fdisk and reformatting, but same joy... and a hidden file called "drvspace.bin" which refuses to be deleted, or accessed in any way at all.

I'm in a jam here; I guess I'll just have to take the goddamn box to someone and see what they can do with it. Sigh... 
I Dont Know But... 
perhaps the drive is formatted as FAT32 and not FAT16? Or perhaps the drive is too big.. I think WIN98 allowed much bigger capacity than 95... 
First, see if you have a friend with win98 he can 'give' to you. If that fails, see if you can get a friend to burn you a Knoppix cd ( ). That and some minimal unix skills can solve just about anything you can do to a computer. 
Could Be Too Big For The BIOS 
The BIOS autodetect reads the correct numbers of tracks, sectors etc, but claims this 20GB Maxtor is only 8GB.

My suspicions: I'll have to hang fire and pick up a complete new BIOS/motherboard/box when I can afford 'em (which won't be for several months.)

Your thoughts? 
Are the jumpers on the back of the HD set correctly. There is an option to set them so as you only use "x" amount of the HD, is on mine anyways, I guess they are all similar. 
BIOS Woes 
If you can, try setting the "access mode" of the appropriate IDE adapter to LBA. If there is an update available, and the motherboard can handle it, try reflashing the BIOS. 
Even if the jumpers were set that way, that shouldn't have anything to do with your other problems though 
Fat Controller 
Are you from Australia?
Do you have an ATX case? 
Metl's dingaling 
No, New Zealand.

And nope, this ain't an ATX case.

(The corpse's brand name is Digital 3000. 'Twas being used as a backup machine.)

Anyway, I've been twiddling with fdisk and whatnot, but I'm beginning to suspect that I'll need to pick up a complete new chassis a few months down the track anyway. (And go shopping for a copy of Win98 too...) 
might be filesystem
you need fat32, or chop the drive into several fat16 partitions (use partition magic, or some other tool that can manage partitions better than featureless fdisk)

u need win 95 osr2 or 98(slower) to use fat32 drive

dont know about the bios, but even my soket7 mobo from year 97 (or even 96) supported >8gb hdds 
and please stop spamming the board with generic threads

what next 'best food' trio ?
best console games (yeah trio too, for each console) 
You need one for every console eva!!!!11!1

Best Games
Atari: Solar Fox
Intellivision: Utopia
Colecovision: Donkey Kong
Genesis: Sonic and Knuckles
PS: Castlevania: SOTN
N64: Goldeneye 64
GameCube: Zelda Windwaker

Best kitchen appliance: fridge
Best room in my house: the one with the computer
Best cardinal direction: North
Best mammal: marmot
Best best of award: best mammal 
what gave you got against South? 
gave = have [edit button!]. 
Piss off you moaning wanker. Sometimes you can be so stupid I'm amazed you can walk upright let alone type such gibberish on a keyboard.

Number of people happily using new threads: 12-15

Number of people complaining: 1. You. Idiot. 
Fat Controller 
I have something you may be interested in, would have been easier if you were in AUS, but.
Have a look, see what you think. Let me know, ASAP, you'll be happy with the deal. Oh, I can slip you Win98 to if you like. Let me know SOON.
You will need ATX case

Intel 815i based MotherBoard
PIII 866 Mhz
384Mb PC100 Ram
64MB Geforce 2 GTS 
And power supply for the above included 
shambler is so polite man, good to see him cleaning the way with his bloody and rusted axe... 
Double Oh.......... 
And the ram is pc133, 133mhz not 100mhz 
I thought about complaining but didn't.

Also, I think it's worth complaining just to read your replies. 
Re #1127 
Vectrex: Minesweeper/Rockaroids Remix/Patriots (tie), although Vectris in direct sunlight is unique.
32X: Virtua Fighter
Sega CD: Stellar Fire/Eternal Champions CD (tie)
Virtual Boy: Red Alarm. No second.
Jaguar: Iron Soldier
Jaguar CD: Battlemorph

I'll have to disagree on N64. That would be Pilotwings 64. Relaxing! 
Where To Go 
I never really post here any more, and I doubt any answer of any worth will come out of this following question... but what do I have to loose? Where might someone find information on the steps nessacary on creating a mod or whatever? I'm trying to find interviews, advice columns, articles anything on creating a mod and any tips people have developed might have. I would appreciate even a half surious response. Thanks. 
Re #1133 
Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi 
Isn't the place for Q1 coding stuff? I assume you are talking about code.

See the Getting Started link... 
when i learned quakec, it helped to hang out in #qc (same network as #tf.) Also, there are some useful pages on, like:

Another recent page that has gone up is FrikaC's Quake Wiki: 
It's interesting, but I've managed to get the hard disk partitioned and formatted (MaxBlast III), and Win95 installed.

Now all I have to do is figure out what driver is causing a hard reset every time I try to start Windows outside Safe Mode. (All I know is that the Plug-n-play BIOS isn't it.) 
I had that problem a couple of times, the first time that I had it, it was the motherboard and so I installed via 4in1 drivers.

The next time it happened I took my network card out and re inserted it and that seemed to be causing the problem.

Take a look at some of your cards inside your computer for loose connections etc. (network card especially) 
Thanks Gib 
More to the point, I've spotted a PCI Riva TNT 32MB video card in a shop for $200, and I don't need the network card just now, so...

(Oh, yeah, haven't started work yet. Farg.) 
$200 for a four-year-old card? I hope those are munckin dollars or something... 
Fat Controller 
...why dont you just buy a geforce 2 GTS? you can get them for like $50 US dollars online or from ebay. 
I live in Melbourne and you can get gf2's for anywhere between $A 100-150 depending on the model. I'm sure NZ prices msut be similar. 
seems like it's turned into a yearly franchise :)

Although, to be fair, from the news on PU it sounds like the original ut2003 with new maps and some code (not sure on this since it's backward compatible with ut2003 servers) for vehicles plus the Assault and Onslaught gamemodes.

Wonder why they didnt mention all of this to folks when they were forking out money for ut2003. 
$200 for a TNT 32mb?? Struth... I wouldn't pay $5 for that.

Good lord, you can get a geforce4mx for about $100 AUD...

I guess if you need a PCI card specifically your options are more limited, but you can still do better than that, Fatty. Have a look around (online especially) for better deals. 
Oh, I've Plenty Of Time. 
As mentioned, I intend to purchase a video card with my own money - and as yet I still don't have a definite start date on that job. There's still plenty of time to shop around.

(Besides, I still have to wiggle cards and get this PC going yet!)

Actually, back when I was house/cat sitting, their box (now long gone due to a lightning strike) had a Riva TNT64, so that's my benchmark. Still, if I can find a PCI GeForce I'll get it if I can, since y'all seem to reccomend 'em. 
Fat Controller 
If you are willing to pay the postage/shipping, you can "HAVE" that stuff I mentioned earlier, up there ^^^, but I need to know soon, I have some one else who wants it, but if you would like it, it's yours. Let me know, and we can arrange it 
...I thought you were from India or somewhere in Asia nitin??

Or have you moved to get closer to your love interest Mr Fribbles....hang on, WHO did he get engaged to recently?? Hmmm... 
How about an indian living in melbourne? And I didnt know frib was engaged, all that moving for nothing! 
I'm sure Aussie law must allow bisexual bigamy... 
Not Now 
I'll have to get a technician to get this fargnaxing computer looked at first.

Besides, a 3D card's actually a pretty low priority at the moment. 
As Far As Video Cards Go... 
Just save up for the GeforceFX 5900 Ultra (aka NV35). That card smokes everything in its path, particularlly Doom III. 
and it'd be awesome for that pentium 200 or so, maybe he could solder an agp slot onto his motherboard! problem solved! 
GeforceFX 5900 
Not only are these cards stupidly expensive but they are also extremely loud, so kiss goodbye to any atmosphere you wanna hear in a game or DvD movie you wanna watch. Unless of course you wait for the water cooler unit there making for the FX. 
Forgot to mention this last night.

The Matrix Reloaded is cool. Awesome fight sequences. The first movie was better though, IMHO. This is because it had some magical and mysterious qualities that Reloaded couldn't have. In The Matrix, you find out everything as the movie progresses, but in Reloaded you already know a lot before the movie even starts.

(Also that Green Guy Pitfall icon is meant to look like a kung fu fighter for the sake of this post.) 
GeforceFX 5900 Is Quieter 
While yes the cards maybe expensive, they are much more quiet. The first GeforceFX 56-5800s were the loud ones. These now feature a larger heatsink so the fan doesn't need to be as fast and loud. 
anyone have a hold of a quake->unreal geometry converter? I had one before I reformatted, but now I don't. You can just email one to me ( or drop a link here or there. Thanks. 
The first movie was better though, IMHO.

That doesnt sound promising :) 

You could get a top end Radeon for less money and virtually the same levels of performance. And it's not annoyingly loud.

That of course presuming that you hadn't noticed the rest of the PC specs... 
Hang On 
i looked again at hi res pics of the lost souls (cmon, if i get the name wrong it's just because i'm 2pm, ok its a lie)

the reason why they seem tame is cos the eyes and the mouth expression seems similar to that of Michael Jackson shouting "aww" (skull farthest to the left). besides, the face looks like it's taken from Kate Moss. why didnt they start with MJs face. now that WOULD be scary.

ok, i'll fuck off now. got exams to revise. 
Another Question: 
I want to get a brightened, HALF LIFE (wad3) file of all of the quake2 textures for use with WC3.3 to make Q2 levels. Now, I'm trying to make a batch conversion of all of the .wals to a wad3 file with wally, but wally seems convinced that there's "nothing to convert." Any suggestions? 
i made myself a .wad of all the q2 textures for use with WC 3.3... you can get it here:

i got a special version of riot's wadconv tool that has a >1024 limit on the number of textures converted, so i just took my wc1.6-compatible q2all.wad and converted it to a wc3.3-compatible q2all.hlwad

hopefully this works =] 
QW Ffa Day 
I am not sure I will be able to run the qw ffa day for some time. There are a few reasons for this. First of all it seems that interest is dying down, sometimes it is hard to find 3 people willing to play. The second reason is that I will be quite busy and may not be around on the weekends to get the games started.

If someone from #terrafusion would like to organize the ffa they can contact me in irc and I will give them rcon to the server. 
Well I haven't been playing because I've been too busy with finals and final projects. Now that I'm through with that, I should be able to play almost every weekend. 
Time To Brush Up On Your Italian 
I've finally released my first -- and possibly last -- Quake 3 map, Massaggio Galore. It's a cute little pointy thing, all puffed up and crumbly on the edges. No, really -- check it out at and see what I'm talking about =) 
Poopie Pants 
I love you guys and everything, but don't stop posting! Its quiet around here, tooo quiet.... 
Slippers: Pro Or Con? 
Re: Slippers 
Slip<blink>prz</blink> <it>r for l4m3rz Y0! LOLZ FTHAGGNZ!</BOLD> 
preferably now. 
Entertain You!

i give up. 
How To Make Dodecahedrons 
(from the useless mapping geometery department) 

and useless. 
someone could make it useful, by using it. 
Can anyone recommend a good quake1 front end? 
i've been looking for that for a long time. cmon someone give us a link! 
Did Someone Mention Chives? 
I thought it was interesting when I read the new TIME magazine today, that they covered E3 and did not mention Doom3. Halflife2, Sims2, and some sim game revolving around filmmaking which looked disfunctional to me.

