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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
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Even Though... 
a small touch of jungle theme had been exitingly fresh! ;) 
There so has to be a link to go back to the main forum page down here by the reply box, because it's a minor hell every time I have to scroll up to the top to go back...

See the home key.

Press it. 
I'm Glad To See That I'm Not The Only One Who Doesn't Like A Good UI 
Oh, Fancy... 
I like.

But IE:mac croaks sometimes...

nice job metl. 
Oh, Metl. 
why can't titles be empty, it's really stupid to have a title for your yes or no posts. 
Good Job Nonentity 
some ppl prolly never use the home key.

cmon guys, you NEVER use it for typing? did you take it off from the keyboard.

well then, put it on a separate little interface like the ctrl alt del when you used to run win98!!

ps this is VERY close to old qmap. i feel all warm now 
1 Million Ruble Question 
(no offence to russians but the italian lira is now extinct...)

how many still use the are ppl comfy with switching totally or will it be a bit of both?

i'll give you my attorney's number if you win the prize because i dont have 1m rubles. i spent it on the mars bar i'm eating atm 
Custom Tex 
How do you use them in GTKRadiant? Where do I put them and how do I load them in GTKR/ 
Wrath Uses A Mac? 
I never woulda guessed. 
good'ol homey qmapness

Regarding Titles 
In the old QMap, if you left the title blank (that is, you cheated and used a space instead of a character) and then used QMap's search function, if that post contained information relating to your search, it was impossible to view that information.

That is to say, QMap tried to make a link, but since it used a space instead of a character, you couldn't click on it. Until now I hadn't thought of checking the source code for the URL, but it's still stupid to have poor functionality just to appease those who are too lazy to type in a title. 
maybe I don't want my post serachable. 
With your typing/spelling, who'd want their post "serachable"? 
Chickfight! Chickfight! 
You go girls! 
Space, Blank, Emptiness, Loneliness (do Emotions Count?) 
rpg has a point
scampie gets a sarcasm point (what colour dyou wannit scampie?)

chick-fight ended. next on qmap deathmatch mac users tell pc users who the daddy is

round 976: "who originally stole the idea from xerox"

ARE there or WHERE there any chicks in qmaps bunch of lions? 
Who Got Lost 
are fingers and other lads posting with different names, secretly or just aint got time? 
It woiks! 
"wrath Uses A Mac?" 
"I never woulda guessed."

well, yes, I do. I got a chance to lease a computer through work, and opted for an ibook. I have a PC system at home as well as at work, but 2.2 kg together with apples solutions for laptops sounded really nice.

oh, wait - were you being caustic just there? 
That Was Me 
#47 was me.

what the flying fuck happened? 
if I use safari for osx, I can't even log in.

carry on. 
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