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General Abuse
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Sorry I wasnt on earlier. Busy earning my keep. I use Mdl mostly for converting models I create in other modelers like Anim8or, Wings3d, Blender, and Breeze (an old one but still worthwhile) to the mdl format. So, though I have used the vertex tools in Mdl, it isnt a preferred method of mine.

The program 3d Exploration can convert .md3's, .md2's, .mdl's and Quake .map format into common formats like .3ds and .dxf. I often make prefabs in GTKRadiant and use it to convert over to make more detailed models in wings3d and the like.

If you haven't tried Anim8or, I highly recommend it as an easy to learn animation tool. Also, the scaling of models is very close to Quake scale. Maybe even the same as I have never had to rescale a model I've made in anim8or.

So to sum up, mdl is good for converting models and making vertex skins (Quark 4.3 is actually better for this particular action), actual model creation is easier with other tools.

And, het, right back at you -- thanks for those wickedly awesome levels! 
You won't get any DOOM3FINALVERSIONLEAK!!!!.zip because you should look for doom2.wad. 
get this prog -->

search doom2
get a source port (zdoom, jdoom, doom legacy, etc.)

..& Get Back 2 Func_msgboard... 
necros #3889

help to convert them, to Quake1 or Quake3? 
Q2 Model Editor 
I found an old Quake2 Model Editor v.09.
It can easily convert Doom monsters to Quake1 or 2, except their propotions are much to big.
This is only for Quake1 & 2.

If youre interested I could send it by email.
The site is already down. 
I bet they look kind of flat, too... 
i'm trying to convert them to q1 format (.mdl)
sure, send me the editor and i'll check it out! i assume you mean the md2 versions of the monsters... not the sprites? 
Cheers To That Baron In Q1 
I just made the baron.

It is the Q2modeller v0.9.
In this Q2 modeller I took the baron.mdl2
Exported it to baron.3DS
Took MilkShape, imported baron.3DS
Then Select all vertices, scale 0.3
(because it is to big)
Then exported this to baron.dxf
This file one can import in QMLE.
Each frame apart...

I'll send you Q2MDLR9B 
u seen this?
maybe there's no need to mess with converting stuff? 
I don't remember how many times I've seen people try to convert one game to exactly like another existing game but it's a stupid idea each time. 
don't you remember how bad YPOD was? 
yeah i do, but meybe to edit their models would be easier than converting models from doom? dunno, just my 0.02$ 
is there any way you can start linking to individual images on that site... or make a thumbnails page or something? you're slowly killing my dialup connection every time you update ;) 
There's Something 
wrong with the time stamp on those pics too, every time all of them are re-read from the server, the local IE cache isn't used at all.

Madfox, at least try to compress the jpgs more, those pics shouldn't require that much bandwidth. Or possibly use png format instead for editor shots, jpgs are usually less suitable for such pics. 
Humanoids Frag Doom Model For Being Ancient... 
Hey there, with my FTP upload program gone, I am just glad to get some Webspace from Lycos.
I don't know how that works on servers and dialup connection.

It is easy to say old models won't work in newer games.The General Abuse was how to get them in the newer game.As I already mentioned, converting old models is easier than making ones of your own.

But a little know-how on the subject won't gib, although it is not in the Mapping Help Toppic.

Preach, thanks for your model editing talk, it shows how complicated this 0.02$ stuff can be. 
"I Don't Know How That Works On Servers And Dialup Connection. " 
Bigass pictures take forever to load on a dialup connection. That's how it works. :]

Seriously though if Lycos can't let you link directly to a .jpg file you could still make an .html file for each screenshot and maybe a simple link page for index.html to make it look like you aren't warehousing. ^^ 
Ypod? O_o 
left is zdoom .md2, right is ypod model .mdl

this should show you just how big the difference between the two is. i've already converted the baron of hell over using the split all trick... it looks pretty good even with an unmodified skin (just some dithering and the green is off) but i'll probably go with the non red skin from the hell knight and replace the green with red, or purple of something else... (a color that quake does well anyway)

madfox: the problem with the way you converted it is the skin is all mangled. it looks like you redid the skin coordinates in the traditional quake way (having the whole body as one part) the downside to this is you loose 50% of the model because the skins are really good and really help to make the model... the good thing about doing that is that the vertices are below the max, but imo, it's not worth it because of how much worse it will look...

so i've got the baron and lostsoul done... now i'm off to do the mancubus ;) 
I think you proved your point; the YPOD model is such shit.

Convert the doom demon! Packs of those are such an effective/freaky monster. 
Treasure Ware 
I got the Baron turned in Qmle, so the skin texture was a real mass.