Anyhow, does it seem to anyone else that we have the most promising batch of PC possibilities coming in the fall? It has been years since I was excited for releases like this. Doom3, HL2, HaloPC. When the hell is DeusEx2 coming out?

Also, was surprised that all the games covered in TIME magazine were PC, no console games mentioned. 
Aahhhh BLARGH! Chives Again.... 

I thought it was interesting when I read the new TIME magazine today, that they covered E3 and did not mention Doom3. Halflife2, Sims2, and some sim game revolving around filmmaking which looked disfunctional to me, were covered.

Anyhow, does it seem to anyone else that we have the most promising batch of PC possibilities coming in the fall? It has been years since I was excited for releases like this. Doom3, HL2, HaloPC. When the hell is DeusEx2 coming out?

Also, was surprised that all the games covered in TIME magazine were PC, no console games mentioned. 
(This has nothing to do with manhattan project appearing on torrentse some time ago. Nah-ah, I swear! Honest! Really! Uh-huh!)

Duke Nukem is a fuckwad, and I trule hate his entire person with all my seven inches of might. But Manhattan Project, whoo that's a good game! Very very very excellent old style 2D platform gameplay with hot hot hot new 3D graphics. Just the kind of game that I have been lusting for. So yeah, f'ing excellent stuff! (Even if it had been a hojillion times better if it didn't include Duke himself...) Go get it! 
I thought it was interesting when I read the new TIME magazine today, that they covered E3 and did not mention Doom3.

That's probably becuase doom3 was barely present at the [expo part of the] show -- they had one little unmanned display case with a couple of TVs playing a video loop. 
Yes, Manhattan Project was a refreshing change. Old skool meets new-fangled stuff. I wish the monsters had been a bit cooler, though, and that the gameplay was a bit more in-depth. Also, more control over where you look and fire would have been nice. But there was nice use of the camera system which added some depth and variety to the traditional side scroller.

Overall a tops game, though. People should get it. 
i would also imagine the people who write for TIME magazine know very little about video or computer gaming in general. 
I would also imagigine that you know very little about the people who write for TIME magazine, in general.

Just curious how you would come to that conclussion, apart from the fact that they omitted mention of certain games.

People who play, say, racing games or RPG games exclusively, may never mention FPS games, doesn't mean they know little about "computer gaming in general" 
Upgrading to WinXP Pro, just wondering if anyone knows whether PS2Rate works under XP? 
yep, its quite possible i am completly wrong.

its just a hunch. 
Thankyou Scampie... 
/me looks for pentagonal textures. 
Front End.. 
I had one recently, it was called QuakeOn I *think* - with the gibbed player head guide guy.. don't recall where I got it.. 
QuakeOn is good, I used it for a long time. It's good if you have loads of mods and/or lots of different engines.

Oh, and the Quake Head helper guy is funny. 
Thanks Phait 
if you are still in trouble with your disk, I used a 20 gig drive on a 8gig hd limit bios computer (my old ppro200) on w95 with no problems using some software from IBM which installs into the HD root block and makes the full 20 gigs available. It worked very well and reliable. Sadly I can't locate it anymore on IBM's site, but this page mentions it (under "hard disk software", and links some alternative programs (like from maxtor and seagate which do a similar job, but I have no experience with): 
I Finished AVP2! 
Yay I actually played a game. And very good it was too indeed. More spooging in a bit probably. 
Yeah, that's what I'm using too (MaxBlast 3.) But I suspect that the drivers that came with this copy of Win95 are just too old, and might be causing the resetting.

(Also, it uses FAT16, so the disk is broken into ten partitions. Eep.)

So I'm getting into a bidding war for a copy of Win98. Would you believe people are willing to pay US$50 or more for a copy of this? 
Fatty, you could have had my copy of Win98 SE, plus a Intel 815i based motherboard, PIII 866mhz, 384MB PC133 ram, 64MB geforce 2 GTS, and it would have cost you "NOTHING", except for the shipping costs. I offered, but alas, it is gone now.
Please spooge on about AVP2, I have it and the expansion pack, Primal Hunt, haven't installed them yet, and was going to give it a miss. Maybe you can help change my mind. :) 
Recommended Q1 Replacement? 
Every once in a while I want to revisit Quake and QuakeWorld, but still haven't got GLQuake to work on my PC (I always played on a Mac before). I figure with all the development and bug fixing and improving of the open source, that there must be at least one really stable improved version--not necessarily with any new graphical features (obviously if I'm just playing Quake, I don't need fog or colored lights or whatever). I've visited some of the websites devoted to this, but haven't found an obvious answer for an overall improved version that is recommended as a replacement for what id released. Anyone have some knowledge of this, or preferences? 
...and I'll Just Slip In 
...if anyone could recommend a good engine+bot combinations, I would feel most benevolent towards them for a short period of time. 
If its Quakeworld (NOT Quake) then I would recommend Zquake and Fuhquake. Those are both based on the Zquake source, but fuhquake has added eyecandy and stuff. So Zquake for the purist, and fuhquake for people who want the extra features and stuff (fuhquake is based on zquake anyway). 
And for bots I'd recommend Quake3+CPMA or UT2003. 
Pity I wasn't around when Daz had his AVP2 spooging thread set up. I can see what he means now =). Basically a pretty damn cool game that does exactly what it's supposed to in capturing the whole Aliens - and Predator - vibe. More gripping than HL for me too =).

Teh bad:
- Old engine and it shows, crude skins and dated texturing....and still ran a bit slow.
- 'Feel' is sloppy and a bit glitchy.
- Story loses continuous involvement when spread over the 3 race sections.
- Some game imbalances (e.g. Pred can rely on unlimited energy, Alien can be 'trapped' if it loses too much health).
- Fairly linear.

Teh good:
- Makes good use out the engine regardless, some big outdoor maps and several spectacular scenes.
- Very atmospheric, from the gripping Aliens feel of the marine section to the manic violence of playing as an alien.
- Scary too! Whether it's from scripted shocks, gnarly sounds or just the general atmosphere.
- Playing as 3 races, great. 3 sections making it easier to play in little bits, 3 different perspectives on what's going on, 3 very different playing styles.
- Intriguing backdrop and story, lots of hints and scene setting via cutscenes and overheard conversations, really gets you wondering what's going on.
- Decent gameplay, well balanced overall, appropriate to each race, and fair boss combats. 
Shambler, Abyss 
AvP2 is great... but avoid the mission pack like the plague, it's quite terrible. They somehow managed to completely omit all the tension and atmosphere that was so good in the original game, reducing it to a sub-Serious Sam level of crappy repetitive horde-based gameplay. Plus they tried to make Dunya a more sympathetic character by giving her a really stupid haircut. 
Well, I was hoping to get away from q3, but cheers anyway :]. UT unfortunately fails to tickle me. 
Omicron Bot:
Routes for Omicron:

Note that you can play without routes, but apparently the Omis do better with them. Also, FitzQuake isn't your typical sp00ge-lens-flaresss!!!11 type engine; instead, it is a class engine with useful bug fixes and improves the sky, lighting and other things over GLQuake. 
Well That's What I Get For Assuming Someone's Links Are Correct 
A big slice of benevolence for RPG. 
Omicron + Routes = Much Better 
Although after "showing" him around the map for a while, will see a good improvement over when the map first starts, all info about the map it gains from the time spent in the map is lost once you change maps. But with the .ent(route) file hard coded to the map, it has permanent knowledge of the map. The .ent(routes) are easy to install, and easy to make yourself if you can't find one for the map in question. I have tried around 80 or so Quake bots, Omicron is by far my favorite, and my vote for best. Others may say things like the Frog Bot etc are better, well, personal choice I guess, but some of theses bots (and Frog is one of them) are limited to a very small selection of maps. Where as the Omicron will play any map, with or without an .ent(route) file. 
Thanx For The Quake Links 
I'll try them and see how they work. I'll have to fire up my Mac and hook it up to my PC to transfer my gig+ worth of quake files over (that I haven't played in 3 years).

On Omicrons: there used to be a regular Omicron bot competition for Mac Quake players (later some of them got PCs so I think the rules relaxed a bit, but by then it was dying out anyway). JVOX was one of the regulars. The competitions were always on custom maps, and many of the same people played on Zappa's Visi Quakeworld custom maps server. Ah, the good old days! 
Antone Know Where This Quote's From 
There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't. 
I don't know where it originally came from, but I have a shirt that says that. Someone gave it to me as a gift, and she got it from 
I loved QuakeOn. I wish I knew were to find it again. Has it been updated at all? 
Was in my favorites, so...

Source code was released in 2000...
this thing hasn't really been updated. 
Qw Ffa Day 
Stop by #terrafusion at 3pm EST today. We will play chesdm1-4 on my server. 
request for more of the - like pictures in hi rez 
werkin on it! 
That was photosourced I assume...? Bit too much reflection off the upper sufaces towards the left :/ But rust is nice anyway. 
mmm, beer...I need beer. And stuff. 
yes, since i'm just learning photography i made that mistake. realised it after i was far away from the object and looked at the foto on the big screen.
i'll re-shoot this rusted piece properly though :) 
Thank God For Photoshop 
Fixed those white-ish parts on the rust 
Von, use the dodge and burn tools in photoshop to bring it together, no need to reshoot the image. Dodge makes lighter and burn makes darker. You can get rid of nasty highlites, and other scanner artifacts as well using them. 
uh, will try that, thanks
but why not to re-shoot if i can? i have to raise my photoskillz up, to reduce post-shooting image editing as much as i can :) 
Alternatively, you can just scansource an object directly.
And when it comes to seamlessly tesselating the a texture and removing artifacts, use the 'heal' tool ( the lil band-aid icon ); that's what it's designed for. 
there is no point to photoshop yourself, leave it to me :)
just make more material shots at the close range and direct angle please

some industrial details at close range would be neice as well 
Can Anyone Suggest A Game For Me? 
basically, i'm looking for something like System Shock 2.

good, engaging story
Sci-Fi prefered...
attention to detail
made at least after and including 2000.

any thing? 
Played Elite Force? Definitely not scary, but interesting. There's also Deus Ex which everyone should play if they haven't already. None of these are horror, mind you. Undying is a good shot if that's what you're after, but it's more fantasy than sci-fi. 
Not related to anything, but...

