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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
This Is A Proud Day 
now we have a convenient place where we can ignore all your suggestions at once! 
Upcoming Events: 
Turtlemap 3 is just around the corner... January 3rd will be the starting date for this week long event. The event will be unthemed, and timelimit will be pretty strictly enforced to 1 week. I'll be releasing the maps the Sunday afternoon following the week limit.

Haven't heard any buzz about people reworking their maps from the megatheme, is anyone doing this? I did ask for them to be ready so we could release them all at once just before the start of the Turtlemap event.

SM59 just finished when I posted this thread, and I'll be running sm60 next saturday... Let's get the thread off to a good start with some suggestions for themes. 
The archive of speedmap packs is down at the moment. The server's harddrive crashed and we lost everything on :(

I'll be getting thing back up in the next day or so. 
Speedmapping Pack 59 Released!

It was a good pack, a lot of fun.
There'll be a news thread soon, stay tuned... 
Ha 0wned U Starbuck :D 
sm59_madfox is the best map ever. 
i can post my own releases, thanks

although now that i've played sm59_madfox, and seen the true beauty of life, i may just move to the mountains, mapping is no fun when you know you'll never beat the master. 
Sat On A Wall 
This dude feels himself awfull "Humpty", not knowing if the celebration of the mapper of the Universe really belong to his "Dumpty".

And Scampy, you were actually right with that carrot, but some respect for someone, who saw the Devil's face, on his dance under the pale moon. 

* Remember that name SM69 is reserved as the chainmap that metl and I are working on. I dunno if it'll be released before the speedmaps get to that number, but it's possible. Please reserve that for us in any case.

* I am currently reworking the speedmaps. 
I'll just run sm666 for that week. Might as well if we're going to be doing things out of order. 
Sm40 hasn't been released yet.. *whistles* 
Ah, The Ancient Lost SM40 Pack ... 
Was a chainmap I believe... 
ive only heard of sm40 in the ancient, lost legends.

it was whispered of in the nemicron, and buddha once attained sm40. Is it real, or the stuff of dreams? 
You could do a chain map again, that would be cool. 
The Only Chainmaps 
I've seen are sm28, sm32 and sm36. All very good, too. If anyone knows more about the "missing link" sm40, please enlighten us. 
sm40 is Lunaran's failed attempt at a chainmap. He claims the reason was because the peices didn't fit.

And yeah, I want to do another Speedchain map in the future. Was think about running a Turtlechain map where we take X amount of mappers, and each gets 1 day to work on the map, and then pass it to the next mapper (and a copy to me, just in case). A few ground rules like not deleting everyone else's work etc would need to be thought out, but it'd be cool to see how each person progesses with the map. 
I like the idea, but wouldn't it be necessary to agree on an editor ahead of time? 
was/is a speed-chainmap that RPG started long ago, and that he and i have occasionally worked on. The original contributors were daz, myself, nightbringer, and RPG, who each made something during a speedmap session. RPG's task was to then fit it all together and add extra areas as needed. I also did a second speed-session for it, and have helped with some brushwork here and there. RPG has turning into a pretty cool map, now if only he'd finish it!

P.S: i don't know what the original sm number was for it, but it was around the 30's. We've since changed the number to 69, never realizing that 30 more speedmap sessions would go by before it got released! 
pushplay: all map editors open .map. a texture .wad would be all that'd need to be decided on. 
So there's no risk of losing anything in converting the map format back and forth for radiant? 
.map is radiant's native format.

The real question is whether worldcraft users could handle working in a map with no visgroups or whatever other special stuff is stored in the worldcraft file format. 
I'm pretty sure I have a point I'm trying to make but I'm just going to shut up now. 
What always seems to be the sticking point with chainmaps is that it's all waiting on one person to stick the parts together. What if after the different sections of the chainmap were made, then any of the people who made a section could have a go at joining them all. You might even end up with two or three maps made out of the same pieces(although that might get a bit samey after a while) 
why not put all the pieces up on the speedmapping site and let anyone who's willing to try to put it together to a map do it? It could be interesting to see more than one version put together by different people in different ways altho I doubt many are wlling to spend the time needed. I think one problem with the chainmaps is that the people putting them together have been over ambitious and ended up adding lots on their own to try to meet the very high standard of the top sp maps or something. Better to get something ok done than nothing at all. 
I think one problem with the chainmaps is that the people putting them together have been over ambitious and ended up adding lots on their own to try to meet the very high standard of the top sp maps or something. Better to get something ok done than nothing at all

Hahaha, too true, too true. :)

Although granted Damaul & Than delivered their two maps bang upfront with little to no frills... how easy the sections fit together does kinda play a part in it; with sm36 i had to add a fucking lot to get the pieces to fit together coherently... i'd at least 75% of the brushwork in that map was done by me.. ugh. If the sm40 source was put up though I'd probably have a play around with it though, if only for the sake of filling the gap in the series. 
I presume Scampie meant one person will work on the map one day then the next person would take that file and built his piece off that, couldn't the last person to map join the last bit together with his piece. 
What Gib Said. 
That's my exact plan, with me taking up the rear. I'd rather just be a guy who checks all the balance, makes the map flow right, ensures no bugs, gets all the textures right. Another reason why I'd like the .map after each person had it, then I'd see the progression of each person, and afterwards when the map is done, I'd release each revision also. 
Chain Maps 
I would be interested in a chain map.

Surely the 'right' way to chain a map is for the next person in the chain to create new areas into the chain map, neither taking away from, nor adding to the earlier areas. Think of it as 'rooms' - each person should aim to add completely new areas, passing the map on when their own area was complete. In this scenario (given an overall theme and a fixed .wad) only the monster placement would be a possible problem area. Lighting will be a problem for preformed additions but again, the current 'chainer' would be responsible for matching the existing light levels that he/she inherits. (politically correct or what?)

Therefore, if someone wanted to add an older preformed section, they would be responsible for the actual joining and matching.

Mind you, has anyone joined more pieces of other peoples maps together than me? I always ripped out all lights and started again.

Anyway, that's what I think. 
The last person to fixed it together should do all lighting and monsters (the mappers would do the light sources tho). Or another persons sole purpose could be to do lighting and/or monsters. Just a thought. 
Yeah, it'd work to say 'everyone only make your own new area' but I feel that will lead to 'box, hall, box' design. Plus, as this is a community effort, I feel it'd be better suited for each person to do the work they feel is needed to make the map work. I doubt anyone is going to fully rebuild anyone else's work, but maybe they'll tweak it some so it fits better overall. As long as we as keep our heads straight in thinking 'this is just for fun', I doubt we'll have any problems.

But this will all come later! First, I already have a standard turtlemap event planned for the week starting Jan. 3rd. And I'd like to see how anyone is doing with remodeling their '4 seasons' megatheme maps. I know I'm holding on to my for the moment as I have much larger plans.

Also! Sm60 is this Saturday! Standard 4pm est time, 100 min time limit. This week, I think we'll do 'deathmatch' as a theme, seeming as everyone has been making single player maps only last few packs (except Starbuck, who did one for sm59). Less ents to worry about, maybe we'll stick closer to the time limit this week too!

As always, email me maps early if you'd like, . I'm also availible to chat... i'm so lonely... :( 
I'm also availible to chat... i'm so lonely... :(

You've stopped coming on AIM so I can't cyber you. :( 
You've stopped coming on AIM so I can't cyber you. :(

I choose to take that comment literally 
In a vain attempt to keep myself busy, I started to work on a speedmap, BUT I had some issues. It compiled ok, but I got 'AllocBloc Full' when I tried to run it =/

Sounds like some kind of memory thing, but I have 384MB of RAM. If anyone knows lemme know. Large thanks and praise to you all. 
no, it means 1 of 2 things.

1) Due to a stroke of bad brushwork, you've created an infinite plane that glquake can't display without crashing you. You should be able to go into winquake and noclip around and maybe see which brush's face is doing it, and remake it.

2) You have one very large face on a brush, which may be split up by qbsp, but still fucks up glquake. Try slicing it down into smaller brushes. 
3) You have massive amounts of tiny faces, I think (for whatever reason - they were there to start with, or split horribly by qbsp). 
OK thanks scamp...I think I know what brush it is...heh. I thought it was ok but in retrospect maybe not. 
should be a sticky thread.

alas, but I'm no moderator! woe be unto me!

(but woe unto all of you, if I were.) 
it was discussed, but it was decided that, seeing as the thread would be bumped every week anyway, it wasn't really worth doing. The only way this thread could disappear of the bottom would be if we stopped running speedmapping events, and if that happened, there'd be no point having a thread anyway. 
that post was quite incoherent 
The Speedmap Thingie... 
Umm are the people who enter supposed to meet on mIRC sometime or something? I noticed it said saturday 4pm... or is that just when it starts and we're supposed to turn in the maps 110 minutes after then? Sorry if this is stupid I've never entered a speedmap before i'd like to try. 
Oh Jeez... 
yes! I forget to mention it all the time.

yeah, at 4 pm est, we meet on in #speedq1. 
I also accept maps done before all that and just emailed to me. 
I started to remake my sm57 map yesterday, cuz I finally restored my quake. So I think it will be ready in few days.
Has anyone other submited you remaked maps? And will the mega pack be released ever? 
No one has yet, RPG and Xen seem to be the only others getting some done, and they're doing full episodes of remakes. I think we're shooting for a Jan 2nd release. 
weren't you going to pick Teh Best Maps from each session and have those mappers remake their maps? If so, don't forget to tell the people which maps you picked. Also, is the rebuildings supposed to make the maps longer, or just clean up what's there? 
that idea was pretty much shot down. we decided to just have everyone expand/rework any of their megatheme maps they chose to and we'd just release them all at once. 
Fao Starbuck 
Can you email that 'spedbase' map back to me? rjthorne at 
sorry dude, it was a hard drive that went AWOL :P 
Ah well, I'll send the original again sometime if you ever need anything to waste time on. 
So Starbuck... 
You good to go for running the event this weekend? 
I Think So 
i won't be able to map, but there shouldn't be any problem running an event (hopefully)

i guess i should write an announcement :) 
I'll be there Saturday to map anyway so I could run it if need be.

and yeah, annouce it dude :D Zwiffle's already pre-submitted a map, but he didn't know any theme. 
And don't forget about my map one more time.
It's getting older and older ;) 
Speedmapping Session 61 
The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 20th December
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less.
No theme! Make whatever the hell you want.

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at:
wow, an annoucment! finally!

be there or be square! 
Oops, Forgot That Bit :) 
i generally feel be there AND be square is more accurate though 
i generally feel be there AND be square is more accurate though

But I thought it was Quake speedmapping instead of Cube speedmapping. 
Maybe So 
you are what you map after all...

although that does make you a huge penis! 
Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Sexy 
although that does make you a huge penis!

Yes it does. ^_^ 
Guess I'll annouce sm62 and it's theme early this week.

Going to be happening next Saturday, at 4pm EST/9pm GMT. The theme (suggested by Zwiffle) will be 'hybrid maps', meaning that the maps should be built with 2 or more texture schemes/settings/monster sets that aren't done often, or at all. Idbase and Runic, Gothic maps in space, a base styled map built with rock textures... etc etc. Should be a bit of fun.

I'm annoucing it early so people can have time to think up a good combo and presubmit a map during this holiday week if they'd like to. Email presubmittals to

Also, a reminder that Quake Turtlemap event 3 is Jan. 3rd-10th. Should be a ton of fun, especially if a bunch of people can participate! Again, this is an unthemed event, and you can make whatever kind of map you'd like within that week. You can also make a map early and email it to me, as long as you stick to the week timelimit. 
Shit, Forgot It Again. 
Speedmap live events happen on IRC on in #speedq1. 
id like to suggest the theme of 'snow', pretty general and i think would be pretty cool 
I'm sure we did that once way back in the day... was my idea iirc and a certain NotoriousRay copped out of it and did a lunmetal one instead.

I copped out of it too though since my map sucked. So yeah like the above, wouldn't mind giving it another go sometime :) 
post a link to a snow wad, or email me one and I will host it, and that could be the 'the optional secondary theme'. I already said 'Hybrid' was the theme this week, but snow+anything would count anyway, so good idea NotoriousRay. 
snow + fire, snow + lava, snow + texas... 
If I recall correctly, killjoy took IKbase and did a bunch of snow variants on it. Maybe someone has those? 
what about making SP maps without any monsters just with traps and puzzles as a theme for future speedmapping sessions? 
I have a hell of a lot of textures floating around. I am fairly sure I have those snowy textures killjoy compiled. I certainly have a few in various wads anyway. There are a few snow textures in Hexen II Portal of Praeveus wad and also one or two in the ogro wad.

About speedchainmaps. Xen, sm32 was not plain sailing as you seem to suggest. Whilst I am not saying it was as difficult as sm36, I had to entirely rebuild Gibbies Quark built section because Quark hadn't put the map on a standard grid (it was crazy floating point madness, which WC didn't like) and also RPGs rocks, which were causing some major compile issues. Both of the rebuilt sections I wanted to keep close to what they were so I spent ages rebuilding to the exact same dimensions etc.

As far as fitting together sections goes, I had to dump a couple because they didn't fit in, and the remaining sections had to be linked together with quite a lot of extra brushes to make it work. In the end, there was plenty of stuff in the map that was never conceived during the original speedmap session. I'm sure this is the same with all speedchainmaps.

can't someone get the sm40 pieces of lun and make a map out of them? It sucks when one of a series is missing (doesn't it, Damaul?) 
So Scampie: 
Has a date been decided on as a deadline for SM second edition maps? If so, what is it? 
Well, I had said something about Jan. 2nd, as that's right before the Turtlemap starts, but if you and RPG (the only one doing anything, I believe) need more time, speak up becuase it's not like it's a major, formal project. 
My HDD with Quake got a great crash so I probably won't be able to continue map for a while. I hope I'll get my Quake back in few days and finish the extended versions of my maps in time (only adding some changes to light and skill settings left).
But there's also a chance that my Q won't come back in time. 
More Scamp 
Well I will make extended versions of my maps also. But I don't think I will be able to finish before later in january. then again does it matter if we all finish at the same time?
Btw I need to make a base map to have all 4 flavours! 
Pulsar/Hrim: alright, cool. I guess it's not important for everyone to finish at once, I had just hoped to make it a big release. Do your maps whenever, I'll put them on the speedmap site (which I'll be getting together for the 2nd/beginning of Turtlemap). I'll be making a section for maps based off speedmaps, so that's where I'll put them. 
I think you've already decided what to do, but just as an FYI, I hope to have the SM SE maps done by Jan 2nd, but maybe not. 
Yet Again! 
Yeah I see - a big release would be nice!
I'll try to make my work as fast as possible. 
what's happening with the turtle map? is that still on? 
Dialog Box Says Something About Title? 
Turtlemap - The Second Coming? 
Restored my quake, finished the map (sm57_pulsar), so it'll be in our mailbox after some more testing.
Not sure I'll make a lot of changes in sm56_pulsar, but anyway the extended version will be created soon. 
not sure if speedmapping it's going on this weekend, being the start of the turtlemap event, I'll try to remember for next event tho :D 
There Will Be NO Speedmapping Session This Week 
this is so as not to distract people from the Turtlemap Scampie is running. Instead, i'll run sm63 the weekend after the Turtlemap ends

The Time
Not this week

The Place
where is nowhere? 
You Have Already Found It. 
Did you get my map??? 
yes I did, sorry. Didn't look at my email since last Sunday. It'll be included for sure man, I'm gonna get the TM proper annouced tomorrow so everyone knows and get the Speedmap Site together. But first I gots to get back to necros and Madfox who sent me beta maps I really need to look at proper tonight. 
Woo Boy.... 
quite the ramble there, sorry :D 
Yo, Scampie 
When do you want the SM SE maps submitted? Shall I go ahead and release them on and e-mail you the download address? Or do you want some sort of exclusivity? Gimme the details, duder! 
As It Stands... 
Email 'em to me and when the Speedmap site goes live on the 3rd, they'll be there. I'm planning to just make a section where we can collect any and all speedmaps that are 'expanded/finished/used as a base' with 2 screenshots and a bit of author info and the original speedmap.

If you want to release it on your site also, go ahead, right now I'm seeing the maps as a nice way to get the speedmap site off the ground, so as long as you at least link to the site, it'll all be good. 
If the maps are mailed to you on the afternoon/evening of January 2, is that enough time for you? 
I'm not 100% the site will be going up on the 3rd, but it will be this weekend. 
Are You Making The Site? 
yes... can't let my web design schooling and certifications go to waste. 
Are there actually 60 odd speedmaps? and will they all be up on the site? 
60 speedmap packs, actually 62-1=61 [no sm40] to be precise.

mix of DM and SP although recently most seem to be SP. must be at least 300 speedmap all together [rough estimate 60*5=300]. 
Yes, read what UWF said :D

currently, you can view the open /files dir for the site and download any of the old packs. 
Turtlemap 3 
Alright, here's the official notice, Turtlemap 3 starts this Saturday!

What is a Turtlemap? A turtlemap is a map made in 1 week. That's pretty much it.

What is the timelimit exactly? The Turtlemap is set to start this Saturday, Jan. 3rd. You may map as soon as it's Jan. 3rd in your hometown, and you should stop at the very end of Friday, Jan. 9th, but go ahead and use Saturday, Jan. 10th to finish up and ensure no errors or such. This technically gives you a week and a day, so no excuses! I'll be collecting the maps on Sunday the 11th and releasing that afternoon.

Is there a theme? No. The event is unthemed, anything goes. Maps can be Singleplayer/Coop, Deathmatch/Teamplay, DMSP, CTF, or any other established mods you wish to map for. Please do not include custom .qc with your map, it'll just make the pack more confusing. Same goes for high res .tga textures or any of that. Only exception are .lit files for colored lighting, it is alright to include one with your map.

Any other rules and regulations? Nah, just have fun with it. It'd be cool if we could see screenshots of your progress through the week here. I can host your screenshots if needed, email me and we'll get something worked out. If there are a few deathmatch/coop maps, I'll host a few small games once the pack is released.

How do we get maps to you? Simple. Email is preferred,, but I'll also be on in #speedq1 all week, so you may dcc me your map when I'm around. You could also email/msg me a link to download your map.

That's it for now, any questions/comments? 
Just To Clarify 
should I look at this as a really long speedmap, or a really shortened high quality map (something I'd want reviewed at say, Team Shambler?) 
My Opinion Is 
a really shortened high quality map.

Something you'd want reviewed at say, Underworldfans SP map reviews. ;) 
I'm In 
Barring anything unforseen, you should have a sp idbase map from me. I'm supposed to be working on a metal map, but i'm having trouble getting anywhere with it, so idbase it is for this week. 
I'm slightly stalled on mine at the 'mo too Leviathan, so a little burst of doom2 skinned sp could be good for the soul. Race ya! 
Yeah Distrans 
You're so on! 
Look at it as something you'd like reviewed.

I'll be mapping a small SP map, most likely with Speedy's texture set. 
Okie Dokie 
Well then I plan on participating, using Kell's Contract Revoked Knave textures. It seems we have to anounce we're participating, so here's mine :D 
Some Tips: 
Seeming as I've mapping in 5 turtlemap events for q1 and q3, and only finished 2, let me give you some tips on acually finishing on time.

1. spend your first day planning out the map and building the major gameplay. You should come up with a plan that is completely doable in your week. Be realistic here, thinking you'll create czg07 or something of that scale will only lead to failure. Best thing to do is to manage your time wisely, thinking 'today I'll make the full layout, tomorrow the gameplay, the next day the details...' etc etc. If you can build a good base to your map the first day or so, you'll be golden as the rest of the week is tweak time and making it look and play great.

2. 'Perfection' won't help you make a great map here, just draw away your time to less important things. People are going to see the whole of your map, not each and every little bit. If just 1 area looks cool and the rest sucks, then the map as a whole sucks. If each area of the map is decent, at least you're ahead of the game and your gameplay will be the determining factor.

3. Have fun with the map! Don't think of it as your next big release or something that will define you as a mapper, but just try and make something nice looking, or that's a lot of fun, or has nice features, or whatever. Trying new things is something that will make your map stand out, plus make it more fun for you to make. Don't start worrying if people will like it, it's just a quick map, have fun with it yourself.

4. Beta testing is a luxery, so, going back to tip 1 here, planning is important if you want the map to play good. You'll most likely not have time to get others to play it and tell you if something is off. SP mappers should concentrate on making their maps be slightly challenging, but defeatable, in normal skill... You may not have time to balence in other skill settings.

That's about all for now, Saturday is only hours away for most of us, so here we go!!! :D 
Starts In Thirty Minutes For Me 
In the meantime, I'm playing Carnage, Arcane, and Netherworld maps for their inspirational value. I'm planning on doing a runic map if you haven't guessed ;) 
Thx For The Tips 
Thx a lot for the tips scampie! 
yyya colored lights! 
You've got mail 
Sent me a pic of his first day of work!

As for my own map... got a little bit together, no screenshots yet, pacing myself here :D Not going to be anything huge, I have to work all week, but it'll be fun I promise. 
crappy weekend for me.. barely got a thing done on my turtlemap, and didn't even scratch the speedmap site... :( sorry guys, i'll do it first thing tomorrow when I get home from work. Spent the weekend drinking (turned 21 Friday) and playing Disgaea... meh... I'll have to pick up the pace this week.

How's everyone else doing? 
I'm doing good, will be done with architecture by tonight hopefully. Had to stop for a few hours though to watch Packers, beat Silent Hill3, play Autumn Haunting, but otherwise I'm mapping smoothly. Anyone besides Lev got any pics yet? 
great game yesterday, and unlike the Carolina vs. Dallas matchup, it wasn't a lopsided victory. I esp. liked how Bob Marley caught the winning interception. ;)

Seriously though, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I'll put some serious time in my map tonight so I can get a few screenshots up. 
Scampie, You Have Mail 
: : : 
Sent me some pics too!

Glad to see people are making some progress!

I've spent the evening on the Speedmap site, and I'm gonna finish html'ing it up right after this post. You should see it live mid-tomorrow along with the expanded maps RPG and Pulsar did! 
Thump Thump 
Interesting style.

And the only HUD modification I've ever seen that doesn't look totally fucking ghastly. Maybe one little coder out there does have the slightest modicum of taste?? 
Thanks For The Comments, Shambler 
I agree with you on the HUD design. Most likely that is the work of Black from the DP team. At this time I'm using using Q3map2 for its quick debugging.
And thanks for hosting the pics Scampie. It'll be a day or two before I can seal up some rooms for some more footage. 
Well this is four days worth of brushlaying!

Don't know if it will be ready for release saturday, I'll try! 
No Pics Today... 
...meybe tomorrow. Yesterday was a washout due to me getting sucked into watching Steve Waugh's last innings for Oz.

Good tips scampie... I've already reduced the complexity. 
i'd set the scale of that lava to something big, say 4x4 or 5x5. it won't look tiled and from the distance it looks fine. you can even do 2x2 or 3x3 and most people won't even notice. like the map :)

same for everyone else, of course :P i'm trying to make a map, but i've only got a hundred or so brushes... so i'm not sure if i'll be finished in time. gl to everyone else though! 
necros, I assume the title of that post should actually read Hrimfaxi, 
Interesting Development 
I've finished the original plan i had for my map, so now i think i've got time to actually constuct a decent ending. 
How shall we name our files if/when we finish the maps?
Like last year (but with a 3 instead of the 2) Something like this: "q1tm3_mappers_name" 
Exactly Like That Hrim 
That's looking pretty cool! 
sorry distrans/hrimfaxi

i must have seen the post below it and connected the name to it. i suck 
I just want to say (belatedly) that your idbase shot looks cool. 
guess I'll be out of the event this time around again... haven't had much time this week, and I'm still at only 1 room done. I may get up Saturday morning and work all day on it, but I seriously doubt I'll be contributing myself. :(

Hope you others are still marching forward though! There's been some fantastic shots this week! 
Thanks RPG 
I'm pretty much finished with my map. Now i can just go back through it and fix texture misalignments and such. 
I Have Just Finished 
the room hulls and most of the interiors. This SOB is a lot larger then I ever intended. 
Go! Go! Go! 
good luck everyone, all the shots posted look promising. 
More Pics 
Ok heres some more pics of my turtlemap

I regret to say that I haven't had time to work on it for two days because I was asked to take some extra hours at my job. 8-(

I hope to get some time tomorrow to continue mapping and then there's saterday to finish it.
(If i'm lucky)

Thanks for the tip Necros it looks really good with scale 3x3. 
that dome looks like the craziest motherfucking thing ever. 
I'm not even gonna submit my map now cuz of you Hrimfaxi... 
Oh Yes You Are Zwiffle! 
cause I'm not sure my map will be done in time! 8-)

Besides the more maps the better.

And remember I only show pics from the good part of the map 8-)

Scampie: Tes the dome is crazy - You should see it in game 8-) (Maybe you will in due time) 
With a minimal amount of screenies, i've been owned by Hrimfaxi. Great work.

Oh well, at least my map will probably have more monsters. It's a moral victory. 
is very very jaw dropping hrimfaxi. Good stuff, I hope that's not the final lighting though, looks a bit bland. 
I got a map from Zwiffle earlier, so we got one! and distrans has spoken to me saying he'll be getting his out on time... we get Hrimfaxi's and lev's too and tm3 will be the biggest Q1turtlemap yet! tm1 and 2 each only had 3 maps. 
Don't Fall Prey ... 
... to screenshot fetishism. 
And Now! 
a map in from Lev! huzzah! 
Still In Repair Mode 
on my map but I have all night and tomorrow to get it done. Hopefully before 3:30 EST, so I can watch the Carolina vs St. Louis game. 
I'm Out! 
Despite all my efforts I have to say I'm out of this turtelmap event.

The map is done and I have just played through it, There was some errors but nothing serious, but it will take a wery long time to compile.

As everybody can see from my screenshots the map is very open so, like the coagula maps, vis will have a hard time.
I made a full vis the other day and it took 13� hours. Since then the map has grown so I expect it to take a long time extra!

I'll release the map anyway some time during the next week. If vis permit 8-)

I'm looking forward to play the other participants maps, from yours shots they look good indeed. 
is the vis time holding you back? Just get to vising it, and I'll hold the pack for it, we can wait a little longer if need be. If not, maybe a -fast vis? People have done that in the past, and it's been fine. 
I don't know what kind of system you're running, but if it's less than a 1ghz with 512mb ram, I'll vis it so it'll take a little less time.

Either way, just let me know. 
hrimfaxi, do a fast viz at least. 
You Better Release It... 
cuz i released mine. I only did a fast vis, cuz otherwise it was gonna take around 40 hours or so to complete. If you don't I will hunt you down the devour your underwear. 
I have a fairly fast system 2200+ so it's just the layout of the map that get vis to takes so long.

I'll tell you what! I'll try to make a full vised bsp within 24 hours else I'll send you a fast vised file! (And may the gods be with those that don't have a good fast graphic card 8-)(

That'll Be Fine! 
Except for the time I spent watching the most exciting and nerve wracking game in NFL history, I've spent the last two days fixing errors caused by my initial carelessness. I doubt if I'll have everything fixed, texture mapped and the entities placed within twenty four hours. However, I would love for someone to take a look at this monstrocity of mine and offer some suggestions. 
Carolina Vs St Louis? 
I'll look at it if I can, but I prolly can't help. You can email it to me if you want. 
Yep, That's The Game ;) 
thanks, appreciate it. 
Aw Shit 
didn't have time to finish.
i might just finish it up and release it as a crappy regular map later. 
...sorry gang, I'm out. Despite Scampie's good advice I got caught in a detail loop that I just couldn't break.

/me gets owned by leviathan :P 
guys! quit dropping like flies here! :( 
A Slight Extension 
might be needed to get the extra maps. 
Hmm Lessee 
Normal designated speedmap time limit: 100 minutes
Normal eventual speedmap time limit: 300-350 minutes

I hereby propose the turtlemap gets extended to at least three weeks :-p 
yeah, i'd be finished by then... 
That means by the time it took me to make my first turtlemap I can make about 5 - 6 more turtlemaps before this whole event is done! 
That'd Be Crazy! 
go for it! 
turtlemaps don't get expanded. But I will wait until monday afternoon to release 
The Map Is Mailed 
I just mailed the tm-map to Scampie even if it didn't make a full vis in time. So for those that play it beware it is only fast vised!

Anyway it was fun building even if the map could need some attension several places, well you'll see! 
so, I have 4 turtlemaps as of this morning and will be releasing the pack this evening when I get home from work!

"4!?" you say? That's right! My main man Hrimfaxi came up with the rebound and discovered he had an old turtlemap that he had done half a year ago! 
Woah, I'm Impressed! 
it sounded like there weren'T going to be any done on time! roxors! 
Can't Wait 
Well done to all. 
Good Going To All The Rest Of You 
but, I am big weener for bowing out. I'm going to rebuild my map from scratch except for the more soundly constructed detail brushes. I'll have a map for the community within the next few weeks. I don't wont to put any words in any one's mouth but I believe Zwiffle would agree that that would be the best course of action. 
A Speedmap Idea 
After sharing this in #tf a few people feel this would be best suited as a speedmap and there are some interested in partcipating:

Someone draws a layout in 2D. Participants then build the map from that layout, interpreting how they wish. Any of the iD tex's can be used, nothing 3rd party... Deathmatch only. 
/me Approves Of The Idea 
starbuck? are you running an event this weekend? if not it'll be run by me Saturday at 4pm EST... I think we should skip Phait's idea this week and use it next week so we don't have to have a 2d layout rushed out. 
When You Say... 
2d I assume you meant top view layout, not side or front view. How exactly should/would the layout be planned/interpretted? It's a cool idea, but seems kinda sketchy to me from the description given. How will layouts be chosen, whoever runs the event picks from ones submitted to him? 
Might Have Been My Idea... 
i suggested in #tf that someone draw a diagram, and that everyone makes a map from the diagram. The problem of interpretation means that each map will be different, and it'll be cool to see how different mappers' preconceptions affect the way they read ambiguous or vague diagrams. 
Thats A Really Great Idea 
i agree with scampie though, it's more of an idea for next week so it isn't too rushed. I better announce this week's speedmap! 
my idea, if i was to run it, would be to have someone like bal or whatever who had no interest in mapping to do the layout drawing. nothing too super rigid, just loose ideas for mappers to use and abuse during the event. 
Speedmapping Session 63 
The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 17th January
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less.

Optional theme: No monsters!
This means the gameplay has to come from somewhere else...
So maybe jumping puzzles, or traps, or cunning strategy, or puzzles with buttons and riddles. Alternatively maybe no monsters means making an 'art' map, which generally means something original, unique and/or pretty. Actually often it means you've run out of mapping time ;D

I'm not sure who suggested this theme, but thanks anyway.
If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at:
Just Remembered 
i set up my old p233 today so i can once again get my pq mail
this is a lot more reliable than those hotmail addys 
that's a scary theme starbuck... optional should be stressed or no one may finish in ANY time. :D 
By 2D I mean topdown. But since speedmapping seems to be Scampie's thing I'll let him orchestrate it.. that and he can host the pak. 
Ok I'll Stress It 
the theme is OPTIONAL!
like every theme!

it can be done easily though, if you want to go the art map route and just build something pretty, but yeah, i get the feeling not many people will follow the the theme 
The Theme Is Not Scary 
I think the theme is interesting and very original (BTW I suggested it). I had an idea of making a small proper map of that style, but haven't even started it.

I've made a speedmap this evening, but it IMHO sucks in both gameplay and looks. The problem is that making traps/puzzles takes more time for me then just placing monsters. So it came out very small. But type of gameplay is interesting when the map a bit bigger.
So I don't know if I'll submit it.. 
Speedmapping Pack 63! 
3 maps by 3 authors, Fatty, Necros and Zwiffle...
News post to follow, but you can download it now here: (1.36MB) 
Let's never ever do this theme again. 
i think in conclusion it WAS too scary 
Or People Just Forgot. 
Or Scampie Was Too Busy... 
...playing PS2...

In Retrospect 
I was being wayyyy too ambitious, it would have been a good turtle map. 
bit late with this, but yes, we're having an SM event tomorrow! /me blatantly CnP's Starbuck....

The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 24th January
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less.

The theme?
well... we had spoken about doing the layout drawing thing, but there isn't a drawing ready ATM, so we'll hold off a bit again... I'd rather show that off on a wedesday so people can think about it.

So this week, optional theme of SKYWARD maps. This means the layout should go up up and away! Weee! if you want to send me a map during the day tomorrow. 
Well Guys... 
I'll bang out a layout tomorrow and show it off and we can decide if this is what we want to do for sm65.

but big news for us now is... we got a little place on the internet to call our own! yay!

check out Pulsar's and RPG's expanded maps! 
Its Looking Great 
Pulsar and RPG's maps look awesome too, especially that outdoor shot of RPG's. 
Future Speedmap Theme 
May I suggest the theme of "parody" for a future speedmap? This would be any map that parodies something; it doesn't have to parody another map. For example, Penile Devastation and RPG100B1 are both parodies (the first is of Bestial Devastation, and the second is of Jeff K. (so is that a parody of a parody?)). 

Speedmap 65!

Now we're going to do the use the layout drawing as the map's layout theme! In the above image, I have a few differant colored 'layout bits'. These are a top-down view. You may use these however you will, above/below, side by side, whatever. You do not have to use them all, and you may use them in multiples if you wish. The yellow hallway bits are suggestions that you could add some connecting hallways also, as I didn't draw any. some of thos bits I have drawn may be stairs, or walls, or just floor/ceiling details. There is no texture theme, use what you will.

Please look at the drawing a good long time and think about how to use the peices for this Saturday, 1/31/04.

Time will be 4:00 pm EST as always, and the 'timelimit' is '100 mins'. #speedq1 on is the meeting spot, or maps can be mailed to me at

Have fun! 
Whose Two Year Old Drew That For Us? 
My Guess 
is its not anyone's who frequent these forums... I doubt any of us have ever been laid, let alone havea child. Maybe Martha Stewart's? It's colorful. 
EST = GMT-5 
I've been leaving WorldCratf since Tuesday and am ready to enter this one. I assume since it will be 11.00am over here in the UK, you boys obviously need the advantage of been only half awake.

Now, I just need to learn how to make a door before Saturday... 
*advantage of ME only being half awake*

Ho hum, it ain't as funny with a typo. 
Damn You, Timezones 
actually it starts at 9pm UK time, so you shouldn't be at a disadvantage there... a lot of speedmappers dwell in the lands of blighty too. 
Hmm You're Right. 
Having trouble with the very time of the competition is an imminent sign of my doom.

By the way, is it permissible to prepare a few custom textures in advance? 
thats never a problem 
It Just Occurred To Me 
that this week should have been run by myself, not that it matters of course. I may be able to join in the session this week too (!), as I've managed to set up quake on the shitty p233 
More Examples Of Parody 
SM49_Starbuck and probably sm63_Fat could both be considered examples of parodies. 
For Those Who Don't Follow Everything That Happens On IRC 
i'll run Parody as the theme next week.... its been ages since we had a 'silly' theme 
Idea for speedmap session: provided enough people show up, I think it would be a cool idea to make a speed episode, where each player's map exits to another player's map making a mini-speed-episode. The maps could all be in the same style, so it'd roughly be like Quake Condensed, but with many people producing the maps instead of one person. Then the episode could be roughly equivalent to one full map per week instead of a collection of tiny insect maps per week. Good idea or bad, or has it been done before? 
I Like That Idea 
Sounds like fun. 
Idea For Speedmap Session: 
metal maps!

no-one seems to make metal maps anymore :( 
because idbase is better 
...or Not popular concensus confirmed. 
Phew, finished! - only 6 hours late... but then it was my first map ever. heh :) 
Woo GJ 
where is it? 
Soz ... Here :

The map is in the shape of the bottom right object in the picture. I was going to use all 4 shapes, but erm, it took me 6 hours as it was :) 
Not Bad At All 
excellent for a first map, congrats. 
Speedmapping Session 65 
The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 7th February
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less.

