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..::LvL Packs The Stockings
Huge ..::LvL update, just in time for Christmas. The update is packed with great maps! All 8 of them are well worth the down. GlassMan's 'Until The Next Life' is possibly the best map released in 2003, so if nothing else, grab that one.

* Until The Next Life by GlassMan (CPM DM/Tourney 2 player)
* Trial by Error by R.P.G. (CPM DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* shaman&apm;dragon (remix) by [acid] (CPM DM/TDM 2-4 player)
* Empty words by ShadoW (CPM DM/Tourney 2 player)
* A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind by R.P.G. (CPM DM/Tourney 2 player)
* necro4 by NecrosiS (CPM DM/Tourney 2 player)
* Forgotten Temple by AsNagrim (CPM DM/Tourney/TDM 2-8 player)
* Cajun Hell by Stormshadow (CPM DM/Tourney/TDM 2-4 player)

You all have v1l3 to thank for this CPMA rich update.

..::LvL -
GlassMan rules! Day of the Lords is the best Quake map of all time! 
I'd just like to say that I'm happy RPG3DM1 and DM2 got reviews posted. :)

Time to go mention that at the website... 
i dont know if "carpets" is trying to be sarcastic, but it is without doubt true that Glassman is one of the best custom mappers around, in any game.

Day of the lords is possibly [not definitly] the best Q1SP map released this year. And it seems Until the next Life might be the best Q3DM map this year. 
maybe i was being a bit over-enthusiastic, but not sarcastic! and i'm sure 'until the next life' is pretty cool, but i don't play quake 3. (i do have it, it's just i don't like to play multiplayer or bots). 
cajun hell is too good a map to be the last one in the update. 
I figured Tigger-On decided to book end the page update with two strong maps. I agree with carpets, Glassman is doing some great work this season. The only interesting negative criticism of 'Day of the Lords' came from my own brother who said, 'that is too atmospheric.' Interesting in the sense that I don't know WTF he meant by it. How can anything be 'too atmospheric.'? 
but lvl usually goes from best to worst in its order, so some people might skip it because it's at the bottom. 
Cajun Hell Is Certainly A Strong Level 
I've played it semiregurly since it originally came out. Of this particular cycle, perhaps it was a tough choice. Glassman's map is the only other one I have played. 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
semiregurly? wow, how often is that? 
I want maiden back 
The update was ordered by 'v1l3', who said he would like to take more control over the CPMA levels. This is also why there are a number of syntax issues with the update (CMPA, Cpma and cmpa for example). I also did not edit the reviews in any way (one thing I always normally). My order would have been very different with that update. Until The Next Life, Trial by Error, Cajun Hell, A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind, Empty words, shaman&dragon (remix), necro4, Forgotten Temple. Maybe that order at a quick guess. 
Forgive Me Maiden 
For my meager attempt to concatenate a few words together. There is no excuse for it, I am a Latin (LoveGod) afterall. 
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