Here's a text-based adventure game that even incompetents can play:

It's called Dunjon Of D�m, and is created by Zdim. 
Elite Force 
EF2 looks incredible, download the demo and check it out! Its great and actually enjoyable for non Star Trek fans... 
Aliens vs Preadtor 2 would be my first recommendation.

and Elite force too. And yes with the talented level/model design team at Ritual, EF2 does look very nice and more importantly playable on my now near ancient gf + p3-733. 
Great Engaging Sci-Fi Game 
fallout 1/2

not Sci-Fi : mororwind 
nice work phait. how's your textures doing?

are you making anything atm? 
Thanks Guys... 
i played the Elite Force demo a year ago, thought about buying it then just plain forgot about it. :P

both Fallouts look cool, but i was really looking for a fp game.

about AvP2, do you need to play the original to get the sequel? (like SS2) 
Nope. Totally self-contained AFAIK. Pretty involving too =).

DX is the closest to SS2 obviously. Other games mention will fit the rest of your criteria.

If you broaden your search to simpler FPS games in fantasy/realish, I'd recommend Undying, Wheel Of Time and RTCW. 
I'm Waiting For... 
Doom 3 and Dino Crisis 3 (XBox, though I don't currently own one). Halo's supposed to have been good but I didn't like what I playtested at the store for 20 minutes.

I'm an older games junkie for some reason. Stuff like Front Mission 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7, Dino Crisis, Quake1, etc lights my fancy. Though I really do enjoy the new games, as long as they're a game instead of a graphics engine showoff... Stuff like Metal Gear Solid 2, UT (not 2003), Starcraft, etc.

I liked Ratchet & Clank, too. :) 
I tried.

I haven't done any Quake related stuff for quite awhile, been focusing on my art.

Quit my job for it... now that's passion! ^_^ 
MGS2 was a game? 
RTCW: Enemy Territory Released 
Free add-on, apparently (no RTCW required).

<a>Linux</a> and <a>Windows</a> (cockmongerplanet, sorry). 
Drowning in the s4wk... 
System Shock 2 Rebirth 
With talk of System Shock 2, I thought this deserved a mention for those that didn't see it in #terrafusion:

It's a remodelling project that aims to recreate the System Shock 2 models in higher res. It looks really good, and when he releases it I'll reinstall the game and play through it again. 
coolness! thanks, rpg! 
If It Doesn't Require RTCW... 
then it's not an add-on. 
is there any way to retrieve images from photoshop tmp file (in the win/temp folder) after a crash ? 
I kind of remember a feature in Quake that let you stop the game from switching to the weapon you just picked up, even if the weapon is "better" than what you currently have. Anyone know the command? I want to add it to my QW config.

Or it could be that I'm just wishing. 
RPG.....i Dunno, Maybe 
autoswitch 0 
Alos New Quake Map Review At My Place 
Type: Command

Syntax: setinfo (key) (value)

Description: Sets information about your QuakeWorld user. Used without a key it will list all of your current settings. Specifying a non-existent key and a value will create the new key.

Special Keys:
b_switch - Determines the highest weapon that Quake should switch to upon a backpack pickup. Example: b_switch 5 (Will only switch to the Super Nailgun, Nailgun, and weapons below and never to the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Laundher, and weapons above.)
w_switch - Determines the highest weapon that Quake should switch to upon a weapon pickup. Example: w_switch 5 (Will only switch to the Super Nailgun, Nailgun, and weapons below and never to the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Laundher, and weapons above.)


So stick those in your config files.
I have it set to these, so it never auto-switches to anything above the SSG (I guess?)

setinfo b_switch 2
setinfo w_switch 2 
Oooh Nice! 
Cheers, Frib. 
We are far from those years of when Shambler introduced me here. It has been a great pleasure to do mapping since 1997. It is time for me to do something else as I am reaching 40 years of age.

Read it more on my site:

QMD'S retirement from the mapping scene

I think this is an important milestone in quake mapping history. 
those were two independent news submissions. Both by canadians, and both used all-caps in their headlines. 
But He's Quebecois! 
as far as we pot smokin liberal british columbians go, we dont consider them canadian.

They belong with bal 
This Is Your Last Warning, Rogue Nation State: 
Surrender pronto, or we'll level Toronto! 
WTF, I introduced QMD here?? I don't remember that at all!!

Foolishness or sadism?? Or both... 
Don't Worry, Everyone. 
QMD will come back. They always do. 
To Shambler 
I think you introduced a lot of people to qmap, since at your old spq site, qmap was linked in many of your posts. 
And you did write the post about him on And disgustingly accused him of being French. Which was (seemingly) a bad thing to do. 
I Deny Everything! 
I must be getting senile =) 
Saw Nemo 
So I went and saw the latest frame by frame work of Art by Pixar over the weekend. While the visuals rocked, and I must say the sharks are amazing, the story was a bit *blegh* nothing super amazing, but worth seeing on the big screen for the sound and visuals.

Not as good as Monsters Inc. and Toy Story......there is a preview for their next film which looks promising. 
is it as amusing as toy story/monsters inc? 
i dunno. i have feelings about south canadians too (those south of the border i mean!).

well, finished my exams and about to leave for the states ("south canada") in 2 weeks :-)

OI OI, before i go does anyone know where to find Ringu, the original jap film on which The ring is bases.

well, i'd like it with subtitles if it's poss. ok, this sounds illegal but i dunno about video rentals that have it so i was gonna look also elsewhere... 
bases=based. :-) 
all your typos are belong to us 
it should be available on dvd at most video stores or there's heaps of online stores that sell it. 
It is pretty funny, the standard Pixar wit is here, just not as good as their past flicks. 
anybody know an address to contact spog? 
come to #terrafuson, he's always there :) 
Re: #1200 - Way Up There ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
Do Q3 bots play better with the CPMA mod? This was recommended above and I wondered whether CPMA really made a difference to the Singleplayer game; I was under the impression the mod was purely for 'live' DM improvements 
Well, since the most noticeable modifications are in the player movement, you feel the difference whether you're fighting bots or humans. I fought several excellent CPMA matches against my custom bot Krusade in ffdm2 - Patibuh's Lair. Nowhere near as tactical as a promode opponent, but a demanding confrontation nonetheless. 
I understand from your reply that it is better from the player point of view, but bot AI is not changed/improved?
I presume also that the bots cannot take advantage of any of the physics changes? 
Hey Dudes... 
anyone up for some more beta testing on nesp09?
email me of leave a post here...

that would be a q1sp map. ;) 
Starbuck Will 
thats me! 
I Saw Nemo 
It was pretty good. Graphically, I liked the water effects and the excellent modelling and, really, everything else. I also liked the personalities of all the characters. The story was ok, nothing too good or too bad to mention further.

I thought it was quite funny. Maybe less funny than previous releases, maybe not; but definately very funny. 
Is it based on a book about Nautilus sub (~34875934759 french length measure units under the sea) ? 
There Is A New Rule Around Here 
It goes like this:

If you cannot speak proper english, then stop posting stupid gibberish, else you will be mauled by a shambler on cocaine wielding an axe.

And yes, I am referring to the obvious ones.
I was going to make a post explaining that the multi-lingual society we live in means that not everyone you meet has English as their first language.

But then I realised that if someone doesn't get the point the first time, then they're unlikely to pick it up the 100th. 
On The Other Hand... 
If your native tongue is Swedish, but you post in English gibberish, then speakers of neither language can understand you, and the post becomes just more noise.

Also, if you have a bunch of people who speak different languages on a forum, and they don't choose on a common one and use that, then most messages won't be readable by most people.

I notice that on the Cube forum, about half of the threads are in German and half are in English. It seems like people post only in the ones they can actually read. 
We Should Make THIS Rule 
No inertia 
Scampie jaim� dans le r4wk. 
Je mettre une croissant dans les pantalons du Inertia! 
c'est ne pas une crate. 
Having a few German threads in the Cube forum doesn't seem to disrupt it any. The board acts a little as though it were 1 view of 2 different boards, but that doesn't bother me. 
I believe crate is a masculine noun. 
i wasn't saying it was a huge problem, although obviously the board is sort of divided into two as most people only know one of the two languages used. 
I believe crate is a masculine noun.
That really tickled me for some reason, nearly made me LOL at work. Where else on the internet would you see such a surreal statement on a gaming forum?

/me goes back to work with a smile on my face 
its the tower of babel all over again.

i will start writing all my reviews in swedish, then.

Does that mean i get to review porn films? 
since all that comes out of sweden is porn, right? 
And Enclave! 
Sw33t game, btw. 
I Feel Bad.... 
sweden is actually a very beautiful country.

i take back my rude joke! 
i wasn't saying it was a huge problem, although obviously the board is sort of divided into two as most people only know one of the two languages used.

wouldn't it be multiplied by two? since inversly, if you limited it to one language, half the people would leave. 
What Does The Beauty Of The Country Has To Do With Anything? 
say cheese 
Bresse Bleu 
got AvP2 on tuesday, and i just finished it!

what an amazing game! quite honestly though, i enjoyed the marine segment the most, because it was the closest to what i was looking for (shock2 type gameplay).

are there any good maps of avp2 sp out there (or any good review sites someone could point me to) for the marine aspect? i guess the others would be cool to, though. :) 
I personally liked the marine part best for some frantic shit your pants action. The alien part was cool too but I hated the predator episode, mainly because it looked so poor compared to the other two episodes. 
Big Ups To The Man Like Metlslime 
for coming out to the weekly on wednesday! yeah you rock 
Fuck Other Languages 
inertia mange la croissant et il mets les mains dans les pantalons de shambler 
Post # 1271 
Glad to test if still looking ... 
I had an avp2 map review site going for a while, dead now but some of the links might still work :)

Special mention must go to the hades facility trilogy, all damn good but damn hard maps!

And yeah, big up avp2 and stuff. It fucking rocks, I've been playing through the marine bits again recently.

And yeah the mission pack, OH MY FUCKING IMPALED TESTICLES ON AN ELECTRIFIED CHAINSAW WITH 4753 SHEETS OF SANDPAPER RUBBING THEM AS WELL = less pain than playing that worthless pile of arse. 

Whatever you do in your spare time, please keep it off the msgboard. 
Primal *unt 
And yeah the mission pack, OH MY FUCKING IMPALED TESTICLES ON AN ELECTRIFIED CHAINSAW WITH 4753 SHEETS OF SANDPAPER RUBBING THEM AS WELL = less pain than playing that worthless pile of arse.

I agree with this post. 
Im glad I could sum up the words to describe the sheer horror of that "mission pack" :)

In other news, I've gone crazy buying games at the moment, dont know the reason but heres a little jizz about each one :

C&C : Generals

Woops, I'm sending this to my poor brother, dont buy it :)

Rainbow 6 : Raven Shield

Dunno why I bought this, I hate realistic shooters right? Wrong, this game is cool :) Craploads of guns and the gameplay is filled with tension (and excitement as you leg it across a walkway just as 3 tangos with uzi's open up on you!). Pretty fun online as well.


I like, I like a lot, the only real thing that brings it down is the dated graphics and the way its easy to tell that it is actually a static febricated universe. What I mean is that if you go off into any asteroid belt at any time you KNOW you will be attacked by random pirates because a script within the game says so. Whereas what I would prefer is - You go into a random asteroid belt and if the pirates are operating in that area, and if your cargo is worth fighting for and if the pirates are on patrol or mining/whatever in your vacinity then you could be attacked, etc... Cool anyway, nice story too.

