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Two Q1SP Reviews And More
I have added 2 reviews of classic (previously released) Q1SP episodes [Soul of Evil and Contract Revoked -Ed.] at my site.

Plus a new Quake 1 "Bestiary" of Monsters.
Possibly saying which episodes/maps are reviewed within the news post in future... 
Interesting Beastiary 
Very detailed. 

scarily, thats just the start, its probably gonna get much bigger as i add in more monsters, references and details.

I may have to split the page up at some point.

I seem to have unleashed my very own "monster" ;) 
Good Job Uwfan 
you may also add more thechnical info regarding quake and its enteties 
technical info would be cool.

i did like all the references to other non-game stuff. nice little tidbits of info and misc coolness. 
Technical Stuff 
i have added some technical stuff, have a look.

Any other suggestions for what could be included in these technical details, apart from what i have added? 
Tech Details 
You could add all manner of stuff, such as attack damages, "gib health", movement speed, time between attacks, fiend jumping physics, bbox size etc...

Good work so far. 
It just depends on whether this Bestiary is a mappers resource or a players resource. 
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