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4 New Skyboxes
Happy new year!

Here I present my 4 new skyboxes: Jajice1, Jajdarkland1, Jajcannons1 and Jajlands2.

Visit the
- skies section to take a look.
There's also a wallpaper for Jajdarkland1.
I hope you like them.
jajdarkland1 is interesting, but a number of similar skyboxes have been done before. It needs something of interest. Maybe you should branch out and start editing the images manually. 
I've been and still i'm trying to improve my skills in Terragen, but at the same time i've realized that only that thing couldn't be forever.
It'd be good to prove more ways, programs to make skyboxes, combine them, etc...
Good advice pushplay. 
I Know Nothing 
I don't know sh*t about skyboxes (apart from what they are for), but I thought your batch were (trying not to sound gay, okay give up..) beautiful. Really nice work I thought. :) 
Thanks. I think they're ehem... beautiful too =).
Only that we were talking about exploring new ways of doing skyboxes, not only using Terragen. 
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