GTA3 : Vice City

Fucking awesome game! The PC version rocks, it looks great, plays so smooth on a GF3ti and the missions are fun, motorbikes 0wn me as well. 
GTA3 : Vice City

Fucking awesome game!

I tried to convince Shambler of that, but he moaned about how he only plays games that let him simulate getting raped by four transvestite goats or something. Then I told him that the game is very open-ended and that he could probably get raped by four transvestite goats if he played the game long enough, but I don't think he believed me.

Somehow he also believed that it was a driving game and that he needed pedals and a wheel to play it. O_O 
'twas fun. 
Here3dm7 : Upper Agony , Q3 Map 
Hello I'm a little mapper ...
I just want to have advice of the most famous mappers of this page . For this map i have create many texture but the probleme is the ligth texture you can see in the map : (sorry for my bad english) the light of the curves isn't ... lighting !!! It's not a problem all my friend love this map enjoy this map i m inspired of golconda of Bal (he is on this page) ;) . for downloading : 
i rejected your news submission becuase i couldn't tell if it was a final release or a beta release, and when i downloaded it to find out, discovered that the link is bad. Fix the link and if it is a final map release, i will aprove it. 
you cant link files directly with lycos. You have to tell people to visit your maps page and download from there rather than provide a direct link. 
Yeah, I've been playing through that game. I do like it. What bugs me is that the sound cuts out after a bit of playing and I have to reboot to get it back. It sucks because you can't save between every firefight, so to get the story I had to open up the WAV files for all the conversations, find the right ones and listen to the story there. It's annoying, but I'm still doing it, which shows that the game itself is pretty cool. 
I hope you all die. Amen. 
Where have you been?? I've missed you! When I read your posts today you made me laugh many times! 
I'm around.

Lots of shit, as always, going on at work, but I'm around.

Think of me as Santa Claus, always watching - and I know when you've been bad.
Santa Claus, but with knives and pliers instead of fruity elves. Also, exo-skeleton. 
satan claus
satan's claws
whatever :)
you rock! 
I Believe You Want This, Or Something Like It: 
< q >test< /q > 
I Know. 
thank you. 
if you're not busy you should try to come out again tonight. tipper is here from the UK - bigtime breakbeat dj and producer. probably the best newschool breaks producer there is, in fact. he's doing a live PA and then a dj set. 
What Is With.. 
this DJ phenomena? 
You are never more than six feet from a DJ. In this country anyway. 
here it's Five Yards 
'phenomena' Is Plural 
'phenomenon' Is Singular 
O' Great Kell Of Big Words 
Go map!

Phait came out of the closet to say:

Go map!


look who's talking 
We're moving offices at work today, and we have sooo many crates. It's like heaven. 
heh, funny, us too.

and I'm pissed of beyond mortal comprehension thanks to it. so I'll probably be doing some lashing out later today.
if the usual suspects could lay down some groundwork for me to bite into, It'd be much appreciated. just some half-assed flame about DNF or why developers owe the end-users their firstborn children will do.
<cut from some shacknews thread>
They obviously knew what they were doing when they called it Duke Nukem Forever <end cut from random shacknews thread>

There you are sir, hope it helps. 
you have ten minutes to empty out your desk and get the fuck off the premises.
that's a really lousy flame-bait.

at the very least say something nasty about miller or broussard. 
ffs you're moving AGAIN!? 
that was a serious comment taken from a real thread <smile>. But I've packed and am on the run anyway.

Here's some more, unfortunately nothing about Broussard or his children :

Duke Nukem Neverever. #$$@% 3D Realms that is one suck ass company. I have heard from a few people that no longer work there, that they pay their employees shit then fire them. 
<smile> is an icon isnt it? 
obviously not. 
metlslime doesn't have icons in posts enabled.

Which means no emoticon art. :( 
the animation department are moving to new localities, and the Templar level design team are taking over their rooms. there's some other shit going on too. mail me if you want the juicy gossip :) 
Who's going to get it then? 
Boss moving the entire department to have a girlfriend closer to his office? ;) 
#1337 posted by Wazat 
Selling Is Easier If You Know What You're Selling 
It's like this. I took a demo of a little game concept I had to an games outfit on Thursday.

They liked it. Which is nice, EXCEPT:

At the time they started talking about potential markets and what sort of price was I expecting, I was having immense trouble keeping up with what they were saying. All memory of that aspect is corrupted.

I don't know if they expect me to sell them the concept, or the rights, or what. I've never done anything like this in my life before. And they want an answer by Monday.

I have no idea what to say or do. Nor how to respond.

Some of you, I know, are already in the industry. As such, I seek your advice. 
Not That I'm In The Industry... 
Maybe you need a lawyer familiar with this sort of process? 
Yes, the first thing you want to do is have someone who is familiar with written, legally binding, agreements have a look at it.

Second, ask for a second meeting to get things cleared up, they want to be on the same page as you - if they balk at this they're not a serious company anyway. Bring someone along, a friend that can just sit down with his or her mouth shut and listen in, taking notes and looking busy.

Ask for a pause if you get stressed up, just tell them you need a cup of coffee or something cold to drink. 
Can someone please change the download link on the last news post to

The one at the moment leads to a corrupt zip and fp has locked the file for some reason so i can't upload on top of it or delete it. cheers. 
/me HUGS Descartes 
Not literally hug Descartes, mind you. I don't think his remains rate very well on the Hugability Scale. 
The evil deceiver tricks R.P.G. into believing he is hugging Descartes. 
#1337 posted by Wazat

Ah, yes. It will be forever burned in history.

At least until we fix the original QMap. :) 
New Site Up 
This isn't that much to get excited over, but I have finally finished my web site, designed by Phait. It contains all of the levels that I have ever made, including perhaps a few here and there that haven't been available before. The url is the same as before,
Enjoy browsing, and perhaps sometime this summer I'll have a new Q1SP release for you.
Congrats with the site!

but links in the left menu not worky! :( 
Oh Yeah... 
i noticed too... the links on some of the pages ("quake episodes," for example) are pointing to "file:///c:/mysite/whatever" 
That's His Doing.. 
Really, ask him!

Vondur Would Never Design A Broken Site!!!!!!111 
Not Vondur.. 
Tronyn! :P

I made the template, he went from there. 
You were being sarcastic.
I think.

metal slime, go..uhm...sigh 
It works now. The problem was caused by a difference between the editor I'm now using, and the one I was using before (in which entering an html file as a link wouldn't "permenantly" point at that file but rather just its relative location.)

Anyway, fixed. Enjoy.
(I guess this wasn't newsworthy). 
Did you get the mail I sent you with the zip file attached? If not I can resend or upload the file for you, let us know. 
it's good to tell people, but i try to avoid having personal news on the front page (biff's site redesigned, qmd retiring, vondur giving birth, etc.) 
Good To Tell People... 
that you have a new website, i mean. 
Metlslime Wants An 'edit' Function. 
I know this. 
Metal Slime 
what's wrong with my monthly updates, bastid? 
Metal Slime 
what's wrong with my monthly updates, bastid? 
i was facetiously implying that if you had done the job instead of phait, the links would work. 
Btw, Url Is 
btw, url is

[this was a followup to a news submission -Ed.
Metal Slime 
yes i got that, but what's up with 'giving birth' stuff? :) 
THOSE montly updates. 
I was viewing the source.. .JPE? Never heard of that.. also I noticed the text hits the border of the main content cell - sorry about that.. to fix that I/you'd have to recode all the pages :\ If you want me to do a template with that fixed let me know... 
Doom3 Leaked Thingy. 
Of course none of you downloaded and played around with it did you??

So you couldn't possibly tell me whether it showed any promise and looked like it might live up to it's potential or not, could you??

just wait for the game itself

(i didn't try leaked shit tho) 
Yea it showed promise, looks like being a damn creepy game. Pace is slowed down a lot as the players walk speed is quite slow compared with Quake/q3 etc. But it works well here I think, dunno how others feel tho :)

Special mention must go to the animation of the enemies tho, they are really believeable! Fred Nihlson (or whoever) has done himself proud here... 
Doom3 E3 Trailer 
showed some kickass animation too, really believable stuff. That's one area where HL2 seems to lack a bit, the animation for some of the standard stuff (ie walk, run etc) looks ok but not spectacular. 
yeah, was saying the same on #tf eariler. Doom3's animation is amazing, Fred Nihlson knows his stuff good :)

Though HL2's animation isn't as good for the basics like you say, it far surpasses doom3's in terms of the facial animations. I downloaded that 600mb hl2 vid from fileplanet and that girl character and the G-man's faces were amazing;y realistic as they spoke. Cant wait to see how they use that, should be very interresting. 
DooM3 Player Speed 
God, I hope it's not like the player speed of Unreal2, I mean that was rediculous, was really frustrating.
I never tried any of the leaked stuff, or any stuff for that matter, I don't even check out any screenshots, only see the ones that are smacked on the front pages of web sites, got no choice there. I'd rather wait for the real thing. 
I'm wondering if I should start a discussion thread on mapping for Battle Mech. I really need maps for QExpo, and they are fairly easy to make (overhead view, long distance, so details and undersides of things aren't so important; plus a lot of box maps work perfectly). I thank PushPlay greatly for the 3 quality he made and sent me, but I need more. I need to have deathmatch maps, CTF, Rob The Nest, and Infiltration (offensive-defensive CTF); but, if I get nothing else, I'd be happy with a barrage of deathmatch maps.

The new Battle Mech is at
The mod is about 5-6 MB and is working on becoming stand-alone (which means I have to replace the ID textures in some maps).
The aiming has been completely redone, so it's a *lot* easier to play now, and the weapons have regained their previous splendor.

You can also see the painfully pathetic excuses for maps I've made (woods, desert, start). I'm considering turning this post into a threat: if I don't get some maps, those hideous things I made will be unleashed upon the public and people like Cranky Steve will have a hayday with them. :)

I've fixed a lot of stuff in the mod, and added things. You can make brushes transparent with alpha, define the map's gravity, and auto-load cfg files, for example.
Health items can be put in the maps now. I'll also re-enable armor soon. You can open the mapping specs text file in the download for a list of weapons that can be placed (I'll have a way to exclude/include certain weapons from the random weapon item soon), info on various tricks, and also the camera helper entity, etc.

So, should I make a new discussion thread? Is anyone interested in mapping for the mod? I know some people said they'd try it out earlier. How has your progress been? 
Go Ahead, Start A Thread 
Hey, that rhymed.

I made a .def file for bmech which I can update for any recent changes.

I may make another map. Wazat, you never did tell me if there was any hope for that unfinished map. 
Geez Wazat 
I hope the way the lighting and fog look is still a work in progress. 
I hope the way the lighting and fog look is still a work in progress.

Yea, the lighting in desert.bsp is.. umm.. there are no lights. ;) I've got a long way to go I suppose. And woods.bsp is just horrible.

That unfinished map you sent me looks good. Finish it up!

I also have been playing the others a lot lately, and have enjoyed them a lot. I like all 3 maps you gave me, even bmech01 (which is now dm1), which I initially thought was too small and crowded. It also works great with weapons stay turned on.