The theme
This week you have a choice:

Crap Maps: this theme is one we ran before back in pack 49. The goal is to make an intentionally terrible map, achieved however you like. Last time there was a load of l33t-speak, shitty brushwork and blunt sexual references.


Parody: the goal here is, predictably, to parody something, be it someone elses map, or mapping style. Alternatively, do a parody of something completely unrelated. Parody something original, like George W. Bush, Michael Douglas (he's way old, lol) or 18th century Spanish Folk music.

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at: 
it's session 66 not 65...
also kudos to RPG for coming up with the 'parody' theme with his infinite brain, the example maps he quoted were his 100b2 map with its JeffK messages, my sm49 map with the shamblers or Fat Controller's recent map for pack 63 with the falling pianos. 
Im Scared By... 
rpgs infinite brain!!?!? 
Who Isn't? 
it can see into my soul 
a brain like that, you'd assume it'd be filled by more than penii... 
Emailed In 
I got a LAN party to attend on Saturday, so I've emailed my entry to Starbuck. Catch ya all Sunday. 
Ta Megazoid 
is its not anyone's who frequent these forums... I doubt any of us have ever been laid, let alone havea child. Maybe Martha Stewart's? It's colorful.

Obviously Mike Woodham has children. Can't remember how many exactly. 
I Can't Believe This ... 
... but yes, two - My Babies - only they're not really babies any more (they don't even live at home now). But they are what got me started in Quake. So in one respect I appear to be quite the little expert in this forum!!

However, back to Speedmapping, chaps. 
and chappesses. 
i sent the map to scampie, so there's nothing to worry about now on that front. 
Got It Necros! 
don't need to worry about my date here... ;D :D :D 
Need More Info 
Hello All, I have a question for you men...
I'm a beginner in Quake map creation (I made some bad try with Thread..) and I would like to know what is the way possible to link different BSP files to create a Pak file
you mean when you exit 1st map you automatically enter 2nd?
well for that there's trigger_changelevel entity. in its "map" field type filename of the next level and you're done. 
Need More Info... Again.. 

Yes, that's it ... but when you are building a pak using existing BSP file (that are not my map), is there a method to provide the "trigger_changelevel" entity or something else like this one to enter automatically in an other precise map ???

you mean, take other people's maps and make them go to each other?

well... it's possible. quark has the functionality to open bsp files, so you can do that and change the changelevel's "map" parameters there... but make sure you have permission to do so. 
About Quark 
OK, and where can I download this software ??? 
Thanks To All... 
... I've found Quark v6.3.0 in free download on sourceforge web site... It seems to be exactly what I need for my "requierements"... Great Thanks for those who help me...
Hello Everybody. 
How is everybody? Sexy, I'm hoping. Anyway, I'm new here. Feel free to play around with my feelings and statements accordingly. I've been playing the speedmap packs a lot and I'm forced to say I have a great admiration for all of them. I adored the recent crap maps, all of them were great, and I loved the parody maps, RPG's showed some really incredible mapping and Starbuck's was a great idea. I also liked Scampie's giant penis from Map pack 49, and don't let me tell you the shambler liked it more than I did. I'll be trying to catch the next event, so I hope to be included. Thanks everyone. 
Hi There! 
um... guess that's all I wanna say really :D 
you are ugly. 
Hi Jacek & JPLambert 
Nice to see I'm not the only new guy here. :)

While I've been playing quake for 6 years, I've only been mapping a couple of weeks, and I'm kind of slapping myself for not picking up worldcraft earlier. Although I only know the basics at this point, it seems a hell of a lot easier than the Duke3d mapping I did back in '98. The Duke3d editor (Build) crashes if you so much as wink at it, no undo feature a stupid amount of effects to get to grips with.

Anyhoo, can't wait for the next session. *me shuffle impatiently* 
Save yourself the pain and learn to map with radiant. The only reason to map in worldcraft is out of habit. 
Worldcraft? Pain? 
I found radiant alot more painful/confusing to get started with. I tried it before WC for Q2.

My only major gripe with WC is the p.o.s. 'run' function. But I just use a batch file anyway so it isn't really an issue.

However, if you're looking to expand into other games beyond Quake, Radiant is your best bet by far. 
I'm not sure what this has to do with speedmapping but Hammer isn't a bad editor. It's very easy to set up and use, very reliable. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing Radiant has over Hammer is a lot easier shortcuts. I would use both but I can't figure out how to set Radiant up for Quake mapping. 
Oh Yeah 
Good luck mapping Jacek 
In response to the message #231, I'm glad too to see there are still remaining some people who are still playing with Quake I... and build some new map as well.. I was feeling like a "jurassik man" with this old great game... and it is really fine to see that I'm not alone...
Jacek's Also Got 
a small two-map Q1SP at his site, kabsp2.

Not bad, the first one is too dark in places and has a bit unimaginative textures and architecture but the 2nd is better (although smaller). Challenge is pretty good, especially in the 2nd map. 
Hay Megazoid 
I'm an aspiring mapper too ;) 
Jurassik Man 
Are you kidding? It's like 1993 in here! We're still grooving to C&C Music Factory and wondering how the Republicans managed to squander a dynasty. 
You Guys Are Great 
That's all I have to say. Thanks for the warm welcome. aguirRe, thanks for probably being the third person in the entire world to play that map, ever. It is a bit unimaginative, but most of the time I really had no idea what I was doing. The next one will be better, I promise. (Read: I hope) Thanks for going to my site, too. The list goes on.

Anyway, it's good to be among people with familiar hobbies. Hope I can at least get a map in for the next speed-mapping event. 
.. we are in another spatio-temporal continuum here !!! I discovered Quake in 1995 during my PhD, and with others guys, we were used to play in cooperative and deathmatch map... with a lot of bots... and there was some weeks, I retreived my old floppies with Quake and a lot of features (BSP map, Thread, killer pack, reaper bot, etc...).. and suddenly, a wind of youth pass trought my body and I decide to re-install all this stuff on my PC... not without some troubles due to original Quake incompatibility with WindowsXP.. (thanks to winquake!) So, today, I re-start to play Quake, and I'm about to re-start building maps... I'm living again my happy hours in University..
If you want to set up gtkradiant for quake mapping, check out Tigger-on's excellent guide here: 
About Gtkradiant .. 
gtkradiant, what's this exactly ?? Is it an equivalent tool to QuArK or Thread, or is it an additional one ?? 
GtkRadiant is an open source version of Q3Radiant (Q3Radiant is the level editor used to make Quake3 maps).

You can find out more at

GtkRadiant supports a lot of Quake3 engine games but does not natively support quake, go to to help set up GtkRadiant for quake editing. 
OK, I took a quick look at the web address, and I found the stuff.. It's another map builder... but the pretty good thing is the file including all Quake wad texture... Perhaps this file is dedicated to Q3, but with qART it may be possible to extract these textures and re-used them for Quake... I have to test it..
If you have proper grafic card, you can use opengl accelerated quake instead of winquake,
try this one:
It's most respectable opengl engine port amongst oldkool Quake players. 
When you say "a proper grafic card", what do you mean ??? You think about the grafic card preformances, I suppose.... but what are these required performances to support fitzquake ??? 
any thing that supports opengl, tnt onwards basically. 
I don't remember what is the grafic card installed on my PC, so I think a "recent" one (buyed less than 3 months) is enough...
I will check that by the evening...
Thanx for the infos
Sir Fribbles 
I have followed both Tigger-Ons' and Necros' guides yet have failed at both attempts. Something I do keeps messing up. I think I've tried like 3 times now but can't get it to work. But that's ok, because each time it wouldn't show me the converted textures anyway. 
yes, under proper i meand that supports opengl/directx, if your puter is rather modern, there is big chance it supports these both api properly. 
and it may be related to Zwiffle's problems with GTKRadiant compatability, what methods do WindowsXP users use to get the dos specific apps (Qbsp, mapconv, etc) to function with WindowsXp? Is there an emulator out there?

I use Windows 2000 on one system and Windows ME on the other, so I don't have compatability problems like Vondur mentioned for good ol' DosQuake :(

In fact, the only problem I really have with GTkradiant is remembering to resize the texture rendering from 1.0 to .5 for Quake. 
Yes, I know there is a DirectX installed (9.0 ?? I'm not sure) ... I will make a try as soon as possible... 
I Use 
the MSDos Prompt. Works fine. For gtkradiant i just screw up the steps somehow and don't know what I do wrong, so whenever I try I usually give up. 

<Asaki> LOL!! 
my guide is pretty crappy compared to Tigger-On's. i've been meaning to redo it for a while but i'm just too lazy... 
I probably will switch back (to Linux) eventually. My bro tells me it is much more difficult now to custom build a system and add WindowsXP to it because of all the compliance issues (and my brother is not the kind of guy to pirate anything, and he runs into trouble).

Zwiffle -- if you have mapconv, you just write out 'mapconv -toq1 mymapnameq1.' in the console, and it should process a q1 map for you, as long as you haven't used any Q3 mesh editing in the map. 
I learned how to set it up properly using your guide, way back when you posted it, so a big thanks, even if you think it is crappy. One addition I would add is the handling of I guess you would call 'em sector like brushes. I mean water, lava, slime and the like, given the trouble you run into when you try to save a file with the '*' in it. The solution is in the mapconv readme, but a newbie would not know where to look. 
See, That's Why It Sucks. 
i actually took that for granted when i wrote it. :P

but, your welcome anyway. :) 
QuArK Try... 
I've made a try yesterday evening with QuArK 6.4.0.. It's a very great software, very usefull to import BSP, MAP, WAD files, etc.. ... and to create these one also... (I made a little try with the default starting map, and a test using some differents brushes..)
I also try to import a BSP file, but a warning appears during the importation.. there was some missing WAD texture into my library..
So, is there a turnaround to avoid this problem and obtain the full WAD texture file from the imported BSP map ??? Or do I need to create myself the missing brushes and add them into my WAD texture files ??? 
Use Mapping Help thread for such questions please. 
Not that I don't enjoy discussion in here... but let's get back on track with Speedmapping!

Speedmap #67

Saturday, Feb. 14th at 4pm EST

Theme: Quanity over Quality... Build maps with tons of brushes, lots of enemies, huge areas, or whatever. This doesn't mean spam junk all over, but try and just make LARGE maps, without regard for making nice looking architecture.

The meeting place on irc is #speedq1 as normal, but as a reminder, is no more, it's now, so connect there. If you're not into IRC, you may email a map to me before/during the event at 
Er... Also... 
4pm EST is 9pm GMT, which is 9pm UK time. 
I like that theme idea :-) 
You'll have to make two maps to make up for Starbuck's absence. 
Huge Maps? 
Will there be time for -vising? I'm not working this weekend, I may attempt a map this time. 
this one sounds interesting as well! 
...I feel so priviliged that the first speedmapping session I will be involved in is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Tons of brushes. And messy ones, at that! I look forward to it. Thanks, Scampie. 
What exactly goes wrong for you with gtkradiant (other than the textures not loading right?)

There's a few things I can suggest, I don't know if any of this will help, but...

- try using an older version of gtkradiant (the setup guides were written a while ago and the newer versions might not work, certainly you might have problems with any version of GtkR which supports WAD file loading - you want to use the textures as TGA's in the editor, at least if you follow the Tigger-on method). I use gtkradiant 1.2.13-update and it works fine. To be honest I'm scared of trying to update to one of the newer versions.. : )

- If your textures aren't available in the editor (I'm assuming you're trying to load the textures as TGA or JPEG and not in a wad), try adding the directories to shaderlist.txt file. Also realise that Radiant will not load them unless they are 24-bit TGA files.

- Riot's qonverge is available at and it provides an easy way to get your WAD files exported to TGA's in the right format. Also note that TexMex (at least the version I have) exports TGA's upside down or something like that, so if that is happening, don't use texmex :D

- Quake compliers cannot except the Q3 .map format directly, so you need to use either DuBSP (again available at ) or use mapconv (from ) to convert the .map file first. I personally prefer using DuBSP (even though it has some 'issues') because I don't like the extra step of using mapconv.

- If you're following Tigger-on's guide, follow it to the letter, because there are some things which are important to get right (eg even making sure you're using forward slashes instead of backslashes in some of the config files is important.. bah!)

I can't think of too much else, but if you are more specific with your problems Zwiffle, someone here might be able to help. 
Mine's In... 
I won't be able to attend the session on Saturday, so I went ahead and made one, and it should be in Mr. Scampie's possession as soon as he wishes for it to be. 
It's just really my fault for screwing up the instructions, both times. I'll probably try to re-setup GtKR for quake, maybe quake 2 and possibly quake 3, i'm interested in mapping for all 3. Or i just may stay with Hammer for until doom3 comes out then learn d3radiant. But if I do try to re-setup GtKRadiant I'll just make sure I'm focused. But, come to think of it, it may have been that I didn't add the texture directories to the shaderlist.txt... Hmmmm...

Giant maps you say? 
got it jacek, thanks! 
My Second One's In 
I decided that this is the first speedmapping pack I'll be taking part in, this pack is something special to me. So, I made a second map. It's a lot smaller than the first one, but I managed to pack in about 108 monsters. If anyone can beat it without using any cheats, I would really love a demo. But that's for when it's out *hushes up*
Once again, it's in your box, scampie. 
Here's An Idea For A Theme 
Limit yourself to an area of 1024x1024x1024. Use this space to make the coolest room or set of rooms that you can DREAM of. No restrictions, except greyflash sucks, so keep the polys manageable. In general, it would be cool if the whole thing was not a playable level, but more of an art piece. 1024 may not sound like such a restriction, but you (I was) might be surprised just how hard it is to fill up 1024^3 = 1073741824 cubic pixelly-units with cool architecture! Maybe limit this to 512x512x512 to make the whole thing doable. Call it the GoodFun Room theme. 
Quake Is In The Air 
I'm sending that little someone special a Valentine's Day Present <kiss> <kiss> as I write this. Yeap, Scampie, it is my first participation in Speed Map. It isn't huge, as much detail as I can eek out really in the time it took to build, but I hope you think its fun. 
so rip off the 1024^3 q3 contest? and no i won't run it anyway, speedmap themes aren't meant to be limiting contruction, just suggesting ideas for people to make stuff. same reason we don't run 100 brush themes or 69 monsters or whatever.

anyway, jacek and headthump, got your maps, thanks. sm hasn't even started today and we got 3 maps :D 
Mine's In ^_^ 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
Perhaps a speedmap session could be revolved around creating a map containing as many traps and things that make things explode as possible. I'd like that.

Play Weider's map Salvation some time. I still shutter and mumble curses to myself thinking about the traps in that map 
There Just Was A Traps Theme 
a couple of weeks ago, no? 
Not That I Know Of... 
Which session would this be? 
it was sm63, which was accually themed 'no monsters', but that meant maps needed traps or whatever to kill players. 
And Btw... 
sm68 is going to be unthemed... we have to skip sm69 due to RPG and metlslime being the slowest speedmappers ever, and I have big plans for 70-73. so next speedmap we get a break from themes. 
You Know What Would Be Two Good Themes 
1. Rocks!
2. Jesus! 
or just JESUS ROCKS!

he's driving away SATAN wailing on his axe! he's a bad ass mofo with a riff in his heart and his fingers on the strings. he's out there playin rock against EVIL, and can sing a mean power ballad. the ladies go crazy over his long long hair and the men want to be like him. the son of god and the lord of rock, he is our saviour.

-21:12 The book of ROCK. 
Post 285 
Now that's a righteous rift 
Jesus Couldn't Play Riffs... 
..He only danced all the time. Dance dance dance, that's all he ever did. *sigh* He should have picked up guitar, I heard those Roman girls made nice groupies.

ANYWAY, because the theme was already announced, and my plans for today have dropped like a rather annoyingly heavy rock, I went ahead and just made a map.

The power is yours, Scampie.

...actually, I would love to see a JESUS ROCKS!!! theme... 
Roman Girls? 
I don't think the legionaires were co-ed in that era. 
To Quote Scampie... 
..."the ladies go crazy over his long long hair"

Historical accuracy is of little to no accuracy. All we know is that he should have been a rock star. 
I meant "Little to no value."

Jesus is sort of like Morrison without the Mescaline, right? 
I don't think Jesus could sing that low, but he definitely could have achieved such a status. He was just too concerned with that "offering help to other people" crap to really get too involved with rock n' roll. It's a pity. 
sorry I never annouced a speedmap this week, forgot all about it... but it worked out in the end that something came up and I wasn't around today to run one anyway. 
Its All Right Scampie, 
I made a map anyway, but man did it suck. Not ugly, just a boring map. I'll rethink it out and rehash it for the next event. 
what about 'Non-human architecture' theme? That's something like Lovecraft described the cities of other races. No usual architecture features, no usual geometry, no classic styles. (That doesn't mean crap maps, just something non-human)

I think this would be interesting to look at. 
i'm having a hard time envisioning something like that... how far is non-human? like, are we still allowed to use doors for instance? 
Here's The Rule: 
if people play your map, and they don't go insane from the shock of looking at something completely alien and beyond their comprehension, then you've failed. 
In That Case 
I pronounce sm59_madfox.bsp to be the grand winner! 
Speedmap Session 70!

This Saturday! 4pm EST! 9pm GMT! Meet on in #speedq1.

Theme?... First week of our second megatheme... 'A Tribute to Headshot'! Each week we'll be using classic sets used in Headshot's classic deathmatch maps!

First off, we have... Red Brick! Red Brick walls, 'tech' tile floors, tech lights, and riveted trims! And we might as well give mappers a bit more choice, you can make Grey Brick maps too, which are more castle themed than Red Brick. You may make Single Player or Deathmatch levels, as always.

I'd suggest looking at the maps 'fsdm1' (or it's later remake 'qcon1'), 'ztndm6', 'warfare', 'dapak9' (grey brick), and 'xl1dm2' (also grey brick). Damaul7 is a dm/sp hybrid of both Red Brick AND Grey Brick, so it may be good to look at that too.

Maps can be presubmitted to, sorry for being late with the announcment...

(no asking about sm68 or sm69, we'll get back to those later) 
Oh, And For Anyone Wondering... 
Themes will be:

Sm70: Red Brick/Grey Brick
Sm71: Dapak
Sm72: Spinev2
Sm73: Dead/Agenda Textures is a good place to see his old maps. 
hehe scampie you red brick fetishist :) 
Wads be provided for us or do we have to get our own wads from the maps to use? 
all the the textures are in quake101.wad. 
What Gibbie Said... 
is true for this week and next, but yeah, I'll rip wads every week if people can't figure which textures are used in all these classic maps. I'll get one for sm70 up tonight. 
That'd Help... 
i've never played any of the dm maps you mentioned. 
slightly late with this (hour before start...) wad of textures used in red brick and grey brick maps. 
Theme Idea: 
"Maps you have to play through twice"

This is open to interpretation, but it might mean that the changelevel points back to the map and this time you have a RL so you can access the true exit, or maybe it means that you do the rune trick, or maybe it means that you have to make a choice so you can't experience everything the first time. 
kinda like a "choose your own map path" map... branches to two different alternate routes depending on which exit you choose, which could mean play through it 3 or 4 times if yo uwant to play through all the paths. Neat. 
That's A Good Idea! 
there are so many things that you can do. 
That Sounds 
a bit too complex to properly accomplish in a speedmap. Sounds betterfor a turtlemap idea. 
not really -- i pulled off that idea for a speedmap once. 
Got My Hands On 
Dapak11 and Spine2 but all of the download sites listed on PlanetQuake/Dapak and are non-functional. Also, only Dapak11 is available at of the Dapak series. To be maps of that degree of influence and caliber you'd think PlanetQuake would have kept them around. 
I'll be uploading all of Headshots maps and the Dapak pack this week to my site, so let's not worry about that. 
Thanks Scampie ;) 
all maps are available at
so dont bother uploading 
sm71 is tomorrow! same time as usual, 4pm EST. #speedq1

Theme is Dapak. DM or SP maps are acceptible. Use the link in the post by gibbie above mind to download all the Dapak maps if you need referance.

email is still 
You've just got to change the URL of the link, and the d/l's should work. You just put,

before the file name path, eg

would become,

should work for most planetquake sites where the d/l's don't seem to work. 

would become

Hmmm, You Should Get The Idea 
I can't try again 
As If... 
...we didn't get enough bloody Dapak clones the first time around >:( 
Thanks Harry 
I thought it all was a result of the last time Pappy did some spring cleaning, but that is really good to know. I think I'm going to mosey over to Quakelab and see if I can get those links to work. 
Speedmap #72! 
Begin CnP!

The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 13th of March
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less. or more.

The theme
3rd week of the Megatheme... We do Spine maps this week! Easiest to show you maps using the theme...


Spine (older version of the same map above)

ztndm4: The Steeler

Take a peek at the maps, and get an idea for the theme. Here's a .wad for conveniance:

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at: 
There wasn't one tonight? 
well, I guess I forgot to annouce one... which would be why no one showed up... :D 
The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 27th of March
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less. or more.

The theme
Last week of the Megatheme, this week we use the textures from headshot's maps Agenda and Dead. Here's the wad:

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at: 
where is sm73? 
apparently only 2 people (me and nane) made maps for it, I made 2, so I guess scampie either doesn't want to release it or wants to re-host it so more people show up. 
er, i've just been playing Prince of Persia Sands of Time too much to make up the page and update the func_qmap news. I'm also lazy. 
No Blame 
That's why I sended you Quatrotski for beta testing with Christmass, but you were so speedmapping, that even now you can be able to download it from my thread.

And I know editing The Speedmap counsel is a lot of work too... 
Could This Be The Beginning Of The End? 
It seems that laziness tends to pervade and erode the ambitions of people with regards to this community. I suppose that isn't very uncommon though; certainly not specific to you guys. Maybe I'm being melodramatic with my title, so take it with a grain of etc. 
It's kinda past the beginning stage now. It's a neverending end which dies & wakes up occasionally. 
Kinda like a recurring nightmare.

Should really lay off the trigger happy submitting 
"Is QBoard Dying?" 
Eh, The Forces Of Entropy Beset Upon Us 
sounds like a good Quake episode -- The Death of Quake! 
nonentity: hey! that was my thread, which effectivly killed Qboard :D 
You have an exaggerated sense of your own importance...

(whether you were joking there or not ; ) 
there will be no speedmap this weekend, I have family coming over and can't run one. 
Well Shit 
the center of my weekend has collapsed. scampie and his stupid "family" :( 
That's a weird coincidence. I have family going up to Maine for a week. Oh, shit. 
That's a weird coincidence. I have family going up to Maine for a week. Oh, shit. 
That Was A Close One 
your last name isn't Moors. Paternal relation, so little possiblilaty there. 
scampie, I'm well aware of whose thread it was :) 
Bring Back Starbuck! 
good plan, we'll drag him back from wherever he is so he and Zwiffle can speedmap and no one else will show up. 
I'll Turn Up.. 
When we get a decent theme. I have no interest in recreating Headshot-themed maps whatsoever, there's plenty of them as it is. 
then don't map in theme. I'd rather not have themes for this very reason but everyone demanded them. 
Submission For SpeedMap Theme: 
Art deco Quake. 1930's Great Depression goodness. Could even change the Q symbol to look like Radio City Music Hall style.

Oh shit I'm a day late. Oh well take it seriously then. 
I quit working saturdays so will try & knock something up more often. Worldcraft's been getting dusty 
Knock Something Up? 
I quit working saturdays so will try & knock something up more often.

Who did you have in mind? 
If Only... 
Don't Worry Xen, Your Turn Will Come 
I just got an e-mail from Jenna Jameson. I must be some kind of stud or something. Hey, why isnt this mouse working? 
Two Theme Ideas. 
Okay p1mps here they are:

1. 1+1 Brush map

Okay this is supposed to be a 1 brush map, but apparently you need 1 brush for the exit trigger too?? I have no idea, that's what the mapper people said. So yeah you have one exit trigger brush, and then the map made out of 1 brush. Obviously a phat custom texture will be important. Preferably a properly playable map too.
Note: If this is completely unfeasible, blame metslaime and czg for not telling me in #tf.

2. Mini proper maps

Okay this is a bit more serious and potentially a whole lot cooler. Some maps have been trending this way anyway. Basically, a smaller, simpler, scaled down version of a full map. Not necessarily in architectural size, but in the feel. The idea is the map should feature the main concepts of a full map, but only to the extent that you can cram into 120 minutes or so.

E.g. You'd want, say, a start area, an outside bit, a secret or two, a bit of non-linearity, and a proper end battle. As I say some maps have been notably trending this way, but I think it could go further. 
Wait, wasn't i the one that suggested this? As i recall, everyone else said it was a horrible idea. Like I said in irc, I'd rather do a true 1 brush map and have it be a DMSP map -- those don't need exit triggers. 
Well CZG Could Pull It Off 
look at how those quarter sides of the storage pumps in CZGToxin form a concave surface. WTF?!? You are not suppose to be able to do that in a vanilla Quake engine but he pulled it off -- jeez. 
So....about The Speedmapping. 
When/where do you do it? I'm lookin for the IRC, trying to make sure I've found the right place.

I'm actually wanting to get back into game mapping, and speedmapping is the best way to do it:) It's like speedmodelling, but you get to enjoy the project when you're finished! 
Double Post (n00b) 
BTW, what programs are available for Q1 mapping? What's free with a pretty large feature set? It's been a while, and I dont know if I can find my stuff. 
Usually Saturdays, 4:00 pm EST on #speedq1, forget what server though. There is none this week because Scampie sucks.
As for tools, Valve's Hammer editor with Aguirre's tools works really and reliably. Also GtKRadiant with whatever tools you want seems to be popular, but I can't say how well it works. 
I Dont Understand 
why don't you speedmap anyway? why does scampie need to be there for you to map?

if you want to do it, heck, even you could run the speedmap session, then email the results to scampie so he can post it on the site... 
I say Shambler should be given the keys to the kingdom when Scampie is a way. Can you imagine getting detailed, ego crippling e-mails from Shambler on why and how bad your map sucked. It would be like being pissed on by Alice Cooper at a concert. So warm and tingly. 
i have no problems if anyone else wanted to be there to organize one, but it's a bit late to get it all together now. if I'd known there'd be so much interest I would've asked 
But On Second Thought... 
anyone want to speedmap Sunday? an hour earlier than normal (3 PM EST) would be optimal. I'd be happy to run one then. 
as for themes, a few I've heard that I liked:

Obilvion theme. Floating islands in space maps.

Shambler's mini proper maps theme could work, but seems like something people want to see for playing, not a theme that really inspires mappers to do fun things, which is what speedmapping is about. I could give a flying fuck about how much people enjoy playing the maps.

long ago, Metlslime suggested 'maps you play thru twice'. I like that idea.

I'd like to suggest a 'gimmick' theme as well. Maps are built to some specific gameplay idea/theme and not just 'run around, shoot things, win'. Things like my speedmap with a Toilet in a Crate DM map, or Starbuck's shooter/shambler shambler shambler maps are good examples. But the idea can be as simple as a large room with tons of enemies and you have to kill as many as possible before dying. etc etc.

WyldeSnake: I see you found the irc channel alright. I would suggest you familarize yourself with q1 mapping before speedmapping though :D 
long ago, Metlslime suggested 'maps you play thru twice'. I like that idea.

yeah that sounds interesting. 
long ago, Metlslime suggested 'maps you play thru twice'. I like that idea.

i might do another one of those... sunday you say? 
Someone Explain... 
long ago, Metlslime suggested 'maps you play thru twice'.

Aren't we normally allowed to play Speedmaps more than once then? Because if so, I need to apologise to most of the Speedmappers out there! 
What I Meant Was... 
"maps you have to play through twice"

This means that, without cheating, you can't see and do everything in a map in a single play-through. 
He means using runes & episode gates to change the gameplay of a map the second/third/fourth time round. Necros did an interesting example once, one sec while I just find it... 
twas sm47_necros

Thinking about it, you might not have to use runes... if you were to just have two routes through the map with two different exits. I've always wanted to try the rune thing though. 
I'm Familiar With Q1 Mapping (been A Few Years) 
I want to get into the speedmapping just so I can get re-acquainted with it, and actually get good at it this time :)

GtkRadiant...I spent a whle getting that running some time ago, and it was pretty nice. I used to map with QuArK, usin the basic compile tools. I'll have to poke around and get my stuff back. I might have it on a CD somewhere...

Odd thing is, I still have Quake installed after 5-1/2 years, but all the tools for modding it are missing :-o

Necros: It's infinitely more fun to speedmap, or speedmodel as I'm more familiar with, when you're doing it with other ppl at the same time. I like the rush of the competition, to try and get done before the other guy(s) and have a blast doin it. I'm a longtime vet of, and that started off fun as hell, modelling joysticks and mechabeavers in 15 minutes or less. Even if it looked like crap, the fun was had in just tryin to get it done and having a good laugh at the results :) 
Arg, I'll Stop Dblposting Soon Enough 
I'll try to make it to the mapping session. I'll be at my parent's for the weekend, but I should be able to steal some time on one of their PCs and map :) 
If I run the 'maps you play through twice' theme, it won't require the use of episode gates and runes and such. That's an acceptible interpretation of the theme, but I'd say layouts that double back, or just using a teleport to make the player restart at the beginning and play through again are both cool too. 
Sounds Fun 
I got an idea for it already :) I can't wait to get a crack at this 
the rune thing necros did was the inspiration, but i can think of a number of ways to do it. 
Mmmm, I think I might be missing something here.

I like the idea of going through maps more than once (I actually posted about this before) but necros map textures did not allow me to play through :-) I'm a pipe and cardigan sort of person!

So, can someone point me towards an explanation of runes and episode gates? 
Shambler's mini proper maps theme could work, but seems like something people want to see for playing, not a theme that really inspires mappers to do fun things, which is what speedmapping is about. </Q>

No. I didn't expect them to be particularly playable and enjoyable, I thought it would be an entertaining challenge to see how much of a proper map one could make on a miniature scale.

And metslime, I'm sure I originally suggested the 1 brush speedmap! But you agreed and supported it heh... 
Let Me Settle This 
...blah blah random stuff about clipping errors in maps. This leads into the following:
<scampwork> but... as I said, if you use a single brush, you're ok, so you could just use a clip brush that's a few pixels off to avoid the error in places where 1 brush architecture is not possible
<Vondur> just compile the map with -hull 1, and you might see that clipping bugg0r
<metlslime> scamp: yeah, but it'd be cool to fix the bug, too
<Shambler> 1 brush map contest
<Shambler> hmmmm
<metlslime> that sounds cool.
<metlslime> next SM i'm doing a one brush map.
<Vondur> i'll participate

I find it disappointing that neither metlslime nor Vondur have contributed a 1 brush speedmap. :( 
Shambler: Oh! misunderstood what you mean by the theme. I thought you were talking about making (for example) czg07 and just making it a shorter/less detailed. Miniscale maps sounds like a cool idea. 
So, can someone point me towards an explanation of runes and episode gates?

Heh... yeah should've mentioned that map is probably the most fucked up piece of Quake you'll ever play :-p

Basically... take start.bsp. When you first spawn in at the start of a game, all four episodes are available since you have no runes. If you return to the map after picking up a rune, you'll spawn in at an entity called info_player_start2 which is in a different place to the intial start point. If you enter with the first rune, then the entrance to the first entrance is blocked, and so on. Each of the four blockades are brush entities called func_episodegates, with the following spawnflags values:

1 - appears if you have the episode 1 rune
2 - appears if you have the episode 2 rune
4 - appears if you have the episode 3 rune
8 - appears if you have the episode 4 rune

...I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

So for instance if you pick up the first rune at the end of your map and set the changelevel to point to the same map, you'll respawn at the info_player_start2 and can use an episodegate w/ spawnflags 1 to block off or bridge certain sections that weren't available before. Has loads of options.. surprised necros has been the only one to really make use it so far.

I *think* the info_player_start2 is optional though, if it isn't there then you'll just start at at info_player start again. But don't quote me on that :-p 
When I said 'Has loads of options.. ', I should've said 'oppurtunities'.. as in ways it could be used. 
Methinks the thot plickens. 
yeah, i guess you did. All i did was fight off the attempts to allow extra brushes. 
surprised necros has been the only one to really make use it so far.

i'm just wierd, i guess. ;)
the only real downside to it is that if there are monsters, that you can't get to on the second to last time you're there, then you'll never be able to get 100% kills, of course, that could be remedied by having a big func_door that crushes all the monsters in the areas you can't reach, or something. 
Have all of the monsters teleport in. Have a trigger at the start of each section that determines where they spawn to. Of course it's not perfect, since the monster count will be the same for each area. 
No, you kinda understood me right, I guess I mean somewhere in between, I mean if people wanted to do large, complex, architecture, well, good for them, but I was thinking I guess, both smaller in scale and simpler, but trying to retain "fundamental" map elements.

Some of your recent maps have been like that - one of the headshot ones in particular.

Actually thinking about it, a definite "mini" element, without being retardedly unplayable, would be cool. 
The time
9pm GMT on Saturday, 27th of March
that corresponds to 4pm EST or 9pm UK time. I think, could someone varify my UK time now that daylight savings time is in effect, or out of effect, or whatever effect it's in now that time has changed.

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less. or more.

The theme
Maps you play through twice. Take that however you may, various interpretations have been posted in the last 20 or so posts. You do not have to map in theme if you don't feel like it.

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at: 
10th of April I mean... blast you damn copy and paste! 
Condescending Lecture -- WITHOUT Going To University! 
Dear Mistar Scmapie,

While most of the USA switched to daylight saving time at 02:00 on the morning of Sunday, April 4th, the UK switched to daylight saving time at 01:00 on the morning of Sunday, March 28th. As a result, there is presently a five-hour difference between the east-coast USA and the UK, just like there is for fifty of the other weeks in the year.

However, because the UK and USA are on daylight saving time, this means that the UK is one hour ahead of GMT (GMT +1) and the USA is four hours behind GMT (GMT -4). So if the speedmap were to be held on the 10th of April at 16:00 and 21:00 in the USA and UK respectively, then it would take place at 22:00 GMT (10pm).

This concludes Dr Nincompoop's time lesson for the day. 
Ohmigosh I Am Soooo Stupod 
So if the speedmap were to be held on the 10th of April at 16:00 and 21:00 in the USA and UK respectively, then it would take place at 22:00 GMT (10pm).

Obviously, if I had actually done the math, I would have said that the speedmap would take place at 20:00 GMT (8pm).

20:00 + 01:00 = 21:00 mmkay?! 
daylight saving time sucks and should be abolished. 
No No No No! 
Daylight saving time saves energy and allows people to get more done in the evenings!

...and it totally messes up my body clock. 
it's pure satanic and anti-human and devilish idea! 
daylight sucks.

nightime is more interesting. 
I Dunno About You, 
but i prefer my _sunlight to be at least 100. anything darker, and i have a hard time finding the monsters. 
don't worry. They'll find you. 
Wont be there. Too busy.

Hopefully 2 weeks or so from now.

(and I had such a great idea worked out. Maybe I'll just submit it a few weeks late) 
Don't Worry. They'll Find You. 
Not if you sneak up on them with your axe like Lizzie Borden and go 'wack! wack! wack!' 
speedmapping starts in an hour. anyone besides zwiffle and me going to show up? 
I Will 
If I can think of an idea.. tis a tricky one this week 
Sorry Scampie, 
I have been too busy making a map for a project, but it is getting very close to completion. In the next few weeks I should be able to Speedmap. 
Speedmap #75 
let's get back to easy themes :D

Theme: Doom Restriction maps. This means, no room over room, no sideways opening doors or moving platforms. Don't have to use doom textures, but here are Lun's q3doom textures converted to q1 for those wishing to use them:

Time: Saturday, April 17th, 4pm EST (9pm UK, 20:00 GMT)

Place: in #speedq1

Timelimit remains a casual 100 mins+, and you may still email me a map at anytime before I pack up the pack. 
won't this lead to really boring maps?
i'm not saying the theme is necessarily bad, but if i were participating, i wouldn't follow it. 
necros: only boring if the mappers make them boring. there's plenty you can do without room over room. height variation isn't outlawed, you can easily make a cool map with some imagination.

but if you don't want to follow the theme, that's cool too. 
What About 
slopes? Are they allowed or outlawed? To clarify I mean just brushes with vertical angles that aren't 90 degrees, not horizontal angles that aren't 90 degrees. 
no. no slopes going up and down. angled walls are of course ok. 
Good Point. 
and i've seen some pretty awesome maps for doom myself, so maybe you're right. :) 
Good Point #2 
necros: only boring if the mappers make them boring.

