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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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why not put all the pieces up on the speedmapping site and let anyone who's willing to try to put it together to a map do it? It could be interesting to see more than one version put together by different people in different ways altho I doubt many are wlling to spend the time needed. I think one problem with the chainmaps is that the people putting them together have been over ambitious and ended up adding lots on their own to try to meet the very high standard of the top sp maps or something. Better to get something ok done than nothing at all. 
I think one problem with the chainmaps is that the people putting them together have been over ambitious and ended up adding lots on their own to try to meet the very high standard of the top sp maps or something. Better to get something ok done than nothing at all

Hahaha, too true, too true. :)

Although granted Damaul & Than delivered their two maps bang upfront with little to no frills... how easy the sections fit together does kinda play a part in it; with sm36 i had to add a fucking lot to get the pieces to fit together coherently... i'd at least 75% of the brushwork in that map was done by me.. ugh. If the sm40 source was put up though I'd probably have a play around with it though, if only for the sake of filling the gap in the series. 
I presume Scampie meant one person will work on the map one day then the next person would take that file and built his piece off that, couldn't the last person to map join the last bit together with his piece. 
What Gib Said. 
That's my exact plan, with me taking up the rear. I'd rather just be a guy who checks all the balance, makes the map flow right, ensures no bugs, gets all the textures right. Another reason why I'd like the .map after each person had it, then I'd see the progression of each person, and afterwards when the map is done, I'd release each revision also. 
Chain Maps 
I would be interested in a chain map.

Surely the 'right' way to chain a map is for the next person in the chain to create new areas into the chain map, neither taking away from, nor adding to the earlier areas. Think of it as 'rooms' - each person should aim to add completely new areas, passing the map on when their own area was complete. In this scenario (given an overall theme and a fixed .wad) only the monster placement would be a possible problem area. Lighting will be a problem for preformed additions but again, the current 'chainer' would be responsible for matching the existing light levels that he/she inherits. (politically correct or what?)

Therefore, if someone wanted to add an older preformed section, they would be responsible for the actual joining and matching.

Mind you, has anyone joined more pieces of other peoples maps together than me? I always ripped out all lights and started again.

Anyway, that's what I think. 
The last person to fixed it together should do all lighting and monsters (the mappers would do the light sources tho). Or another persons sole purpose could be to do lighting and/or monsters. Just a thought. 
Yeah, it'd work to say 'everyone only make your own new area' but I feel that will lead to 'box, hall, box' design. Plus, as this is a community effort, I feel it'd be better suited for each person to do the work they feel is needed to make the map work. I doubt anyone is going to fully rebuild anyone else's work, but maybe they'll tweak it some so it fits better overall. As long as we as keep our heads straight in thinking 'this is just for fun', I doubt we'll have any problems.

But this will all come later! First, I already have a standard turtlemap event planned for the week starting Jan. 3rd. And I'd like to see how anyone is doing with remodeling their '4 seasons' megatheme maps. I know I'm holding on to my for the moment as I have much larger plans.

Also! Sm60 is this Saturday! Standard 4pm est time, 100 min time limit. This week, I think we'll do 'deathmatch' as a theme, seeming as everyone has been making single player maps only last few packs (except Starbuck, who did one for sm59). Less ents to worry about, maybe we'll stick closer to the time limit this week too!

As always, email me maps early if you'd like, . I'm also availible to chat... i'm so lonely... :( 
I'm also availible to chat... i'm so lonely... :(

You've stopped coming on AIM so I can't cyber you. :( 
You've stopped coming on AIM so I can't cyber you. :(

I choose to take that comment literally 
In a vain attempt to keep myself busy, I started to work on a speedmap, BUT I had some issues. It compiled ok, but I got 'AllocBloc Full' when I tried to run it =/

Sounds like some kind of memory thing, but I have 384MB of RAM. If anyone knows lemme know. Large thanks and praise to you all. 
no, it means 1 of 2 things.

1) Due to a stroke of bad brushwork, you've created an infinite plane that glquake can't display without crashing you. You should be able to go into winquake and noclip around and maybe see which brush's face is doing it, and remake it.

2) You have one very large face on a brush, which may be split up by qbsp, but still fucks up glquake. Try slicing it down into smaller brushes. 
3) You have massive amounts of tiny faces, I think (for whatever reason - they were there to start with, or split horribly by qbsp). 
OK thanks scamp...I think I know what brush it is...heh. I thought it was ok but in retrospect maybe not. 
should be a sticky thread.

alas, but I'm no moderator! woe be unto me!

(but woe unto all of you, if I were.) 
it was discussed, but it was decided that, seeing as the thread would be bumped every week anyway, it wasn't really worth doing. The only way this thread could disappear of the bottom would be if we stopped running speedmapping events, and if that happened, there'd be no point having a thread anyway. 
that post was quite incoherent 
The Speedmap Thingie... 
Umm are the people who enter supposed to meet on mIRC sometime or something? I noticed it said saturday 4pm... or is that just when it starts and we're supposed to turn in the maps 110 minutes after then? Sorry if this is stupid I've never entered a speedmap before i'd like to try. 
Oh Jeez... 
yes! I forget to mention it all the time.

yeah, at 4 pm est, we meet on in #speedq1. 
I also accept maps done before all that and just emailed to me. 
I started to remake my sm57 map yesterday, cuz I finally restored my quake. So I think it will be ready in few days.
Has anyone other submited you remaked maps? And will the mega pack be released ever? 
No one has yet, RPG and Xen seem to be the only others getting some done, and they're doing full episodes of remakes. I think we're shooting for a Jan 2nd release. 
weren't you going to pick Teh Best Maps from each session and have those mappers remake their maps? If so, don't forget to tell the people which maps you picked. Also, is the rebuildings supposed to make the maps longer, or just clean up what's there? 
that idea was pretty much shot down. we decided to just have everyone expand/rework any of their megatheme maps they chose to and we'd just release them all at once. 
Fao Starbuck 
Can you email that 'spedbase' map back to me? rjthorne at 
sorry dude, it was a hard drive that went AWOL :P 
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