BTW, the jump pads in bmech02 could stand to be a different color, or to be more visible. My beta testers were fine once they knew what they were, but before that they were pretty confused about how to get back up.

The problem is that no texture really suggests "I am a jump-pad" the way some do in Quake3. If you find one that you think would work better let me know.

Also, I'm still not sure what to do with the last one I sent you. I felt it was missing something besides the obvious details, but I don't know what. 
The problem is that no texture really suggests "I am a jump-pad" the way some do in Quake3

Describe what you want, and I'll make it. 
I'm taking you up on that offer!

The textures in Quake3 which signify a jump pad are all animated. Circles moving outward for the vertical one, and arrows moving away for the horizontal one. Perhaps the same techniques used in comics to suggest movement could be applied to a texture to suggest that same moviement.

You're the artist, but maybe a series of increasingly larger arrows like >>>> would work? 
If you're looking for a Q3-esque pad, there's the one I made for Contract in the knave.wad. But that's 128 square/5 frames of animation. Maybe a bit too much.

I could do a 64x64 texture with a sort of 'target' type design, where each concentric circle is illuminated in turn, from the centre out. Maybe three rings would do?
And if I set it into a metal plate or housing it might not look so odd when tiled. Thing is, in the map Wazat mentions ( the one with the blue/brown chequered floor, yes? ) the 'jumps' are strips rather than squares - several glowing targets all in a line, pulsing away in perfect sync, could be a Cranky Steve feature :P 
You know, I actually forgot that Quake allows animated textures? You don't see them often.

Even though the jump pad is mostly pushing you upwards, from the camera perspective it looks a push in a particular direction. Perhaps instead of circles illuminating outwards, it could be bars illuminating in some direction. I could orient the texture to indicate the direction of movement. If the animation were subtle and not too quick then it could look rather nice. 
I try to make an urban style for this map but it's a try ... For people who have see Matrix Reloaded and Matrix there are many things of the 2 movie : The sub station (sorry i don't know the english word) , the plac with one thousand smith agent. What o you think , Remember it's a try ...

Screenshots :

Download : go on my page in the end of the Maps/q3section

PS : I can change the window textures . 
Sounds Like A Beta. 
It would actually look better if those jump pad brushes were re-done to be a circle or square, instead of a long bar. Still, that would require the long recompile/vis process. :(

See the battle mech mapping thread, I have some other suggestions. 
The compile and vising for bmech is nothing compared to my coagula map. 
Romero Site Update 
Not sure if any of you saw this, but Romero posted regarding Quake's birthday

I am pretty blown away today - none of the Quake news sites mentioned this at all. Blue's News, ShackNews, even PlanetQuake -- everyone has forgotten that today was the day that the venerable Quake was born, 7 long years ago.

Currently, I'm in crunch mode on a Beta of my current game, so I don't have the time to open up the Quake section... but when I do, you will all have access to the original Quake 1 .MAP files. Stay tuned!
none of the Quake news sites mentioned this at all. Blue's News, ShackNews, even PlanetQuake

It Was Mentioned On Bluesnews Actually 
/me is a news whore 
in your face romero! 
Original Q1 .map Files 
Oh man, here we go :)

these days you could probably get all of e1 into one map :) hehe. Will be fun to look at the source files though, gg romero!

Sounds like hes having fun with Red faction on the Ngage, ooh yes so much fun, he cant contain himself, omg hes gonna blow! 
wasn't it mentioned on planetquake.. but too early or something? 
Dont Get Your Hopes Up 
he's had something on his site for close to a year saying they will be up 'soon'.. 
Oh My! 
he's had something on his site for close to a year saying they will be up 'soon'..

Romero == Bal?!

you're so funny RPG, how can I be like you!? 
Just say stupid things! And listen to White Zombie!

You're almost there dude! 
I Crack Myself Up 
scampie is already 'more human than human,' obviously... being a talking shrimp and all. 
Scampie Is The Flaem Master, But... 
RPG is the coolest person in the world.

that is all. 
New ID Maps For Q3 
ID. Maps. Q3. New;



"pro-q3tourney7" is a a map found in their old Quake3 archives, but that was cut for one reason or another. Got finished up...

"mpteam9" is a Team Arena map based on q3tourney6_ctf. 
That's really neat. 
They ALWAYS do this shit when I uninstall q3... 
New ID Maps For Q3 
q3tourney7 seems to be very good for 1-1. They should have released it with retail game. Q3 severly lacked maps for competitive play. Doesnt look any beautifull tho

I heard that q3tourney6 is a speedmap. And it kinda shows. 
Wasn't q3tourney6 THE speedmap, ie, the one that started it all? 
speedy, well maybe it didn't play great (not that I know if it does now) and thus wouldn't have made a good addition to q3 until fred fix0red it up?

q3tourney6 was one of the lds showing that you could make something fun in one hour (altho they probably fixed it up before they included it in the game). 
This Title Is Empty 
Wasn't q3tourney6 THE speedmap, ie, the one that started it all?

Yes, it was. I was kinda hoping Speedy was being sarcastic :/

q3tourney6_ctf is a mad CTF map, but you need either 4 or 6 players and they need to know how to play it; anything else and it's a frustrating match.
mpq3tourney6 is a significant improvement, what with extra player surface and more jump trajectories. I haven't had the chance to play it with humans, but with bots it rocks on Harvester.
mpteam9 has about twice as much player surface again, and the extra under-platforms should be interesting. I'll have to dust of my TA CD... 
Quake Control Slow.. 
Anyone have this problem - say you haven't played Q1 for awhile and when you play it, the turning/viewing seems slower than it should be? My mouse speed is set fine, my keys work fine.. it just doesn't seem as quick as it used to be. Frame rate is fine as well... 
Mouse Acceleration ? 
pardon? lol 
Mouse Acceleration 
Like in windows, if you are used to having it on, and it is switched off for what ever reason, you will get a similar thing to what you describe. Also, some games have ability to set it either from within the game or through cfg/ini files. Quake3 for example, quake2 aswell I think, ut2003, etc etc. Depending on your OS, but check in control panel under mouse.

Then again it may be something completely different. 
Quake Map Limits 
Hey guys. Not that I post here much any more, but ...

I'm making a Q1SP map. I'm at 1450 brushes, and RVis reports 2250 numportals. ... Does that seem normal, or are you experienced Q1 guys going "jesus christ, is he carving the whole thing?"

I'm also not done, so it's going to at least double in size, probably closer to triple really, so the end result will probably be something like 4000 brushes. Will the compilers shit all over me if I take it that far? 
Not that I am one to answer technical questions, but if you download the compile utilities from
I beleive they have all/most/some, quake limits raised, and would probably be a benifit to you. 
That Seems Perfectly Normal, Lun 
Real Nasty Quake Mod 
Just back in .AU but not set-up yet, during my off-line time I worked on a little Quake mod called "Real Nasty". Basically all the monsters must be gibbed on Nightmare Skill otherwise that will act like Zombies and return to life. Download link right here (its a long link):

BTW, I do not have a house with internet just yet, so email me feedback if you download the mod :] 
nice addition, reminds me the nightmare mode in doom...I had problems to reach e1m3 :) 
Yo And I Suck 
whats the command to disable auto-aim in Q1dm?

I've tried sv_aim "1", sv_aim "0" and random numbers but it still keeps auto aiming and its pissing me off pretty bad :)

I Don't Think.. 
there was such a thing.

I could be wrong.
sv_aim 0 to disable.

the closer to 1, the more the computer 'helps' you aim. 
This Link Totally Destroyed My Faith In Humanity For Ever 
Parents: Would you have your children abducted and flown to Jamaica for up to several years on end to be mentally and physically tortured into good behaviour?

Some would, which is bad. Worse still, some have.,11913,987172,00.html?=rss

And the dissenting opinion:

Some people can't tell the difference between kids and hood ornaments... 
That just makes me feel sick with anger. 
sounds pretty cool for a prison
but its against the law 
Ignore the firs line. Its not cool even for a youth prison.
Braking the personality of a child doesnt produce a good human, rather opposite - it could result in a sick person who possesses more threat to others than any rebell or hooligan 
geez, that place sounds like something out of 1984. The part that really freaked me out was where one of the former inmates was saying that the guards try to figure out what you're thinking all the time, and then they impose the thoughts of their system over that, and if they figure out you're thinking about something else then there's 'hell to pay'.

To me, it sounds much worse than a prison though. And I don't think anyone deserves to go there, whatever the end result is, although it sounds like you're left with a catatonic brainwashed kid who's scared to display emotion and has recurring nightmares about being forced to return for the rest of their life. Mind you, if anyone deserved to go there it would be the parents :P

I don't know if it could happen in the UK, it wouldn't surprise me a great deal i suppose; recently it seems like regular people here aren't much more difficult to brainwash than a lot of Americans. 
i always thought sv_aim 1 turned auto aiming off??

its what i use anyway. it works.. 
From Console Commands,


Type: Register

Default: 0.93

Range: 0.0 - 1.0

Description: The leniency value for player's aim adjustment.

Note: This variable controls how lenient the game is when it comes to the player's aim. The current setting allows a player to shoot a little off the target and still score a hit. This variable might be useful for single-player games but it is quite annoying
in multiplayer games. Most serv administrators set this variable to a value of 1 in order to remove the server's help when it comes to the player's aim. If you run a public server, make sure that you use this setting" 
Oh Yeah... Hehe 
sorry. :) 
would anyone be interested in a q1sp mod that makes monsters respawn?
i've been goofing around with it today, and it is pretty fun... makes even stock quake maps blindingly fast and difficult. 
Hasn't Somebody Already Done That? 
either way, sounds fun. Why not upload it? 

i'll probably still release it for qexpo, but i was hoping it was something original... :P 
Is hilarious.
-pees pants- 

This should be made into a real mod. 
make sure you release the mod at Qexpo.

It sounds like fun and i dont think anyone else has done it. 
You Bet! 

there's also a modification to dm, which keeps monsters there, so you can dm like in doom, with the respawning monsters... 
What Happened To The Ten Four Reviews Site? 
I've tried but there's nothing there... where've the buggers gone? 
Try Here 

"Dr. Bavelier and research partner Shawn Green compared two groups of male students, aged 18 to 23. Men in the first group played action video games for a minimum of an hour a day, at least four days a week. (Women weren't included because they could only find one on the University of Rochester campus who qualified.)"

How qualified does a person, much less a woman, need to be to play a game?! 
How Qualified Does A Person Need To Be 
They need to play action games at least one hour a day four days a week. 
For Those Of You Interested, 
I released my respawning monster mod yesterday...

or download:

instructions are in the zip... 
Galactix Released 
Those of you interested in any of the QExpo mods coming out may like Galactix. It's over at my qexpo page:

You might also like Jeht.

I notice some of you guys have booths up for your maps. Downloading now! Metl... no release yet?
/me twitches slightly 
i couldnt get galactix to work when i tried it a day or two ago. I used CheapHack 1.5b i think, but when i started a new game, and during/after ship selection, etc it was all full dark, though i could still hear the game continuing and see me losing health...any ideas? 
Less drugs should fix that problem :) 
thats your answer to everything! 
DOOM 3 Again. 
System requirements...