Well said scampie, I very much agree with that. A truly inspired mapper will not only work within the limitations but embrace them to produce something that is good and characterful because of the limitations. 
Doom Style Is A Good 
idea for the speed map. Afraid I'm out of town on business, boredom and playing FarCry this week and no where near my set up for map making.

Might be worth someone's while to take a look at the Doom retexture project, one of the better looking one's I must say, and take a few hours converting them to Quake compliant textures with TexMex and Wally. Just a suggestion. 
If You Don't Enjoy Mapping, Why Map? 
Think it's time I jacked in speedmapping. No point in it anymore. 
And For Anyone Confused About Xen's Comment... 
[17:33] <nane> hah
[17:33] <nane> it works
[17:33] <nane> oh this is great
[17:33] <nane> too bad no one is going to play it
[17:34] <scampie|mapping> did you enjoy making it?
[17:35] <Zwiffle|speedmap> yes, i enjoyed him making it
[17:38] <nane> oh yes
[17:38] <scampie|mapping> then who cares if anyone plays it?
[17:39] <scampie|mapping> speedmapping mantra: map for fun, not for others
[17:39] <rj> i don't find the mapping part very fun but i often like playing them afterwards if they're good
[17:40] <scampie|mapping> congrats, fuck off
[17:40] <rj> thx
[17:40] *** rj ( Quit (Quit: I swear to god i must be the only true optimist left on the planet.|| "hej slyna, du �r s�t. Jag kommer f� ett ligg med dig denna helgen")

rj = xen.

oh well, good riddence. as I've said countless times before, I run speedmapping for the mappers participating, not for the people who want to play a new pack of maps every week. and I certainly don't run the events for attention whore morons who think that 'quitting' will prove their point. 
But The Real Question Is 
Who is 'slyna', and why/how is xen going to have sex with her/him this weekend? 
What Language Is That? 
Shit, that quit message was from around a year ago... was a quote of a clanmate of mine attempting swedish. Forgot I still had it. 
as I've said countless times before, I run speedmapping for the mappers participating, not for the people who want to play a new pack of maps every week.

Who honestly gives a fuck what the person running them has in mind for the maps? Why fucking bother uploading the packs every week if you're insistant on sticking to that oh-so-pretentious 'map for yourself, not for others' scheme. I've spent more time speedmapping than pretty much anyone else on the site since the events started running, why on earth would I do it for all that time if I didn't enjoy participating myself?

Since you obviously interpreted my comment completely wrong & with very little thought whatsoever, I was merely stating that I didn't particularly enjoy the process dragging brushes around and copy/pasting entities for hours on end, however, I enjoy coming out with a finished product at the end of the session, and playing it. Yes, I normally enjoy playing my maps alot more than playing others, since they're pretty much tailor made for me. I couldn't care if other people didn't like them.

My point is though, even if mappers do map for the sake of getting their name known, so long as they submit a map then why give a shit?

and I certainly don't run the events for attention whore morons who think that 'quitting' will prove their point.

I 'quit' because I certainly don't participate in the events for power-tripping fucktards who think the whole world should share their opinion.

I've posted my view now though, like it or lump it. Since I'm obviously not welcome in the sessions anymore, I'd rather not carry on attending them, simple as. 
Who honestly gives a fuck what the person running them has in mind for the maps?
So, what you're saying is, I give up my saturday afternoons every week for egotistical assholes like yourself who couldn't give a damn that I'm trying to run a fun event for mappers to enjoy with each other? thanks.

Why fucking bother uploading the packs every week if you're insistant on sticking to that oh-so-pretentious 'map for yourself, not for others' scheme.
I seriously don't know, some people seem to enjoy the maps. Nothing wrong with that. But mapping everyweek just so those who play them can have a fun pack is draining, and not a good, fun, creative enviroment for the speedmappers. This shouldn't turn into an event where people are thinking they'll put their mark on the community with maps, just a nice bit of level design fun.

I've spent more time speedmapping than pretty much anyone else on the site since the events started running, why on earth would I do it for all that time if I didn't enjoy participating myself?
As you've obviously stated, you don't unless you get credit and people cheering for your maps. And congrats on spending time speedmapping, I know most of it was making sm36.

Since you obviously interpreted my comment completely wrong & with very little thought whatsoever, I was merely stating that I didn't particularly enjoy the process dragging brushes around and copy/pasting entities for hours on end, however, I enjoy coming out with a finished product at the end of the session, and playing it. Yes, I normally enjoy playing my maps alot more than playing others, since they're pretty much tailor made for me. I couldn't care if other people didn't like them.
I interprated you comment how it was presented. I was trying to help and encourage nane. You tried to demolish that by spewing some comment that offered no help at all. I gave you my thoughts on that, and you left crying like a baby and whining on this board about how you'd never speedmap again. Good riddence.

My point is though, even if mappers do map for the sake of getting their name known, so long as they submit a map then why give a shit?
Becuase speedmapping is not about that. It's about making fun little maps in a short bit of time. Go make a 'real' map and put some effort into it if you want your 'name to be known'.

I 'quit' because I certainly don't participate in the events for power-tripping fucktards who think the whole world should share their opinion.
See a few paragraphs ago. I don't see how I'm 'power-tripping' by saying 'fuck off' though. 
Hay Guys! 
I heard this thread contains WMD grade drama confirm/deny? 
So, what you're saying is, I give up my saturday afternoons every week for egotistical assholes like yourself who couldn't give a damn that I'm trying to run a fun event for mappers to enjoy with each other? thanks.

Scampie, if your Saturdays are as valuable as you claim, simply stop running the events and let someone else run them for awhile. We are all capable of such a task. :) 
But Who Would Do It? 
you? O_o 
Personally, I participate in Speedmap sessions for a number of reasons.

1) I like to make a little 'world' with a theme in mind, because using my creative abilities with a certain theme or restriction is challenging and helps to strengthen said creative abilities, which I find rewarding.

2) I like to map, but find I lose interest on regular maps I make for a number of reasons, not discluding mild ADD. Speedmapping lets me focus for a few hours,then release something without getting bored of it.

3) I like the relaxed atmosphere (most of the time) which encourages to have fun with the map. This relates to reason 1.

4) I like the feedback people give for all the maps, whether its "You're map isn't sealed properly, use my tools instead" or "All these maps suck, you should make smaller, more focused maps, my name is Shambler." This includes my own comments about other maps, which relates to reason number 6.

5) I like the way Scampie looks at me, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

6) I like to see what maps people come up with, especially when they use the theme, to see how different people's styles produce variations on a theme. Scampie usually produces some sort of flipped, symmetrical map, where I like to make maps with unique paths, etc. I find it interesting to compare what people came up with.

7) I like the mapping exercise, it hones skills. If you compare what I started coming out with (way back in sm60 or something) to what I produce now, there's a steady progression of slightly less sucking with each map, except for a couple that I didn't feel like mapping.

8) The maps some people come out with boost my selfesteem. (I'm talking to you, RPG)

Well, now that I have outlined some of my reasons, I must give a big "Fuck you" to both Xen and Scampie for turning my weekend fun, which I look forward to each and every week, into a stupid debate over why you should speedmap. Everyone has their own reasons, don't force people to speedmap for your reasons you god damned speedmap Nazis. If people are speedmapping, let them speedmap for whatever reason they want to, as long as they're speedmapping I'm fine with it. Get the fuck over it.

BTW, I have a theme for speedmap #76, how about MC Escher-style architecture?

PS, sorry if there are any incoherent sentences or grammatical errors, I'm talking to my friend on the phone. 
what the hell is mc escher style?

on speedmapping, i like to do it because it lets me try out things i would normally never do in a full sized map as evidenced by my many 'fucked texture' maps and such. also, it lets me try out themes that i haven't done before because i tend to stick to q1met/runic too much... 
MC Escher 
The guy who did all those cool pictures of stairs that went every which way...
Do a google search, I'm sure you've seen his famous stuff at least. 
Could Someone Clarify This For Me? 
Xen said: My point is though, even if mappers do map for the sake of getting their name known, so long as they submit a map then why give a shit?

Scampie said: Becuase speedmapping is not about that. It's about making fun little maps in a short bit of time. Go make a 'real' map and put some effort into it if you want your 'name to be known'.

Oohh, so if I like Mexican food because it's spicy, and John likes Mexican food because of crunchy friend tortillas, that means John is an idiot and shouldn't eat Mexican food? 
Agree With Zwiff 
On his point number 6 -- it is why I should do it more often. 
RPG: I'm the mexican chef. I make spicy tacos with extra peppers. Xen is a gringo who stumbles into my cafe smoking marijuana and demanding I make my tacos less spicy and much more crispy. I get Hos� to throw him out of my cafe. 
er... wait, it's be more correct if Xen throws himself out of the cafe after I tell him that I don't want to make him crispy tacos, just my world famous spicy tacos, and then goes to tell the guys at the bar that I raped his children and he will never eat at my establishment again. 
The pair of you have successfuly constructed this:
out of this:
Now if you could learn lead into gold we'd all be rich. 
we've made a file not found? 
Xen is a gringo who stumbles into my cafe smoking marijuana and demanding I make my tacos less spicy and much more crispy.

I typed up a one-line response to that, but then I realized that if you don't get it the first two or three times, you're probably not going to get it at all.

I just don't understand why Scampie practically begs people in #Terrafusion to speedmap, but then tries to run out a regular contributor. 
Bah, Bastard Server Went Down 
You haven't announced sm75 officially, is the zip in the files section the right one?

I liked the two SP maps, yours in a very unique shiny green atmosphere, although the combat was pretty weird.

Zwiffle's I believe must've been from the previous theme (play through twice), looked nice and had pretty rough combat, those enforcers can be very effective ... 
Speedmap #76 
Time: Saturday, April 24th at 4pm EST (9pm UK, 20:00 GMT)

Theme: No theme!...

Timelimit: 100 mins. Strictly enforced!!!

Thought it'd be a neat idea to try making a pack this week where sticking to the timelimit of 100 mins was the theme. Kinda differant than anything we've done before. We'll get back to other themes and lenient timelimits next week. 
Place: #speedq1 on or email maps to me at 
Drew, Got your email and map... can't reply due to a cock up at my isp... Glad to see some maps being submitted outside the events again, been a few weeks :D And don't worry about being in theme, it's never enforced, even when I say it is... :P 
Thanks Scampie 
I didn't think it would be a problem, but I just thought I should let you know that I spent a bit longer on it than I should've... I guess we're in the same boat though anyways.
I was thinking that maybe we could have an arena themed SM for #77.
by the way, is SM69 ever going to materialise or have recent events killed it? 
SM69 is still in development. 
I Think 
scampie should enforce the time limit on sm69. 
Lol RPG Is On Time 
In Valve Years! Bwwaahahaha. 
metlslime is supposed to be working on it at the moment, so I blame it all on him. :P

P.S. Yes, I like to defer the blame.

P.P.S. Saying this will probably make metlslime pass it back to me, in which case it will then be my fault that it's overdue.

P.P.P.S. I blame Canada. 
Discussion of sm69 should take place in the general abuse thread, not the speedmapping thread. That's all I have to say about it.

Arena theme sounds good. what do people think? Cardo suggested 'Kona-esqe' maps (2 floors, odd architecture, bad color combos). I was thinking about finally running the Oblivion theme (Islands in space). 
My Opinion: 
Run an unthemed week. Even though last week was "unthemed" it still had a psuedo theme of "strict timelimit." Arena sounds good, but do that in two weeks. 
Tribute To Sadlark Week Sometime 
Where you have to put in some semi-complex mission quest statements and devide the map up into regional sections (You now enter the Wraith Lord's Abode, The Temple of Tu-Moteep lies before you). I love that stuff. 
What About 
flooded areas theme? That means the the areas that you make like dry ones (simple rooms), but filled with water.
Or the areas that should be underwater ones, but without any water. 

gravity has been reversed can you as the player of quake beat the levels? 
Upside-Down Levels Could Have A Very Interesting Puzzle Element 
Reminds Me Of That One Map From 1997... 
by Markus Klar... remember it? 
The Fly? 
Without looking it up, did I get it right? 
Hey, that reminds me of an older map with sideways rooms, called thefly.bsp.

(didn't we do this theme awhile ago? or was it just discussed?) 
(2 floors, odd architecture, bad color combos).

Don't forget the lame custom monsters and impressively "dark" and "mysterious" names... 
Idea For A Theme 
how about 'final quake map' theme

Almost everyone dislikes the end.bsp, why not try to make your own version. Doesnt have to be shub or chton. Do anyhting you would do, if you were ID mapper in charge of creating the FINAL level for the game. 
I Like The Map... 
...but not the actual trick to kill Shub.

Hmmm actually as much as you're a highly strung and generally deluded twit, that is really quite a good idea for a theme... 
Hmmm actually as much as you're a highly strung and generally deluded twit, that is really quite a good idea for a theme...


Speedmap #77, May 1st, 4pm EST (9pm UK, 20:00 GMT)

Theme: A new ending to Quake.

Timelimit: The standard 100 mins or more or less deal.

Place: in #speedq1. or email a map to me at 
Does The 
theme include making the map a trick map or can it be just difficult combat, or difficult combat with a minor trick? 
And Does It Mean 
the style has to be elderworld/cave style with lava? 
Good Theme 
Necros, and Zwiffle I think it is pretty broadly defined. You can use the end of episode level change if you dont like either of the two bosses, and I doubt if you are stuck with that cave style. Zeroester, Beyond Belief and Nehahra lend ideas to how an ending can be achieved (I'm thinking more on the lines of Last Cup Of Sorrow not the two boss levels)and it would be interesting to see how those approaches get interperted in Vanilla Quake.

That is just how I see it; Scampie may have a more specific idea in mind, but I've never known him to limit the scope of the themes after his initial announcement. 
Anything goes, whatever you think the end of q1 should have been. 
...with Shub instead of telefraggin him woulda been cool 
Isnt Shub A Girl? 
Not that if she is one she would be my type or anything. 
All Demons Are Females. 
Explains alot, huh? 
Lol Scampie 
That has been my experience. 
what theme do we want to do next? 
Or, as RPG suggested - unthemed. maybe with the perogative to use unusual texture sets/designs? 
unthemed arenas! It's brillent! 
Let's Do ... 
an "unthemed" megatheme. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of unthemed speedmapping. Here's the schedule:

Week 1: Unthemed.
Week 2: No theme.
Week 3: Themeless.
Week 4: Pick your favorite theme from weeks 1-3. 
My Favorite Untheme 
is speedmap 69 and how it's never finished. Oh wait comments like this go in abuse, right? Go Fitzquake! 
What About 
Abandoned city theme? I mean destroyed buildings, ruins and all other stuff related to it. I think this would look cool. 
I like it! How about that for next week?

this week... Let's run the Arena theme. Maps should consist of hardcore, knock down, no holds barred combat in happy little arenas of death and mayhem!

It's speedmap #78 this week, timelimit remains it's wonderfully elastic 100 or 200mins, whichever comes first, timelimit. in #speedq1 is the place to be at 4pm EST (9pm UK, 20:00 GMT) on Saturday May 8th. Or you may email me a map beforehand at

Be there or be square! or pentagon! 
that sounds like my kind of theme. ^_^ 
Maps should consist of hardcore, knock down, no holds barred combat in happy little arenas of death and mayhem!

Which is what they usually end up as anyway >:( 
Me Bukkakes Shambler 
Abandoned city YAY 
Late with this annoucement, sorry :(

SM79 is tomorrow! Saturday, May 15th at 4pm EST, 9pm UK, or 20:00 GMT, whatever your local pleasure is.

Theme is Unthemed due to alot of people missing last week. I'll be running the Abandoned City theme next week for sure.

Meeting place is in #speedq1, as always. Make note of the server Starbuck, Gamesnet is no more. You guys can also email me a map beforehand at 
Vondur and I noticed that the sm6_pack zip is broken in your files section. Can you please replace the pack?

You can get it here 
that archive is corrupt as well. I'll ask Pauk if he still have the old archive or the maps, but it looks like sm6 may be lost :(

As for this week's speedmap, no one except Zwiffle showed up, and he gave up part way. :( Let's try for more next week. 
I'll Send My Copy To You 
so you can replace the corrupt one. 
maybe the theme was too challenging. 
Or People Just Forgot... 
this time it was farcry's fault. :P 
Did you get the sm6_pack I sent you? 
oh yeah, yes. pack reuploaded now, thanks! 
So We *do* Want Themes? 
If so heres an idea - custom quake. What I mean by that is we could use say Zerstorer or whatever. Map for that mod - not just using those textures - in fact it might be best to be unthemed in that regard. I think that could produce some interesting maps, and it hasn't been done before ( if you don't count DMSP).
Just an idea... 
we run last week's speedmap, but with 'abandoned city' as the theme.

if anyone shows up, it'll be a miracle. 
I'll Be There 
I made a custom wad to map for this theme, so hopefully it'll be a bit different than normal speedmaps. 
i'll try to be there, but the problem is that the timing is just really crappy for me... it works out to about 4:00 here, and it's a real pain because i always seem to be doing something else... i wanted to participate in the last couple of sessions too... and i don't really enjoy speedmapping before the sessions... it just isn't fun then, and more a job to do...

hope you understand... not meant as an excuse. 
[14:00] <necros> speaking of 'setting' themes...
[14:01] <necros> do you think a good one for next week would be 'massive scale'
[14:01] <necros> like big open arenas and courtyards?
[14:01] <scampie> ok, sounds good enough>

everyone else agree? 
I thought we were doing 'vertical swamps', which sounded interesting. Massive scale seems like it could lower fps, but is fine by me. Either way is good. 
i didn't know there was the other theme when i broached my theme to scampie. it's fine with me if you want to do vertical swamps then massive scale.

i've thought it over though, and i'm thinking massive scale will lead to massive lack of detail since there won't be enough time to put in enough detail to cover huge amounts of space... 
ctrl + c, ctrl + v

or for radiant

"Massive scale" - only suggested because Necros struggles to map in any other style. 
The Scary Thing Is... 
For necros, massive scale = normal scale, so can you imagine how large the necros version of massive scale would be? 
Massive Scale Vs. Vertical Swamps 
either one is fine for next week, but let's not try to combine them into one theme. 
in WC, Hold Shift-Drag Brush. Much faster. 
I do that all the time, only on accident. 
ok. Next Week is Vertical Swamps, due to it being suggested to me first. Then m-M-M-M-MASSIVE SCALE 
"Massive scale" - only suggested because Necros struggles to map in any other style.<q/>
This Saturday is Speedmap 80. Theme will be Vertical Swamp. This means a swampy setting, with either vertical movement through the map, or just tall some way.

4pm est as usual, which is 9pm UK, or 20:00 GMT. in #speedq1 is the meeting place, or email me a map beforehand at

now... next week (sm81) will be Massive Scale... and let's get ahead of oursealves and annouce this... sm83 will be a chainspeedmap! This means everyone will be given 3 hours to make a section which will be combined with the others to make a single cool q1sp map. I will be mapping for the event, and putting it together afterwards. Now, what we'll need for discussion in the next few weeks is to decide on the texture theme. I'd say something like Runic, Ikbase, or Rubicon would be good due to them not being used before in speedchainmaps, and being open ended enough that everyone can use them decently. I personally lean toward Rubicon.

I Heard.. 
..the creator of rubicon is some kinda freak 
But Is He As Freaky As This Guy? 
Try Me 
This means everyone will be given 3 hours to make a section

Will there be some sort of guide or floorplan used to co-ordinate whose section connects to whose, and at what angle? 
who's blessed with the job of putting it all together? :P 
I Seem To Remember... 
sm83 will be a chainspeedmap! This means everyone will be given 3 hours to make a section which will be combined with the others to make a single cool q1sp map. I will be mapping for the event, and putting it together afterwards. Now, what we'll need for discussion in the next few weeks is to decide on the texture theme. I'd say something like Runic, Ikbase, or Rubicon would be good due to them not being used before in speedchainmaps, and being open ended enough that everyone can use them decently. I personally lean toward Rubicon.

I vote IKbase. 
...the quote was from scampie necros 
Yay Another Speedchainmap 
I'll be sure to map for this one... both Runic and Rubicon sound good as themes. I think Rubicon might yield better results for a chainmap though, and be easier to put together, because it encourages most of the creativity to be expressed in mid-level architecture, whereas Runic differs in detailing and style a lot more (partly due to its lack of choices for wall textures/panels etc)...

some real rambling there, but in conclusion, I vote Rubicon. 
Oh, Ok. 
thanks distrans. i am the forgetful one... :) 
should be good 
Of The Sets Listed 
I'd say Rubicon. But there are lots of sets never even used in a finished map before, and even more that have only been used once, so I'd suggest using one of those. Fury, DKT E3, Clockwork, Oblivion, Ogro. But I would have to agree with Starbuck that a set that encourages "mid-level architecture" would definitely be a prefered set. So maybe DKT E3, Clockwork, or Rubicon would be good sets to use. 

i'm going to try to get in on this one if i can 
of the wads mentioned, the only i've used is dkt e3, so i'm going to say that one should be used, but it'd be fun to use one I've never played with before, so it doesn't really matter, as long as there's a chain map. 
by sm83, i mean sm82. skipped a week somehow. 
Speedmap 81 is Saturday. Theme will be Massive Scale. 4pm est, AKA 9pm UK, or 20:00 GMT. in #speedq1 is the meeting place, or email me a map beforehand at 
Speedchain Map: 
Next Saturday is the Speedchainmap. Here's exactly how things will happen.

Time limit is 3 hours. In this time, you are to create some connected rooms which I'll stick together with others. It'd be best if you have a single 'setpiece', and a few rooms leading and leaving it. Place some important monsters, or any neat gameplay ideas you may have for your area. Weapons, items, and balencing of monsters will be my job after getting things together. It'll be preferable if you use worldcraft or radiant and send me the map in .map format.

The texture set will be rubicon by metlslime. Please use this .wad
If you've never seen/used the set before, it'd be a good idea to look at the original map metlslime used it for, or Vondur's awesome Zed for some inspiration/ideas.

You may notice in the wad I've decided to use Zed's sky, and get rid of metl's original rocks and replace them with a ground texture and cliff. I'd like for this map to be a bit darker than rubicon, and think we should use some arcane monsters alongside the grunts and enforcers. Let's try and think of it as a military installation out in the elderworld or something like that.

any questions? 
Sm82 Wads 
So what wad are we gonna use for the chainmap? I don't think I have rubicon, so I'd need to get it. Also Scampie could you send me all the parts you get too when the session is done? 
posting the EXACT SAME TIME as me scampie. 
all the parts will be included with the released .bsp. I don't fancy racing with people to put together this map. 
Vondur Is Now At 
Hmm, When I Wrote 
that the links worked, now they don't ... 
do I have be on IRC for this event? I don't have any IRC client installed ATM. 

And no you don't have to be on IRC. scampie accepts map submissions via e-mail. 
just make something beforehand, email it to me, and I'll try and stick it into the map.

which is something I forgot to mention. I'll try to use all map sections I get, but like in the past, it's not always possible to use everyone's work. you still get credit in the readme though! 
do we leave our map open so you can connect at those parts or do you just demolish parts of the map and then connect wherever you see fit? 
don't think of it like making a map. you're just building some interconnected rooms. I hope to not need to do much demolishing, just some fixes and pieces to join things together nicely. so basically, yes, leave things open. 
Would It Be Ok 
if i just made a bunch of non connected room? just seperate areas... would you want that in the same .map file, or seperate .maps? 
I might be ineterested in participating... What textures sets are planned to be used for the next one? 
See #513!! 
i guess so, but it may make it more difficult to mix them in. seperate .maps would be best if you go this route.

Jago: yeah! learn to read! rubicon! this is the .wad that must be used. 
Hey Scampie 
This sounds cool. What texture set are you using? 
New Rule 
anyone 1 post before this and after asking what texture set we're using will be banned! 
Seems speedmapping is pretty buzzing at the moment...

What's this week's theme again?? 
Theres a terrible lack of crate textures in sm82.wad. What am I supposed to do- create original room designs without filling up space with crates? Preposterous! 
Use Idbase Crates 
becuase the rubicon crates sucked :P

So does the rest of the set, actually (except maybe the slime texture,) but i don't think i can talk scampie out of using it on those grounds. 
yeah i meant idbase crates, of course :)

ive always liked the set, but i wish it had more to offer. most of them are hard to modify because of odd riveting. and by 'modify' i mean 'copy/paste into new dimensions'. it sorta lends itself to being blocky (hi vondur). 
map with the textures! not against them!

and let me just officially annouce that idbase crates are kosher for this event. 
Hey, Scampie 
The Rubicon crates aren't very good. What crates should I use for SM82? 
i won't be able to do speedmap on saturday, and i'm too busy from now until sunday to do it either... since this is a chainmap, is it ok if i send my pieces to you after saturday/sunday? 
yes, but asap after satuday sunday please. want to start getting things together sunday. 
you're thinking of a a little known level from 1997 called "the fly" by markus klar. 
i probably won't get the chance to work on the map parts until i get home on monday... so you may as well get started without me...

how long do you forsee working on the chainmap? it'll help me figure out how long i have to work on it... 
As It Stands Atm 
I have sections from RPG, NotoriousRay, Zwiffle, and myself. I guess necros is going to add something monday. We got a good amount of source material here, I expect about a month for me to get everything together, cleaned up, and tweaked nicely. 
I wasn't able to map these few days and will be busy tomorrow. I'll send my section tomorrow evening. ok? 
Did you get any of my recent emails? 
yes, I have just recieved them and replied you. I was offline for a while and will be also offline for a day of so. 
So Is SM82 Out Yet? 
AND What theme is it?? 
pulsar: sure, i'm already waiting for necros' 
Dear Pulsar 

Your section you got to me is going to be perfect for bringing things together! 
Your section you got to me is going to be perfect for bringing things together!

That's what I originally supposed. If you make everything yourself, you may use those places with buttons like corridors to other sections and move buttons to other places to make something non-linear.

Glad that you liked it:) 
Exactly My Plan. 
I know the button nearest the platform is going to be removed and replaced with Zwiffle's section. I think the bridge will extend to RPG's, and somehow I'll make NotRay's lead into yours I guess. 
the bridge door would be good as gold key door IMHO. 
SpeedPack 100 
Guys, what are the plans for the 100th pack?
It's soon, I reckon. 
Theme Idea 
has there been an 'oldschool' theme yet? you know, maybe some dapak-style, or old school metal with gaudy giant quake symbols and/or pentagrams, etc.. but with oldschool flair? just an idea. 
sorry! i didn't get back till today, and although i had my computer, i didn't have much time to map. i'll get to work on it now, and i'll see what i can come up with. 
i never annouced there'd be an sm83, but if anyone wants to should up tomorrow and do some unthemed speedmapping, please do. standard 4pm EST, 100 mins or more timelimit #speedq1 or email maps to

sm82's status: haven't physically put anything together yet, but have a pretty good idea how to get things together. necros, sorry buddy but I don't think I can really use the small area you made :( I'll release the .map with the rest and mention you in the credits for sure though. Don't feel bad, becuase I'm throwing out the area I did during the event as well. 
That's Ok. 
it wasn't a really great piece anyway. i still am looking forward to seeing sm82! :) 
do you have a theme planned this week? I'd suggest Ogro textures if any one is interested. 
yeah, I do have a plan headthumpy, soz.

Sm83 is saturday. 4pm EST.

Theme is 100 mins strict timelimit plus Deathmatch maps only. RPG will be onhand afterwards for a small game of Quakeworld on the completed maps directly after.

best place to be is in #speedq1, so we can be sync'd and ease of getting the game together. maps emailed to me at will be accepted, but as soon as the strict timelimit is up, the pack will be made, so be early. 
Great Idea For A Pack 
looking forward to it 
I Can Make It 
Will be playing ball in the afternoon, but I'll get it done that morning. 
Just out of curiosity...where is it at? I'll try to be at SM83 this weekend again, since I dont think I have anything going on. We'll see what goes. 
It's Over There! -> 
* scampie hides... 
Just a question, I'm not involved in speedmapping, and I don't think I will be one day (I'm not enough "strong" in mapping, I don't have enough time..), but I just would like to have further informations about the concept... I just would like you to satisfy my curiosity... ;-)
Errr. Speedmapping = making a map quickly. Usually in 100 minutes or thereabouts.

P.S. Scampie, why not have a Rubicon-textured chainspeedmap as this week's theme?? 
And I suppose you try each map from other mappers, during deathmatch session, or something like this ?? Just to say "today, this guy wins", etc...
Cool concept, but only really "pro" mappers are able to build a map into so few time !! It's definitely not for me ... 
I'm new to Q1 mapping. If you want proof, download SM_81 and play the Painty_J map. That's mine. Sadly, it took all 100 minutes for me to make.

The point of this is: It's a piece of crap, and it took forever to make. What hope do I have now? Well, I learned a few tricks when I made it. Some things I did wrong, but next time I won't make those same mistakes and waste time on stuff that won't work. Or maybe I figured out a faster way to do something just as I was finishing up. Next time I'll do that to begin with, and skip the slow method.

The point is that my second map will hopefully be a little more complex than my first one. Then I will most likely learn a few more tricks so my third map will be more complex. Keep repeating this process, and before long you'll be a badass at mapping. I know the same approach helped me immensely with my 3d art capabilities, so I'm hoping that by participating here I can improve my mapping.

Just don't worry about it if your first map sucks. Mine definately did, but I'm not worried. If I wanted it to not suck, I would have spent 100 HOURS on it instead of 100 minutes :) 
I know understand better the concept of speedmapping.. I would be very happy to participate, but it's rather difficult today for me to find enough time just for my current project... due to my wife who desperatly doesn't understand why I'm still playing with these "idiot game"... grrr... women... anyway.. thanks for the informations... Perhaps one day... who knows...
Take A Look 
at some of the previous speedmaps (there are over 400 now, going back to early 2001) and you'll see that the quality, style, theme, playability etc varies greatly. In any case, there are a lot of inspirational material and many of them are great.

I believe one of the points with speedmapping is to let new mappers get in and make maps without having the pressure of doing a fullblown map. 
I'll take a look... It should be very helpfull and interesting for sure...
Thanks for the advice 
read the FAQ I have at the speedmapping site, may be some help. 
Thank you very much.. 
Oh Crap 
forgot about speedmapping last night 
I Didn't Get Enough Of My Map Completed 
that was worth submitting. 
That's Ok... 
we got some pretty good maps last night. I'll post the pack in a few mins. 
Theme Idea 
1 guy makes a start map, the rest makes sp levels with runes at the end of 'em. Kinda make mini episodes that are a level long!

It at least would make browsing them easier :). 
Hrmm....That Sounds Pretty Cool 
But how would you know how many teleport gates you'd need? 
4 mappers is alot for speedmaps and less than that is too few for the idea to be worthwhile. and really isn't a theme that encourages mappers to do neat things 
what about Statue theme?

That means the map should contain a statue of anyone or anything.
Or it must be a huge statue that player walks on. 
No speedmapping announcement yet? Only two days till saturday. Just curious is all. Don't mean to push you or anything. 
Also, what about this thread? Is there any way for it to be split up into pages? That huge long list of posts takes a least 5 minutes for me to load, but that could just be me. If it is, then don't worry about it. 
If You Login 
properly each time, you'll have New # or in any case Last 25 to get the latest posts. This applies for all threads here. 
speedmap will be annouced later, if I can gather enough willing troops to break me out of my prison here in remote Brazil where I am a jailed freedom fighter. 
Consider me a part of the team, Scampie. Bare with me here. If we get enough of these troops to dress as women, we may just have a chance. The prison guards will be so confused by a whirlwind of breasts and phallic objects that they will pretty much lose all will to live. I volunteer myself the leader.

And aguiRe, now that I know it has something to do with a selection I make, I'll poke around a bit. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 
er, i mean... SM84!

Saturday, July 10th I guess that is. 4pm eastern time, which is like 9 pm uk time I think but don't quote me on that.

Theme? OLD SKOOL, hardcore motherfuckas!!! I seriously have no clue what this theme means, as NotoriousRay suggested it and it sounds kinda neat. I think you just make maps like they'd have been released in 1997 or something. Just use lots on unaligned idbase and 16 unit think walls and you should be good I guess. in #speedq1 is still the meeting point, or you can email me maps before the event at 
does the hardcore motherfuckas part mean the map must be difficult to finish? 
Correct Me If I'm Wrong, 
But I believe he was referring to us. 
Electro and I played a couple of the maps from sm83 (scamphoe's and ray's?) and they were pretty good for speedmaps.. keep it up*!

* and just do dm please 'cos SP speedmaps are fairly pointless, but you can do a good dm in an hour. 
SP speedmaps aren't pointless if the person who made them enjoyed themselves. There are plenty of people who make DM speedmaps anyway, and personally, I think that the people involved in the event like to do a bit of both.

Also, as far as playing the pack goes, single player maps are good for people like me, who never have and most likely will never get to DM.

Anyway, that's just what I think. 
if we do dm maps, is there someway to get them up on a server to play? 
I'll Be There 
if i can get this coolwebsearch trojan off my system by saturday. if not then my weekend will be spent formatting and reinstalling my system. :( we'll see 
Here is a nice uncomplicated, free anti-virus tool.

Be sure to fallow the instruction on disabling system restore.

Imagine, you have to go through a lot of crap to get these sons'o'bitches off of your system but it only takes them a fraction of a moment to hook into your system.

There is a free firewall called ZoneAlarm that can be useful as well. 
Even Better. 
if it's CoolWebSearch on your system, get CWS Shedder, which removes all but very recent versions of CoolWebSearch.

That site is also a wealth of info and such on various 'scumware' check his news and forums for more recent and up to date info on his battle with CWS.

Also, I recommend getting both AdAware and Spybot:Search and Destroy and running them both regularly, they'll get rid of 99% of misc junk you get from regular web surfing. The free version of AdAware is all you need, Spybot is free as well.

As for general virus protection, there are various free things around the net, but I personally use F-Secure Anti-Virus 2004. Cheap, as effective and regularly updated as the big boys McAfee/Norton, and much lighter on the system resources.

Headthump pointed out a good free Firewall, I never really liked ZoneAlarm when I used it, nor do I like Mcafee or Norton's... I use Kerio Personal Firewall 5. Again, Cheap, Effective, Updated, and easy on the system.

Also, Internet Explorer is full of exploits and whatnot, it's recommended to use an alternitive browser for general surfing. I use Opera 7, but many people use Mozilla. Both are good, so make your own choice, I only use IE now for the few pages that just don't work right without it.

All this should help you clean up some of that crap. Here's another good page with alot of the same info I just gave you and a ton of other stuff. It's a good read and written by a guy on the SomethingAwful forums. 
As For Speedmapping Issues... 
Yes, I enjoy doing DM maps alot, but the majority of speedmappers have all been into SP maps becuase the majority of people looking at the maps are into SP.

RPG now runs a small custom map server off his cable connection which is decent enough for some 4-5 player matchs, and I'm sure whenever he's around for speedmapping he'd be willing to host maps for a few rounds. If not, I can always host small, but laggy, games off my connection. 
I was recently recommend AVG antivirus (they offer a free edition) and it seems pretty damn good for the money. 
Of course you're perfectly right, and if you enjoy creating SP speedmaps then that's all the motivation you need...

