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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Best Of Speedmaps? 
from the comments of sm60:
metlslime's map = best speedmap evar!

Nfw! Sm49_starbuck all the way! ...Closely followed by sm17_cybear.

This spawned an idea. *whooosh...* Anyone want to make some kind of compilation of the best 10 or 30 speedmaps of all time? Would be nice if it was
released somehow at the time of sm100.

Comments, people? Surely you must have favorites you remember fondly?

Gotta go back and play all of the speedmaps... :P
Maybe it's not possible. If one calculates 5 minutes per map and 400 maps, that takes 2000 minutes or over 33 hours. Someone make some voting system. 
bambuz sent me his sm98 map. It's in the files directory of speedq1. 
where should I send my sm98 map? 
You can email it to me. 
already done, Scampie suggested I do that in chat. :) 
with speedmapping session #98 be?

I'll make a map for it now, so wait for me to submit a map before you release the pack 
OMG POST #1000 
I win this thread 
why girlfriends destroy speedmapping????? 
Does that mean you didn't end up making a map Pulsar? 
...just babies from the sound of things. 
Does that mean you didn't end up making a map Pulsar?

yep, right after a hour of speedmapping my gitrlfriend started to... bother me and it turned into a really slowmapping and I gave up 
that's a lame excuse! send in what you have! 
SM99 And Delays 
SM99 - This Saturday, same place/time, hosted probably not by me, but send me all your maps and stuff anyway.
Theme - Open theme this week.

Release: I will probably be releasing SM98 + SM99 at the same time AFTER SM99 takes place. This is because my friend is probably going back to Chicago Saturday or Sunday, and my SM98 map is not finished yet, so I will work on SM98 and SM99 the week after he goes back, hopefully release them on Wednesday/Thursday. So, sorry about that, be patient please. :D 
Did you get the email with my sm97_generic lighting redux?

I have also sent maps for SM98 and SM99 :) 
<voodoochopstiks> Zwiffle the glue way or my way?
<Zwiffle> the glue way
<voodoochopstiks> well I am not liking the glue idea at all :/
<Tr0n> I think we should vote on it
<Zwiffle> gather the pieces, glue them together how you see fir
<Zwiffle> *fit
<voodoochopstiks> yeah
<Zwiffle> it's how every past speedmap has been done
<voodoochopstiks> vote imo
<Tr0n> Zwiffle: then it's time for a change. :)
<Zwiffle> go ahead and vote
<Zwiffle> it's my decision :D
<than> should put this in the speedmap thread

Some of us are saying that a better way would be to do sm100 over a couple of weeks as a chainmap where we form a queue and each person works on their section for 100 minutes before passing it on, Zwiffle wants to have it where everyone speedmaps a small section and then uploads those small chunks for people to stick together as they see fit.

What way does everyone else prefer? 
Hmm, I'm not sure which I'd prefer. I quite like glueing maps - I enjoyed doing sm32 anyway, so if there was nobody to glue, I'd be up for it. However, the other method suggested sounds interesting and is different from what we've done before in speedmapping.

I like the idea of everyone glueing their own speedchainmap from the resulting maps too. That's a nice idea, but I'd want each map to be released separately rather than having to wait for the slowest person to finish. I also don't really like to get a ton of new maps and wade through them all either - I prefer one treat every so often.

Erm, so I vote for the glue method, but everyone has to have a go. Perhaps we should be given a week to glue them - so it becomes a speedchainturtlemap :) 
SM98 & SM99, SM100 
Obviously, they haven't been uploaded yet. I'm still working on my SM98 map, and when it's complete (sometime today or tomorrow) I will gather up all the maps and release them at once.

For SM100 - we were talking about what will happen. There will be 3 events:

1.) A normal speedmap at the normal time/place, released the same day (hopefully.)

2.) A turtle map. Make a proper map in a week, then it should be released the same day as SM101 (The following Saturday.) There is no theme for this - all you have to do is make a proper SP map in one week's time.

3.) The chain-speed map. Everyone who participates makes a piece in 100 minutes, using the specified .wad (at this point, most people wanted knave.wad, but I'll probably make a select .wad with chosen tex from knave.wad for consistency's sake.) Once all the pieces have been gathered, I will upload them in a pack, and people can download them and make their own maps from the pieces.

Now, Tr0n and voodoochopstiks were talking about making it one person maps for 100 minutes, then taht person hands it off to the next, and so on for the chainmap. I'm sorry, I don't mean to disappoint you, but that's NOT how it's going to be. That method of chainmapping is fine on its own, I'm doing the same thing with Tr0n, Jago and RPG right now, but it just doesn't work well with the speedmapping concept.

This way, we get more maps, and people aren't scheduled into working on something at different times. That's one reason I don't like it for speedmapping - you don't schedule different speedmapping sessions for each person, you have one big event where EVERYONE participates at once. It avoids a lot of hassle. One event everyone can join in at the SAME TIME. Scheduling who gets to map on this thing is just too much effort for a speedmap - it's better to gather all the pieces at once, then let each person go at it on his or her own time.

I encourage you to start your own chainmaps this way if you really like to chainmap (I love to chainmap, which is why I have 3 projects going on.) In fact, Tr0n, if you want to, you can pass off our map to stiks after you're done and he can hand it back to me and so on. But, the SM100 way is NOT negotiable - every single past speed chainmap has worked this way, with possibly the exception of SM69 - I'm not really sure about that one. This method works best with speedmaps, plain and simple, and I do not plan on messing with a system that works. 
Sounds Good 
I'll try and do a map for each event :)

For clarification, are the events 1. and 3. separate, or are the speedchainmaps to be map from the speedmaps made in 1. or not? 
1 is a normal speedmap event. 3 will take place probably the following Sunday, normal speedmapping time, and 2 will start on Saturday or Sunday, most likely Saturday. 
Circle Mapping 
ok, I have this idea that could be done in the long run:
five people make some speedmaps - then they are passed on on the next weekend to the next guy in the alphabet - and are worked on some more! And this is repeated a couple of times so the maps have gone through many mappers.
This is speedmapping in the sense that one author need not do much, but not in the sense that it requires a bit like a constant amount of participators every time. (the people can be switched though!)
Dunno then though how much the maps would / could be changed and would the previous guys get angry from the modifications on their work. :) 
That's an interesting idea. It would require a consistent number of people each week, and a lot of .map/.wad swapping in order to get it to work though, but it's a pretty cool idea none-the-less. I'm not sure about the details of exactly how it would/should/could work out though, but it's worth looking into sometime in the future. 
Sounds fun. Will there be an as-of-yet-undisclosed theme for the 1st event? 
Sure, Why Not? 
SM100 - Speed Map Event
Theme: "The Legend of Zelda"
When/Where: Saturday, July 16th, 2005 at 3:00 pm Central in #speedq1 on Quakenet.
What to do: If you can't attend, please notify me ahead of time to let me know you're making a map. Send me the map when you're done at, or if you attend you can DCC me the map too. Either/or.

As for the Chainmap, it will most likely be on Sunday, July 17th, at 3:00 pm Central, same place. Again, if you can't attend, please notify me ahead of time if you're participating. I will post the .wad the same time I post SM100, which you will need to download to participate in the chainmap portion. Once I have all the chainmap pieces, I'll post them up on, then whoever wants to work with em feel free.

I will be participating in all events, so there will be at least one map for each - Speed, Turtle and Chain (piece AND completed.)

If you have an idea for what you want the .wad to be, let me know. :P It's not set in stone, but so far people have asked for knave or egypt-tech from what I remember.

C U there O_O 
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