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DeathMatch Classics @ SDA
Since genuine "new" Quake maps are so thin on the ground then perhaps I might be able to distract you for a while with a new SP episode built from converted "classic" DM maps (and one not DM map) by Connor Fitzgerald.

With such favourites as basewalk, ztndm3 and p3a on offer what have you got to lose?

Visit SDA...
...for more details or just download it from here...

note, you'll need Dzip to open this file.

Remember these maps have been made with speedrunning in mind so they might not be to everyone's taste. And to those people I say... 'spec'.
I love how it's packed in .dz format so anyone who doesn't care about speedruns has to download 2 things just to look at the maps. 
Dzip - Direct Download 

Simple installer, nice, small program that doesn't take up much space or associate itself with shitloads of files you don't want to... why not. 
And Also... 
...since they were designed primarily for speedrunning (I presume), I'm sure they aren't too concered about people who don't care about speedruns and thus too lazy to go & download dzip.

So fuck you scampie ;D 
Still, if you promote them outside the speedrunning community, it's silly to have them packed in an unstandard format. It's like if mappers decided to make a new format for their maps, and tried to promote them to players saying 'well, these are designed with mappers in mind, so you'll have to jump thru all these hoops just to check out our stuff'. 
It's pointless debating over it really though since it isn't really a full-scale promotion just by posting a tip off at a niche board like here. It not as if downloads from here were gonna go into triple figures whether dzipped or not.

Anyway, I played the maps. Only one that really deserved a mention was cmt3.. worked a treat except for the slightly obscure 'leap of faith' which had me running around for a while. And the exit should've been at the top by the gold key instead of back at the beginning. Other than that, was a very worthwhile conversion.

The others were all really too small to get a proper SP feel on, I thought. Would be interested to see some speedruns on them on the same though. 
*all The Same 
Lack of sleep last night :o 
Allow me to answer your concern in two ways.


Most people that still Quake and hang around this board seem to, from my experience, have dzip. To be honest I'm so used to sending Quake related files to people using dzip that the thought that someone wouldn't have it didn't even occur to me. :-) I certainly wouldn't have posted this on a "general interest gaming board" or something as a .dz without at least a link to dzip. But point taken. Next time I'll include a link to dzip as well or upload a .zip as well (less likely because it takes ages to kermit it up on my 9600). (BTW. Thanks for posting the link Xen). Or just don't play the maps. The world'll keep turning.


What are you? A prostitue? And not just a prostitute but one of those prostitutes that, although they now have female sexual organs, used to have male sexual organs? And not just a prostitute that now has female organs where their male organs used to be but one that despite all the advances in modern plastic surgery still looks like a fucking ugly bloke with breasts and a *AHEM* ladies front bottom? Are you? Because that's what people that don't have dzip tend to be? FACT! 
First off, I do have Dzip, so I checked out the maps anyway. But that's not the point. The point is, if you want people to look at your stuff, you should at least make it easy for them to use. The speedmapping community is not everyone playing Quake. Adding a link to Dzip doesn't change the fact that you've zipped the maps to save a full 12kb. I see Dzip's use and power with demos, but anything else should be .zip'd.

Your second point doesn't stand at all, because like I said, I have Dzip. But it begs the question, do you know so much about these type of people because you use their services so often? 
Ho Hum. 
First off to your first off. I said "point taken". Is getting the last word in so important? And I wasn't really posting these for a general, worldwide release of the maps. I just submitted the news item on a whim because I thought a few of the people who frequent this board might find them mildly interesting.

As for my second point. I didn't seriously think that you were an ugly ladyboy prostitute. That was just a little light humour.

But since you ask, yes. I fuck ugly ladyboy prostitutes. I feel that since they're technically blokes then it's not really cheating on my wife.

Happy non-specific religious festival celebration! 

If you're going to start insulting people, you shouldn't get your feathers ruffled when people reply.

Anyway, I'm done anyway. Added the link to Dzip in the news item and let's call that that.

As for the maps themsealves, I did enjoy looking and playing them. I liked all the originals used, and it was neat to see how they were converted to semi-decent singleplayer maps. Felt they lacked some small aspects that are good reminders to mappers why things like arrows to find keys and signs marking the doors they open are so needed. But obviously, as these were designed for speedrunners, these are unneeded as players will be studying every single aspect of the maps and the first play through isn't as important.

(btw, I seem to have said 'speedmapping community' in my last post instead of 'speedrunning community' whoopsers) 
you rock!
has a point; i would download everything
from SDA, but i cba to install something
just for demos.Why would i need it if not
for speedruns ?
Dammit, i keep watching Q3 movies when im
in the mood ;) 
So you COULD be arsed to download *everything* from SDA, yet can't be arsed to get one little program which enables them all to be opened? It'd probably take as much (if not, less) effort than typing out that last post, and less time than getting your average demo from fileplanet. Madness. 
I always spot the blithering grammatical fuckups *after* hitting submit. 
Raaaahhhhhhhh these maps are DZIPPED damnit!
*drafts letter to local MP*

Cool map pack - enjoyed it thanks. :)
Like that ending map woot. 
i had quite some trouble with conflicting
progs in the past, and i think SDA should offer
also a winzip format, because its the standard
everyone uses. 
Some Runs 
There's a whole bunch of speedruns on these maps now posted at SDA. Some of these may prove distracting for those that are of a mind to view them.

At the moment they are available in dzip format since I am the Anti-Christ. Eternally my soul shall rot.

(Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone.) 
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