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Megadm6 Rc2 - Carved Out Of Steel
Finally, here it is..

I hope this is the last version, so i can get out the final soon.

- This is a 'competetive' map, so visuals are designed to fully maintain gameplay of the previous alphas
- the minimalistic style is intentional (dont judge me by that :))
-i know the uvmapping of the terrain is shit, will work on that for final

Comments mainly on the last touches please:
-like the colour variation?
-any new stuff gettin' in the way?
-last chance to complain bout clipping, etc.

map and item layout are 99% final.

Thank you!


[02:38] [ g~scampie]: megaman. don't post 'beta' maps as threads on func_msgboard
[02:38] [ megaman]: dont?
[02:38] [ megaman]: where else?
[02:38] [ megaman]: or not at all?
[02:38] [ g~scampie]: post them in general abuse or the screenshot thread
[02:38] [ megaman]: can you move it?
[02:39] [ g~scampie]: no, sorry... mod powers are limited
[02:39] [ g~scampie]: :\
[02:39] [ megaman]: :/ 
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