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New Quake 3 Level!
Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that you can find a new Quake 3 level online on the mainpage of:

It is meant as a gift from me to the community. I've worked hard to get it finished in time, you know the way it is at this time of the year - the last thing on the list would be to spend time working on a Quake 3 level :P

Happy Holidays!

Just had a look around, and it seems to be pretty cool. I'm not personally hot on the texture set, but the detailing is very cool. Specificly, the halo effects around the blue lights were a nice touch, and the expansive details like the towers add nicely to the depth.

I do have some minor nitpicks: the indoor flags ripple like they're in a tropical storm; the .arena file only suggests one bot for the map, but it's really better suited for 3-4+ players; the ice on the aforementioned towers is not aligned correctly; and in the lower area where the two jumppads are right across from each other, the taller one likes to knock my head on the hole in the ceiling.

Anyway, good work, and nice to see new stuff from you despite having commitments to work and Mrs. Yogi. 
I Like It 
I get sick of standard tech themed maps, so it's awesome to see something with a different spin on things. 
I Like This 
this reminds me of ut2003 mappage and my complaints are the same as for those maps - overdetailed and mismashed layout. IMHO, yogi's made prettier maps with more simple details (yog3dm4 being a good example but also some of his later q2 work) than this.

And I just cant get into the layout, seems overconnected in some sections and too linear in others. Still, best christmas map release so far, maybe bal3dm5 might get released this year. 
nitin, get out of my head, those are my exact feelings about this map as well. 
Yoghurt Rocks! 
very nice map as usual! thanks yog! 
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