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New Q1SP From [Kona]
Your battle after Carved In Flesh continues in this sequel, Autumn Haunting. Featuring a contrasting dark medieval castle full of a dozen custom monsters and three new weapons.
Download Autumn Haunting:

Also I've done a new design for Ethereal Hell (flash player needed). Visit for Autumn Haunting screenshots.
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It's not that flash per se is bad, it's just that it is generally used to add pointless 'multimedia' shit when clicking/mouseover(ing) links. As in this case :)

And pointless shit is a waste of bandwidth. 
The Silent! 
I've found three species of fiend: normal, small and bigger, with different sounds/skins 
Yo! MisYu! 
I'll get back to the map right now... but I don't remember any new Fiend.... Too many porno sites must have played tricks on my poor mind! 
Thanks for the comments :) glad you guys liked the maps.
EH was originally supposed to be more flashy, but I couldn't be bothered. In fact doing the navigation with mouseovers in non-flash would have taken longer to load, and that little intro bit is only an extra few kb. Just means you gotta have flash, and you get slightly better effects. 
Wish To God That In The Near Future 
I can look forward to the day people don't kneejerk gripe about Flash usage in webpages. It is like being at a retirement center on the day the nurses introduce Strawberry-Kiwi Jello. 
That's Never Gonna Happen Headthump 
because the gripe about flash is not because it runs slow, or takes to long to load, but because it destandardizes website interfaces. with html, you have clear, obvious buttons, links, etc. they always act the same way. in a flash site, nothing can be taken for granted because all the interaction is up to the designer. So you end up moving your mouse over interesting parts of the page to see if they do anything.

[Kona]'s page is not a big offender here, but I've seen pages that are almost completely un-navigable.

sorry to be offtopic. 
"[Kona]'s page is not a big offender here, but I've seen pages that are almost completely un-navigable."

Agreed. I don't really care what format a web designer uses. If the site looks and functions well enough then I like it, as is the case with Kona's. But Flash lends itself to sites that are difficult to navigate. 
More Like 
It is like being at a retirement center on the day the nurses introduce Strawberry-Kiwi Jello with razor blades. 
Guest Reviewer Request 
anyone want to help me out and write a review for this map-pack?

im kind of short of spare time right now.
if you want to write the review either post it here or email the finished review to me at: 
Problems With Flash 
one problem, even with well-designed flash, is that it breaks the UI functionality of the browser. If an entire website is one flash applet, then your back and forward buttons are useless, and bookmarks won't work either -- you'll only be able to bookmark the main entry point. 
Suggest - 
We start a flash thread and finish this there. This thread is for comments on Kona's fine new map. Lets leave it at that. 
The Irony Of It Is 
I've intentionally avoided comment worthy or contraversial statements this week but they just HAD to come out. Seriously, I love everybody, including W3 Apparatchniks (damn, that just HAD to come out.) 
Seriously Though, Metlslime 
I hate some aspects of Flash as well including what you have mentioned, but I know of no better implementation of vector graphics (VRML maybe, but it gets more obscure as a practical implementation by the year.
Yep, we need a Flash thread.
Sorry, Kona. 
It's Really Too Good A Pack 
to be dominated by talk of flash. 
i do think there are good things about flash and good ways to use it on the web. 
nice arch. any source of inspiration ?

btw flash is banned at my work :) 
who cares about the maps when there's a fight to fight? 
'who cares about the maps when there's a fight to fight?'

Not this close to Saturday!!!!! Nooooo!!! I feel the twitch and lash of pretentious rhetoric spewing forth from my brains and inputed into my keyboard; <-- Semi-colon, the Trollectual's favorite (though parenthesis is a close second) punctuation mark!

. . . must, stop, the urge, and fin-ish the map . . . 
But flesh did not reject stone, and there came into being the sons and daughters of flesh and stone, including me. (Petra, Greg Bear)

Thankyou once again (and always) SR for your inspiration, assistance and hard work. 
Review Posted! 
The problem with that fireball shambler guy is that he is still a stupid shambler. He goes down on the same old tricks. 
I wrote a review for this map, but Underworldfan already had one on his site. So, here's my review of it:

The Autumn Haunting:

Wow, it is the final release of my old mapping buddy Kona, who has been around for as long as I can remember with tons of releases for many games. Though I haven't played some of his recent releases (Guncotton or Ultramarine, or even Carved in Flesh) because I went through a phase of not playing as much Q1SP, when I saw this was released I grabbed it immediately. The theme looked very interesting and appealing, and I recall looking forward to another Kona-style blast.