All I meant to say was that for me personally, SP speedmaps are fairly pointless because I have not found even one SP speedmap to be remotely enjoyable to play. I just don't think 60-100 minutes is enough time to craft a significant SP experience. On the other hand, it seems perfectly possible to make a fun DM map within that timelimit.

Sure, you may enjoy making SP speedmaps, and they are certainly interesting to look at at times, but in terms of producing a fun playable map, all the speedmaps that I've seen have fallen pretty far short.

The above is of course just my opinion, but it is based at least in part on the results I've seen from previous speedmap sessions. 
I have tried all of those things, including CWShredder, which did absolutely jack shit. It said my system was completely clean of CWSearch, even though Ad-Aware 6.0 and Norton Anti-Virus say otherwise. And seeing as vital Windows files have been infected and cannot be cleaned, deleted, quarantined or removed without Windows complaining on startup, I feel I have no choice but to reformat and reinstall.
I used to use Opera7 but it didn't handle Java applets and things like that very well for me, so that's why I switched to IE, but since then I've switched to Firefox which seems a whole lot sexier anyway. IE is a piece of garbage anyway. 
Mr Fribbles 
I always enjoy an SP speedmap as a fun playing experience, if even for a few seconds. I dunno, they've all been fun to play for me, even though they've not been fine-tuned as much as a regular map. They're not the best SP experiences I've ever had, mind you, but since they come out at least 2 or 3 a week, that's plenty enough fun :)

I still haven't loaded up the DM pack from last session though, don't have anyone to DM with. I might try to get it spread around at the LAN today though, get some good fraggin on :) 
I do have to agree with you there. However, I guess I was generally referring to the silly-themed speedmaps. SP can't be beat for those. However, I do agree that the more creative can create some really impressive stuff in the timeframe.

Some of the older SP speedmaps had some cool stuff, even in a short map, but lately the serious SP stuff has just become boring.

But my point still remains. If the person making it enjoys the speedmapping process of making an SP map, then it doesn't really matter. 
What do you find lacking about SP speedmaps? Sure most of them suck, but that's true for DM as well. The only thing i can see "wrong" about the good SP speedmaps is that they are relatively short. Is that the problem? 
I Enjoy The SP 
speedmaps very much and I think others do, too. Even if the maps often are short, many of them are great fun and offer a lot of good ideas.

I think the current mix of SP/DM is good and in any case the important thing is that the mappers themselves have fun creating the maps. 
sm84 is done, but it looks like spawnpoint is down atm. so possibly it'll be released later today I guess. :( 
Alternate URL 
to sm84, maybe? Seems like several hosts have problems now ... 
I generally don't enjoy playing them. But then I don't even like SPQ that much unless its done really well, so whatever. As I said above I find them 'interesting' and 'worth a look' (I say this as a level designer) but ultimately they're of no use to me as a player.

On the other hand some of the DM speedmaps are useful to me as a player because the good ones can at the very least provide some good gameplay for 10 minutes. 
In my opinion, that's exactly what the better SP speedmaps provide -- good gameplay for 10 minutes. So i guess i was trying to get at what you thought made SP speedmaps bad. Visuals, gameplay, length, storyline -- what is lacking? 
So i guess i was trying to get at what you thought made SP speedmaps bad. Visuals, gameplay, length, storyline -- what is lacking?

Just overall quality in all areas, FFS it's not exactly rocket science to work that out. 
Dunno, I didn't analyse it that much... all of the above?

Take sm84 for instance... I loaded the SP levels and played them for between 1 and 10 seconds (each) before quitting because they were such absolute shit. Mappers who participated in this pack, don't get all pissy, its just my opinion... and I couldn't do any better in an hour!

Perhaps I just haven't seen the 'better' sp speedmaps. I don't download them all, I tend to just download the packs occasionally when I see them posted here. At a guess I have downloaded 10 to 15 speedmap packs in total (that's not a lot considering they're up to 84). 
Mine was absolute shit on purpose :) 
I also just wanted to point out that to most experienced Quake players, an all-out, months of work, detailed SP level usually takes around 9-11 minutes. Other times it's usually less. A single-player speedmap will not last that long, it will last maybe around 2-3 minutes. However, if you find a good replay value in a deathmatch speedmap, as the gameplay originates not from monster placement and a good, maybe puzzling layout, but from the map allowing for strategy to be used in a few people jumping around killing each other. Because the person setting up a server defines a timelimit, 10 minutes being a good one, the fun lasts until somebody gets tired of it. But there is no way that a single-player speedmap will last anymore than 2 minutes, unless you stop along every 4 feet and admire the architecture while killing your enemies. Especially the good speedmaps, as there can exist some incredible attention to detail, but doing so will significantly decrease gameplay time, as detail does take a long time.

All in all, it is being analyzed way too much here. As I said before, if the person wants to do it, then they do it. And if somebody makes a SP map, and somebody like Fribbles says he doesn't like it, then he has right to not like it. What does it matter? Will it really change the right of a person participating in a speedmapping session to make a single-player map? No. Mr. Fribbles saying he does not enjoy playing SP speedmaps does absolutely nothing to anybody, it is just what he thinks. And saying that it would be a good idea to simply make DM maps for the people who play the packs, that is just something to think about. In the end, there is no point in analyzing what he thinks, because whenever somebody thinks anything, there's a big chance it's going to somehow conflict with what you are going to think. 
I gave it my all, actually. 
I Woulda... 
...done better, but I crapped out w/15 minutes left in the time and didn't bother checking for some glaring errors...

I'm still happy with what I produced in <75 minutes.

(I'm also too lazy to log into func) 
RPG now runs a small custom map server off his cable connection which is decent enough for some 4-5 player matchs, and I'm sure whenever he's around for speedmapping he'd be willing to host maps for a few rounds.

Scampie speaks the truth. I would like to have more DM-themed events where we play the maps afterwards. That was fun.

And I have to agree that most SP speedmaps suck. Poorly balanced, buggy, frequently lacking innovation--there's just not much there to appreciate. I have to say, though, that I have seen several that look and play exactly like a small portion of a regular SP map, so kudos to those.

For the next SP speedmap I do, I plan to not bother with the visuals, and focus solely on creating an interesting gameplay experience. We'll see how it goes. 
1-10 Seconds? 
so it must be the visuals. Thanks for the answer. 
for anyone interested, this week's map was a fave of mine becuase I had the most fun making it, laughing at how stupidly I could get things done. I hate when I have to work at mapping just so it can be fun for someone for 10 seconds. 
Like I said, your map reminded me greatly of my very first released map, and this is may sound pathetic, but Frik's lasts a lot longer.

I enjoyed playing this pack a lot because it made me laugh. I'm involved with a mod project right now, and there's a lot of pressure involved in creating really good maps that other people will be able to enjoy, good gameplay, as perfect as I can make it.

When something like this speedmap session comes along, fun as hell, it's a great way to remind yourself that a game is always about having fun. 
I hate when I have to work at mapping just so it can be fun for someone for 10 seconds.

But really, doesn't that accurately define just about every work of art in the world? Somebody works hard and intensely on this thing, that they completely devote themselves to, and it's so incredibly simple for somebody to look at it for a few seconds, which most people do with art, and dismiss it with "It's not good enough, do better." There will be the few who look into what they see, really focus on it and see the work and heart that was put into it, but how rare are those people? They hardly exist. No matter what the medium, no matter how hard you work, somebody will (maybe) enjoy it for a small portion of their life, and then odds are they will forget about it.

So if you're worrying that somebody will enjoy something you create for a small fraction of time, you should realize how lucky you are that they will even actually enjoy it for that amount of time. 
You have arrived at the truth. However, the flip side of it is this -- once you realize that no one is really paying attention, you can get away with anything. 
That's the advantage. With said realization, you can have a whole lot of fun in life. >:D 
Well, Tact Is Lost On Frib 
Of course, you know there are better ways to say you don't like something other than "All your SP maps suck!"

Usually saying that something sucks is a surefire way to make someone upset. Just my experience. 
Saying that all the SP maps were SHIT, and then telling everyone to not get pissed because it's your opinion is a pretty ignorant thing to do.

You suck shit man, but don't worry, because that's just my opinion. Ask yourself: Do you really feel any less offended because I said it was only my opinion? 
You suck shit man, but don't worry, because that's just my opinion. Ask yourself: Do you really feel any less offended because I said it was only my opinion?

I'm not particularly offended either way. In any case, its obviously just your opinion whether you explicitly state as much or not... I mean unless you can produce convincing documentary evidence that I do, in actual fact, suck shit, then it can't be presented as fact. Even if it were, am I supposed to really give a shit? I'm sorry man, but I don't give a flying fuck what you think! :D

So no, what some random gumby says to me on an internet message board is not going to affect me very much. If it affects you then you need to grow a thicker skin, or get the fuck off the internet. I may not be very tactful but you'll get a lot worse on the net than what you'll get from me, so you better fucking get over yourself and learn not to put too much stock in other people's opinions or else you're going to be offended at every turn. 
this thread is now about how much wyldesnake likes the suck other men's penises. please give your opinion on the matter. 
I Think We Should Have A Combination Penis+DM Theme Next Week. 
Penis+DM Sounds Good...DOM-Junkyard Anyone? 
Well...I didn't mean it...shoulda put a disclaimer with it. Apparently it did bother you though, or you woudln't have said all those mean things in response to my mean thing. 
You'd like to think so, but... no. 
Pah, surely biased towards your true mapping talents!

Although it would be a cool way to honour this debate....DM theme for Frib plus Penis theme for Wild...=) 
I Already Made 
a dm + penis map for the CZG SUCKS session, and in my expert opinion i think it deserves at least three weeks dedicated to the theme. 
In The Words Of Frib.. 
Well suck a flying shit and fuck the internet! Sounds like a fucking good idea to me. 
unless you can produce convincing documentary evidence that I do, in actual fact, suck shit

We have photoshop, we have tubgirl, all we need is a convenient photo of Frib. :) 
Hi I Can Start Speedmapping This Week! 
so.. what did i miss? 
I will not be running a DM specific event, sorry. That was only for that 1 week. Mappers can still choose to do what they will. 
i could have sworn I annouced the event... anyway...

sm85 is tomorrow, 4pm est. theme is male manhood. dm or sp. 100 min timelimit or more or less. #speedq1. email maps to that is all. 
Wtf Indeed 
I will be hosting DM maps from SM85 on my server for limited playability after the event! So map DM and then play your map! 
I'm very happy R.P.G. There is nothing that could make my first DM play more refreshing than penii. 
rpg can we run some (the only 2) sm84 maps aswell? I wanna play scampies...

and blitz promised me a duel on mine :D

btw, I'm so IN this weekend...hope i dont get home late from class, I wanna get a good start on male manhood 
I love what you said about my contribution to the pack on the site. My maps should come with a disclaimer: "Warning, this is only a reenactment." 
If there's time, yeah. SM85 comes first. Otherwise you can use rcon to load the maps some other time. 
RPG, what's the adress of your server? 
I meant the address 
QW Server Address

It's in USA though, so you'll probably get very bad ping. :( 
It's in USA though, so you'll probably get very bad ping. :(

I know, I always get high ping even when I play on servers that are located in my city. But I'll probably play there from computer club with fast speed. 
Small Annoucement 
I am looking for someone to take over the weekly speedmap events.

Last few weeks, as you've all most likely noticed, I've cared less and less about running the events, or even mapping for them. I think I'm going to finish up sm82 (more on this in a bit), and call it quits on speedmapping.

So this means if speedmapping is going to continue, I need someone who's up for mapping every Saturday who can annouce the events beforehand, collect the maps, and update the webpage (basic html knowledge is all you really need, and I can still give you a hand with this). You may run the events how you see fit, timelimits, themes, etc. I'd rather someone who has speedmapped in the past. Also, if Starbuck wants to run the show, he gets first dibs.

We'll discuss here please, as I'd rather everyone agree on someone to run the events.

Now, as for SM82, distrans just sent me a nice peice for use as an end section, and I have the other sections in place. I haven't got as far as I would've wished, but I'm going to put the big push to get at least a beta out to the original mappers before Doom3 hits. Please just be patient. 
Oh And... 
sm85 will go up tonight, sorry for the delay. 
Of Course 
I will offer to host speedmaps, if no one else will, but I'm afraid then it'll just be me speedmapping. 
Don't Worry Zwiffle 
I will still be speedmapping. It's something I'm just starting to really understand, as in Quake mapping, and speedmapping has been a really great way for me to learn some really quick things while having fun. Although I will admit that my maps have been nothing special, I've seen that each time it is less like eating shit with chocolate around
Zwiffle, if you end being the one hosting, I will be glad to help with anything you don't feel like doing, such as the HTML or uploading the maps, whatever. Just a thought. 
SM86 Announcement 
Well howdy ho there. Since no one is hosting SM stuff anymore I am now, so here's an announcement. So this week's theme is "Doom 3". (Hey fuck you this is my first time hosting and no one gave me a better idea.)

Where: GameSurge, #speedq1
When: Saturday, July 24th, 2004, 3:00PM Central
Why: So people can tell you your map sucks.
If you get done early you can mail me your map at Yeah that should work. 
When Your Ship Comes 
can I ride the gravey train?
Great assertive attitude. It's gonna take us, I mean you, very far. 
Hi There 
Sorry to hear you're giving up the speedmapping, Scampie. As you can see by my recent level of involvement, I know the feeling. As for me taking control of Speedmapping again, I don't think my situation in the upcoming months will allow it, what with travelling next month and University starting in September (so i'll be too drunk to map... bet you never thought it was possible).

Zwiffle, good job volunteering and good luck with running the events. Presuming you end up running them, make sure you get the keys to from Scampie, so you have somewhere to put the packs :).

I think Doom 3 would make a good theme, needs some appropriate wads though. If i get some time i might be able to convert the doom 3 leak textures to a wad, with baked-on lighting of course. Otherwise, the LunDoom textures are nice. 
if you convert the doom3 leak textures, they or any maps made with them will not find a home at spawnpoint. i am not risking legal threats. 
another alternative is the Tenebrae Testmap textures, there shouldn't be any legal threat there 
so, we're mapping for tenebrae/darkplaces then? 
(part 2) 
Becuase i don't think the diffuse maps alone are going to look good at all without the normal map, even in 24-bit color. And sampling them down to 8-bit low-res textures is a truly frightening prospect. 
That would be cool, but since Scampie won't let us post maps with those tex, then could you just convert them and send them to me? I would like a copy of them to play around with if you would be so kind. 
Hey Zwiffle 
Could you do this weeks speedmap as an extended weekend run? I'm converting textures from a classic doom2 mod wad, and it'll take me some extra time to complete this task and the map. Puh-leeease? 
Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am first and foremost a speedmapper. That being said I am NOT Scampie, and I do NOT let assholes like you ruin everyone's good time by uploading maps late like some FUCKING RETARDED CHESS PLAYER.

On the other hand, sure, go ahead, I'll hold the pack until Monday or so, but if I don't get it by Monday then I'll just put it in next week's pack. No biggie. 
does anyone have a link to the lundoom wad? 
Your First Time At The Helm 
thought I would put a little extra effort in to it. Sure, spending an entire Friday night working over a texture set in photoshop in order to fit the theme YOU picked (since their are so many goddamn texture sets out their that already match it) instead of going out and shooting a few billards with my buds makes me a big asshole; Sheeez, you are starting off on the wrong foot. 
Dear Metl 
I agree, diffuse textures on their own look like ass. I could have made it more clear that to make them useable, I'd have to bake on some lighting as I was planning to do for the doom 3 textures before Scampie pointed out the suing issues. 
In Case Anyone Wants To Know How To Do This.... 
How to convert Doom 3/Tenebrae style textures to regular Q1

I've converted some bump-mapped textures to Q1 before, and its a little arduous.

>> Get the texture pack you want to use, obviously

>> They should have these components:

>> All bumpmaps (grayscale heightmaps) must be converted into normalmaps. You can use this utility:
from this nVidia page:

>> You should now have a normal map of the texture you are converting, even if it originally used a bumpmap. In photoshop select the 'Green' channel from the channels tab. Select all of it and press Ctrl+C to copy. This is because the Green channel has the vertical information on the texture, and is the most suitable to represent its 3d-shape.

>> Make a new image, using the Diffuse map as the background. Now press Ctrl+V to paste the Green Channel into your new image as a new layer. You should now have 2 layers: the diffuse background, and above it, a gray layer that looks 'embossed'.

>> Duplicate the 'embossed' layer. One of the embossed layers should use the 'Overlay' blending mode with an Opacity of 100%, the other should use the 'Hard Light' Blending mode with an Opacity of 50%. It looks slightly better if the Hard Light layer is below the Overlay layer in the 'Layers' Tab.

Now... that could be fine as a finished texture, but it looks better if you use the gloss layer too. How to do that:

>> We have to start a 2nd image now, with the Gloss texture as the background. Keep the 1st image we started open.

>> Copy the emboss layer from the first image and paste it into the 2nd. Duplicate the layer. This time choose a blending mode of 'Darken' and an opacity of 100% for one layer, and choose 'Color Burn' with opacity 70% for the other. It looks best if the darken layer is below color burn in the list.

>> Flatten this 2nd image and paste it as a new layer in the 1st

>> Make sure the layer is at the top, and the blending mode is set to 'Hard Light' with an opacity of 50%.

Thats about it! If the texture has a Luminance Map, you could add that too and set the blend mode to 'lighten'. Apart from that, all you need to do is Flatten the image, resize it to 50% of the original size and then convert it to the Quake palette. Rince and repeat and you should have a texture set! Or, I should have one in a few hours :) 
Photoshop Screenshot 
Ah, Correction 
i've found that combining the red and the green channels of the normal texture gives a better result. Try putting red on top of green, giving the red a blendmode of 'Overlay' and an Opacity of 50%. Green should be normal blending 100% opacity of course. I should probably add this to my site. 
My map has grown an impetus all of its own. I'm doing a full scale recreation of Ikka Karanen's classic Doom2 level Town of the Dead, and it will certainly take a few days longer than expected. So I must bow out of the speed map. My apologies for any inconvience. 
Wads For Speedmap 
first, i converted the textures from willi hammes' Tenebrae testmap into a quake wad with baked on lighting

also, here is the wad i used in my old abandoned q1sp oxymoron, its based on the lundoom set but its more practical for q1sp use in particular. 
Sounds Interesting HeadThump 
good luck and make sure you finish it! :P 
It is an interesting level to work on because you see hints of modern 3d design but due to the inherent limitations of the engine they are not fully concieved. 
ok thx for letting me know, so that leaves me and starbuck then. also, headthump, in case you weren't aware, that first paragraph was pure sarcasm i have absolutely no qualms about you taking an extra day on your speedmap. 

1 map, single player, doom 3 hell-level 
Jeez Zwiffle 
This is your first time hosting a speedmap session, and you're the only one who made a map? I'm sorry I wasn't able to stay. 
I dont think offical speedmap packs should be released/done at all if only 1 person maps. 3 or 4, preferably 4, is the bare minimum IMO. Otherwise, just call it your own speedmap and release it yourself apart from the offical packs.

Or, you could have just saved this map to be included in the next pack, assuming it wasn't just you again and involved others. 
I would suppose that's up to the person running the event.

And damned nice map, Zwiffle. I don't get how you do this stuff in speedmaps. 
Better One Than None 
and goodlooking too, although it *was* a bit short ... 
SM87 - Bzzzztttt 
When: July 31st, 2004 @ 3:00pm Central
Where:, #Speedq1
Why: So I won't feel lonely :(
Theme: Bees 
Do not question the theme of speedmaps. 
. . 
The Death Of Speedmapping... 
Hey Zwiff, nice one for taking over. Good luck with it, but if it doesn't work, don't worry too much, it's tedious shit trying to organise everyone and maintain their motivation.

Hey Scamp & Starb, nice one for running it for so long, as much as speedmaps were almost all a bag o' shite, it was still fun seeing some regular event and enthusiasm going on.

Basically, if that's the end of it, GG all round. 

Both Jacek and I made maps. Jacek's is a small but really really tough map, mine is an underworld deathmatch map that can support 8 players. 
I downloaded the file, and there are two sm87_jacek.bsp in there...

Hmm Really? 
ok well hold on i'll fix it !! 
Ok Should Be Fixed 
give it a try 
Apart From 
overbright lighting and the very small size, Jacek's wasn't so bad. Challenge was OK on Normal. 
Yeah, I Was 
kind of worried about the lighting. It seemed a bit too bright, but I didn't think to fix it for some reason. Also, I'm not very good with scale in speedmaps as of yet. It seems larger to me in the map editor than it actually turns out to be.

Zwiffle's I thought was very impressive, although a bit dark, which served to help the theme in some areas but also threw me off a lot in others. Overall it was well built, a great map. 
SM88 - Land of the Giants
When: Saturday, August 7th, 2004 - 3:00pm central
Where:, #speedq1
Why: No Doom3? Well there you go.

I will not be there this Saturday, but I have already made a map for it in advance. (I will be playing Doom3, woot.) So if you are going to map for it you can send me your .bsp at and I'll get to it sometime over the weekend. 
is going to kill just about everything that I enjoy doing at this time in my life, as there will be no one else doing it. You all have fun with it, though. I'll still be here, with my computer that lags on Quake... 
I'll still check out the Quake shit - Doom3 will be great I'm sure, but I've played a fair few newish games and they are cool but I still like seeing the Quake maps and stuff, it has that old skool interest which hasn't gone away for me for 6 years yet...

Until they bring out a full and accurate remake of Quake in Doom3 or comparable engine, that is...=) 
I Want To See 
A shambler in the Doom3 engine - with a FUR SHADER.

Actually, not to threadjack, but I thought about Quake4 the other day, and thought how cool it might be to somehow combine both Quake1 and Quake2 into the same storyline. 
How cool? I all?

But yeah, I would like to see a high-detail shambler. The design of its mouth using contemporary polycounts is something I've thought about before. 
Just Wondering 
Are thee any plans for Doom3 speedmaps? I love this game soo much and can't wait to see what some of you guys can produce whether it be speedmap or full blown spangly one :D 
Just Wondering 


I meant to write full blown, spangly, blood ridden, screaming hell sounding, mappy goodness. Back to doom3 haven't completed it yet. 
Goodness? Don't You Mean, Evilness? 
Oh Dear God... 
Surely part of speedmapping is that the game has matured mappingwise and thus enough quality mapping has been exhibited that gimmick sub-maps are acceptable as a bit of fun??

Let's have quality first, nonsense second eh. 
if there is doom3 speedmapping, it won't be run by me. 
Is there anything planned by anyone yet? d3baldm1? d3lunsp1? 
if anyone wants to speedmap for doom3 whenever I host it feel free, i'm nowhere near good enough to d3 speedmap yet, but i do plan on doing it someday. 
Let's Just Say 
I'll have access to a computer that can run Doom3 sometime around when Doom5 is near release, so I'm not even going to think about mapping for it anytime soon. 
Revenge Of The Sm88 
Since no one turned in a map and I didn't finish one for last week like I said I would, this week will be sm88 again.
Theme: AvP (Alien vs Predator)
Where: #speedq1,
When: August 14th, 2004, 3:00pm Central
Why: Metlslime promised me if we get 5 people to release speedmaps this week he would put the bee button on the forms.

I'm lying, he didn't.

See ya there (please?) 
Oh Woot 
congrats Zwiffle on 700th post!!! 
Oh Woot 
Congrats RPG on 702th post!!!

702 = number of the bees. 
I'll be there. 
Ahhhhh The Bees 
/_/_ .'''.
=O(_)))) ...' `.
\_\ `. .'''
You Fail Again! 
Your award: Hornets 
Who The Hell... 
Somebody pretending to be me!.. what the hell, and erm look, they use they used specially contructed packets to spoof my IP address... erm, or something.

Okay, sorry to spam. Good luck with the speed mapping. I will be having sex (with bees) for the next 18 hours, so no map from me. Can't wait to see the results though. I'm itching to play some new maps. :) 
Wow u guys r nerds ....spend hours nad hours doung mpas!! Wow so u get the pleasure of feeling popular since u cant in realy life since ur fat and ugly! Get a life losers fuckn dorks 
Did That Guy Just Try To Make Fun Of You Guys Or Something? 
lmao, what an idiot. he must feel cool cuz he made fun of you guys on the internet! :o What a fucking ashamed 
Fuck Idiots 
You fuckn nerds are trying ur hardest to get the best map...U have no girls, no have no friends, u have 2 inch glasses from being at the comp all day, and u live with ur parents..GOOD JOB! Since u cant compete for anything else since ur fat and outa shape from sittin the whole day u gotta compete in maps ...WOW LOTS OF SKILL .. Its a game for fucks sake. And Did that guy just make fun of you guys or something should be ashamed u fuckn cunt hater dork 
Did That Guy Just Try To Make Fun Of You Guys Or Something? ...again 
lmao as I said before..your insulting someone over the internet? whats the point? I just dont get say that they dont have lives? Your the one takin your time just to make fun of some people that are just doing what they want... so no offense, but thats a bit hypocrittical, dont you think? 
Your Right 
Oh my god , i didnt realize that. Holy shit, im sorry. Wow . Im such a hypocrit , I Love you guys i dont know how i could have done that , Im sorry man .. 
perhaps make it so that only registered users can post? 
...I don't know, they seem to have my number. 
And it's hard to feel insulted by someone who can't spell 'real' 
Well, those guys who insulted our community, have not enough bollocks to use their "real" identity to post messages..... So they don't win we waste time to be interested in them... They are insignificant people.. So we must ignored them... 
My cat is called Ice-Cube. He drinks Baileys. 
My Cat 
leaves sacrificial bunny rabbits at my door.
spreads their viscera out at PHI relative angles,
and draws little pentacles around their bodies in blood.

One day the little fucker will realize that I am not really Satin, and then I'm SOL. 
Satan Blehhhh 
'cause if I ws Satin then I would make a really good scratching post for him. 
One day the little fucker will realize that I am not really Satin, and then ... perhaps he will sacrifice you instead of rabbits... why not ??? 
guys, stay on speedmapping topic, or you're just as bad as those 'spammers'. 
Thousands apoligies .. you are right, we are fully off-topic while talking about HeadThump's satanic cat... sorry... 
...Ray, how's progress on 82? 
Re: Sm82 Progress 
I just pasted your piece into the rmf/map file late last night. Pretty much assembled and leak-free. Alot of lighting i need to do, then that other 'gameplay' thing. Then tweaking/detail and stuff. It will still be a while.

Your piece is quite nice btw, sure it was a speedmap? :) 
Hehe... the .txt indicates. The split level doughnut that "protects" the large bit from the rest of the level (and hence over the top r_speeds) is the speedmap bit. The large bit was done (between bouts of vomiting during three days of sickness) after Scampie indicated that he was in need of an end piece.

So my whole thing is more like a TM than an SM, but who cares as long as there's a decent SP level in the offing.

Kudos to you and Scampie for progressing the thing. 
Please Leave Me Out Of Your Kudos 
NotoriousRay is the man here now. 
You progressed the project to a point then handed it on to Ray who is now progressing it further. If it turns out to be arse we can all can the last one who touched it, but in the meantime kudos.

Now stop mapping d3 so hard and get some sleep (or fresh air) grumpy guts. 
Is Speedmapping Dead... 
...or just dormant? 
This Isn't The First Time... 
...that it's been dead for months. It'll probably come back alive when people get the itch again. Right now everyone's doom3 mapping or something, so they're not interested. 
I Guess 
what metlslime said is true!

But to fill the gab until Speedmapping resurrects, and to those that are in dire need of a little fragfeast I give you this small base speedmap:
Hey 8-( 
Just butchering my way through the last levels of MadFox's big pak and then I'll give this one a whirl! 
Nice Map 
There was even a major shortcut from the SK to the GK but I resisted going that route. Was it intended or a mishap?

Also the shambler took me completely by surprise the first time and mauled me good ... 
Well I Must Say 
that it is a mishap. Theres no time to check/think of everything when speedmapping 8-) 
Loved It 
Hrim. It was especially non-linear, and the monster balance is perfect. I really enjoyed it. 
Good map, u sure this is a speedmap? 
Tnx ! 
Sure it's a speedmap, not a 100 min map but as many other spmaps made in one sitting around 300 min. 
If You Did That 
in 300 minutes, I'd love to learn how you do it. 
I agree... Hrimfaxi is for sure a real good mapper to release a map so polished in 300 mn only... Well, even if his 300 minutes mapping can be potentialy converted into 300 hours mapping, this map is very good indeed !! 
Well I Think 
a lot of mappers can make a map just as good (or better) as this one in the same time!

Personly I think that my speedmap from the sm59_pack is better, more varied, than this one and that was as well made in about 300 min.

300 mins is a lot of time if you have the right idea about how the map shall turn out. 
I Understand 
that much. I guess it's just the efficiency I don't understand. Or the procedure. Is there some kind of plan you go by each time? 
300 mins is a lot of time if you have the right idea about how the map shall turn out

Does it mean that you prepared all the map design "on a paper" before starting anything ?? If it's the case, don't you think this part of the job should be included into the design time ?? To my opinion, you are cheating a little here, no ?? 
Oh No! 
I don't draw anything beforehand.

What I mean is that sometimes you sit down to map and get a strong idea of what you want to do in this session.

With this map I sat down to make something I didn't know what! The idbase idea came to my mind and then a "vision" of the 6 sided room with pipes and the hallway with the bridge in the start the rest came along while mapping.

It is not always so. Not all speedmaps turns out any good. But sometimes you just get the right idea at the right time and then the process of mapping just is a matter of trying to hold that idea. 
Well, I'm really very impressed ... It's still very difficult for me to start a map from scratch (the more if it's a huge map) without having at least a "paper plan" to fix my ideas... I think my lack of mapping experience perhaps explains it..
But there is one thing I agree with you: some additional "stuff and features" come during mapping, and every time these are the best part of the design.... And you cannot define them while drawing on paper the global layout of the design... for sure...
Congrats again for this great job. 
Just For The Record.... 
...whatever happened to sm82? Still something going on there? 
I have sm82 pieced together layout-wise, leakfree. It just needs alot of lighting, and monsters/gameplay. Unfortunately, I've been ridiculously busy at work (why some of you haven't seen me in irc lately) working far too many hours so I simply don't have time to work on it. I still plan to though. Unless someone with some maps under their belts wants to take it over and can convince me they'll finish it before I do, it will remain that way.

so there. 
In Other Words 
when its done. 
Say... since you're putting in so much time at work and making all that money, maybe you'd want to pay me to finish it? 
there are other things i'd pay you to do before i'd pay you to finish a map o_0 
Some of my standards are really, really low. Maybe you should suggest something. 
RPG is offering his help and then i can play sm82.

cmon thats a good thing. 
RPG isn't THAT bad of a mapper, is he? I mean look at the alternative: I could help finish it.

Hmm? What's that? RPG can help then? Ahh OK. Good choice. 
Wait, What? 
Ray rejected the mapping offer. I was wondering if he wanted to pay me to do something else instead; hence the pimp hat. 
I thought you were joking, if you seriously want to finish sm82 I'll gladly pass it off to your capable hands, RPG. 
Give it to RPG. 
Yes, I was joking. I'm a bit busy ATM, and will be for a while. Plus I have lots of other maps that I'm sure people want to see finished, too. 
Quit playing with my emotions, RPG. 
he's a tease, that RPG :/ 
Take It Off! 
no, no... slowly 
/Me Waits For Starbuck To Stick A Fiver In His Thong Before Proceeding 
anybody else getting the Midnight Cowboy theme song stuck in their head? 
Everybody's Talking... me, I don't hear a word they say, only the echo of their SNG.... 
...Too Dumb For Replies? 
Just Got Home 
skipping over the ocena like a stone . . . 
Anyone interested in starting speedmap back up? I'd be willing to host it if I knew at least 1 person besides myself would show up and complete something. 
Well screw you people then. 
c'mon speedmaps are great 
Well screw you people then.

*me bends over.

Actually, I'll commit to doing a map this week (only), and I'll need the subject well in advance because I will have to knock something up before hand (translation: cheat like a bastard). 
ok then, I got my one person.
So Saturday, October 23rd, 2004, on in #speedq1 at 3:00 pm Central time (GTM - 6), I will hold a speedmapping thingie.

Theme: Scampie is a big fag who likes gay baseball games and sucks big baseball-bukkake balls suckers guys. Balls.

Errr: Theme: Geometric.
Send to: when you're done. 
Not Sure 
Not sure how many people look at my site these day, but I've pimped it anyway ;) 
Doom3 Speedmapping Any1? 
doom3 speedmapping any1? 
this is the Q1 speedmapping thread Speedy.

I know I don't want to d3speedmap, seeming as it'll be almost pointless to even bother with all the extras you'd need to do to get a 'proper' map. To just get a 'working' map out of it, there's nothing more that d3 offers that speedmappers can't do better in q1 or q3. 
I don't care if you make a Q1 speedmap or a D3 speedmap, either of those choices are fine by me. But, just remember not everyone here has Doom3, but pretty much everyone has Quake.

Poor, poor RPG. :( 
My Doom3 Speedmap 
would consist of a small .txt file, describing the progress I had made after 100 minutes of learning various editor features.

You'd probably have to wait until the 5th or 6th speedmap, before I submitted an actual .bsp

But, yeah anyway, I don't have Doom3 yet (still waiting for the lottery win that will allow me to buy a new computer). 
Planet Quake 
Jube has kindly pimped this weeks Q1 speed mapping on PQ. Just a question though - time zones (I bloodly hate them).

3:00 PM Central time = 9:00 PM GMT (UK time) right? 
Aye, 3 central is 9 gmt.

/me googles ubiquitous. 
Short map, I think it's pretty easy tho. Beat it first try, so good luck. 
but with severe ammo shortage; I had to axe the vore ... 
but with slight ammo shortage; I had to run past the vore ... 
<Shambler> zwiffle nice one with the speedmap
<Shambler> good style an all
<Shambler> although 20 more nails / shells and the vore and shamblers at once would have been sweet
<Zwiffle> ty
<Zwiffle> i thought i went overboard with detail
<Zwiffle> so the map became really really small
<Shambler> as would have a bonus uber-l33t doom3 map, free titties, and something to make my head feel better
<Shambler> zwiff, i like that, small but quality 
Well, since everyone who said they'd make a map for SPeedmap did (SARCASM, YOU LIARS MEGAZOID AND SCAMPIE) I thought I would just start hosting again, and if i'm the only one who makes a map oh well.

Theme: "Tricky"
When/Where: Saturday, October 30th, 2004, 3:00pm central (GMT - 6) in #speedq1 on
How to do the dohicky: Send maps to if/when you're done with em.

Hrimfaxi sent me a very, very awesome map for SM88. Very tough, haven't beat it yet. Download the pack just for this map, it's better than his last speedmap IMO.

I have to apologize for my map, I spent a lot of time on this wierd maze-elevator map that I could never get to work right, so I had to make a cheap "tricky" map in 30 minutes.

File is in .rar format, so if you have problems I can re-upload it to .zip format if anyone needs it that way. Have fun! 
was interesting. beatable and somewhat fun for 3 minutes. 
I did send you a map last week, but it got rejected by that email address you gave. I'm not unhappy with that as it happens, because my results were total shit. 
Hrimfaxi = Cool 
Hrimfaxi was fun. Took me 3 times to do it, which is about what I like as a skill level. Nice one. 
Next Event? 
Havnt ever tried speed mapping before but i'll give it a go next time someone runs one 
...indeeed! Whatta fight! Kudos, Hrimfaxi!
Zwif, we're waiting for the maze/elevator thing in one of the next SMs.... 
Hrimfaxi's Map Was Nice 
Cool style. Nicely done.

Very easy tho. Went first go, leaving behind 25 health and 250 nails.

Let me guess you poor fools tried to kill all the pit monsters yourself the first time you were down there... 
Let me guess you poor fools tried to kill all the pit monsters yourself the first time you were down there...

i did that. easy as pie. ;) 
Fun Maps 
although Hrim's is the obvious winner. Tough start but the twin floor room was surprisingly easy due to infighting (always fun to watch).

