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Pjw3dm6: "Guns"
Wow it feels good to have finished this map.

Guns (formerly Shoots and Ladders) is a combo FFA/TDM/Tourney/CTF map, although the Tourney option will depend on your tastes, and the CTF option is just kinda goofy, but I was asked to throw it in there, so I did. :)

Huge throbbing thanks on this one to ydnar. He is responsible for most of the textures, and a fair number of the shaders in the map, to say nothing of q3map2 goodness (e.g. portal sky), and general encouragement and answering stupid questions.

Also deserving of thanks for models and/or textures are Jezebel, Mr. LyCon, AtriaLenkki, Elfinko, The5thHorseman, Kell, and QkennyQ.

One known issue: when playing CPMA CTF (and only when playing that mod/gametype), there's an error message that spams (Fatal: AAS_EntityInfo: entnum -1 out of range). Apparently it only happens on some installs, since Arqon (CPMA coder-type guy) was unable to repro on his rig. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay . . . sorry if you get it. :p


Download: (7.5 mb)

Hope you folks enjoy it.
Hey, Nice Job 
This map looks amazing. A nice break from the usual Q3 themes, for sure! 
Sorry Tronyn 
and anyone else who downloaded before ten or fifteen minutes ago.

I found and fixed a couple of visual bugs and uploaded a new zip about 15 minutes ago.

Sorry to the thirteen people who got hosed. :(

Thanks for the kind words--I'm glad you like the look of it. :) 
I saw the beta, but this is really something else. The new sky and RL sign are very groovy. Only thing worth improving IMHO would be to not have all buidings in the sky have the same white panelling at the top.

gameplay is excellent, you've outdone yourself with the number of tricks possible here, an absolute blast in FFA. 
Although I'm not usually excited by the visuals in pjw's maps, it's nice to see a different theme in Q3. Especially one that is usually done so poorly, but seems to have been pulled off quite well in this map. 
Thanks Folks 
Glad you like it.

Nitin, I'm glad you appreciate the gameplay and movement possibilities; that's probably the aspect of the map on which I spent the longest time (series of alpha/layout tests). 
You've grown tremendously as a mapper in the past few years, this map definitely confirms that. keep it up 
And there was me racing to be first in with a city skyline portal map crammed full of grimy ydnar texture goodness and you beat me to it. Looks sweet. Nice work. 
This Is A Title 
Sorry for beating you to it Seremtan. Wait. No I'm not. :) Glad you like it.

Thanks for the kind words, Eggman.

That #7 post up there? That's eloquence of the highest order folks, only matched by the sheer poetic beauty of the username. 
Dead Link 
download link is deadb 
Try Again 
Fileplanet is weird. 
FP Is A Tad Retarded At Times 
You may need to refresh/retry the link a couple of times. If you just can't get it to work, there's a mirror here:

courtesy of scourge34. 
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