Do people think (based on what they've heard or seen which I haven't) that a "good" current system, say P4 2.5, 512meg ram, Radeon 9700/9800 or top end GF4TI blah, will be good enough to run D3 when it arrives?? I mean run it reasonably well (but not uber-fast) with a lot of the graphical spandooglies on?? 
I don't think this can really be answered until John. C. has anything to revealing to disclose regarding it... 
Yeah, if you don't buy shitty hardware this setup should work pretty well.

I'd go for a 2.5 GHz with 800MHz FSB and some fast, 400 MHz, DDR RAM. The Radeon 9700 is more powerful then the 9600 altho the price difference may not be worth it, I for myself went for the 9600. 
Sorry Phait 
I ran your post through babelfish and it still didn't make any sense!! 
Tsk Tsk, Shambler, 
he means:

I don't think this question can be answered properly until John C. reveals any more about the DooM engine.

cheers, dudes! :) 
Yeah, that should run it, I've run the leak on a similar system (albeit with a worse graphics card) perfectly fine. 
You didn't list FitzQuake at your QExpo booth! 
good point.

i'll do that tonight.

Otherwise i'd have to release it during qexpo!!!! 
Battle Mech Maps Due 
Battle Mech will be released tomorrow, so anyone who wants their map included in the official release, please, please have it ready and uploaded somewhere (not my e-mail) so I can download it around noon tomorrow and put it in the zip.

If you have a mapshot for your map (for MHquake, which will be in the release), please include that too (btw, metlslime, please send me the mapshots for bmech01-03, I can't find them anymore).

I won't be able to test your maps to check quality, I just don't have the time. :( So, I suppose that means I'll be including any and all maps that are submitted.

By the way, I got powerups added. They use the original powerup names so those of you including powerups in your maps won't have to worry about not knowing what the classnames are. They are:

Super Damage
Infinite Ammo (replaces the biosuit)

Also, here's the infiltration map my bro submitted. It's pretty good quality, but probably slow too:

Please get those maps submitted soon. However, if you don't make it on time, I can later add your map to the qexpo page or Battle Mech page, and will gladly do so. 
I don't know what to say, other than cheaphack rubs your computer the wrong way. Try MHQuake, which works fine with battle mech (though it lacks transparency).

I hope and hope galactix isn't messed up for other people. :o 
btw, metlslime, please send me the mapshots for bmech01-03, I can't find them anymore

You must be thinking of some other metlslime; i didn't make those maps, nor did i make mapshots for them. 
I'm The Other Metlslime 
Haha, I Can't Believe 
I mixed you to up. Last night I woke up realizing that...

Thanks pushplay. 
News: Battle Mech Released! 
Battle Mech has finally been released. The overhead mech game includes 7 Deathmatch maps and one Capture The Flag map. You can play Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Instant Kill Deathmatch, Rambo Match, and other game modes. It also includes frikbots for your fighting pleasure.

Those of you who didn't get your maps completed on time can still submit them in the future, and I will provide links on my website.

BTW, Galactix Black Screen Problem: 
Here's something Xsniper said:

Wazat, the black screen issue is an issue in newer quake engines spawned from tomaz quake in most cases. Anyway it can be fixed by updating your video drivers and directx in most cases.

Hopefully that helps. 
K Thanks 
ill update all my drivers later 
"Speedmapping" Pack 41 Released 
Speedmapping session 41 took place last night and fun was had by all.

It went on longer than the original 100 minutes in most cases, but I think it was worth it, as the result is a huge 11 maps being produced!

Download the pack here (2.7mb)

Definitely worth getting; there's some great work in this pack. 
L33t! But why do you have a path for the files in the zip? 
Because I Suck 
thanks, should be fixed now 
Further Experiments Into Useless Geometry

Twisty column built with gyro-elongated hexagons. weeee 
Downloading now.

BTW, someone should post news that QExpo is over, and say congratulations to all those who participated etc. 
Some Help 
I've just installed winxp and was wondering whether there's an equivalent control like Msconfig in win98 to choose what stuff to load at startup? 
I think msconfig is still there? I'm pretty sure it works for me at home. Perhaps it depends which version of winxp you have, whether it is installed or not... at any rate, if you didn't already try it, try start>run>msconfig and see if its there. 
Quake Engines 
Anyone know of any modified quake engines which will load Q2 character models? 
Found These Interesting... 
Blizzard Founders Depart VU Games

The ongoing saga revolving around the sale of VU Games took a turn yesterday, as the co-founders of Blizzard announced their departure from the company.
Blizzard North co-founders Erich Schaefer, Max Schaefer and David Brevik, and VP Bill Roper departed the company on Monday.

These individuals were critical to the development of one of the best-selling PC game series of all times, Diablo. The four cited uncertainties surrounding the fate of Blizzard and VU Games -- that Vivendi was not communicating with them about the company's future plans.

In an interview with Chris Roper of CNN/Money, Bill Roper said that Blizzard management "...wanted to be able to have that level of participation and communication with Vivendi and to be able to offer some insight and some knowledge in what they're thinking about in terms of a sale, particularly with Blizzard. And for the four of us, that opportunity wasn't going to be made available."

The four are starting a new game studio, as yet unnamed. 
Mr Fribbles: 
I'm not sure. I know that there are game engines that will load q2 models, but you seem to be asking for it to load all the separate parts of the Q2 player model (that's the body and weapon in q2, it's not split into arms, legs etc, right?) and use them correctly...

I imagine it's possible to do without QC coding, but you're probably looking at an engine/qc combo to get the job done, especially to get the frames right.

I've not heard of such an engine. Try posting to these sites' forums, you should get some help there (maybe it's already made).

Quake Standards Group

Hope that helps. 
cheers, I'll take a look. 
Drama And Comedy Of Old QMAP Days 
The infamous "A Jump Into The Insanity Pit"

Was browsing old downloads folder and found this.
Makes me feel nostalia :) 
If Anyone Is Interested 
UT2003 DM map, not to bad, not to bad at all, well worth a look if your that way inclined. Gets good review/comments (not that that means much, I know, but.) Looks sweet, runs and plays fine as well. I like it, thought some others may also, then again you may not. 
I nearly shreaked with horror when I found that I couldn't enlarge those screenshots. But then I found that one lower down that I could enlarge, and I was mildly satisfied.

Pretty map and a neat theme. 
Q3 Map 
bloody good job this :

Nice details, extremely moody yet visible lighting, smooth framerate and pretty good gameplay. 
Fribbles What Are You Playing At?! 
Something deviant from the sound of it... 
Yeah, thats fantastic, very nice one eye, and much fun to play. luv it!! 
Hhmmm, That Should Be 
"very nice on the eye" 
QMap Archived Thread 
i was going to say that reading through that thread was very interesting, thanks Speedy. They don't make 'em like they used to, etc, etc.

(Those maps both looked nice too, but gameplay on that UT2K3 map may not have been so good) 
The Gameplay 
On the UT2003 map is definitely not as good as that on the Q3 map, but, by UT2003 standards, its certainly on the upside of down. 
Played Some More On That Q3 Map 
and it's very very good. Could have tweaked items a little more but kickass none the less. 
That's a gorgeous UT2k3 map. Makes me wish I had a wicked fast computer to build stuff like that. (or just to play it!) 
What is the engine of choice for the 'old skoolers' here? 
What is the engine of choice for the 'old skoolers' here? 
i still use vanilla glquake. 
Nglquake For Me

Although I use the previous version, I only use it for the smoke trails/weapons effects and because it fixes up that Glquake water prob. 
FitzQuake is the best one I've seen so far. How about WinQuake? How does it do in terms of performance/image quality in high resolutions, providing you have a decent machine? 
Ut2k3 Stuff 
another map you ut2k3 peeps may want to check out is Ulukai's latest DM one :

(scroll own the page for 2 screenies)

He's made excellent stuff in the past so this would be decent at best, and it does look pretty if nothing else. 
Ulukai's Map 
Yes, another nice UT2 map, released, recently, just something about it bugged me. Glad DM-Aristocracy came along soon after, similar thing going on, but done much better IMO. 
ToChris is currently in the lead for me with the freelook option, skyboxes and crosshairs.

Tyr-Quake is still pretty much a better WinQuake, with more choice of windowed resolutions.

/me waits for Mindcrime's software Nehahra engine 
more chance of bal3dm5 being released than software nehahra I'm afraid. 
I tested a version of software Nehahra with Mindcrime. It was just a modified progs.dat which worked with any software engine. I suppose it worked with other GL engines, too, but there's not really a need for that. Anyway, he's not an engine coder, so if software Nehahra needs a new engine, it's going to have to be coded by someone else.

I suppose you could e-mail Mind and ask him what the status is. 
Hmm, I Take That Back 
"On the UT2003 map is definitely not as good as that on the Q3 map, but, by UT2003 standards, its certainly on the upside of down."

After further playing time, I'd say that if the UT2003 style play can float your boat, than you'd have to own this map. It is an absolute pleasure to dwell in there for a time. 
Blah !! 
Talking about DM-Aristocracy, linke up ^^^ there a bit. And the gameplay is fine !! 
Are there any new engines for the game Strife? are there any new DooM engines which would run it? (Strife was the doom engine) 
q1 speedmapping session 42
7 single player maps:

was chatting about sm'ing in general in #tf afterwards. conclusion: this million-monster stuff is really old. (this is why i prefer dm sm'ing, in fact) 
btw, if anyone could put that on fileplanet or somewhere else so i dont have to use my very limited school webspace, itd be appreciated (not to mention, the server is a bit flaky) 
Institute A Monster Limit, Perhaps 
SM41_Asaki, one of the more interesting sp speedmaps in recent memory, had only 21 monsters. 
What Was The Theme You Buggers =) 
Im no good at speedmapping, I paniced and just added craploads of monsters at the last minute to make it harder :D 
Fixed Some Stuff In My Map 
More Rectnish Good Q3 Stuff 
never enough by akuma, verb & equim :

Also, storm3tourney5 by stormshadow : 
Against my much better judgement I re-installed quake and downloaded this.

sm42_gibbie - sucked
sm42_daz - sucked a lot
sm42_speedy - sucked
sm42_ray - sucked
sm42_starbuck - sucked
sm42_xen - sucked (well the map was kinda okay)
sm42_inertia - sucked majorly 
Oh Dag 
Well you've piqued my curiosity now, Shambler. I'm going to have to play these. 
I'd Do A Dm Speedmap. 
it's a lot of fun to play them afterward... see who got the best design, gameplay, etc... 
Sm42 Rocks ! 
i totally agree with shambler speedy, most of maps, as I said last night, were mostly just connected rooms with just millions of monsters. they weren't fun or really original.

ray's and gibbie's were the best because they were at least somewhat proper maps and were fun. 
i totally agree with shambler speedy, most of maps, as I said last night, were mostly just connected rooms with just millions of monsters. they weren't fun or really original.

ray's and gibbie's were the best because they were at least somewhat proper maps and were fun. 
stop fucking repeating yourself 
stop fucking repeating yourself 
scampie: I like reasoned discussions, and dont mind personal likes and dislikes really.

