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Speedy Updates His Texture Sets
SpeedTech v2 (Q3): Fixed shaders and light textures. Colored light works fine now. Couple of new textures. CR8 set (Q1): 21 new textures. Speedbaze final (Q1): Over 50 new textures, for 152 total.
Very Nice 
I'll have some fun with these. Thanks Speedy, czg & Mapist. 
I have nothing to do with this... 
I saw that the filename for the new cr8 textures was, and I jumped to conclusions. :) 
Why do you keep changing your nick Speedy?

('Mapist' is 'Doom3' renamed which is another account of Speedy's) 
Gotta add those Speedbaze tex to my idbase q1sp, Speedness! I dunno why I never thought of it before, other than I am a complete dunderhead. It was probably czg's fault. 
You what? 
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