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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a wizard/arcane themed q1sp project. The idea would be a common pak file, including a bunch of arcane monsters/props, and whoever wants to donates a map in an arcane theme (id wizard, contract revoked, ikblue, new texture sets, whatever). Then they get strung together, and that's the pack.

Criteria for arcane: in my opinion, there should be lots of books, heh. And a focus on signs and symbols and magic and such. contract revoked is a good example.

Anyone interested?
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Your time is up...

Btw if I don't have a beta of my first map ready by December then someone shoot me. ... Oh, And if I haven't updated the project's web site within a week then give me the same treatment.

I'm coming for you with my chaingun... 
Oh Shit 
It's up! It's up!

as usual,

Main thing on the page is that I'm looking for *one more mapper.*

My beta will be ready in december; maybe two beta maps, actually.

Then I can start building the library/cathedral/mansion/university or whatever setting it is on earth. 
... and the humorously named Lardarse ...

That's one way of looking at it... 
That header graphic makes the page wider than 1024. 
well the entire page is shit, so I think I'll keep it that way on principle :) 

There are broken links in the Development, Textures and Prefabs page. They are:

- Contract Revoked Textures and Others link
- Prefabs related link

is there any progress with this project?
I'm back with pc, but I'm in another city right now and i don't have the source of my map atm.

but i'm ready for betatesting or anything so feel free to e-mail me

btw i'm i'm drunk right now because i've past my last exam 
Welcome Back! 
And grats on finishing your exams. Go enjoy getting being drunk :-)

I'll send an e-mail out to Tronyn and Preach to see if they still remember this project. I think the coding side is done, it's the mapping that needs doing :-/ 
My Email 
is now
in case either of you is still using my old one
expect an email frome me soon also
I'm about to start exams too, so the drunkenness for me is coming in a couple weeks, heh 
Well, That's 3 Of Us... 
Where's Preach?

And more importantly, Tronyn...

My beta will be ready in december; maybe two beta maps, actually.

Where the fuck are your map betas? 
I'm Here... 
However, next term I have a ton of exams to revise for. So if there's anything that urgently needs coding it'd be best if you said in the next two weeks or so. 
I used aguire's engine for testing my non-fullvised map and I missed the fact that I got over the edicts limit. I think corpse revomal should be employed to these progs.dat 
Are yoU stiLl aLivE? 
his drunkenness lasted longer than expected 
hows the arcane project going fellas? i feel like having a game :) i need my annual quake-fix 
project is going fine. slow but fine. 
Going Fine? 
Then send me something to test... 
Just an update to explain what's going on. I'm in graduate school right now and just got my PC working again a few weeks ago, I had to replace the video card, which sucked. I had hoped to finish and release _something_ in August, but the month just flew by with me being in a few different cities and then moving. September also flew with getting into school and starting work marking papers and etc. Anyway, I'm set up again.

I have a beta of map 1, but I want to try out a storm effect in it. I did this a long time ago in my map Storm Dungeon, but that was so long ago (5 years or more) that I can't remember exactly how I did it, and the example Storm map that I used (on the Forge) doesn't seem to be there anymore. Does anyone have that map, or know how to do this?

I just need to fix that up and fullvis it. Gameplay is really hard, and using the chaingun is fun. 
Storm Effect 
By that, do you mean the light levels occasionally flickering like lightning flashes? Because that can be done relatively easily with a bit of custom code. The one technical snag you may encounter is if you want light cast from skybrushes( _sunlight etc) to flicker - kinda natural desire when you think about it. The problem is that sky cast light is always lightstyle 0, so you have to flicker all lights that don't have a style set.

The simple workaround is to define a new style with the same light level as style 0, and then use that style for any indoor lights that you don't want to flicker. You can then make style 0 change light levels at random with some code in StartFrame. The code should also be opt-in based on some worldspawn key so that all the id maps etc. don't start flickering indoors. 
Kind Of Like That 
all I want is a bunch of randomly triggered lights, with thunder either simultaneously or following shortly afterwards.

I'm not using skylight in this map. Although I usually do use skylight, and like the effect greatly, this is a mostly indoor map. I've just placed really bright point lights inside all the windows. 
I'm still alive too. I spent previous 3 years moving from one city to another every 2-3 months and had no permanent internet access. And yesterday I finally returned back home. So everything's fine. I have a third beta of my map almost ready. 
You could try a lightstyle applied to a local minlight - standard point light with delay 4 (aguirRe's light tool). Which makes it without falloff.

For the custom flicker I'm not sure if any of the basic ones would look any good for occassional lightning, so you might need a progs change for that, since you'd want it to be dark / off 95% of the time.

It was a cool effect in Storm Dungeon, even though the Shambler Baron was a pain in the nuts. 
Is there a code entity that randomly triggers its target keys? I'm pretty sure that's how it was done in Hipnotic. It could just toggle the lights on and off.

Also, Preach I noticed while playtesting that in the progs there's an occasional bug with projectiles, where they get "stuck" at a stationary point and don't explode. Have you seen this, or have any idea what causes it? 
Can't say I've encountered that, no. E-mail me the details and I'll look into it, especially helpful if you can save a game with the bug reproduced and send it to me. I'll fix that and add the lightning code at the same time. 
Still Here And Available For Testing 
That soudns like a bug I'd only see when playing online... 
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