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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Any page that's new in ModDB gets a spike in traffic. Retroquad's ModDB page jumped to the first page in the couple first days too. 
That bot talking as if a bunch of nerds on a Quake 1 forum don't know about online porn yet. 
RE: #32293 
cause the name suggests a Quake 1 remake in Quake 3 engine maybe? 
Every Existing Doom/quake Art Piece Sorted 
here u go
2GB, 4000+ images, let me know which one u like 
That wasn't the reason ;) 
Clarity. I do verbal diarhea at any tradition Quake forum ... 36 views.

I do my awesome classy stuff with visually attractive stuff at moddb ... there a different number.

They sold me with the unlimited download space.

But the second my high quality content is showcased along with 3 commercial games like Call of Duty on their homepage, now they have my loyalty.

I am a relentless elemental of change.

If every 3 or 4 months some of my high quality contevt that already attracts eyeballs gets the VIP treatment, and all I have to do is develop and share like I already do .. I'm sold.

They have earned my loyalty.

Yes, I made a video of DarkPlaces doing a "POPULATION: ONe" style wall ..

My article at moddb was not "news" and got a zillion views.

One of my sons who rolls his eyes if I say the word Quake (like if I were to say black and white TV or pong) thought it was badass.

It was this, btw ...

The short version is all I have to do is deliver and I get to win.

Sign me up! I realized this July 4, haha.

If I deliver the final goods and they are worthy, I have the vehicle for traffic to secure the "W". 
Doom+Quake Art Mirror, 2GB, 4000+ Pics 
contains all related googleable fanarts from devArt, artstation, twitter/insta, tumblr, YTthumbs etc 
The Fun Thing About Watching Evolution ... 
Evolution has another name.

"Nature selection".

Let's say you evolve something into what becomes the dominant form tomrrow ...

What is fun?

Well, watching the squirming of course.

"DarkPlaces? How offensive! No one uses DarkPlaces today we all use <insert>"

And in 24 months that guy will be the normy talking about the new tomorrow like it is gospel.

I know Inside3D is down forever. shows my "Introduce Yourself" post.

I was completely upfront and clearly explained what I was going to do.

And now ... the completion of that promise.

Why can one "just some dude" do such a thing and how did he get to have such extraordinary levels of planning and ability?

Answer: Who cares? Enjoy the show muthafuckers!! 
Nice :)

"The new release of Quake II packs tons of enhancements under the hood. Many are modern additions while others are improvements made by reiterating techniques from its original 1997 release": 
i honestly haven’t replayed the quake 2 campaign since it first came out. maybe time to play it again. i remember really liking the “waste” and “power” levels… 
I play through the baseq2 campaign a few times per year, so I know these maps almost as well as the Q1 maps, and it's important to me to get things right. I've grabbed the Switch version of this release, as the main draw of it is to have a mobile version. If I wanted to play the original on PC I'd just play the original on PC.

I'm up to the Jail unit, and so far I consider it a bit of a mixed success. It's great to have a mobile version and the controls are up to the same high standard as the Q1 release, probably as good as it gets without being keyboard and mouse.

I don't like some of the changes. The new Berserker behaviour does make it a more challenging enemy, but it also significantly changes the gameplay. I miss the old machinegun recoil. But they're all relatively minor. The big one that causes me trouble is the lightmapped water.

I know that's come up before and I've been almost alone in speaking against it. Now that we have a full Quake game using it, hopefully we'll be able to move past the immediate response of "oooh new feature" and evaluate it on it's own merit, rather than just as something new and different. To me it doesn't look great in general, but it also makes translucent water surfaces in particular really difficult to see. I'd like to see that become a toggle in a future patch.

Overall though I'm delighted to have a mobile copy of the game, and look forward to running through it more. 
I replayed Q2 SP a few years ago and felt it was a bit too inconsistent. There are some high quality, polished maps / units and some that are a boring slog. Q2 is maybe more "cohesive" overall from a macro-game standpoint than Q1, but the Q1 maps are much more fun moment to moment across the game (I'm doing a couch + controller playthrough now)

Those new engine enhancements look nice for the most part though. I either totally forgot or never knew that rotating textures messed up light maps in Q2, but glad they fixed that one 
I'm happy to have room in my life for both. For me, Q1 has better pick-up-and-play simplicity, but the added depth and immersion in Q2 has it's place as well. I definitely get where you're coming from in saying that some of the maps feel like a slog. They don't to me, but they're in my DNA as much as the Q1 maps, so they wouldn't. 
don't do this 
Quake 2 Is Censored 
Grow up 
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