Minor nitpick: I'd prefer more shells than the abundance of nails. I always try to make do with the trusty DBS before using heavier equipment and here I ran out before the final showdown.

Btw, was the design/theme inspired by fmb100 or something else? 
Well it's only a speedmap but I'm glad anyway that you liked it!

AguirRe: Well The map wasn't inspired of FMB100, at least not on a conscious level, But there are a connection to that map because I used the terrain generator Mike used on FMB100.

I fiddled a lot with the generator last week, and as a matter of fact started another map Tuesday in order to get the speedmap out of the way before Saturday. But after 4 hours I realised that this wouldn't be a speedmap! So I stopped and finished the map the next day after 4 more hours.
I then started a full vis of the map and..... well it's still vising. At the moment it says:

Full: 81.20%, Elapsed: 96h 49 m, Left: 39h 26m, Total:136h 16m, 71%
----- 8-/

Thank you very much for the ability to stop the vis and start it again. I had to stop it Saturday in order to vis the speedmap - that one took around 7 hours.
Oh boy That generator really makes the vis tool work.

About the shells/nails. Well I could say that the theme was tricky so for you the tricky part was to use the nailgun instead of the SSG 8-), but the truth is I just tossed some ammo into the map and that was it! 
I *Did* Wonder 
if that terrain was handmade or otherwise ...

I'm glad the RVis AutoSave feature helps you, please just remember not to interrupt it when the progress bar has been going for a long time. It's then processing a very slow portal and if you cut it off, it'll have to restart that portal.

If you wish, you can also use the -priority 0 option to put the vis process in the background while doing other things (e.g. vising another map). 
Sort Of Handmade! 
Even if it is called a terrain generator it dosn't auto generate a landscape.
You have to rise or lower the parts of the map by hand. So you sort of sculpt the landscape with the curser, and got to have an idea of what you want in the end.

And yes I sat starring at the progress bar awaiting the right moment to stop the process when a portal was finish. 8-) 
I Thought You Were 
supposed to import a grayscale image of the terrain with white being 100% height and black being 0%... 
No Not In This One. 
It's quite like an ordinary map editor.
But instead of manually selecting the different brushes you want to manipulate, you just point and the editor selects the area you can work on.
In the menu you can select different sizes of the work area, tools for smooting and flattening, rise and lowering, making "noise" if the map is to smoote and other tools.
It's actually wery fun and easy to use.
Try it Mike posted the link in the FMB100 thread. 
Theme: Decay
When/where: Saturday, November 6th, 2004., #speedq1, 3:00 pm central.

Oi then. 
Just In Case... 
You got an email address that 100% works Zwiffle? I'm not saying I will have time, but your supplied email address last time did reject my worthless submission.

P.S. Pimped on QuakeTerminus. <-- normal address<-- normal address 2 <-- college address 

I didn't get any emails from anyone yet, so I'll assume that I'm the only one mapping today. So, in any case, here's my map today. 
I Was Also 
making a speedmap last night, but someone turned off the electricity:( Now I woke up and the electricity is fine, so I think I'll finish it (I think I saved it) 
Mine's In The Trash 
...where it belongs 
Thanx, Zwiffle... 
...very nice map.... liked a lot the overall feeling and gameplay... Good theme(ruins and books, nice!), maybe worth developing in a full blown map... it's good to see that someone still cares about good Qsp maps and speedmapping. Keep it up!

Me, on my side, I'm still trying to learn some mapping in my spare time. The results better be kept in the lowest lava pits... 
Well, it's done.
But it doesn't fit the theme good (read 'I think it doesn't fit the theme at all')

But here it is:

Also it is mailed to Zwiffle, cuz there may be problems with my site 
Awesome map. I saw you clip-brushed some of the ledge at the start, but you can easily jump across the patio areas. From there it's just avoiding certain death, but I'd like to see some speedruns of that. Sweet job, Pulsar. 
I tryed few times to jump across there, but I didn't reach the another side. Probably I just absolutely suck as a speedrunner ;) 
Tough But Fun 
and good-looking maps. Zwiffle's was too bright and had too little ammo though; I had to slowly axe the shambler or sneak by with 8 health.

PuLSaR's was just spot-on. I also tried to walk the ledges but was clipped off. Jumping across seems possible, but it short-circuits the map so it's pretty pointless except for running.

Keep it up, guys! 
Two small nice maps.
I had the same problem as aguirRe with Zwiffle's map - no ammo! So I gave myself the luxus of 100 nails by cheating!
PuLSaR's map - well what can I say just perfect for a short blast!
It looks like speedmapping is taking off once more. 
Both Maps Available Here -

It's the least I can do. Both maps are a good crack - thanks for making them ;) 
Theme: Babylon
When: Saturday, November 13th, 2004, at 3:00 PM Central
Where:, #speedq1 
I Dare Someone To Do A Babylon 5 Theme 
That Would Be..? 
sci fi? 
Babylon 5 Map 
Made entirely of garibaldi biscuits! 
Of The Rouge Maps 
Tempus Fugit is representative of that style, right? 
Email to:
Zwiffle has not soiled his reputation with this map.

You know soiled... cos it's a garden. Anyway. Ah, this is gravel, okay? Gravel. This is uuh... that's more gravel. Okay, oh, this is a shell. That.. to me, this is just me talking. It looks like a helmet for a mouse. Now, that sounds crazy, right? But, if you ask the mice about it they don't say nuttin'. 
textures and theme, but lighting was very digital and gameflow a bit tedious (only one route and the underwater passage wasn't very obvious). Enough ammo to do the trick, but I still exited really low on health. 
What exactly is one supposed to do about the underwater Spawn? 
...Nice Stuff, Zwif... 
...I, for one, found gameplay and flow amusing with a little bit o' backtracking (so to speak, to get the YA). Maybe I agree with Aguirre about lightning and I just didn't like the way you texed the yellow key door... Anyway, no one can complain much about nothing since you're the only one carrying the banner of speedmapping, supplying weekly doses of new scenery to us ol' Q freaks. Keep 'em coming I say. And thanks. 
I, for one, shoot them. 
What do you mean by lighting being digital?
I can't really defend the tedious gameplay comment, I tried to make it a bit more circular with some secrets (anyone find the lightning gun + ammo cells?), but I agree the underwater passage was a bit tucked away. 
With Digital 
I meant in an on/off sort of way, or too high-contrast. You have strong sunlight directly from zenith next to pitch-black (no minlight level) areas. With sunlight at a lower angle and utilizing outdoor/indoor minlight, brushwork becomes less flat and more 3D.

Tedious was perhaps a too strong word, but I felt limited in movement as there was only one way through it. I found the LG and it was pretty much essential for me to pass the first shambler ...

The passage would just need some bubbles to indicate its presence, otherwise it was fine.

I also want to say thanks for keeping up the SM tradition, hopefully more mappers can contribute further on. 
About The Lighting 
I find this to be a useful rule of thumb, the more complex the geometry the more stark you can get away with making your shadows when enhancing its 3-Dimensionality, and counterwise, the simpler the geometry the more you may want to soften the shadows to achieve the illusion of depth.

Of course, it isn't a matter of right and wrong. Schools of art approach shadowing differently. The Spanish Masters used highly contrasting shadows to give a stark feel to their work and the Dutch Masters used soft, 'foggy' shadowing for the affected mood of their art. 
So....there's 3 or more spawn down there, you can't see jack shit because of the water, and they're all bouncing about furiously trying to get up to you. So the only way to do it is stand on the edge, randomly shooting down. And then, they explode in your face.

No, sorry, it simply doesn't work. 
I Didn't Say 
shoot randomly, I said shoot THEM. As in, THE SPAWN. :O 
...jump in the water, shoot the fishes, wake the spawns, shoot the first one, it'll take off the 2nd exploding inside the tunnel... done. No health lost in the process. ;)) 
impulse 9.
noclip into the water.
lightning gun.
you forgot impulse 255, that's very important for a delicate situation like this. 
SM91: Black Coffee 
This week I thought it'd be fun to speedmap in the same style of one of my favorite DM maps: Black Coffee by Drannerz. Not my favorite because of gameplay or anything, just mood, style, layout and architecture. So...
Theme: Black Coffee (SP or DM)
When: Saturday, November 20th, 2004, 3:00 PM Central
Where:, #speedq1
If you even attempt this most daring of challenges, then brownie points for you. If you attempt AND complete it, then send it on over to or so I can strap everything up in one nice package.

If you plan on participating but not on Saturday, let me know beforehand so I don't go ahead and release my map by its lonesome. It hates being alone. :(

I should have the .wad in Q1 format by end of the week, probably later today. 
Two maps, one by me, one by FMB superstar Mike Woodham who made an AWESOME map. Couple really great moments in there. PLAY NOW YOU MONKEY PEOPLE. 
Hey Zwiffle... 
maybe it's about time to submit a news story about the last few weeks or so of speedmap packs to let everyone know that it's still going and show off the stuff. Would be good to get all the links to the last few weeks of packs together. 
Right, Scampie... 
...btw, this week's maps ROCK! Thanks, guys. 
Both Maps 
Are excellent. Took me loads of tries on both (good sign). Nice work guys. 
I Thought 
sm91_zwiffle was a bit "fighting optional". Still pretty cool, though it probably suffered from being compared to sm91_fmb, which was just absurdly good for a speedmap :) 
Not So Speedy Map 
Copy of original ReadMe file...

Prefabs of arches taken from Dranzdm6
Wad from Dranzdm6

Prefab build: 15 minutes
Other walls: 75 minutes
Lighting: 60 minutes
Monsters: 30 minutes
Buttons etc: 35 minutes
Compiles: 20 minutes
Playtesting: 30 minutes

It's no good, I cannot do anything in 100 minutes.

I've now got a headache and a HOM effect that I have no time to deal with. 
Not To Worry 
A lot of speedmaps in the past has taken a lot longer that 100 mins. Some of mine took more like 300 mins and I'm aware that this applies to other maps as well.

I wanted to make a map this week as well and sat down friday to make it. Well the map grew and grew so saturday morning I continued the map and then again this sunday morning. Well now it's done, I'm waiting for vis to finish it's work (still 8 hours left) and then I will release it in this thread although I can't call it a speedmap, but it is in theme and was started as such.

So speedmaps are not always so speedy. 
Took about 150 minutes. Total compile/light/vis was around 5 minutes. Still, Woodham's was exceptionally good for its build time. 
A Late Cup Of Cappuccino! 
As said above I made a map for the 91 speedmap pack. Well after three sessions and 19 hours of vis it is done.
Maybe I can't call it speedmap but it is a fatter, bigger brother to the two good maps in the sm91_pack.
Anyone that wants to try it can get it here: 
Hrimfaxi! You must be joking! This map is ridicolously good! It's Fantastic! Ya rule! 
I'm really busy, I've just found MacNehahra and downloaded the associated four hour movie and all these cool maps keep appearing! Bah. 
Hrim, that is awesome. Great design, great gameplay. Only real problems are bugged messages (keys, buttons), and some build quality flaws. Very good as a Quake map let alone a speed-ish map.

Both are good maps but Zwiffle's had better gameplay due to Mike's having severe ammo shortage. After dying ten times in a row trying to axe the final shambler, I gave up and exited. With more shells, this would otherwise have been the better map. Mike's also had some HOMs that was causing flicker while playing.

Otherwise, nice theme and lighting. And like the others say, the 100 minute "rule" is more of a guideline; the main point is to have fun and produce something. 
And Yes 
Hrimfaxi keeps churning out quality maps with really impressive visuals.

/me runs off and loads up map ... 
Have to wait to get home to play this now. *mutter grumble*. Well at least I can post the news with a link to all three speed maps. 
Hrim_91_cappuccino Speedrunning Potential. 
Normal route up air lift, kill/avoid ogres, multiple vore ball jump straight around to top level, down into pit for GK, back up again, GJ off something to reach top again, through tele to open bars, into next area, GJ to button and exit. May need to collect various armourages, possibly YA and Quad before going into pit for uber1337ness. 
Great map! What Shambler said, some mixed up textures (e.g. GK texes on SK door), messages and brush "holes" were the only niggles here.

Stunning use of architecture, texes and lighting to create atmospheric visuals.

Fun gameplay and good use of the pads to advance in the map. The GK pit took some attempts to survive though ...

Nice secrets and use of non-accessible areas to extend sense of place.

Can I have another cup, please? 
Very Nice 
Some minor z-fighting problems and really easy to avoid most of the end area by jumping from the gold key area to the end gate, but overall very very nice. Very. 
I played Cappuccino map yesterday evening, and it's simply incredible!!! Overal layout is impressive, textures are awesome, and gameplay is marvelous. It shown me how much progress I have to do before mapping like this...... You know, you really should open a news thread and post it: just release the map as is... It's an excellent work !! I will look forward to your next release for sure....Thank for this pure time of fun.. 
Oh Boy Am I Overwhelmed! 
I've been at work for twelve hours all through the nigth, and then I log into Func_ to find all these nice replyes to my work!
Thank you very very much!
I had the feeling that some of you would like cappuccino but not that there would be so much praise.

About the key textures, I really don't know how that came about. I remember sitting and aligning the silver key tex so a some point in development it was there. Strange! Well in this map it dosn't matter that much but in a map where you can get to both kind of doors i would cause some confusion.

And yes there are som other small glitches around. This just shows how important it is to have the big proper maps beta testet, the mapper just dont see everything the way an outsider will, you sort of get blind to your own work.

What I feared the most was the light level. I was afraid that some of you would find it to dark, well that don't seem to be the cause so I must have found the right settings.
Allthough after just playing through the map once more I must say that the light in the end area are a bit more bland that the first part.

I also just realized that the lifts should have been jumppads as well. Now here I have been making jumppads for three days and the I suddenly make two lifts - doooh.

Yeah I knew that one can jump from the last GK to the end gate, but left it in for the speedrunners if anyone would try that.
A normal SP player would just cheat himself for some of the gameplay by making the jump.

I think that coveres the most of the issues you brought up.

Once again thank you to all for the responds! 
Yeah Congrats Hrim 
this is definitely one of the best speedmaps ive ever played!

all round quality is the key here... gameplay was good, architecture was really impressive, lighting gave me a semi. looks more like a (good) turtlemap than a speedmap even. 
When I said textures are awesome I would like to say testures are terrific.. I think it's better in a positive way you should understand it... but I'm sure you have already understand.. Good work man.. 
Sure I knew what you meant.
BTW. I don't think I will make cappuccino news.
I guess if Zwiffle makes a news thread of the last few weeks maps it will be there.
If I should decide to make it news I would at least fix some of the issues people has found in the map. 
Theme: Rooftops (oooooooooh)
Where:, #speedq1
When: Saturday, November 27th, 2004 @ 3:00pm Central (that means Wisconsin, you bitches)

I'll scrap up the past few speedmaps and post them as news. And if you make a speedmap but can't make it by the date (either before OR after (which means you, Hrimfaxi)) then email me or let me know that you're making a map so I can release them all at once. Aight? W3rd. 
I can say at once that I haven't got the time to map this week.
Happy? 8-) 
..oh, no, Hrim, this makes us sooo sad! 8-( 
Is It Just Me 
or does cappuccino not "work" on easy skill? The barriers after the first jump pad don't come down for me.

The end is a bit of a bugger on skill 3 :-) 
I don't know! There may be a bug in easy.
The skill levels was a last minute fix, while I was waiting for vis to be done.
I know I testet normal and hard but may not have done so in easy.
I'm about to fix some of the issues players have found in the map, so if easy is broken I'll fix that as well.
If people want it I will release a fixed version. 
I Want 
I Want 
Do it, Hrim. Not much that needs fixing, mostly just the messages and a few other bugs. I reckon it will be worth it. I'd have reviewed this for sure - better than Id quality? Definitely. 
I Want 
I Want 
At the moment a Winter/Norway/1000 brush map has first priority, but I will rteturn to cappuccino asp! 
Where's Rooftops? 
Yeah, I got bored and so didn't finish it. I'll try the Hrim approach and take 3 or 4 days to finish it then post it. K? 
No Speedmapping 
No speedmapping this week. Busy. Stuff. Christmas. Sm40. Maybe next week, or sometime after Finals (around the 16th of December.) Talk to you then. 
I'd Be Up For A Speedmap Around Christmas 
i don't get back till 18th or so though, might be able to send in one early, if i get time between exams. 
If I hosted speedmappagery, would anyone show up? I got a couple "No"s and one "Yeah sure you fucktard" in #tf. If anyone's willing to show up AND COMPLETE maps, I'd be willing to host the event during the summer each weekend. 
Yes, I'd be in. 
I'll Do It. 
I do a lot of farting around mapping, it would give an excuse to let other people besides AquiRe, who alone has been blessed to play the most screwed up maps on the planet, see them. 
I will get the site back up if you're willing to run it. 
I'll try to be there when time permits! 
Will play the maps and whine about how much speedmapping sucks!

See, I'm prepared to support you in my traditional role*, Zwiff =).

*unlike scampie's traditional role which is on his hands and knees with a gimp mask on... 
Sure, I'm willing to run it. I can put hidden messages about how much of a tyrant you are. :D
But yeah, if you give me updated site info I'd be glad to host speedmapping. 
it may be too early to ask this but do you plan to make the speed maps thematic each week or more of a 'it's Quake, go for it!' type of thing? 
I follow Scampie's examples and try to set themes each week.
But you can make whatever you want to. 
sometime themes can be inspirational. 
SM 93 (I Think?) 
Theme: "Not a base" (NO BASES!!!)
When/Where:, #speedq1, 3:00 PM Central time, on Saturday, May 28th, 2005. If you can't make it, just work on it in your own time and send me the map when you're done.


Great. Cya. 
sp? dm? And is saturday the deadline or the time to start? 
SP or DM I presume, and saturday is the time to start. 
you can make whatever you feel like. sp,dm,coop, whatever. you can start whenever you want to really, but the general start time is saturday at 3 (which might be like 10:00pm for you.) If you can't make it, just let me know and send the map to my email when you're, I'd like to have the pack out later on Sunday if possible. 
Hi, I'm relatively new to Quake. I love singleplayer maps and I enjoy the fast and loose style of speedmaps. I'm trying to collect all of the speedmap packs, but the site which hosted them seems to be down. I can host them if nobody else plans to. I have 10-11, 14-35, 37-39, 43, and 84. Here are links to those maps. They are 7-zipped to make them small and then zipped to allow me to host them. Can people help me fill in the gaps?

Speedmap Pack #10
Speedmap Pack #11
Speedmap Pack #14
Speedmap Pack #15
Speedmap Pack #16
Speedmap Pack #17
Speedmap Pack #18
Speedmap Pack #19
Speedmap Pack #20
Speedmap Pack #21
Speedmap Pack #22
Speedmap Pack #23
Speedmap Pack #24
Speedmap Pack #25
Speedmap Pack #26
Speedmap Pack #27
Speedmap Pack #28
Speedmap Pack #29
Speedmap Pack #30
Speedmap Pack #31
Speedmap Pack #32
Speedmap Pack #33
Speedmap Pack #34
Speedmap Pack #35
Speedmap Pack #37
Speedmap Pack #38
Speedmap Pack #39
Speedmap Pack #43
Speedmap Pack #84 
Every single pack that exists will be posted at the revived speedq1 site this weekend. 
Great, it's much appreciated. :) 
Check your email for speedq1 site login details.

The site is about halfway through uploading is alive!

Awesome, prepare to use up some bandwidth!!!! 
Info: Bees. Nuff Said.

zwiffle try not to kill the speedq1 site anymore until I get home k? 
I can't resist. I hate speedmapping, you know that :) Oh well.

Btw, I (I mean Word) fukt up, but here's the pack anyway: 
I sent a map in, did you get it? 
Yes, pack has been updated. ^_^
I didn't know you were gonna send one in late.
I hope voodoochopstiks doesn't decide to send one in too. This has been the most frustrating speedmappage I've hosted yet. =/ 
There is a headthump.bsp in the pack, so I'm guessing he did :)

Thanks to those involved, haven't played them yet, but I'm sure they'll be fun 
Yes, pack has been updated. ^_^

That probably explains why the first 3 times I tried to download the pack it was borked, and each time a different size. 
I thought I was just under the deadline, but I'll be more careful with the time next time 
It's OK 
Just like an email saying you were participating would've been good.

And yes, now I don't think the is borked anymore. Everything should work. All the .bsps are there, all the authors are in the .txt, and it should work. 
Don't Think It's OK 
After DL the pack three times to get a valid archive I find that one of the bsp's is sm91_zwiffle!
That cant be right?

While I'm here I want to say that I haven't had the time to test my map in easy and normal! So if the map is broken in one of these skills try hard I know that works!
Anyway it's allways in hard the fun is! 8-) 
And Just Rechecking 
The txt file only states 2 authors, no mention of Headthump, although there is a headthump.bsp in there.

So I download it again (5th), this time Headthump is in the txt file. 
Please Please Please... 
Please for the love of god work you damn link!!! 
Speedq1 Site 

You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server. 
I Managed To Download And Play 
the full set with the trio of maps about two hours ago. Hrimfaxi's and Zwiffle's maps were veryenjoyable excusions in the realm of Quake bastardry. I envy Hrim's perfection. 
that's zwiffle's fault. I will fix it when I get home (couple hours) 
Please make a separate news thread for the pack as with previous releases. 
Icon b0rkage? 
AguirRe / SM100 Discussion 
I'm waiting until Scampie fixes my error to post as news.

In the meantime, SM100 is coming up in a month and a half, and I was planning on doing something special, because people tend to do special things when something is evenly divisible by 100. So, I was thinking of a chainmap, but I am open to suggestions from anyone who wants to participate.

What would you like to see for SM100? 
Your Gratinated Head On A Plate, Decorated With Thyme And Parsley 
Great! In the meantime, thanks for continuing the SM tradition. 
...filling the gaps first? If I remember well, there's a speedchainmap to be had(#82, maybe?) and sm92... where are they?

#100 could be a Speed Episode.. maybe, knowing for sure in advance who will participate you could plan things out so that once it is finished we can play the pack in sequence... What I have in mind is: let's suppose 4 mappers give their disponibility, they're A, B, C, D; first of all each one chooses a place in the sequence (i.e. B does the1st, C the 2nd, A the 3rd, D the fourth), then each mapper is assigned a number of weapons that must appear in his map and is told which ones the player already has when he gets in, powerups are free for use, keeping in mind that maps should be increasingly difficult...
I never mapped so maybe there's some major problem that will blow such an idea, but as far as my knowledge goes, it could be doable... only thing you must know in advance who participates so that each map points to the next in a preordinated serie...

Just my 2 cents... 
And Then... 
....what about a serie of themes to build up for #100, like in comics where a chain of events lead to a certain landmark issue? There could be a serie of themes to lead a story to the climatic #100...
About the story I don't know but the leading theme technically wise could be the inclusion of some of the best custom monsters like the Zer's Mega Enforcer (the best ever!), the supercool modified enforcers of the Liutenant (the crossbow knights, even) and so on...

Another 2 cents... 
The Silent 
SM82 is coming soon, as noted in this screenshot: 
SM94 - "The Rabbit Hole"
When: Saturday, June 4th, 2005 at 3:00 pm Central
Where: #speedq1 on QUAKENET server, not Gamesurge
How: With all the sexy you can muster!

The problem with the Episode thing is people are fickle about Speedmapping. Sometimes they join when they say, sometimes they don't. We've all done it at one point. That leads to a possible situation, where you have some peoples' maps but not others, then you'd have to wait until it gets done. I like the idea, I just don't know if it would work out.

Still any suggestions for SM100 are welcome. 
SM94 - "The Rabbit Hole"

I don't get it. Is this a Death Match term of phrase? 
Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland 
Ah, Good One, Zwiffle 
I make waypoints for dm maps if u guys want...that�s the only thing i can make :( 
Well I just finished my speedmap, but am right now trying to track down an offending brush of doom that is causing major compile problems. 
Tron ~:) 
i�m starting to make waypoints for your to maps...hope u finish the trondm3 :( looks great! 
This is what I'm planning for sm100 so far:
Chainmap, using either IKBlue.wad or Knave.wad, stand alone or modified, or a combination of the two with select textures from me. This is far from set in stone, but it seems like it would be a different set for a chainmap I think. Any thoughts? :( 
Made mine in an hour rather than 100 minutes, would have been awesome if I took longer...

Yeah..that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! 
So we've got three options so far for SM100.
1.) Chainmap, possibly using IKBlue and/or Knave, or perhaps another tex set.
2.) Speed episode.
3.) Turtle map (Map done in one week.)

Those of you planning to participate please give input. Thx a doodle. :D 
I have three ideas of what sm100 should be:

1) a chainmap (knave sounds good or maybe hexen2.wad, as almost all of my previous speedmaps were with hexen2 texes);
2) a collection of the best speedmaps ever made;
3) a whole day of speedmapping from morning til the night, so everyone would be able to create BIG speedmaps since it would be a special speedmapping session.. 
chainmaps are troublesome enough; a chainspeedmap is just way on the wrong side of 'bad idea'.
Same goes for the episode - if you have to rely on organising a mapper lineup beforehand you're defeating the spontaneity of speedmapping; the only thing that really makes it interesting imo.

I've made this suggestion before, but I'll make it again:
SM100 - Quake Symbol
map must feature the quake symbol somewhere in some form besides on a texture ( has to be made of brushes ). It can be small, large or even the whole layout of the map. It can be a func thingy, or just a decoration in the middle of a room. Whatever. 
Weren't all the other chainmaps speedmaps?
Shut up RPG!, the SM40 contest and sm82 were all chainmaps put together from speedmaps, ya? 
weren't they/aren't they being put together well after the actual speedmapping though? 
Yes, it would take some time to glue them together, it wouldn't be instantaneous of course. But I find chainmaps to be loads of fun, and the last one was run on SM82, nearly 20 speedmaps ago (as of SM100), so I thought it would be a nice change of pace. 
I was just suggesting. It's your gig, mate :) 
I Agree With Kell 
Something involving organizing the mappers is probably not going to work so well. I think SM28 and SM32 were the only ones to be put together in a timely fasion.

On the other hand, PuLSaR's idea about a speedmapping day might work out well. Kell's idea is also cool, but I don't quite feel like it's monumental enough. 
I Don't Speedmap... 
...but I really like Pulsar's idea of a day of speedmapping, a real mapping orgy, where people are popping into IRC all day and making all sorts of different shit, like some people will do a dozen hour long speedmaps and others will do just one cool map in a day, and others might pass maps back and forth and make joint speedmaps or whatever....just like see how much cool shit everyone can make in a day, whenever they're free during that day to do it.

mapping orgy

Sounds about right. 
So for that post, Kell has chosen an icon consisting of a fist passing through a ring.

It's such a relief all the different mappers are based in different countries ;) 
It's not a ring, it's a laurel wreath. Philistine �_� 
already suggested to you...

100 maps in 100 mins. 
Missing Packs? 
Lokking in the files archive I noticed that there are no sm92 - in this thread at post #868 and #869 ( ) Zwiffle says that he would finish the map from that session later! Did you do that Zwiffle? Or are we to have a sm 100 without a sm92?
Guess it will be the sm99 pack then!

And it looks like sm68 is missing as well? 
Lost Packs 
AFAIK: 40, 68, 69, 82, 92 
Yeah But....- 
69 and 82 are chainmaps!
AFAIK they will be released! 
Just Wondering 
It seems from the archive that q1tm (the first turtlemap) and q1tm2 (the second one) are missing from the archives. Do you (scampie or zwiffle) need them? I have 2/3rd's of the first one as well as the entirety of q1tm2. 
40 was a speedmap, which was turned into a contest by RPG and judged by Vondur, won by Mike Woodham and lost by Zwiffle :(.

69 is metl/RPG's responsibility, I hear it was kidnapped and raised as a child prostitute somewhere in Madison (I'm looking at Scampie.)

82 is also RPG's responsibility, both 69 and 82 are speedmaps.

For 92, NO ONE showed up for it, and I didn't finish my map. I don't even know if I still have it, and if I do I probably won't finish it.

I'm not sure about 68 - that might've been the turtlemap event, in which case you'll have to ask Scampie to restore those to the site, because I don't have them, at least the first one. 
Oh Yeah 
As far as I'm concerned, SM92 is empty, and so there was no reason to upload it. =/ 
So There's Another One Next Week? 
Will there be another speed mapping session next saturday? 
Every week during the summer I plan to host speedmapping on Saturdays. Maybe even beyond that , but school is tough so I may have to put it on hold during schooltime. 
I'll be in the next one, probably need to do it beforehand again though.

Any idea what next weeks theme is yet? 
Theme: This week's theme is a little more focused and less interpretational than previous weeks. It's "Castle Void," so go and make your best space-floaty castle.
When: Saturday, June 11th, 2005 at 3:00 pm Central Time
Where: #speedq1 on QUAKENET
Enjoy :D 
Darn Netsplits... 
I am still online, damn netsplit cut czg and I off from everyone else.

Stupid quakenet. 
maybe its too soon, but there should be a chapters speedmapping session, and then maybe a zerstorer themed session. Unless that would dilute the purity of speedmapping. 
what server are you using? 
The netsplit fixed itself after a couple of minutes anyway. 
that just forwards you to your country's / nearest server. You can see that from the status window motd texts etc.
That server might have problems which you can avoid by manually connecting directly to some other server, like
or, depending where you live. 
sm69 was actually started back around sm30 or sm35, as a speed chainmap organized by rpg. After a while he had it stiched together, and then he and i passed it back and fourth a bit. I joked that we should call it sm69, but the joke was that that number was way too high compared to the numbers we were seeing each week. Then 68 and 70 came and went, and now 69 doesn't sound so futuristic anymore. 
Four Maps...get Them Now! 
The product of an impromptu speedmapping session four of us engaged in tonight. :) 
You should submit it as news :D 
SM69 was actually started way back around February of 2001 as a chainmap pack, organized by RPG. It was to be a pack of two maps, with two authors per map. After July came and I was the only one to actually have made anything, I abandoned it for a long time until picking it up again and deciding to finish it as a speed chainmap. After a while I had it stitched together, and metlslime and I passed it back and forth a bit. metlslime joked that we should call it SM69, but the joke was the number was way too high compared to the last speedmap pack which had been released at least one year prior (I think the last one was around 45). Then scampie tried to convince me to rename it, got all huffy about it, and skipped number 68 in the series in a childish fit of envy. And now 69 doesn't sound so futuristic anymore. 
If anyone wants the SM40 .maps (maybe to add them to the speedmapping archive) you can get them here:

And if anyone wants the SM40 contest results (maybe to add them to the speedmapping archive) you can get them here: 
I Copied That From The Browser; How Did It Miss The Http://? 
Is This A Contest? 
so, who wan sm94 ?) 
Wow, Guys... 
...way better than sm94!!! Speed's totally rocks, even though I can't seem to finish it (what should happen after the vores on the upper floor? I get stuck in a room where you drop after the last vore... nothing happens). Moz and Tron seem to have picked my idea (or do they?)of making a map follow the other, doubling the pleasure...
Voodoo's just the short little sweetie at the end of the meal... LOved the texes.
Thanks, too good for a monday night... 
what map do you guys usually put into trigger_changelevel? 
I like to either put the name of a map someone else is going to work on (ie sm94_bam) or a map that's already been made that everyone should have (ie e1m1rmx) or start (ie start) or end (ie end). 
SM95 Pack 
Donde esta? 
It's Up 
At the speedq1 site, moderators haven't confirmed the news yet tho. 
Ok, this iss approximately how I remember, I might be wrong on many points:

zwiffle's was nice and clean and polished, except too little ammo, some a bit hard jumps, and that hidden windpush was harder to find than necessary, I kept jumping there and falling behind the push. I liked the idea and layout of the whole thing.

headthump's map was awful frameratewise but otherwise quite hectic. The ogres very high on platforms just suck when you have the super shotgun, likewise fiends in a pit - you just keep standing and shooting with the button floored - it takes quite long. :( I ended up taking shortcuts / avoiding fights by jumping to funny places from the slopes and not killing the end enemies or the shambler. Had no ammo or health anyway. Funny shapes, some small texturing errors. There was a bug at the silver door, it was very hard to get up from the stairs there. And in other stairs too, you had to jump.

rpg's map was a bit more polished but the stairs-enemy-stairs thing was gameplay wise a bit boring. Oh, there's a vore - well I can shoot him and then go back behing the corner. rinse and repeat. Everybody's placing vores like this! Why??

Tron's map was nice. About time mappers gave the freaking rocket launchers to the player!
I liked this one the best.

I wonder how much time went into these - some maps were so big and still quite detailed. Quite skilled guys you are.

And btw, I hope making the map float in void is not becoming too much of a fashion! 
The thing: "The Room" - (ripped from Silent Hill 4 :D )
The Other Thing: #speedq1, gamesnet
The Last Thing: Saturday, June 18th, 2005, at 3:00 pm Central time
Another Thing: Be there and be square. 
I've Never Played Silent Hill 4 
or anything from that series, what is the tie in with 'the room' theme? 
The full title of Silent Hill 4 is

"Silent Hill 4: The Room"

I got the idea from that. That's all. :) 
that may be fun. I'll google the heck out of it from here and see if it spawns a few ideas.

I hope the entire game wasn't one room, those things can cost some serious money! 
...looks like the kingpin textures would be useful for this session. 
Box Rooms here we come! 
Seems to be a very nice idea for a speedmap, ultra open ended. I even have an idea for one now, i just have to find the time do make it ( definetly an out of session one if it works out ). 
You Rule! Zwif 
I found this in my info search . .

much more interesting than box maps (ninety degree angles - ugh!)

I'll spend tomorrow avoiding getting any real work accomplished and just scribble maps in my notebook. 
were you able to get a speed map session this week-end?

I had a motherboard meltdown of my machine devoted to Quake :(, so no contribution this week, 
They haven't posted news yet, so blame Von and/or metl, inattentive bastids. 
SM97 - "Nowhere to hide" with a subtheme "We Miss You CZG"
Time: 3:00 pm Central, Saturday, June 25th, 2005
Where: #speedq1, quakenet
Woot! A few more weeks until Speedmapping day or something. 
It Appears 
CZG is still here, which I'm grateful for, but why the 'we miss you?'

(I'm continuing my tradition of asking naive questions after a speedmap theme announcement ;))

anyways, I hope to have enough of my Quake stuff downloaded and rebuilt to map this weekend. However, I'm downgraded to a PII 433 with an ati Rage Pro board, all of 4 MG of memory. Woot-hoo. Life is freakin' sweet, baby! 
You definitely need a theme and a sub-theme for a speedmapping session. Particularly when both of them are pretty incomprehensible! 
This Week's Speedmapping Session... 
has been brought to you by the number F. 
Eh Metl? 
Is that a sponsorship thing or yet another theme to it? 
CZG quit coming to #tf, that's why the "We Miss You"

Next week the subtheme will be "Shut up, Headthump!" :D

PS: That's a joke at SM32, which was a chainmap called "Shut up, RPG!", just in case you were going to ask :P 
at least I am in good company. 
The Themes 
are perfect. 
Did you get my email? 
Yes I did. Thx for sending early. :D 
Texture For The Theme
in idbase and metal flavour

d/l it and import into your quake wad using texmex

(texmex url
"Complex" (as in Complicated)
July 2nd, 2005 - 3:00 PM Central time
#speedq1, quakenet

Whoosh - SM100 coming up soon. 
how am i supposed to make something complex map fast with my inane mapping skills?
well, maybe random stuff... :) 
Ummmm Hummmm 
Can you have a sub-theme of "Speedy Smells Of Penis", please. 
Sub-theme: "Speedy smells of Shambler's penis, and Shambler's penis smells of Speedy." 
hey Im not czg, I prefer fish to meat
so leave your inane gay dreams to yourself 
i'm able to map again, therefore I'll speedmap this week 
I won't be able to join in on the scheduled time. I'm going to Chicago on Saturday to pick up my friend, and he's gonna be staying at my house until the following Saturday, so SM99 will NOT be up the same day. It will be up late, sometime Sunday central time. I still plan on participating in both events though. If you try to DCC me a map or something just send me an email telling me you have a map. Cheers. 
Best Of Speedmaps? 
from the comments of sm60:
metlslime's map = best speedmap evar!

