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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a wizard/arcane themed q1sp project. The idea would be a common pak file, including a bunch of arcane monsters/props, and whoever wants to donates a map in an arcane theme (id wizard, contract revoked, ikblue, new texture sets, whatever). Then they get strung together, and that's the pack.

Criteria for arcane: in my opinion, there should be lots of books, heh. And a focus on signs and symbols and magic and such. contract revoked is a good example.

Anyone interested?
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I Would 
but my maps are really garbage. You should steal Nastrond and put it in there though, that map would be perfect for it. Sounds like it could be a really cool pack. 
I'll give it a shot as long as you give me a do/don't list. I don't really have the resources to compile a too-detailed or big map, so if it's a bit short (I'll try not to make it absurdly short)... I'm interested. 
I'm in. I second phait on the list and need an idea for a time factor. 
I've got a good PC (2.4 gig processor, 1 gig ram, etc), so I can compile just about anything you throw at me.

Time factor... well, looking at how quickly work is progressing on the other project I'm working on... hehe... I'd say shoot for the fall for a beta, and release before next year. I say this because I think it is realistic given the rate people in general are mapping these days, including myself.

Oh yeah, btw: some other acceptable themes for this pack would be runic, medieval, or flesh. However these should still be "arcane" if they're included (ie, not just plain runic etc).

Do's and don'ts I'll have to think about. 
Time Factor Sounds Good, And 
this has no bearing on my level (high) of interest in the project but I was curious as to if you plan to use the standard engine and entity set, or something like SOE's (which, btw, the fileplanet link from your site isn't working, at least the last time I checked) entity set. 
Well, I would probably use the Coven Of Ebony set, which includes:

-cut-scenes (not mobile camera however)
-three types of necromancer enemy (acolyte, sorceror, warlock, same model but different health and attacks)
-troglodyte mage enemy (like zer but different)
-axeman enemy (like a knight but faster)
-modified knights and hellknights

But, if I could get someone who was willing to plunge their hands into some code, I think a few other enemies would be great:

-rogue wraths and overlords (certainly arcane!)
-hipnotic gremlins
-rapture barons (like a hellknight, but way better)

and on my completely-unrealistic-wish-list, would be a conversion of Hexen II's shadow wizard. Of course, since many of these enemies like troglodytes, barons and overlords are quite difficult, it would make for a nice challenging pack :) 
I can dream, can't I? 
Time factor... well, looking at how quickly work is progressing on the other project I'm working on... hehe... I'd say shoot for the fall for a beta, and release before next year. I say this because I think it is realistic given the rate people in general are mapping these days, including myself.

Or april fools day 2006? :-p

Btw Zwiffle, your turtlemap was quite okay save the lighting? You should give it a shot... think bigger & lighter and you'd be fine :-) 
I Cant Believe 
... that tronyn is considering a pack after you so recently reminded him of your SoE map :) 
I'm Already In A Mapping Project But... 
I'd be happy to help beta-test. 
I Have About 
one more week of work left on my turtle map left, and after that, I am free to start mapping. 
interested in this project too, but I also have an unfinished map that wants to be released as soon as possible. And those damn exams suddendly appears from nowhere..

So if the deadline is far I'll join this project 
Arcane Pack 
I believe i am in for a map, i do not plan to have it be very long but we can never tell... ikblue, 
Hmmm...can You Do Some Real Mages? 
who get knowledge of several powerful spells(lightning,summoning,teleporting,fireball,all can be found inother packs,except summoning i think :D)

shall be fun i think 
Remember Who Coded CoE In The First Place 
Barons I'll have to ask Kona for, else grovel through the Nehahra source and figure it out.

Incidentally, I could throw in the Ontranto Archers and Crossbowmen as well. These guys automatically replace grunts and enforcers in medieval (worldspawn.worldtype = 0) maps and drop nails. There's rather a lot of them about in Ontranto :)

Damnit, I'm starting to feel another map coming on, like Mexx9's Tower of Twilight but more varied. 
I've been fiddling around with the Mexx9 as well. I would like the episode I'm working on to be story driven without getting too far away from Quake.
For the Wizard project I can lend some original monster models I have made. One is an update of the slow moving gas spewing dragon from Thief. I still have the original .3ds files that can be compiled into a .mdl. Another is a D&D style mindflayer. 
Your archers/crossbowmen are sort of like what the goblins in SoE were supposed to be (medieval enemy with gameplay function similar to grunts/enforcers), only better? heh

what models do they use, modified grunt/enforcer ones or different models?

The map I'm making for this I started a long time ago. It is a cross between Ikblue and Contract Revoked. I would post a screenshot (I have a compiled and lit section), but I have another map vising right now and starting Quake up while that much memory is being used, probably isn't a good idea.

So it looks like I've got at least 3 or 4 people interested, which is great! I will come back later and post some more information (story, shots, some stuff like that) when my map is done vising (it has been stuck at 99% for at least 10 hours). 
The Archers and Crossbowmen use models from the old Fantasy Quake mod. Since they have exactly the same frames as grunts and enforcers, it's a straight replacement.

As well, I'll throw in some more flexible sound entities - I need 'em for what I intend to do. Probably Rogue's func_lightning_train ones too; I need those, along with Zer's "lightning lights". 
Well, I'm putting together a surrogate website for this, which'll include some reccomendations, specs, wads, shots, etc etc. Expect it by the weekend. 
It's Difficult For Me... 
to imagine how contract revoked textures and ikblue textures can look good together. I am, therefore, very interested in seeing a screenshot. 
Actually I Have A Map... 
or a fragment of one, that's kell-textured, but not the knave ones from contract revoked/nastrond. More of a arabian/desert feel to it. (kinda inspired by that Lovecraft story where the archeologist is camping out in the desert and stumbles upon this ancient underground city)

but there are books in the map! and runic symbols and stuff. so if it's presentable by the time this pack starts coming together I'll contribute it, if tronyn wants it. (notice I'm being very vague on commitments, becuase school could very easily devour all my free time at a moment's notice) 
web site up..

Grahf: yeah my map uses as many non-Contract Revoked Kell textures as Contract Revoked ones, so that's fine.

So, everyone who's in for a map post here and we can discuss this as it moves along etc etc. If I'm not mistaken, I've got approximately five possibles, give or take?

Btw, what do you guys think of the screenshots of my map? Lighting and architecture are not final in those. 
2 shots loaded... they are looking quite nice! I would convert those images to JPG - they're takin long to load, or not loading at all.

I am definitely in on a map. I think we should be gettin a story together before really starting the mapwork though, what do you think? 
I guess I should convert them to jpg or put in thumbnails or something... I'll do that soon..

A story would be good. Kell and I sort of invented a good Lovecraftian story, but it requires particular environments in order to make sense. I will post it in a post after this.

If we had a story, I hope it could be something better than "some big evil thing just woke up, so go into its lairs and blow up its minions, then it" lol!

I've never toyed with Fantasy writing so... and there's usually universal things found in such stories that I really have no idea about. It seems like you're going the Hexen/2 route here? 
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