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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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This Is A Proud Day 
now we have a convenient place where we can ignore all your suggestions at once! 
Upcoming Events: 
Turtlemap 3 is just around the corner... January 3rd will be the starting date for this week long event. The event will be unthemed, and timelimit will be pretty strictly enforced to 1 week. I'll be releasing the maps the Sunday afternoon following the week limit.

Haven't heard any buzz about people reworking their maps from the megatheme, is anyone doing this? I did ask for them to be ready so we could release them all at once just before the start of the Turtlemap event.

SM59 just finished when I posted this thread, and I'll be running sm60 next saturday... Let's get the thread off to a good start with some suggestions for themes. 
The archive of speedmap packs is down at the moment. The server's harddrive crashed and we lost everything on :(

I'll be getting thing back up in the next day or so. 
Speedmapping Pack 59 Released!

It was a good pack, a lot of fun.
There'll be a news thread soon, stay tuned... 
Ha 0wned U Starbuck :D 
sm59_madfox is the best map ever. 
i can post my own releases, thanks

although now that i've played sm59_madfox, and seen the true beauty of life, i may just move to the mountains, mapping is no fun when you know you'll never beat the master. 
Sat On A Wall 
This dude feels himself awfull "Humpty", not knowing if the celebration of the mapper of the Universe really belong to his "Dumpty".

And Scampy, you were actually right with that carrot, but some respect for someone, who saw the Devil's face, on his dance under the pale moon. 

* Remember that name SM69 is reserved as the chainmap that metl and I are working on. I dunno if it'll be released before the speedmaps get to that number, but it's possible. Please reserve that for us in any case.

* I am currently reworking the speedmaps. 
I'll just run sm666 for that week. Might as well if we're going to be doing things out of order. 
Sm40 hasn't been released yet.. *whistles* 
Ah, The Ancient Lost SM40 Pack ... 
Was a chainmap I believe... 
ive only heard of sm40 in the ancient, lost legends.

it was whispered of in the nemicron, and buddha once attained sm40. Is it real, or the stuff of dreams? 
You could do a chain map again, that would be cool. 
The Only Chainmaps 
I've seen are sm28, sm32 and sm36. All very good, too. If anyone knows more about the "missing link" sm40, please enlighten us. 
sm40 is Lunaran's failed attempt at a chainmap. He claims the reason was because the peices didn't fit.

And yeah, I want to do another Speedchain map in the future. Was think about running a Turtlechain map where we take X amount of mappers, and each gets 1 day to work on the map, and then pass it to the next mapper (and a copy to me, just in case). A few ground rules like not deleting everyone else's work etc would need to be thought out, but it'd be cool to see how each person progesses with the map. 
I like the idea, but wouldn't it be necessary to agree on an editor ahead of time? 
was/is a speed-chainmap that RPG started long ago, and that he and i have occasionally worked on. The original contributors were daz, myself, nightbringer, and RPG, who each made something during a speedmap session. RPG's task was to then fit it all together and add extra areas as needed. I also did a second speed-session for it, and have helped with some brushwork here and there. RPG has turning into a pretty cool map, now if only he'd finish it!

P.S: i don't know what the original sm number was for it, but it was around the 30's. We've since changed the number to 69, never realizing that 30 more speedmap sessions would go by before it got released! 
pushplay: all map editors open .map. a texture .wad would be all that'd need to be decided on. 
So there's no risk of losing anything in converting the map format back and forth for radiant? 
.map is radiant's native format.

The real question is whether worldcraft users could handle working in a map with no visgroups or whatever other special stuff is stored in the worldcraft file format. 
I'm pretty sure I have a point I'm trying to make but I'm just going to shut up now. 
What always seems to be the sticking point with chainmaps is that it's all waiting on one person to stick the parts together. What if after the different sections of the chainmap were made, then any of the people who made a section could have a go at joining them all. You might even end up with two or three maps made out of the same pieces(although that might get a bit samey after a while) 
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