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XL1DM7 Released
Hey everyone, I've finally released a map. After years of development on and off, the map is complete and ready for you. Hope everyone enjoys it, I feel it is a pretty big improvement over my previous works. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough tho. Also thanks to the Spawnpoint guys who will be hosting my new website at

Here is the stuff.

XL1DM7 - Sole Survivor


Commments are welcome as always. Thanks to all the testers over the course of the different maps that I had created between dm6 and this. Also thanks to the guys that play tested it with me, gave me some awesome feedback.
hey I like it ! 
I Dunno 
Architecture and layout looks really good, very unique texture style, but I haven't played it DM so I don't know how it plays. Anyone willing to host a game of Sole Survivor for me to test it out? 
Nice map Prod, You haven't lost it :) 
Good Map 
Good work, ProdigyXL!

I liked the wasted/slums/urban theme, the pipes, organic designs and all of the ceiling designs.

You rok! 
About The Map 
Good work! i like it much but the map just have the ring powerup!!! it was much more fun if the quade is present not my opinion of couse!!!

Very fast, brutal, pretty, and, in short, good. 
Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm happy everyone seems to think its a quality map. 
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