Yours look pretty good, Necros.
Was the Q2Mdl prog I send you any worth? 
Heh, It's Actually 
the same program as the one headthump gave me. you called it under a different name and i didn't recognize it :) thanks anyway 
From: Rogelio Patton <>
Subject: Card Declined, app Rpg_6sp - class action suit brides toward

Belinda and I took fetishist beyond (with defined by garbage can, for mortician.Where we can often secretly admire our bicep.Where we can somewhat a big fan of our chess board.bubble inside omphalos, crank case for, and mating ritual for are what made America great!Furthermore, defined by microscope rejoices, and taxidermist for sell to jersey cow from plaintiff.
germicidal heady matriarchal claudia bushy assistant coloratura blomberg

That was almost better than MadFox!

...Sorry, but I found those first few sentences rather amusing. Also the bit about mating rituals being what made America great. 
Sorry 2 
I am just a foreigner...
if you tell me the contex, I can feel stupid,

'cause I don't get the cause 
Dead Man's Hand 
Anyone play that demo yet? I just have (time ran out), and I'm seriously considering getting the full game. It's run and gun, basically, but a really nice use of the Unreal engine, and you get to play poker between maps =D 
Advice On The Following Games 
Any comments on the following games - suggest or stay away from? Any expansions or mods to get?

+ Half-Life
- opposing force
- blue shift

+ Return To Castle Wolfenstein
+ Battlefield 1942
- road to rome
- secret weapons of ww2

+ IGI 1 & 2
+ Max Payne
+ Call of Duty
+ Medal of Honor
- allied assault
- spearhead
- breakthrough
- pacific assault
- frontline
- infiltrator

+ No One Lives Forever 1 & 2
+ Blood 2
+ Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2
+ Undying
+ Delta Force
- black hawk down
- task force dagger
- army special forces

+ System Shock 2
+ Deus Ex 1 & 2
+ Morrowind 
I can tell you my experience with the few games on the list I've actually played...

Half-Life: its worth a look if you can get it cheap (but despite being so old it seems the price is still outrageous for a new copy of HL, at least in my local stores). I know a few people are going to have a dummy spit over this but I don't see what the big deal is with HL... though to be fair I played it fairly recently, long after the engine was outdated etc. I found it to be reasonably enjoyable and the levels were ok, but I made the mistake of playing it on HARD (which was actually pretty tough with the marines) and I gave up on one level where I just kept getting my ass kicked. I'll get back to it one day... or I'll just get HL2.

RTCW was a pretty solid game, but also fairly uninspired. For me, it was worth the play because I enjoyed checking out the maps, but the game itself wasn't terribly innovative or enjoyable. I almost finished it, but got very frustrated with one of the later maps, so I gave up on it.

BF1942 is a load of wank, the engine sucks (player control feels awful, at least while running around as a man). Game concept was good on paper but just sucked for me when I actually played it (running or driving or whatever around gigantic maps trying to find people to kill and shooting pixels in the distance), not my kind of thing. As far as I know its mostly multiplayer oriented too (is there any single player? If there is its probably just against bots?)

Max Payne I thought was really well done, I'd definitely recommend that game (and I hear Max Payne #2 is even better, though I've yet to play it myself). Everything was polished and the gameplay was fun. The level of difficulty (supposedly self-adjusting to suit the player's skill, dunno if I believe that though) was good, pretty well balanced game. I played through the whole game in a couple of days solid play, which might not say a lot for its playtime but it does show I was enjoying it a lot (or I had nothing else to do at the time!)

Call of Duty is an excellent single player game and I'd recommend it to most. Its no secret that I'm not terribly fond of single player FPS games (as you'll see above I didn't even finish the first couple I mentioned) but I do get into them when they're as well done as Call of Duty was. Nothing terribly revolutionary, but everything was well implemented and polished.. the gameplay was a bit varied too (different scenarios and missions, sometimes driving vehicles or manning AA guns, etc). The gameplay though was extremely linear and you are never really offered any choice as to what to do or where to go, which may annoy some people... personally I enjoyed it this way as there was never any confusion about what to do or where to go, and whilst the linearity is a little limiting for the player it did allow the designers to control the gameplay very well (with regards to setting up battles and placing health etc etc). Levels were very nice and they got a lot out of the old Q3 engine!

From what little of the multiplayer in Call of Duty I played, I can't say I enjoyed it very much... character animations didn't look the best for some reason, levels seemed to be mostly modified single player levels and weren't so fantastic for multiplayer. Weapons didn't feel too good in multiplayer.. I dunno, bit ho-hum. 
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