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Prydon Gate: The Dark Age Expansion Pack Released
The ELF's first Prydon Gate campaign has been released.

(Note: If you already have Prydon Gate, then you'll need to download a new progs.dat update too as Prydon Gate 1.3 has been updated to 1.31 to be TDA compatable)

Prydon Gate homepage:
The 1.31 progs.dat:

If there's any bugs, you know I wanna hear about them!

Glad to see it's finally out. Thanks, Harb! 
No Probs... 
Good luck in there :)

Im Looking Forward To Playing This 
i just want to finish the normal Prydon Gate first. 
No Title Here... Look Away! Oh All Right Then, Read On... 
I recommend you do, TDA is very hard if you try and take it on without already having a fairly tough character.

My character is level 14, and weilds some pretty powerful armor and weapons that give regeneration, added poison, high attack and defense, added stats, etc... And yet even then some enemies had me worried. :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying this game. Thank you! 
i cant seem to get past level 31 or so in normal korweh/prydon (iirc) (also cheating by creating boxrooms full of enemy swarms for levelling, so take that for what its worth) 
Ray : Are you using the latest progs.dat (1.31) that is required to run TDA? The leveling code has changed.

I loaded a save game from when I played
Korweh, and I could not get into
any of the portals except the
Korweh one.
this is with
Korweh distro
TDA distro
Progs 131

Do I have to start over or is there a missing
file or something? 
Yay Thread Ressurection 
TDA distro is to be installed last, it includes progs version 131. 
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