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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Theme: Decay
When/where: Saturday, November 6th, 2004., #speedq1, 3:00 pm central.

Oi then. 
Just In Case... 
You got an email address that 100% works Zwiffle? I'm not saying I will have time, but your supplied email address last time did reject my worthless submission.

P.S. Pimped on QuakeTerminus. <-- normal address<-- normal address 2 <-- college address 

I didn't get any emails from anyone yet, so I'll assume that I'm the only one mapping today. So, in any case, here's my map today. 
I Was Also 
making a speedmap last night, but someone turned off the electricity:( Now I woke up and the electricity is fine, so I think I'll finish it (I think I saved it) 
Mine's In The Trash 
...where it belongs 
Thanx, Zwiffle... 
...very nice map.... liked a lot the overall feeling and gameplay... Good theme(ruins and books, nice!), maybe worth developing in a full blown map... it's good to see that someone still cares about good Qsp maps and speedmapping. Keep it up!

Me, on my side, I'm still trying to learn some mapping in my spare time. The results better be kept in the lowest lava pits... 
Well, it's done.
But it doesn't fit the theme good (read 'I think it doesn't fit the theme at all')

But here it is:

Also it is mailed to Zwiffle, cuz there may be problems with my site 
Awesome map. I saw you clip-brushed some of the ledge at the start, but you can easily jump across the patio areas. From there it's just avoiding certain death, but I'd like to see some speedruns of that. Sweet job, Pulsar. 
I tryed few times to jump across there, but I didn't reach the another side. Probably I just absolutely suck as a speedrunner ;) 
Tough But Fun 
and good-looking maps. Zwiffle's was too bright and had too little ammo though; I had to slowly axe the shambler or sneak by with 8 health.

PuLSaR's was just spot-on. I also tried to walk the ledges but was clipped off. Jumping across seems possible, but it short-circuits the map so it's pretty pointless except for running.

Keep it up, guys! 
Two small nice maps.
I had the same problem as aguirRe with Zwiffle's map - no ammo! So I gave myself the luxus of 100 nails by cheating!
PuLSaR's map - well what can I say just perfect for a short blast!
It looks like speedmapping is taking off once more. 
Both Maps Available Here -

It's the least I can do. Both maps are a good crack - thanks for making them ;) 
Theme: Babylon
When: Saturday, November 13th, 2004, at 3:00 PM Central
Where:, #speedq1 
I Dare Someone To Do A Babylon 5 Theme 
That Would Be..? 
sci fi? 
Babylon 5 Map 
Made entirely of garibaldi biscuits! 
Of The Rouge Maps 
Tempus Fugit is representative of that style, right? 
Email to:
Zwiffle has not soiled his reputation with this map.

You know soiled... cos it's a garden. Anyway. Ah, this is gravel, okay? Gravel. This is uuh... that's more gravel. Okay, oh, this is a shell. That.. to me, this is just me talking. It looks like a helmet for a mouse. Now, that sounds crazy, right? But, if you ask the mice about it they don't say nuttin'. 
textures and theme, but lighting was very digital and gameflow a bit tedious (only one route and the underwater passage wasn't very obvious). Enough ammo to do the trick, but I still exited really low on health. 
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