Nfw! Sm49_starbuck all the way! ...Closely followed by sm17_cybear.

This spawned an idea. *whooosh...* Anyone want to make some kind of compilation of the best 10 or 30 speedmaps of all time? Would be nice if it was
released somehow at the time of sm100.

Comments, people? Surely you must have favorites you remember fondly?

Gotta go back and play all of the speedmaps... :P
Maybe it's not possible. If one calculates 5 minutes per map and 400 maps, that takes 2000 minutes or over 33 hours. Someone make some voting system. 
bambuz sent me his sm98 map. It's in the files directory of speedq1. 
where should I send my sm98 map? 
You can email it to me. 
already done, Scampie suggested I do that in chat. :) 
with speedmapping session #98 be?

I'll make a map for it now, so wait for me to submit a map before you release the pack 
OMG POST #1000 
I win this thread 
why girlfriends destroy speedmapping????? 
Does that mean you didn't end up making a map Pulsar? 
...just babies from the sound of things. 
Does that mean you didn't end up making a map Pulsar?

yep, right after a hour of speedmapping my gitrlfriend started to... bother me and it turned into a really slowmapping and I gave up 
that's a lame excuse! send in what you have! 
SM99 And Delays 
SM99 - This Saturday, same place/time, hosted probably not by me, but send me all your maps and stuff anyway.
Theme - Open theme this week.

Release: I will probably be releasing SM98 + SM99 at the same time AFTER SM99 takes place. This is because my friend is probably going back to Chicago Saturday or Sunday, and my SM98 map is not finished yet, so I will work on SM98 and SM99 the week after he goes back, hopefully release them on Wednesday/Thursday. So, sorry about that, be patient please. :D 
Did you get the email with my sm97_generic lighting redux?

I have also sent maps for SM98 and SM99 :) 
<voodoochopstiks> Zwiffle the glue way or my way?
<Zwiffle> the glue way
<voodoochopstiks> well I am not liking the glue idea at all :/
<Tr0n> I think we should vote on it
<Zwiffle> gather the pieces, glue them together how you see fir
<Zwiffle> *fit
<voodoochopstiks> yeah
<Zwiffle> it's how every past speedmap has been done
<voodoochopstiks> vote imo
<Tr0n> Zwiffle: then it's time for a change. :)
<Zwiffle> go ahead and vote
<Zwiffle> it's my decision :D
<than> should put this in the speedmap thread

Some of us are saying that a better way would be to do sm100 over a couple of weeks as a chainmap where we form a queue and each person works on their section for 100 minutes before passing it on, Zwiffle wants to have it where everyone speedmaps a small section and then uploads those small chunks for people to stick together as they see fit.

What way does everyone else prefer? 
Hmm, I'm not sure which I'd prefer. I quite like glueing maps - I enjoyed doing sm32 anyway, so if there was nobody to glue, I'd be up for it. However, the other method suggested sounds interesting and is different from what we've done before in speedmapping.

I like the idea of everyone glueing their own speedchainmap from the resulting maps too. That's a nice idea, but I'd want each map to be released separately rather than having to wait for the slowest person to finish. I also don't really like to get a ton of new maps and wade through them all either - I prefer one treat every so often.

Erm, so I vote for the glue method, but everyone has to have a go. Perhaps we should be given a week to glue them - so it becomes a speedchainturtlemap :) 
SM98 & SM99, SM100 
Obviously, they haven't been uploaded yet. I'm still working on my SM98 map, and when it's complete (sometime today or tomorrow) I will gather up all the maps and release them at once.

For SM100 - we were talking about what will happen. There will be 3 events:

1.) A normal speedmap at the normal time/place, released the same day (hopefully.)

2.) A turtle map. Make a proper map in a week, then it should be released the same day as SM101 (The following Saturday.) There is no theme for this - all you have to do is make a proper SP map in one week's time.

3.) The chain-speed map. Everyone who participates makes a piece in 100 minutes, using the specified .wad (at this point, most people wanted knave.wad, but I'll probably make a select .wad with chosen tex from knave.wad for consistency's sake.) Once all the pieces have been gathered, I will upload them in a pack, and people can download them and make their own maps from the pieces.

Now, Tr0n and voodoochopstiks were talking about making it one person maps for 100 minutes, then taht person hands it off to the next, and so on for the chainmap. I'm sorry, I don't mean to disappoint you, but that's NOT how it's going to be. That method of chainmapping is fine on its own, I'm doing the same thing with Tr0n, Jago and RPG right now, but it just doesn't work well with the speedmapping concept.

This way, we get more maps, and people aren't scheduled into working on something at different times. That's one reason I don't like it for speedmapping - you don't schedule different speedmapping sessions for each person, you have one big event where EVERYONE participates at once. It avoids a lot of hassle. One event everyone can join in at the SAME TIME. Scheduling who gets to map on this thing is just too much effort for a speedmap - it's better to gather all the pieces at once, then let each person go at it on his or her own time.

I encourage you to start your own chainmaps this way if you really like to chainmap (I love to chainmap, which is why I have 3 projects going on.) In fact, Tr0n, if you want to, you can pass off our map to stiks after you're done and he can hand it back to me and so on. But, the SM100 way is NOT negotiable - every single past speed chainmap has worked this way, with possibly the exception of SM69 - I'm not really sure about that one. This method works best with speedmaps, plain and simple, and I do not plan on messing with a system that works. 
Sounds Good 
I'll try and do a map for each event :)

For clarification, are the events 1. and 3. separate, or are the speedchainmaps to be map from the speedmaps made in 1. or not? 
1 is a normal speedmap event. 3 will take place probably the following Sunday, normal speedmapping time, and 2 will start on Saturday or Sunday, most likely Saturday. 
Circle Mapping 
ok, I have this idea that could be done in the long run:
five people make some speedmaps - then they are passed on on the next weekend to the next guy in the alphabet - and are worked on some more! And this is repeated a couple of times so the maps have gone through many mappers.
This is speedmapping in the sense that one author need not do much, but not in the sense that it requires a bit like a constant amount of participators every time. (the people can be switched though!)
Dunno then though how much the maps would / could be changed and would the previous guys get angry from the modifications on their work. :) 
That's an interesting idea. It would require a consistent number of people each week, and a lot of .map/.wad swapping in order to get it to work though, but it's a pretty cool idea none-the-less. I'm not sure about the details of exactly how it would/should/could work out though, but it's worth looking into sometime in the future. 
Sounds fun. Will there be an as-of-yet-undisclosed theme for the 1st event? 
Sure, Why Not? 
SM100 - Speed Map Event
Theme: "The Legend of Zelda"
When/Where: Saturday, July 16th, 2005 at 3:00 pm Central in #speedq1 on Quakenet.
What to do: If you can't attend, please notify me ahead of time to let me know you're making a map. Send me the map when you're done at, or if you attend you can DCC me the map too. Either/or.

As for the Chainmap, it will most likely be on Sunday, July 17th, at 3:00 pm Central, same place. Again, if you can't attend, please notify me ahead of time if you're participating. I will post the .wad the same time I post SM100, which you will need to download to participate in the chainmap portion. Once I have all the chainmap pieces, I'll post them up on, then whoever wants to work with em feel free.

I will be participating in all events, so there will be at least one map for each - Speed, Turtle and Chain (piece AND completed.)

If you have an idea for what you want the .wad to be, let me know. :P It's not set in stone, but so far people have asked for knave or egypt-tech from what I remember.

C U there O_O 
As An Old Time Speed Mapper 
I'm into celebrating sm100 by doing a map but it'll be a nothemed regular speedmap regardless of what you come up with! 
I've been hoping a turtle map session would be coming up for sometime now. Count me in Zwiffle for that second event. 
I'll definatelly map for sm100. I'll make the usual speedmap for sure and maybe I'll map for chainmap. 
Me No IRC... 
but I am willing to give events one and three a shot -- I already map at the speed of a turtle :)

If anyone needs to coordinate chain map pieces with me, my email is posted.

P.S. I vote knave for .wad! 
I Vote Vondur For World Domination! 
don't, he'll illegalize speedmapping as his first action.
(yeah i know the ref) 
i'd like to participate in the turtle map thing (or at least try to). knave.wad, of course.
i hope i can free up some time. 
SM100, Turtle And Chainmap 
OK, so the Turtle Map is officially underway. I will accept submissions no later than 12:00 am (midnight)Central Time NEXT Saturday for the Turtle map.

The SM100_pack will be up late, generic needs to finish his and can't get it to me today, so it will be posted tomorrow.

Finally, I have uploaded the .wad for the chainmap event tomorrow. Use only this .wad if you're participating, and try to get me your piece by tomorrow, no later than 12:00 am (midnight) my time.

Oh Yeah 
The .wad is in quake 1 .wad format, so if you use Hammer or anything you'll need to convert it over. 
what a small wad! Only 32 items 
You've got mail... 
ChainMaps Are In 
All 6 pieces (Ok, really more like 4, Generic made 3 maps) are collected. The authors are bambuz, Generic, voodoochopstiks, and me. All maps have been renamed so you know which author did what. 
looks like a tough job to connect those with any consistency... also the detail levels vary a lot!
I might give a stab at it later today. 
Well I haven't gotten any turtlemaps yet. I know there were 3 in production other than mine, so I'll just remind people that I need them in by this weekend. My own is close to finished, I just need to tidy up some details and polish the gameplay. It should be done by tomorrow. If you want, include a .txt file and I'll add it in the pack. 
Our Turtlemap 
voodoochopsticks and I are collaborating on a turtle map but my computer hd is having some problems so I can't continue work (some error thing with temp file writing and delayed write cache), since i can't save my editings 9/10 times... ARGH. Even web browsing stutters.

But mr chopsticks is bravely carrying this task to it's conclusion alone with my supporting spirit in irc. :/ He'll hopefully be ready by sunday.

The map is quite big - it turned out a bit out of scale since I'm not a very experienced mapper and there was no time to resize back.

fucking computers. shit. hell. etc. 
Our Turtlemap... 
Will be ugly, but it will be there. We started rather late, thursday evening. 
I've gotten 2 maps so far for the turtlemap portion of SM100, mine and bambuz/voodoo's. Headthump will try to turn his in next week with SM101, and ... well I dunno about gibbie's. But there's still technically 2 more hours before the deadline, so I'll wait until tomorrow to upload the pack. 
Argh! Not Enough Time... 
my turtle map is being compiled at the moment. i don't know how long it will take, but i'll send it in right after it's finished. item placement took longer than expected, so i hope it's not too late, because it would be a pity if this map wasn't included in the pack.
i think it turned out pretty nice, though it also has some flaws which can't be solved within the deadline, for instance the lack of skill settings and the free edicts thing. :( 
SM101 - The Basics 
I had to.
Saturday, the 30th of July, 3:00 pm Central. Mail submissions to 
Some of you may have noticed there was no Speedmap this week. That's because I was sort of "invited" to host speedmapping for QExpo, which I would not have done otherwise. So I'm currently setting up the booth and there'll probably be 2 events I think, maybe 1 or 3, or possibly 100. I dunno. But I didn't forget about it really. Anyway, some more info soon-ish, dag nabbit. 
you mean you'll release our 2 maps for sm101 during QExpo? I didn't quite catch the drift of that. 
Why not. 
Ok, Fine 
is there going to be a session tomorrow by the way? 
There won't be, but there will be a couple events once QExpo starts. BTW, the theme for QExpo is "movies" or something, any ideas about what theme you'd like the speedmaps to be? 
I Thought The Theme Was "trailers"... 
Are The QExpo 
speed packs going to be announced in their own threads? I thought the latest smqe1 was pretty good. 
I've been putting the announcements on the qexpo Speedmapping booth, and linked the released pack in the Qexpo thread. 
Now that QExpo is over with, we're back on track with the normal Speedmapping numbering. This week is SM102 - "Geocomp". Make a map using simplistic textures and gorgeous brushwork - the looks will be based not on how pretty the tex are but how good you slap them onto detailed brushwork.

Saturday, August 27th, 2005, 3:00 pm Central in #speedq1 on Quakenet! W00t! 
What Happened To Smqe2? 
Were there not enough maps to make it worthwhile? Are you going to include the maps that were submitted for smqe2 with this pack? 
Sm101 + SmQE1 = ? 
My thoughts on these are:

sm101_starbuck - attractive texturewise with a few misalignments and areas that need to be clipped off. I would love to see this one made into a proper SP map :)

sm101_zwiffle - not a bad little hoard affair which took a couple of tries to survive. I liked the difficult puzzle :)

smQE1_entar - looked bad with a green tint :(

smQE1_neg!ke - green enough with straight-up gameplay and a few Oz favors scattered about. I am becoming a fan of this guy's intricate brushwork :)

smQE1_preach - great gameplay with old skool looks. I had to leave a few bad guys standing around to escape with my scalp intact. Best of the bunch ;)

snQE2_zwiffle - short, sweet and survivable without being a walkthrough. It also had a nice tight...layout :)

Thanks, Hrim. 
I guess I should have known to look there?
Anyways, I really liked smqe2. Zwiffle, you implemented some pretty fucking cool architecture in this one. I didn't like Neg!kes as much as his last, but it was still very cool. I love the chunky look of your maps. Your style is very unique and I like the playfulness of your maps. Generics was cool too - I haven't seen the movies, but your map piqued my interest. Mine took about 2 and a half hours, and I'm happy with how it turned out,considering. The Ammo balance sucked, but I kind of like fighting the last shamb with an axe. What did you guys think about smqe2? 
I thought your map was just stupidly hard, and never finished it.

They were all fun, though. 
I Thought 
smqe2 was fantastic, one of the best SM releases recently. Every map was strong, even mine, which is weird. I would like to have more patience and do bigger, detailed maps, but I don't use copy and paste like I should and my maps become small. Drew's map was tough, I got to the gold key area and had to fight scrags with my axe so I didn't finish it. neg!ke's and generic's maps were cool, completely different, but both fun nonetheless. Hopefully it'll be a good pack today too. 
Hey Zwif, 
Got a map for this week's event (actually it isn't really in theme, but . .). I have been having a problem getting on to hotmail and emailing tonight. So, I'll send it when I can, and you put it in next week if you like. 
Problem Solved, 
I'm sending it in now. Give me the God Smack Around if it is any inconvenience. 
QExpo Speedmaps 
smqe1_neg!ke was fun and pretty unusual, close to the theme and still lots of action. Tip: If you had problems lighting the two big buttons that reveal the "wizard", either move the lights from the walls a bit or use option -softdist 4.

smqe1_preach was also fun and in a more traditional setting. Gameplay was good although the scale felt a bit too big. Easy movements and plenty in fighting are always welcome.

smqe1_zwiffle was very good-looking with nice textures. Gameplay was a bit rough, but manageable.

smqe2_drew had decent layout but maybe a bit monotonous texturing. Gameplay was pretty good until ammo and health ran out near the GK, one of the real fun-killers. Also, the map leaked and wasn't vised.

smqe2_neg!ke had a quiet and curious beginning in a nice setting, but the rest was fun arena-style combat. At first it was easy, letting them finish off themselves, but soon it escalated into pretty intense mayhem. I had to retry a few times before leaving with really low health ...

smqe2_zwiffle wasn't quiet at all; major close-quarter combat right from the start. Again pretty rough fighting, but survivable. Nice details, texturing and lighting, only a bit small.

As a whole, two good packs! 
Zerstorer Theme 
I've mentioned it before and been shut down, but I'm gonna try again. I'd like to maybe have a speedmapping session using the Zerstorer mod. I know it's not Vanilla Quake, so some of you guys might feel like it would be diluting the purity of speedmapping or something, but I'd like to try it. What do you think? 
No Point. 
And don't tarnish Zerstorer. 
No Doubt A Good Point There 
But if we could talk CZG into doing a Terra like episode for Zerstorer, that would swweeeet. 
SM103 - "Autumn"
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
3:00 PM Central in #speedq1, Quakenet

I'm afraid this'll be my last Speedmapping event until next year. School starts next Tuesday and I just won't have a lot of time to do anything between that and work. Oh well. =/ 
GG Zwiffle. 
Nice final theme too, hope you get a good turnout.

I think you;ve done a great job of keeping speedmapping going under fairly uninspiring circumstances, and I think it;s been worth it - although they are still only speedmaps, there have been some interesting maps, interesting ideas, and an occasional upturn in quality too. AND you have brought several new mappers to the fore, some of which - generic, drew, negke - are showing a lot of promise. 
I agree with Shambler, and I'm sure plenty more of us quake fans do as well. Your commitment has been pretty impressive. You just kept going, coming up with wonderfully obtuse themes and producing maps every time. I know alot of people would have given up... I know I would've. Thanks alot for contributing to this community. Hopefully someone else will step up to the plate. So yeah, thanks. 
Do you have an email address? Just send me an email and I can reply to that. 
nooo, that's sad news! :/
what am i now going to use as an excuse not to continue working on my maps??
hopefully, you'll find some time to host a speedmap event every now an then, depending on how much spare time you'll get...
anyway - as the others already said - good job!

btw: why not upload the smqe1 pack to the speedq1 archive, just for the sake of completeness? 
what am i now going to use as an excuse not to continue working on my maps?? 
"Mental Institute"
"I'm a true mapper"

Any of those are feasible. 
L O L 
"I'm a true mapper"

I never thought I'd be able to actually say that.. 
and what about "i got 'zwiffilis'"? :D 
You've got mail :) 
That second map is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever experienced... truly mind blowing. It speaks truths even Jesus couldn't deliver. I'm just breathless from that whole thing. :D 
For Lo 
Was it not written that there wouldst come a mapper
And though he be generic, his speedmaps would not? 
no fair, you peeked ;) 
who will be running speedmapping after this Zwiffle? 
Get in contact with me. 
You've done a good job on running the SM sessions and produced a lot of good maps! If noone picks up the thread, I hope that you'll return later. 
You're interested in taking over the Speedmappage duties while I whittle away my hours on school and work then email Scamp at whatever his email is, otherwise he's gonna take over, and that means... well that means there'll be speedmapping, so that's good. Still, if anyone wants to try, by all means go ahead. 
Speedmap #104 - The Return Of The King 
Speedmap #104 will be happening this Saturday, with myself taking helm of the Speedmapping boat once again.

There will be no theme for this pack, Single Player or Deathmatch levels are acceptible. Timelimit is 100 mins, let's try to stick to it, but I've never been one to enforce the timelimit strictly.

We will meet on IRC for the live event, on the Quakenet network ( in #speedq1, at 3PM Central Time, this is 8PM UTC. If you can not make it, or wish to map beforehand, you may email me a map before the live event or get in contact with me beforehand. My email is 
Also, Please Relieze... 
I will not be making a speedmap, for this or future speedmaps. I cannot due to the limitations of my contract. I likely shouldn't even be running this event. This is why I will only be in charge of organizing, collecting, and uploading the weekly events. 
Hurray For Scampie! 
Boo for Raven contract! 
If anyone has any ideas for themes, please bring them up.

Themes I will not run for any reason:
Anything requiring a custom engine. Speedmaps must run in GLQuake minimum.

Anything requiring a mod. Speedmaps will run in vanilla Quake.

Anything limiting brush or entity counts.

Speedmapping is about creation and enjoyment for the mappers who participate. Themes should encourage people toward innovation and new ideas of architecture, gameplay, and buildstyle. Themes should not limit mappers, or require having to learn new entities/features in a specific mod or engine. We are having fun building maps, this is excercise, not a popularity contest for mappers to get famous. We don't need more than vanilla Quake to be creative. Themes will never be enforced, only suggested. The timelimit is also not enforced, since it's merely there as a guideline to spur on the quick creation of a map. Speedmap packs are released for the sole reason of sharing what we did with each other and inspiration for our fellow mappers. 
- "Quake Meets Next-Gen FPS of your Choice"
- "The City"
- "Runic" (I like Runic maps!)
- "Swallowed"

Don't you think Return of the King is a little egotistical? :) 
Oooh, Themes! 
- Charles Dickins.
- Pirates.
- Old Movies.
- Glass.
- Origami.
- Speed? 
Good To Hear 
that speedmaps is going to be more than a summer fling.

Possible Theme's

Clean Base,
Rusty Base,
Sci-Fi Runic,
Gothic Runic 
-Coop (maps that NEED 2 players at least)
-Penile devastation
-Haunted houses
-Caribbean (or Pirates like Text_Fish said)
You should have a "Use hacks from the Teaching Old Progs(.dat) New Tricks thread to make weird maps" theme. 
I've seriously thought about that myself.

Everyone else: thanks for the theme ideas, come 'em coming. I'll likely use a few. 
Some Things Speedmaps Don't Usually Have... 
- difficulty settings
- secrets 
I think that is more a time consideration than anything else, Speedmaps are generally so short that it would be a waste of resources building secret areas. 
not unless the whole map is made of secrets. 
As first Emperor of the Quake and protector of Mexico, NEXT WEEK'S THEME is 'Secret Maps'.

To even progress through the map, you must find secrets.

(Note, NEXT WEEK. This week's speedmap theme will remain 'no theme') 
Of course, that's why I suggested it... 
-churches, cathedrals, arches, cellars, caves, nature, waterfalls. Salmon stairs. 
wild west
fast food
8192 units tall
Theming 2 
custom textures or assortments
simple textures
terrain textures

what about the circle mapping thing? ~3 people make rough maps, then they submit them forward to the next guy in alphabet (and the last guy sends it to the first one) or just some other mapper for continuing work, add stuff, then forward again. It's not chainmapping but is a bit related to it. Doesn't require so much work from a "glueguy". You can have an arbitrary number of steps and people and might even get your own early work back modified - whatever! The scheduling doesn't need to be rigid since you can shuffle the maps and mappers - a mapper can show up and say "I'll take the next ready piece to work on". 
that's not a theme, that's a headache. 
More Themes 
Practical Themes
- functional machinery (the hacks thread would be helpful here)
- pentagrams (the symbol)
- quads and pentagrams (the powerups)
- partially submerged

Conceptual Themes
- retreat and surrender
- isolation
- addiction
- kindness and forgiveness 
What about a puzzle theme? I envision something like the Mario 64 water level, where he had to navigate a huge mass of metal piping and scaffolding to push buttons and do fun things like that. Would make for a nice bit of cerebral fun, different from the norm. 
Lol Scamp 
of course it's not a theme. And you seem to have headache almost all the time anyway... 
'The Island'
'By the Light of Ancient Stars'
'Against all Odds'
'Exploratory Instincts'
'What if these two maps mated?' 
I like the mating one! 
Hehe Lol 
like something really bizarre, the mating of start and end .bsp? 
Themes Mk2 
Embrace the brown!
Awww, cute!
did everyone forget about speedmapping this week?

thanks for all the themes, but I guess I won't be needing them.

but I do plan on doing something for the "secret" speedmaps :) 
[15:24] <Zwiffle> scampie: generic and neg!ke never showed up
[15:24] <Zwiffle> they always sent me maps at about 8:00
[15:24] <Zwiffle> same with drew

That true? If that's how most speedmaps have gone, then should I rework how times go or something to better suit everyone else?

is there any reason no one mapped this week that I can fix? I kinda feel at fault here, if everyone else was used to speedmapping one way, and I told you to do it differantly and that stopped you from participating, please speak up! 
If it helps, I usually map beforehand on Wednesday or Thursday and e-mail it in on Friday or Saturday before the event actually starts. 
prison (prison love)
opressive moustaches
garrish colors
breeding factory
green goo
conveyer belts
tree top/canopy
red barns
facilities (like goldeneye)
I didn't speedmap this week because I got distracted. I started a map early then got distracted and never got chance to finish it.

I think having a theme helps motivate people as well.

I suspect the lack of a showing this week was mostly to do with the very loose feel it had this week. 
don't worry, it's not your fault at all.
in fact, i started a map, too, but i probably wasn't in the right mood and - after some 80 minutes - realized that it wasn't even half finished (i just didn't know how awesome the speedbase textures are), so i quit.

after reading the posts above, however, i decided to finish it later on and send it in, so you can release it in the afternoon, for one map is at least better than none... 
Those Textures Are TEH EVIL! 
i just can't stop...
forget what i said above - i guess i'll turn the map into some sort of semi-turtle map and send it in for next week, if that's okay. 
Not your fault.
I've been busy - work, and family stuff. Shit happens, dog. 
so I can blame all you then right? :D

very well. We'll do SM104 next week. Gonna toss up two of my favorite themes suggested and get an opinion which we should do:

Theme 1: Secret Maps, only way to progress through the map is to find secrets.

Theme 2: Aerowalk and Blood Run, sittin' in a tree, K I S S I N G....
er... I mean...
Theme 2: What if two maps mated? Take 2 well know maps, and mix their themes/layout/whatever in some way to create your speedmap. 
I can finally say I contributed to something! 
I am fine with both, I'd like to do both, but on different weeks. Ie theme 1 this weekend and theme 2 the next. 
My Vote.... 
is for the "secret" theme. 
Lol Scampie 
Fuck, Scampie... you can be pretty fuckin cocky... and funny.
I'll have something for you. 
It'll Be Mixed... 
Secrets sounds good to me. 
Ok Then, 
sounds like SM104 will be the Secret Speedmap. And why don't we do Two Maps Mate as 105.

Speedmap #104 will be happening this Saturday.

The theme for this week is "Secret Maps". The map should consist of secrets as the major way to progress though the map. Hide the gold key! Put the goodies on the 'normal' path and monsters in the hidden rooms! Go nuts and make some unique secret puzzles!

Timelimit is 100 mins, let's try to stick to it, but I've never been one to enforce the timelimit strictly.

We will meet on IRC for the live event, on the Quakenet network ( in #speedq1, at 3PM Central Time, this is 8PM UTC. If you can not make it, or wish to map beforehand, you may email me a map before Sunday at 3PM Central Time or get in contact with me beforehand. My email is 
Some Themes I Think Will Be Used In The Future 

-Clean Runic (Merged Headthump's "clean base" "rusty base" "scifi runic" and "gothic runic" into something silly :) )

-Use hacks from the 'Teaching Old Progs(.dat) New Tricks' thread to make weird maps


-The City


-Partially submerged

Any feelings on these? 
no idea wtf clean runic would mean, and I find myself hard to get ideas for Propaganda, and would progs.dat need it's own mod directory to run or is it not a modified progs.dat? I guess I need to check out the thread. 
Sounds Good 
I'll try to make the next few weekends.

Partially submerged is a good theme that invites some intricate layout ideas. 
Oh, sorry for being stupid, new tricks in progs.dat looks like a cool theme. 
Partially Submerged Theme ... 
... with transparent water would be very helpful, though... ;) 
when I said helpful, I mean for the player ;P 
Reminder, Bitches 
SM104, Saturday. Secret Maps. 
Got a map from generic!

so all you guys better map or generic will be sad :( 
Generic Is Tough 
He can carry a week of speedmapping by himself. He can take it. 
GG Scampie 
Nice to see the enthusiasm with which you;ve retaken over from Zwiffle. Hell I think I even spotted some humility in an earlier post ;)

GL guys, I need some Quack to stop me playing GW 
You Will Have A Map From Me. 
Like I said in chat, I will be making a map Sunday night. 
I Got One. 
but its mediocre and I didn't finish it really. I'll send it anyway. 
So maybe you won't get it. Hotmail won't let me send the file out, because apparently the bsp has a virus. this is (bad) news to me.
I'll see what I can do about this. 
So far, I've received maps from:

and I'm expecting one from Tron tomorrow!

Excellant work guys! (not played them yet, always set a rule for myself to only play them once I have them all) 

Hrimfaxi has sent me a map! 
A shiny new dime to whoever finishes sm104_tron on their first attempt. ;) 
* Tron2 has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
<Scrambler> FFS cheeker fucker, disappearing just after i completed his map first go
<czgMapping> without saving?
<Scrambler> i saved once but didn't load
<Scrambler> was piss really
<Scrambler> also, i only remembered it was a secret map near the end

Have demo if you want. 
SM104 Posted 
Awesome Maps 
All of em were great, I think the Ebon Outpost was my favorite overall, very tricky but solvable - and drew's I couldn't get past the armor-button (what did that open?)so I noclipped past the bar. Anyway great pack, I'll try to join in next time as the theme seems a lot like one I suggested a long time ago. 
Fair Enough. :) 
Shamb: I do say in the text file that it turned into more of a button/key map than a true secrets map. 
About Next Theme 
hey guys could next theme be "save your preres" wend maps should have more then 150 enemys? :)

p.s--->"preres" is very bad write but i dont know how it is...sorry for my shity english... 
Do You Mean 
"Say Your Prayers" ? 
thks Zwiffle :) 
Speedmap #105 
Speedmap #105 will be happening this Saturday.

The theme for this week is "What if these maps mated?". For this theme, choose 2 or more somewhat well known maps and build your map as if it was a combination of them. Build an Aerowalk type map using the textures and such of Blood Run. Build a czg07 ripoff, but with the small size and ease of e1m1. Whatever you'd like, Deathmatch or Singleplayer.

Timelimit is 100 mins, let's try to stick to it, but I've never been one to enforce the timelimit strictly.

We will meet on IRC for the live event, on the Quakenet network ( in #speedq1, at 3PM Central Time, this is 8PM UTC. If you can not make it, or wish to map beforehand, you may email me a map before Sunday at 3PM Central Time or get in contact with me beforehand. My email is 
Theme Suggestion 
Themes (Part 2) 
-Use hacks from the 'Teaching Old Progs(.dat) New Tricks' thread to make weird maps

-Partially submerged


I like the idea of differant themes that make the speedmappers try new things (secret maps), innovation is a big part of what makes speedmapping cool, so I'd like to head in that direction for the next couple SMs. 
"Partially submerged" and "Hacks of progs.dat" themes are those I really would like to see speedmaps for.. "Labyrinths" would be annoying, IMHO, if too complex, and I guess most of players would be completly lost in map finally... I have just in mind the example of an old map where there was a huge labyrinth (with huge pyramids.. I don't remember the map name, but regarding all the good map done today, it was really crappy...): it was really annoying to find my way in a labyrinth without any indications, and with monsters on each corners... cough.. Please don't do that :(
In anyway, it's just my taste... but I'm pretty sure good mappers of Func_ could do something really different and interesting.. wait and see... ;) 
I don't care about players, I just want speedmappers to have fun creating new and differant things. 
You should... Mapping only to "please yourself" is not, IMHO, a good idea... Keep in mind that players should be the most important people at the end: i.e having "self-fun" when mapping is good, but giving fun to players with your stuff is so far better... though...
Just to elaborate: imagine pro mappers (e.g D3/HL2 mappers) having only self pleasure when mapping, regardless of gameplay, design, lightning, etc... the results could have been really crappy, don't you think ? And the games would have been completly different...
So, do you really want to build speedmap pack full of shity map ?? I hope not ;P 
This Is Speedmapping Though JPL. 
It's an excersize for the mappers. It allows them to break free of the inhibitions that trying to appease the public places on them with their bigger releases. It's a chance to get experimental and/or just have a laugh -without- having to worry about what the players are going to think.

As far as I can tell, that's the very purpose of speedmapping. 
Yes And No 
you can do it for self-satisfaction but you should also make it for satisfaction of other mappers and other players. :) Whatever. 
There was a huge long discussion about why people speedmap after Scampie ran Xen out of here, do it for whatever reason you want to do it, if it's for yourself then do it for yourself, if it's for the players then do it for the players. As long as you're satisfied. 
Satisfied ?? 
I think the most difficult is to give satisfaction to most part of the players... Having "self-statisfaction" doing something is easy when you love what you do (whatever it is), but giving satisfaction to others is not so easy... unless you are a "pro".... and I'm talking about sex there .. it's another story ... ;P 
...and I'm talking about sex there ..

ooops: I mean and I'm NOT talking about sex there... I guess everybody understood... ;) 
strange, abstract designs (get on the hotdog?), wierd (but not stupid) gameplay.

dunno if this is a good idea or not. i'm saying abstract, but i don't mean ugly... it should still be cool looking, but shouldn't be your typical look to a map. 
To Me 
speedmapping is like brainstorming. Some people/mappers throw some ideas in the air/in a map and other mappers can see them and think "well this would bee cool in my map - But I think I will change it like this ..."

That's how I use the SMs! Besides having fun!

Off course the players are important as well - but in SM more like playtesters. They shouldn't expect bugfree finished maps in speedmaps, and I'm sure they don't!
If once in a while a SM is flawless and has greath gameplay well then it would bee the exception rather than the rule! 
this would bee cool in my map

it would bee the exception

I knew they'd show up again sooner or later...

...hey wait, has "bees" been done as a speedmap theme?

I generally think the ones Scampie is choosing are good. I like this weekends. I like his thinking behind it.

I do however, think that labyrinths would be bollox and quite pointless for mapping creativity. 
Yes, Bees has been done as a theme :) 
a lot of the draw of speedmapping is that the mapper is free to experiment, screw around, and make something without pressure for it to be good and without a large time commitment. If people enjoy playing them then that's just a bonus, but not the goal.

However, there probably are some speedmappers who are actually trying to make something that people will enjoy. That's great, but not every mapper should be expected to do that.

Personally, my big goal when speedmapping was to teach myself to map faster. I don't think i really ever learned that, however, becuase my regular maps still take forever. 
It is my absolute opinion that if your goal is to create something fun an exciting for the player, then you should spend a decent amount of time with it and make it worthwhile. If you want to fool around, make some things that normally wouldn't be acceptible, or just go crazy with stuff; then Speedmapping is the way to go. If the map turns out fun, then it's a bonus, but I run speedmapping for the enjoyment of the designers involved, not for the people who download and play the maps. 
always (almost) make all my weird ideas in speedmaps. My most crazy one was sm61 (i think), the one with hourglasses and time travel idea. I know that I can make in sm things that I will never make in a proper map. And that's why it's fun for me.
And sometimes I speedmap for players without weirdness.

and I DO WANT to make a labyrinth 
Idea Suggestion: 
Hide the Phallic symbol.

Basically, the player needs to incorporate a fairly large phallic symbol and conceal it. 
Idea Suggestion: 
Hide the Phallic symbol.

Basically, the mapper needs to incorporate a fairly large phallic symbol and conceal it as well as he can while it still being noticeable when looking for it. 
I Believe That's Called.... 
"hide the sausage." 
Suggestive Theme... 
superheroes :) 
Stay" Doomish"... 
.. and choose rather "super-vilains"... ;) 
I may or may not be making one when I get home tonight, depending on how late I stay out. Should get one done at some point over the weekend though. 
So What's The Theme Of Sm105? 
Breed Two Maps Together... 
...and show us their illegitimate offspring. :) 
I'll Be There 
In map, but not in theme. 
I like it, it's fresh and challenging and yeah it's cool. Go on Drew give it a shot =) 
I Suck 
i'll do one on sunday morning, i guess.

as for the former sm104 map i was talking about earlier (#1108): it didn't work out the way i planned, because i haven't been able to really work on it due to various circumstances, then i was stupid enough to accidentally delete the .map file so i had to convert it from the .bsp and fix all the faulty conversion brushes, and finally got ill which destroyed my last intentions of rebuilding the lost areas and finishing it.

so here is the map file for anyone who cares - maybe someone likes to use it as a base for a chain-, circle-, square- or whatever-map... 
don't worry, it's ok, I accidentally slept until 5pm today, missing the 'live' speedmap event. 
I actually went with the "partially submerged" (or whatever) theme but I don't think I stayed with it very well. I swear, once these speedmaps start they seem to develop a theme of their own.