But that comment was utter bs - "this sucks (because they didnt listen to my suggestion)" .. well that`s sham, so why I even bother - she`s always been the same (maybe I just want a flamewar :)).

And dont forget, those map were made in about 60-120 minutes. 
It's an interesting topic for me, this. I had always viewed speedmapping as an event which allowed mappers to get some mapping done under pressure, whereby they might try a texture set they hadn't explored before, build something they had thought about, or just fight to make a map in a short time period. When in comes down to it, I feel that its all about what the mapper wants to do, and its very rare that themes are *forced* on anyone.

It's also clear that different people use the time for different purposes. I for example usually end up making maps that are too small and too detailed, with shit gameplay tacked on the end in five minutes. Others enjoy creating a whole consistent level which is actually enjoyable in SP, or with a refined layout in DM. Some also feel it is their duty to produce boxmaps full of shamblers (hi amrik!).

Im not sure the shambler box-map genre does anyone much good, because i get the feeling the maker threw it together to get a laugh rather than to explore new horizons or to provide value to the player downloading the pack. Whereas I don't think that catering to the 'audience' should be the prime concern, it would certainly be beneficial to avoid the million-monster gameplay that has been mentioned recently, and to try and give people something worth playing.

I hope I'm not sounding sensitive or precious about this, as it wasn't my intention. It's certainly opened my eyes a bit, to see the feedback on recent speedmapping packs, and to see how the time given can be used more uniquely, as in Asaki's map. Indeed, I am planning to focus my next speedmap on gameplay rather than aesthetics, trying to move in a different direction...we'll see what happens :) 
better link for sm42 shots + d/l 
Re - More Rectnish Good Q3 Stuff 
ne_duel, nice, good gameplay, very keepable map. Been enjoying Stormt5 for a while now, not my fav map, but not what I would call a bad map either, thought that the outside view could have been left out, or at least used something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but hey, doesn't distract that much, but............. 
What Does "Rectnish" Mean? 
Once again speedy you have proved yourself to be the prize bellend of Well done.

P.S. The maps sucked irrespective of theme. In fact they sucked in a wide variety of ways, which is something at least. 
you've tried estatica by cardigan?

And q3jdm9a (bets map of the year so far IMHO)? 
it means I cant spell. 
AFAIK They never released the source code for strife. :(
Strife used a highly modified Doom engine without the source it would be very difficult to work with. :( 
i just played this and i thought i'd give my comments..

sm42_gibbie - looked amazing & original, but was a bit boring to play cos its just walking along a path for most of the map without much room for dodging monsters. the rocketjumping bit was cool though

sm42_daz - too many monsters.. was annoying, looked average

sm42_speedy - not bad, looked ok, played pretty cool and wasn't too short. liked the quad bit at the end.

sm42_ray - way too small, was a bit tight when it came to fighting

sm42_starbuck - looked amazing but was too easy, not enoguh monsters

sm42_xen - nice vertical layout, very original. was a bit too easy though and you can walk straight through the end bars without getting the rune!

sm42_inertia - too small again.. although did take 55 minutes if i remember right. finished it in under 2 mins.

If this is pack 42 and pack 41 was in the news a while ago then where are the other 40? i would be interested in playing some more of these. 
The other packs are here:

Note that there are some speed chain maps that may not be listed. These are SM28, SM32, SM36, and SM40 (which is not finished and may never be). 
was it planned that every fourth map would be a chain map?


and honestly, i didn't think the sm42 pack was that bad. most of the maps had pretty nice brushwork, given the time constraints. gameplay especially in daz's case left a lot to be desired, however...

actually, daz's map reminded me a lot of doom. flat architecture with tons of monsters. 
I Also Liked Most Of These 
maps, although as usual in SM maps they're naturally a bit rough around the edges.

Daz' was pretty fun if you have an engine that can take it (I had to use TyrQuake; FitzQuake just died in the middle of the battle).

Gibbie's was good-looking (especially the sky) but with some strange spotty gameplay and odd trick-jumps or slow wall-climbing to reach essential spots. Also some weird clipping issues.

IMHO Xen's maps was the best due to the outdoor and open nature although a bit repetitive; more variety in monsters would've been nice. Very vertical and climax-building but should have had more intense end battle.

I think the SM concept is very good since it can (ideally) contribute with interesting unusual things without having all the work of a finished map. 
Yes, I have tried them, great maps, I usually download all maps I come across, and always look forward to the Jems you dig up, that I don't come across. (Kritische Masse was simply magnificent IMO) 
Stroggs Lead Smelting 
Here3dm4 was completly remained

screenshots and downloads :

(duplicate news submission) 
Stroggs Lead Smelting 
here3dm4 was completely remained

screenshots and downloads are on :

(duplicate news submission) 
Kritische Masse 
download link? 
check the news. 
does anyone know url of web inteface for gamespy-hosted sites file upload (to fileplanet) 

I wanted to play D3 sooner rather than later (just feel like that sort of simple FPS game) but then again it will give me time to play some other games this winter.

I hope this year's tech will run the game adequately though... 
I would like to inform the world that I suck.

I suck.

it wasnt my intent to draw personal critiques of the speedmaps, as there have been quite a few million-monster maps (although daz takes the brunt of it, being the most notable one in the latest pack). i (and probably most) speedmap to see what i can build under pressure. its not to please the other mappers and certainly not anyone else. so there.
shambler did you take a look at any of the "proper" maps (sp or otherwise) that have been released when you reinstalled quake to trash the sm42 pack? just curious... 
Q1 SP sucks. 
Anyone else played this?? I have finally got around to it after only having the game installed for 2 years. Or is it 3? Anyway...

I've completed the Mecc mission and it's all pretty cool so far. Big open terrain maps, very sunny and jolly and an ideal respite from grimier and grimmer FPS games. Pretty fun gameplay too, simple but amusing. Although I'm finding it very easy to get carried away and end up deaded cos I'm not thinking about what I'm doing. Best thing however is the English voice-overs used for the characters and cutscenes (which are every level which is cool). Definitely adds to the whole vibe and the lines just sound right in English...."Bloody hell!" "What the F--k is a Kabuto?!" "Fancy a pint" etc etc. Music's kinda cool too.

Onto the Reaper now, we shall see how that goes. if you've forgotten what the game is (yes that is the right url =)). 

new shots, sm42 link and fixed `cleaver` map qw bug 
ew wingdings arrows and 45� angles

nice looking map though, will try it later 
Re: Update 
Speedsp1. Only 3 years late. 
Yo Metl 
come to 311 seaside st. on saturday night, we're doin a jungle keg party. seaside is a couple blocks behind U-Save liquors which is on mission. 
speepdp1 screenshots looks very promising, good to see you putting your considerable mapping skills towards an SP map, or even 2! =) 
DOOM3 Release 
Further to Shambler's 1531 post, what's the deal? I thought end of July was the release date. 
DOOM3 Release 
Further to Shambler's 1531 post, what's the deal? I thought end of July was the release date. 
its not cheesiest trendho, it is aldready oldskool classic of design 8)) 
Burial-grounds Viralis Q3 Map Pak Recently Released, Looks Interesting 
Re - "DooM3 Release"

This and other sites are claiming that the release date now is more likely early 2004.

But who knows ? It'll arive soon enough. 
whats going on people.. its been soo long since I posted.
well actually I dont think I ever posted here, last time I posted was on Qmap.

So whats everyone been up to? 
oldskool classic? lol...

hmm, new perspective 
Hi Dane... 
Everyone has moved on from mapping and they all spend their time watching anime, drawing anime, or swapping anime over bittorrent.

Oh most people now have jobs mapping for crappy PS2 games though.

The few remaining mappers are mostly Q1 SP obssessed, despite the fact QExpo1 killed Quake and the recent QExpo2 merely confirmed it's death. Speedmapping is still popular though as people don't have to put any effort into anything remotely non-sucky and can quickly get back to anime or watching SPOG recreate gaming technology in his own deranged image.

#terrafusion is now full of cunts and modders and people with clan nicknames and other such trivial low-lifes who invariably idle and/or watch everyone else talk about anime. But at least scampie owns the channel which is something.

Oh and people posted some views (mostly gaming concerned) on here: but further investigation revealed it was all lies. 
Thanks Abyss, For The Reality Check ... 
Thanks for the link and info. Had not heard this ... too bad. I hope they are not just playing with movie studios about "added-value" for income. Id has a history of delivering engines which have dominated the game industry (if not the hardware industry), but from my read they have had enough time to get the engine and game product in line for release this year. I hope this not another Duke Nukem fakeout. The trailer release for D3 is great, and I think it is a great mistake to release this without delivering the product. 
Does anyone know what happened to the Quake Random Map Generator? It looks like it used to be at but then packed up shop and left. I'd like to get my hands on the program or source. 
Thanks Abyss, For The Reality Check ... 
Thanks for the link and info. Had not heard this ... too bad. I hope they are not just playing with movie studios about "added-value" for income. Id has a history of delivering engines which have dominated the game industry (if not the hardware industry), but from my read they have had enough time to get the engine and game product in line for release this year. I hope this not another Duke Nukem fakeout. The trailer release for D3 is great, and I think it is a great mistake to release this without delivering the product. 
Dunno, there was this story back aways, that microsoft offered them a heap of money to make DooM3 an xbox exclusive, or release on the xbox first, or some such thing, so who knows?

anyway, it will get here, a few more months for the 3+gig processors and new vid cards to drop in price a bit, thats got to be on the positive side. I don't care to much when it comes out (within the bounds of reality and reason), as long as I know 2 weeks in advance, so I can upgrade and get ready, just incase the ride is an extra special event, I don't want my first trip through to be substandard.

I can wait, as long as its worth it, hope its not another Unreal II, man was that a disappointment. 
Rumours Are 
doom3 delayed by activision, to avoid direct competition with HL2 and some other business reasons 
More ... 
Please, more detail Unreal II and HL2. Liked the original. Why does this relate to D3? 
More ... 
Please, more detail Unreal II and HL2. Liked the original. Why does this relate to D3? 
Re: Hi Dane... 
Well sounds like I didnt miss much.
I havent touched a map editor in about a year, going to wait for HL2 or Doom3 to get back into it myself. The current crop of games havent interested me enough to bother.

As for me I've been living on the msg boards basically... 
Article An Architect's Perspective On Level Design Pre- Production 
Moan Grumble 
Id has a history of delivering engines which have dominated the game industry

Bleh? How many games over the last 5 years have had id engines? I'd be suprised if it was over 1%... 
That was a nice update you did on my webpage. Well done, dude! :D 
Firstly I suspect by the game industry he means the FPS/3PS game industry. And in that industry, which engines get used for more games than any other engines?? 
Epic's? :P 
No, really, I dunno, but I'm guessing it isn't enough to 'dominate'. 
I believe the Build engine has the record (or close to it) for the most engine licenses.