Entering the map, you're treated to some nice brushwork in the cave and a couple cool windows looking out onto the entrance of the fortress, all using Kona's trademark irregular brushwork. Sunlight is used to nice effect, complementing orange, brown and gray textures of a dark autumn. You're assaulted with a variety of monsters right off the bat, including two fiends that actually killed me. Some of the monsters, such as the ogres, have new lunging attacks, which is cool. A lot of monsters have custom skins which help to make them look unique but also fit into the new setting. There are some modified Fiends, including a few amusing ones that are a lot smaller than usual (a cool idea, like killer frogs or something), and a few that are larger and feature a zerstorer-style forcefield. To combat them, you've got a few extra weapons including a flamethrower (which helpfully regenerates ammunition), a freeze gun, and a modified Thunderbolt. The latter was very cool, while the first two were a bit weak even if they theoretically had original gameplay (flamethrower lights enemies on fire and slowly damages them, freeze gun has a cool effect for its victim being "frozen", etc). The coolest new thing was the use of Rogue's Wraths, a badass monster that somehow fits in perfectly with the slightly strange medieval theme. There are also a few super-death knights lurking about here and there. Overall, these additions might not be the most professional but they do make the gameplay a bit more interesting, so good.

Architecture is a mix of multi-floored rooms (a bit different than your usual Kona work, in that they are divided into either indoor rooms or outdoor courtyards, and rarely combinations of the two) and setpieces. There are some nice setpieces in the first map "The 24 Tongues of Evil" including an original-looking bridge and a Cathedral area, as well as of course the first outdoor area. All in all, Kona's returned to the strength in creating atmosphere that we saw in maps like Brumal Quest and his Rapture stuff. Actually, though both those maps and this all use different texture sets, they are all similar in creating a dark, northern medieval theme, so I guess Kona must do that well. The second map, however, doesn't have any nice setpieces - it simply IS one huge great setpiece! It is set to look like the interior of some huge city courtyard, sort of like the ending of Nihilore, only this time it is a medieval city with lots of towers, rooftops and staircases. Great looking, one of the coolest areas Kona has ever made. Gameplay in the first map is nice and tough, with a few unexpected twists from the custom entity stuff, but the second isn't as challenging as the first which is a bit of a let-down. The second map could have had twice as many monsters, and a megahealth in there somewhere, and it would have been a much more fitting end-challenge. Additionally, the teleporting boss didn't work out perfectly as he sometimes teleported behind closed bars (the end bars for example) or into a different room entirely! However, you've got to respect the big-open-arena showdown of Kona's that found its final incarnation here.

The Autumn Haunting would, however, have been better with a few more outdoor areas (like the one in the first map with the hut/tower) to add atmosphere. The few natural canyon areas that the pack did have were sufficiently well done. However, this is pretty much nitpicking since what you've got here is a great large map and a pretty good boss map with generally challenging gameplay and excellent ambience/atmosphere.

It's strange to think there will be no more Kona Q1SP releases, after so many I can hardly count them all. I remember thinking that he was pushing it to be releasing more when he released Chanthood after 2 or 3 releases, and he's probably released almost 10 packs since then. His Q2 stuff, like Nightmare Orchards, was good, and I'm just starting to get into his Q3 collection (Tusk and Bone rock!). It's obvious that Kona put a lot of hard work into all of his maps, even if he rarely strayed from his successful formula. If you're new to his Q1SP library, this is one of the first packs of his you're going to want to get. It's some of his best work.

Score: 17/20 
You Gotta Play GunCotton ,Tronyn 
That is my personal favorite. 
Great Review 
..of a fantastic map.
Thank you Kona, your levels have a special
place in my collection !
My favorites would be Necrobrood and Satyr,
but i really like them all and i hope this
was not your last release :( 
Ref #32 
metlslime ur comment about back/forward disabling flash is actually null n void these days. Assuming the designer has taken the time to add them, it can have distinct areas that reside in the history. it takes very little (simple matter of just clicking the timeline really)

this is native to flash 6 and above.

Oh and Kona... enjoyed the map immensely. Ye shall go one to do great things. 
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