BTW, Scampie, you (should) have mail :) 
natural terrain,
remake or pay homage to your favourite SM,
acid trip,
love machine,
dark forest,
wind tunnels,
lookin forward to #105 
Acid Trip 
was already done by nitin, i believe

(the name started with an n im sure of that!)

those maps were awesome and insane 
Less faggy theme suggestions more map pack releasage. 
"Love Machine" Isn't Faggy. 
it's just exploring its sensuality.
I agree though. What happened? I sent mine in. 
pack will be out later this evening, i got caught up with some things this weekend. 
I have a request. Can a theme be chosen and posted a bit sooner than "one the day". Everytime I pickup Worldcraft I basically have to re-learn the damn thing. How about throwing a newbie mapper a bone here :) 
Sorry I'm Late With The Theme Post 
Sm106, "Partially Submerged"

same times and details as my past speedmaps. 
and Megazoid, I try and post themes the Monday before the speedmap, that's almost a week ahead of time. 
Future Theme Suggestion 
Partially Submerged 
sounds great for a theme. I think I'll speedmap for it.
It plan to convert this theme into Partially Submerged Labyrinth for me. 
Pulsar... the player is trapped in a maze AND drowning??

BEST MAPING IDEA EVAR! the player is trapped in a maze AND drowning??

yay that's really cool =)

I started to map and it turned into not-labyrinth, I'll make a labyrinth speedmap next time 
Mmm, Partiall Submerged... 
hurray for water! 
I would speedmap, but "Partially Submerged" doesn't float my boat! HA! :D :D :D





Well fuck you then. 
won't be there.
too busy.
too tired.
too horny? 
Uh Huh... 
too horny?

Theme Suggestion: 
"Lunaran" Use his textures, use his layouts! Make maps celebrating the unknown lunaran legend! 
accidentally posted as scampie... FUCK MY STATS ARE FUCKING RUINED 
Isn't he that guy that made that Dune mod or something?

Why don't you do a theme about Barballs instead? I'm sure that'd be much better. 
What Does A/s/l Stand For? 
Actual / Sex / Life? 
Just Thought About 
a theme kind of related to the geocomp one:
maps with only two textures (or has this been done already?)
could bring forth some nice maps... or some very ugly ones :P 
maps with only one texture will be more fun? 
You bolloxed your stats up already.

Funny topical theme tho, LOL! 
Cool Themes 
wind tunnels,
Theme Suggestions: 
Nali village, cave, dark castle, lava cave, lava dungeon, lava waterfall, lava sewer, cave, dungeon, sewer, Nali village, dungeon, sewer, cave, Nali cave, tall cave with the ceiling removed, cave, dungeon, cave, lava crate. 
I Vote Lava Crate 
Or cramped. 
SM107 happens this saturday. Theme is 'Cramped'. I don't like setting limitations, but PLEASE DO NOT 'cramp' players using a million enemies, that's been done to death in SM maps. Instead, try to think about the use of cramped areas, little room for fighting and how best to use a couple monsters to cramp the player.

email a map to me before sunday at 3pm CST. 
I'm going to play some sadlark levels.
and build a lava crate. 
Started to map and made something very pretty. kept mapping, and it got too complicated, and not fun, and I fell through the floor when I tried to play it. fuck. 
yeah, couldnt chose the worse theme 
It's differant, which is why I chose it. 
Next Week's Theme: 
"maps that crash the game" 
He He 
I can do that one with my eyes closed. 
SM2142016 Theme 
Fire, Brimstone, and Paper Hearts 
LOL ! 
I would not like to wait for the 41190 years and 6 months (we will obviously have speedmap pack 107 next week, and with one pack per week...) before seeing these cool speedmappind thread... I vote for Fire, Brimstone, and Paper Hearts themes for next week !! 
Was a subtile joke...

Valentines Day, 2016
End of the world according to The GhostBusters 2 
Duh, Jpl 
Everybody remembers lines from crappy eighties sequels.
Anyways, mines in.
Its cramped. its kind of cute, actually.
Neg!ke, I hope you'll map. I miss your maps. 
I Should Be Mapping... 
I should be making a map for this when I get home in a couple of hours... 
Or Not... 
Amusingly enough, I got distracted from making a cramped quake speedmap by my Doom3 project. 
Now you just need to get distracted from the Doom3 project and finish TronDM3! 
Oh, it would have been read as SM214-2016... it's so more "laughable" then... when correctly explained... 
Wait A Minute !!! 
Reading again the post, there's still a mistake: it has to be read as SM 2-14-2016 ... it's more "explicit" like this... ;P 
Made One 
since i don't have internet at home, i didn't remember the theme, but it actually somehow came towards that anyway - it's cramped at least for the monsters.. The ai is quite bad at navigating that even semi-crampy things are really hard for them as i noticed :(

had some cool ideas but never had time to get around to them when hunting trigger problems and a couple of leaks, and just then got tired and zipped it up and went to bed.

i sent it to scamp on spawnpoint, is that the right email? 
i'm just really busy, sorry, will try and get the pack up tonight. 
... this kind of sucks.
no offense. 
If There Are To Be Any More... 
2 Themes:


Maybe, if you are too busy to host events on a regular basis a new method could be set up. Perhaps we could all just speedmap when we feel like it andsend it to Scampie to release as packs when he can.
Or not. not sure if I particularly *like* the idea, but I could handle it. What do you guys think? If Scampie is too busy then maybe someone else could host it. I would, but I'll be leaving my country/computer soon, plus I'd be completely unable to handle the website side of things. 
i had to move to another city, so i don't have proper internet access for at least another week. :(
maybe i'll do a map tomorrow, but i can't promise anything...

what about the 'oddities' theme scampie suggested some time ago? 
What about tonight? 
send your speedmap 107s to headthump, that is alanr643 at msn. 
I'll Put Them Up 
as they come in, and if any do come in, I'll bundle them together into a pack in a few days, with some pics up of each on my ugly-ville site. 
I'll Put Them Up 
as they come in, and if any do come in, I'll bundle them together into a pack in a few days, with some pics up of each on my ugly-ville site. 
Clicker Got Stuck 
I've got a few maps that I scrapped midway, due to unresolved Sessions. Might finish them off. Might not. Just back off dude - back off.

Theme Sugesstion #2094: CZGRPG 
No Problem 
Consider the chill pill swallowed (like a mug of freshly squeezed Bukake sudy). 
I imagine some sort of yin-yang motif, good and evil, cats and dogs, pink and teal. CZGs the evil one, btw. 
Not Much Progress Since Last Week, Hum? 
except that i finally managed to map! so i'll just send the thing to headthump then, right? 
By The Way: 
wtf is wrong with
Notice: This domain name expired on 10/17/05 and is pending renewal or deletion 
I Can Handle Speedmaps 
for a couple of weeks without hitting my meg limit. If you want to send something you did for this weekend, no problem. 
RPG is teal? 
I Just Recieved A Speedmap 
from Neg!ke.

Actually it most likely came a few hours ago while I was a sleep.

I will get it all up and ready in a few.

Thanks, Neg!ke! 
That was a fun level you made Neg!ke. I urge every one to pick this one up at,

I'll be back in the late part of the afternoon to see if any one else has a level to upload (I'll bundle them as they come in), and again after the Simpsons tonight (8:30 EST)

I had to take the '!' out of the zip file name to get the Pagemaker uploader to work, sorry Neg!ke. 
BTW, Neg!ke 
On the last note in your e-mail, I hope so to. No promises yet, but I'll likely be in a position to change that situation in a few weeks. 
Uh Huh. 
Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information.

Access to this site will be restored within an hour. Please try again later.

GG geocuntities! 
Temporary Mirror

I died in the second room, will try again :D 
Spirit's borked URL - GG Speniswit! 
Slap Me Hard 
for being so arrogant and not clicking "preview"... 
Good Stuff. 
Cheers for that.

Nice one Negke, love the proper Zer style and the interesting gameplay, really good map for a speedmap.

Have played Zer again recently and this had a good vibe to it. Need more! 
Wow, Geoshitys 
can't even handle a few dosen transfers for a small file.

Thanks, Spirit. 
I've just found your e-mail, from Thursday I believe; sorry, I was playing with my spam filters around that time.

I'll get a snap shot and have posted up shortly. 
Clean Design And Aesthetic, 
Short but pretty good,

If anyone else has a speed map, please get it to me by 8:30 PM and I will go ahead and bundle everything recieved by then. 
8:30 PM EST 
GMT minus five hours 
Thanks Bambuz, 
Bambuz map is now up for grab.

This week I was flying by the seat of my pants; if we have an event next week, I'll bundle them all first before release, that way there is a better chance of the maps being played. I would be happy to play host if Scampie can't fullfill that role at this time, and the Great Zwiffle has his head in the books.

Though we'll need to find a home, my silly-dilly geocities site is just cutting the cheese. 
Just In Case

Could Scampie just give you access to the ... Oh wait... Spawnpoint is no more :(

I could setup the domain (or what you like) and a bit of space (not much though, since I need it for the SP maps. maybe 100mb?). I would give you ftp access then, so you could upload whatever you want :) This is not meant as try to takeover of speedq1, heh. Just as temporary host of course! 
thanks ht for putting stuff up.

Zip em all into one like previous packs and start putting em to spirit's place. Then make a news post and post the url to the directory and mention your email and say that you are now handling speedmaps for a while.

Sorry if I am flogging a dead horse but I have been away on vaction and although it seems HT is handling SM108 well enough what the heck happened to SM107?

HeadThump, maybe you want me to send sm107_generic to you??? 
I was thinking of doing that with my sm107 map as well. Really busy right now, but not as busy as scampie, so I *will* get that to you next time I'm at my quakecomp. 
We Can Bundle 
it with next week's mapping event if you don't mind. You can go ahead and send it to me, Generic and I;ll do all the prep work for it for next week's event.

That is a great gesture of generiosity, Spirit. 100 Megabytes will be more than adequate for now. If my new job holds up, a full blown site will be possible in about a month's time.

E-mail me at for whatever necessary arangements need to be made. 
Spawnpoint should hopefully come back this week. At that time, I will give control of the speedq1 site the Headthump if he wishes to run the site.

I'm very sorry about being so 'away' these last couple weeks. Been very busy, never using my own PC at home for anything. 
No Problem, 
things often happen that are beyond our control. I'll be glad to run the speedmapping events. It turned out to be alot of fun putting the maps and pics up the last few weeks. 
Don't apologize, be away more often! 
No Text 
Mail sent ;) 
Thanks, Spirit 
we can make use of your the site for the next few weeks until Scampie gets the SpawnPoint matter sorted out. I appreciate the generosity of both of you.

Okay, any theme ideas? Something that most regular mappers would like to do.

I think we can work out a system where each regular mapper gets the chance to call a theme for the fallowing week's speed mapping event. We can include regular commentators like AquiRe, Shambler, and Megazoid in the as well.

I just want the most flexible and fair means of
doing this that we can agree upon. 
It seems I might have some free time this weekend so it's possible I can crank out a speedmap of some sort. As for themes, I thought of a really good one a while ago but totally forgot it, so I'll just go with City in the Shadows or something. Bleh, that's a stinky theme. 
Zwiffle can be the first theme picker.

Do you remember where you put the theme last? It is probably there. 
post news already of the speedmaps done...
Now no-one notices, either to dl or to start making new ones since it's all in the state of limbo still. 
The Three Maps, 
mine, yours, and Neg!ke that came in by Sunday of last week will be bundled together as one package and Generic's map will represent a fresh start. If you prefer to have your map bundled with next week's offering, let me know. It isn't a problem.

However, a News Post for the informal arrangements of the past few weeks is not necessary. It would probably be overkill at this time. 
Generic's Map 
along with speedmap session 109 will be a fresh start I meant to say. 
If My Answer Is Unsatisfactory 
in your estimation, and that is okay by me, you can post a news item on the 107 & 108 sessions. Just include a brief discription of the three maps and a running man icon along with it and submit it to the moderators. They'll take it from there.

I have to be else where in thirty minutes, so you are in charge this afternoon. 
hey i�m making a speedmap...or maby a shit map...but since there is no shitmapping week�s maby u guys may get something with it! :) were should i sent it??? or should i upload? 
Send It To

Thanks, Trinca. 
o.k map and bsp sent :) 
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.


My Fault, 

not AlanR642 
I Did It Again

All apologies. 
There is going to be some swank page put on Spirit's site to download the bundled, missed speedmap packages until Scampie's show is eventually back up and running?

And, what was that new theme exactly?

I am sooo con-few-zed :) 
I Was Hoping Zwiffle 
would get back with that, but apparently, school is more important than speedmapping to some ;)

Okay, if Zwiffle gets back with his theme idea, we'll go with his idea: Otherwise the theme will be:

did u get my crapy? 
Just played that. That kicked ass, and also made me feel inferior. Good job, you talented ass. keep it up. 
were can i get speedmapping maps? there is no link :( i miss some... 
A Good Theme For This Week-end..... 
... would be "Hell"oween !!!!!!!!!!! 
neg!ke's hell map was the shit! 
Cough. Hi.
Whenever what's-his-face gets spawnpoint back up I'd be happy to collect the maps and update the site (that takes about 5-10 minutes) but I won't bother participating in the event or coming up with themes. If Thump wants to do it then that's fine too, but you guys have to run it on your own until school's out, that is if you want me to run it again at all. ~_~

I also desire to play this fabled sm108_neg!ke. Gimme. 
Mescaline sounds like a nice theme :D 
I'm Thinking 
some of Rorschach's more bazarre texture sets
would fit the theme nicely.

Just make sure whatever you use looks good in at least GLQuake.

'Hell'oween can be an alternative for anyone not interested in the Mescaline theme.

Deadline 11:00 PM GMT (6:00 PM EST) Sunday 
nice to hear you liked my map.
i felt one owes it to zer to make something special when using those textures!

drew: you don't have to feel that way - luckily you don't know how the brushwork looks. ;)

bambuz: nice map. crossing these strange bridges was not all that easy in winquake on such a crappy machine as this... a.k.a. yes, i died. ...several times :P
how does one open the quad secret? 
I have one map each from Trinca, Generic, and Drew at this time. Thanks, guys.
I hope to get the time tomorrow to make a map too.
If anyone has sent a map in and isn't listed, please let me know. 
Must've Missed Sumthin'.... 
...the last smpack I have is 106. We're talking 109 here... Where can I find the missing ones?
Thanks guys for endless hours o' fun... 
spoiler for sm107/8_bam

after you kill the fiend (that spawns if you go in the dead end), the quad secret opens for a while (8 secs or so)... :) 
I'm sending you one, I labeled it sm108 cuz I'm not sure what number we're officially on, but you should get it soon. 
The Silent 
I'll have 107 108 The Lost Adventures of Speed Mapping up tommorow, along with SpeedMap 109.

That makes my day, thanks. 
I got one in the oven, sm109_generic, but it needs a few more tweaks. Can I get it to you tomorrow (OCT 30)?

Yay, Zwiffle!!! 
I can hold off -- the Sunday 11:00 GMT deadline is a rule of thumb.

I'm thinking of making a small start level; I would make the end of levels on the individual maps into change_episodes
(function name I'd have look up) back to a map named sm109. 
I Demand Maps! 

you have mail :) 
Thanks, Generic 
I'm going to start putting everything together now. If anyone has a late entry, don't worry, finish it at your leasiure, I've got a ton of things to do. I'll be around in some capacity 'til Midnight (11:00 EST.) That is when I expect to put everything up -- 
Midnight Is Not 11:00 EST 
Thks Ht 
stuff lookin' good and all! 
ah thanks. i did find the fiend, but i just thought it was a funny joke without triggering something... 
Thanks, I just got your speedmap. I can't wait to play it when I get in tonight. If you like, go ahead and post a theme idea for this coming 110 event. 
I Don't Know... 
the theme of the map i sent you could be described as 'monotony', but i really can't decide on a theme for the others now.

i'd like to have the 'oddities' theme sometime in the future, though (not sm110!). there were also some other nice suggestions in the past, but i have to leave now, so there is no time to go through them again. 
That Rorshach Thingie 
dunno... would that require a bit more time?
And somebody would need to make a wad...

the outdoor and the broken textures seemed very nice there, though I don't know how they'll fit with the q1 palette. 
I Used About Six 
or so of Rorshach's Temple textures converted to the Quake palette. It took a bit of work to get the fullbrights out, but I think they go pretty well with the Wizard.wad.

If there is interest in this theme, I can convert
most of the rest of that set and combine them with the wizard wad.

By the way, Rorshach does threaten in his readme text to shoot anyone who forgets to credit him. Given he works for Epic now I better take heed. 
should i send my next map to same email again???

this week the map is a litle better :) maby someday i will make a good one...still learning! 
My next SM will be Big. That is my theme. I already have a vague idea of what I'm going to do. So Ima do it, and you can't fucking stop me. but I suggest you join in on my "BIG" theme. 
all the big stuff i've done looks even worse than the medium scale stuff, but i just might do something. 
my map is sent!!! 
Big, Dammit. 
Do it Bam. I believe in you. 
HeadThump do u have my map? 
so "BIG" it is? 
wend is deadline??? i dont have internet at weekend that�s why i sent the map... still waiting for my new isp, maby more 15 days and will be up :)thks god! that�s why i send the map...but if the deadline isn�t this weekend i can add more cople of rooms...

but i�m already working in a new map :) 
yes, I have your map.
You asked a question in your e-mail. You should have my answer in your box, if not, let me know.

Drew's mutiny was an entire success. I can only confirm the answer that 'big' is indeed the theme from my vantage point on the tippy end of the gangplank.

I'm aiming to get everything out by 3:00 EST Sunday, (8:00 PM GMT). That way the maps can still be played during the weekend. 
Okay, Trina, I See, 
you are having an ISP problem which could effect whether you can view your e-mails or not. I'll correct that door issue for you Saturday afternoon, and send you a copy of the map back then. 
many many thks this way i will learn and can use this from know on :)

i think this map is a litle better then the other... :) next will be better i�ve already start it, and is getting fun :) got one big room with some nice detail�s 
you have mail, captain. 
Looking Forward To It 
I'm going to try to finish up my map before playing anymore levels; aside from Trinca's of whom's level I need to test out a bit before mailing back. 
Who's Gonna Be In This Pack? 
I know Generic will - he's like a rock. And he's aside from being a constantly horny guy, I know I can count on him showing up for SM. Trinca and HT obviously. Myself... Neg!ke? Are you going to show up? Anybody else? 
Neg!ke has a map for this one. I can confirm too that I got the update Neg!ke, it's not a problem if you need to tweak anything further. 
you may not have recieved my e-mail. I'm going to need you to do a virus scan on your file attachment and rescend the map. Sorry, it won't open. 
I just had to go and watch some shite (American) football game yesterday, but I'm on it. HT, you should have something from me by the end of the day today :) 
I'm still trying to make something passibly presentable at the moment too. 
i tried to do something big and non-quakey and it just didn't fucking work neither from graphics or gameplay view so it's better i don't try to finish or submit it. :/ 
I'm Sympatico 
I set my origianl map aside as it was too ambitious for an afternoon affair. For the past hour I've worked on something quite a bit more simple.

BTW, can anyone get in touch with Trinca? I've emailed and posted here, but I have not heard from him.

If you see this, Trinca, you have plenty of time still to correct the matter. 
Of The Complete Maps 
I have Drew's, Neg!ke's and my map.

How is your map coming along, Generic? 
I'll Load Everything Up 
about 7:30 EST (30 minutes from now. Generic, Bambuz, and Trinca if you send a map in before then or tell me you need some more time, I'll hold off.

Oh yes, Bambuz, I'm going to write a discription up for the News, and send it your way. 
I'm not sending anything, going to bed now. Sorry :C 
I just sent you mine. I hope that doesn't screw you up any...

I'll Resubmit The File 
and ask Spirit to delete the original. It shouldn't be a big deal. 
And Thanks, Too 
Four maps always seem a more complete, and meatier playing meal to me that a three xourser! 
Scampie And Spawnpoint 
I see Scampies site is down, and read somewhere that he has left the community? I thought he had returned, but anyway, is there anywhere I can get the following packs?, as I seem to have misplaced them, or is Scampies site expected to return?

Turtle map 100
SM82 Rubicondom

(All credit to CZG for knowing the IP address and the "~"-trick! 
Thank you very much. Can't find Sm82 though, there is a link for SM82, but not the pack. 
hey were is my map? 
u guys didn�t see my new peace of art... becouse a virus scan that head said it had :( i worked so much on it :( next week HeadThump will put it up, if my map past in next virus scan :) it doesn�t have any virus, i sent it from work and my antivirus i real good... 
How could a .bsp file contain a virus? Just rezip it and you're good :) 
Sorry, Trinca 
How could a .bsp file contain a virus? Just rezip it and you're good :)

I wondered about that myself, but MSN refused to download it. I tried to do it through Hotmail, and that is where I got a report that the file contained a virus. 
Just Checked My Mail 
I like your solution, Trinca.

I'll compile it, correct that door, and include it in next week's speedmap pack. 
they're both a microsoft service? (msn & hotmail)

Maybe you should get Easy to remember and a gig of space to store all those maps in your inbox. 
thks :) o.k then next week i will have two maps :)

did u like the map??? is a litle better... 
I'll Have To 
use AquiRe's conversion utility that takes out the Quark format specific elements first, so later tonight when I get back in I can compile and check it out. 
Ffs Trinca 
learn worldcraft
it's so fucking easy.
follow the tutorial from the help file. 
Worldcraft Is Easy 
GtK is easier. (Except for setting up Quoth to work with it!)

Which reminds me, I'd participate in speedmapping this weekend if I could get Quoth working, I want to play with the new toys. If not, then I'll just play the lovelies once they're released. 
Have You 
searched all hardisks for all defs? 
bambuz i can even start a room with worldcraf...can change textures becouse dont have the register version...bah bah bah fuck worldcraft i can map with Quark and maping is something i allways want to make... let me learn slow :) i dont have much time to learn fast... and i dont have time to read tutorials...i didn�t read anyting just test and look at other maps...i know one of these days i will make a good map, please wait! :9) one thing i can promiss i play Quake since 1997 and i can garantei that i next 5 years at least i wont stop playing... :) 
you can change textures with shareware and do everything else too? Get worldcraft 1.6 SW. I think I have that.
Or then use gtkradiant. It's a bit more keyboard-intensive so the start requires some key learning but it's pretty easy too. Just put your texture wads to id1/ I think.

And I think reading and doing tutorials is probably the fastest way to learn. 
let me try for more days Quark at least for have the idear of things... my 3 map is getting nice :^) 
Quark is nice editor. You just need to be aware of the floating point shit, that's all afaik. I love Quark and find it super easy to map with it. Never got any Radiant to work properly... 
That's just the problem. You never have tried other editors because

1) you don't get them to work (takes 20 minutes)
2) you don't learn them (takes a few hours)

These are bad excuses. 
hey HeadThump forget that door isue...already found out thks!!! 
Yeah, one thing I was going to recommend was AquiRe's new define file.

BTW, I've been away the last forty-eight hours, I did not know I was going to be sent out of town, so, my apologies JPL, I still don't have the screenies. 
Oh Yes, 
and theme ideas -- I have a few,

1) sloppy seconds,
2) Quoth, in honor of those magnificent bastards, Necros and Kell. 
fuck fuck fuck can anyone say me why does the player dont teleport??? i did like this... 
Ok, try to clean targetname field in shot 2 (i.e trigger_teleport targetname field). This will allow you to use the teleport whenever you want. If you set this field, you will have to trig the teleport before using it... (i.e, like a switch on).. Also if you want to trig the trigger_teleport targetname field, it would be judicious to choose a different name but teleport_destination (already used by item teleport_destination)
I hope it will help you ;) 
JPL u rockzzzz thks it worked!!! :) is normal to Quark that i got many holes in map and red things all oveer the place wend i compile??? and i dont see any hole? 
I see you are using QuArK, and sometimes QuArK Search Holes In Map function is a little bit weird, and find holes that don't exist, so don't use it any more... ;P...
I rather prefer to us TxQBSP to find holes !! If there are leaks in map, TxQBSP will find them for sure... the tool find holes in map while there are not. OK, Personnaly I used this "flow":

- aguirRe's TxQBSP
- aguirRe's vis
- Tyrann's Tyrlite
- AguirRe's engine or FitzQuake

Note that I used aguirRe's engine for map debug, i.e to find holes, leaks, HOM, etc... and FitzQuake for lightning effects checking.. in general

So for your problem, I recommend you to load the map with aguirRe's engine, open the console, and type pointfile. A doted line will appear in the zone where the hole have been found, and then you would be able to solve it..

PS: your last 2 posts would have been posted into Mapping Help Thread... in anyway, I hope it helped you ;) 
sure u did... :) thks i�m already testing... i only map at work! at home my kid dont let me do nothing... 
I only map at work! at home my kid dont let me do nothing...

For me it's completly the reverse, I'm too busy to map at office... and at home I always need to drop my 2 daughters to bed in order to map quietly...

How lucky you are to be able to map at work... P 
HeadThump my map is almost finish... the theme is Quoth? how can i add these monster�s to my map??? :) 
deciding the theme is Quoth, we need a general consensus, or, at the least, a good old fashion mutiny.

Necros has a tutorial on his site regarding adding the content. And, if I am not mistaken, there is a option in Quark that allows you to convert Radiant define (.def) files into the Quark format. 
given there is a .fgd in progress for Quoth, we may want to wait a few weeks before doing that theme. 
o.k then i will maby have two maps for this week :) if i can fix the light�s in the second one...

tomorow i upload to my homepage and sent u a email of the link! 
On Quoth... 
I say wait until there is a proper FGD first, but that is just me :) 
Thanks Trinca, 
I got your .map and .bsp files. No ugly downloader manager foul ups getting in the way this time ;) 
I Think... 
we should make sming quothable. the teleport functions, etc... speed things up. I might make all of mine quoth once the fgd comes out. not that I'll have many more as I'll be out of country soon. 
Sorry To Hear That 
not that I'll have many more as I'll be out of country soon.

You are an irreplaceable part of the Speed Mapping line up. 
HeadThump the map had two bugs i fix the map is in same page with this name...


a stuck dog and amo boxes is strange places... 
fuck forget... know the vis didn�t run o.k and some amo boxes desaperar...bah my Quark is not working good at work forget let it goes the way u got it know... forget my last post... 
No Flame Please... 
... and I know I've only ever contributed to two speed mapping sessions (sm57 & sm82), but I thought the idea was always to build with vanilla quake in mind. Kell & necros need to be lauded for their contribution to the Quniverse, but is speed mapping the place? 
I don't see why we should forbid people from making Quoth speedmaps. Surely that should be acceptable as well, and since normal Quake maps are backwards compatible I don't see any problem really. I was planning on Quoth speedmapping if I ever got it to work (damn you spog answer my email.) 
The Week 
we do Quoth, I was going to suggest, instead of using sm111, sm112, etc, as the naming convention, we use an alternative identifier for that week, so those who do download speedmaps, expecting vanilla Quake content wont be confused about it if they so happen to dl the pack at a much later date. 
Any Quaker who is hardcore enough to need a weekly fix - unvised and short lasted though it may be - will have Quoth already.

Fuck the grammar police... 
Where Is It Then? 
any quaker who is hardcore enough to need a weekly fix - unvised and short lasted though it may be - would have gone nuts with withdrawal symptoms by now... :P 
fuck i can make a map :( no file for it... then i guess i will try to make a bigger map or a dm map in this two week�s if i have time enought for it. 
As you are, apparently.
Actually, I made one. and sent it off to HT.
So there. 
my withdrawal symptoms involve mapping... 
I don't like posting 3 times in a row, but is anybody else into SMing? I just realised that if this was any other forum, you'd all probably think I was a fairly kinky guy. On Func you just think I'm a fairly dorky guy.
... anyways.
What is happening? I'm leaving for Thailand on the 29th, and I want some more speedmaps before then, goddammit!
So sit on your lazy asses and build shit! 
I Got Two 
i got two maps to go out...but they are to normal quake! so they will be in next pack!!!

is isn�t a quoth map pack... 
I will try to get something out this weekend :) 
Me Too 
but what's with headthump, anyway? quothed smpack should have been out last weekend already, right?
will sm111 be unthemed again then? 
i'm officially fucking jonesing. 
The Funny Thing Is... 
That the last thing Headthump said to me was that I was an irreplaceable part of the community. I don't know if he realised it at the time, but in his current position,I'd say we'll have more trouble replacing him. I'll just make some shit and if I finish anything I'll send it off to the proper people. 
Headthump wasn't here for 6 days now. I could make the packaging if you want (if Headthump doesn't come back in time). My mailaddress is in my profile. If I get a mail but Headthump is back soon enough then I'll forward it to him. 
he's just busy and will eventually return on the weekend - we'll see.
drew, about that thailand thing - how long will we have to do without you then (assuming you won't get busted for drugs/girls/throwing litter on the street/etc.)? 
are you going together with cybear? 
No need to worry about me being busted for drugs/girls/throwing litter on the street.
I'm into ladyboys.
I'll be gone for a year and a bit. And I expect you to have made a 6 map Quoth episode dedicated to me during that time, Neg!ke.
I'm not together with cybear. we've actually been divorced for more than a year.
Seriously though, is he going to Thailand? 
me what sex and booze to... :( 
Stupid Twofaceness 
western young men go there and abuse kids and women and don't even get punished. It's outrageous. I mean it. Behave. 
Thailand is AWESOME. 
While I am a western young man, I want to ensure you understand I'll be going with my girlfriend, and as I have already stated I am into Ladyboys. 
"Hey Drew,

My apologies. Last weekend the power supply on my home PC burned out, and I will likely not be able to replace it until after the Holiday season, so I'm not in a position to run speedmaps at this time.


If you could let the other mappers know, I will appreciate it. "
This explains so much. 
this was from HT.
Millionth Post In A Row 
Would somebody like to trade with me? I have the beginning of a SM, and I'd like to have somebody finish it.
I'll trade with you too, if you'd like.
whaddya think? 
Well, send speedmaps to me then. I'll even try to participate :) 
If you use GtK 1.5, would like to send the .wad, and really don't want it to be a good speedmap sure, send it over here. 
Who's Speedmapping? 
Well, I've got Trinca's and mine (yeehaw!) submissions already. Who's submissions can I expect? Just that I know when I've got all the files. I want to bundle and post tomorrow evening (24h from now) if possible. 
I'll Send Mine. 
its on the way. 
I use WC 1.6.
so... yeah. 
I'm In... 
if I can submit it to you tomorrow :) 
Sure, I just wanted to know how long to wait for submissions ;) 
Barely Made It Back Home In One Piece 
and i'm pretty fucked up atm., but i'll try to have mine done by 9/10pm gmt today (sunday). if that's too late for you just ignore me and release the pack earlier... 
Negi!ke, Generic, someone...
Does anyone want to finish my map. it's barely started, but that's not the fucking point, so back off. 
I'll try to stay awake long enough, otherwise I'll release the pack Monday then :) 
I Can See Straight Again And My Ears Are Ringing Less. However, 
it looks like the map will be done much later than i said this morning. sorry about that.
i'll send it in sometime this night, but there's no need to stay awake, if releasing the pack on monday is okay as well. 
I am running behind too and I won't be able to finish what I got until tomorrow (Monday) evening :( 
Well, I've got neg!ke's map now and will release the pack in a moment. Sorry generic, but that would delay the release a bit too long in my opinion. I mean, it's SPEEDmapping ;)

I'm not a friend of moving sm maps into the next pack (like sm111_generic in the sm112 pack then) but I should not wait until the end of all days I think. I hope this is ok... Maybe you can have sm112_generica and sm112_genericb then or something :> 
No Problem... 
Thanks for the exclusion. 
Come on! I think/thought Speedmapping is held on Saturdays normally. The last packs it seemed bit like a "somewhen on the weekend" event. It is getting more and more out of hand it seems. This weeks speedmapping was kind of a mess so I volunteered to collect and package the maps. I wanted to be a bit strict on the deadline. If you feel leftout now, then I apologize. You are welcome to do the job next time, the hosting at is easy and free. 
you did a good job.
Some shit-getting is inevitable, one has to just make bold decisions and act.
(Few come to thank afterwards or say that it's the right thing, but I think it was in this case).

More discipline! Less slack! 
I thought Spirit did a good job with the event, no shit-giving intended. I just thought it was hair-splitting to release something Monday morning versus Monday night. Oh well...

Bambuz, go map! 
You Forget 
Spirit is a reverse-gargoyle, and turns to stone during the night.
But yeah, thx for collecting/hosting the maps, good pack but I didn't finish the crate map (lost/dizzy/bored.) Oh well O_o 
Because of Thanksgiving this week (w00t for American holidays) I'm going to have a 4-day weekend, so I'll be able to map this weekend! Yay! Someone pick a theme! 
nuclean war! 
Sure there must be a deadline.
It can't matter that much if a map is in one pack or another. After all there are only 7 days between packs (Well most of the time 8-))
Sunday would be fine as the release day.

Nice you jumped in and collected/hosted the maps Spirit! 
Thanksgiving is just the opposite for me -- I won't have any opportunity to do any mapping :( -- but I do have an idea for a theme. How about doing what I was working on for sm111, a space/runic metroid-inspired map that'd make you wish you could roll up into a little ball and drop bombs all over?

Or maybe we all could take a stab at finishing that piece of a map Drew was working on? 
Actually I've got a couple. I could try to put a zip together before I leave, if I get around to it. 
Generic's Second Suggestion Sounds Interesting 
"build a map based on one of drew's scraps" or something... 
S C R A P S 
I support it. Push 'em up, Drew?
(or mail to my gmail address, meizah, so I can mirror them)

Btw hrim do you have lots of scraps? 
I'll get that together.
I guess I should include .map files and .bsp files in the zip? 
Should I mail them to Bambuz, or Spirit, or what? 
3 In A Row, Again. 
I mailed my zip to Spirit. Hopefully he'll put that shit up soon. I want to see the results, it would be very rewarding for me. 
damn, you're one kinky guy indeed... 
hrim do you have lots of scraps?

No I hardly have any. The stuff I make allways seems to make it into a bigger map or I just finish it of as a small map. 
You have mail :)

I haven't said that in a while. If you can't do something with it, could you please get it to someone who can.

Aw Man 
Swanky map. Too bad IT WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY! I'm keeping it ALL to myself!!! MUAHAHAHA! 
I upload the archive as since it is the theme or what?

If I shall do the packaging again then the deadline will be Monday morning, 10am German time (that's GMT isn't it?). This is Sunday evening/night for America I think so it should be fair ;) 
what is the theme???
i�m already at more than meadle of a map... but maby i will transform it into a big project in this i still have time to respect a theme and start another one... if anybody pick one! 
German Time 
is CET, aka GMT+1.
So the speedmap package deadline is
monday 9 am GMT. 
since there is no theme i think this one will be my map... just a light of one part... 
Omg, Those Scraps Are Crazy! 
trinca: the theme is to do something with drew's map scraps (spirit's link above). of course you're free to follow any other theme you want.

drew: i'd say you should be forced to make a chainmap from all those scraps as a penalty theme for giving out so many huge and good-looking pieces! >:] 
i�m making a big map but guess i whould not have time to finish untill monday i have so many idears in my head... :)i will try to finish... but will be big!!! but is not a speed map ~:( is taking me to long... 
I Like Being Punished. 
But I can't do much now. No time left for fucking inspiration! I've got to pack!
You do it for me, mkay? 
Drew's Scraps 
were far too good for my lowly mapperishness.

So I didn't do anything this week.

