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New Q1SP From [Kona]
Your battle after Carved In Flesh continues in this sequel, Autumn Haunting. Featuring a contrasting dark medieval castle full of a dozen custom monsters and three new weapons.
Download Autumn Haunting:

Also I've done a new design for Ethereal Hell (flash player needed). Visit for Autumn Haunting screenshots.
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Wow please don't quit mapping! This was an excellent map pack! My only two complaints were that Carved In Flesh would have been better being the sequel because it had a tougher boss fight, and the shambler monster's attack launched me straight to the end gate and I didn't even have to face half the monsters, but damn holy c*ck f*cking sh*t this was amazing. Everything about it was just so perfect, from the flow of the level to the architecture to the enemies... Well, if you do leave mapping this is a great way to do it.

PS: The installation info in the haunting.txt is wrong, it still says add -game flesh +map flesh to the parameters, but it should be -game haunting +map haunting. Just thought you would like to know. 
Ditto, Without The Fucking Asterisks. 
[Kona], you're my hero. Every time I play one of your maps, I feel like I did the first time I played Doom or Heretic. And the site looks great, too. 
Its Released! 
i beta-tested this over a year ago.


review will be posted "soonish". =) 
(flash player needed).  
The Loudest Swan Song.... 
Awesome effort! Kona!!! Just finished a first go on normal and I must say this is one of your best ever levels.... Architecturally you detached a bit from the 2 story linear progression you've been known(and blamed, I hear...) for, this one looks awesome, very natural, kudos!!! Gameplay wise, it's tough as ever with the custom monsters really adding to the xperience, without disbalancing the overall flow, new weaps are nifty too.. not so useful, though... All in all, a pretty loud Swan song if this has to be....
Lastly, you did even a better job with the site, just love it!!! Really good looking and easy to navigate... You're the Quake Leonardo!!! Thanks a lot for all these years o' fun!!!! (I too suggest you think it over, though).... 
this is some level visually. The lighting, architecture and texturing combine very very nicely. If anything, the quake palette probably makes the texturing look a bit messy because of the loss in quality but it still looks great. Only other nitpick visually is that some of the new skins look poor, especially the ones with plenty of green. But there's some stunning areas here, end area in haunting2, the church area etc.

Gameplay wise, I liked it. The new monsters worked well but the new weapons didnt. I think they added nothing apart from more key fiddling to select the more useful default weapons. Other than that, very very enjoyable without being frustrating.

Great pack! 
Why Require Flash For That Site? 
It seems to do very little (or even nothing) that you'd need flash for.

hmmm ok enough bitching about flash... I'll check out the maps later. 
because it's hip and cool cybear and we all know that flash makes a website and all it's content 100% better.

...ironic though that Kona was the same person to say on irc last night that ELEK 'might as well have used html on his site'... 
Whats The Problem With Flash? 
His site looks great either way. If your rig can't handle frick'n flash, stop playing Quake. 
Fun Fun..... Apart From Some Annoyances. 
On my first play, I missed the freezer gun (duh) so I couldn't change to super nail gun! I blame this for my death.. The same with flame gun, if you don't pick it up you can't choose nail gun. Another thing that bugged me was the blue last monster who teleported around. In the first level it teleported below the last bridge and wouldn't come up, so I had to go down to kill it and then walk a long way back to the end.

But I couldn't honestly say this level wasn't good. It looks awesome (97%) and plays well (85%) apart from the new weapons and some of the new monsters, which I dislike. 
Oh For Fucks Sake 
seriously Kona, I think you've finished more maps than i've started... it's really getting embarassing now. I can't play the map but the architecture looks rather nice in the shots.

The site seems to be going downhill though! The first design (i think so anyway - the one with the gray background and the pretty panoramic graphic at the top) was really good, then the second design went all phallic, and made me feel all weird so i couldn't browse the site anymore. This new design looks better, in a trendy sort of way but now I can't browse it without losing a lot of free time due to the flash :( 
I like the new design. Sadly I can't play the map cause I don't have Q1 around anymore. 
Great map as always. Arcitecture, gameplay, blah blah blah. I have two problems with it though. There's a big cache of ammoa and health in front of the exit which is always a let down. Second, twice a gate closed behind me which I didn't know about and thought I had room to back up when in fact I needed to charge ahead. Maybe it was because I had my music blasting and missed an audio clue, but it was annoying. 
It's Finally Out 
I tested this one quite awhile back. It had a very cool and original look. I'm grabbing the map for a replay. 
Cool Map 
Seriously, a cool release in old doom/heretic/hexen/quake theme. That huge fiend totally rocks, as long as all of the new/modified weapons.

Architecture is really nice, although at the end map seemed to be a bit rushed. Anyway, very good job, Kona, U T3H R4WK! 
I liked the little ones, even though they were easy kills. 
Curses Be! 
Thanks for a good hour of distraction Kona from what I ought to be doing. You are the master of the strafe style map; in fact, I think it is a method you use to make Quake as interesting in tactical terms as Doom is, and I study every thing you have done for every little gram of value it is worth.
Thanks again! 
Didn't find any non standard fiends.... did I play the right map? 
Flash And Smash ... 
I wish you would put more screenshots on your site and bigger ones too. I can't stand staring at tiny pixel thumbnails and wondering what the map is about. It certainly looks very good and everytime you release a Q1 map it makes me want to map for Q1 again.

Sorry but I prefered your previous non bandwidth hungry website. :( 
probably the best set of maps in years... it felt like playing quake all over again. new monsters = cool. beautiful architecture & texturing.
Jaj's Jajsundown1 skybox looks real nice on this map. try it. 
Wow! Its Lobo! 
nice to see you've taken time out from being a general badass in order to play some quake. 
why cant i download the map? 
It's not that flash per se is bad, it's just that it is generally used to add pointless 'multimedia' shit when clicking/mouseover(ing) links. As in this case :)

And pointless shit is a waste of bandwidth. 
The Silent! 
I've found three species of fiend: normal, small and bigger, with different sounds/skins 
Yo! MisYu! 
I'll get back to the map right now... but I don't remember any new Fiend.... Too many porno sites must have played tricks on my poor mind! 
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