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I think SQL only looks in your Quake directory for the game engines all of mine show up - Fiztquake etc. I notice you have vQuake! That's the first HW accelerated Quake for the Verite V1000 card. 
I guess I just have whatever comes with the Steam release, plus admod and QS. I'd like to come up with another solution to the organization problem, SQLauncher just sorts through all the junk a little better. I don't want all the junk. 
Patch Version 
I downloaded the patch and the full versions, extacted pak2.pak from each, and then the progs.dat file from each copy. After checking the both the progs files and the paks themselves with a binary comparison tool, I am happy to share that the files are byte for byte identical across the patch and the full version, and it doesn't matter which one you use. The datestamp isn't a reliable indicator, because it's generated from the zip file metadata and doesn't necessarily correspond to the creation date of the actual file. 
The SHA1 checksum for a current copy of pak2.pak is
e3 57 e0 b2 b7 87 03 e2 eb b3 2a b8 22 91 1b 77 c4 b0 a3 7a

That's the most reliable way to check the integrity. 
Also Dumptruck 
Overwrote my base Quake engine (the loose engine files in the Quake folder + Winquake) with QS 0.92.1. Downloaded a fresh copy of QSS and dropped the folder in root Quake. SQLauncher won't read the QSS engine, only admod. What gives? 
No Need To Vis Our Maps Anymore 
Primitive Discarding in Vega

On a serious note, it would be awesome to have compilers with results that are this precise. I can't speak for q1 maps, but creating optimized q3 maps (and source apparently) requires quite a bit of TLC (caulk hulls, hints, area portal, detail, etc). It seems you pretty much have to consider the vis process from the very beginning and build accordingly so that by the end you've essentially vis'd the whole thing manually. I'm still a noob so I could be making it sound more labor intensive than it needs to be. Practically speaking, you'll get very good mileage out of a few well placed hints and area portals, but for really well optimized/vis'd maps you should consider vis on a per-face basis right from the beginning. 
vis rejects things that are occluded by other geometry, the tech they are talking about in the video seems to reject things that are out of the view frustum, or backfacing, or really tiny. Quake engines already take care of frustum culling and backface culling even on unvised maps. So that's separate from what vis has to offer.

In theory, we could use hardware occlusion queries to reduce the need for vis, but i'm not sure if any quake engine uses that or if it's even practical to do it without hand-authored occlusion volumes. 
For Nitin Exclusively. 
any news about the fully vised tronyn/ericw jam6 map? 
It's still vising 
Indeed. He only mentions tiny tris, backfacing and frustum culling, but it looks like they're demonstrating occluded geometry culling here? Either way, it was only a wistful joke to soothe my pain... speaking of, I should get back to trying to optimally vis my non-room-corridor-room-corridor map... 
Re: Jam6_ericwtronyn Rerelease 
It's still coming :) I haven't been mapping lately, but on the other hand the recent func_detail fixes I made to qbsp were probably necessary to finish this map anyway. 
Trenchbroom Tutorials 
I'm getting closer to starting up video tutorials for TB2. I wanted to ask some of the newer mappers who use TB2 what topics would be helpful to cover. Maybe not something that you need to know now, but something you wished would have been in a tutorial before you started mapping.

Please everyone weigh in.

For the more experienced mappers what mapping questions do you find yourself answering often? 
That's great ds to make tutorials. Your voice would be easy to listen to and understand.

I can share that when I was new to mapping I wanted to know how to make cylinders, arches, and other curve shapes.

Another simple thing was how to make pools of water and generally openings and corridors from other brushes. When you never used a map editor before, even those things seemed confusing! That was TB1 though.

I see a fair bit of compiling questions as well. 
I remember a while ago I made an image set describing how to use the different clip modes and 3-point clipping. Having something that explained the clip tool in video form seems like it would be useful.

Also can second Bloughsburgh's suggestion around curves, that'd be a good gateway into teaching how CSG works in TB2/in general.

I'd also definitely suggest covering some basic topics. Things like how to make doors move up/down, and how to use things like triggers, counters etc. Things that are relevant to any mapping tool but will probably be new to people who are using TB to try quake mapping for the first time. 
you definitely have the voice for it. I tried to do one a while back but the biggest complaint/feedback I got was to do with the structure. I thought I had covered everything but maybe not.
You can see the video here for reference -

I was going to do a series but never got around to making it. It's actually pretty self contained and would get most people on the mapping ladder. Maybe you could learn from any mistakes I have made. 
Fun drinking game :-

Drink a shot every-time I say "what you need to do".

You'll have alcohol poisoning in no time. 
Great Responses! 
@bloughs great I will put much of that on my to-cover. I think with these suggestions I am going to come up with a map that has a lot of these features built in and cover them all step by step.

@pritchard I need to "rehearse" your method I am horrible at this but yes thank you I will use and link to your tutorial when I get to that one for sure.


I skipped around it. Yes I will review the whole video for sure. I dread the setup aspect - that alone takes so long I know people really want to jump in and map so I am going to try and keep things moving along quickly with the least amount of me rambling on (which I can do very easily)

I also am a pro editor so I can speed up my voice - make all kinds of seamless edits etc.

Alos planning on keeping each video very short and having a playlist of a lot of short topics so if people know how to set up a compiler they can skip ahead.

Would love to hear other ideas. 
Yeah I would be interested to see a professional spin on something like quake mapping. You tend to get a lot of very amateur videos like mine for this type of community content.
It's kind of funny watching back the video, I got a number of things right but I should have scripted the tutorial first.

Can't wait to see what you come up with. 
Definitely let me know each time a new tutorial is done so that I can tweet about it / link it from the manual and shit.

Also if you script the tutorial beforehand, we can go over the script to see if there are things you might not know about etc. 
I'm doing the video tuts actually.

That would be great tho and I will absolutely run them by you before recording them. Right now I am planing on three Youtube playlists. 1. Overall Concepts (map files, compiling, entities etc) 2nd a TB2 specific walkthru of making a simple but "full" featured SP map with triggers and such. 3rd playlist would be Advanced stuff: ericw's _phong and _dirtmap lighting, hint, skip. 3 point clipping. Map hacks, mods.

TBH I still have a lot to learn myself but I am getting there. I didn't even know you could flip/mirror selections a few months ago! There are always holes in someone's knowledge base I guess.

I was planning on lifting parts of the script directly from your manual and from "The Unofficial Quake Level Design Handbook" as it has a great overview of all the basic concepts.

So yes let's collaborate on the Tb2 sections at the very least. I do track the github each week to see what's up. 
@Fifth Re: Tuts 
I watched your entire tutorial. It was good! I agree the main takeaway is to script it. I recorded my first test last night and I had to edit so many "ummms" and stutters and sentence fragments that "winging it" is not the way to go. So I will def be scripting. And breaking up concepts into playlists is going to help as long as people can find the starting point. That's one drawback to playlisted YT vids. Sometimes it's tough to find "Chapter 1" (well on mobile it is).

What I have planned for the first overview set are these chapters:

Quick overview of what this set covers
.map file
Compiling tools overview
light and .lit (show a lightmap)
Leaks (concept only)
Game engines
Entities (point, brush etc)
Wads / Texture concepts

These will all be targeted at under 2 minutes apiece. Then on to the TB2 specific tuts. 
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