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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Q3A: there was this nice like desert base (not Egypt), orange fog. name somebody pls? thanks 
Coriolis Storm? 
A No-Rip Request:
It’s annoying that I have to ask this …. but PLEASE do not rip and repost these videos elsewhere – it’s un-cool. Thanks! ~Joe
27 years of quake and i never heard of this lightning bug :P 
Did a post a news article?

I think I did. If I didn't please let me know.

I'm a patient and relaxed guy, if I did it right and just need to wait that's just prime. 
There's usually a little lag on news posts here. A day most in my experience. Most times much faster. 
I have been writing tutorials for a Quake 3 mapping package for Quake 1 and it is a work in progress.

And a lot of my articles, because I'm very specific with formatting, I noticed unwanted centering would occur (from my perspective, I prefer left alignment).

I wasn't sure why this was happening.

Then I had a thought and then ...


Now I get it and I'll leave it like that, haha.

(moddb likes visually attractive tutorials and they curate them a bit and want images centered.).

Pleasantly surprised. 
Happy Quake birthday!!
27 years still looking young! 
"I Am Completely Retired" 
The Old One 
Congrats Quake! 
.., with 27 years of fun!.., 
is there a way to turnoff the body awareness 
Legs can be turned off by setting `player_legs_visibility` to 0. It's on by default. Add to your autoexec.cfg for repeat use. 
My legs usually turn off when I walk too much. I miss being able to do long rides on my bike. 
Trimmed A Screen Recording By Hand 
And by luck hit exactly the frames (without seeing them) to get a continuous scroll effect.

I did it for an ongoing a body of tutorials for the Q3 map format.

85% of mapping using Q3 format is identical to Q1, I'm trying to document how to deal with the final 15%.

Stuff like:
1. How animated textures work
2. How skies work
3. How water works

The lucking into trimming a clip to the exact frames by hand was fortunate because not I'm not exactly sure what video editor lets you look at each frame and really didn't want to mess around with all of that. 
Holy Fuck !!!! Dynamic Light On Quake 3 Map Format! 
Dynamic light is supposed to be impossible in Quake 3.

It is considered the sole drawback of the map format, compared to its predecessors.

I was digging deep into the DarkPlaces engine code, chatting with jakub1 @ quaddicted and trying to shake out how rtlights work -- since I only used DarkPlaces every once in a while mostly when something new and cool came out).

So I look in the code:

I find that the same code for realtime lighting also has a flag for "regular lighting".

I suspect there is no way that this could work, right?

Because you'd think the Xonotic people who still actively maintain DarkPlaces and continue to develop the Xonotic game would do stuff with switchable normal dynamic lights, if they worked.

Except likely what would happen is that Xonotic like Quake 3/ Warsow / Quakeworld / prob Quake Champions ... they focus on turning everything off.

So I think of a scenario, go to test it and to my shock I copied a E1M1 flicking fluorescent light effect on a Q3 map immediately.

Tried the other lightstyles like strobe and yeah they worked, they all worked.

I'll make a video sometime, maybe tomrrow. 
So, in Q1 jargon, you mean animated/switchable lightstyles, not dynamic lights (which Q3A always had).

Anyway, great finding. Wrath uses the Q3A map format, but I don't remember if it used such features. 

I'm coding the entire pipeline from map editor to QuakeC.

It's also a royal pain in the ass, but about 70% because I am having to learn about realtime lighting also in depth to know what the many possible fields do (because I am thorough).

And for many fields, I have to decipher what it does from the engine code as there is no other resource I know of (Romi rtlights has many fields as "0" -- unused).

Spikey says I shouldn't be surprised, helpfully supplied some Tenebrae info that he may be sole remaining person who knows (thank god, my curiosity might have murdered me) and I didn't even ask Spike nor know he reads Quaddicted forums.

(Thank you, Spike!)

Getting closer to done, but damn.

Will make video once done. 
@mankrip Pt 2 
I assume Wrath is the killpixel game.

It looked like Q1 to me, very interesting if it is using the Q3 map format.


When I think of "dynamic lights" when it relates to Q3, yeah I mean animated and switchable.

I can recall some goldenboy/Spike stuff from the past and mentions of rbsp and such.

I like flickering and switchable lights.

E1M1 wouldn't be E1M1 without them.

Flickering lights/switchable lights are some of the most interesting mechanics in Quake. 
@ Pt3 
For clarity, none of the getting flickering lights in Q3 involves realtime lights.

The interface in DarkPlaces is the same as the interface for rtlights.

So I'm handling both.

DarkPlaces has some interesting light features available like specifying a cubemap filter that the light uses.

So you can even have unusual and atmospheric non-flickering lights.

Combined with support for lit sprites, I hope to some day in the future have interesting looking steam or smoke combined with lighting effects and make that kind of thing easy to create in a map editor. 
Alright, The Wtf Of The Day (alcohol) 
Look, unlike Baker of old, I actually only drink alcohol about twice a year.

I take great pride in my drunk posts, many times I achieved a level of enlightened stupid that normal Baker could never see.

Such is the power of stupid. And I'm loaded with that.

Now today I am enjoying an alcohol beverage, but WTF ...

Why is

Top 50 at moddb today?

I have not done a damned thing except drink this delicious beer and not even enough for a quality drunk post (thank you, Jesus sky god!)

Oh well ... mysteries of the unknown. But in my favor.

I'll take it.

But why would an not updated page get suddenly showered with traffic?

Perhaps if I have another delicious beer, I will care not the reason why. 

It's getting stupid high levels of traffic. Why? Not a clue. I didn't do anything yet. 
Any page that's new in ModDB gets a spike in traffic. Retroquad's ModDB page jumped to the first page in the couple first days too. 
1 post not shown on this page because it was spam
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