Gotta try the newest pack. 
I hereby force "rescue mission" to be theme for the next session (thanks to Scampie for the idea). This theme offers a lot fresh (or not much used) ideas I think, like backtracking(?),rewarding and such. Deadline is next Monday, 9 am GMT again. Mail to

I'm only running speedmapping because no one else does, if you want to run a session yourself just speak. Upload to Quaddicted is possible for everyone :) 
that's a beautiful idea. it brings tears to my eyes and so forth. seriously though. rescue mission theme is the shit. 
this week i will pass...still working hard in my small project... :)i need to learn slowly and since jpl, gibbie and neg|ke help me a lot last week, this week i realy wany to make a good least clean... 
Same as Trinca except I have no time :( 
Neg!ke was the only one who mapped then? This will be the first single map sm package :(
His map rocks! 
pass this week and next week neg|ke will have two :) i promiss next week to make a small one! 
You Lazy Bums! 
well, there have been single map packs before, mostly when nobody besides zwiffle mapped.
if my map is only included in the next pack make sure the not selfimposed theme is mentioned (before anyone gets strange ideas :P) 
eheheh if it was already single in other�s sm�s then relase the ******* map :) i need QUAKEKING! 
spirit if deadline set to tomorow, i will try to make a fast map today at work and send it to you wend i get home tonight! 
I just released the pack :)

What about next week's session/theme then? Or should there be a break? 
I can start mapping again in a few weeks... 2 more weeks of classes then finals. THEN FREEDOM!!!!! 
if people decided theme fast i can start a new one... but give me time to map :) i�m to slow... 
no theme this week? 
there've been so many...

what about the "only one texture" thing? (metal4_2..) 
Do you want a session this week? I was a bit worried after last weeks "success"... There should be at least 3 people/map in my opinion. Otherwise it is not really what a "speedmapping session" is about, eh?

I would love to have "art" as theme for some future session, just because sm48 was so awesome and I think "art" would encourage more such maps.

Ha! neg!ke will decide this weeks theme, he deserves it :) 
Well, Ok. 
let's do the "use only one texture" theme then!
i suggest using a more detailed texture (eg. metal4_2, as i will), for it should have multiple stylistic elements that allow variations (trigger clip, skip don't count of course).
be creative - rotate, scale, flip, align in a weird way and so on...

we could do the "art" theme next week, although in my view it's too broad - every quake map is art eventually, isn't it? ;)
maybe it should be narrowed down a bit. 
So Really 
"Use only one texture" means geocomp? The design is in the brushwork and no so much in the textures, yes? 
Sort Of 
but it's more about how you use the one texture you have - brushwork is of course one aspect, but the 'texturework' is what counts most here...

dunno if it works, or if it's just a more restricted geocomp. let's just give it a try. 
If anyone did what I'm imagining, this would be a pretty cool theme. 
let�s see i got a few things in ming :) a small map but intensive game play...saturday will make it!!! 
show us! it's about time you do some mapping again, anyway. ;) 
Ah, But... 
I map every day at work. And i'm currently doing a sauerbraten map at home. What more do you jackals want?!?! 
not that I could play it right now.
I want to make a 1 texture map. 
sauerbraten map? is this a game? 
Trigger, Clip, Skip... 
sky? Oh my!

Is anyone using a sky tex besides their "one"? 
Well, I Don't 
but what i meant by "trigger,.. don't count" was that you can freely use them besides the one visible texture 
didn't use any but that metal 1_4 or whatsit, the greyish thingy with the recessed skulls.

Even for ceiling and clips and triggers etc.

lighting with torches and flames. 
metlslime i got cube install in my computer is a cool game... but never played online... 
How bout a speedmapping session from concept drawings (not 2d layout which has been done in the past)... someone said that published early concept drawings that don't lead to much final stuff seem to be all the rage nowadays. So let's swim against the trend and actualize some! 
Hey, Great Idea 
do you have any particular drawings in mind? 
we had a related theme where we drew an intentionally vague layout sketch and people interpreted it the way they thought it was supposed to be. 
"Do Stuff Based On A Really Ugly Layout Drawing Scampie Did" 
yeah, but that one would be somewhat different i guess... 
"Make A Map Based On Your Interpretation Of This Ink-blot" 
How many Goatse maps would we get? 
fuck i need more variacion in my maps... :( guess i have to make then smaller and more detailed :( but i like big hodes :( 
Concept Art? 

i think this week i will pass... i�m very entusiantic with my project, things are going wel, if i do will be a small map this time with few enemys! 
I Would Support It 
but i can't be arsed to find a suitable image.
someone post a few examples and we'll then decide which one is to used...? 
agree :) someone choose and i will give it a try saturday! 
had some nice artwork for his DM maps.

Perhaps he has some more lying about? 
I tried making some but they turned out crap. If no-one will make better ones, I can put them out.

Hints on how to draw with mouse? I don't have drawing talent, but I think I could improve... 
Concept Proposal For Sm115 
After the guys in irc said I should go ahead:
Ziggurats are cool. Strange.

They are huge very ancient stepped brick "pyramids" with a temple on top. Stair walkways led up there. It is rumored that the tower of Babel was actually a big ziggurat. They were most popular in the flat plains of Mesopotamia, thousands years BC. There are still some Ziggurats left, particularly in middle Iraq. Strange tales and cuneiform tablets telling of horrible dictators building these massive things. It is rumored that one ziggurat was entirely covered in blue stone.

this one is a big link: 
It is rumored that one ziggurat was entirely covered in blue stone.

Ziggurat Indigo...? 
plant that in some terrain and put some monsters on it. 
Ok Made Mine 
btw here are some color codes for a ziggurat:

It's hard to get good monsters for that... medievals are too modern, hell this is supposed to be the bronze age. Not much wizmets suitable either.

Kell? What is that? Did you have an old sketch or are you participating? Makes me bow down in shame. 
i think the theme is so nice that we should release next week :p to make the maps litle better! 
Stupid Theme Idea 
christmas chainmap - everybody makes a piece of some winter village for instance, with snowy textures and light chrords; when they are glued some santa gibbing end fight could added...
or something like that. 
Ziggurat Limbo-go... 
Built it...

...only it's missing something.

...oh yeah, monsters, gameplay, etc. :)

But I may hold on to this one for next time... 
So I've got one map by neg!ke so far...
Generic, it would be great if you finish that one. Just tell me when you are done, send it to me and I will release the pack then.
Bambuz, where is yours? 
spirit, i sent it to you on saturday evening. 
I haven't received it...
Please send again =)

Generic: Shall I wait for you finishing that map? This time I won't say "i don't wait" ;) 
fuck u guys must set up theme before wensday... at weekend i�m to lazy to map... i prefer to be with my kid and play online! :) 
If you feel like waiting I should be able to get you something tonight -- I am currently at work and unable to map :( 
Just take your time! *^_^*

Bambuz: Got your mail now. Please choose a more intelligent subject line the next time, I think I just deleted the mail when scanning over my inbox this morning :P 
I had ziggurat in the subject line?

What's wrong with people.. If their incompetent spamfilters don't get the post, they themselves delete them. 
You've got Spirit :) 
What is this weeks theme? I can't connect to Quakenet because it blocks asian ips, but would like to join in if the theme is cool. 
No idea :D
I think there is no session this weekend. 
Theme Suggestions From Down Under 
In sydney now, can only enjoy sm vicariously through screenshots.
Half life
Indiana Jones - I'm thinking about the part where he has to pass tests to move on. And about the part with the bad dates - work that in somehow.
beat the clock
"Carrot tops last stand"
Ugly ugly ugly map - pure "old skool" ugliness
Nothing but a shotgun
prison escape
xmas theme?

that's all I can think of. okay.
ziggurats look cool. 
SM116 - Tricking Maps 
Since adamllis already submitted a great trickjumping map, I set next sessions theme to "Tricking Maps". With stuff like grenade- and rocketjumps, circlejumps, slopejumps and whatever else. I don't know everything that is possible. Maybe there is some page explaining this stuff? If you use really hard/complicated tricks then maybe a trigger_once or _multiple with instructions for unexperienced players would be cool.

Note that the maps have to be finishable with NQ progs! No QW bunnyhopping stuff please.

Deadline is Monday morning, European time as usual. Send your maps to 
QW Trick Archive 
Maybe you find some inspiration on this site:

(remember that these tricks are QW, not NQ!) 
I mean next monday of course. Not today :D
Monday the 9th of January. 
thks god!!! then i will make one for sure :) i can count on me! 
Don't forget mapping guys ;)

(Just because I just totally forgot that I announced a theme here... Heh!) 
Next Theme Idea 
how about an m c escher theme for the next speed map pack? i always thought a map in that style would own. 
What The .... 
No submissions except for adamllis whose maps I already got a ~week ago? What's wrong?
I'll package and upload in a few hours. 
is nicer in qw. :) 
fuck i got many work at work... from day 1 to day 10 is hard work... and this month is end of the year...s0 the work is double!!! maby in next event i will have time...

P.S-> at home i dont map... prefer to play online :) 
the year ended 9 days ago. 
not in my job... is the worse time for me :( next week i will be o.k again... 
Next Theme? 
who decides this? :) 
Theme Idea 
We are friday 13 today... so "ogre massacre" would be a good theme... remember the movie ;) 
i like JPL idear! i got some time for it today at work :) finish end of year 2005 last day... uf uf uf 
I'm Off 
I'm leaving next week for some time, so I can't "administrate" sm sessions anymore. You are welcome to upload to Quaddicted (please stick to my screenshots and description). ;) 
Everybody's Leaving... 
all because of the goddamn ladyboys...

i guess i'll have to run the next couple of sessions then (so you didn't upgrade my account for nothing).
personally, i'd prefer the escher theme over the ogre one - but what do the others think?

btw. zwiffle, where are you? :/ 
escher what this means? fuck my english suck 
That is short for "M. C. Escher" the famous artist. 
Texas Chainsaw Escher... 
I mean, Ogre.

Which reminds me, anyone checked out the Ogre animations in the Quake pre-release? Jump...Laugh...Piss? 
On my wintery map. Like every other day for 15 minutes or so. Mostly WoW and AoE3 though. I'll have time to speedmap during summer though! 
Ok Then 
sm117 theme: "m.c. escher", optional subtheme: "ogre massacre"

get inspiration at or rpg's link above. or if you like ogre massacre better just make an ogre map and put some alibi stairs on the ceiling. ;)

send your map to neg1ke/gmx/net by monday afternoon cet. 
Nice Themes Hehehe 
Negke: which monday do u mean? 16 or 24? 
16. tomorrow. 
Or Next Week, Actually 
that was too short, indeed. so sm117 will be next week (theme above) - deadline is monday 23 january, 9am cet.

and, since the last couple of themes were decided upon so late, i will already announce the next one now:

sm118 theme: "darkness" (thanks to vongil for bringing it up) - make an underlit, dark map. not pitch black of course, more doom3ish. maybe have the player find some hidden buttons that activate lights or 'light drones', and nasty monster ambushes and so on.
deadline is monday 30 january, 9am cet. 
thanks neg!ke 
hey alreay got first sm117 made i�ve already upload to my page wend i found u in irc i will give u the link neg|ke ;)

will try to make another!!!

and made a speedhardcore speeddemo is a fun, fast competetive map 
Just A Little Reminder: 
sm118 - darkness - next monday
numerous participants required! ;) 
i will be out in this one... dont like much theme... :p but i was all week mapping :) 
You have mail :) 
hey this week theme??? any idear? 
Maybe One Of The Dozens Of Suggestions Above 
unfortunately, i have no time for speedmaping this week, but i can still manage the pack of course.

How About Mp? 
i think dmm4 maps for qw is easy doable in 100 minutes.
things like amphi, oldcrat, end, dmm4_1, dmm4_2, under, etc

how bout it? 
o.k adamllis u win the price :) going to start one... ehehheh if people send me the bsp sunday i can make a qwprogs supporting frogbots for just this bsp pack... dmm4 maps are realy easy to make waypoints ;) 
omg omg i like the theme so much that i�ve already made one... lolllllllllllllll :) 
I Can't Believe People Are Actually Playing This Kind Of Maps 
the theme is so bleh that every participant has to make at least 3 maps!

while i think rocket arena styled maps are generally not bad (if played in the right mode), the maps mentioned above are a punch in the face for the most part... 
omg then what about make a turtle map for next week? i got one scrap that i will be happy to finish ;) with some more copy paste in some areas could be a nice turtle...

what do u guys think??? free theme and a turtle map? or a id base stile of map? omg someone say something. :p 
Omg Trinca Go Map 
it is permitted that one should they choose so to map for themselves and thus not in the company of others and the result will be a surprise. 
i vote in czg idear! :) let�s see what will come up! 
So Random Map Speedmap? 
"Here Be Treasure" 
"Ogre Harem"
"Dusk at Twilight"

vertical cave with waterfalls.
old school.
no monsters.
hehe i already sent my map to neg|ke 
and yours is the only map i got.
what shall i do now - release it, wait until next week, or possibly slap the other bums around with fish? 
Sorry -- got drunk and watched the superbowl instead of mapping...hic... 
u decide :) my map sucks...eheheh :) copy paste copy paste like u teach me neg!ke ;) ehehehe

u decide! 
:| so no pack for this week... what about next theme? free for all again? 
Theem Idears... 
Obscure Textures
You Favorite Other Game (besides Quake, of course) 
i think u should make sda kind of maps :) since they are the most people that download our maps... explosion boxes things that could make good runs!!! 
I support the generic mapper.

Think about the face on mars. (
Or what about Fritz Lang's Metropolis, for those who have seen the early scene of ***SPOILER***.
Or wizard of oz.

A powerful symbol, it is. And could be scary. 
then i pass
going to start a map for sda guys :p 
Big Bang
Tricky traps 
Theme Suggestion 
The complete works of Radiohead and their influence on modern interpretations of Shakespeare, Plato and Dante. 
Theme Suggestion 
What Would CZG Do? 
trinca: i think your map is nice, your best sm so far. i didn't have much time the last two weeks, and also felt that putting out a pack with only one map isn't really worth the effort (as seen with sm113) - shouldn't be a problem, since your map doesn't follow any theme in particular.

drew: concerning your vertical cave suggestion - sm80 was 'vertical swamps'. those were some cool maps.

as for the themes:
thanks for all the suggestions. however, in my view most of the themes suggested in the past ~300 posts either suck ass or are not really suited for a speedmap.

maybe we should just have an open theme for this week (so you can make your sda and faces, or a happy map for czg), and think about everything else later... ;P 
eheheh i wasn�t pissec off neg|ke :) i know this week wasn�t soft for you :)= 
"flat 15"
think of english concrete blocks and vast dirty housing complexes where sad children grow up with their single mothers, men watch football and an odd skinhead scrapes the floor with a knife. 
this week is sm119 or sm120?

:)) i might have time today to make a small boxy map 
The Speedmapping Threat 
i wasn't very creative, so i only came up with "pipeagula" (coagula with pipes).
The Speedmapping Threat 
i wasn't very creative, so i only came up with "pipeagula" (coagula with pipes).
Else, Hello, Fuck It 
first it looks like func swallowed my first post, then it suddenly appears ten minutes later?!
i'm off to pq ;( 
Sm121 Should Be 
The facial expresson Neg!ke makes when cleaning up Trincas crap.

Or KJSP1 style. 
Sm121 Should Be 
The facial expresson Neg!ke makes when cleaning up Trincas crap.

Or KJSP1 style. 
SM121 Theme 
drew: nah, the face thing has been done in sm119 ;)
plus i'm not really in the mood of seeing more kjsp1-style maps (remember, this ikwhite-like temple map), what do the others think though?

anyway, i'd like to apologize for my crappy way of managing the events and their irregular appearance. at the moment, i have a shitload of work to do and since i also suck at managing my own ways of dealing with things, i can't focus on anything else (no multitasking, you know).
i hope in the next weeks it will be back to normal.

in the mean time, here is the theme for sm121: "destruction"
let the player blast his way through the level, with lots of exploding walls and collapsing structure. or create the setting of a destroyed environment. possibly, destroy someone's attitude/ dreams/ reputation/ taste/ whatever...
i think this will be fun to map.
deadline is monday 20 march, 9am cet. 
like the theme :\ just dont know how to make stuff to explode...eheheh 
Take a look at

You have there all the explanations about all items/funcs/monsters/misc in Quake... You need to use misc_explobox for Large Nuclear Container, and misc_explobox2 for Small Nuclear Container... But nobody said it has exclusively to be used with nuclear boxes :P 
"classname" "info_notnull"
"use" "barrel_explode"
"targetname" "check_the_progs.dat_thread " 
I'm Desperate. 
The only way for me to take part in the SM community right now is by offering theme suggestions that nobody likes:
2D like in doom.
Prison Break.
evil dead cabin style.
american splendor. 
I'm Disparate 
theme suggestion: "We Miss Drew's Maps!" 
guess i will miss a few sm weeks got real in love with knave textures and got the will to make a map pack... let�s see what will come up... 
I think that may be the most fascinating, original and invigorating suggestion yet.
Go for it. 
Evil dead cabin! <3 
where's your map?

(drew: sm75's theme was doom maps) 
The British Are Coming... 
the British are coming...

I mean, my map is coming...

my map is coming...

It just needs a few more explosives and a way out :) but I won't be able to do anything until after 6 p.m. EST :(

Please don't be mad :)

Unlike Trinca, I can't map at work :| 
ehehe :) 
FINALLY, you have mail :) 
What's the theme? I'm on vacation this week and have nothing to do (can't even masturbate all day cuz my family is home) so gimme another theme quick so I can get my map on. 
errr.. masturbation theme ? 
The Theme Is 
wash your hands. 
Theme Suggestion 
What Made Quake Quake. (lol teh pun.) 
OK, let's go for a "hand wash after masturbating" theme ... doh !!! 
I Was Going To Suggest 
something like "(drew's) prison escape", in honor of our exilant. but since masturbation seems to be a highly valued subject in today's mapping societies, i'm not sure anymore.
so i'll take the easy way this time and put the decision into zwiffle's hands: which will be the next theme - prison break, masturbation (please no - i already made such a map, remember ;)) or evil dead cabin? 
In case you didn't see all of the topic, the theme is:

Masturbatory, Whatever 
Oh No, What Have I Done?! 
although i don't know if i find the time to map this week, i think, if i do, the outcome won't be nice towards drew. :/
so let it be known that it'll be ALL zwiffle's fault! 
Wonder How They'll Handle 
the theme, 'EVIL DEAD PRISON RAPE BREAK OUT MASTURBATARY HAPPY TIME!' in the PlanetQuake news announcement. 
don't forget to include what is becoming the mandatory lady boy sub theme.
And super strong dogs using prog trickery. 
I think it should be the masturbatary. Or the masturbausoleum. How's that for a map name? 
I think it should be the masturbatuary. Or the masturbausoleum. How's that for a map name? 
It sounds good... but I want to see penis everywhere ;P !!! 
lol Jpl... penis? wtf? u should want to see pussys everywere... what is going on with you mu friend??? 
Nothing... I was joking... Note also that it's easier to map a penis than a pussy ... though...

Oh ! To reassure everybody: I'M NOT GAY !! 
I Was Going To Say Something About JPL Being French... 
but then I changed my mind ;) 
you suck.... and watch up behind !!! 
Oh, I forgot to ask: what were you going to say about the fact I'm french ? Please, make me laugh... ;P 
What's the deadline for sm122? 
Monday Morning 
or tuesday morning if you insist on the generic bonus... 
i rate zwiffle 1 can of "creamed" corn with a hidden cock inside and a bag of stolen kitten feces.
generic, even though driven by a noble cause, shouldn't dabble at playing soccer, since the u.s. team obviously won't even qualify.

therefore: no maps this week. sm122 postpo(w)ned until next week... 
I got snatched off to visit grandparents on Thursday until the end of my vacation! I had no access to Quake and was forced to resort to Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising for entertainment (good game btw.) I'll try to finish my rape map this Friday! 
I Made One 
it's really bad.

i sent it to neg1ke at gmx... is that the right addy? 
it's the right address, but as i already replied you didn't attach the file. so send it again asap, as i can't be arsed to write news posts for only one map (generic's). 
what!!! wasn�t for next week??? 
Especially the map that I turned in :|

Hopefully Bam will come through, though... 
As Soon As I Get Home 
i couldn't be arsed to throw in some lava light to make a certain entity non-black, i'll do it and relight and send it to you tonight when i get home.
Cheers to all. The map's not really worth waiting for. :) 
Are you still with your grandparents or something?
I would've thought the theme you had suggested would be right up your alley.

... I guess I didn't know you at all, Zwiffle... 
SM123 Theme 
"a tribute to the dopefish"
to celebrate its 15th birthday (in 8 months :P).
try to send it in until monday/tuesday. 
i make maps all day of quake 1, add me msn for me send for you.. cya 
No, I'm still in school though. Papers, program assignments and the like. 
this week i will sent one :) i promiss :p 
got one bitch!!! :) is already finish! will email u 
Generic (and Others) 
will you have one this week? is it worth waiting for? 
but I have been on mini-vacation :)

I won't be mapping next weekend (Easter) either :| 
Dopefish shit looks cool.
So much going on right now!
I'm gonna relapse into Quake so hard when I get back. 
SM124 Theme 
t minus six and counting... 
Make Some Theme Trims 
dont count with me this week will be out weekend!!! and this week as short :\ 
i might be out, too. so the deadline will be one week later.
although i strongly encourage mapping over the easter days if anyone feels like it! also, having some more people than just the regular suspects would be rather nice.. ;) 
I Made One For Easter 
Concept art of this vast project:
If there are no others in a few days, I'll put it on skynet... feel free to mail me, bambuz at elaintarha org. 
Since nobody else was making other maps for easter, here is mine. You can put it in the pack later, neg!ke if you want or sth. Because of the theme it has to be released now. 
i'll include it in the pack next week.

if this is how you experience your easter, you must have had quite a sad childhood. ;) the egg isn't even painted...
the spawn action was fun (although there could have been more), except for when some got stuck in the corners - at least nice sounds then. 
hey, don't worry, it's not my childhood, rather, it's just my current mental state of development. 
Fucking Themes 
not literally. that's been done, I think.

Remember that one CZG map where you have to complete it in 2 minutes or you die? that would be a cool theme... how was that done btw?

or maybe a tribute theme...
do an insomnia styled sm. or do one of your favourite themes from the past... 
"Back to the Future" would be a cool theme... 
this week i will rest~!!! 
drew's timelimit idea sounds cool. let's do it for sm125! which czg map do you mean, though?

jpl: elaborate. 
"Back To The Future" Theme 
Well, if you saw the moovie, it's self explanatory.

Nevertheless, here follows how I see the stuff:

The start with a teleport, using "new" textures, or at least base texture (you are in the "present")

The map and the fights in an old-school way, using medieval/runic textures... (you are in the past)... get a key to come back

And the return in "the future" at the same point: use the key to exit...

Well... rather more than a scenario :P

What do you think ? 
Or How About 
making the whole of episode 1 in one map... maybe that'd better fit a turtlemap theme though.
Like have a room of each e1mx. :)

A medley. 
Can't Remember What It's Called. 
Maybe CZG knows... 
yes, why not. though one would have to think up something more intricate to avoid all maps from being equally generic. the future doesn't always have to be base - in this respect, what is the timeline of the quake sets? 
By The Way 
don't forget sm124! ;) 
So time travel would cover all the potential possibilities:

-> present -> past -> present
-> present -> future -> present
-> future -> present -> past..

etc ... etc .. and it's just an idea... if you have better theme... no problem... :P 
Just Wanted To Mention That 
i'd have to disrupt the space-time continuum to make it more interesting... 
I'd go back in time to aprox. 1942, kidnap a certain actress, go forward in time to steal a duplicator machine, come back to the present and start up an escort service of Rita Hayworth clones. 
Don't take the theme away from me. It's all I have down here!
Seriously though, I like that idea. it's like that JF Gustaffason (orwhatever) map. 
Drew but can u play the maps out there? 
.. Daikatana already used the space-time concept... and it was not really successfull... though... 
Sadly, no. I mean, i've got other things. Like a very interesting real life, right now. Just want to keep one finger in the quake community. That wasn't meant to sound so dirty.I know you liked it though. 
Next Theme... 
Neg!ke, I am going to have to pass on SM124 but, if you get a theme together soon enough, I swear I'll take a shot at SM125 :)

neg|ke i will not have time to make my ship :\ boss is pissing me up all day... FUCK!!! can the dead line be changed for next week???

i think this theme is very nice! and we might have more maps if it come to next week, but maby u already got 2 or 3 maps... let us now! 
*sob* And SM125 THEME 
trinca, do you think you can manage to map tomorrow? i don't have a problem with waiting one or two days, but delaying the pack for another week is kind of bleh.
so far, i only got one spaceship map (mine) and bam's sad easter one. of course you can also make a spaceship one and send it in for the next pack...

sm125 theme is "timelimit".
maps that have to be completed in a limited amount of time (gameplay-wise) - if the player exceeds the limit, he has failed and cannot finish the map, or at least will have to do it without weapons/items and other annoying things...

drew will never play quake again. 
:\ is the chinese chicks take him all the power...eheheh

i will try negke but tomorow is holly day in Portugal... if my kid give me some time to map i will try for sure i promiss! 
so, any luck at overcoming holiday lethargy? shall i wait some more?

looks like it's going to be a pretty meager pack again, even though i've done another small map (which sucks, but at least served as good exercise to see how kell's void lighting technique works)... 
man i start it :\ but my wife was pissing me up do help her clening home... so i quit when i had a few wall�s :\ i realy just can map at work were nobody piss me up!!! 
A Pity 
then i'll just release the pack now and you can finish your map without pressure until next week.

btw. i already told you several times: get rid of her, by any means necessary! :D 
ROFLMAO !!! Too funny !!! 
The CZG Map... are thinking of is Sky Palace iirc. The .txt has a full explanation of how to implement the counter. 
which number is that?
the explanation isn't needed, though. 
(which sucks, but at least served as good exercise to see how kell's void lighting technique works)...

out of interest, what is kell's void lighting technique? 
Properly Lit Monsters In Space Maps 
Wow, I Don't Understand That At All 
how does lighting a brush you've put partly inside a skybrush do anything to lighting values in the void? Maybe I've misunderstood, but I don't get why any of those steps was done (heh, apart from upscaling the textures on the black textured brushes) 
Models in quake are lit by reading the lightmap value on the first solid ( non-entity ) surface directly below them.
Flying monsters can therefore be floating very far above the ground, yet are lit not by the light level in the air around them but by the light level on the ground far far below. While it isn't a problem for non-flying monsters, for flying monster this can create a visual discrepency, the most marked difference being in void/space maps.

Usually, a mapper will want the lighting on the architecture to fade to black down the sides towards the void, disguising the black brush at the bottom. This bottom brush has very little or no light hitting it. Preferably, as in "He Falls Like Lucifer", an actual skybrush will be used for the bottom of the void, which is even worse since sky texture has no lightmap at all.

In either case, monsters flying out over the void will be lit with a lightmap value of zero, making them appear as solid black silhouettes. This looks bad if the surrounding higher-up architecture where the monster actually is has light sources here and there, and is really noticeable when a flying monster will move from above a lit surface out over the void. For example: in "Lucifer" the scrags might appear appropriately lit while hovering over one of the wooden walkways, but then drift slightly so they're now above the void; a drift of perhaps a few units but enough to change them to black silhouettes.

As well as looking crap, it makes them a bastard to shoot.

Placing a blackbrush inside the skybrush means that:
1. there is a lightmap under flying monsters even when they're out over the void
2. the brightness on that lightmap can be controlled by the mapper without affecting any other surface in the map
3. that lightmap will not be visible; a black void will remain black
4. the sky texture will remain visible, and will swallow projectiles that are fired down into the void

Dunno How Feasible This Is 
but one thing I would love to see, be it turtle or speedmapping... Are maps with an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Larger packs of monsters where you need two players, or puzzles that involve two players to complete feasibly.

I just think it would shake up the layouts and the processes one thinks through in designing a level. 
Is anyone doing the countdown theme? Or is it just Neg!ke? 
Thanks Kell 
i understand the concept now i think. I learnt a few things there. 
I'll be travelling all day today but, if Neg!ke will give me my usual grace period (*nudge *nudge *wink *wink), I'll have something by mid-week :) 
do i have a choice? 
don't shoot, but I am not going to be able to do any mapping until this weekend :{ 
Why? Oh Why? 
what have i done to you (other great speedmappers of the past, feel addressed, too) to deserve this? :/

i already added deathmatch settings to my map to occupy myself, but still...
or do you do these things on purpose to have me make two maps each week? 
I Would Map 
But I got finals next week. Once summer hits, I should be free to participate in speedmapping, say after May 18th. 
neg!ke guess people are to much ocupied in there own projects :| dont make two speedmaps a week make a break on speedmap and go make a single player we run speedmap again after 22 july :) 
Yeah That Is The Case 
I have to meet certain targets each week, or there is no way I'll finish the Qexpo thingie, so sorry
Obviously I don't need an excuse. Not that I would need one anyway, since I'm above all that nonsense ( excuses, grovelling, apologizing etc.)
But you know that. Does this mean you don't think I'm great?
Whatever... I'm still the prettiest. 
that makes you a very special lad indeed. 
Hrhr, Yes! Go Testify, Await Your Sentence! 
qexpo projects are a valid reason that i fully support, of course.

drew, however, can't talk himself out of it that easily, because i don't regard being driven around in rickshas all day and chilling out with da ladyboys very productive. so i guess it's really time for a sequel of my infamous 'drew simpson deformography' series! muhahah >:D 
If given a topic/theme, I might be persuaded to dust off my old GtK. I don't have anything to do until Monday, other than study for final exams, which I mean I prolly won't do. So, I've got some time. 
I'm in Australia now. And I'm totally over the LB's.
But go ahead with the deformographic series and the evil laughter - it sounds like it's right up your alley. 
Before you ask - I don't know what the hell that means. If I were you, I'd take it as a compliment. Although if I were you... I'd be preturnaturally attracted to Zwiffle. 
still the timelimit theme (#1646).
neglecting school for mapping is way to go! :P

drew: i don't understand, so i take it as a... RECURSIVE ERROR!! 
Next Theme? 
What are you guys thinking?
My ideas are:

-western / desert

-miniature ( like those DM maps in a big kitchen, etc.)

and I still think my "classics tribute" idea would be a good one. Maybe for the anniversary celebrations.

Actually, I think we should start brainstorming for Quakecon SM theme ideas now. 
I Mean 
you know what was a truly unmapped for SM theme?
That one where you had to go through the level twice. Only one map for it. I think that would be one to re-do. In fact, it would be a great idea to re-do a bunch of old themes. How do you feel about that? 
while there were some pretty nice themes in the past, re-doing them would probably be kind of lame. and if done, then at least with some modifications.

has the play-it-twice theme really never been done after it was suggested?
so why not, might be nice. 
Play It Twice 
is an awesome idea, esp. as you can make the player start at a new location using the episodegate (or whatever) ent and start2. Coupled with having weapons from the first time around, it could be really interesting.

Maybe a good idea for turtlemaps to really get the best out of it though. 
Play It Twice 
we did it, but nobody actually followed the theme except me. 
Sm74 It Was 
necros' map was particularly outstanding. (at least now i don't have to do a 'real space map' anymore) :D

since it has been done already, should we go for another theme. or what do you think? 
I think the play thru twice should be re-done. Only mets did it, and his map was pretty bad-ass. I don't think it would be lame to re-do old themes, as long as people don't just re-hash and do the exact same thing as the last time.

Oh - while I'm here... Than, CZG, other mapping geniuses who I'm forgetting - are you going to to SM's for the qexpo? Like celebrity mapping or something? 
I just about overdoesed on hyphens there. I've gotta learn to be more careful. 
silly season again, plus all those cursed qexpo activities (including myself.. i mean, in addition to overcoming lethargy), so i suggest we just have an open theme for sm126 with no fixed deadline. do your backtothefuturehyphenstributeplaytwice maps and send them in at any time - i'll just release the pack when there are enough maps (aka. more than one)... mkay? let's at least pretend to care :D 
Hey Neg!ke, 
I have a scrap from the SoE:Indian Summer maps that doesn;t fit in with the rest of the material. I'll fix it up and try to get it to you by Sunday evening for the themeless speedmap.

Next themeless speedmap should mean that you can't put two of the same theme textures side by side -- no base/base, runic/runic, etc.

classy move. 
I think I'll map too. :D 
My Phone Line Was Zapped 
by freaky lightning over the weekend. It's now restored so I'll e-mail that level to you within the hour. I'm going to do a multi-engine run first. 
How is everything coming, Neg!ke? 
i received your map (though haven't played it yet). i'm still waiting for one or two further maps for the pack.
there is something i'd like to try out in a speedmap, but i shouldn't change priorities in the next 1-2 weeks. so we'll see... 
That's Cool 
If you need a copy of my map file to change stuff around, give me a shout. 
i miss drew 
hehe u piss me up so much to mke end map :p that i dont have time to speedmap 
A Good SM Theme... 
... would be FIFA World Cup... what do you think ? 
no way! especially not after tuesday ;) 
I'm sorry for Germans, and Portuges, even for Italian (we will see sunday evening..) I was not kinding at all... o_O... though... 
:p France suck in football :| they will loose in final :) ITALIA RULEZZZ 
Yeah, Well... 
What the fuck is actually going on with Speedmaps? Is anyone making them? Is the current drought just due to people being to busy with their bigger better quake prokects? Or is that just wishful thinking.
I love you Neg!ke. So does Jesus. 
I was trying to do a speedmap in those neat-o Doom3 textures - it's all yellowy and cavernish. Unfortunately, I've been TOTALLY sidetracked by my shitload of unplayed games and the fact I have a lot of free time. I'll try to finish it later tonight, while grooving to Paramore and Mars Volta. I've been on an awesome streak in recent games, so it's hard to quit. Oh, and when Prey is released, good luck getting anyone to do anything for a while. That game is fucking crack. 
- Underwater Ghost Town

- Super Mario Brothers

- Brokeback Mountain

- prison break 
Qexpo Speedmapping 
ok, i think there will be two sm sessions whose deadlines will be on the 21th and the 26th.

#1 theme: i thought about "ten years later" - how did maps look back then, how do they look now (or how would one's favorite map look after a ten years of increasing skill overhaul), something like that. it's pretty open, so it may possibly make it easier for new people to hop on.
#2 theme: no idea, yet.

problem is that i have quite a load of rl shit to eat during that time, but will try to participate nevertheless and i hope even some of the sm elders will do so, as well. ;)

as for the turtlemap thing: how much interest is there? i can't do one obviously, but of course i could collect the submissions. what about a theme? should it have a booth of its own?

Heros In A Half Shell! TURTLE POWER! 
Yeah, there should definitely be a 10 day turtlemap session! I am so up for it! I'm so going to make an ep 3 metal map with ogres and vores and nasty evil stuff! PLEASE!

As for having its own booth, I don't think it is neccessary to keep turtle and speed maps separate, but if there were daily posts showing the progress of mappers working on TMs (a collection of pics in one post, not randomly scattered posts) then it would be pretty sweet. Having regular updates should help people stay focussed and motivated to get their little map in a kick ass map pack.

If there were to be a theme for the TM, I would suggest classic Quake. Just do a take on an id style using the original textures or modifications of them. We could make a whole new episode if enough people wanted to join in. I'd guess making a decent id standard map would probably take about 10 days too. 
For The Turtlemap 
If we could get a wee bit head start on that (since I'm picking up Prey today, I'd like as much time as I can get.) As for themes, I dunno.

How about: "Tribute to Zwiffle" ? No? Well, I tried.

But, based off of pure impulse, I'd like to do an Elder-world style map for some reason, but that may change. You might just NOT have a theme, and make it open category instead, but that could possibly be boring.

I plan on participating, so hopefully I have the willpower to stay off of Prey for a couple hours a day to get some mapping in.

As for the second SM theme, how about "Mini-Marcher" ? 
Than, stop posting while I'm trying to post my own post!

I was thinking of an "episode" type thing, but figgered that would take too much effort and coordination. But, if he's doing Metal, and I'm doing elder-world, that leaves two open for the first two maps. 
my only fear is that everbody doing a turtlemap will not participate in the sm events. :/
than's daily update idea is nice, but again depends on how many people would be in - surely wouldn't make much sense for only two maps (unless integrated into sm booth).
"classic quake" theme is very appropriate regarding the situation (10y), open.

i kind of wanted the sm themes to be related the anniversary thing. then again "mini-marcher" sounds cute, so it should definately be considered if there are no other suggestions. 
my map is finish so i got time to start something :) u guys decide! 
I'd say keep both the SM and TM open themes, but provide a short (2-3) list of optional themes to give ideas.