Ken Silverman must be one rich dude. 
Q3 Engine 
elite force
elite force 2
jedi outcast
jedi academy
call of duty (kind of...)

Need I go on? :) 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
1 More Time Azazel 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
More! More! 
now you guys know why i have a 5000 char limit. 
Ok ... But 
Maj ... point taken. I'm biased since ID games have got me hooked against my better nature. I spoke incorrectly in using the term dominate, so I offer the term "influence" instead. I think you are right about the demographics (gamographics?). Nonetheless, I think some games have made a great difference, and no disrespect to others, I think ID games have demonstrated this, even though the game numbers may not back it up.

Quake was the first game I played that provided some real ambience (i.e. not just an arcade game). I'm no expert, but as an observer (who has spent my professional life developing software and hardware), there are some things that explain why I made the previous comment:

Innovation on low hardware: Quake used a lot techniques that permitted high quality on what we would now consider low-end hardware. Pre-processing light, MIP mapped textures, thrifty amination frames, all combined to move game code to a higher level. I build PC systems, and I have not seen any other game used by CPU or GPU for benchmarking. Actually, when I setup a unit, I still install the ID game engines to check setup.

Mods: The pseudo-c QuakeC provided an extremely advanced interface to the game which provided a lot of room for modification. I think this is a little more than you can expect when you by a game.

Multiplayer: Any stats on maps, servers, and number of players? I'm not an MP gamer, but ther sure seems to be a lot of them.

Open Source: Wished I was young again. Carmack made a significant move in releasing engine code open source. Game industry is big time now, so not too many product release that can pay the rent. But the number of programmers learned from these releases are out there building the next generation of software. I can tell you when I hire a programmer, this kind of experience says a lot about their skill.

Style: Personal option, but I I found the ID games offered an artistic style that went beyond contemporary games provided.

Legends: I don't know of a game where "amateur" mappers became legends. Again the tools provided to users have resulted in a lot of great work (MEXX, ZER, mappers like Necros, Xenon, Daz, Tyrann, Tenebrae, speed map mappers, pope, mat, alk, ik, and the other great mappers).

So ... point taken. Your choice for a co. with as much influence? I can think of few (3DRealms et al), but I'd like to find a source of games that I would enjoy as much. 
Sorry About The Spam ... 
I do not why my reply was posted multiple times, but I must have done something wrong ... 
Sorry About The Spam ... 
I do not why my reply was posted multiple times, but I must have done something wrong ... 
Sorry About The Spam ... 
I do not why my reply was posted multiple times, but I must have done something wrong ... 
no way :) 
All this was definitely the best laugh I've had in a while.

Woo... take a deep breath now...

Tsk Tsk Metl 
How Did He Manage It... 
...with both Scampie and Analslime posting in between for God's sake!?!?!

I do not why my reply was posted multiple times

Because you are a complete fucking retard and didn't bother to check if your post had been posted before bashing the refresh key repeatedly with your brainless skull.

P.S. Daz, you do need to go on, you forgot Alice! 
cute shamber's damnations again.
they're good for learning purposes. 
Multiple Posts 
My PC asks if I want to resend the form if I refresh the page after posting (although not what this will cause) -- this is what causes the multiple posts (when I did it).

Go back to forum menu and reenter the thread instead. 
Transaction Tokens 
... are the key to prevent multiple submissions. 
do you think that would be better than my current plan of comparing each new post against the last post in the database with matching IP? 
you should code a qw mod where you run around q1 maps collecting "post tokens" from destroyed enemies, then you can access func directly from the game interface and post a messege. 1 token for a post. 5 tokens for a new thread and -1 tokens for making double posts. This penalty is culminative, so making a tripple or quad post results in losts of tokens lost.

As a special in-game secret, people that kill Shubby without using cheats gets a shower of tokens to collect during the ending cut scene instead of a game crash as it is at the moment.

I can see this really working!!! Fight to post, then fight in threads! omg wow! 
For Those Who Don't Know: 
...and then the sheep said, no, that's my chair! 
A while back Romero released some leftover SP maps/episode (?) that didn't make it into the final game. Does anyone know what it was called? Zip name? 
Thanks Von! 
Quake rules!! 
Well, both ways probably work, but the token system surely has less overhead and is very easy to implement. 
New Avp2 Map Review 
I've decided to re-open "the derelict", my avp2 map review site. And im bloody thankful that I did, otherwise I would have missed this gem of a custom map. Check it out, marine map with shit scary atmosphere - 
Was There Ever 
any talk of releasing the quake .map files? 
Rome Says Ro
But that notice has been there for a month or so now... 
Daz, You Suck. 
Someone make that news. 
Battle Mech New Version And Maps 
The new version of Battle Mech has several goodies. One of them is the fix of the very annoying turning head bug, where the head would turn slowly on its own.

The second is a new feature that mappers may find very useful: the ability to control camera angles. You can change the camera angle for the whole map, or you can use camera helpers to temporarily change the angle while the mech passes through certain areas. The view is no longer limited to looking straight down. You can see this in action in start.bsp, when you pass under the platform.

The frikbots have also gotten an enhancement to their AI, which allows them to aim at targets without having to walk toward them. This should have been done earlier, but what can I say.

And finally, the laserdrone's model has been inflated so that it's visible. They were much too small earlier.

And if the original 7 levels aren't doing it for ya, there are two new DM levels donated by SkinnedAlive: blackfort and longbow.

You can download the new version and maps at the Battle Mech page.

And you can visit my homepage to pretend you're interested in anything there:

Somebody please post this as news on the main page.

Somebody Please Post This As News On The Main Page. 
Somebody please give a flying shit about it. 
I've gotten stuff posted before, I've been told I need only ask.

I didn't know the policy had changed. 
You probably didn't know that Shambler was back, either. 
Oh, I've Known 
I just keep blocking it out for some reason. 
it ate my links :(
look here ---> 
Good that you fixed the head bug.
I`v almost done a map, but unfortunately have no time for much else.
And ignore sham, he is just trolling as always 
Thanx [Jimbo]... 
I just had a great idea. 
jesus saves. jesus is life. jesus for president, 2004. your vote is biblical?

yes, im bored. 
No one cares. So stop posting shit and get out of here. Before I shove a beehive up your ass, tie you to a bicycle and send you downhill. 
Cyber Threats 

Anyway, map on the way. Yes really, gotta give something (and now that I said that I must hold up to it). 
First Cynical Response Of The Day 
Anyway, map on the way. [...] (and now that I said that I must hold up to it).

That hasn't stopped you before. 
Re: Makign Stuff News 
In case anyone forgets, there is a FAQ page to remind you about how to get news posted on Func. Otherwise you have to rely on me being bored enough to do the extra work for you. 
Re: Makign Stuff News 
I like waiting until you're bored enough to do the extra work. It adds a bit of randomness to the sometimes-banal lifestyle I lead. 
UT2003 Mod 
ConquesT Marines, Most notably I guess, use of vehicles. The Tank works nice. I think the Mod would be quite enjoyable multiplayer. Be good to see how this turns out. Anyway, here's the site to check it out yourself if your UT2003 inclined. 
Just remembered.. I don't have the god damn patience.. hmm, what else can I do.. 
"I'm SO gonna make the best levels/art/website/whatever EVER!!!" 15 mins later: "OMG I'M NOT FAMOUS YET! I QUIT!"

was a very idiotic comment.

None of what I do is about fame. It's about quality or whatever high standards I seem to impose on myself.

But thanks for assuming, ass. 
He also made an ass out of you, you know. 
Shamb, You Rock. 
Someone make that news. 
Dont Care 
done that myself, aint ashamed to admit 
Phait, if you'd read between the lines there, maybe you'd understand what's being said. We don't give a fuck what you say you're going to do, just go fucking do it, and then come back and tell us when you're done. Annoucing that you're mapping and then annoucing you're not seems like a moronic attempt at just gaining some kind of attention, which is only needed if for some reason you're trying to be famous/known/important. 
Good that you fixed the head bug.

Hehe, glad someone noticed. :) I was hoping the camera angles would make people happy too, since I had that requested about 7 times. Oh well.
I'm looking forward to your map!

Metl: thanks for reminding me how to get news posted. I'm still used to the old system. Or something. ;) 
Q1 Speedmapping Tonight! 
The time:
4:30pm EST
9:30pm GMT (UK time)

The place:
#speedq1 on

The rules:
no theme, SP or DM
make a map in 100 minutes or less
DCC it to me, or email it to me at
or upload it and post a link somewhere

see you there! 
wh00t I is teh famous q1 mapper. 20 people know my name. 
Speedmapping Done 
Who's back (rraargh) ?

I missed mapping. seriously I did.

Site updated and an old piece of dm song, because I had to release something (thanks RPG) and for anyone that actually remember i'm releasing whats left of the chapters map pak mike and i was doing back then, and reshaping eternal6, I couldnt live with the critics it got duo to lack of detail..

Does anyone know what happened to that mapper dude named "blackpope", his site is still up but he seems to have dropped out of the scene... 
...and I've just realized that the more I map, the more I operationalize "real life" with reference to a base 8 number system.

Anyone else found this? 
Base 8 Number System? 
so you count:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,etc... now? 
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12e,13,14,15,etc. and 25 in base ten is representd as 31 in base eight, but counting per se isn't really at issue... 
Excuse the ectopic 'e' 
Re: Soooo... 
BlackPope is frequently seen hanging out in #terrafusion. 
he was #1 'most talkative' for the month of july. I don't think 'frequently' does justice... 
Re: Frequently? 
[blackpope] was #1 'most talkative' for the month of july.

And June, and May... 
Anyone Know 
hot to turn botchat on/off in q3? 
anyone know whether glassman actually released his cpm q3 map gm3tourney1? I have a beta lying around but dont know if he actually ever released it, cant find his page either. And what of the two nehahra addons he had planed? 
/bot_nochat 1 
Re: Glassman 
nitin, Glassman's webpage is here: 
Re: Acually... 
no, it's

because there's no 8th digit in base 8, since there can only be eight digits , 0 to 7 makes eight.

there's no ten digit in base ten, only 0 - 9. ;) 
Cheers Rpg 
looks like he's abandoned it. 
TRON Inspired Q3 Map

Works reasonably well despite lowish framerates and even if it's an eye sore after a while. 
I stand corrected. 
cheers, much appreciated.

I was trying sv_botchat and sv_bot_chat. 
Another Interesting Q3 Map

Very big, looks good for TDM or large FFA's, tech-organic theme. 
Nice Map 
I never had any problems with bots dieing while trying to get the railgun, as mentioned in that thread, (I got nailed, or is that railed, quite a few times by the bots). The only bot problem I see, is that they don't go for/get all items. But hey.......

Ta muchly 
Q1sp Hyperevolt 
I try to make a Q1sp map but it's a beta version . Try and give me your opinion . 
Q1sp Hyperevolt 
This is my first q1sp map it ' a beta version
Test it and give me your opinion .
Screenshots and downloads : 
Q1sp Hyperevolt 
my first q1 sp
give me yoiur comment